Hi & Lois: Hi's Fantasy Date (MF,M+F,inter,drugs,voy,reluc)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Lois Flagston paused as she entered the doorway of the smoky bar. Her
legs felt a bit shaky from her nerves. She was dressed very provocatively in
a little low cut black dress that was clinging to her lucious curves like a
second skin. It wasn't something she would normally wear, but then again
tonight was supposed to be a little bit naughty.

Lois was actually a very conservative 36 yrs old woman, 5'-4", 120 lbs with
soft shoulder length blonde hair, striking blue eyes, a very nice figure
highlighted by full firm eager breasts and a gorgeous full ass. It was
maintain by regular workouts attending to the needs of her growing family
of four children.

Her husband Hi had talked and fantasized about this little game often. He'd
tried to get her to do it for years before actually talking her into going
ahead with it tonight. The kids were safely tucked away at her mother's for
this weekend for them to carry it out. Lois was supposed to arrive early
and get a good buzz going. Hi would arrive later and they would pretend they
were strangers meeting for the first time.

To make things more exciting he told Lois to talk and flirt with other men
before he came and introduced himself. She had also agreed that no matter
what they would not break character. What they did not know was that Hi
would have a flat tire on the way to the bar and he would be more than an
hour late.

Lois sat at the bar and quickly ordered a strong drink to settle her nerves.
As she sat there she noticed that a majority of the men in the bar were very
large black men. Lois was getting more that a few looks from the men as they
passed by her and made her feel very sexy. They all seemed to know each other
and when she asked the bartender, he told her that they were all construction
workers celebrating after finishing a big job. One of the taller men
approached Lois and asked her what she was having.

Her first inclination was to get rid of him as quickly as possible but then
she thought she came here to play a game and she might as well have fun with
it. She tilted her head coyly at him and told him that it was a long island
iced tea. He pulled up a stool beside her and ordered two more from the

"So are you meeting someone here tonight?" he asked, sizing her up as a
married woman looking for some action on the side. Lois decided to stay with
the game plan and told him they she hadn't planned to. He introduced himself
as Steve. They finished their drinks and Steve asked Lois if she would like
to dance. She was feeling a bit buzzed and agreed smiling like a young co-ed
out for her first night out.

Steve was a great dancer and had her moving and sweating on the floor before
she knew it. Lois noticed Steve make a motion to one of his friends behind
her back but thought it was just standard male bragging. She kept thinking
how jealous Hi would be when he walked in and saw her dancing with this tall
handsome well built black man.

Steve got behind her and began grinding against her. Lois felt his hard
cock rub against her as his hands wandered over her hips and ribs. She felt
certain that it couldn't be nearly as big as it felt through his pants. How
could it fit in a woman if it was that large.

Lois knew how shear her low cut dress was and that her nipples were extremely
visible in their erect state. She started to become quite aroused and thought
how great the sex would be tonight after she and Hi got home. Maybe she would
even do something in the car. Lois lost herself in the dancing as several of
Steve's friends all came up to dance around her.

Lois felt exhilarated, but she also noticed how intense some of their looks
were. She moved from the dance floor before things got out of hand and Steve
followed. Another friend handed Steve two drinks and winked nodding his head
towards the right one but Lois missed the cue.

She wasn't much of a drinker and her mind was already clouded from the amount
of alcohol she'd consumed. The herbal drug the man had put in her drink would
only accelerate her downward spiral into lewd, wild debauchery and would
create a need for sex that would be overpowering. It would push her over the
point of any rational thinking and leave her mind blurred and very confused.

They sat down at a table and Lois took a deep swig of her drink to quench the
thirst she had worked up. The drink tasted different but not enough to bring
attention to it. She quickly finished it up and motioned for another. This
one came directly from the bar and tasted fine. She and Steve talked more
when Lois realized that over an hour and a half had gone by and Hi still was
nowhere in site. Sometimes his lateness really irked her. Steve looked at her
intently and asked her how she felt.

Lois decided to continue the flirting and said "I feel fine, How do I look."

