Hi And Lois: Lois Taken At The Movies (MMF,ncon,inter)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Lois Flagston was fond of slipping away to the local movie theater on
Sunday afternoons. Her husband Hi was an obssessed golfer and played every
Sunday so she'd decided to get a sitter to watch the kids while she got away
for a couple of hours by heself to escape life's problems, just as Hi did.

She loved to loose herself in the films on the big screen. Sitting in the
dark theater she could let herself go and get caught up in the unfolding
tales without having to continually shift her focus to the needs of her
husband and four children.

Lois was 36 yrs old, 5'-4", 115 lbs with soft shoulder length blonde hair
and striking blue eyes. She has a very nice figure highlighted by full firm
eager breasts and a gorgeous full ass. It was maintain by regular workouts
attending to the needs of her growing family. She often joked that going to
a health club to work out would actually be a break for her. She was a
conservative dresser, though not your typical housewife. She was a true
beauty who consistantly turns men's heads without trying to.

With Hi out on the golf course and the sitter in charge of the kids she made
her way to the movie theater. What was playing was not all that important to
her, though there's always a good selection of the latest releases. Wanting
to escape from the pressures of dealing with her large family, Lois would go
to the one all the way to the back of the complex and sit in the back rows
away from most of the other movie goers.

It was part of her self prescribed therapy for her to be isolated, to help
her escape into the film without hearing the comments of the other people in
the theater. She was estatic to find that the movie she chose to watch was
completely empty of other people.

On this fateful day a couple of local black teenagers entered the theater,
mainly to get away from the afternoon heat but also on the prowl for a little
action. Tyrone, 6'-2" of lean hard muscle and Leon, a member of the high
school football team, 6'-5", 240 lbs of buldging black muscle. They have
played this game many times in the past and are feeling hot and horny as they
scan the seats from beside the entrance at the side of the stairs leading up
to the back wall.

Tyrone spotted the beautiful middle aged blonde woman sitting by herself in
the rear the empty theater ... he elbowed Leon and nodded in her direction.
Leon smiled and nodded his head in agreement as he split off from Tyrone and
crossed to the set of stairs on the other side of the theater. The boys
entered Lois's row, one from each side and slid into the seats on either side
of her.

Lois glanced nervously at both the huge black teenagers in turn ... they
smiled at her ... she smiled back then went back to watching the previews of
coming attractions as her dream of being alone washed away. "Damn, why did
they have to sit so close," she thought naively.

The lights then dimmed to signal the start of the main feature.

Tyrone leaned back and nodded to Leon.

Leon placed his hand on Lois's knee ... she stiffened in her seat then
glanced at Leon and said, "Please don't do that."

Tyrone put his arm over the back of Lois's seat and began rubbing the back
of her neck ... she turned and glared at Tyrone.

Leon slid his large black hand up her leg under her skirt and caressed the
inside of her firm white thigh. Lois turned back to glare at Leon said in her
most authoritive mother's voice, "I told you not to do that. Do I have to
call the manager?"

Tyrone slid his hand over her shoulder and lightly rubbed her full thrusting
breast saying, "Baby, you better just sit here and be quiet if you don't
want to be hurt. Look around, we're the only ones in the place." Lois was
frightened and confused as she found herself trapped between two huge black
teenaged boys. She didn't know which way to turn and they took full advantage
of her confusion to feel her up as she squirmed in her seat.

Leon slid his hand higher and came in contact with Lois's panties. She tried
to close her legs but Tyrone captured her full breast in his strong black
hand and squeezed hard, letting her know that she's to comply with their
wishes and let them have their way or they will hurt her.

Lois looked at Tyrone wide eyed as he placed his finger up to his lips and
shhhhhssses her. Leon fingered her pussy through her panties and he felt her
getting wet as Tyrone reached over and undid the first of the buttons on her
blouse. Lois's submissive side began to emerge as she was being manhandled
by two two young black strangers. She knew that she had to allow them access
to her body if she expects to get away without being hurt. A low moan escapes
her lips as the two big black teenagers run their hands over her as only her
husband has in the past.

Lois unconciously slid down in her seat and spread her legs wide apart,
allowing Leon easy access to her moistening little pussy. On the other side
of her Tyrone undid another button on her blouse and slid his hand inside to
fondle her bra covered breasts.

