PORNO TV: The Classic Television Pornographic Network Presents:
by Shelby Bush


The tall, mustached fellow sat in a high-backed chair in the lobby of
the Hotel Carlton. Outside, the clatter of horses' hooves and
carriages, inside, the low murmur of male voices.

The tall man was dressed in a gloriously white suit, cravat neatly
tied at his throat. He was reading the newspaper, a long, thin cigar
smoldering in an ash tray on the table beside him. Beside the
ashtray, a snifter, a splash of liquid inside, and a decanter of a
fine brandy sat next to the glass.

The man turned the page, reached down for his cigar, but sensed a
presence behind him. He turned to peer over his shoulder.

"Hey Boy," he growled. "How many times have I warned you not to sneak
up on me?" The sparkle in his eye gave away his facade of anger.

"So sorry, Mr. Paladin, sir," the Oriental grinned. "I have a
telegram for you."

Paladin frowned. He took the envelope from the proffered tray. He
folded his newspaper and lay it on the table. He picked up his cigar
and stuck it between his teeth as he plunged a long finger under the
flap of the envelope and tore it open.

He squinted through cigar smoke at the message on the telegram,
reading it silently and gravely. As he finished, he folded up the
message and slipped it into his inside coat pocket.

"Hey Boy," he called.

The Oriental was next to him in an instant.

"Have this sent up to my room and put away," he gestured at the brandy

"Another business trip?" Hey Boy grinned.

Paladin nodded. He stood up and strode to the staircase.


Have Gun With Travel premiered in 1957 on the CBS television network,
and almost immediately became a hit, soon ranking among the top three
shows. (The top three were all westerns: Gunsmoke, Wagon Train and
Have Gun Will Travel.) It ran until 1963.

It was among the first to feature the "stranger in a strange land"
concept; a man who was different from all around him; a man who stood
out because of his eccentricities; a man out of place and time.

Paladin was a man of culture and intelligence, enjoying the best that
life had to offer -- until he was on assignment. Then he became an
intimidating figure, dressed all in black. He was played by Richard

And now back to our program.

The theme:

"Have Gun, Will Travel" reads the card of a man
A soldier of fortune in a savage land
A fast gun for hire is the man called Paladin.

Paladin, Paladin, where do you roam?
Paladin, Paladin, far, far from home.



Paladin marvelled at the fact that just outside the city of San
Francisco there was so much unbroken forest.

The trail he followed was well-marked; although too narrow for a buggy
or wagon, it was easily traversed by Paladin and his horse.

The path led over the crest of a hill, and Paladin's eyes darted from
side to side as he moved along. The eyes of a trained soldier, the
eyes of an experienced gunfighter.

He spotted a small movement in the brush ahead. He pulled up short,
leaning forward in the saddle to break the line of sight. The silence
denied the expected gunshot.

Paladin slipped out of the saddle on the side of his horse opposite
the movement. Silently, he slid around the hindquarters of the horse,
who obediently remained silent and still in the pathway.

He drew his pearl-handled revolver from the black holster with the
white knight inlaid in the leather. Warily, he moved quickly through
the trees at the side of the pathway toward the movement.

As he approached, he heard heavy breathing - from two people, he
reckoned. He paused and listened. There were other sounds, soft
grunting, mild whimpering.

Paladin smiled.

He holstered his gun, and slipped on through the trees, silently as an
Indian, until he could see the couple forming the beast with two backs
in the bushes ahead.

Paladin crouched down where he had a good view.

The man's jeans were pulled down around his ankles, his bare ass
contrasting to the fully-clothed top half of his body, including his
Paladin's eyes returned to the "action", but his eye was caught by an
odd scar on the man's ass; a pink crescent showed where an old wound
had been.

The woman's full skirts were gathered up around her waist, her
knickers tossed aside. She had her legs wrapped around his, her bare
feet tucked just behind the man's knees.

