Hey everyone, its me Miaisdabomb, I'm back. If any of you haven't seen this
movie I can tell you that its at least worth a look. It was better than I
thought it would be. Plus certain situations in the film, left it quite easy
to take the story in a more sexual route, in my mind at least.

As usual if your under 18 your too young to read this, as it is an adult
story. This story contains (MF,Mf,Ff,m-mast,inc,oral,anal,voy,ncons) and
other adult situations.

Hills Have Eyes
by Miaisdabomb

Former military veteran Big Bob Carter is taking his family cross country in
New Mexico, with him is his wife Ethel Carter. His 15 year old son Bobby,
along with their daughters, a beautiful blonde 16 year old named Brenda, and
Lynne Wood a 20 something (and just as beautiful) brunette with her husband
Doug, and their baby Catherine. Also along for the trip were their two German
shepherds, one named Beauty and the other Beast (appropriately). They thought
they got lucky as a gas attendant in a very rundown gas station told them of
a short cut that would save them 20 miles. Big Bob knowing the price of gas
took the man at his word. So he took his family down a road that was out in
the hills, and wasn't even on his suburban's auto tracking system. Little did
they know that he was leading them into a trap. That in this desert hills
lived people that lived off the land and were made deformed by nuclear
testing conducted in the dessert many years ago. They were cannibals who
lived off people that the gas attendant had been sending travelers towards
for many years. This is their story.

Five miles away the road from the gas station...

"Bob, I don't know about this short cut, were off the digital tracking
system, are we gonna see a major highway anytime in the future?" asked Ethel.

"Look, part of taking these old roads is having to go through the middle of
no where to get where your going. Jesus Christ, you have any idea what shitty
gas mileage we get with this suburban, especially while we pull a camper?
Hell, all I know is, he said we'd save at least 20 miles, so I'm sure we'll
be hitting a highway soon."

In the back of the Camper, the pretty and proud mama Lynne Wood was nursing
with her baby Catherine. Her husband Doug was busy trying to get a signal on
his cell phone, eager to connect with people at the software company that he
owned. Brother and sister Bobby and Brenda were both in the back-seat of the
suburban. Brenda had her headphones on and was lost in her music, while Bobby
was engrossed in his Gameboy. While Bob and Ethel were arguing about them
being lost, neither of them saw the metal spikes that came out of the ground.
Bob drove right over the spikes, immediately flattening the tires, and
causing the suburban to swerve off the road and hit a boulder.

Everyone was OK, but the damage had been done. The suburban along with four
flat tires had a broken axle.

"Well, shit, were not going anywhere." Cursed Bob.

"Look can't we just get another axle?" Inquired Doug.

"Well, unless you got an extra one in your pocket, Mr. Madison Avenue, no,
we can't, I don't happen to carry around a spare."

"OK then what do we do?"

"Well, the gas station attendant that led us here might have a shop to fix
the suburban, and to me there's something wrong with us getting four flat
tires, its almost like we ran over a spike, even though I don't see one."

(the spike was moved out of sight by someone after the crash)

"I think the best thing to do would be me going back the way we came, and you
Doug go the way we were going. My watch has 3:05, so you figure it will start
getting dark around 9, so that gives you three hours to find someplace. If
you don't find anything then come back here, so the women don't have to be
alone here at night. I'll likely get a tow or something from the gas

Doug just shook his head. Big Bob was always giving out orders, and half the
time criticizing Doug just because he was never in the military. Doug knew
that reasoning with Bob's logic wasn't gonna get him anywhere, so he kissed
Lynne and baby Catherine good-bye. Then Doug went west while big Bob went

Some time went by and Brenda pulled off her T-shirt, then slid down her blue
jean shorts. With her blue bikini on she sat back in the sun on a folding
reclining chair. She figured if nothing else she could keep her work on her
tan. Her sun was blocked with a shadow suddenly so she open to her eyes...
to see her sister Lynne standing over her. Smiling, Lynne handed her some
tanning oil.

"Don't get too much sun little sister."

"Hell, I don't care what anyone says, next summer fuck the family thing, I'm
going to Cancun!"

"Mom and dad would love that idea, Brenda."

"Yeah well, it would be better than being my husbands secretary, Lynne."

"I'm Doug's partner in his company not his secretary."

"Yeah right, you were someone I wanted to be like at one time, sneaking out
with Doug and never getting caught. But now the only thing you got on me is
bigger boobs, and baby Catherine is a big reason for that." Joked Brenda.