Leon started pulling Lois's panties down and she automatically lifted her
rear off the seat allowing the removal of the garment. Leon pulled Lois's
panties off, then brought them up to his noise and sniffed loudly before
depositing them in his pocket.

Tyrone finished opening her blouse and Lois's bra was now in full view.
Tyrone's eyes flaired as he watched the full mounds swell over the cups,
rising and falling with her rapid breathing.

"P...p...please ... ohhhhhhhh ... pleaseeeeee ... noooooooooo!" Lois
whimpered unsucessfully, as the exploring black fingers continued to knead
her stiffened nipples through her thin bra.

Leon reached over with his free hand and placed Lois's right hand on his
jean covered cock. Tyrone did the same with her left hand. Lois gasped loudly
as her hands came to rest on the black teenager's buldging jeans, her hands
feeling the throbbing power that lay beneath the thin fabric. Lois moaned as
she automatically rubbed the massive buldges. "OOhhhh my God... they feel so
big," she thought.

Tyrone unzipped his pants to bare his throbbing black cock to the softness of
the married woman's delicate white hand. Lois gasped again, opening her eyes
to stare down at the 12" monster that her fingers were now unconsciously

"No, please!" Lois whispered as Leon pulled her hand to his equally long
thick black horsecock. Her dainty white hand jerked as if seared by a glowing
hot iron rod as she came into contact with Leon's throbing shaft. Never had
she seen such a huge monster of a cock, never having seen any black cock at
all for that matter and now her small white hands were wrapped around two of

The lewd sight of her small white hands stroking the throbbing ebony shafts
made it all the more forbidden and she unconsciously jacked the oozing black
cocks. Tyrone groaned from the feel of this beautiful blonde woman's soft
milking fingers. Her hands now began to clutch at the pulsing black cocks,
trapped by its slippery flesh and the boy's strong hands.

Slowly Lois pumped the pulsing black rods, her fingers unable to encircle
them fully. Lois gasped and tears welled in her eyes as her delicate hands
were now slimy from the pre-cum boozing from the holes in the plum sized
heads of the big black cocks. The jism made her pumping speed up and even
more jism bubbled up to lubricate her palms and fingers. What a contrast
her milky white hands made as it pumped the jet black horsecocks.

Tyrone lifted Lois's bra up over her ripe mature breasts... her nipples have
hardened to 1/2 inch rocks. Tyrone licked his lips as her 36C breasts sprung
free from their cover, and thought, "Damn, this bitch is stacked." He
delighted in the color contrast of his large hands as he squeezed them with
his fingers.

He lowered in and took her right breast into his mouth. The warmth of his
tongue and the sensation of his big lips against her firm tit sent Lois into
a tremor of forbidden sensations. Leon followed suit and captured her other
ripe breast between his thick lips as he began sucking and nibbling on her

Tyrone licked her swollen nipple to maximum attention and went in for the
kill as he started to suckle her, aggressively working her nipple and
murmuring dirty words against her skin, "Damn baby, your tits are making me
hard. I'm gonna bust in a minute, baby."

Lois let go off the boy's massive dicks and threw her arms over her head and
arched her back, allowing her fully engorged tits to swell and push deeper
into their hungry mouths. She looked down to watch these huge black teenagers
suckling her swollen nipples, just as her four white babies had, only now she
felt a sexual surge flowing through her as she 'fed' her new black babies.

Leon's stroking fingers had been moving up amd down her firm thigh as he
nursed on her big boob. He now moved them back up to her moist slit and
plundered her warm squishy opening with one of his fingers. Lois trembled a
little at the unexpected intrusion. He found the spot he was looking for
and started applying practiced pressure. Lois felt herself getting wetter
and knew that there was no way to hide it. Her teeth nibbled on her lower
lip as she strained in anticipation of his every stroke, her hips moving on
their own to met him.

Lois reached back down and captured their massive black rods again. She was
amazed at the size of the cocks in her stroking hands, they were so much
larger than her husband Hi's, both twice as long and thick. Lois was lovingly
stroking the twin towers as Leon found her clit with his thumb and stroked it
in time to Lois's milking hand motion. Just then, as Tyrone was nursing away
on her, he bit her nipple. Lois arched her back as a powerful orgasm ripped
through her body.

