Home Improvement: Jill Gets Blackmailed (m/f,bmail)
by Anonymous

Chapter 1

It was Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. Jill waited in the office of Tim's
new boss, Bud, wondering why he had requested a meeting with her. She knew
Tim and Bud had a breakfast meeting scheduled on Friday to discuss the future
of Tim's show, Tool Time. She had received a call from Bud himself
requesting this meeting to discuss the show. Bud had asked Jill not to tell
Tim of the meeting and she had reluctantly agreed. She had never met Bud,
all she knew about him was what Tim had told her, that he was very successful
and that he liked to get his way.

Jill rose as Bud entered the room, He was about 6' 2", black and a very
powerful looking individual.

"Hi Jill," Bud extended his hand in greeting, "Thank you for taking the time
to stop by, please have a seat," Bud gestured to the empty chair next to his
desk. As she was being seated Bud looked her over from head to toe. She was
everybit as attractive as he thought she would be. He had seen photographs
of Tim and Jill and was immediately attracted to her.

"Let me get right to the point Jill, as you know Tim and I are meeting Friday
to discuss the future of Tool Time. At the moment the show is floundering,
the ratings are down and I have no reason not to cancel it. However, I also
feel that if enough money were invested and the show were syndicated it might
have a chance to take off nationally. What I need from you is a reason to
invest that money into Tool Time."

"Shouldn't Tim be the one to convince you that Tool Time is worth investing
in" asked Jill.

"I'm sure Tim will make every effort to do that on Friday, however, you are
going to be the deciding factor in whether show continues or is cancelled.
As of right now, the show is canceled, I've decided to invest my money in the
cooking show that follows tool time. Cooking shows are big right now. You
are the only one who can change my mind."

"How can I do that?" asked a thoroughly confused Jill.

"As you know, I have just moved to the city" replied Bud. "I am swamped with
work and have no time to pursue a social life. I have some very specific
needs which have to be fulfilled and I have no time to find someone to do so.
What I am offering you Jill is the chance to save your husbands job. I want
you to become my mistress, my sex slave. You are to be available to me every
Tuesday and Thursday, the days you do not go to school, I've done my
homework, to serve me in whatever way I desire. In exchange for this I will
invest whatever money it takes into Tool Time to make the show a success.
Your husband will receive a big raise and be allowed to produce the show as
well as host it. The decision is yours Jill. I know you need some time to
think it over. Here is the address to my apartment. If you decide you wish
to save Tim's career be at my apartment on Thursday at 12:00 noon. Don't be
late. You should be wearing a Black Mini skirt and black lace blouse, see
through. Do not wear any bra or panties. You should wear black stockings
and heels and be prepared to satisfy my every need. I will reimburse you for
any expenses you incur. If you are not there Thursday at 12:00 I will invest
the money into the cooking show. I will notify Tim of the cancellation of
Tool Tim on Friday Morning. I'm a man who means what he says Jill, I don't
play any games or mince any words. I hope to see you Thursday at 12:00."

Jill sat in the chair speechless as Bud strode out of the room, not giving
her any opportunity to respond. She sat there in silence for an hour as
alternating feelings of fear rage and confusion went through her mind.
Finally she composed herself enough to make her way home to prepare dinner
for her husband.

Jill noticed that Tim was pre-occupied all through dinner. After dinner he
was quiet all night, he did not even go into the garage to work on his hot
rod. As they lay in bed together Jill ran her hand up and down Tim's thigh,
letting it brush lightly against his penis. "I don't think I can tonight
honey" blurted Tim, I can't get my mind off that meeting I have with Bud on

"Let me see if I can Help you honey" said Jill as she slid his boxer shorts
down to his ankles. Jill took Tim's flaccid penis into her mouth and slowly
caressed it with her tongue. Oral sex was Tim's passion and was something he
was never too tired or distracted for, except tonight. No matter how hard
she tried Jill could not get a rise out of Tim.