"You are about the hottest thing that I have seen in a long time," he said in
a deep voice. "You really had me worked up out there."

"I could tell," Lois said boldly.

"I bet you could babe, so what did you think?" he asked.

Lois suddenly felt off balance and didn't know what to say. She began to feel
lightheaded and pressed herself down into the chair. She felt an itch like
never before spreading from the center of her thighs, an itch that begged to
be scratched. 'Oh, God! I wish I could rub it! But I can't touch myself
there, not with this big black stranger sitting next to me!' she moaned to
herself. Panting for breath, she closed her eyes and hoped that it would

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and more and more she felt
herself getting very wet. "I ... I've never felt one that big." She stammered
quickly. She didn't even know what she was saying at this point. Her head was
swimming but it felt great to let go.

"You want to know if it is really that big, Huh?" Steve said glancing down at
his crotch. He grabbed Lois's hand from the table and pulled it to his hard
cock. Lois swallowed deeply but did not fight him. She seemed to be unable to
stop herself but everything in her started telling her to stop this before it
went too far.

Her beautiful manicured hand jerked as if seared by a burning iron rod as
she came into contact with the man's long thick cock. She could feel his
pulse through his throbbing member and she quickly said, "No. I can't do
this. I have to leave." That's what she said but her hand had other ideas
as it slowly began to pump the pulsing shaft, her fingers unable to encircle
it fully.

Steve grabbed her wrist firmly and said "Come on now, why don't you come back
with me real quick and get some air" Lois just bobbed her head because she
really did feel like she needed some air. The drug that Steve's friend had
slipped in her drink really began to take effect now. As they walked towards
the back of the bar, Steve had to put his arm around her to keep her walking

Her eyes closed momentarily as the large supporting hand moved under her
arm and slowly moved upward upon her dress. She swallowed hard, trying to
continue walking, shivering as the exploring fingers began caressing the
bottom of her full breast. Just as they reached the hallway, Lois gasped
as a finger moved up to caress her erect nipple. It was only then that
Lois noticed how many of the men were watching them.

Steve opened a door to a back office and led her inside. With her mind
fluttering with reality, she looked into the room and panted "Oh, please ...
please ... you mustn't ... please, I'm a happily married woman!"

"Well honey, let's see if I can make a happily married woman even happier!"
Steve said, leading her to the large desk. Lois panted as the tall black
stranger now towered behind her, both of his hands around her, cupping her
full thrusting breasts, fingers flicking at her aroused buds. At 5'4" the
pretty blonde wife and mother only came up to his chest.

He was going to love hearing her scream when he forced his 12" black
horsecock into what should be reserved for her white boy husband. What would
her husband say now if he could see his precious little wife, being caressed
by a muscular black man. The alcohol and the unwanted stimulation caused Lois
to moan softly, closing her eyes she lay her head back against the muscular
chest as he fondled her big full tits. Her head feeling heavier from the
sexual stimulant in her drink.

The caresses continued, causing Lois to moan even louder and began to pant
for breath. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, as the straps of her tight reveling
dress were pulled off of her shoulders. She shivered and groaned, "Ohhhhhhh,
awwwwwwww!" as large strong hands began to move up her soft flesh. His large
black fingers pushed under the bottom of her lacy black bra, up to her stiff
pink nipples, pushing the lacy bra above her beautiful full breasts.

"Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee... please... noooooooo... you must stop!" she groaned as
Steve's hands cupped her big milk white breasts, fingers again flicking her
hard pink nipples. Then the front clasp of her lacy black bra was undone and
drawn down her arms to fall upon the floor. "Oh, God ... please, you must
stop ... ohhhhh!" Lois moaned as she felt her dress being lowered down over
her flairing hips. In a moment, it lay puddled at her black heels.

Now the lovely wife and mother was only dressed in the black thong panties
her husband had insisted she wear tonight and her black heels. She gasped
as an exploring black hand began moving onto her tiny panties, touching her
most private spot. A spot that was reserved for her husband Hi Flagston.
Lois began to move her thighs, rubbing her aroused slit together, her juices
beginning to flow uncontrollably.

