By Uncle Mike

Zachery and Jonathan had just finished rehearsing the scene
where Tim tried to teach them how to use a belt sander. They
were walking back to their dressing room, talking about
baseball, when Zach shushed Jon and pulled him aside.

One of the dressing room doors was open and they could see
the new chick, Debbe Dunning, the one who played the announcer
on the "Tool Time" show, undressing.

She was peeling off the tight T-shirt, exposing a pair of firm
young breasts held in check by a lacy white bra. As the shirt
came all the way off, they saw her blonde hair bounce free.
Turning her back to the door, she unbuttoned her denim shorts
and pulled them down, then reached behind her back and
unhooked her bra. When she yanked down her white cotton
panties, they could see her sexy ass and a glimpse of pink at her
crotch. To the boys' disappointment, she pulled on a pair of blue
silk panties before she turned around again. But at least that
gave them a clear view of her tits, jiggly globes that showed
white against her deep tan.

It was then that firm hands gripped both boys by their necks
and pulled them away from the door.

"Get out of there, you two!" It was Patricia Richardson, who
played their mom on the show. She must have just come in; she
wasn't in any of the scenes they'd rehearsed so far, but she had a
full schedule later that afternoon. "What were you ... Oh, I get it."

"We weren't doin' nothing," Zach protested. He was a husky
teenager who didn't appreciate getting scolded at his age,
especially by someone who wasn't even his real mom. "Besides,
it's not your business."

"You should be ashamed of yourself. And you, too, Jon. And hey,
in there," she called through the door, "close this door, huh?
Next thing you know Taron'll be hanging around too."

The young actress stuck her head out the door and looked
down the hallway with a puzzled expression as Pat pushed Zach
and Jon toward their own dressing room.

"I'm not going to tell Tim about this one," Pat told them, "but
if I catch you doing something like that again I will. You're on
pretty thin ice anyway. And you know it. Pulling that stunt with
calling in sick to try to get a raise WAS pretty stupid, you

Jon mumbled an apology for peeping. "Yeah, what he said,"
Zach added.

"Well, you just behave yourselves." Pat turned to go down to
the end of the hall and her own room. "Oh, and one more thing."
The boys stopped on their way into their room and looked at her
with disgusted expressions. "You two have another scene in
about half an hour, right?" They nodded. "Look, can you tell Tim
I'm here? I was up half the night at some stupid promotion and I
need a nap. Tell him I'll be on the set at 5 when our scene

With that, Pat slipped into her dressing room and the boys,
grumbling, walked into theirs. "Damn bitch," Zach groused.
"Yeah, who the fuck does she think she is? She ain't the star of
this show," Jon agreed. "She's no better'n we are."

They took turns in their bathroom and played some quick
Nintendo before going out for their next scene. As soon as they
got to the set, though, the star, Tim Allen, shouted out their
names from across the soundstage and came limping over.

"I've had it with you two," he yelled as he reached them.

"What did we do?" Jon asked, looking as innocent as an angel.

"Cut the crap with me, kid. You blew it this time. Thought it
would be really cute to trick Taron with those boards, didn't
you?" Zach barked out a laugh, then tried to compose his face
into a more sober expression. Zach and Jon had been playing
around with some prop lumber, stuff precut so it would break
easily. They clobbered each other over the head and stuff,
managing to convince Taron, who played their kid brother, that
the whole pile was phony. They were hoping he'd clobber himself
on the head with a real board.

Unfortunately for them, as Tim quickly explained, Taron
hadn't hit himself. He'd taken a swing at Tim, smashing him
solidly in the kneecap. Unfortunately for Taron, Tim had been
holding a belt sander at the time, his grip not very sure to begin
with because of a burn he'd suffered in a stunt a few weeks
earlier. Tim dropped the sander on Taron, scraping his leg and
smashing the little boy's left foot.

"Look, I'm gonna go to the hospital with Taron, but we're
gonna talk about this tomorrow," Tim told Zach and Jon, who
hung their heads in mock contrition. "I don't give a damn what
kind of contract you've got, I'm gonna find a way to get you off
this show. I mean it! I've had it with you two." As he limped off,
one of the producers came up and walked with him, deep in
conversation. As Tim got to the edge of the set, the producer
turned around and walked back. "OK, people, that's it for today,"
he called out. "We're canceling production. We'll pick everything
up tomorrow, usual time, starting from where we left off. Suzy,
honey, I've gotta go to my Brentwood office; come on with me
and we'll make up the new schedules on the way over. We'll fax
them to everyone's homes tonight."

Murmurs and muzzled hurrahs greeted the announcement.
Suzy, the producer's assistant, scanned the set to make sure
everyone had heard. She turned to Zach. "Hey, sweetie, have you
seen Pat around?"

