Home Improvement: Al's Disciplined (MFF,F-dom,BDSM,emena,anal)
by Swedeguy

Ilene Markham knew who was calling her when the phone rang. Al had been
calling her two or three times every day during the past week, imploring her
to consider getting back together. Two weeks ago, Al had walked out of the
relationship for the third time, after a prolonged argument with Ilene.

Ilene had so far resisted Al's promises of things to come. She had already
told her friends that this time it was really over and that she was "rid of
that jerk for good". She told herself that she would appear quite the fool
if she took him back again.

With a heavy sigh, Ilene picked up the phone. "This is really starting to
bug me, Al. You are the one who walked out, remember?"

"It was hasty, I know," replied Al. "But I need you, Ilene. Really. t'll be
different. I just -"

"Al. Listen to me! You really want me to even CONSIDER taking you back?"
Ilene asked with more than a hint of exasperation in her voice.

"Yes! Please Ilene..."

"Then you have to do as I tell you," she continued.

"What's that?" he meekly inquired.

Her voice showing the irritation and resentment she felt, Ilene said, "First,
don't call me for a week. I want you to leave me alone. I don't want you to
make any contact with me whatsoever for one whole week. No calls, no e-mail,
no letters - nothing. Got it?"


"Because if you do, it's no dice - ever," she said with a tone of finality.
"I'm going to hang up now. I know that you understand my position. No calls
or contact for one week. Then I'll let you know." Ilene placed the phone on
the hook, breaking the connection.

She immediately dialed another number. woman answered, and Ilene began to
speak. "Jill, it's Ilene... I have a favor to ask... Can we have lunch? Soon?
Is tomorrow okay? Would that work? I need your advice... Yes... Okay, gotta
run... Thanks. Bye."

"What am I doing?" Ilene said aloud to herself. "Why the hell am I going
through this aggravation?"

* * *

The next day at 11:30 Ilene and Jill Taylor had just placed their lunch
orders. After a few pleasantries, Jill got to the point. "Okay, Ilene, what's
on your mind?"

Ilene related to Jill how Al had left for the second time and was pestering
her to get back together. Wiping away an occasional tear, Ilene confided that
she didn't know if she could be dominant enough to steer the relationship
where it should go, and not set herself up for more of the same.

Jill began to question Ilene. "Didn't you take my advice and establish that
you would give him discipline the last time around?"

"Yes, we agreed to that," responded Ilene, "but it kind of went by the
wayside after a while."

"You didn't have a contract in writing then?" inquired Jill incredulously.

"No, it was a verbal agreement," Ilene admitted.

"Why did you stop disciplining him?"

"Well, he became good at talking me out of it," answered Ilene sheepishly.

"He did this, he did that, is what I'm hearing from you," said Jill, with
increasing irritation. "And you stood by and let it all happen, right?"

"Jill, I -"

Jill persisted. "RIGHT?"

"Yes," whispered Ilene, her red face showing embarrassment as well as
impending tears.

"Ilene, listen to me. You're my friend, and you'll always be my friend. But
this is exasperating! I know you have it in you to do what you have to do.
Why is it so hard for you?"

"I don't know, Jill. I guess I don't have a role model. I don't know how to
do this on a day in and day out basis! I need to be mentored, or something."

"Bingo!" exclaimed Jill. "Okay, here's what I'll do for you. At the end of
the week, you call Al and tell him in no uncertain terms that the only way
this will work is on your terms. And further, that there will be a written,
signed contract stating the terms of the relationship, and that any further
breakup will be permanent. He agrees to leave you completely alone forever
if the relationship ends again."

Ilene was looking hopeful now.

"And that's not all," continued Jill. "After the contract is signed, there
will be a ceremony of sorts to get things started on the right foot. He will
be disciplined severely by you and me as I show you how to handle him. I'll
do this for you one time."

"Jill, thank you! I know I have it in me, that's why this bothers me so

"When you set up the session, I want you to get a two quart enema bag if you
don't have one already, a bar of Ivory soap, a leather strap, a paddle, a
wooden hairbrush, and a strap-on dildo," Jill directed.

Ilene gasped, "Jill I don't have those things!" she said blushing again.

