Home Improvement - Heidi: The Tool-Time Girl (mmm/F,mc?)
by alurker8192 ([email protected])

Part One: Heidi Baby-Sit For The Boys

Jill and Tim Taylor were preparing to go away for the weekend. Suddenly
Jill received a call from Al Borland, as she hung up the phone she
turned to Tim ."Tim that was Al, an emergency has come up. He can't
watch the boys this weekend."

"No, no what kind of emergency can flannel man have?" Tim was upset. He
was ready for a real getaway.

"Well its a problem with his mother." Jill responded and saw Tim roll
his eyes. "Now is there anyone else we can get to watch the kids, how
about Wilson?"

"No, he's going to be away all weekend!" Tim shot back. Various ideas
were discussed, but by the time they called everyone was busy. "Can we
leave the boys alone?" Tim asked

"For an entire weekend! If Wilson was going to be around, maybe, but
without him no way"

"What about Heidi?" Tim suddenly brain stormed.

"The tool girl?" Jill had only met her a couple of times. Heidi had
just started working on Tim's show and Jill knew next to nothing about
her. "are you kidding?"

"Come on, she's an adult, very responsible and we're stuck!" Tim

"Well, I guess, but i can't believe a women that pretty wouldn't have
plans for the weekend?" Jill thought her weekend was ruined.

"A call couldn't hurt!" Tim turned to the phone and opened his address
book. He started to dial.

"You have her home phone number?" Jill asked shocked.

"Of course, her and every other person on tool time." He heard Heidi
pick up the phone "Hello, Heidi?"

"Oh hi Tim, is there a change for monday?" She asked, that was the only
reason Tim ever called her .

"No Heidi, I'm having a bit of a problem. I was wondering if you could
help me out?"

Heidi was ready for Tim's proposition and ready to turn him down flat.
"What is it?"

"Well, me and Jill are trying to go away for the weekend. Only Al
backed out on baby sitting the kids. We're kind of stuck, Al backed out
at the last minute, I was wondering if you could come over and watch the
kids for the weekend?"

Heidi hadn't been prepared for this. She thought about it, she had no
objections. After just moving to Detroit, she wasn't seeing anyone, even
her bed wouldn't be delivered till next week. "You want me to stay
there, for the weekend?"

"If its not a problem, we'd be back Sunday night."

"No, no problem." She thought over her plans. "I can get there in say
an hour, if that's alright?"

"That'd be great. One thing though, we really have to leave right now,
but the boys will be here. They can tell you everything you need to
know, and thanks you're really bailing us out of a real jam."

"No problem Tim, I'll throw a few things in a bag and be over in a
little while, see you Sunday, have a great time good bye." Heidi hung up
the phone.

"She can do it!" Tim called to Jill.

"That's great. You think she can handle it?" Jill asked.

"No problem. Its only a couple of days, besides what could the boys
possibly do?" He suddenly had visions of his three boys humping Heidi's
naked body, but then quickly thought 'naaah never happen' . "Come on,
we've got to go!"

"Alright, I'll tell the boys: Mark, Randy, Brad get down here!" She
yelled upstairs. As her three boys came bounding down the stairs she
looked at them. The oldest Brad was almost seventeen and Mark the
youngest was just fifteen, while Randy was just sixteen. "Alright guys,
Al can't come, but we got you a replacement."

"Come on Mom, I can handle it." Brad spoke up.

"I can't have this discussion now, Brad maybe next time?" She gave him
a nasty look. "Now, we've got Heidi to stay with you." She saw the boys
grin a bit. "Now I want all of you on you're best behavior for her. Any
bad stories and I will have your heads. understand me?"

"Yes mom." They all responded.

"Come on Jill, we've got to go!" Tim pulled his wife out of the house.

"Okay dinners on the stove, Heidi will be here in an hour, just listen
to her." She hugged the boys as she raced out to the car.

As they closed the door, Brad turned to Randy. "What do we do now?"

Randy thought a moment. "We can still do what we planned. We just do it
on Heidi instead of Al. I've still got the knockout potion, we slip it
to Heidi. When she passes out we invite the girls over and have a real

"But we'll get in trouble," Mark whined.

"No we won't, the drug will also affect her memory, all she'll remember
is that she fell asleep and had a good nights sleep. No muss, no fuss."

"Are we still agreed, we are gonna do this?" Randy asked.

"Yeah, sure." The other two responded.

Randy walked over to the stew his mother had prepared. He pulled out
three big bowls, one for each of them. He then took out the vial he had
gotten at school, he poured some into the stew then went to the coffee
can and poured the rest in there. "That should do it, alright eat you're

They all had finished before Heidi showed up. When randy opened the
door, he was struck dumb, by the beauty before him. She was only wearing
jeans and a white shirt, but still he could see the outlines of her
large breasts and the curves of her shapely legs.

