Home Improvement: Jill Entertains (MMF,M-mast,voy)
by Swedeguy

Tim's old high school buddy, Steve, was spending a few days with the
Taylor's. Steve hadn't seen Tim in years, and when he found that he would be
in his town on business, he had called to say hello. Tim had insisted that he
stay with them, instead of at a motel. That evening, after a good dinner, the
three of them were sitting in the den drinking wine and talking.

"By the way, Jill, how did your class go today?" Tim asked his wife as he
opened the third bottle of wine.

"Great," she grinned. "You see what we learned today."

"I can hardly wait," Tim grinned.

"What kind of class are you taking?" Steve asked. "Damn," he thought, "the
year's had been gentle to Jill she still looked great."

Jill looked at Tim, who winked at her. "Go ahead babe, tell him," he grinned

"Strip tease dancing!" Jill blurted out.

"You're kidding," Steve laughed.

"Yeah, several of Jill's friends talked one of the wives, who used to be a
stripper, into teaching them the bumps and grinds," Tim told him. "The wife's
agreed to have a party where each will dance for all the husband's when they
graduate! Jill's been giving me a preview of what they do after every class."

"Tim! You're embarrassing me!" Jill said blushing. She took another gulp of
white while eye Steve. She knew that he had had a thing for her back in high
school and used to tease him unmercifully. He was a geek back then but know
he looked pretty good now, she thought.

Steve couldn't believe that sweet little Jill was considering stripping for
men other than Tim. Maybe the roomers about her in high school had some

"How many girls are in the class?" Steve asked.

"There's five of us, not counting the teacher," Jill answered.

"When is graduation?" he asked.

"Tomorrow night!" Tim told him. "I can hardly wait!"

"He just wants to see Margie Jackson strut her stuff!" Jill laughed, her
words a little slurred from too much wine. "Tim just wants to see her big

"I want to watch you strut around in front of those other guys, too," Tim
said with a gleam in his eye. He too was feeling no pain. "Hey, you'll still
be here, Steve. Maybe they'll let you go to the show."

"Well, I thought of that while I was at class and asked if we could bring
him," Jill said. "All the girls want him to come. I think they like the idea
of dancing naked in front of somebody they don't know. Besides, Gloria's
husband is out of town, so we're going to be one man short."

"Great," Tim enthused. "Hey, I've got an idea," he said. "Why don't you dance
for Steve and me now?"

"Now?" Jill asked.

"Yeah," Tim encouraged her. "What da' say Steve?" Tim said. "Want to see my
sexy wife strut her stuff?"

"Would I?!" Steve exclaimed..

"Oh, I couldn't," Jill said, taking another drink of wine.

"Com'on, honey!" Tim said. "Don't be bashful! Besides, just think of it as a
rehearsal for the party."

"Well, I don't know . . ." Jill said. She could see the excitement in Steve's
eyes. "What the hell," she said to herself. "I've give them both a little

"OK, Tim, you put the tape in the stereo while I get ready," she told him.
"And you guys sit on the sofa."

Jill left the room and Tim put a CD in the stereo. The two men sat on the
sofa, facing the center of the room, Steve on one end and Tim to his left.

"You're really going to like this," Tim grinned. "Jill's teacher has taught
them some really raunchy stuff. It's great." But since they were about to
watch Tim's wife, Steve figured Jill would only go so far.

"OK, Tim, turn on the music," Jill called from the stairs. Tim quickly
switched on the CD and got back to his seat. The music started and Jill came
strutting into the room. She was wearing a black-leather miniskirt that came
down to about mid-thigh, a short white silk blouse which was not buttoned,
just tied together below her breasts, and a pair of red high heeled shoes.
She stopped in the middle of the room and slowly turned around in front of
them. Then she began to dance, weaving and bumping and grinding in time to
the music, her shoulder-length auburn hair tossing as she danced, her hips
swiveling smoothly with the music.

* * *

Wilson, the Taylor's next door neighbor was in his yard attempting to
duplicate an. South American tribal ritual when he heard the music coming
from the Taylor's living room. To his surprise and delight he had a clear
view of his lovely neighbor gyrating if front of Tim and another man he did
not know. "Shit," thought Wilson, "Jill really looks hot!" He left the fence
and went inside to retrieve a pair of binoculars.