In a moment, the tiny wisp of protection was slowly fluttering down her long
ivory legs, falling atop of her little black dress. "Ohhhhhh!" Lois gasped as
a thick black finger prodded her slick vagina. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned
again as the thick finger wormed its way in a few inches.

"Oh, God, his finger is as thick as Hi's cock. What am I doing? Why am I
letting him do this to me?" she asked herself. Then she found herself
following the man's instruction and stepping out of the small pile of
clothes at her feet. He then sat Lois down on the desk and she felt more
and more blood rushing to her already swollen labia.

She had never felt this level of need for sexual release but back in her mind
she kept saying that she was a happily married woman. Steve reached down to
kiss her and Lois pushed him away and said "NO." Steve looked at her and
laughed. "I know you are already feeling it. It's only going to get worse
before it gets better and there's only one thing that's going to make it feel

Steve pulled down his zipper and out sprang the largest blackest dick she had
ever seen. The thickness was only overshadowed by it's tremendous length. It
was a foot long, all crisscrossed with thick protruding veins and capped by a
large purple head the size of a large plum. She had always thought that she
would like to try a larger one than her husbands skinny 5 incher but this one
seemed impossible. Staring at it only made Lois's sexual need stronger and in
her haze she reached out for it.

Her fingers didn't even meet as they wrapped around the thick shaft and she
began stroking it slowly. Lois heard a roar from the bar and didn't know what
was going on. Steve pointed to a camera on the wall that was fed to the large
TV over the bar. "You are going to perform tonight honey, and there is
nothing you can say or do about it. You need this cock don't you?"

"Yes" She replied meekly.

"Well the only way you can get it is in front of that camera," he said as he
smiled at her.

She shook her head from side to side but her hand kept moving steadily on
his cock. Steve began to tweak her swollen nipples and Lois's eyes closed
savoring the feeling. At this point the feeling between her legs was too
much. She didn't care about the camera or the crowd or her damn late husband.
She needed this big cock inside her. Steve stood Lois up and faced her
towards the camera, then bent her over suddenly and placed his throbbing cock
at the entrance of her tight little pink pussy.

Hi finally made it into the bar just then. He looked around and couldn't find
Lois anywhere, then he saw that everyone in the place was watching the large
TV intently. At first he thought it was a Basketball game but when he looked
again he saw that it was some sort of porn flick. A large black man had a
pretty blonde woman bent over a desk and was getting ready to nail her with
his enormous dick. Hi heard the woman beg the man to fuck her and the voice
sounded somewhat familiar.

The black man told the woman to look at the camera, and when she did Hi
realized that it was his wife Lois. He watched in shocked amazement as she
arched her back and raised her butt in the air to better receive the muscular
black man's penetration. He plopped his huge black dick in the crack of her
gorgeous little white ass. Steve was enjoying himself immensely, sliding it
in between her firm cheeks as he drank in the incredible sight of the sexy
little white wife's perfect ass caressing his big hard on.

Hi looked around in panic, trying to figure out where Lois was. He saw that
the bar was filled with horny, heavily muscled black men watching the action
on the screen intently. They were huge and very threatening looking. He sat
there trying to think of a way out of this situation but he knew it was a
lost cause. It had gone too far now. If he tried anything they'd beat the
crap out of him, maybe even kill him and then fuck Lois anyway. He just sat
there mesmerized by the incredible porno action being played out on the TV.
Only the star was his sweet innocent wife who he'd talked into fulfilling
his fantasy tonight in a sleasy bar.

Hi heard the big black man sawing his monster dick through his wife's firm
buns say, "What an ass ... lady you're gonna know you've been fucked tonight.
Not with a limp little white boy dick like your husband's, but by a real man
with a long thick cunt stretching dick ... a big black one."