"Randy, right?" Heidi spoke to him.

"Yeah, that's right." He came out of his stupor. "Come on in!"

"Thanks, where are the other boys?"

"Upstairs, getting ready to do their homework."

"On a Friday?"

"Yeah, we've got some major projects to do this weekend. You know how
it is?" Randy answered back

"I used too." She replied, as she threw her bag on the couch. "Have you
guys eaten?"

"Oh yeah, There's some stew left on the stove. if you want some?"

"That sounds great, thanks. Would you take my bag upstairs?" Heidi
handed Randy the bag. Then she went into the kitchen, she started to
make some coffee and then started to heat up some stew.

Randy threw the bag in his parents room. then raced into the other room
where his brothers waited. "Okay she's here guys. Now I suggest we go
downstairs and work on our homework. While we watch for any sign the
drug is taking effect?"

"Homework on a Friday?" Brad whined.

"You can just pretend to do it if you want Brad." Randy shot back.

"That's what he usually does." Mark chimed in as his brother made a
playful slap at his head. They all then collected some books and headed
downstairs. They put their work on the kitchen table and said their
hello's to Heidi. They watched Heidi sit in the kitchen and start to eat
some stew and drink her coffee. They were shocked when Heidi went back
for seconds on the stew.

"You guys mind if I watch some TV? " Heidi asked moving over to the

"No, no problem at all." The boys responded. They watched for about
twenty minutes, while Heidi flipped around the channels. Finally, they
noticed her stop on a station, and in about ten more minutes, they saw
her head slump down. They could hear her start to breath heavily. Randy
stood up and motioned his brothers to be quite. As silently as he could
he moved around to the front of the couch, till he could see Heidi's
face. He could see her eyes were closed, he moved closer running his
hand in front of her face without a reaction. Then he picked up one of
her arms and dropped it down on the couch.

"Man she is really out of it." Brad concluded as he watched Randy check
her. "I'll call the girls, then we can have some fun!"

"Wait a minute, Brad!" Randy was thinking of another plan. "We could do
that, but consider this. Are any of them going to be as attractive as
Heidi here? or as compliant?" He saw his brothers considering it.

"You mean rape her?" Mark asked.

"Well technically. yes." Randy responded. "But we won't really have to
force her. The drug makes her very susceptible to suggestion. I'll
demonstrate," he turned to Heidi and moved towards her, "Heidi do you
hear me?"

"Yes." Heidi spoke as if she was sleeping.

"When I tell you to wake up you will be very horny, do you understand?"
randy asked.

"I understand."

"When you awake, the most important thing in the world to you will be
to respond to our every sexual desire. You will be our sexual slave, you
will allow us to use you're body in every imaginable way. When i give
you the code word 'Magellan you will fall back asleep and forget
everything that transpired here. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Heidi responded.

"Now what do we do guys? Do I take her upstairs put her to bed and give
her the code word in the morning, so we can party, or do we just have
some fun with Heidi?" He could see them debating within themselves.
"Come on guys, do you think you'll ever get a chance at a woman that
looks like this, being you're total slave."

"Alright, lets do it." Brad answered.

"I'm in," Mark answered, "how do we start?"

"Well you guys just relax. I'll bring her out and try a few tests,
agreed?" He saw that they both did. He motioned them to go sit down at
the table, Randy went over and closed all the drapes, he didn't want
anyone looking in. "Heidi, wake up!" Randy ordered.

Heidi rubbed her eyes, "Oh, I must have fallen asleep." She suddenly
felt very horny, she couldn't understand why, but she was.

"Heidi, my dad keeps some beers out in the garage. Why don't you go get
one for yourself, and get one for each of us."

"Okay!" Heidi went off to the garage, grabbed the beers, she served
each boy a can of beer. They opened the beers.

"Heidi, you must be hot, why don't you take off you're shirt?" Randy
ordered. He was amazed as she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall
aside, leaving her standing there in just her bra. He knew he had her

"WOW it works!!!" Brad exclaimed, "keep going Randy!"

"Alright, alright lets not rush this." Randy considered his next
choice. "Okay Heidi, take off you're pants." He watched as Heidi sat on
a chair and slowly removed her shoes then her jeans came off. She had
fantastic legs, Randy thought "Okay now remove the rest of you're
clothes. I want you completely naked." Randy ordered, first came her bra
he could see that her tan was all over. She must sunbathed in the nude,
he thought.