"Well, I suggest that you go out and buy them," Jill answered.

"But I wouldn't even begin to know where to purchase them," complained the
pretty, fizzy-haired blonde.

Jill sighed and said, "I know a place. I'll go with you pick out what you'll
need. Bring your checkbook."

"Oh Jill, thank you!"

Jill further instructed Ilene to allow four to six hours for the entire
session, and asked to be told of its scheduling at the earliest possible

* * *

Ilene spent the remainder of the week in a frequent bad mood. She was
impatient to force resolution of the relationship problem, knowing at the
same time that she dare not soften her stance. She also frequently scolded
herself for having weakened her dominant demeanor with Al, and resolved to
herself that it would be different henceforth.

Her visit to the adult video and toy store with Jill was an experience. Jill
had worn a very short black skirt and spiky, high-heeled pumps. Ilene noticed
other customers, including a female or two, giving Jill an approving, even
lustful glance as Jill confidently paraded around the store, her shoes
clicking on the floor under the sexy swing of her hips inside the tight
skirt. Once Jill bent over at the waist to inspect a paddle and Ilene saw
that Jill was wearing thigh-high black stockings-no panty hose. "My, I wonder
how she keeps her butt in such great shape," Ilene mused enviously.

For her part, Ilene would not have had the courage to enter the store by
herself. She viewed the adult videos, magazines and especially the BDSM
equipment with wide eyes. Jill showed her whip and paddles of various sizes
and materials. The more embarrassing purchase was the strap-on dildo. Jill
picked it out. The prick attachment was 10 inches in length and made from
skin-colored gel. Testicles hung below. The straps were fashioned from black
leather. Ilene couldn't help but wonder what a dick that large would feel
like stroking in and out of her tight pussy as she filled out her check.

* * *

When the week-long banishment of Al was over, Ilene, after going through the
potential conversation in her mind many times over, picked up the phone and
called him. After Al's profuse admission that he missed her terribly, Ilene
got right to the point. She told him, in a dispassionate voice, that the
relationship had to be on her terms. She told him about the signed contract
for discipline, and that if he left again, there would be no further contact.
Then Ilene mentioned the requirement for a lengthy punishment session before
she would officially take him back. Al readily agreed to all the terms that
Ilene had outlined. In fact the idea of Ilene dishing out corporal punishment
excited him sufficiently that he immediately masturbated after hanging up the
phone. They scheduled the get-together for Sunday at 2 p.m. When Al asked if
he could see her before then, Ilene crisply told him that it was out of the
question, and that she didn't want to hear from him before the session.

After Ilene notified Jill of the scheduled time of the session, she gathered
up the items she had purcharsed with Jill: a red two-quart enema bag, several
new bars of Ivory soap, a strap-on harness with several attachments, and two
paddles. She already had the wooden hairbrush and some leather straps. Ilene
reflected on the fact that she was probably partial to administering the
leather strap, liking the sound of the leather when it strikes the bare
bottom of her charge.

Sunday afternoon found Al at Ilene's house a little after 2 p.m., making
conversation, when the doorbell rang. Ilene admitted Jill, who was wearing a
khaki trench coat.

"Jill!" exclaimed Al. "What are you doing here?"

"To assist Ilene in delivering your discipline," said Jill with a sly smile
on her attractive face.

"But I thought this was just between Ilene and me," Al whined.

"Al, just shut up and be still," Ilene spit. Al compiled immediately.

Jill mentioned that she wanted to talk to Ilene and Al separately, and that
she'd start with Ilene. Al, at Ilene's request, excused himself to the
bedroom and closed the door, leaving the two women in the front room. Jill
clarified their respective roles in today's session and gave Ilene a last
chance to back out and call the session off. Ilene acknowledged that she had
made some serious mistakes in the relationship and steadfastly maintained
that she wanted today's session to take place.

Jill was more thorough and probing in her questioning of Al. She made sure
that he understood that the session would be focused on his punishment and
submission, and that if he backed out of the session at any stage he would
have no further relationship with Ilene.