"Well, should I get out my bikini and see who our perverted little brother
makes bigger goo goo eyes at?" Laughed Lynne.

"WWWWAAAAAAAAH!!! WAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" cried baby Catherine.

"Someone's hungry, mommy," grinned a sarcastic Brenda.

Lynne just gave Brenda a look that said "shut up" and went to the camper to
attend to her baby. Brenda smiled and leaned back in her recliner. Bobby was
chasing after their dog named Beast who seemed to be barking at something.
Brenda couldn't help but notice him glare at her bikini clad body as he
walked by. As usual Brenda nonchalantly gave her little brother a tease.
Acting like she didn't see him she adjusted her bikini cups giving her little
brother an eyeful. He saw, not just tan cleavage but a glimpse of pale
cleavage and red erect nipple. With her eyes closed Brenda smiled and then
giggled when her little brother fell over a big rock while gawking at her.

Bobby followed the dog named Beast until it led him over by some rocks. The
dog then started whining. Bobby soon discovered why. It was Beast's mate,
and their other German shepherd Beauty. The dog was dead. That would be bad
enough for Bobby to handle, but it was obvious the dog was killed, as it was
cut open and practically filleted on the belly!!! Bobby jumped back, in
shocked at what he saw, he looked up and could have sworn he saw a figured
watching above him. He ran back to the camper, and stayed inside. He then
calmed himself down, not wanting to worry the his Mom and sisters, that they
possibly were not alone.

Bobby and his Mom were both in the camper and watching the baby, as Lynne
went back out to join Brenda. As she walked up to her younger sister she
lifted her floral print sundress over her head. Brenda looked in shocked as
her big sister was now standing in front of her in a white bra and panties.
Brenda couldn't believe the size of Lynne tits they were huge! Lynne had
always had bigger boobs than her, but with her nursing her baby they were
even bigger!

"Um, Lynne your standing out here in your bra and panties."

"Well, I didn't bring my bikini so this is the closest thing, I mean its not
like anyone's gonna drive by out here."

Lynne started to sit down, as she did Brenda was amazed at how her sister's
ass looked in the white panties. Her sister used to have a body close to hers
at one time. Right now though Lynne's ass had expanded after her pregnancy
and Lynne had a ghetto booty. 'A very sexy ghetto booty' thought Brenda.
Lynne laid back in the other chair next to Brenda. She could tell that her
little sis was fascinated by her big boobs. She glanced over and look right
at her catching Brenda as she was staring. Lynne smiled, she had always found
her little sister to be a hottie, and since Lynne had a bi side, she decided
that since they were alone she might have a little bit of fun with her.

"Did you know that this is a nursing bra Brenda?"

"Um no, I mean... really?"

"Yeah, I can leave my bra on, and just UN-Velcro the cups whenever I have to
feed Katherine see..."

Lynne un-velcroed the cups of the bra so that both of her huge tits with
erect nipples came into sight. Brenda stared with her mouth open as she saw
two incredible mountains of flesh with red cherries on top. Lynne gave a sexy
grin to her little sister and started squeezing her huge tits and playing
with the pointed nipples.

"You like?"

"Um....they...they're amazing, Lynne!"

"Wanna touch them?"

"What? Lynne you gotta be joking your my sister, that's gross!"

"You seem to enjoy getting an eyeful whenever I feed baby Katherine little
sis. Don't you wonder about what it would be like to have the front row

", not at all!" insisted Brenda.


Lynne got up from her seat and straddled Brenda's lap. The two sisters
already had damp crotches from the arousal that was building. But now each
one of them was feeling the heat from the other as the thin fabric of their
panties and bikini bottoms was very evident. Lynne put her huge tits in
Brenda's face, the nipples were so inviting, so very inviting. Brenda knew
it was wrong, but God her sister was so pretty, and she had never seen a
bigger or better rack like the one that her big sister was jiggling in her
face at this moment. Then as if this taboo wasn't taboo wasn't enough Lynne
spoke words that made Brenda ultimately give in!

"Oh, is mommy's girl Brenda hungry? Here you go sweetie nurse on mommy's

With the breast right there Brenda's mind threw out how wrong this was, and
took Lynne's big boob in her mouth.

"Mmmmm that's it Brenda mmmmmmm my your a hungry girl tonight aren't you?"
Smiled Lynne, at this taboo, that was more extreme than Lynne had ever
fantasized about before.