"I'm sorry honey, I just can't concentrate tonight. Bud made some negative
comments to me on the set this afternoon. I really think he is going to
cancel Tool Time."

Jill gave up and rolled over. She knew she wouldn't get much sleep tonight.
Tim would Toss and turn all night thinking about his job. Jill knew how much
tool time meant to Tim and she knew what she had to do.

"Try to go to sleep Tim, I'm sure Bud won't cancel the show." I have to get
up early and go shopping tomorrow. Good night dear, I love you."


It was Thursday, 11:45 AM and Jill was trembling as she walked towards the
entrance to Bud's Apartment. As she entered the lobby she felt as if all
eyes were on her, even though she had worn her long trench coat over the Mini
Skirt and see through blouse. Only once before had she been out in public
without any underwear on. That was on their 5th wedding anniversary when
Jill surprised Tim at work. It led to one of the most memorable lovemaking
sessions of their marriage. Today she felt like a common hooker going to
meet her john. This would be a day she would always try to forget.

As she entered the elevator Jill pressed P to take her to Buds Penthouse
apartment. She could not stop shaking as the elevator approached the top
floor. She still was not convinced she could go through with it, but she
knew she must for Tim's sake. The bell chimed and the doors slid open.
Bud's door appeared in front of her only footsteps away. Jill stepped off
the elevator and attempted to compose herself.

Bud started smiling as soon as he heard the elevator stop outside the door.
The same instincts that made him so successful in the world of television
also proved invaluable to him in selecting his female pawns. And he knew how
to play his cards. There was no way he was going to cancel Tool Time for
some dime a dozen cooking show. He stood up and adjusted his silk smoking
jacket as he waited for Jill to ring the bell. He knew she was outside
gathering her courage for what she was about to do. He would go easy on her
today, save the good stuff for next week. Today he needed to create his
insurance policy in case Jill ever wanted out. The video cameras he had set
up in his bedroom would capture all of todays events, giving him the leverage
he would need to keep her under his control. He felt his manhood stir as
he heard the doorbell. Very calmly he proceeded to the door and let his
expected guest in.

"Good afternoon Jill, I'm so glad you decided to come. Let me take your coat
for you."

Jill had difficulty with the buttons as her hands were shaking with fear.

"Allow me to help" offered Bud and he quickly unfastened the remaining
buttons. Bud helped Jill slip the coat off then stepped back to admire his
soon to be servant. Jill's breasts stood out prominently, still firm and
proud despite her three childbirths, against the sheer material of her see
through blouse. Bud nodded his approval.

"As far as I can see you followed my instructions. There' s only one place
left to check Please lift your dress up for me and show me your twat."

Blushing and shaking Jill reached down and pulled her dress up over her hips,
exposing her pussy for Bud to see.

"Excellent, It needs a good trim and grooming for my taste but we'll take
care of that later. Come on in and have a seat, I'll pour you a glass of
wine, it will help you relax."

Jill sought the nearest chair as Bud went to get her drink. She was so
nervous her legs were buckling. Bud returned and handed Jill a large glass
of wine. She drank it quickly and it had a soothing effect on her nerves.
She had not been able to utter a word since entering the apartment. She
could feel Bud's eyes staring at her, devouring her breasts through the see
through blouse. Jill felt her nipples hardening and crossed her arms to hide
them from Bud.

"Feeling calmer now" asked Bud, rising from his seat approaching.

"Yes" murmured Jill softly, "but I'm not sure I can go through with this."

"Oh you'll be fine once we get started, and now its time to start. Come with

Jill followed Bud into his Bedroom, it was large and brightly lit, there was
soft music playing in the background. Bud sat down on the edge of the bed
and looked at Jill standing in the doorway.

"Come in and close the door behind you."

Jill followed Buds directions.

"Now remove your blouse, slowly, and show me those beautiful breasts"

Jill pulled the tails of her blouse out of the waistband of her Mini Skirt.
Starting at the top she undid each button. Facing Bud she pulled her blouse
open, exposing her breasts to him. To her dismay her nipples were rock hard.