Although visibly afraid (and inwardly excited too, thought Jill) of what he
was going to go through, he said that he really wanted to get back together
with Ilene. Jill also emphasized the importance of Al's understanding of the
terms of the relationship with Ilene, and that Ilene was going to administer
frequent and harsh discipline whenever she determined that he needed it. When
that was settled, they all met back in the front room.

Jill, taking charge of the session, instructed Al to get completely
undressed. The women noticed Al's prick was semi-erect as he stood before
them naked.

"We're starting out with a hairbrush spanking. He'll get fifty swats from
me," she said as she removed her trench coat for the first time. Ilene gasped
when she saw Jill's attire. Al's mouth hung open moving wordlessly. The
middle age, attractive brunette, mother of three, and conservative suburban
house wife, wore a leather corset that molded her lush figure into an
hour-glass shape. Her breasts spilled over the top of the leather cups. Her
long, trim legs were encased in black hose and attached to the corset via a
garter belt. On her feet she wore black, stiletto heels. She wore no panties,
her trimmed pussy very visible.

"For the rest of this session you will refer to me as 'Mistress Jill,' is
that understood Al?" she said in a menacing voice.

Ilene didn't know what to say. Jill the Dominatrix! She was revolted and
fascinated at the same time. She looked like some kind on leather-clad
sexpot. Ilene could feel herself becoming aroused. Her pussy was wet. Her
nipples were erect and longed for a touch. Damn, this was getting

As Jill sat on the straight back chair Ilene handed her the hairbrush. Al
was instructed to position himself over Jill's lap. "Al," Jill began, "the
purpose of this session is to punish you severely enough so that you will
have an incentive never to foolishly defy Ilene again."

With that, Jill began the hairbrush spanking. There were no warmup swats, as
may be the case in erotic spanking play; she instead delivered each swat very
hard and forcefully, alternating between the right and left nether cheeks. Al
accepted the first ten swats without much complaint. He yelled and kicked his
legs as Jill applied the second set of ten swats. After she had applied
twenty five, Al was yelling and carrying on so much that Jill had to pause.

"Al, you are being punished," admonished Jill. "If you can't take a hairbrush
spanking, I don't think you deserve to be with Ilene. Do you want to leave

"No," he whimpered.

"Then I suggest that you settle down and show Ilene that you want to be with
her," scolded Jill. "I want you to keep your feet on the floor, or you'll run
the risk of getting extra swats. Your hairbrush spanking is only half over,
so you'd better get some self-control and show Ilene that you can take it."

"Okay, but it hurts!" whined Al.

Without further comment Jill renewed Al's spanking with harder strokes than
before. Ilene winced several times as Al amply vocalized his predicament.

"Ow! Owwww! OWWWW! Ahhhh! NO! PLEASE," he cried as Jill, her irritation
growing, smacked his bottom with fierce determination. "Oh stop! PLEASE! It
HURTS! OWWWWW! AHHHH," he continued, pounding on the floor with both hands
and starting to kick his legs again. Jill delivered the final ten swats as
hard as she could, with Al openly crying now.

"Ilene, have you ever given enemas?" she asked. Ilene answered no. Jill
resumed her directing of the scene. "He's going to get two enemas. The first
is a warm soapsuds enema with Ivory soap, and the second will be plain warm
water as a rinse. We'll need some vegetable oil for the lube. I'd like you
to bring some, and I'll show you what to do." Jill then instructed Al to
place a large towel on the floor in the bedroom and get on his hands and
knees, with his forehead touching the floor. She proceeded to assemble the
enema equipment and attached the douche nozzle. When Ilene returned with some
olive oil in a small bottle, Jill showed her how to prepare a sudsy enema
solution in the bag and flush the air out of the tube.

With Jill carrying the red enema bag, they were ready to begin. Ilene lubed
up the douche nozzle with olive oil. Jill instructed her to press the tip of
the nozzle on Al's rosebud and insert it.

"Aaaauh!" he cried as the first part of the nozzle went in.

"Deeper," instructed Jill, and Ilene pushed the nozzle in significantly
further. Jill, still carrying the enema bag, adjusted its height and released
the clamp. The warm soapy solution immediately entered Al's innards.