In and out of her mouth it went as Brenda sucked on the huge boob, then her
tongue would lick on the ohh so erect nipple.

Slurp slurp, lick lick suck suck!!! Over and over Brenda's mouth gave the
large tit a bath with her saliva!

Lynne planted her feet on the ground and started grinding up and her panty
covered mound against Brenda's thin bikini bottom covered pussy. Brenda
started to moan softly feeling the heat between Lynne's legs as it grinded
against her own steaming abyss. Brenda was even tasting a bit of milk now
as she nursed on Lynne's breast. Lynne moaned softly as she smothered her
tits in Brenda's face. Lynne was still a bit nervous and glanced back here
and there at the camper. She knew their Mom would kill her if she saw what
she was doing with her little sister.

"Ahh that's it Brenda yesss yesss mmmmmmm that's it."

Brenda took Lynne's other large tit in her eager mouth and flicked her tongue
on the nipple. Lynne reached down and felt up her sister's smaller boobs thru
the blue bikini. Brenda started nursing on the left nipple of her big sister
like she did earlier with the right one. Brenda looked down at the cute
blonde teenager with lust as her hands found the tie on her bikini. Lynne
removed the top and was now feeling up her sister Brenda one hand on each
breast as Brenda continued to suckle on Lynne's nipples.

Lynne pulled away from her nursing sister. Leaving a sad Brenda's mouth
empty. She wasn't disappointed for long though, as Lynne pulled her white
panties down, and off. She was standing naked in front of Brenda. Brenda
thought Lynne looked like a goddess, her huge breasts with ever so yummy
nipples jutting out proudly. Then there was her pussy, very neatly trimmed
and carrying a taste that Brenda knew would be nothing short of heavenly!
Lynne then grabbed a hold of Brenda's bikini bottoms. Brenda wasn't
expecting this and opened her mouth to protest, but before she could get
any words out before Lynne had yanked her bottoms to her ankles. Lynne
wasted no time and mounted Brenda again. This time both women laid out a
gasp as they felt the pleasure of their burning hot pussies touching. Skin
on skin, pubes to pubes, with no fabric to obstruct them now as they both
started to grind into each other.

Lynne's mouth met Brenda's mouth, tongue met tongue as neither of them had
a thought about who it was they were doing this to. The two young women
French kissed as they grinded into each other like animals in heat. Not
looking at all like two sisters. Cunt lips rubbed together, over and over
as they humped into each others crotches. It was very slippery now as the
two women held on tight to each other. Lynne gripped the 16 year olds
smaller chest while Brenda squeezed and dug her nails into her sisters
bubble booty. After several minutes of grinding, sweating and pussies
slapping together they both reached their goal...release. Nearly
simultaneously they both erupted and let their juices flow all over each

Brenda was trying to catch her breath, but didn't realize she would have no
time! Lynne turned around and positioned her face at Brenda's hot teen pussy.
Brenda looked up at the sight of Lynne's sexy big butt lowering towards her
face. Brenda's hands parted Lynne's tan globes and she gladly stuck out her
tongue and tasted her big sisters love juice, and even some of her own mixed

While Brenda was licking away Lynne was slurping away on Brenda's cunt lips.
She pulled back her lips and found her clit. Then she preceded to lick all
over the clit. She licked and slurped and sucked so very hard on her clit as
Brenda returned the favor. The two sister's engaged in a lesbian 69 in the
desert, with their Mom and brother not more than 20 feet away in the camper.
Soon the pleasure became too much for Brenda as her legs wrapped around
Lynne's head and they tightened like a vice as she opened the flood gates of
her sweet female nectar onto Lynne's face. Lynne lapped up every drop she was
loving the taste of her little sister and was planning to lick her until it
was dry.

Lynne then stood on her feet and looked down at Brenda as she was licking her
pussy that was squatted on Brenda's mouth. Lynne played with her own nipples
and licked her lips as she rode Brenda's face. Brenda wet one of her fingers
and slid it up Lynne's asshole as she didn't let up with her tongue fucking
of her older sister. Lynne humped up and down on Brenda like she would if she
was riding her husbands cock. Finally the brunette could hold on anymore and
exploded all over the blonde teen's face. Brenda didn't miss a drop as she
found the taste much better than oral with a guy ever was!

