Pairing: Sydney/Hayley from Faith and Hope

Rating: NC/17

Summary: Sydney and Hayley carry on the family fun

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is based on the television show
Hope and Faith. These characters belong to ABC, Inc. This is not meant as
an infringement of their copyright of the series.

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WARNING: This story contains graphic lesbian incest between sisters. One
is underage. If this is in any way offensive please do not go any further. It is
not my intent so offend anyone.

Faith And Hope: The Next Generation
by Dawnfaith102

Chapter One

"Aunt Faith! Mom!" Sydney yelled as she rushed down the stairs. "Where are
you, I need help with something."

As the pretty teenager wandered around the house, she kept calling for her
Mom and Aunt. Finally, convinced that she was alone, she smiled and ran back
up to her room.

She was eager to try on the tiny little bikini that she had secretly
purchased at the mall yesterday. She knew if they ever saw this, they would
toss it out. There was no way they would let her wear something this small.

Although she did have her suspicions about Aunt Faith. She was really a hot
woman. For a moment she pictured herself trying it on in front of her Aunt

"I bet she'd be turned on by me," Sydney said to herself. "I've seen how she
looks at me sometimes."

Sydney stood in front of the full length mirror, and slowly undressed.
Finally naked, she began to turn around slowly; admiring her perfect young
body. As she bent over to pick up the bikini from the bed, she caught a
glimpse of her very round, firm ass.

The sexy brunette smiled as she watched the reflection of it moving in the
mirror. "Umm I do have a fantastic ass don't I?" she said out loud. She
watched herself run her hands over her smooth ass cheeks, and work them
around to her dark pussy hair.

"Umm," she moaned slowly as she began to finger he wet clit. "Well I better
try this on first while I have the chance," she murmured under her breath.
"Never know when someone is going to walk in around this place. No privacy

Sydney held up the white bikini. "This sure is tiny" she muttered. "I hope my
boobs fit in here just enough so they're covered up a little bit."

Bending over and sliding the tiny thong bottom up her thighs, Sydney again
couldn't help but stop and admire her tanned, firm body in the mirror.

Having finally managed to squeeze her round, full breasts into the very small
top, she stepped back and took an objective look at herself.

The top of this was probably two sizes smaller than it should be. Sydney
loved this. About the only things covered by that top were her pair of, now,
very erect, nipples.

As she turned to admire the thong bottom on her fit body, she again stared
at her firm, tanned, oh so hot, ass..

"Well I think this will do," she said to herself out loud. "This should get
me what I want easily".

What Sydney wanted was to seduce a sexy girl. She wanted this badly.

The more Sydney gazed at her image in the mirror the more aroused she felt.
She had done so many things to her ass and pussy for over a year now. She
knew how to please herself easily, but she longed for another sexy girl to
share all this with.

The brunette slid off her suit and began to rub her fingers over her round
hard nipples. She watched intently as they seemed to swell even larger as she
pulled them to full attention. She felt so turned on watching her breasts
harden. Whenever she did all this to herself she imagined that she was doing
it to another girl. She could almost feel how exciting it would be to touch a
girls soft breasts, kiss her warm wet mouth, and then "get to the good
stuff" as she called it.

Sydney stepped back and spread her legs wide. She began to rub her pussy
slowly. "Umm this felt so good." She imagined taking that big cuc she had
stolen from the kitchen and slamming it up her hot wet pussy soon.

"Umm, "she moaned as she teased her swollen clit.

Sydney was so engrossed in pleasing herself, that she didn't hear the door to
her bedroom open. Nor did she notice that someone was standing there just
out of view watching her every move.

Chapter Two

"God I love watching myself get excited," Sydney said to her mirror image.
"I'm gonna fuck myself so hard now, and watch the whole thing."

"Can I watch too?" "I have something you might like"

Sydney froze. Legs spread wide. Her fingers still halfway inside her hot, wet
pussy. She turned quickly to see her little sister Hayley standing by the
door smiling. In her small hand she held a huge dildo.

"What..!" was about all the older sister could manage to say at this moment.

"I thought you might like to use this. I got it from Aunt Faith's nightstand.
I snuck in and watched her use it again last night. She sure did scream a
lot. I guess I was the only one awake."

Sydney fell back and sat down on the bed, completely speechless now. Hayley
walked over to her big sister and stopped in front of her. Smiling, she took
in the site of her sexy older sister's naked body right there in front of

"You're so sexy Sydney," Hayley said softly. "This big dildo. Yes I know what
it is; I looked it up on the net. I know it would feel so good inside you. I
can tell Aunt Faith loved it. Can I watch? Please!"

Sydney didn't know what to say at that moment. She looked at her younger
sister intently, and realized that she had grown up. She hadn't even noticed.
She had developed small breasts now, and she could see her little nipples
peaking through her T shirt. Those jeans she was wearing were tight in all
the right places too. My God, her sister was hot, and she was attracted to

Hayley smiled and sat down next to her naked sister. She took the huge dildo
and slowly began to rub it up and down her older sister's firm, tan thighs.

Sydney just sat there staring at the little girl next to her. She noticed
that she had big brown eyes that seemed to never stop gazing at her. Her soft
pink lips looked so very kissable about now.

Hayley kept smiling as she stood up and knelt down in front of her big
sister. She continued to move the big dildo up until it reached her sister's
wet pussy lips.

"I don't think."

"Shh," the little girl murmured seductively. She then slowly pulled off her
T-shirt and began to rub her tiny breasts with her small hands.

"This feels so good; I know you love it too. I see you do this here alone all
the time," she whispered to her sister.