"Now what?" mark asked.

"Well, I have an idea." Randy went over and sat on the couch. He pulled
down his pants and pulled out his dick, it was only five inches long but
seeing Heidi strip had made it good and hard. "Heidi, come over here."
She walked over to him, her naked body was right in front of him. "Have
you ever given a blowjob Heidi?"

"Yes!" She responded.

"Good. Do you like to swallow, or is that a problem? And call me
master, Heidi."

"Yes master. I like to swallow, would you like me to blow you master?"
Heidi responded.

"Yes, I think I would enjoy that Heidi." As he said that, Heidi kneeled
down and put her mouth on his cock. She took all of him in one fell
swoop, he grunted and let his sperm go down her throat. "Very good
Heidi, now take care of Brad then Mark."

Brad quickly sat on the couch, cumming quickly in Heidi's mouth, Mark
barely lasted until she had taken him into her mouth. As Heidi finished
off mark, Randy considered his next move.

Randy was getting hard again watching Heidi give blow jobs, but he
needed some information before he continued. "Heidi, I want you to
answer me truthfully."

"Yes master," she sat on the couch as Randy directed her.

"Alright then. First question do you have any sexually transmitted
diseases, aides herpes anything like that?"

"No master." Heidi answered. That was one hurdle randy thought "what
kind of birth control do you use Heidi?"

"If I don't know the guy well, he wears a condom but once I'm sure of
him, I don't use anything." Heidi responded.

"Don't you worry about getting pregnant?"

"No, I can't become pregnant." She responded.

Randy was liking this better and better. "Heidi have you ever been
taken up the ass and what was the largest you've had up there?" "Well,
one guy buttfucked me with a ten inch dick, master." Heidi replied.

"When was the last time you had sex Heidi?"

"Two months ago, master."

"Very good Heidi, now one last question. Have you ever done it with
three guys at once?"

"Yes, a couple of times master."

"Okay, just relax a minute Heidi." Randy turned back to his brothers.
"Well you heard her guys. Anything goes tonight, you can cum in her
mouth, ass, pussy. We can do it separately or together. How does that

"Incredible!" Brad responded. Mark seemed to be having trouble

"Just one thing, since I came up with this I want to be first. Also I
think we should finish by eleven and have her cleaned up and in bed by
midnight, just in case this stuff wears off." Both his brothers quickly
agreed. Randy looked at the clock, it was only eight o'clock, three
hours with a compliant Heidi an incredible thought. "Heidi, I want to
fuck you now. Is that okay?" Randy asked.

"You can do anything you want to me, master. Would you like to fuck my
cunt, ass or mouth? I'm here to please." Heidi responded.

"You're pussy would be just fine." Randy moved over next to Heidi. He
made her lay down on the couch, then he climbed on top of her. It took
him a few seconds but he finally got his cock at the entrance to her
pussy. "Ready or not, here I come!" Randy said as he put the tip of his
prick into Heidi.

"OHHH, YES!" Heidi groaned as she felt him slide into her.

Randy was all the way inside her in just seconds and started to move
back and forth. Her pussy gripped his prick as he guided it in and out,
he realized his face was in her breasts and started to suck on them.
There were some advantages to being short. "Oh god!" He exclaimed as he
shot his load into her pussy. "Okay who's next?" Randy asked.

"I want to get into her ass." Brad exclaimed as he pushed forward.

"I want to get into that pussy." mark whined a bit.

"Why don't you both go?" Randy offered.

"What?" Both exclaimed.

"We've got limited time here guys, trust me. Mark lay down on the
floor," as Mark did as he was told he turned to Heidi. "Heidi climb up
on his prick and fuck him, and bend over so Brad can fuck you up the

"Yes master." Heidi moved to obey. She put her legs on either side of
Mark and lowered her pussy onto his prick. As she got him all the way in
brad came up behind her and put his prick at the entrance to her ass.
She felt him force his way into her and he started to pound away at her
ass. As she continued to go up and down on mark.

Randy watched as his two brothers went at Heidi. He had noticed their
pricks were much smaller then his own six inches. Brad was only three or
four inches, while Mark was about the same, if not a little smaller.
Randy was really enjoying the sight of Heidi being fucked and realized
he wanted a memento of the occasion. He went upstairs and grabbed his
camera. Then he had another thought and went and grabbed his dads video
camera. As he went down the stairs he saw his brothers were just getting
off of Heidi. He could see them wiping up their cum.

"What are you doing?" Brad asked as he saw the camera.

"I thought we might like something more then just a memory." Randy
handed Brad the photo camera. Randy started up the video camera. "Now
watch this!" He turned to Heidi. "Heidi did you cum while we were
fucking you?"