* * *

Jill turned her back to the men and slowly began to slide the miniskirt up
her long legs, rolling her firm, round ass at them. Steve felt his prick
beginning to stiffen. Jill was as sexy as hell, even fully dressed. How had
he wanted to fuck her in high school. When the skirt was just below her ass,
Jill bent over, her legs straight and slightly apart. As she leaned over,
Steve could see just the bottom of the crotch of a pair of black panties!
Then she swung back around facing them. Rolling and grinding her hips, she
brought her hands up to her head, then slowly down to her breasts.

Steve didn't know where he wanted to look the most, to see what she was going
to do with her hands or to watch her crotch, where the mini-skirt was still
clinging at crotch level and promising to give a peek of her panties again.
He decided to watch her hands as she cupped her breasts through the blouse.
She squeezed and rolled her boobs, making the gapping front of the blouse
alternately open farther and close.

"Urgh! Urgh! Urgh!" Tim hooted while slapping Steve on the knee. "What did I
tell you ole' buddy. She's still got it!"

Steve just nodded his head, mouth open, his eyes never leaving Jill.

Her hands slid down to the knot between her breasts and she slowly and
teasingly undid it. Then, ever so slowly, she drew the blouse open, gradually
exposing the sloping insides of her tits.

Steve gulped. "Was she really going to expose her tits?"

When the blouse was open almost to the nipples, she drew it up to expose the
bottoms of her breasts, keeping the nipples covered. Then, suddenly, she
jerked the blouse wide open. She had on pasties!

Jill's breasts were beautiful, and firm. Shrugging her shoulders, she let the
blouse slide down her arms to the floor. Then, slowly, she began to squat
down, her knees together, but pointed straight at Steve. When she reached a
squatting position, she slowly began to open her legs. At first, all Steve
could see was the smooth inside of her thighs. But then, gradually, he could
see the crotch of her black panties. When her legs were wide apart, she
leaned back on her hands, slowly rotating her pelvis in time with the music.

"You really like this, don't you?" Jill asked Steve, eyeing the bulge in his
pants. Steve just grinned, glancing down at the tent his dick was making in
his lap. Hearing a zipper, he glanced sideways at Tim, who had unzipped his
pants and had his dick out, sticking straight up out of his pants, hard as a
rock! Steve was flabbergasted at what his friend was doing!

It was the signal that Jill was waiting for. Now she was certain that she had
her husband's permission to go into her "slut mode." Whatever that was going
to happen this evening, she and Tim were ready.

Jill stood back up and unzipped the skirt. She let it slowly slide down her
legs and kicked it off. Now she danced in front of them with nothing on but
the pasties, her black bikini panties, and the high-heeled shoes. She kicked
the shoes off and turned her back, rolling her ass at them.

"What as ass!" thought Steve. "Shit, Jill always had a great butt. It was
even better now, a little plumper, a little rounder, but the twin cheeks
still sat high on her hips."

Slowly, she began to roll the bikini panties down, gradually exposing the
crack of her ass. When the panties were rolled down below her ass, she turned
to face them. She was wearing a G-string!

She pushed the panties down and stepped out of them. Jill stood in front of
Steve, about three feet away, rolling her hips and looking at the huge bulge
in his pants. She licked her lips.

* * *

Outside, behind the fence was Wilson, binoculars in one hand, his huge cock
in the other. He stroked his dick slowly as he watched Jill dance. "Damn," he
thought. "She was one sexy lady!"

* * *

"If you really like what I'm doing, why don't you do what Tim is doing, too?"
she teased him. Steve looked over at Tim and saw that he was jacking on his
prick, his fist sliding slowly up and down his iron-hard cock.

"Yeah, take that thing out and show her how much you like her," Tim told him,
his eyes glazed. Steve looked first at Tim and then at Jill and unzipped his
pants and unsnapped his boxer shorts. His dick sprang out of the opening,
standing up big and proud. Jill licked her lips at the sight of the big dick,
watching as he slowly slid his hand up and down the big shaft.

Turning her back, Jill bent forward at the waist, giving Steve a view right
up between her legs. She looked back at him from between her legs, eyeing his
stroking fist. Then she straightened up andmoved sensuously over in front of
her husband.

She leaned toward him and said, "Take one." Tim reached out and closed his
fingertips around one tit. He let his fingers slowly milk their way down
her breast until he got to the pastie. Then, taking the pastie between his
fingertips, he pulled it off. Her nipple was swollen to a hard point. Tim
tweaked it between thumb and forefinger. Jill reached down and gave the end
of his dick a squeeze, then pulled away from him. Dancing up in front of
Steve, she leaned forward.