When they both got their breath back Lynne climbed off of Brenda. Lynne
velcroed her bra cups back up, and slid her panties back onto her cream
coated mound. Brenda got her bikini bottom back on and finished tying her
top just seconds before mom and Bobby came back out. The girls gave each
other a look, knowing how close they had just come to being caught. Mom
had dinner ready and they all sat down to eat. Neither Mom nor Bobby
noticed the smiles exchanged back and forth between the two sexually
satisfied sisters.

* * *

Doug had been gone for about three hours, he was close to turning back as
Big Bob had asked him to do. But he was stunned at what he had run into in
walking this direction. There was a gigantic hole at least 50 feet by 50
feet and about 5 feet deep. What was in the hole was many different cars.
Some of them newer cars, some as old as maybe 1960!

"What the fuck?!"

All the cars still had the keys in them, but like the suburban they all had
four flat tires. Doug decided he better get back to the camper. He had a
feeling in his gut that something wasn't right. He didn't know what was going
on, but he was hoping that Big Bob had gotten back to the gas station and
gotten some help.

As Doug arrived back though Big Bob still hadn't returned. Doug informed the
others about what he found. Bobby was putting the pieces together, he told
Doug that he was worried about his dad. Doug assured him that his dad would
likely be back soon, and that they should all get some rest. If Big Bob
wasn't back by morning than they could go the way Bob went to see if he was

* * *

Around midnight Bobby was still lying in bed. He couldn't sleep, the horrible
images of Beauty still in his mind as he looked out the window at Beast, who
was on a chain. He had to tell someone what he saw. Maybe Lynne was asleep
and he could tell Doug of his concerns, man to man. He went to the Suburban
where Doug and Lynne were sleeping.

What he saw was that the two were doing anything, but sleeping. Looking in
the suburban he saw the top half of Lynne. His sister was topless and riding
up and down on Doug no doubt (even though Doug wasn't visible). Bobby stood
there for a while. He has seen his sister Brenda topless before, but not
Lynne. Her tits were enormous as they bounced up and down as she rode her
husband and made what was left of the shocks in the suburban squeak. Bobby
started rubbing himself through his pants as he prayed Lynne wouldn't see
him as he was mesmerized watching her huge knockers bounce.

Bobby saw Doug come into view as Lynne was moved to her hands and knees as
Doug started fucking his wife on all fours. Bobby was now getting to not only
see Lynne's big boobs dangle down, but also a view of her ass, as Doug really
started to pound her. Bobby couldn't help himself, he pulled his cock out of
his pants. Watching was turning him on as he stroked his cock fast wanting to
finish before they did and increase the chances of getting caught being a
voyeur. Bobby ended up coming quickly seeing Lynne's boobs bounce sent him
over the edge quickly as he shot his load onto the ground.

Bobby then waited for them to finish before he approached them. Bobby walked
up and knocked on the window. Lynne yelled at him because naturally she was
still naked.

"Bobby what the hell are you doing out here?" She grabbed a blanked to cover
her exposed body.

"Look I'm sorry...I didn't wanna mention this to Mom or Brenda...or even to
you Lynne, but I gotta say it. You know how I said Beauty died out on the
rocks of sunstroke?"

"Yeah?" They both inquired.

"Beauty was cut open like a fish, someone killed her!"

"Bobby are you sure of this?"

"Yes, what I saw, there's no other way to explain it. But I didn't wanna
mention it to Mom or Brenda or even you Lynne, I didn't wanna scare anyone!"

"Are you sure of this?" Said a voice behind him.

Bobby turned around to see his Mom standing there. She was the last person,
next to Brenda that he wanted to no about this.

"Mom, I...I just didn't wanna worry you or scare you."

They started arguing about what Bobby failed to mention, but that argument
was cut short as they heard Beast, their dog furiously barking at something.
All four of them went to investigate.

* * *

Inside the camper two deformed men were going through the food. One was named
Jupiter who had a bald head one eye noticeably larger than the other, and
missing several of his front teeth. Also there was his brother Neptune. His
face was deformed as well and he had dark short hair. Jupiter notice in the
back bedroom was a sleeping pretty blonde girl. Brenda had her headphones
blaring as she slept so she hadn't heard the dogs barking, nor the men going
thru their stuff.

Jupiter walked back to the sleeping blonde teenager, she was wearing a long
blue T-shirt and beige panties, which were easily visible with her covers
off. His hand reached out and stroked her silky hair. Brenda rustled, but
didn't wake up. He then brought his hands down to the bottom of her shirt.
He smiled a scary smile as he lifted it, seeing a matching beige bra that
showed her cleavage. Feeling himself grow hard and never being close to this
beautiful of a girl before, he couldn't resist his desires anymore. His hand
reached out and squeezed one of her firm tits thru the bra. That was all it
took for Brenda to wake up. Brenda saw the man in front of her and let out
a scream!

