Home Improvement: It's Tool Time Part 1
by JP

"Randy, Brad, come down here", Jill called up the stairs.

"Your dinner is in the fridge", she announced as the two boys made their
way into the kitchen. "And make sure that Mark stays in bed. He's got a bad

The boys looked at each other and frowned. The last thing they wanted was
to be stuck at home looking after their brother on a Friday night. There
had to be some way to escape that unpleasant responsibility.

Brad spoke up first. "We can't!", he said, shaking his head to emphasize
the point.

Jill stopped cleaning off the counter and turned to stare at the boys. "Why

"Well...", Brad began.

Randy quickly jumped in, knowing that if he let his brother try and plead
their case, they would be spending the night at home for sure. "We have
plans", he said. "We're.. going out to a movie."

"A movie, huh?" Jill eyed the pair suspiciously, knowing it would be
difficult to prove they had made those plans prior to one minute ago, but
also realizing she didn't much like the idea of giving them the run of the
house for the evening anyway. They'd probably get in less trouble if they
went out to a show.

Sensing victory, Randy changed the subject to try and divert his mother
form further consideration of keeping them home. "So where are you guys
going anyway?", he asked.

Jill cast her gaze across the living room to where Tim was working
feverishly over the VCR. "Your father", she stated, raising her voice a
notch so that Tim was sure to hear, "is dragging me out to a 'tool party'".

"What's so bad about that?", Tim called back. "It's just like a tupperware
party, only with guys. Besides, the Binford bigwigs will be there, so we
have to go."

Randy crossed over to where Tim was puzzling over the screws he had removed
from the VCR casing. "I thought only qualified people were supposed to fool
around with electronic stuff like that."

"Hey, I'm qualified! I fixed the intercom, didn't I?"

"I guess", Randy conceded. "As long as you don't mind picking up police
radio and signals from airline traffic. Heh heh!"

"Very funny, wise guy", said Tim, still trying to remember which screws fit
into which holes.

Randy loved poking fun at his family - and they made it so easy! He scooped
up the newspaper sitting on the coffee table and fingered through to the
movie listings as he settled down onto the couch. "Brad, c'mere", he called
to his brother. "What movie are we going to see?", he asked quietly, making
sure that Jill was out of earshot.

Brad pondered the listings. "How about that one?, he grinned, pointing to
an "R" rated show that looked like it had lots of nude scenes and very
little plot.

"Yeah, sure", Randy responded. "And I guess they'll just take our word for
it when we tell them we're eighteen."

Brad considered this. "Well, maybe we can get Al to take us."

"I doubt it. Besides, Al will probably be coming over here to babysit for
Mark." He pointed to the kitchen where Jill was busy talking on the phone.

Half an hour later the boys had finally decided to see an action film and
were ready to leave.

"Make sure you come straight home as soon as the show is over", Jill told

"When's the Flannel Man getting here?", Tim asked impatiently.

"He couldn't make it", Jill said, addressing Tim as one might a dull-witted
fool, who was annoyingly oblivious to all but the most obvious of facts.
"He's been invited to the party too. You should know - he's your

"They invited Al too? Next thing you know they'll be inviting the janitors
that clean out the Binford office", Tim joked.

Randy and Brad decided it was time to leave; their parents' words faded as
they stepped out into the night. As they made their way up the front path,
discussing what they'd heard about the movie they were going to see, they
stopped dead, suddenly becoming aware of someone approaching their front
door. It was Brenda Porter, their 16-year-old neighbour from across the
street. She had shoulder-length chestnut brown hair and an unusual shade of
light green in her eyes. But it was not her eyes the boys were looking at.
They stared at her grapefruit-sized breasts, which were pressed tightly
together within a form-fitting low-cut white blouse. The two looked up,
their mouths hanging slightly open, as she smiled and passed silently
between them on her way to the front door. The boys turned to stare as she
passed by, then looked at each other as she was admitted to the house and
moved out of view.

"Wow", Brad exclaimed. All of a sudden the movie seemed to be of secondary

"You know", Randy suggested, "We can wait 20 minutes and still make it on
time if we take our bikes..."


Both boys knew exactly what was on each other's mind - they wanted a good
look at that cleavage in better light before heading out for the evening.

"I haven't seen her around here for a long time...", Brad said as they
walked around to the back door.

"That's because she's always over at her boyfriend Will's place - so don't
plan on getting too far with her", Randy told him, confident in the
knowledge that the idea of Brenda and his 13-year-old brother together was

They waited in the back yard, relieved to discover that the seemingly
ever-present Wilson was nowhere to be seen, until they heard Tim's car pull
out with a vague grinding sound and a few noisy backfires. With heartrates
slightly elevated, they entered through the back and proceeded through to
the living room, where Brenda was seated on the couch watching TV, her back
to them.