The man was thrusting his cock deep into the woman's cunt; she was
meeting his thrusts with one of her own, enthusiastically joining in
the fuck.

Paladin watched the man's scrotum slap the woman's ass with each
stroke, as the woman's gasping became louder.

Paladin's glance went to the woman's face; the man had raised himself
up from her so that Paladin's view was now clear. She was blonde; a
fair face, nothing beautiful, but there was something about the
passion that showed in her expression that made her... well, more that
just pretty.

The man grunted heavily; Paladin noted that the man's balls had
tightened up. He was ready to come.

The woman gasped, drawing in a large breath as he drove as deeply as
he could into her. She tightened her grip with her legs, holding him
inside her as he came.

Paladin adjusted himself inside his pants; the pressure there was
getting too great.

He backed out of the thicket and headed back to his horse. Quietly,
he remounted, turned the horse around, and walked back the way he had
come about thirty yards.

Paladin turned the horse again, dug his heels into the horse's flanks,
and clicked his tongue.

The horse jumped forward, speeding into an easy gallop. Paladin
rushed by the spot where the couple lay panting in each other's arms
as if he didn't see them.

Out of his peripheral vision, he saw the woman grab at her skirt and
the man reach for his trousers, but he was around a curve and out of
sight before he slowed the horse down to a walk again.

Paladin smiled and shook his head, remembering. His cock was still
erect and aching for release. He adjusted himself again in his pants.

"Got to think of something else," he frowned. He began to hum,
something from Mozart.


The house was dilapidated -- at least from the outside, Paladin noted,
glancing around himself with practiced ease. He tied his horse at the
railing, and strode up to the door. He stood to the wall side of the
door instead of directly in front of it, and knocked at the door.

The door opened a crack, and an eye peered out from the darkness

Paladin pushed a calling card through the crack, and it was snatched
from his hand.

A moment later, the door opened wide, and a woman stood before him.
"You're Paladin?" she asked.

"Suzanne Simpson?" Paladin asked, studying her face as she nodded.
"I received your wire."

"Come in... quickly," Suzanne said, looking cautiously behind Paladin.

She shut the door behind him.

"I wasn't followed," Paladin growled.

"I'm sure you weren't," Suzanne nodded. "But my husband's not here,
and I don't want him to see another man in the house. He's..."

"...the jealous sort?" Paladin completed her sentence.

"Exactly." Suzanne glanced around. "It's a little dark in here."
She stepped over to a table and lifted the chimney on a lamp, trimmed
the wick and lighted it.

Paladin watched her, his eyes studying her face. Where had he seen
her before?

His eyes narrowed in thought. She looked like that woman on the
trail. But not -- exactly. Besides, she couldn't have passed him on
the pathway, and there was no shorter way on his maps. It was just --

She looked up from the lamp as she dropped the chimney back into
place. "What are you thinking, Mr. Paladin?"

"Just Paladin, ma'am," Paladin said. "I was just thinking I had seen
you somewhere before."

"I don't get out much," she shook her head. Then brightening, she
said, "Maybe you've met... Do you go to many dance-halls?"

Paladin shook his head.

"Oh, well..." she grimaced. "If you had, you might have met my

"She goes to the dance halls, I take it."

Suzanne nodded. "She's one of those hoochie-koochie girls, you know,"
she smiled softly. "One of those girls who dance and show you her

"And other things," Paladin added.

"You HAVE been to the dance halls."

"I've heard about them." Paladin grinned. "Now, what can I help you

"Actually, it involves my sister," Suzanne said. "She's been involved
with this fellow named Keno -- Don Keno."

Paladin thought a moment. "I've heard the name. Collects dime
novels, as I recall."

"He also collects pretty women," the lady said, a look of disgust on
her face. "Uses them, abuses them, casts them aside... or worse."

"So where do you come into this?"

"She planned to get away from him," Suzanne explained. "So she let
him know that she had a twin sister, and he allowed her to go to
'fetch' me. I guess he always wanted to have twins."