Bud smiled at the sight. "Take the blouse off and let it fall to the floor"

Jill followed his directions, unaware that her every move was being captured
on video by the camera's Bud had hidden.

"Now remove the skirt"

Jill did so. She was a sight to behold standing there dressed only in her
heels, hose and garter belt.

Bud stood in front of the bed. Jill could see his smoking jacket protruding
below his waist. Bud loosened the belt holding the jacket closed and removed
the jacket. He was naked underneath. Jill gasped at the sight of his erect
penis. She had never seen anything so big and angry. It was easily twice
the size of Tim's, both in length and width.

Bud grinned at the look of amazement on Jill's face. "Its going to get even
bigger when you kiss it. Come on over and kneel before me, you know what I

Jill did not move, her eyes remained fixed on Bud's manhood. All she could
think of was Tim and how much she loved him. She couldn't go through with

"I can't Bud, I just can't. I love Tim too much."

A frown replaced the grin on Buds face. He was afraid this might happen, but
he was ready. He always knew just what to say to get what he wanted.

"That's OK Jill, I understand, you love your husband so much that you don't
care if he loses his job, his career, his dream. You'll always be there for
him no matter how unhappy he is. Isn't that right Jill.?"

Bud had her, Jill knew she could not let Tim lose this opportunity. She must
do what Bud wanted. She walked over to Bud, staring him in the eyes, not
saying a word. Bud knew he had won. Jill dropped to her knees before him.
Reaching up with both hands she grasped his massive manhood. She brought the
tip to her lips and gently caressed it with her tongue. Bud closed his eyes
and began to savor the moment he had been dreaming of. Jill opened her
mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the head of Bud's prick. It was all
she could do to get the first inch or two in, its size was so massive. She
was an expert cocksucker and normally could deepthroat Tim within two or
three strokes. She knew she would never be able to do that to this monster.

Bud reveled at the warmth and moistness of Jills mouth on his dick. It had
now grown to its maximum and Jill had worked her way halfway down his shaft.
He could tell she had given up on trying to go any further. He longed to
grab her by the hair and shove his cock in to the hilt, but that would have
to wait. He did not want to scare her away on the first visit and the
videotapes he was making had to look completely consensus.

Jill picked up her pace as she sensed the tension in Bud mounting. It would
not be long before he exploded in her mouth. She decided to swallow his
cum, to drain him dry. If she could exhaust him perhaps he would let her go
home. Buds first shot of cum blasted the back of Jill throat, its force and
volume causing her to gag. Tim had never shot that much cum in one session,
much less one spurt. Bud kept on shooting spurt after spurt. He had saved
himself for this moment and had plenty of semen to unload. He groaned in
pleasure as Jill did her best to drain him dry. Despite her best efforts
Jill could not swallow all the cum Bud was delivering. Gobs of white goo
leaked out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. Finally Buds dick
stopped convulsing and the semen stopped coming. Exhausted, Jill slid her
mouth off Buds still hard manhood. She looked up at Bud's smiling face.

"That was marvelous Jill, one of the best blow jobs I ever received. Why
don't you go into the bathroom and clean up now."

Jill let out a sigh of relief as she headed to wash up. She thought that Bud
was through with her for the day. If she only knew how wrong she was.


Jill walked out of the bathroom over to where she had dropped her clothes.
Bud was now relaxing on the bed, admiring the wiggle of her tight ass when
she walked. Jill picked up her blouse and started to put it on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa " called Bud, "what are you doing woman?"

"I'm putting my clothes back on so I can leave, I thought we were finished
for today. " replied a hopeful Jill.

"Look at this" said Bud as he grabbed his once again rock hard penis, "does
this look like we are finished? Hell, I haven't even had a chance to play
with that lovely body of yours girl. You drop that blouse now and get over
and join me in bed. We got some fucking to do now."