Her family heard the scream as they were attending to the dog, and started to
head back to the camper.

Jupiter put his hand over Brenda's mouth and using his walkie talkie he
yelled into it "NOW!!"

After Jupiter gave the signal as was the plan, the family was witness to a
burning pole that lit up the dessert. They stopped going back to the camper
as they saw, that it was their dad Bob Sr., was tied and burning on the top
of it! The Mom and Lynne stood there in awe, in shock that this was
happening, as Doug and Bobby tried to get him down. The pole was too high
though, and it was on fire on top of that.

Back in the camper young Brenda was fighting for her life as the strange
freaky looking man held her down. As Brenda tried to run away he grabbed at
her shirt practically ripping it in half vertically. He grabbed her from
behind. Brenda screamed in terror as she felt his hard dick pressing against
her ass, covered only by her panties now. Reaching around the front of her
Jupiter pulled her titties out of her bra tearing the bra cups off.

Neptune continued at helping himself with the food in the camper, even eating
the parakeet from the cage. Baby Katherine was looking up at the strange man
and crying her eyes out, but Neptune just smiled at her as he bit open the
nipple on her bottle and drank the milk.

Brenda, fought and fought but she was not near as strong as this freaky man
was. She screamed in terror as he grabbed her crotch. She knew what was
coming next as her eyes filled with tears. Then one hard yank by him ripped
out the crotch of her panties. Brenda was pushed face down on the bed he held
both of her arms behind her as he pulled out his hard cock from his pants.

Brenda begged him over and over to stop as she cried at him to leave her
alone. But he either didn't understand her or he didn't care, as Brenda
felt him enter her. Brenda felt his cock enter her. Brenda had never had
a guy inside her before, but she knew right away this wasn't anywhere near
a normally guy. She felt bumps on his cock, much like the one on the rest
of his body. She still fought to escape but was soon realizing it was no
use. As he ram all 8 inches into her, tearing her hymen, and digging his
free hand into her firm teenage boobs. He squeezed them over and over like
he found two new toys. Pinching her nipples between his fingers. Brenda
wanted to die, just knowing she was losing her virginity to this disgusting
man, and the horrible thought that she could maybe even possibly get
pregnant by this freak of nature!

Brenda tried to imagine she was somewhere else now. That was impossible
though with the sound of his balls slapping against her as every inch was
inside of her now. He continued to fuck her doggystyle, as he grabbed her
blonde hair and gave it a hard pull causing Brenda to snap her head back,
and scream once again. Brenda's body was exhausted at trying to fight him
off, her efforts to get away were still there, but were very weak now.
Brenda felt him pull out and was giving a sigh of relief, but that lasted
only seconds, cause after pulling out he shoved his cock into her
unlubricated asshole. Brenda now let out a scream that would wake the dead
as his bumpy dick pushed apart her tender anus.

Lynne had heard the scream, while everyone else was trying desperately to
get the burning body of Bob, Sr. off the pole. Lynne ran back to the camper
realizing her little sister was unaccounted for. What she saw when she got
there was disturbing. Her little sister getting anal rapped by the scariest
man... or thing she had ever seen. Then another man just as scary, rocking
her baby on the floor while eating their parakeet in the other hand. Lynne
ran towards him...

"Leave my baby alone!"

The man pulled out a sawed off shotgun and pointed it at baby Katherine.
Lynne dropped to her knees.

"No please, please don't please, leave her alone, I'll do anything..."

The strange man dropped the bird. With the gun still pointed at Katherine
he reached out with his other hand and caressed Lynne's dark hair. Lynne
was disgusted, but with the gun still pointed at her baby what could she
do? Neptune then grabbed the front of Lynne's dress ripping the front down
exposing Lynne's huge rack in a white bra. Neptune then slid her straps
and her bra cup down and started latching onto her nipple. Lynne wanted
so bad to hit this man, but with a gun at her baby, she let him do as he
wanted. Brenda was continually getting anal rapped by Jupiter, all 8 inches
inside of her ass, as his balls slapped against her twin globes of flesh.
Neptune was figuring out that the milk that seem to be coming from Lynne's
breast was the same tasty fluid he had gotten from the bottle earlier.