"Do you want to take the other one off?" she asked him.

"Yeah, take it off of her," Tim told him, the excitement making his voice
low and husky.

"Wow, yes," was all he could say.

"OK, but you have to do it with your mouth," she told him. She leaned forward
and cupped her breasts, bringing the left one to his mouth. He opened his
mouth and gripped the pastie with his teeth. She pulled back and it came off,
exposing a large pink nipple, swollen erect. Steve let the pastie drop from
his mouth as she brought the other tit up and held the breast up to his lips.

"Lick it," she commanded. He extended his tongue, licking the soft, swollen
nipple. She removed that one and brought the other one to his lips.

"Suck her tits," Tim said, jacking on his dick.

"Yeah! Suck it!" she said. He took the nipple between his lips and began to
suck on it. After a few moments, she pulled her tit away and straightened up,
backing up a few steps. She slid her hand down over her belly, then slid her
middle finger down under the top of the G-string. Behind the thin wisp of
cloth, she began to stoke her clit.

"If you want to see more, you'll have to show your appreciation, like Tim
is doing," she told him. Steve glanced at Tim and saw that he had taken his
pants and shorts completely off. He was leaning back on the sofa with his
legs spread. His big prick was sticking straight up, his fist slowly
pistoning up and down on it. Steve grinned and quickly removed his pants,
shorts, shoes and socks. His dick throbbed up and down with the beating of
his heart!

"Oh, yes," she breathed in appreciation, as he took his prick in his hand
and wiggled it at her. Slowly, he began to slide his fist up and down on it.

"Now, show me more," he told her. She smiled sexily and pushed the front of
the G-string down to the top of her slit.

"Do you like shaved pussy?" she asked.

"Oh, yessss," he hissed between clenched teeth. Slowly, Jill pushed the front
of the cloth farther down her legs, exposing her slit. Suddenly, she stripped
the G-string off, letting it slide down her legs to the floor. She moved
right up in front of Steve and spread her legs. Using her fingers, she pulled
her cunt lips wide open, revealing the glistening, dark pink interior, the
thick, swollen flaps, the hard, erect clit, alive with wetness as fuck juice
oozed from her hole.

Steve could smell her pussy juice. He licked his lips.

"Keep doing what you are doing with your right hand," she told him,
indicating the hand which was sliding up and down his hard meat, "and feel
how wet I am with the other." Steve glanced at Tim. Seeing no objection, he
obeyed Jill's request. He slid his hand between her legs, his finger sliding
up and down her wet slit. He rolled her clit with his fingertip, bringing a
moan from her lips, then cupped her pussy with the palm of his hand, his
middle fingertip finding the entrance of her drenched cunt. He let the
fingertip swirl around in her hole for a few seconds, then pushed it deeper
into her. She groaned, then pulled back a little as Steve's finger pulled
out of he cunt with a popping sound.

"OK, you guys stand up," she commanded. Quickly, they both rose to their
feet, their pricks sticking straight out. Jill knelt in front of Steve and
pushed his legs apart. She cupped his heavy balls with one hand and gripped
his hard cock with the other, sliding her hand up and down the length of the
shaft, watching pre-cum ooze from the tip. She leaned forward and licked it
up. Her tongue then swirled around the big knob, drawing a moan of delight
from him.

* * *

"That's it Jill lick that big dick. Oh, yes, pretty neighbor, suck that big
dick!" Wilson muttered, wishing it was his cock Jill was servicing.

* * *

Parting her lips, she slowly lowered her mouth on Steve's hard dick. He
watched in amazement as half of his dick quickly disappeared into her hot
mouth. Slowly, Jill slid her lips back up until only the very tip of the
cock was still in her mouth, then began to suck him back into her mouth
again. Up and down her lips traveled, her cheeks pulled in by her
suctioning action. Steve couldn't believe it. Here he was, getting his
dick sucked by his friend's wife while her husband watched while stroking
his dick.

"Yeah, Jill, suck his dick," Tim encouraged her. Steve glanced at Tim and
saw that his fist was still moving up and down his swollen cock, jacking
himself off in time with Jill's sucking movements. Suddenly, releasing
Steve's dick, Jill stood up and moved over in front of Tim. She turned her
back to him and bent over. Reaching back between her legs, she took his
dick in her hand and brought it to her cunt slit. Slowly, she pushed back
onto him, and Steve watched his friend's prick slowly immerse itself into
his wife's cunt. She held it there for a few moments, then pulled off of it.