"Oh, baby, that's the way ... ohhhh, your hands are so beautiful and so
soft ... oh, yeah baby ... I'm gonna cum soon!" Tyrone moaned. Pumping up
into the soft white hand, Tyrone panted and saw the beautiful blonde woman
watching his pulsing cock. He instantly realized that she was trying to make
it cum so she would be rid of him.

"Put it in your mouth lady. Suck the cum out of me!" he ordered. He was
overjoyed to see the horrified look come across Lois's face, hearing her
sob "No ... please ... no, let me finish you with my hand ... please, I've
never done such a filthy thing! Not even for my husband!"

"Either you suck my cock lady or I'm gonna hurt you bad!" he countered.

Feeling sick to her stomach as she looked at his messy cock, Lois thought
she would throw up all over it, but she knew she had to obey the muscular
boy's threatening demand if she was to emerge from this ordeal without
being hurt. Closing her eyes tightly, Lois slowly opened her lips as wide
as possible and leaned down towards him. She shivered in total disgust as
the slimy cock contacted her lips and pushed between them. Lois held it
there, then at his insistance she flicked out her tongue and licked the
head, tasting his pre-cum.

"Oh, yeah, lady ... that's way ... keep pumping it ... eat all the cum
outta me ..keep it in your mouth when I cum if you don't want to be hurt!"
he threatened. His cock sliced through Loisís slick white hands, plunging
deeper and deeper into her mouth.

On the other side Leon pushed her up off the seat. Her knees hit the floor
and Leon flipped her skirt up over her back. "What a great looking little
ass," he said as he slid his big black hands over her firm white buns,
fingering her anus and dipping into her juicy snatch.

Tyrone grabbed Lois's head in his hands and slid his hard cock deep up into
her mouth making her choke as it penetrated her throat. With Tyrone's hands
entwined in her curly blonde hair, Lois was unable to lift her sucking mouth
off of his pulsing cock. He groaned as her mouth and throat muscles worked
over him! Slowly she worked her way down his oversized prick, moaning as the
thick veins surrounding his shaft rubbed against her soft lips. Though
unfamiliar with cocksucking, she knew that she had to satisfy his lust and
willed herself to make him cum as soon as possible.

He leaned back and relaxed as she took more and more of him into her now
eager mouth, her tongue working sensuously against the underside as she
resigned herself to her fate and blocked the reality of the situation from
her mind. Realizing she would never be able to prevent this rape, she knew
she had to satisfy the well hung black teenagers, there was no other option
if she were to make it out of this in one piece.

Tyrone was amazed at how she could take his whole massive prick into her
mouth and down her throat. There were few bitches who could deepthroat Leon's
massive cock, at least willingly. She felt herself relax her muscles in her
throat as she took him deeper into her gullet and took him to the root.
Finally, she had her nose buried in his wiry pubic hair. She worked her lips
sensuously against the base of his prick for a few moments, then she began
to slowly suck gently as her head moved back and forth.

Tyrone wrapped his hands in her thick blonde hair and her groans vibrated
against his turgid flesh as he began fucking her mouth. Her passion-glazed
eyes never left his face and he saw the sluttish pleasure there as he
moved in and out of her hot soft lips. He picked up the pace a little,
mouth-fucking her a little more roughly, and she only whimpered.

Behind her, Leon grabbed Lois's flairing hips as his erect cock touched the
lips of her juicy pussy and spread them around his wide head. Lois was now
panting as the large black cockhead delved into her golden fleece and parted
her moist slit, rubbing up and down with pressure being placed to split her
wide open.

Leon grinned down at the terrified blonde beauty's georgeous ass, rubbing
and pushing his wet cockhead at her sensitive clit. Moving forward, his
big cock entered her. Her cunt parted and sucked it in. She gasped around
Tyrone's big dick as she felt Leon's massive dick enter her. He began to
slowly push it in and out, her wetting passage becoming covered with her
juices as he penetrated deeply into her formerly exclusive little gash.

"Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..toooooo ..biggggg ..hurtsssss ..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Lois
moaned around Tyrone's dick as the thick cockhead forced its way into her
slick glove tight entrance. Leon managed to work his rigid staff in about
halfway as he rhythmically bucked and hammered her womanhood. She was being
stretched beyond belief, never having encountered such a monstrosity. She
and Hi had been high school sweethearts and somehow she had kept her virtue
till they both graduated from college.

Though she had allowed Hi some intimate petting during their long courtship,
Lois had entered the marriage as a pure untouched virgin. The only cock she
had intimately touched before this day was Hi's six incher, which was only
half the length and diameter of the massive black horsecock now being forced
into her.