Hi watched in dispare as the black man positioned his massive black horsecock
at the threshold to his wife's opening and rubbed it against her moist slit.
He fit it in and buried it couple of inches. He toyed with her then by
holding his thick cock just inside of her spasming pussy and watching her
sweet ass begin to wiggle and push back for more. She couldn't help herself
from wiggling back against him, wanting more of his oversized intruder buried
up deep inside of her.

After a few minutes she let out a low moan as he finally rammed his big
cock home, burying his twelve long thick inches to the hilt, well past her
husband's accustomed depth, more deeply than she'd ever felt before. She
furrowed her brow and her mouth fell open in way that told Hi that she was
in as much ecstasy as she had ever experienced in her life. She made noise
that Hi had never heard from his wife's mouth in all the years they were
married. It sounded guttural. Like a grunt and a squeal all in one.

He began pumping vigorously in and out of Lois using long powerful strokes
that left just his big head inside of her, followed by a forward thrust that
buried his big black cock to his heavy sperm filled balls, giving everyone
watching on the TV a view of his big cock going into her from behind. He was
fucking her so deep that his cock was ramming into and through her cervix on
ever stroke. They could see and hear his balls slapping against her round
white ass.

"OH GAWD! fuck me," she began panting. He fucked her with long even strokes
and the long deep thrusts and withdrawals sent Lois over the edge, her thigh
muscles now contracting around the mighty shaft within her whenever it
plunged deep into her womb. "Ohhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhh ... ohhh ... ohhh ...!"
she chanted in timing with each thrust.

"This is nice, very nice! You've got a nice tight pussy here lady!" Steve
exclaimed as he powered it to her hard and deep. He had her flairing hips
locked in his strong hands and was pounding his huge monster cock in and out
of her like a conquering barbarian. She was amazed at how big it felt inside
her. He was fucking her in virgin territory, much much deeper than her
husband Hi could ever hope to reach.

With long deep strokes, Steve deliberately slowed his pumping action to let
the beautiful Mrs. Lois Flagston feel every long thick inch of his long black
horsecock as he buried all twelve inches to the hilt repeatedly, fucking the
drugged wife and mother hard and deep with his thick black horsecock.

Once the blonde beauty became accustomed the thickness and length of his
cock, Steve began a long slow withdrawal of his meat, then slowly feed it
back deep in to her. His experience and stamina soon had Hi's beautiful wife
mewling softly as her body began to hunch back to him as he slowly plunged
his thick meat back into her.

Coupled with the potent stimulant and Steve's expertise, his long slow
strokes had the pretty married woman going out of her mind, desperately in
need of sexual relief as she unconsciously hunched her lush body back and
forth to get more of his lengthy shaft into her.

Her drugged concentration was on the long thick dick, stretching her inside
to limits beyond anything she had ever imagined. Every time she would roll
her hips backward, Steve would thrust his huge black dick inside her womb,
forcing her to pause while a muffled moan escaped from between her lips.

Steve began stroking even harder as he drove his twelve inch dick completely
inside of Lois, her pussy lips completely disappearing as his huge black
horsecock carried them along with it. Each time he withdrew his dick, her
juices glistened heavily on his black shaft as her pink little pussy seemed
to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his mighty dick slightly
like the fingers of a glove as it's being pulled off inverted.

The potent drug had overtaken all rationality and Lois could only think of
one thing, that being to extinguish the burning itch between her thighs.
Faster and faster she arched back onto the lengthy shaft, finding it more
soothing the faster she rubbed herself upon it. Suddenly, a shudder shook
her body as hot sensations coursed through her, a feeling never before
experienced in her life.

She screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhh ... Godddd ... ohhhhhhhhh ... I ... I'm
cumminggggg! Oh, my Godddddddd!" It was a mind-shattering climax that rocked
her entire body, a climax as never before experienced in her life.

Steve continued with his long steady strokes as the beautiful blonde wife
came back down to earth. Then he held still in her again while she caught
her breath, letting his cock throb in her sopping wet slit. Then he began
to slowly pump his cock in and out of the slick groove. He slid his hands
up her sides to capture her full thrusting breasts as he continued to pound
against her upturned little ass. He began squeezing the big meaty mounds;
rolling and tweaking her hard spikey nipples as he impaled Lois's loudly
squishing pussy with his twelve-inch penis.