She turned at the sound of footsteps, and smiled at them. "Hi boys. Movie
over already?"

"Uh, no... we forgot our money", said Randy, knowing that it was a pretty
lame excuse for having returned.

Brenda nodded thoughtfully and smiled a little more, looking them up and
down. "Well, if you have a few minutes, why don't you come sit down and
watch this show? It's really funny."

Encouraged, they sat down on either side of her.

"I noticed you guys have a pretty good computer in your room when I was up
there with Mark."

"Yeah! Would you like to see what it can do?", asked Brad.

"Sure, but we would be disturbing Mark..."

"Hey Randy, why don't you help Mark move to Mom and Dad's room?" Brad
grinned at his brother.

"But...", Randy began to say.

Brenda placed her hand on his shoulder. "Could you?", she asked.

Cornered. Randy nodded, realizing he couldn't refuse. He headed upstairs,
promising himself he'd get back at Brad for this.

The 16-year-old turned back to Brad, who couldn't resist taking in an
eyeful of her ample chest. She smiled again, and placed a hand on his knee.
Stunned, Brad's eyes shot up to meet hers, and then down to his leg as she
slowly moved her hand up his thigh. The crotch of his pants began to swell;
he wasn't sure how to react.

Brenda stood up suddenly and grabbed his hand. "C'mon", she told him.
"Let's go upstairs to your computer!"

Still shocked, and not quite sure what was going on, Brad allowed himself
to be pulled along.

When they arrived at his room, Brad saw that Randy had already taken Mark
to their parents' bedroom. Brad went over to turn on his computer, and felt
a pair of hands feel his butt from behind as Brenda moved up behind him to
look over his shoulder. He quickly turned around, and she giggled and
pushed him down on the lower bunk of the boys' beds.

"Don't be shy, Brad", she told him, and pulled his sweater and t-shirt over
his head.

"Um.. uh..", he stammered as she removed her super-tight white blouse,
allowing her unharnessed breasts to bounce free.

They were both standing up now, both clothed only in blue jeans and naked
from the waist up. He couldn't help but stare wide-eyed at her large jugs.
She leaned over to touch his cheek, and then leaned closer still to kiss
him deeply, as her breasts pressed themselves against his bare chest.

* * *

Randy grumbled under his breath as he left his parents' bedroom to head
back downstairs. He was definately not in a very good mood now, and decided
he would only feel better if he could find some way to get back at his
brother (that traitor!), preferably without ending up in a headlock and
with a half-dozen bruises. Hmm... As he passed his room, he noticed some
movement through the six-inch open doorway. Peering within, Randy received
a shock that almost caused him to fall over backwards. Brad and Brenda were
standing in the middle of the room, half-nude, with lips pressed tightly
together. Adrenalin flowed through Randy's system, as though he'd been hit
by a car. He felt excited; Brenda's huge melons were exposed for all to
see. He also felt inadequate - didn't she have any interest in him at all?
And he felt a flash of anger - it was Brad's fault he was feeling this way!
However bad it was what Brad had done before, it now seemed ten times
worse. This last emotion motivated him to hit upon the perfect act of
revenge. He pulled at the crotch of his overalls as he became excited at
the thought of what he was about to do, and rushed downstairs to get what
he needed to put his plan into action.

* * *

Brad wasn't agressively returning the kiss, but he certainly wasn't
resisting either. Brenda moved her hand down his chest and pants, and felt
his expanding penis through the fabric of his jeans. She stepped away,
looking thoughtfully around the room and then pulled the mattress off the
lower bunk and laid it down on the floor in the middle of the room. She
then gave a wide smile, grabbed Brad around the waist, and pulled him down
onto it, her breasts rubbing against his bare skin. For the first time, he
grinned back and placed his hands on her tits, as though testing them for

Brad couldn't believe what was happening! His dick was as hard as it could
be, and the thrill he experienced when she grabbed the back of his blond
head and pulled it down to her tits, while she continued feeling the front
of his jeans, almost made him come in his pants. He started sucking and
licking her breasts eagerly, leaving them coated with saliva. She found the
snap on his pants and began undoing it. Suddenly sensing he was very close
to losing contol, she backed off, and stood up to slowly remove her jeans
and panties. She threw them to the floor, pulled Brad up, and then knelt to
remove his pants as well.

It was then that she caught a flicker of movement in the doorway out of the
corner of her eye. She moved Brad around a little so he wouldn't notice,
while giving herself a better view. It was Randy... and he was pointing a
video camera at them! She thought she'd noticed him at the door a few
moments earlier, and was excited by the thought of having this cute kid
watching her get it on with his brother, but she hadn't expected him to try
and videotape it! She was past caring whether anyone found out about this
and pretended not to notice Randy. It would be his turn soon enough (after
all, if she could have one, why not have them both?), but in the meantime
she decided to put on a show he would not soon forget.


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