"Uhhhhh! Oh no! Gahhhhhh!" he exclaimed as the sensation of the cleansing
solution caused him to feel full. Adding to his discomfort was the feeling of
submission due to his position on the floor and the power of the two women
administering his punishment. ill lowered the height of the bag slightly to
cause the fluid to enter Al's rectum more slowly.

"Rock back and forth, and from side to side, slave!" Jill instructed. "That
will ease the solution going in. It's only two quarts." Feeling silly, Al did
as he was advised, but still felt very full.

"Oh! I'm so full! Please stop!"

"No, you just keep taking it or I'll have to take your mind off the enema
with the hairbrush," admonished Jill. "Ilene, please bring the hairbrush here
in case I have to use it." With a smile, Ilene quickly fetched the wooden
hairbrush and handed it to Jill.

The last of the soapy water gurgled in the bag as it coursed down the enema
tube and through the douche nozzle. When Jill was sure that all the water had
gone where intended, she asked Ilene to pull the nozzle out. Al groaned as
the douche pipe was withdrawn. "You stay in that position now for five
minutes. The enema has to do its work," demanded Jill. "Keep rocking and it
will be easier."

Al moaned loudly as a cramp came on, peaked, and vanished in a matter of
several seconds. His protests became more strident. "Ahhhhhh! It hurts!
Please let me go! Ohhhhhh!"

Jill slapped the hairbrush five times on Al's right left ass cheek. "Your
enema time is not over yet. You let it do its work!" she scolded. Al
continued to groan for the remainder of the five minutes, although he
subdued his protests. Jill allowed him to go empty himself out, and advised
him to take a full fifteen minutes to do so. When he came back, Jill
recommended that Ilene prepare the plain water enema for the rinse, and
supervised her.

"Down on all fours again with your forehead touching the floor," Jill
directed Al. She also told Ilene to hold the bag this time, and lubed and
inserted the douche nozzle. Ilene released the clamp and the rinsing enema
began to flow. Since he had already taken a previous enema, this one went
in fairly quickly. Al began to protest rather loudly about feeling full
and having to go, and Ilene was becoming very irritated. Jill handed the
hairbrush to Ilene, who vigorously slapped Al's bottom several times with

Groaning and rocking back and forth, Al endured the five minutes of enema
retention. Ilene then ordered him to get rid of the enema and told him to
get cleaned up in the shower afterward. During the time Al was in the
bathroom and shower, Ilene explained to Jill, as she arranged some pillows
on the bed and covered them with a towel, that she was very irritated at
Al's behavior and that a good strapping was next on the agenda. Jill nodded
in approval when she heard this from Ilene.

After Al's shower, he entered the bedroom to find Ilene holding a two-tailed
tawse in her hand and looking at him with her lips pressed tightly together
and fiery eyes. She pointed to the pillows stacked in the center of the bed
and brusquely said, "Face down over the pillows. I'm going to give you a
strapping you won't soon forget! I'm very upset with your past behavior."

Al, wide-eyed with fear, in a trembling voice, said, "No, Ilene! Please!"

Jill interrupted with, "Slave! Do as you are told are leave! But if you
leave, it's for keeps!" Al, his eyes welling up with tears and his head
bowed in defeat, slowly crawled on top of the bed and positioned himself
face down over the pillows with a big sigh. Ilene wasted no time in
commencing the leathering of Al's backside. Bending her knees with each
stroke, Ilene delivered the swats with a follow-through that commanded
admiration from Jill. At the beginning of the strapping, Al gave a
staccato shout with each stroke. As the leathering progressed, his cries
became more open and prolonged, until he was wildly kicking his legs and
writhing under Ilene's fury. She was not keeping track of the number of
strokes she administered, but stopped after she applied around fifty
strokes. Ilene, her face drenched with sweat, and panting, cast the tawse
on the bed and took a few moments to regain her composure.

"Very good, Ilene," complimented Jill.