Sydney was now so hot she wasn't sure if she could control herself for much
longer. This was her little sister and now she was here in front of her half
naked, and Oh God she wanted to fuck her small, virgin pussy.

Hayley stood up and slowly pulled off her tight jeans. She then turned
around and bent over and pulled down her little cotton panties.

"Like my ass?" she asked in her small little voice, as she wiggled it back
and forth.

Sydney did notice her sister's ass immediately, and she knew that she wanted
to feel it on her mouth.

Hayley bent down again and leaned into her sister.

Sydney could no longer control herself. She felt her hot sticky pussy juices
dripping down her thighs. She wanted this.

Hayley wanted this.

Sydney pulled her sister to her, and kissed her softly on her tiny soft
mouth. Hayley responded with a deep hot kiss for her big sister.

Sydney stood up and pulled her sister down on the bed. Hayley lay on her back
and smiled up at the image of her big sister's round firm breasts spilling
down on top of her small chest.

Sydney gently lay on top of her sister and rubbed her hard nipples against
the little girl's tiny ones.

"Oh my God, this feels so good," she said to herself as she felt her body
quiver. Hayley responded by reaching up and kissing her big sister again.

"Can we both use the big monster now?" she asked excitedly." I did try this
before you know. It's huge. I could only get it in just a little bit"

Sydney was now so turned on by all this that she could only smile and move
her hands over her sister's small sexy body.

"Spread your legs wide," Sydney ordered.

Hayley eagerly complied.

"So you have fucked yourself before?" she asked barely able to contain her

"Yep a couple of times really. It felt so good and all I did was think of you
when I did it too. I never did cum though. Can you make me cum?"

Sydney let out a moan and began to slowly lick and suck on her little
sister's clit. It was swollen, and every time she touched it, little Hayley
let out a tiny squeal of pleasure.

The older sister continued to move her mouth over the younger sister's pussy
lips. Soon she was sucking and licking and plunging her tongue up inside her
tight, wet pussy.

Hayley was making a cute little moaning sound now.

Sydney took the big monster and began to push it gently into her sister's hot
wet liquid. Hayley let out a scream of delight as she felt it move up inside

"Oh that feels so good!" she squealed. "I want more"

Sydney was so lost in the excitement of fucking her little sister with a huge
dildo that she could hardly stop herself from cumming right then and there.

She fucked her sister with the dildo now. Hayley took most of it in and
begged for more. She arched her body, and thrust her little hips up and up,
to get as much of the big beast inside her as she could stand.

Sydney felt herself losing control.

She turned her sister over and began to eagerly lap at her ass; licking her
ass cheeks and the teasing her ass hole with her hot, eager tongue.

Hayley screamed. "Oh God, Oh God, I feel funny. Oh!" Her entire body began to

Sydney slammed her tongue up inside her sister's tight little ass, and fucked
her hard and deep. All she knew was she wanted to make her sister cum this

Hayley shook, she screamed and finally let go with her first ever orgasm.

Sydney was so excited now that she had to do something. She grabbed the dildo
and sat up on the bed. Spreading her legs wide, she slammed it all the way up
her dripping wet pussy. She began to scream at the size of the huge monster
inside of her. Still she slammed it in harder and deeper. She was so hot now,
so excited that she fell back on the bed.

Hayley now feeling very sexy and satisfied sat up and took the dildo from her
sister and began to fuck her hard and deep.

"Let me do this" she murmured, as she fucked her sister so deep that she
could see pussy juices pouring out of her, and dripping down her thighs.

"Umm," gasped Hayley, as she stopped to lap up a bit of the warm sticky
liquid. "Yummy" she gasped.

"Turn over big sister" Hayley ordered.

Sydney quickly turned over, knowing what was coming next. Hayley slowly began
to lick her sister tan firm ass and then slowly plunged her little tongue up
inside it.

"Oh!!" Sydney screamed.

Hayley took the big monster now and shoved it hard and fast up the brunette's
tight ass.

Sydney screamed as she felt her entire body convulse over and over in her
first multiple orgasm. She simply couldn't stop cumming.

Chapter Three

Hours elapsed since the girls ended their hot sexy escapade. They had fallen
asleep exhausted, naked in each other's arms.

The room was dim as Sydney awoke with a big smile on her face. She looked
over and saw the faint outline of her naked little sister lying beside her.
She looked so cute and sexy lying there. She bent over and softly kissed
her small mouth.

Hayley looked up and smiled. "I loved that," she said softy.

"Me too," said Sydney, brushing a curl hair from the little girl's eyes.

"You really know a lot for your age little sister," remarked Sydney.

"Well I've been watching you do things to yourself and Aunt Faith too. It
made me feel very hot and wet, so I knew it was time for me to do this too."

"Aunt Faith, umm" Sydney smiled thinking of how many times she had wanted to
taste her Aunt; but now she had her sister, and she knew that they would be
doing this allot from now on.

"Poor Aunt Faith needs someone" she said aloud.

"Oh don't worry about her," Hayley replied. "She and Mom do this to each
other all the time when Daddy isn't around".

Just then the girls heard a noise and looked up to see Aunt Faith and Mom
Hope standing in the doorway.

"Well looks like they started up at about the same age we did, doesn't it?"
said Faith as she hugged her big sister.

"Well we always knew they would some day, "replied Hope, giving her sexy
sister a big, deep kiss.

"Perhaps we can all join in when they are older," said Hope with a grin.

"Older!" exclaimed Faith, as she pushed her way into the room, and sat down
on the bed next to the naked sisters..

"Don't they look like they already know what to do?"

Hope smiled as she walked into the room and slowly closed the door behind


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