Home Improvement: Cheerleader Heidi And The Boys
by Wetsprocket

It was another busy day on the set of "Tool Time." Randy and Brad had managed
to ditch their squirmy little brother Mark and were racing around the stage
like their dad ran the place or something- which he did, kinda.

"Stopping running around here, boys," yelled out their dad, Tim "The Toolman"
Taylor. "Too many people are trying to get things set up and you might louse
things up."

As usual the boys didn't listen. They continued to make haste down the back
hallway. Brad led Randy by a few feet and was looking behind him, laughing.
He heard a door open off of the hallway and looked around just in time to
avoid smacking into Heidi "The Tool Time Girl." His sneakers squeaked as he
bellowed "Look Out!" and twisted himself from hitting Heidi, causing him to
crash into a trashcan propped against a pillar. Randy met a much better fate
as he stopped right before Heidi, looking right into her face.

Heidi was startled. "Didn't I hear Tim tell you boys not to run around here
during setup?" She asked sternly. The boys couldn't utter a word as they
were always dumbfounded by Heidi's beauty. They managed to nod.

"Well, then you need to slow down around here." She completed their
conversation and moved around Randy toward the stage. Both boys gawked. She
was wearing a blue and white cheerleading outfit. Oh, the fantasies they
would have with that sight. Both boys shook their heads, clearing the
cobwebs once she turned the corner out of sight.

Randy turned to help up his fallen brother.

"You ok, clumsy?" He asked, laughing.

"Yeah you jerk." Brad responded, accepting the hand up from the floor.

Both boys looked back down the hallway where Heidi had disappeared.

"Did you see her?" Brad asked, knowing that his brother had, but checking
for similar admiration.

"Duh!" His brother replied. "She was six inches from my face."

"I'd like to give her six inches," replied Brad.

"You don't have six inches to give so shut up," joked Randy.

Brad let the joke go. He was trying to devise a plan. His hormones were
racing and he wanted Heidi, bad.

"Hey, what do you think she has on under that skirt?" Brad asked, clearing
debris from his jeans.

"Bloomers, probably. They all do. Remember the chicks at school?" Randy
looked at Brad, suspicious.

"What are you thinking, nimrod?"

"I'm thinking I want to get into Heidi's shorts." The elder brother replied.
"She is so fine."

"Yes. Yes she is." Randy agreed. "But how are we going to get in there?"

"Who said we? I said I." The boys had started down the hallway, but stopped
to face one another.

"If you don't let me in to then I'm gonna tell Dad and you'll never be
allowed here again."

"You wouldn't," Brad sneered at Randy's threat. He knew he'd have to agree.
"Ok, you're in, but no Mark." The brothers shook on it.

Randy and Brad continued down the hallway, chatting up some plans when Mark
jumped out from behind another pillar.

"I heard everything, even the part about leaving me out of it." Mark
challenged them.

"What are you talking about dweeb?" Randy asked.

"About getting into Heidi's shorts." He answered correctly. "Either I get
in to or I'll tell Mom and Dad and none of us will get any."

The older brothers looked at each other and nodded. "I want her bad." Brad
said. Randy turned back to Mark.

"Ok. You're in. Here's what we'll do."

"Does everybody know what time it is!" Yelled out Heidi.

"TOOL TIME!" Responded the audience.

"That's right!" Heidi began her cheer:

"Tim, Tim, He's are man... If he can't fix it, Big Al can!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as a bouncy Heidi, jumped and cheered Tim and
Al's entry onto the stage. The Taylor boys watched for a few minutes and
admired the beautiful Heidi they would soon be trying to see more of.

Randy, Mark and Brad tip-toed the back hallway and entered into Heidi's
dressing room. A faint smell of women's perfume hung in the air.

"Smell that?" Brad asked, taking in a big inhale of air.

"Uh, yeah." Replied Randy. "They call it perfume."

"I call it woman." Brad smiled and looked at his brothers. They just shook
their heads.

"Here's the stuff," said Randy, pulling a small clear bottle, filled half-way
with clear liquid.

"What is it?" asked Mark.

"Some stuff one of the guys said was good for sleeping." Randy poured some
out for each of his brothers on a hand towel.

"Who's one of the guys?" asked Brad, suspicious.

"Jack, one of the stage hands."

"That goofy guy that started a few weeks ago?" Brad was somewhat astonished
his brother would have faith in some guy he didn't know very well.

"Let just say I've seen it in action. The dude is addicted. He smells this
stuff and knocks himself out. He's always tired from partying too hard." He
eased his brothers concerns. "Don't worry. It will work."

"If not we're dead." Said Brad, matter-of-factly. All three knew the

The boys scurried the room, looking for hiding places. It was a small room,
but had plenty of empty spaces. "I'll hide here," said Mark, referring to the
opening underneath a small long seat attached to the wall. It had seat cover
that draped to the floor.