After establishing that Ilene had never used a strap-on dildo, Jill suggested
that both women be involved in the next phase of the session. Jill could tell
that Al was starting to get scared when he got his first look at the strap-on
equipment. Ilene took her clothes off and Jill helped her assemble the
equipment. As she did so, Jill took in Ilene's naked body. Jill noticed her
blue eyes brightened when she inserted the vaginal attachment as she fastened
the harness to Ilene. Then Jill helped her attach the gel prick to the
harness. Jill recommended that Al should be positioned bent over the ottoman,
so Ilene moved it into the middle of the family room and waited for further

Directing a stern look at Al, Jill told him that this next step would not be
fun for him. "Although you may come to enjoy it in the future," she said,
"this time it's strictly for punishment. This is your last chance to back out
of the session and the relationship. Do you want to take the opportunity to
back out?"

Al gazed at the 10-inch gel probe that sprang from Ilene's hips, then looked
into her bright eyes and quietly said, "I'll stay."

"Down over the ottoman then," directed Jill. When he took his position, Jill
told him to spread his knees apart, and then directed Ilene to lube him up
really well. Ilene began with one finger, working a generous amount of
water-based lubricant in and around Al's sphincter. Jill told Ilene how to
find the prostate and cautioned her that the sensation is pleasurable for the
male and not to spend much time on it now, as this time is for punishment.
Ilene applied lubricant to the gel probe and Jill directed her to place the
head of the probe on Al's rosebud. Al's entire body stiffened when the tip of
the probe touched him as he grasped the inevitability of what was about to
happen. Jill told Ilene to slowly push the head of the probe into Al. She
pushed the tip inside and Al groaned. In pain or pleasure wondered Jill?
Ilene slapped Al several times on his right butt cheek and told him to settle
down. Jill advised Ilene to pause and let Al adjust to the feeling before
going in further. After a moment, Jill then told Ilene to go ahead and move
in and out in short strokes. Ilene took some time to get accustomed to the
equipment and accidentally pulled out completely, whereupon Jill told her to
add some more lube and go back in.

When Ilene re-inserted the strap-on probe, Al began to make rotate his hips
while gripping tightly on to the ottoman cushion. Jill straddled Al's back,
facing Ilene, and, while remaining standing, firmly placed her hands above
Al's hips to keep him still. "Sink it all the way in now," Jill directed.
Ilene steadily pushed until the probe was in up to the hilt, and Al uttered
a raucous "Aaaauuuuugh!"

"Work that cock in his ass," instructed Jill as she pressed harder with her
hands to keep Al still. "Start with slow small strokes and work up to fast
long ones." Al renewed his protest. Exasperated, Jill said, "Just fuck him,

Ilene needed no further encouragement and proceeded to drive it fast and
hard. Al continued moaning, but Jill managed to keep him still. Now aroused,
Ilene was thoroughly enjoying fucking Al as the vaginal attachment was
rubbing inside her. After another minute Ilene closed her eyes and firmly
pounded the dildo into Al, gritting her teeth and saying, "Yes... Yes! Yes!"
Then she felt Jill's tongue on her neck, kissing her gently. Ilene opened her
eyes as Jill said, "Ilene, you look so beautiful fucking your slave." Jill
then kissed Ilene hard on her open mouth, their tongues dancing against each
other. Ilene instinctively reached up and cupped Jill's breasts, tweaking
and pulling on the erect nipples. Jill's moaned into Ilene's mouth, "Yes,
darling. Fuck him good. Feel the power!"

Ilene hissed, "Oh yeah! O-h-h-h-h! Ji-i-l-l-l-l-l-l!!!

Jill quickly moved from straddling Al to position herself behind the
thrusting hips of Ilene. Kneeling, Jill parted Ilene's ass cheeks and speared
her anus with a stiff, wet tongue. Ilene s squealed in delight and with an
abrupt shove, she shuddered and climaxed, rotating her hips back on to Jill's
invading tongue. She slowed her tempo until she finally stopped. Panting with
her mouth open, Ilene had a radiant satisfied smile on her face, and pulled
the dildo out.

She asked Al if he understood how angry she was with him. Shakily he
answered, "Yes ma'am. I'm really sorry, Ilene. I'll do better!"

It was then that Jill noticed that Al had ejaculated onto the ottoman. White
jizz ran down the side and dripped to the carpet. "No one said you could cum,
slave!" she shouted.