"No sir." She responded.

"Do you want to cum?" Randy asked. . "Yes, please." Heidi responded.

"Then you may, Heidi lay on the floor."

"Yes sir!" She responded moving to the floor.

"Alright then, you may get yourself off." Randy ordered as Heidi
started to play with her sensitive nipples. She then moved her hand down
and inserted a finger into her pussy. Randy heard a slight groan as a
second finger joined the first.

"I'll be right back!" Brad handed the camera over to Mark. He ran
upstairs into his parents room. He found his mothers vibrator then raced
downstairs. "Here have her use this!" Brad suggested to Randy.

Randy handed the dildo to Heidi it was at least eight inches long and
thick, much bigger then anything the boys had. As soon as Heidi took it
she stuck it into her cunt. She started humping it shoving it deeper and
deeper. Finally they heard her let out a loud groan and then her body
relaxed. "Did you cum Heidi?" Randy asked.

"Yes I did." Heidi responded.

"Very good." Randy responded. "I'm ready again. Roll over Heidi." He
decided he wanted to try her ass. He knelt down behind her and spread
her ass cheeks apart. Randy started by sticking his finger up her pussy
getting it good and wet. Then he stuck his finger up her ass. As she got
lubed up, he moved his dick into position. "Are you ready Heidi?" Randy
asked as he slipped the tip of his cock into her anus.

"Yes, fuck my ass please!" Heidi encouraged him.

With that he rammed his prick into her ass as far as it would go. Randy
pulled out and rammed it back in. He was amazed at how tight it felt
around his prick. Her ass seemed to close up every time he pulled out.
He noticed Brad and Mark were still taking pictures, but he didn't care,
he just continued to ream her ass. He lasted at least five minutes
humping her before he came inside her ass. As he pulled off and sat on
the couch he saw Brad come over and place his prick right in front of
Heidi's face.

Brad grabbed her hair and in one motion drove his prick into her mouth.
He held her head in place as he fucked her face. Brad would push his
dick all the way in and than pull it all the way out and then ram it
back into her face. Watching his prick disappear into her beautiful face
he didn't last long, cumming down her throat. Mark positioned himself to
buttfuck Heidi. Mark rammed his prick into Heidi's tight ass, after only
a few strokes he came in her ass.

They spent the next hour or so fucking Heidi in various positions and
ways. They had each cum in all her holes at least twice, when Randy
noticed it was getting late. "Okay its almost time to get her upstairs."

"Come on ,one last time, we've got ten minutes left!" Brad begged.

"But which one of us." Mark asked.

"I say all of us." Randy shot back. "I call mouth."

Brad lay down on the floor "I call pussy." Heidi moved over Brad and
put his prick inside of her. Mark came up behind her and fucked her in
the ass. Randy came over and put his prick at the entrance to Heidi's
mouth. As she opened up, he shoved his prick into her face. They all
started pounding into her, they shot their loads into her almost

"Okay its time to clean her up, Mark why don't you go to bed." Randy
had seen Mark yawn several times. Mark went right up for bed, as he left
Randy turned to Brad. "I think we can get some good pictures of her
showering." They went up to their parents bedroom, collecting her
clothes along the way.

Randy ordered Heidi into the shower and then ordered her to soap
herself up. She started to do this, paying special attention to her
heavy tits and her pussy. All the while Brad took pictures of her.
"Heidi, you can get ready for bed." The boys watched as she put on a
flannel shirt and a pair of panties. "Okay you can go to sleep now. When
you wake up you will only remember that you fell asleep on the couch,
then when you woke up very late, you came in here and slept the rest of
the night in here. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Heidi responded.

"Alright then, Heidi go to sleep." The boys slipped out of the room.
they went downstairs and cleaned up any indication of what had happened.
Then they hid all the pictures and tapes they had taken.

Heidi woke in the morning and felt wonderful. She wondered what Randy
would think if he knew his little mind control game hadn't really
worked. She had been horny and was somewhat of an exhibitionist anyway
and the chance to take the three boys cherries had been just too much
temptation for her. So she had gone along with Randy's little scheme.
That way they wouldn't dare talk about what happened, and if the did the
boys would be in trouble and not her. But she also decided that she
didn't want to do it with them again this weekend once was enough, she
was just too sore. . As she got up and had some breakfast, the boys
quickly went out to play. Heidi decided to search the house for the
pictures and tapes the boys had taken. She wanted them for herself. It
took about three hours of careful searching, but she finally found them.
She left them in place, deciding to take them after the boys were asleep
tonight. They probably wouldn't notice they were gone until after she
had left.


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