She moved back over in front of Steve and pushed him down on the sofa. She
dropped to her knees in front of him, pushing his legs wide apart. Slowly,
Jill took his dick down her throat again, all the way to the balls! She
glanced up at him, and began to slowly withdraw until only the blood-engorged
head was in her mouth.

Steve watched Jill suck his dick. She would close her brown eyes and slide
her red lips down his dick, taking as much in her mouth as she could, then
slowly back up until only the end was still in her mouth. Then she would
stop, sucking on the big knob and licking it with her tongue, then she would
start the whole cycle over again. Steve knew he wasn't going to last long at

"Yeah, Jill, suck him off," Tim told her, jacking on his dick as he watched
the action. Changing her technique, Jill began sucking viciously on the end
of his cock. Steve felt his balls tightening! His dick swelled as he felt
the pressure moving up the shaft of his rod. Suddenly, he groaned and his
prick exploded, sending a first strong spurt of cum shot into Jill's open
mouth. The second splashed across her nose and forehead.

* * *

When Wilson saw the man shoot his load onto Jill's attractive face, he too,
spewed his seed. Dropping the binoculars, his trousers gathered around his
ankles, he grabbed his prodigious prick with both hands and groaned, "Jill!"
Jill!" "Oh my Jill!" Then he ejected rope after white rope of semen onto his
side of the fence. So copious was his ejaculation that the slimy jism puddled
on the ground between his feet.

* * *

The cum-hungry bitch sucked on the end of his dick, her fist pumping his
shaft, as spurt after spurt of cum shot into her mouth. Her throat worked
as she swallowed, taking each gush deep into her tummy. Finally, when the
spurts turned to a dribble, she took her mouth off of his prick and began
to slide her fist slowly up and down his shaft, pumping the last of his
liquid out of him. When the dribbling cum finally stopped, she licked the
end of his dick clean, leaned back and grinned at him, licking her lips.

Jill stood up and, using two fingers, scooped the cum on her face into her
mouth. "M-m-m-m, yummy," she said to no one in particular. Without a word,
she then pushed Steve back and stood up on the sofa cushions, straddling
him. She brought her pussy to his lips, holding his head with her hands.

"Now it's your turn," she told him.

"Yeah, suck her pussy," he heard Tim say.

Steve stuck out his tongue and flicked the end of her clit, drawing a moan
of pleasure from her. He swirled his tongue around her swollen button, then
licked down along her slit, swirling his tongue in the opening to her cunt.
He brought his hands up to her ass, gripping her and holding her pussy
against his mouth. His tongue moved up and down along her slit, licking her
clit and her pussy opening. He probed between the cheeks of her ass with a

* * *

Wilson was again watching with his binoculars. His prick hung semi-erect
down his thigh. Ever since Jill had allowed him to have sex with her, he
was completely infatuated with Tim's wife. Wilson saw Jill groan when the
man eating her cunt pressed his finger into the tight opening of her
asshole. The memory of her talented rectum milking his cock revitalized
his dick. It began to grow in length and girth.

* * *

Steve, continuing to lick her pussy, wormed the end of his finger up into
her rectal opening, twisting and pushing until he had it all the way in.

"Ohhhh, yessss," she gasped.

"Yeah, suck her pussy and finger her ass. Her ass is always hungry," Tim
encouraged him.

Steve slid his other hand up between her legs and pushed his middle finger
all the way up into her juicy, hot pussy. He took her clit between her lips
and began to suck on it, twirling his tongue around it as he sucked.

Suddenly, Jill let out a low scream, grabbing his head with both hands and
pulling his mouth tightly against her pussy. Her body quaked and quivered as
she came! Finally, she pulled away from him and sank down on the sofa between
him and Tim.

Steve looked over at Tim, who had a big grin on his face and was still
stroking a tremendous hard on! Tim slid down on his knees between Jill's
legs and, taking a leg in each hand and holding them up and wide apart,
slid his dick up to the balls into the hot cunt. Steve sat there and
watched Tim's dick glide in and out of his wife's pussy. Tim's prick
was glistening with Jill's pussy juice as it slid smoothly in and out of
her well oiled channel.