"It's a common fantasy," Paladin nodded.

Suzanne nodded. "I think I understand. But what she really wanted
was to escape his ... clutches, and not go back. What she didn't know
is that Keno had a couple of goons following her. Please sit down
Mr... I mean, Paladin."

Paladin glanced to his right, where there was a tall-backed rocking
chair. He made sure his revolver was tied down, and sat down in the

Suzanne sat in a ladder-backed chair next to the table with the lamp.

"And she came here?" Paladin asked.

Suzanne nodded. "She stopped by here, on her way to San Francisco. A
family visit."

"But she didn't stay here."

"No. She stopped in, we chatted for a while, and she left."

"On horseback?"

Suzanne nodded. "Carriages always were too slow for her." Suzanne
averted her face. "Then the goons showed up."

"What happened then?"

"They threatened me, they beat me -- I think they would have killed me
if I hadn't been Sherry's twin."

"You don't look beaten."

"They didn't hit me in the face." Suzanne stood up and unbuttoned the
front of her dress. She tugged it open and turned around, revealing a
badly bruised back, concealing her naked breasts with her hands.

Paladin whistled, low.

Suzanne pulled up her dress-top and buttoned it again, with her back
toward Paladin.

"So why did you wire me?"

"My husband would be killed if he tried to do anything. He's a fine
man, a good husband, a good farmer... but he's a lousy shot. You--
you're a hired gun."

"Exactly," Paladin nodded, and quoted his calling card. "Have gun,
will travel."

Suzanne grinned grimly. "I want you to find Don Keno. I want you to
kill him."

"I do not kill unnecessarily." Paladin frowned.

"You'll find a reason, once you meet the bastard," Suzanne frowned
back. "But you must leave. Now. My husband will be back soon, it's
getting dark."

She handed Paladin a small card. Paladin glanced at it. It was the
address of a dance hall, with the name 'Don Keno' emblazoned in fancy

Suzanne practically pushed him out the door. Paladin strode slowly to
his horse, untied the reins and mounted. He tipped his hat at the
lady, and rode down the path until he was around a bend.

He dismounted, and led his horse into the woods just off the path, and
tied the reins to a shrub.

Quietly, he slipped back through the woods to the house.


Paladin knelt behind the row of bushes at the edge of the clearing
around the house. He waited, watching. He had not been waiting long
before a man strode up from the barn in the last light of day. When
he got to the house, he stripped off his hat and shirt and pumped some
water into a bucket. He splashed his face and armpits, grabbed a
rag-towel hanging nearby and dried off.

Paladin noted a movement at the window.

The man walked slowly to the door of the house. As he approached it,
the door opened slowly, the amber light of oil lamps illuminating the

Suzanne stepped into the doorframe.

Paladin gasped. The blonde woman was beautifully, gloriously naked.
Unless his eyes deceived him, she had covered the ugly bruises with

She stood in the doorway a moment, then the man dropped his hands to
his waist, then his pants dropped.

The man slid up to his wife, who stood on one leg, wrapping the other
around her man's, holding him close.

Paladin could see the man's hips move, as his cock entered her. Then
Suzanne's other leg left the floor, wrapping around her husband's

The man walked slowly into the house, carrying his woman, and the door
slid closed.

Paladin waited a moment, then approached the house. He took off his
black Stetson, and peered through a window.

The couple was on the floor, on the only rug in the house. The man's
ass was moving furiously, pumping his cock deep into the waiting,
hungry pussy.

In the lamplight, Paladin's sharp eye caught one more detail. A
crescent-shaped scar on the man's left ass cheek.

Paladin backed away from the window into the darkness.


Paladin rode back toward the city, his mind still on the scene in the
cabin; the discrepancies of the story troubling him.

For instance, if Suzanne didn't "get out much", how did she send him a

And if Suzanne was the meek little house-wife, what was that display
in the doorway?