"Yeah, she's in her dressing roo..." Brad's answer was cut short
by an elbow in his ribs from Jon.

"Dressing room, huh? I'd better go tell her," Suzy said. But
before she could move, the producer came by and grabbed her by
the arm. "We've gotta get moving, Suze," he insisted.

Jon cut in. "Hey, we can tell Pat," he offered.

"Would you? That's great. You're a sweetheart," Suzy called
over her shoulder as she and the producer strode off.

"We can tell Pat," Zach repeated in a snide whisper. "What the
hell was that, Jon? We're gonna get fired from the show and
you're doing favors?"

"It ain't a favor if you don't do it," Jon said.


"Just shut up and come with me." Jon pulled the older boy
along, saying goodbye to various crew members along the way as
everyone rushed to get out of the building. An unexpected day off
was too much of a treat for anyone to waste much time. Zach
and Jon felt like salmon swimming upstream as they made their
way through the stream of stagehands and slipped into their
dressing room.

As they sat inside, they heard the scramble of departures thin
out until all was quiet. Jon ordered Zach to keep quiet awhile
longer, until he was sure everyone had left -- everyone except
themselves, of course, and Pat Richardson, who was apparently
still sleeping soundly in her dressing room.

At last Zach could wait no longer, and he demanded to know
what was going on. "It's just us and Pat," Jon explained.

"Yeah, so?"

"So, doofus, we're already fired from the show, right?"

"Well, practically."

"Yeah. And with our reps, no other show in town is gonna hire
us, right?"

"I don't know..."

"Trust me. So what are we gonna do, go back to some lame
regular school? Have our parents running our lives again? I say,
if we're gonna go out, let's go out with a bang. A real bang: we're
gonna fuck Pat."

"What? Are you crazy? What makes you think she's gonna fuck
us? She hates us!"

Jon snorted. "Don't make no difference what she wants,
asshole. We're gonna make her."

"That's rape!"

"So what? We're minors! What are they gonna do, put us in
juvie hall? Hell, with all the money we've made so far, our folks
should be able to find some lawyer who can get us off. That's if
Pat goes to the cops, too. Think it's gonna look real good for the
show if we get nailed for rape? They'll probably pay us off to
get the hell away from here!"

"Well, maybe ..." Zach wasn't quite sure, but he thought about
Pat. She didn't get to wear any really sexy stuff on the show, but
she'd had on enough short dresses and low-cut shit to make it
clear she had a damn good body. And the thought of losing his
virginity to an older woman seemed pretty exciting. "OK, I'm in.
So what do we do, go to her dressing room now?"

"No, stupid. Number One, her room's locked. Number Two, she's
got a phone in there."

"So how are we gonna get her?"

"THINK! What's the first scene she's in today? It's a bedroom
scene! She's supposed to be in her nightgown, complaining to Tim
about the plumbing. So she's gonna come out of her dressing
room at 5 o'clock, in her nightgown, and walk right onto the set.
And that's where we'll be, waiting for her."

"Come on, like she's not gonna notice nobody else is here?"

"Sure, she'll notice. But who's she gonna be able to ask? She'll
know something's wrong, but she'll come onto the set anyway.
Maybe she'll think it's some kinda surprise party. So come on, we
have to hit the workshop set."

Jon and Zach roamed around the soundstage, getting ready for
Pat's entrance. By 5, they were finished and hiding on opposite
sides of the bedroom set.

They heard Pat calling out as she came closer. "Hey, where is
everybody? Guys? Hey, guys! Come on, Tim, we're supposed to be
talking plumbing!" She came out of the darkness and into a pool
of light around the bed, craning her head around to peer into the

She had on a sheer black negligee over a black silk nightgown,
cut low enough to show the beginning of the shadowy valley
between her full breasts. Her dark hair flowed over her
shoulders, framing an oval face with full lips. The nightgown
was short, exposing long, slender legs that flowed to perfectly
turned ankles.

Soundlessly, Zach and Jon emerged from the shadows on
either side of her. Pat started in surprise. "Jesus Christ, guys,
you scared me!" she said. "Where the hell is everybody?"

"Everybody's gone for the day," Jon said, his voice low and

"Yeah, right," Pat answered acidly. "So what's going on. ... Is
this one of those Bloopers and Practical Jokes shows?"

"Yeah, that's it," Zach said. "And we're supposed to trick you
into getting on the bed. Yeah!"

Pat looked at him strangely. "What do you mean? What..." As
she turned toward Zach, Jon slipped up from behind and grabbed
her around the waist, heaving her back and tossing her onto the

"What the hell!" Pat screamed in protest as Jon grabbed one of
her wrists and Zach got the other. They pulled her arms up,
slipping her wrists into loops of rope they'd tied to the bedposts
while she was asleep in her room. Quickly they tightened the
ropes and moved to her feet, tackling her legs as she tried to
kick them away.