Steve felt his prick beginning to stiffen again as he watched Tim screwing
Jill. Jill's head was thrown back and rolling from side to side. She seemed
to be feeling intense pleasure. She looked over at him through glazed eyes
and, spotting his hard on, pointed at it and motioned for him to put it in
her mouth.

"She wants to suck your dick while I'm fuvking her!" Tim grinned at him.

Steve got up on the sofa beside Jill. She grabbed his prick and pulled in
to her mouth, sucking the end in between her lips.

"Fuck her mouth!" Tim told him, as he slid his cock in and out of Jill's
juicy pussy.

Jill grabbed Steve's ass and began to push and pull, urging him to fuck her
mouth. Steve complied, sliding his dick in and out past her suctioning lips.
He looked back at Tim, who was leaning back as he fucked Jill's cunt so they
could both see his prick sliding in and out of her.

Steve watched the lips of Jill's pussy stretched wide open as Tim's cock slid
smoothly in and out. Her clit was standing up like a little thumb. She was
moaning around the mouthful of cock that Steve was fucking in and out of her
mouth. Steve couldn't believe how good it felt, especially considering that
he had just cum.

"Let's trade places," Tim suggested. "I'm about to cum, and I want to give
her a Taylor milkshake. My wife loves to drink my fuck juice." He pulled his
dick out or her pussy and moved to the other side of the sofa. Steve yanked
his cock from her mouth and stepped down from the sofa.

Evidently, the Jill had been too immersed in the pleasure she had been
receiving from the cocks fucking her, and their plan to switch places for
she cried out, "You bastards. You fucking bastards. How could you take all
of that cock from me? Somebody better fuck me. Somebody better fuck me right

Jill groaned as her husband then rubbed his prick across her lips. She opened
her mouth and he slid it in. Steve took a leg in each hand and raised her
feet to rest on his shoulders. He rubbed the end of his prick up and down in
her sopping slit, then he heard her groan around the mouthful of dick as he
slid it all the way up her cunt.

"This horny wife of mine just can't get enough fuck meat, can she, Steve?
The little bitch is fucking insatiable. The older she gets the more dick she
needs. Sometimes I think she's a fucking nymphomaniac." Steve nodded his
agreement as the cunt surrounding his cock felt like an oven. He watched
Jill's cheeks alternately puff out and pull in as Tim thrust his prick in
and out of her mouth, going so deep that it looked like he was screwing it
down into her throat. Jill's hand was wrapped around the shaft of her
husband's dick, so she was controlling the depth of his thrusts. Steve was
amazed at how far she was taking it.

Steve looked down at his dong sliding in and out of her pussy. Her pussy
lips were swollen thick and distended around his cock. Her clit was like a
large red marble, sticking out so far that it bumped against the root of
his dick every time he hit bottom. His dick was covered with a thick coating
of her juices, and whatever Tim had leaked into her. She was so wet and
slick that there was almost no friction, the sensation of fucking her being
more one of intense heat than of actually sliding in and out of a tight
cunt. It was almost like he couldn't feel the walls of her pussy, only the
tremendous heat surrounding his organ.

Suddenly, Tim let out a grunt. Steve looked up just in time to see Jill's
fist pumping quickly up and down on his shaft as she madly sucked on the end
of his dick. Steve thought he could almost see Tim's dick throb as he pumped
spurt after spurt of cum down his wife's throat. Jill's throat was working
madly as she tried to swallow everything he was pumping into her mouth, but
some was leaking out the corners of her mouth, down her chin, only to land
on her heaving breasts. Finally, Tim's cock slipped from her mouth, leaving
a thin string of cum from her lips to the end of his prick.

Steve saw the wild look in her eyes and knew that she was very close to
coming. He began to thrust viciously into her, ramming her so hard that her
tits rolled back and forth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her
back and thrust her head back, her eyes clinched tightly closed. Suddenly,
she let out a low-pitched scream and began to quiver all over.

As Jill came down from her orgasm, Steve just held his dick still in her,
buried to the hilt in her pussy. When she finally opened her eyes and looked
at him, he just grinned at her.

She licked her lips and grinned lewdly at him. "Shit she was beautiful," he
thought. Jill then began to roll her pelvis around his dick. He realized that
she still wanted more. He withdrew and thrust into her again, then again.

"Steve," Tim called. "Did you know that Jill likes nothing more than a big
cock up her ass?"