"I'll take in here", said Randy, motioning towards a closet that held
washcloths and assorted cleaning items.

"Where should I hide?" asked Brad, not known for his smarts.

"How about there?" Mark said, pointing to a small cabinet under Heidi's
makeup table.

"That's too small, stupid." Said Brad.

Just then voices could be heard in the hallway.

"Yeah, it was a funny bit." The voice belonged to Heidi. "I'll see you guys

The sound of her hand grabbing the doorknob was as loud as anything Brad had
ever heard. He dashed behind the door just as she opened it.

Heidi still wore her cheerleader outfit and her skirt ruffled near where Brad
was hiding, next to a tall trashcan when she closed the door and locked it.
Brad knew his luck would soon run out if he waited much longer, so he stood
behind Heidi when she turned her back to him. He moved the wet rag Randy had
given him over her mouth and nose. Heidi leapt with surprise. Brad hugged
her close, using the strength he had garnered playing football last fall,
keeping the rag to her face.

Heidi quickly went limp and laid back against Brad. He soon noticed her eyes
were closed and he began to move her towards the long seat above where Mark
was hiding.

"Get out here, you doofs, and help me." Brad said, struggling to move Heidi
to the seat. Mark jumped up and helped pull her over. Randy appeared as
well and they set her, slumped over to her right facing them, down.

"See! Worked pretty good, huh?" Randy bragged.

"Yeah. Really well and really quick." Brad was amazed at how easy it had
been. "How long will she be out?"

"Probably all night."

The boys looked at one another and grinned.

"Let's see what she's got under that skirt." Brad almost giggled. "Shall

"Oh, yeah," exclaimed the other brothers, excitedly. Heidi's legs dangled
over the edge of the seat. Mark sat to her left. Randy eased her up
straight, and took his seat on her right, letting her lean on him, her
breath warming his neck. Brad lifted the seam of Heidi's skirt and laid it
back on her naked midriff.

"Oh, look, Randy," Brad looked up. "Bloomers." Randy said nothing for once,
concerned about the growing of his dick in his pants, as he looked on. Brad
broke the waistline of Heidi's blue bloomers and eased them down, around her
hips and ass until he pulled them clear from her white sneakers. Her panties
had come off with the bloomers and all three boys observed what had been

"Ah, man. Check her out." Said Brad. "She's got a gorgeous pussy."

Heidi had a neatly trimmed brunette triangle that seemed to point the way
between her legs. Brad moved her legs wider so they could see her clit.
Brad tabbed open her clit with his right index finger.

"This is better than those magazines guys," Brad said, moving his hand over
Heidi's pubic treasure.

"Yeah, cuz it's the real thing," said Randy, massaging his hardon through his
pants. "You ever had sex, Brad or even seen a real pussy?"

"No. Just copped a few feels, that's all." He stopped and looked at Randy.

"Nope. And I can't think of a better chick I'd rather have carry my first
seed either."

"I hear ya," said Brad. Mark was alittle overwhelmed, but not totally

"How about me?" Mark asked.

"What about you?" asked Brad.

"Aren't you going to ask me about sex?"

"No, cuz I know you've never had any." He then snickered. "You're still
confused about that hardon in you pants." The elder two boys laughed.

"It's ok." Said Randy. "We're all in the same boat. Look at this like a sex
education class, only hands-on."

The boys were startled by a knock at the door.

"Heidi?" It was Al. "Do you need someone to walk you out to your car?"

The boys stayed frozen like statues.

"Heidi?" Al checked the door, but it was locked. "I guess she already went
home." Al told someone else. The boys heard their father's voice.

"Have you seen the boys?" Tim asked Al.

"Nope. I sure haven't. They've probably gone home too."

"Yeah, your right. Let's go."

The hallway returned to its quiet state and the boys looked at one another
in relief.

"That was close," said Randy.

"Yeah," agreed Brad. "Why don't you open up her top and let Dopey here have
his first grab of tit." Randy moved his hand behind Heidi's neck to the
zipper that held her top together and pulled it down. Her top fell forward
showing off her white lacy bra. Brad and Randy had practiced on this same
sort of bra that belonged to their mother so they could get them off of girls
in a second. Like a pro, Randy unhooked the back and pulled the loose bra
from Heidi's breasts. Her breast size was impressive to the boys and Mark
stared in amazement with his mouth open.

"Go ahead." Coaxed Randy. "Touch one."

Mark moved his left hand over Heidi's left breast and gave a gentle squeeze.
Randy reached and squeezed her right one. Mark became more aggressive with
his fondling and began to squeeze more.

"Nice, huh?" asked Randy. Mark nodded. "Suck on it. You know. Suck her

Mark followed Randy's lead as both boys put their mouths on Heidi's areolas.
Randy vehemently squeezed and sucked his half of her tits, slurping the
nipple and enjoying himself.

Meanwhile, Brad had been probing Heidi's cunt. He massaged her pubic mound
and watched it swelled, causing her clit to purse. Heidi sighed loudly in
pleasure scaring the boys half to death.

