Home Improvement: Hot ROD Fun! (MF)
by Swedeguy

The year was 1968 and Jill was a senior in high school in suburban Detroit.
She stood five-foot-eight and even though she had just turned 18 she already
owned a body that drove the boys at Coolidge High School crazy with thoughts
of lust. Her most impressive feature she was told was her ass. Two firm round
cheeks of flesh that rode high and proud her hips. Her mother joked that she
had a butt one could sit on while Jill was standing. Other female students
jealous of her looks teasingly called Jill a "bubblebutt." Jill didn't mind,
she knew that when she walked the halls of Coolidge, every male eye was on
her butt as it swayed side to side under tight blue jeans.

The rest of was equally lush. Her tits measured a 35C cup. Her nipples
stood out prominently, and Jill wasn't afraid to go braless under a
tight tee-shirt. Her legs were long and shapely and when she wore a
tight miniskirt, the combination of her terrific derriere and her long
legs produced numerous stiff dicks among the horny male student
population-teachers included. A few sought relief by jacking off behind
locked toilet stalls in one of the school's several bathrooms. The
mental picture of Jill, tits bouncing and hips undulating, was the
cause of more cum-covered toilet stall floors at Coolidge, much to the
distaste of the janitor.

Jill had a medium-size mouth with lips that were neither full nor thin; and
straight white teeth which could flash an inviting smile. Her large, dark
brown eyes glittered mischievously. She had slender eyebrows that arched
above them whenever she thought seriously, and a narrow nose with rather
high cheekbones that gave her something of an aristocratic appearance. Her
hair was auburn, not quite red or brown, and she usually wore it loosely
pinned atop her head in an indistinct bun, or loose around her shoulders.

Jill's father was an Army officer who was very conservative-even strict in
his attitude towards boys and dating. He would have grounded her for a month
if he saw her in some of her more fashionable statements. After all, this
was the sixties clothes were all about micro-minis, tub tops and hip huggers.
She got around this by keeping a wardrobe at her best friend's house. She
would leave home each morning before school dressed in conservative glad
rags only to change and apply makeup at her friend's home arriving at school
to the compliments and whistles of guys dying to get in her pants. She
reversed the process before returning home after school.

Jill's current boyfriend was Tim Taylor. He was cute and funny, not much of
a student, but loved hot rods. Jill loved going for rides in Tim's '47 Ford
that was souped up with a big engine and big tires. Jill liked the bench
seats, especially the rear one where there was plenty of room for her and
Tim to fool around at the drive-in movie or parked under the stars at their
secluded, secret place. Jill was experienced with sex. Mostly she would bare
her tits and, depending on how much she liked the boy, either gave him a
hand job or used her sexy mouth to suck the cum from his balls. She even
allowed a few to fuck her. She was concerned about her reputation and didn't
want word to get back to her parents that she was some kind of slut or

It was a warm, muggy Saturday night in August that found Tim and Jill in the
back seat of the hot rod. Jill was naked from the waist up. She wore a short
red miniskirt that almost hid her white cotton panties. High-heeled white
leather boots showcased her long, tanned legs. Jill had Tim's eight-inch
cock down her throat. (If only Daddy could see me now, she thought.) Each
thrust of Tim's hips sent Jill's bare, hard-nippled tits in motion. Even
though she hadn't touched her cunt, she could feel the pussy juice oozing to
her pink cunt lips, making her panties slick. The air smelled of sex.

Tim was in heaven. Jill gave him the best blowjob any girl he had ever dated.
She could swallow his dick to his balls and use her throat muscles to milk
his cock until he pumped load after load of cum into her stomach. Jill loved
to suck his dick and taste the slimly salted jism on her tongue. Her sucking
was bringing him to a climax, but Tim didn't want to cum in Jill's mouth
tonight. There was another hole that Tim wanted!

Tim pulled Jill's mouth off his cock and pulled her close and kissed her,
sticking his tongue into her mouth. Jill responded by sucking Tim's tongue.

Breaking the kiss Jill gasped, "Oh, Tim!" as her boyfriend roughly grabbed
her tits.

He did it this way sometimes and it turned Jill on in a way that she really
didn't understand. Normally Tim fondled her tits very softly, carefully
caressing her lust-hardened nipples and sucking on them tenderly. But
sometimes he was like a wildman, grabbing her tits and gouging his fingers
deep into the firm mounds of feminine flesh.

He was being rough with her, and Jill liked it rough. She liked a guy that
took charge. Hot pussy juice oozed from her cunt.

Tim cupped both tits, mauling the erect nipples with his hands as he again
kissed her mouth brutally hard, thrusting his tongue between her lips.

Jill twisted her arms around Tim's neck, leaving her tits exposed for him
to fondle. She groaned a little with pain when she felt his fingers twisting
one nipple savagely. Hot bolts of pleasure and pain sizzled through her veins
and her clit throbbed hotly between her cunt lips.

When the kiss finally ended, Jill turned her face away from her boyfriend,
pulling his mouth down to her neck. She squirmed as he nipped her aching,
passion-hungry tits.

"Take me, Tim. Any way you want me! Take me! Take me!"

Though she'd seen him this way before, Jill had never seen Tim quite this
crazed with lust delighting the sexy brunette. "Oh Tim baby, you getting me
so fucking hot!" she cooed.

Still holding onto Jill's tits, Tim maneuvered her so that her chest and
shoulders rested on the back of the front seat of the hot rod with her legs
straddling the seated Tim. His hot breath only inches from her ass and cunt.

"Oh man! What an ass!" he hissed. "Shit, Jill, you have the sexy butt I've
ever had my hands on."

Jill stifled the shriek when Tim grabbed her white cotton panties and ripped
them off her exposing her cunt and the tight ring of her rectum.