A dejected Jill dropped the blouse and headed over to the bed. Once again
she started trembling in fear as the thought of Buds huge penis ripping
through her dry vagina went through her mind. She hoped he would at least
use some lubricant. As she sat on the bed next to Bud he pulled her to him.
His mouth sought out her breasts, placing his lips over her nipple Bud began
to suck. Jill could feel her nipple hardening instinctively. Bud next
flicked his tongue across the tip of the nipple, teasing it into fully erect

Alarmingly, Jill felt herself responding to Bud's attention. Despite her
efforts to resist she felt the moistness forming in her vagina. Bud sensed
a change in Jill's breathing pattern. He reached his hand between her legs
and found the opening to her pussy. He probed with his middle finger and
was delighted to find her juices waiting to ease his entrance.

Bud slipped two fingers inside Jill and began to finger fuck her. He found
her clit with his thumb and started massaging it in a gentle, circular
motion. He sought her other breast with his mouth and found the nipple
already erect and waiting for his stimulation.

Jill was overcome with guilt as she felt herself responding to this man. She
clenched her eyes shut and imagined it was Tim doing this to her. She felt
Bud's free hand grab her wrist and guide it to his penis. She wrapped her
fingers around it and started a slow up and down massage. Buds lips left her
breast and started to trail down towards Jill's pussy. Using his hands to
spread Jill's legs, Bud plunged his tongue into her pussy, sending shivers
down Jill's spine. Bud alternated his tonguefucking with quick flicks against
Jill's clitoris. Her juices flowed like a river. Knowing she was ready, Bud
mounted Jill and placed the tip of his penis at the opening of her cunt.
Pausing to allow Jill's anticipation to grow, Bud then plowed into Jill to
the hilt with one quick stroke, his heavy balls slapping against her ass.
Jill gasped for breath as she was impaled, she had not felt this full since
the night she lost her virginity. Bud began to ride her with long firm
strokes. Pain and pleasure filled Jill's loins as she submitted to his lust.
Suddenly Bud withdrew, leaving Jill feeling empty, longing to be filled
again. Bud rolled over on his back and motioned for Jill to get on top.
Time to get some nice facial shots for the video. She did as Bud wanted and
mounted his massive organ. She was lowering herself gently onto Buds cock
when he grabbed her by the hips and slammed her down. Jill understood what
bud wanted and started riding him for all she was worth. Bud's hands found
her breasts and roughly massaged the, pulling and pinching on her nipples,
the resulting pangs of pain interfering with the pleasure she was deriving
from riding Bud's cock.

Bud felt his sperm rising in his cock, ready to explode again. He grabbed
Jill by the hips again, this time lifting her completely off his body. He
forced Jill into a doggy position and quickly slammed into her again, going
even deeper than he had been before. A few quick hard strokes and Bud was
ready to shoot his load. He pulled out and shot load after load of cum onto
Jill's upturned ass. When he had finished he turned Jill around and had her
lick him clean.

"Now you may get dressed, we are through for the day", said Bud as he got
off the bed and got dressed in his smoking jacket.

Jill was torn between relief and disappointment as Bud had not allowed her
to reach her orgasm. Quietly she went into the bathroom to wash up and get
dressed. Bud was waiting for her when she came out. Bud reached into his
pocket and pulled out a wad of money. He peeled off three one hundred dollar
bills and handed them to a surprised Jill.

"Here is the money for the clothes you purchased for todays meeting."

"That's not necessary" Jill tried to return the money.

Bud refused, "Keep the money Jill, there will be other purchases to make."

Jill put the money in her purse, giving Bud the closing scene for the video.
Even after Tim had his long term contract with the station Bud would have
leverage against Jill.

"Tomorrow I will keep my end of the Bargain Jill, Tim will be given a long
term contract with all the terms I promised. In return, I expect to see you
here again next Tuesday, 11:00 AM sharp. Do we have a deal?"