Paladin shook his head. He turned his horse down a narrow street,
heading toward the address on the card.


The man was rather scruffy-looking, a two-day growth of beard on his
sallow face. He was hard at work at a drawing-pad mounted on an
easel. The picture on the board was hidden from Paladin's view.

The man looked up as Paladin entered the room. "Yes?" He seemed
irritated at being interrupted from his drawing.

"I'm looking for Don Keno," Paladin growled.

"You're looking at him," the man grinned. "The one and only." He
looked Paladin over from head to foot. "Nice suit," he said, finally.
"Basic black; it only needs a strand of pearls to set it off."

Paladin let the comment slide. "I have a proposition for you," he
said, in a low voice.

Keno leaned forward. "I like propositions," he grinned. "But I
usually get them from women." He leaned back on his stool. "Still,
you're a handsome fellow, I could make an exception..."

Paladin's hand flinched toward his holster. He caught himself in

But Keno's eye was sharp, too.

"I'd feel more comfortable if you'd set that pistol of yours here on
the desk."

Paladin grimaced, but pulled out his revolver and set it on the desk.
Keno picked it up, and glanced at the pearl inset in the handles.

"White knight..." he mused, then looking up at Paladin, he smiled
slightly as he asked, "You fancy yourself a paladin, Mr..."

"Just call me Paladin."

Keno laughed. "What was your proposition, Mr... uh, Paladin?"

"You have a woman here, a Sherry Brown."

"Yes, so?"

"I want her. I'm willing to give you say, a thousand dollars to turn
her over to me."

Keno's eyes narrowed. "Now, why would you want to offer such a sum
for such a woman? There are lots of other whores in San Francisco --
of both sexes, for that matter."

Paladin shrugged. "I have my reasons."

"Besides, she's not that good. She can't carry a tune, and can't
dance, and she's lousy in the sack..."

"Then why keep her? Why not take the money and..."

Keno laughed again, a clown's ha-ha-ha, not an honest laugh. "But
there must be some reason you want her, too."

Paladin glared. "Enough. Last chance. Take the deal?"

Keno shook his head. He picked up Paladin's revolver, clicked open
the cylinder, and shook out the shells. He scooped the shells into
the top drawer of his desk, then handed the revolver back to Paladin,
handle first.

"Sorry. No deal." Keno leaned back on his stool again. He turned
the drawing pad around. On it was a silly-looking drawing of a bird
in a top hat and glasses. "But you want to buy a duck?"

Paladin reholstered his unloaded revolver. "My next offer will not be
so generous," he growled.

He turned and walked toward the doorway.

"There won't be another offer," Keno called after him, "... you CRUD!"


Paladin strode out of the office, and back toward the dance hall
entrance. He glanced through the swinging doors at the raucous cowboys
and the girls on stage dancing, swinging their long skirts forward and
back, revealing their lacy bloomers... All but one -- that one wasn't
wearing any.

The girl's bare thighs drew whistles each time she raised her skirts.

Paladin's penis reminded him of its presence.

Reluctantly, Paladin turned away from the doorway and walked down the
street. He stopped at one alleyway, and reloaded his revolver,
watching warily around him. Reholstering the gun, he stepped back
into the street toward his horse.

Self-consciously, he adjusted himself inside his pants. He had to
relieve this pressure, he thought.

A girl stepped out of a doorway in front of him. Paladin stopped

"Well, hello," the girl smiled, looking directly into his eyes.

There was a twinkle in her eye that was unmistakable. Paladin looked
her up and down. Acceptable, he thought.

He nodded silently. The girl reached out her hand and took his,
leading him into the doorway.


He lay naked in the bed, on his side, watching the girl undress. She
wore few undergarments, many fewer than the average woman. A few
buttons, a hook or two, and a couple of laces, and she stood naked
before him.

Noticing his interest, she twirled slowly around. Her full breasts
bobbed invitingly, a dark patch of pubic hair twinkled in the
lamplight. Her hips were broad, her ass full and round. Her skin was
smooth and pale.