Leon looked down at Lois's squirming ass and told Tyrone, "Fuck me, what a
cunt, what a tight snatch. This blonde bitch needs her pussy stretched, and
I'm just the guy to do it?" He was vigorously propelling his hips to and fro
between Lois's parting thighs, violating her inch by inch, as his massive
cock burrowed deeper and deeper with each thrust into formerly virgin
territory. Grasping her flairing white hips tightly, Leon reared back and
slammed it back home to the hilt.

"Aiiieeeeeeee ... argggghhhh ... owwwwwwww!" Lois moaned, as the plundering
shaft ripped through her. Her thighs contracting in spasms, never having
being split like this before. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Lois sobbed when Leon grasped her flairing hips and speared the full length
of his black shaft into her without any mercy. Her sexy white ass was held
up high with Leon's large hands now kneeding her firm buns as he pulled her
back over his long thick black dick repeatedly.

This was exactly what Leon enjoyed most, fucking a beautiful white woman,
making her moan in pain as he raped her. Then Leon began to repeatedly
withdraw his lengthy shaft, till only the bulb of his cockhead remained
enveloped, then plunged back in with all his weight.

He was stretching her wide. Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from
her cunt as he pounded into her, plunging deeply into Lois's cunt with long
steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as his balls slapped against her
ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and squish
with each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed little quim.

Lois was breathing hard, and moaning with each thrust, "uhh, uhh, ahh, ohh,"
as her pussy was being pummeled and spread with each relentless thrust of
Leon's big dick as it penetrated her tight hot, formerly one man's pussy. The
long deep thrusts and withdrawals began to have an effect on Loisís trembling
body, her vaginal muscles began to contract upon the mighty shaft within her
whenever it plunged deep into her womb.

"You ever had a fucking like this before, you tight little cunt?" Leon gasped
and grunted, as he hammered it home, "Umph, mmmph, ahh. You ever had a dick
this big inside your tight little pussy?" Leon demanded.

"Noooo, no, uhhh, no-ooo," Lois replied around Tyrone's face pumping black
dick. "Ohhh ...ohhhh ...ohhhh ...ohhh ...ohhhh ...!" Lois now moaned in time
with each of the rapid thrusts into her moist pit and down her throat. Leon
and Tyrone had Lois firm white body sandwiched between their young hard black
cocks as they set up a steady rhythm. She was the cream in their oreo cookie.

She shoved her hips back to meet Leon's twelve inch monster as she sucked
off Tyrone's equally massive dick. She twisted and gyrated in circles on his
drilling cock. "You'll never be able to enjoy fucking your limp dick white
boy husband after this," Leon told here, "Christ your pussy won't even know
his little dick is in you after I'm done with you today baby."

It's now a race for the boys. .. they have done this before ... which one
will cum first?? Lois was driven over the edge as her orgasm built and built.

"Oh, Baby, you're so sweet, oh ... gonna cum ... gotta cum!" Leon groaned.
With that, Leon grasped the tiny hips tightly and slammed his throbbing black
horsecock to the hilt. "Urrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh ..." came the guttural sound
from Leon, as his long black cock shot it's thick load. Tyrone lost the race.

"Noooooo ... " she whimpered, as the throbbing black cock unleashed its seed
deep in the recesses of her womb. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... noooooooooooooo!"
Lois moaned, unable to stop her tauntly streached pussy from milking the long
thick black horsecock as it spewed his load deep into her hungry cunt.

Wads of hot white cream shot into her voracious cunt. And this set Lois off
on more orgasms. She fucked him like a whore as her pussy milked him for
every drop of sperm. Lois could feel the warm, soothing flood of cum erupt
deep in her womb and she began to sob, realizing how she had been brought
to numerous orgasms by this young black buck. Tears welled in her eyes and
flowed down her cheeks, her shame now fully realized.

Meanwhile, Tyrone smirked as he witnessed the beautiful white woman sucking
his big black dick while his buddy pumped his load into her. She was in
distress from her humiliation and debasement of having submitted to another
man, a young black buck that had just fucked the hell out of her mature yet
innocent body.

Tyrone gasped, his hips lurching to and fro, his head flung back, wincing in
pleasure. It was too much to bear. He groaned in relief. Lois sensed his
orgasm and opened her mouth wide as she slid up his thick dick to the head,
jerking his cock in her fingers, her tongue whipping his cockhead.