Her head tossed from side to side, whipping her blonde hair about as the
lengthy cock sliced in and out of her burning slit. "Oh ... oh ... oh ...
of ... please ... faster ... faster!" she moaned, wanting that burning itch
to be extinguished. Desperately, wiggling her ass back to him, Lois begged
"Ohhhhh ... fuck me ... fuck me! Oh, please ... I need ... I need it so

He then pulled out and laid his long thick horsecock in the crack of her
georgeous ass and slowly slid it through her full sexy buns as it rubbed
over her sweet little asshole. "Baby," he said, "you want to feel my cock
in your tight little asshole now, don't you. Tell me you want me to fuck
you up the ass."

In her drugged stupor he knew that she'd agree to anything, but he wanted to
here her say it. "Yes .. please ...," she said, "Fuck my ass, I want you to
fuck me up the ass."

He used his thumbs to part Lois's perfect little ass, opening the way
to her tiny tightly clenched anus. Then he placed his cock at the tiny
puckered entrance to her tight little asshole and caved in her rear
passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he forced it in deep past
her overmatched spincter, streaching her tight anal passage taunt around
his big black footlong horsecock. She grimaced as his huge cock split
her wide open.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. He shoved forward and buried his whole cock into her
tightly clenching asshole, all twelve long thick inches to the hilt. Her
eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with
his heavy sperm laddened balls slapping loudly against her firm little

Hi tore his eyes away from the TV and looked down at the floor knowing that
it was all his fault. He'd let his sweet innocent young wife play out a game
that led her to being used and abused in the back room of a bar full of black
men. At the growing roar of the crowd he looked back at the screen and saw
his beautiful wife bent over a desk with a huge black man sodomizing her.
His cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and
pushed back acting like a total slut and revelling in it.

He watched in shocked horror at his loving wife, the mother of his four
children, writhing her buttocks erotically in the big black man's crotch.
She moaned and Hi could see her rocking to and fro in front of the big
dicked stud like a bitch in deep rut as she whimpered loud obscenities
that only seemed to inflame the black stud's passion. Her body rocking and
jerking under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as the
man sodomizing her kept his hands on her flairing hips, pulling her glove
tight anus up and down the length of his long thick cock.

Tying to figure out where this was coming from Hi looked to the back of the
bar where a line was forming. He ran towards the door and got a quick glimpse
of his wife's breasts shaking with each thrust into her tight little asshole.
Her moaning became more insistent and as Hi tried to make his way into the
room he was grabbed by another large black man who said, "Hey cracker, wait
your goddamn turn. People was here before you."

It suddenly struck Hi that every one of these men planned to fuck his wife
before the night was over, and from the performance Lois was putting on it
was going to happen and there was nothing he could do about it.

Hi could only go back to the bar, sit down and stare helplessly at the screen
as an endless stream of large athletic men entered the room and violated his
wife in every available orifice. Over the next two hours the horny black men
used and abused Hi Flagston's pretty little blonde haired wife as he sat
drinking at the bar and watching it all happen on the TV screen.

They used her mouth to clean their cocks after they had deposited their cum
either in her asshole or her cunt and Lois automatically sucked on whoever
stuck their cock down her throat. She swallowed more cum that way as well as
some of them couldn't wait and had her suck them off as she was being fucked.
Her hair was matted with semen and she looked slick all over from the
combination of sweat and cum that coated her body.

Her body went limp at some point but the men just held her up as the next man
took his turn with her. Hi looked on dejectedly as the camera ocassionally
caught a glimpse of his loving wife's pretty face as she climaxed over and
over again on the big deep fucking dick's of the group of horny construction
workers. The men's big black dicks pounded her little pussy and tight little
asshole into sexual mush and filled her so full of cum that she was sloshing
when Hi was finally able to rescue her from the back room and helped her out
to the car.


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