"Oh, Tim!" Jill sighed as her boyfriend buried his face between her thighs.

She felt his tongue pushing between her cunt lips as he moved his hands from
her tits to grab a handful of ass cheek. Tim licked and sucked Jill's cunt,
pinching and pulling on her incredibly sexy butt cheeks.

"Eat me! Oh, God! Eat my cunt, Tim!" Jill sighed, rolling her head from side
to side as she pushed her hips into Tim's face.

When Tim sucked her clit between his lips and whipped the red-hot nubbin with
his tongue, Jill nearly came right then and there. The wild thrills that were
going through her were almost more than she could bear.

"Mmmmmmmft!" Tim slurped, dragging his tongue through Jill's tight, pink cunt
lips until he reached her clit.

Tim's prick wagged about from his lap, hard as a fence post, the cock head
almost purple, mean-looking.

To Jill's surprise, Tim moved his tongue from her cunt to between the cheeks
of her ass and began sticking his rigid tongue at her asshole. Jill moaned.
Never had she felt anything like this! She began moving her ass in small
circles, trying to work as much of Tim's tongue up her clutching rectum.
Tim's tongue began an in and out movement, spearing his tongue into Jill's
flexing butt. Feeling the rhythm of Tim's tongue, she began to push back,
her rectum yielding, wet with saliva. Slowly, slowly an incredible orgasm
was building in Jill. Nothing existed except the her ass and the tongue
invading it. How could this be, she thought? It was only his tongue. My God,
what must it feel like to have Tim's eight inches of cock thrusting deep into
her bowels? And then the wave of pleasure hit her, "Fuck, yes! Oh Tim," she
shrieked. "I'm cum-m-m-m-I-I-n-n-n-g-g!!!

Bent at her waist over the front seat, Jill was panting for more. She
reached back and spread her luscious butt cheeks exposing the brown star of
her asshole that now was now an inch dilated. Tim pressed two fingers into
her still sopping hole, then used her pussy juice to lubricate his cock. He
pressed first one, then two fingers into her ass, making sure that she was
well lubricated. As his fingers entered her twitchy puckered opening, Jill
quivered with pleasure, groaning audibly.

"Soooooo goood!" Jill purred, her lips parted a little as she squirmed in
sexual ecstasy.

Tim quickly moved from his seating position to a kneeling one between Jill's
legs. Taking careful aim he placed the head of his dick on Jill's virgin
asshole. The huge, bullet-shaped cock head met some resistance but Tim was
not to be denied. This was something he had dreamed about, masturbated about
for months.

"Uh!" Tim grunted with exertion, throwing his hips forward to sink another
couple inches of his fiery, turgid prick into his girl friend's asshole.

Jill's tits were mashed into the front seat from the weight of Tim slouched
over her back. It seemed like her ass cheeks were being ripped apart by the
thick, broad, oval-shaped shaft of the cock, the head burrowing deeper and
deeper into her rectum. However, to her amazement, Jill experienced only
pleasure, immense pleasure. Nothing could have prepared her for this. From
now on she was going to get butt fucked, whenever and wherever possible!

"Take ... take me, Tim!" she murmured.

She knew that those were the words he wanted to hear as he lunged at her.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Tim grunted and heaved, pistoning his hips as he kneeled behind
his teenage anal slut, trying to work all of his red-hot prick into her ass.
When Jill felt his cum-churning balls slap into the crevice of her ass cheeks
she realized that she'd taken all eight inches of his bone-hard cock. She
wanted more. And for the second time she came without any to her clit or

"Yeah!, Come on, f--- my ass hole," she growled.

Each time he pulled back, he paused a moment, feeling her asshole flexing and
tightening around his cock. Then he drove his it back, throwing himself at
her, pushing all of his prick into her ass as he pulled her back against

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Tim grunted.

Jill could hear the sound of Tim's body slapping against the backs of her
firm, quivering thighs as he pounded his prick into her asshole. Each time
Tim's body struck against her, waves of lust and pleasure washed over Jill.
Tim jerked his hips back and forth, pounding into his Jill's ass cheeks,
sinking his red-hot cock into her hungry butt with furious energy.

"Y-Your ass ... is so ... tight!" Tim groaned through clenched teeth.

He threw his hips forward with extra energy, which caused Jill to give out
a loud squeal, overpowered by the delicious sensation of her ass being
thoroughly crammed with hard cock meat.

"Cum, Timmy! Cum in my ass!" Jill grunted.

"Goddamn! Oh! Jill! Sweet Jill!" Tim shouted.

The words delighted the teenage brunette as she ground her butt with blissful
agony into the thrusting in end of Tim's thick, pulsating cock. He bore into
her, sliding every inch of his big prick between her ass cheeks. A sucking
sound could be heard as his cock reamed out her butt again and again.

"Yes, come on, fuck my ass hole," Jill groaned. She felt Tim stiffen and a
second later felt his cum gushing deep inside her bowels.

"Oh, fuck!!!" Tim moaned.

"Yesssss!" she hissed, tightening her asshole around the driving prick that
lanced into her pleasured butt. Rope after rope of thick white cum that
spewed out of Tim's prick flooding Jill's twitching rectum. And with each
blast of cum, Jill was racked with orgasm after orgasm. When her ass muscles
had squeezed every last drop of cum from his balls, Tim fell back against
the seat cushion, straining for breath. Jill followed, collapsing back onto
his chest, her butt leaking cum onto the hot rod's rear seat cushion.

They remained this way for many minutes regaining composure. For Jill this
night in the back of Tim Taylor's hot rod had been an epiphany. She knew
she was hooked. God had given her an ass to die for and she would use it,
be pleasured by it. Whether it would be with Tim Taylor or some other stud,
she was an anal slut who would not be denied.


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