"Oh baby, here I cum ... yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!" he groaned and
exploded. The heat surged from his cock and spurted out, jetting up into her
mouth. Lois tried desperately to stem the flood by squeezing the black cock
as tightly as she could with both hands. But this action only served to
excite Tyrone even more as the massive eruption blasted from his throbbing

Lois shivered in disgust, wanting so badly to throw up, but remembered the
horrid threat. She tried to open her mouth as wide as possible to let the
filth drip out but her lips barely fit around the big black cock, keeping
only the cockhead in her mouth. She shuddered as spurt after spurt filled
her mouth to the brim with the filthy slime. She couldnít wait for him to
remove his cock so she could spit out the horrid filth. Shivering in disgust,
she looked up at Tyrone to see if he was done.

Tyrone smiled, seeing the terror in Loisís baby blues, saw her shiver in
disgust as her mouth was filled to the brim with his thick jism. He laughed
at her plight "Uh-uh, you forgot to swallow, lady!" He took great pleasure
in watching the beautiful wife close her eyes and shiver in shame and
humiliation, knew she wanted to die on the spot rather than to eat his cum.

Reaching out, he grabbed her blonde hair, preventing her from spitting out
his load. Her watched her body quiver as she finally swallowed the slimy goo
in her mouth. Finally he let go of her hair and he burst out laughing as Lois
began to retch out the slime onto the floor.

Leon smiled down at the weeping white woman, curled in a fetal position on
the floor, cum oozing out of her newly stretched cunthole. When he'd emptied
the last of his load into her pussy he was still hard and ready for action.
Dragging his beautiful victim by the hips, Leon got the beauty up on her
hands and knees. "We're not done yet sweetcheeks," he gloated as his strong
hands locked onto her flairing hips and pulled her ass back to his waiting
black horsecock, "we've got lots of time to fuck before the movie's over."

He leaned over her body and slid his big gooey cock through the crack of her
ass then rubbed his rockhard cockhead over the entrance to her ass. Realizing
what was happening, Lois pleaded "No, don't, please no ... I've never had it
back there before!" He pushed his cockhead between her georgeous buns and
nuzzled it in against her tiny anus as Lois whimpered.

Leon whooped in delight as he was caving her tight little asshole inward,
then he stopped. "Just teasing, you didn't think I was going to fuck you up
the ass with my big black horsecock, now did you lady?" He slid his cock down
her juicy crack and into her cunt quickly, making her groan at the sudden
massive invasion.

He pumped her for a minute, then pulled out and pushed his huge cockhead back
between her lucious buttocks up against her tightly puckered sphincter. Lois
whimpered again as Leon's' cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.

"Well, you know, now that I think about it, you've got the sweetest little
white ass I've ever seen and I'm just going to fuck you up the ass ... hard
deep and continuous." Her virgin anus yielded under the pressure as he flexed
his buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive black cockhead popped
into her rear channel and deep up her virgin asshole as Lois's head jerked up
and her face contorted in a savage grimace of pain.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee.................." came her tortured scream as the black cock
rammed forward without mercy. Lucky for the boy's, at that moment the theater
sound system was loudly blaring a tunderstorm and the screams of the heroine
on screen or Lois's screams would have been heard all the way to the front

Raping a white woman's virgin ass was a thrilling experience for him and Leon
loved the agony displayed as she tried to buck him off. But it only served
to delight him more as he slammed his ramrod more and more brutally into her
white virgin ass. You just knew the bitch had a virgin asshole by her high
pitched screams alone, he thought, as his 12" horsecock forced its way in.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Leon gasped, his fingers digging into the softness
of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed his muscular
buttocks and ground his hips forward. His massive cock squeezed deeper and
deeper into her tight little asshole.

Lois's fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then,
incredibly to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt different in
her anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. It was beyond believe but
she liked the way it felt, hell she loved it as deeper and deeper it went,
and Leon groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in her
anus, his black hips pressing to her white buttocks.

She whimpered, writhing her buns erotically in his crotch. Leon gasped,
running his hands down her hot firm body to squeeze her big jiggling tits as
he sodomized Lois slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His big black horsecock
pistoned in and out of her impossibly streached anus, glistening and gleaming
with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging
and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands back on her gorgeous hips,
pulling her anus up and down over the length of his cock.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeh c'mon take it take it whore take it!"
he gasped, his chest heaving.