"I'm sorry Mistress. I'm sorry!" pleaded Al.

"Al, how could you. What a mess!" chimed in Ilene.

"Lick it up slave. Get every drop," instructed Jill. "And when you're
finished, you can eat my pussy!"

Jill climbed up on the over stuffed chair, her shoulders resting on the back
and her knees on the cushion, her ass and pussy thrust out. "That's enough
slave. Come here and suck my cunt!" she ordered. Al quickly positioned
himself between Jill's legs and stuck his bearded face into Jill's slopping
twat and began to munch loudly.

"That's it slave. Eat my cunt. Eat it all!" Jill hissed through clenched

After a few short minutes of oral pleasure, Jill looked over her shoulder at
Ilene who watching intently. She called to her gently, "Ilene my dear, come
over here with your big cock and fuck me."

Ilene smiled and nodded yes, her eyes glassy with sex. Stroking the dildo she
told Al to move out of the way but Jill intervened. "Slave, make room for
Mistress Ilene! On your back and continue to eat my pussy." Jill ordered, her
brown eyes ablaze with lust. Ilene straddled the prone Al and placed the
dildo at the entrance of Jill's dripping cunt.

"No, not there Ilene," she panted. "Put it in my ass. fuck my butt just like
you did Al's.

To emphasize her order, Jill reached back and pulled her luscious butt cheeks
apart. The brown rosette winked invitingly at Ilene. Beneath she could see Al
lapping at Jill's drooling, pink pussy, his beard soaked with cock juice.

"Don't be bashful, Ilene," Jill cooed. "Just push it in . . . . all the way

Ilene didn't hesitate. She lined up the dildo with Jill's twitching bunghole
and pushed.

"O-o-o-o-u-u-u-u-u-u . . . Yeah-h-h-h sweetheart . . . . fuck me good, fuck
my ass real good," Jill hissed.

Ilene did.

She pounded Jill's rectum with long, steady strokes of the dildo. The vaginal
attachment soon brought her to her second orgasm. But Ilene kept thrusting,
her head thrown back, eyes shut, mouth open, her orgasms building one on top
of another. Jill met every thrust of the dildo with a grunt, pushing back and
screwing her hips in small circles. What neither could see was Al, almost
drowning in vagina fluid, stroking his hard prick beneath the lust-frenzied
women. Finally, Jill screamed, "Y-e-e-s-s-s-s!!!
I-I-I-I-l-l-l-e-e-e-n-n-n-n-n-e-e-e-e!!!" as her sphincter convulsed against
the rubber cock.

"O-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h-h J-J-i-i-i-l-l-l-l-l-l!!!!! Shit-t-t-t, Oh my god!!!
Hearing the cries of the women, Al's dick erupted into several a thick
streams of cum that shot high in the air only to splatter onto the heaving
stomach of Ilene.

The trio collapsed in sexual satiation. Ilene fell back to the carpet, the
dildo making an audile "pop" as it was pulled from Jill's sucking rectum.

Recovered, Ilene asked the still prone Al, "Well, did your discipline make
you aware of your role in this relationship?"

"Yes, Ilene," answered Al weakly,

"Yes, Ilene?

"Yes, Mistress Ilene."

"That's good," answered Ilene, "because I'm going to fuck you with this
strap-on every night for a week, to drive home the importance of this. Do
you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Ilene," Al repeated.

As Jill put on her trench coat she said, "You did an excellent job today,
Ilene. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks Jill. I couldn't have done it without you."

The next evening found the blonde-haired Ilene, her eyes twinkling, telling
Al to get undressed and lay face-down on the bed over some pillows. "Oh,
please, Ilene!" he answered.

"Now, Al," she admonished, "I'm going to fuck your brains out, and you're
going to submit to me, every night this week. Do youwant a fucking, or do
you want a severe strapping AND a good fucking?" She looked at him sternly,
her head cocked to one side, her lips pressed together in a thin smile and
her hands on her hips. Thirty minutes later she was in the throes of an
intense climax as she drove the strap-on fast and hard, while Al humped the
mattress with his stiff prick and thought to himself, "What a woman! How
lucky can a guy get?"


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