"You like what you see, don't you?" she smiled. She pointed at his
erection. "That gives it all away."

She stepped over to the bed, and sat on the edge. With one hand, she
touched his shoulder, gently sliding down his arm, then to his side,
over his hip. Her hand slid down to his erection, and she gripped it
firmly. Her touch was cool in comparison to the heat of his organ.

Without another word, she slid down to the floor, and bent her head to
slide her lips around his cockhead.

His penis jumped when she swirled her tongue around his sensitive

A soft moan escaped Paladin's lips.

The woman smiled around his cock, then drew it deeper into her mouth,
her tongue rubbing the shaft. Paladin put his hand on her head, not
pulling, not pushing, just touching her.

She felt tension rising in him, and pulled back, her lips just on the
tip of his penis.

She stood up. Paladin slid over in the bed, and she climbed in beside
him. He rolled over on top of her, his chin nuzzling her neck.

She raised her knees, opening herself, then reached down and guided
his penis to her vaginal opening.

Paladin felt her pussy close around his cockhead, and with a slow,
deliberate motion, he entered her, sliding easily into a
well-lubricated sheath.

She gasped as he 'bottomed out', the base of his cock rubbing against
her prominent clitoris.

He felt her squirm under him, rubbing her clit against his cock. He
began to stroke slowly, and with each stroke allowing her to rub
against him. It felt pretty good to him, too.

Her breathing became shallow; he began to speed up a little. He
wasn't certain whether or not she was faking it, until her cunt
clamped down on him, holding his cock in place.

Her orgasm was evident; Paladin's was moments away. Her grip on him
relaxed; Paladin drove his cock deep inside her as he exploded deep
inside her.

She wrapped her legs around his, holding him inside her as she rolled
them over onto their sides. She held him tightly, her soft breasts
pressing against his chest, their hard nipples two pressure-points.

She turned her face to his and kissed him, her tongue driving between
his lips into his mouth. He returned the kiss, playing with her
tongue with his until after what seemed minutes, she finally breathed

"I don't believe you've been doing this long," Paladin whispered.

The girl blushed. "Not really. How could you tell?"

"Most women of your profession don't get so involved."

The girl lowered her eyes. "My profession... I hadn't really thought
of it like that. I suppose you're right..."

Paladin looked puzzled. "You don't mean you've just started?"

She snuggled her head against his shoulder.

"...not your first?" Paladin whispered.

"Not my first time fucking," the girl whispered. "The first for pay."

Paladin was perplexed. She had seemed so professional at first. Now
she seemed like a frightened young lady. He held her quietly.


He dressed quietly. She was still asleep on the bed. He dipped into
his pocket, and fished out a twenty dollar gold piece. He set it on
the nightstand. Then, thinking hard, he fished out another one and
put it next to the first.

He reached for his hat.

"Are you leaving?"

He turned to the bed. She was looking up at him, her bare breasts
glistening in the moonlight.

"I must," Paladin replied. "Work to do."

"Who are you?" she asked.

He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a business card.
"Paladin," he said, gravely. He handed her his card.

She gazed at it for a moment, then noticed the money on the

"Forty dollars?" she frowned. "I only said two..."

"Get out of the business," Paladin scowled. "You're much too
for this sort of thing." He knelt down beside the bed. "Take the
money and get a start somewhere else."

She nodded, silent, thinking. Then she waved the card at him. "Are
you a gunfighter?"

Paladin nodded.

"Then I have someone I want you to kill. I can pay you forty

Paladin frowned, then smiled. "I don't kill unnecessarily."

"You will when you meet this bastard," she scowled.

"Where have I heard that before?" Paladin asked. When she looked at
him strangely, he asked, "Who is this son of a bitch?"

"Keno. Don Keno."

Paladin nodded. "I've met him. You're probably right. What did he
do to you?"