Jill moaned, "Yeah, baby. fuck my ass! Give it to hard and deep. Can you do
that for me?"

Steve said nothing but pulled back and completely removed his dick from her
pussy. He slid his dick down past her pussy, down between her ass cheeks.
Jill assisted by pushing against his shoulders with her feet, in an attempt
to elevate her ass.

Tim, who had collapsed on the sofa beside them, raised up to watch what was

* * *

Wilson too was watching. Now the binoculars were a top a tripod. This freed
his hands for other duties. "The lucky bastard is going to have her ass!"
With that he kicked off his trousers and ran into his house. He returned
with a jar of petroleum jelly and a two-foot length of white PVC tubing in
a four-inch diameter.

* * *

Tim and Wilson saw Steve take his dick in his fist and rub the end around
and around Jill's puckered asshole. As he rubbed it around her ass, the head
seemed to screw its way in just a little, her ass opening to allow the tip
to move up inside just a little. When the entire knob was in, Steve paused
just a moment.

"Come on, Steve," Jill yelled. "Give it to me! Shove that fucker up my ass!"

Jill's plead did not go unheeded. Steve grabbed Jill's hips and in one
thrust, buried his boner deep into Jill's rectum.

"Oh yeah-h-h-h! That's it! Oh, shit-t-t-t-t-t-!!!!!! Give it to me!" Jill

* * *

In an attempt to relive the exquisite tightness of Jill's sphincter, Wilson
to buried his Vaseline-covered prick into the very tight, very rigid plastic
pipe. Holding the tube with both hands and with his eyes glued to the
binoculars that were focused on Jill's voluptuous fanny, he worked the pipe
up and down over his throbbing dick. When he felt his balls tighten, Wilson
closed his eyes and imagined his cock once again buried deep in Jill's sweet
bowels. For the second time in less than an hour, he blasted another
stupendous load of cum. The white gobs of jism shot from the end of the pipe
landing with an audible splat on the fence.

Much to his chagrin, Wilson's climatic groan was loud enough to cause
neighborhood dogs to begin barking.

* * *

Steve began to slide it back and forth in her butthole. She moaned as he
withdrew and thrust forward. Steve could see her asshole open to accept his
shaft, could feel the clasping walls surround his cock as each thrust carried
him a little deeper. He could see her asshole pucker in and disappear as his
shaft slid in and then seem to grasp his shaft and resist as he pulled back
out. Suddenly, with a grunt of pure lust, he lunged forward, causing Jill's
eyes popped wide open as his dick slid balls deep up her ass. She let out a
groan, then a smile began to spread across her face as Steve began to pump
it in and out of her, fucking her ass with long deep strokes, using the full
length of his dick.

"Yeah," he heard Tim say. "That's how the slut likes it Steve. Bury your
balls up that ass!"

Jill groaned in agreement as she rolled her ass around the invading thrusting
prick. Steve's pistoning cock was sliding smoothly in and out of her now
well-lubricated butt-hole. Steve glanced sideways at Tim and saw that his
dick was hard again. He was sliding his fist up and down it, stroking it in
time with the big dick going in and out of his wife's sphincter.

Steve was rubbing Jill's slit with a finger in time with the strokes of his
dick in her ass. She was moaning again, obviously nearing another climax.
Steve, too, was nearing another climax. He felt his balls tightening, felt
the swelling, rushing sensation in the shaft of his dick. Grabbing her legs,
he pushed them up until her knees were against her tits, spreading them wide
for his assault. He began banging her vigorously, slamming his prick in and
out of her ass hole, his hips slapping against her ass cheeks. She let out a
groan and began quivering all over as she once again passed the peak of
climax. Jamming his dick to the hilt in her soft ass, Steve groaned as he
came, spurting surge after surge of semen deep into her bowels.

Suddenly, Tim raised up and moved up over to his wife, jacking off on his
prick furiously with his fist. He let out a moan as he began to spurt,
shooting his load all over his wife's face, neck and tits.

Steve withdrew his wilting cock from her ass and gently let her legs down.
Jill opened her eyes. She wore a satisfied smile.

* * *

Next door, Wilson too, wore a sated grin. He had collapsed in to a patio
chair. The PVC pipe laid on the ground between his feet, his dick hung
between his legs like some kind of huge, one-eyed snake. His fence was
covered in cum. A dog was still barking as he rose to begin cleaning up
the mess.


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