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Leon stopped
suddenly, jerking his cock out of her wildly constricting asshole and,
quickly, pushing it down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Lois cried out
thinly, lurching and jerking as he ram fucked her cunt furiously, hammering
his hips at her upturned buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her little
pink slit.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. Lois exploded, her
fingers tightly clenching on the dirty floor.

Leon sensed her orgasm and slid out of her anus and into her cunt again and
fucked her furiously. Lois whimpered and cried out in joy. He finally lost
control and knew he had to cum. He gasped and quickly pulled his pulsating
prick out of Lois's snapping pussy. He had another place in mind for the
heavy lode begging to be released from his now tight throbing balls.

Leon's long black cock, exited with a 'pop' followed by an overflow of thick
grayish goo. He smiled, looking down at the beautiful blonde woman as she
fell to the floor, sobbing and curled up in the fetal position, obviously
from her shame and humiliation of fucking a black and being a more than
willing participant while it happened. He spun her around and looked down at
her beautiful face and soft full pink lips.

Half dazed, Lois was brought to full awareness as her lips were being probed
by a greasy rubbery rod. Her eyes opened to see the big black horsecock
oozing its jism on her sweet lips. She jerked her head back but Leon had
anticipated her reaction and had his large black hands behind her head and
his fingers were now entwined in her silky blonde hair.

Lois gasped in her shock. That was all Leon needed, as his black dick darted
forward and slithered on the beauty's soft tongue. Holding her head tightly,
Leon began to face fuck the beautiful white woman, forcing his entire length
down her now bulging throat repeatedly. He loved seeing her fright as she
fought to breathe, the air blocked by the thick 12" black horsecock.

Her eyes rolled from the lack of air and then Leon withdrew to allow her to
breathe again as he established a rhythym and taught the beautiful wife and
mother all about deepthroating a big black horsecock. Finally, Lois began
squirming trying to free herself as Leon wheezed and erupted his goo deep
down her throat and forced her to swallow it all. When he withdrew, he
grinned as he watched Lois gagging and trying to cough up the thick cum.

She began crying, realizing she had sucked cock for the first time in her
life and to make it worst, it was two big black horsecocks that she'd
swallowed the filthy cum out of. Then her sobs increased as she remembered
how she milked Leon's big black penis and begged him to fuck her tight
little asshole like a two dollar whore.

Lois stayed on her knees, her head flung back, her eyes closed as she sobbed
in abject horror at the ordeal she'd just gone through.

Tyrone took the opportunity and moved up behind her and fit his big dick
against her ravaged asshole. "Man, I've got to get me some of this white
bitch's sweet little asshole," he said.

His cockhead throbbed at her anus as he pressed foward. It yielded under the
pressure as he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cockhead
popped into her rear channel and his twelve thick inches of rock hard black
horsecock surged up her ass to the hilt. Lois's head jerked up as he began
to sodomize her.

Lois became numb in her body as the big black teenager fucked her up the ass
for another half hour non-stop before he deposited his heavy load of potent
spunk deep up her tight little asshole.

The boys smiled at each other as they stood up and zipped up their jeans
saying, "Thank's for the fuck lady, your one fine piece of white ass. If you
want some more black dick, be in the same place next Sunday and we'll fuck
the shit out of you again."

They slapped hands at another successful defilement of a beautiful white
housewife and walked out leaving Lois on her hands and knees in the back of
the theater, her asshole gaping wide open with a puddle of thick black man's
semen in it. Long drips of cum began pooling on the floor as it also trickled
from her equally gaping pussy down her legs.

She eventually found the strength to lift herself into her seat. She remained
there until the movie ended, thick rich cum oozing out of her ravage holes,
coating the cushion beneath her. She got up, straightened her clothes and
made her way to the restroom to clean up as the memories of the teenagers
parting words and massive black cocks filled her mind as they had filled her
cunt and asshole earlier.

Somehow a deeply rooted fantasy had been fullfilled and she knew she would
return, hoping to find the horny black teenagers again next Sunday. Their
massive cocks had reached deeply and had touched a long repressed desire
to be taken and be used as a whore. Her repressed secret was out in her
conciousness now and needed to be feed. Sunday's at the movies had taken on
a whole new meaning to her.


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