He pulled down her other bra cup and started sucking on the left breast now,
all the while keeping the gun pointed in the same place in case Lynne decided
to change her mind. Lynne felt his free hand go lower, under her dress, and
to her silky panties. Lynne started to push her legs together to keep him
out. Then he cocked the gun and pointed it at her daughter again, so Lynne
reluctantly opened her legs for this freak of nature as she keep sucking on
her milk full tits. Lynne sat there helpless on the floor letting this freak
touch her body while baby Katherine cried and Brenda cried even louder, as
Jupiter had already made her ass bleed and was now back to fucking her pussy
again, this time with him on top of her making her face to face with this
monster as he held her arms down.

Neptune looked at Lynne and pointed at her panties, "Take 'em off!"

Lynne felt the tears falling down her face as she slowly pulled her panties
down, and off. Neptune pulled out his cock and sat down, the gun still
pointed at the baby, as he instructed Lynne to turn around and get on top
of him. This was bad, but at least she wouldn't have to see his face she
thought. Even with him doing the rapping, he instructed Lynne to do all the
work and bounce up and down on him. Lynne held back crying as best as she
could as she planted her feet on the floor and started bouncing up and down
on Neptune's surprisingly large cock, it felt unusually bumpy and rigid, but
was at least 9 plus inches as she rode him. Each second she got she would
see where the gun was pointed. Each time she did look it was pointed at her
baby. This guy might be crazy but he wasn't stupid. His hand squeezed on her
bouncy tits as she rode him up and down. the sounds of both men slamming
into their victims tender flesh, meeting with rough flesh echoed in the room.

Brenda felt the man inside her picking up speed and with one last huge
thrust, he came deep inside of her. Brenda didn't move it was the worst
nightmare she could have ever experienced...magnified!! So she just laid
there she honestly wished she would have just been killed by this man

Despite Ethel, Doug, and Bobby Jr's best efforts...Bob Sr. had been burned
alive so Ethel went back to check on her daughters. Neptune was still fucking
Lynne with her on top and facing away as the Mom Ethel came into the camper.
She saw the horrific sight in front of her.

"Oh my God, Lynne!!"

Neptune reacted immediately, he fired his gun at the Mom sending her flying
across the room. Lynne screamed in terror but also realized the gun was
pointed at Katherine anymore. So she grabbed a butter knife from the floor
and stabbed hard into Neptune's leg. He let out a blood curdling scream
before pointing the gun at her face and firing, leaving a splatter of blood
against the wall.

"Lets get outta here!!" Neptune yelled to Jupiter.

Then they took off, taking baby Katherine with them. Leaving Brenda alone
in the camper. Brenda curled herself up in a ball in her bedroom. She was
shaking like a leaf, and was too scared to even see if her Mom or sister
were still alive. Bobby and Doug arrived back at the camper at the sight
that dropped them to their knees, Bobby's Mom was mumbling something for
a minute or so...before she finally just bled to death and died. Lynne on
the other hand had been killed instantly with a gun shot to the head. Doug
just held his wife tight hoping he could will her back to life, but he
could not.

The men comforted Brenda and ultimately got her to stand up from the ball
she was in. It took quite a while but ultimately she was able to say what
happened, and that these men had the baby. That's when it was decided by
all of them, that they were gonna take a stand. They sure as hell weren't
gonna wait to be killed. Doug went out to find the baby with Beast. While
Bobby, and Brenda set a trap at the camper.

Brenda was the bait, as Bobby waited. Sure enough two of the men enter the
camper. Brenda, just as planned ducked out the back window. At that point
Bobby fired and hit the propane tank exploding the camper and then two men
with it!

"Burn in hell you bastards!" he yelled.

His sister had hurt her leg in running away from the camper but other than
that she was fine. Bobby held her close as they now had nothing to do but
hope and pray that Doug and Beast would be back, and be back with the baby
too. After about 2 hours had past they saw Beast and Doug. Doug was a bloody
mess but was still able to hold a baby carrier, with Katherine inside. Both
kids ran to Doug.

"You get them all?"

"Oh yeah I killed every last one of them!" Said Doug.

"Also, I found a police scanner, and they said they're on their way to check
out our burning camper. So, were gonna be out of here real soon. The two kids
let out a sigh of relief. Family members had been lost, but there was no way
to bring them back now. As they heard the sirens approaching at least they
could take comfort in the fact that the nightmare was finally over...
_ _ _

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