"What are you doing?" asked Randy, pulling himself from his designated tit,
pissed from the scare.

"C'mere and check this out." Brad suggested. Randy and Mark moved next to
Brad, kneeling on the floor between Heidi's gorgeous legs. Brad bent her
knees and pushed her legs up and wider since his brothers had moved. The
boys now could see everything Heidi had been keeping hidden from the world.

"See how she's all swollen. She is stimulated." Brad resumed his job as
teacher as he had seen chicks spread wide like this in some of his friend's
dirty magazines.

"Her clit opens to her vagina. Mark, this is where you put your dick when
you fuck." Brad stuck a couple of fingers inside. Heidi began to moan and
this time the boys were too entranced to notice. They watched in awe as Brad
opened her clit, allowing them to see her pinkness. Brad's hand was wet with
her juices when he removed his fingers. He took one hand to each side of her
inner thigh and pulled open her cunt wide.

"Better than those mags, all right." Brad admired as Heidi was now split
wider than most of those magazines. "Dudes. That is one helluva pussy!"
Brad moved his face to Heidi's cunt and began to taste her. Mark had a
disgusted look on his face.

"Don't knock it til you tried it." Brad commented, scooting to the side so
his brother's could have access to Heidi's womanhood.

Mark put his face right down on her split. Randy pushed his face down in a
joke, causing Mark's nose to split Heidi's clit. Mark immediately looked up
mad, but that faded quickly as Heidi moved in her deep sleep and murmured
something inaudible.

"Let me in there", said Randy, moving to get by Brad. Randy pushed his face
into her crotch and burrowed in her cunt. Heidi moaned loudly and her hips
moved some. Randy continued lapping her up.

Impatient, Brad pushed Randy aside.

"Get out of the way, man." He stood and unsnapped his jeans. "I want fuck

Brad pulled his pants and underwear down. His teenage cock was hard and he
moved it down to Heidi's crevice. Slowly, he eased it inside her vagina.

"Oh man..." Brad said aloud, his brothers watching.

"This is great!" He began to move deeper inside her, taking up a rough and
inexperienced rhythm, plowing the model's pussy.

Brad fucked harder with each thrust. He was aggressive by nature and it
showed as his pelvis soon slapped against the back of Heidi's legs. Soon,
Brad gurgled out and shot his load inside Heidi.

"Man. You didn't do anything for her." He pushed his weak, stumbling
brother out of the way. "My turn." Randy dropped his pants and drawers,
releasing his hard, and somewhat larger pecker. He leaned into Heidi and
slipped in between her smooth thighs, sending his cock deeper inside her
than his brothers could.

"Oh yeah..." Randy said, his cheeks filling with deep breaths while busting
inside this dreamgirl. He took hold of her breasts, clutching them and
teasing the hard, erect nipples.

Randy wasn't as rough as Brad as he smoothly penetrated Heidi. He was so
good that Heidi began to moan louder.

"What's wrong with her", asked a concerned Mark.

"She's about to have an orgasm." Answered a recovering Brad. "It's ok.
Randy's going to make her cum." Randy did just that. He gave his hardest
thrusts and Heidi's body tightened, shook and...she woke up.

"Oh my Gawd!" Heidi exclaimed. She sat straight up then fell back down,
yelping out in ecstasy.

"Get a rag",begged Randy. Mark grabbed his and put it to Heidi's face.
Heidi's "oh, yeah" faded and Randy continued to fuck her. He blew his load
inside her soon thereafter.

"Batter up, Mark," said Randy, moving from his mount on Heidi.

"Ok," he replied, cautiously, moving to replace his brother.

Mark dropped his pants and pulled out his fresh dick. He copied what his
brothers had done and speared the "Tool Time Girl" with it. He was amazed
at the good feeling he had as her cunt enclosed his shaft and he penetrated
her vagina.

"Ok, now fuck her." Chimed in Brad, about ready to have another turn.

Mark moved and tried to copy his brothers. He moved in and out of Heidi
freely. He squeezed her tits as he rocked back and forth. His jizm quickly
flowed inside Heidi as he came.

Each of the boys was able to have several more turns at Heidi before the
night came to a conclusion. "Dudes, we need to get out of here or the folks
are going to start worrying." Said a worn out Randy.

"Yeah, we better." Brad got to his feet and looked at Heidi. She had been
used and enjoyed. The boys had made her climax two more time without
incident and all three were proud to have given their cherries to her.

"Maybe we better dress her and things won't be so obvious", suggest Randy.

"Good idea." Responded Brad, picking Heidi's underwear out of her bloomers.
Slowly and carefully the boys dressed her, then made their escape.

The next day, Heidi reported being mugged in her room, but nothing was
stolen. The boys could only snicker as it wasn't that something necessarily
had been taken, but that three things were given. They would always remember
their first time.


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