"He brought me out here from Kansas City. He said he loved me. Then
he met some other bimbo, and left me on the street to peddle my

"Do you know Sherry Brown?" Paladin asked.

"No. Should I?"

"Probably not. You were probably her replacement. She's already
hired me to pursue this Keno fellow. So keep your money."

The girl smiled. "Thank you."

"Goodnight, um..."

"Linda. My name is Linda." She smiled and lowered her eyelids

"Goodnight, Linda," Paladin said, and kissed her forehead.

He stood up, put on his hat and left the room.


He was deep in thought as he stepped from the entrance to the hotel.
That was probably why he didn't hear the two men behind him before one
of them struck him on the back of the head with a gun-butt.


Paladin woke up with a headache. He tried to put a hand to the back
of his head where the pain originated, but discovered that his hands
were tied behind him.

He opened his eyes and looked around him, appraising his situation.
He was in a darkened room, lying on the floor. His hands and feet
were tied. His gunbelt and hat were missing. He seemed to be alone.

He worked himself up to a seated position, and tested the work of
whoever had tied him. There was a little give to the knots; given
time, he could work himself loose. He wasted none of what he was
given, and began flexing his wrists methodically.

After a few minutes, the door opened slowly. Standing in the doorway,
wearing Paladin's black hat and holsters was Don Keno.

"Awake, Paladin? Good." He motioned, and a couple of goons pushed
two women into the room. Paladin noted that one was Linda, and the
other -- Sherry Brown.

Sherry landed on the floor on her fanny. She glanced over at Paladin,
then fiercely at Keno.

Linda landed on the other side of Paladin, flat on her face. She lay

"So what's the story, Keno? Not making enough money collecting
ducks?" Paladin sneered.

Keno chuckled. "I don't need to make money with my collections," he
said. "I got all the money I'll ever need when I was born."

"Ah," Paladin nodded, "a member of the lucky sperm club."

"You could say that." Keno stepped over and kicked at Linda -- not so
gently. "Get up, bitch," he shouted.

Linda rolled over. There was a large, hand-shaped bruise on her

"Is this how you get your jollies? Slapping women around?"

"Get him up," Keno ordered the two goons. The two men grabbed
Paladin's arms and pulled him to his feet.

Keno drew back and punched Paladin in the mouth.

Paladin rolled with the blow; despite the showy nature of the act, it
did little damage to Paladin, but he played like it had. He dropped
his head down on his chest. The two men dropped Paladin's limp body.

Paladin worked at the knot swiftly. It fell loose. His hands were

Still holding them behind him, he "came to".

"Again," Keno ordered. The two men pulled Paladin back to his feet.

Keno drew back; Paladin moved his body sharply backwards, bringing his
arms up behind the two men, smashing them together in front of him.
He pushed them away from him, into Keno. The three fell together into
a heap.

Paladin's revolver fell from the holster Keno was wearing, and
skittered across the floor in front of Sherry.

Sherry grabbed it, and stashed it under her full skirt.

Paladin untied his feet as the men regained their feet. The two goons
rushed at Paladin, but he ducked and evaded them. He reached for his
waistband to the pocket behind his belt buckle.

It was still there.

He pulled out the tiny derringer, cocked it, and placed it against
Keno's temple.

"Call them off," he said quietly but firmly.

"Hold it," Keno said, in a shaky voice. "Get out."

The two goons looked at each other and at Keno.

"I said get out." Keno's eyes were widening.

The two goons left the room.

Paladin lifted his hat from Keno's head, and placed it back on his
own. "Against the wall, motherfucker," he said, shoving Keno
backwards. "Turn around." He pushed Keno's face up against the wall,
and began to pat him down for weapons.

Behind them, Sherry got to her feet, her hands behind her. She went
over to Linda and helped her up.

Finding no knives or guns on Keno, Paladin turned the man around to
face him.

"Give me one good reason not to kill you right now," Paladin growled.

"I'm unarmed," Keno wavered.