"Shout all you want, 'Mommy,'" Jon sneered. "But you're gonna
get fucked by your little sons." The boys tied her feet securely
with ropes attached to the foot of the bed.

"You little shits! You let me go this instant!" Pat twisted and
struggled but couldn't break free, and the rough ropes chafed her
skin as she strained at her bonds. "Oh, God, now what?" Jon had
pulled a knife from beneath the bed.

"Chill out, Mom," he said cheerfully. "We're not gonna cut you.
We're just gonna fuck you." He sliced down the sides her negligee
and nightgown and yanked the flimsy material away. She lay
before them spreadeagled, her breasts confined only by a black
push-up bra, a skimpy pair of black silk panties guarding her
crotch. With a flick of the knife, Jon split the middle of the bra
and her breasts bounced free as Zach pulled off the cups. Two
more flicks and her panties were off.

Zach and Jon quickly stripped themselves, staring at the
vision before them. Pat's large breasts had wide, dark brown
aureoles with thick nipples. A furry mound of dark hair covered
her mound. With her legs spread by the ropes, she couldn't
conceal the pink folds of her cunt from their hungry gaze.

Pat screamed at them to stop, pleaded with them to let her
go, begged them not to touch her. Ignoring all her supplications,
Zach and Jon let their hands roam freely over their "mother's"
body, feeling the throb of her heart beat under her heaving
breasts, the fuzz of her smooth stomach, the crinkly caress of
her pubic hair. While Jon stroked her long legs, Zach kissed his
way up from her hardening nipples to her neck, sucking and
licking, then pressed his lips to hers and forced his tongue into
her mouth. His hands rubbed her tits wildly. Jon moved up from
her legs, nuzzling up her thighs until his mouth was poised over
her tender pussy lips. He flicked his tongue at the entrance to
her cunt, then spread the lips with his fingers and buried his
face in her muff, plunging his tongue into her.

When Zach broke their kiss, Pat sobbed out, "God, please, don't
do it! Zach, Jon, don't do it! Please don't!"

Zach shut her up by smothering her with a kiss again. Jon
lifted his face from her now-wet cunt and crawled forward
until his cock, engorged with blood, was poised at the entrance.
"I'm fucking you, Mommy! It's tool time!" he bellowed as he
rammed his dick into her. Her hips lifted off the bed before he
slammed them down with a deep thrust.

As Jon drove into her again and again, Zach crawled onto Pat's
chest and placed his cock between her tits, squeezing them
together around it with his hands. He began to match Jon's
strokes with his own, thrilling to the sight of the head of his
dick disappearing between Pat's mounds only to poke out again,
pointed straight at her lips.

Quickly both boys shot their wads. Jon's burst inside Pat's
pussy while Zach's splattered her neck and chin. As they slipped
off her, she again begged them to let her go.

"Let you go? I don't think so," Jon said with a sly smile. "You
know what, Pat? I don't think you like us. Why should we let you
go when you don't like us? Why don't we just keep you here?"

Pat's eyes were wide and rimmed with tears. She twisted her
head to look at each boy in turn, hoping to see some sign of
remorse or pity, but couldn't find any. Swallowing hard, she
tried another tack.

"Look, I'll make you a deal."

"You're not the one to be making deals," Zach said.

"Sshhh. Let her talk," Jon cut in. "What's the deal?"

Pat drew a deep breath. "You can do whatever you want with
me, but you're not really getting anything good, you know..."

"We're getting you pretty damn good," Zach burst out.

"Well, yeah," Pat said, "but it's not like a real fuck. I mean, I'm
all tied up. I can't really do anything. If you untie me, I can show
you what a fuck's really like."

Zach and Jon looked at each other over Pat's naked body. "What
do you think, Zach?"

"Well, I would like to see what it's like," Zach said. "But if we
let her go, she's gonna run off!"

"Not if we just untie her legs," Jon reasoned. He turned to Pat.
"How's that? We untie your legs and you give us a real fuck. Then
we'll let you go."

"No deal," the older woman said.

"I told you," Zach said sharply, "you ain't making any deals.
Take it or leave it."

Pat closed her eyes and sighed. "OK, fine. Untie my legs."

Jon slipped the loops off her ankles and Pat bent her legs at
the knees, relieving some of the stiffness. Zach crawled around
and got between her thighs, positioning himself. Jon, meanwhile,
moved to the head of the bed and pushed his cock up to Pat's lips.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she cried out. "That wasn't the

"Shut up, Mommy," Jon whispered hoarsely. "Mommy's gonna
suck her son's dick. If Mommy don't suck dick, Mommy don't go

Pat shut her eyes tightly and opened her mouth. Jon slid his
cock, slippery with cum and pussy juices, past her lips. She
pursed them around his rod and sucked hard on his cock as he
pushed it in and out. "Godddd, that's good," Jon breathed in awe.
"You're one hell of a cocksucker! Ohhhh, Godddd! Suck that cock!

