Home Improvement: It's Tool Time Part 2
by JP

Brenda lowered Brad's pants and white briefs, and was almost slapped in the
face by his hard dick as it popped out from its confinement. Brad slipped
the pants off his legs and threw them away; he stood there totally naked,
his rigid cock sticking out like an iron rod. He had had a growth spurt in
the last few months, and his dick measured a good 5 and a half inches and
was of reasonable thickness. It was topped by a patch of light brown hair,
the only hair visible anywhere on his body.

Brenda held his balls in one hand as she pressed her lips to the tip of his
dick and slowly began to take it into her mouth, inch by inch. She was
conscious of giving Randy a good view of what she was doing, as her mouth
filled with this 13-year-old's stiff rod. Brad closed his eyes and opened
his mouth slightly, as her lips found the base of his shaft, and her nose
pressed into his pubic hair. Brenda began deep-throating him, and Brad
could feel her tongue slide along the underside of his penis as she worked
her mouth up and down his cock. Again, he was almost ready to lose his
load, so she stopped sucking on him, and knelt down on the mattress on her
hands and knees.

"Do it to me! Fuck me, Brad", she told him, and thrust her ass up in the
air. The boy needed no further encouragement, and dropped to his knees
behind her. He placed his wet penis at the entrance to her slit and began
shoving it in, eliciting a few gasps from Brenda. Gripping her hips, he
moved into a rhythm and looked down to watch his stiff dick pounding in and
out of her body. She reached between her legs and started playing with his
balls as he fucked her. Brad responded by involuntarily letting out a few
gutteral moaning noises from deep in his chest.

"OOOoooooohhh.....OOOOhh...", he groaned.

* * *

Randy focused the camcorder on the pair in the bedroom, feeling both very
horny, and furious. It wasn't fair that Brad should get all the action just
because he's a little older..! But getting this camera was a great idea!,
he thought. He could blackmail Brad with this incriminating tape, or maybe
he would just go around and show it to everyone anyway. Randy's hard dick
created a big bulge in the front of his overalls, excited both by the
thought of what he could do to Brad, and by the X-rated display going on in
front of him. He couldn't believe Brenda's willingness to have sex - his
eyes had almost popped out when he saw her slowly swallow the entire length
of his brother's shaft, and give him a deep-throat blowjob.

Randy stared again through the viewfinder, making sure he was recording
every instant of the activity within the room. He had an excellent view of
Brad and Brenda in profile, their right sides facing him, doing it doggie
style. No longer content with a wide shot of the two, he focused in on the
grinding genitals, and the hand reaching between the two pairs of legs to
fondle Brad's balls. Brad's dick moved out, wet and glistening, then all
the way back in, over and over, as he held onto her hips. Randy moved the
camera up to his brother's face, which was slightly contorted with eyes
half-closed, and then moved it down again to his jackhammering penis. Brad
was moaning from deep in his throat, and started pumping faster. Brenda was
moving back and forth to meet him with every thrust, slapping his thighs
against her buttocks. Then she felt his balls begin to tighten up, and his
body convulse against hers.

Brad grunted, "UUUuuhh, UUUHHh, OOOOH.. AAAAHH!", and Randy watched him
press his hips forward as he shot load after load deep into Brenda. Brad
leaned backward after a moment, suddenly tired, and his dick came free with
a vague slurping sound. He watched as some white goo dripped from her
vaginal opening and plopped down onto the mattress.

Randy moved out to a wider shot again, and was wondering if that would be
the end of it... when suddenly Brenda turned and looked straight at him! He
quickly clicked off the camcorder and pushed it down the hall out of view,
wondering what he should do. Fortunately, he'd been fast enough that Brad
hadn't seen what he'd been doing, but what was Brenda's response going to
be? He stood there in the doorway, unable to move, as she got up and walked
over to him, her tits bouncing and drips of Brad's come running down her
leg. She looked him in the eye - then her gaze moved down to his crotch,
which bulged out impressively. Her hand moved to caress the bulge, which
got even bigger, and the next thing Randy knew he was being kissed by the
lips that had only minutes before been wrapped around his brother's dick.
Brenda pulled him out of the doorway and into the room, as she grabbed at
the snaps of his overalls.