"Not good enough. Try again."

"How about money. You want money?"

Paladin shook his head. "One last try."

"I promise I'll be a better man. From this day forward..."

The door burst open. One of the goons entering kicked at Paladin's
hand, knocking the derringer away.

Paladin punched the first goon, but the second one smashed a truncheon
across the back of his head. He fell to the floor, managing -- just
barely -- to stay conscious. He rolled over as the first one kicked
him savagely in the ribs.

Keno stepped over and retrieved the derringer. He then stepped over
to Linda and pulled her up to her knees. He held the derringer to her
head, and unbuttoned his pants.

His cock sprang out as his pants dropped. "Now suck me," he commanded

Linda whimpered, but placed her lips around the tip of Keno's short,
thin cock.

Keno thrust his hips forward, stuffing himself into her mouth. He
withdrew, then thrust again. He withdrew, and...


The gunshot reverberated in the small room. Keno clutched at his
groin, and rolled to the floor.

Linda fell backwards, and coughing, spat the dead piece of meat out of
her mouth.

The two goons stopped short as Sherry turned the smoking revolver
toward them.

Paladin moved slowly to his feet. Sherry handed him the revolver.
Paladin motioned toward the ropes lying on the floor. "Tie them up,"
he growled.

He stepped over to Keno, squirming and crying on the floor. He picked
up his derringer and stuffed it back into his waistband pocket.

He helped Linda to her feet; she went over to assist Sherry in tying
up the two goons.

Paladin looked at the lump of bloody flesh at his feet, and advised
Keno, "Better get a grip on what's left, or you'll bleed to death."

Glazed with pain and shock, Keno nodded. "Get me a doctor..."

"Not fucking likely," Sherry hissed. "You get your own doctor. I'd
like to watch you run down the street with the stump of your dick in
your hand."

Keno struggled to his feet. He kicked off his trousers, and staggered
out the door.

"We always called you the Dickless Wonder," Sherry laughed after him.
"Now it really fits!"

"A fitting revenge, Sherry," Paladin commented.

"Call me Suzanne," she said. "Sherry and I swapped places. It was
Sherry you met back at my cabin."

"I don't understand. Why?"

"We may be twins physically, but we're quite different emotionally.
She's good at those things men like -- being soft and sexy. But even
though she wanted to get revenge on Keno, she wasn't able to do it.

"Me, I've been living out in the wilds long enough to face anything.
So when she got into trouble here in town, she came to me for help. I
can take care of myself, so I swapped places with her."

"But you couldn't resist going home to visit your husband, could you?"
Paladin asked.

"No, I..." She stopped. "How did you know that?"

"I passed the two of you on the way to the cabin, having a

"Oh." She blushed. "I know he's been getting some from Sherry, but
that visit was for me."

"I understand," Paladin nodded.

"So what do I do now?" Linda asked. "They took the money you left

Paladin nodded at the two men tied up on the floor. "The man on the
left is Big Jim Melloy. The other one is Cactus Brooks. I believe
that if you turn them in to the law, you'll get a sizable reward.
Enough even split with Sherry-- er, Suzanne-- to set you up into a new

Linda smiled. Even with blood stains and a bruised cheek, she was

"Then perhaps I owe you a free one." She drooped her eyelids

Paladin grinned. "Look me up if you get downtown," he said. "Hotel

"I will." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Suzanne stepped up to his other side. "I could pretend to be Sherry a
little longer, if you like. You know, soft and sexy."

There was a glitter in her eye that he liked.



The room was dark, the air scented with rosewater and well-washed
skin. Paladin lay on the bed, naked, but warm, because sitting
astride his hips, his cock buried deep in her wet pussy, was Linda.
And sitting astride his face, his tongue buried deep in her wet pussy,
was Suzanne.

The two women faced each other; as they gyrated above Paladin's body,
their hands caressed the other's bodies.

The moaning and sighing continued well into morning.


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