Zach grew jealous of Jon's excitement and pressed his own
dick into Pat's pussy, feeling her spongy cunt expand to take him
in and then close around his dick, enfolding it in a hot, soaking
wet grip. True to her word, Pat responded to his bucking with
her own motion. She drew her legs up and around Zach's slender
hips, meeting each thrust of his with one of her own. Zach
grunted as he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into her hot
box, passionate shouts forcing themselves out of him as sweat
beaded on his chest and soaked the sheets.

Jon gripped the bed's headboard with both hands as Pat's
stroking lips and thrashing tongue drove him into a frenzy. Her
nostrils flared with effort as his cock filled her mouth. She took
him in up to the hilt, the head of his dick slamming into the back
of her throat as she sucked down hard on his rod. "Damn, you're
good!" Jon shouted out, shaking the headboard as her sucking
made his entire body quake. "Damn! Suck that cock! Take it all

The bed was creaking and quivering under their bodies as Zach
continued to drive his cock into her flooded cunt. She wiggled
her ass under him and he could feel the gentle pressure as her
pussy jiggled around his dick. Pat lifted her legs higher,
allowing him to plunge even deeper inside her until their
crotches ground together and he could feel their pelvic bones
slamming together on every downthrust. "Oh, fuck!" Zach
screamed in ecstasy, "Oh, fuck, that's good! Oh,
fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" With a piercing scream he exploded
in orgasm, cum pulsing out of him and deep into Pat's cunt,
quickly filling it and oozing out around his softening prick to
mix with her pussy juices and drip into a pool beneath her ass.

Jon, too, felt a boiling in his loins and shot his load into Pat's
mouth, pulling out so that the last jets of gooey spunk hit her on
the cheeks. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddd I'mmmmm

The boys fell exhausted onto either side of her. Pat took
several minutes to recover before she reminded them of their
promise. "You're going to let me go, now, aren't you?"

"I don't know," Jon said. "You're gonna tell on us."

"Oh, no, no, I won't," Pat said and smiled hopefully. "No, not
after this. You boys made me feel so good, I wouldn't tell on you,

"Well, maybe we should," Jon said with a shrug. "Besides, I
don't think I can get it up anymore, anyway."

"I bet I could," Zach boasted. Jon looked at him sharply. "But ...
well, OK, we'll let her go."

The boys got off the bed and walked to its head, untying the
knots that held the ropes to the posts. Pat murmured her thanks
as Jon slipped the last knots on his side and she pulled her left
hand free, the noose still tied to it but the other end slipping
along the bed. She turned toward Zach, who slipped off his side -
- but sudden yanked the rope over as he leaped across the bed
and began to tie it to the bedpost on the opposite corner. Pat
moaned in protest, but she was too weakened from the exertion
to fight back as Zach tied her right hand up and yanked her left
over, twisting her over onto her stomach.

"Zach, Zach, you promised! Jon, please, make him let me go!"
Pat sobbed into the pillow as Jon backed away from the bed. "I
don't know, Zach," he said with a quiver in his voice. "We

"There's no way we're getting away with this," Zach barked at
the younger boy. "If I'm gonna get in trouble, it might as well be
worth it!" He stroked his cock until it stiffened again. Dipping
two fingers into Pat's cunt, he soaked them in her juices and
then slipped them into her tight, puckered asshole.

"Oh, NNOOOOOOO!" Pat twisted and shook under him. Zach
straddled her legs and slapped her butt cheeks until they turned
bright red. "Shut up, bitch! I'm gonna fuck your butt and you're
gonna like it, goddamn it!" Satisfied that her hole was
lubricated, he rubbed some of her fluids on his cock and then put
the tip up to her ass. As Jon stared, fascinated, Zach steadily
pressed the tip forward until Pat's asshole was stretched wide
enough to take it all in. One smooth thrust and he was in her ass.
A deep groan, muffled by a pillow, showed that Pat was giving
up. Zach held her waist up so he had the proper angle as he
forced his cock into her ass over and over, scraping along her
tight tunnel. In just a few minutes he shouted out again, "I'm
cumming! I'm cumming in your ass, you bitch!" and shot a jet of
steaming cum into her. "God, noooooo!" Pat cried in agony as she
felt the jism pour into her again.

As his cock deflated, Zach eased it out of her ass and crawled
off the bed. The boys quietly slipped back into their clothes
while Pat's body was wracked by sobs.

"See you around," Zach called out as they left her there.
"Yeah," Jon said, "and when you see Dad again, tell him we took
care of that plumbing problem for him."


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