Randy was in a daze as she pulled him into the bedroom and started
undressing him. Brad looked on, a little embarrassed at having his brother
turn up so suddenly, and a little put out that he was no longer being paid
attention to. Off came Randy's overall straps, then his t-shirt. He found
himself pushed up against a wall as his overalls were peeled away and his
throbbing dick exposed. It wasn't just Brad's equipment that had grown
larger in the last few months; Randy's dick was almost 5 inches in length,
making it seem very large relative to his body size. He also had what
seemed to be the early stages of some hair growth - a sparse region of fine
brown hair just above his penis. Brenda licked his dick like a lollipop,
and Randy was so overcome with the sensation that he lost his balance (his
overalls, down around his ankles, didn't help matters) and he fell over
onto the mattress. He grinned sheepishly, but was unable to get back up
because Brenda had pounced on him like a wild cat and straddled his hips.
She wasted no time; reaching down, she pulled Randy's cock from its
horizontal position on his belly and pointed it straight up. She lowered
herself down onto the boy's stiff poker and began bouncing up and down on
top of him. Randy reached up to squeeze the soft globe-like tits as they
danced before him.

Brad had become very excited again watching the two have sex. He stepped up
on either side of Randy's head and offered his erection, which Brenda
eagerly took into her mouth. It was an incredible sensation having both
boys' dicks inside her at once; Brad's thrusts found the back of her throat
as she continued sliding up and down the length of Randy's shaft. She could
tell that the latter was close to orgasm, and increased her pace as Randy
leaned back on his elbows and threw his head back.

"OOOOOOOoohh! AAaaaah!! Fuuuck! OOOOHH!", Randy said, and involuntarily
thrust his hips up as he filled her with a half-dozen spurts of sperm. Brad
had become so aroused by the situation and the tongue action being afforded
him, he couldn't hold back any longer. Brenda was holding him by the base
of his penis, and felt it swell and throb as his first spurt hit the back
of her throat. She pulled the dick from her mouth in time to catch the next
shot on her lips. She stroked his cock as Brad sprayed the remainder of his
load down onto Randy, who was still in the midst of his own orgasm. Brenda
squeezed a last glob of come from Brad's organ, which fell straight down
and splashed onto Randy's face.

Yuck!, Randy thought as he got up, a little displeased with the fact that
his chest and stomach were covered with puddles of semen. He wiped at the
glob on his nose and cheek and gave Brad a distasteful look, who grinned
back, clearly pleased with himself for what he'd done. I'll get you soon
enough, thought Randy as he wiped himself off with a shirt from the clothes

At that moment, the doorbell rang downstairs. All three looked at each
other, then scrambled to get into their clothes, which lay strewn randomly
around the room. Randy was the first out of the room as Brenda and Brad
returned the mattress to the lower bunk bed. Randy was answering the door
as the two arrived downstairs; it Brenda's boyfriend, Will.

Will was 16, with light brown hair. He stood half a head taller than Brad
and outweighed him by 30 pounds.

"Hi! Is Brenda here?", he asked Randy, assuming he was the kid she was
supposed to be babysitting. Randy gulped, hoping Will wouldn't somehow be
able to tell he'd pumped her full of his seed just 5 minutes earlier, or
Randy would probably end up in the morgue or something. He pointed over to
where Brenda and Brad were coming down the stairs.

"Hi Will!", she said to him, betraying no sign of what had occurred between
her and the boys. "Why don't you watch a movie on TV with us? Randy and
Brad missed the film they were going to see."

"Well...ok..", Will said, obviously disappointed that he wasn't going to be
able to spend time alone with Brenda. Randy popped a tape into the VCR and
took the leftmost seat on the couch. Brad sat down next to him, and then
Will and Brenda. They settled back to enjoy the movie... but what appeared
on the screen was a shot of Brenda on her hands and knees, her breasts
swinging back and forth as she was being pounded from behind by a very hard
dick. The camera moved up to reveal Brad's face as he fucked her doggie
style. Will's eyes opened very wide, and he turned to stare at Brad with an
unreadable expression on his face.

Brad's mouth dropped open as he registered the images on the screen.
Immediately realizing who was responsible, he looked at Randy, who smiled
back like the devil himself. If I live, I'll kill him for this, Brad
promised himself.

Will grabbed Brad by the front of his shirt with both hands and yanked him
from a seated position and onto his back. His hands moved toward the
13-year-old's neck as though to try and strangle him... but instead he
pulled Brad's shirt up and began undoing the younger boy's pants...

* Part 3 will be posted next week, or whenever I get around to finishing


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