"If you do everything you promised I'll be here" replied Jill, she then left
Bud standing in the bedroom and headed for the front door."

As Bud heard Jill close the door behind her he felt his erection start to
return. Just thinking of all the things he would do to Jill next time had
him excited already. Now that he had his video he no longer had to restrain
himself. He would do exactly what he loved best next time. Until then he
would have to find relief elsewhere, maybe he should give Heidi a call?


Jill was just about to put dinner in the oven when Tim came bursting through
the door.


Jill smiled to herself, knowing that Bud had kept his end of the agreement.
The look on Tim's face made the ordeal she had gone through worthwhile.


"That's marvelous Tim" cried Jill as she ran and gave him a big hug. Now
Jill started wondering how long she was going to have to be Bud's little love
slave. She didn't think she could go on for long.


"Oh Tim, this is too good to be true. Are you sure you can trust Bud to keep
his word?"

"Bud's having the lawyers draw up a new contract, next week I'll have
everything in writing, a three year contract."

Three years thought Jill, I'll never be able to carry on this relationship
with Bud for three years. But if Tim gets everything in writing, in an iron
clad contract, maybe I won't have too.

"When do you get the contract?" asked Jill.

"Next Wednesday" said Tim.

Well I'll have to meet with Bud at least one more time thought Jill.

"Make sure our lawyer looks over the contract before you sign it Tim."

"Will do honey, will do. Where are the kids?"

"They went to the mall to see a movie, they'll be home in about an hour."

"An hour huh," smiled Tim, "that should be enough time."

"Enough time for what, as if I have to ask." Jill knew that look in Tim's eye
all to well.

"Remember earlier this week, I was having some trouble with my favorite tool.
Well it seems to be working fine now and I can't wait to try it out."

"Garage or bedroom" laughed Jill.

"Maybe both" grinned Tim, and with that they both hurried up the stairs.

Upon reaching the bedroom they both tore off their clothes. One look at
Tim's tool, now standing proudly at attention and Jill knew his problem was
behind him. Jill always thought Tim had a very adequate penis, however,
after being reamed out by Bud's monstrosity it paled in comparison.

"Looks like that tool could use some oiling" smiled Jill "Always works better
that way" said Tim as he leapt onto the bed, lying on his back as Jill knelt
between his legs.

Jill slid Tim's stiff tool into her mouth. Within in two or three steady
strokes she had reached its base. With her hand she lightly caressed Tim's
balls. He loved when she did this and grunted his approval. As she worked
steadily on her husband Jill could not help but remember the feeling of Bud's
huge cock stuffing her face and throat. While Tim's penis was very
comfortable to suck, she could not help but long for the excitement of
having that enormous manhood stuffing her face. Guilt came over Jill as she
could not keep these thoughts from entering her head. To ease her guilt she
decided to give Tim a special treat, one that he loved but she found totally

Jill allowed Tim's penis to slide out of her mouth and let her tongue trace
its length down its shaft to his balls. Next she lightly flicked her tongue
across his balls bringing grunts of approval from Tim. Jill allowed her
hands to pry Tim's Ass cheeks apart exposing his anus. Tim grunted in
confusion. On numerous occasions he had begged his wife to participate in
some anal. stimulation only to be promptly rebuffed. Jill would not allow
Tim to touch her anus no matter how hard he tried. This was her one taboo.
Could she be about to touch him there, was his dream finally going to come
true ?

Tim did not have to wait long for the answer. Jill started flick her tongue
ever so lightly across Tim's puckered anus. Out came the longest and loudest
grunt of approval Jill ever heard. Despite the repulsion she felt at what
she was doing, Jill proceeded in earnest now, giving Tim's ass an thorough
tongue bath, even going so far as to give Tim a little tongue fucking.

Tim was grunting and groaning uncontrollably at the attention his ass was
getting. His tool was rock hard and ready to go. Jill, sensing Tim's
pending explosion by the rapid grunts she was hearing returned her mouth to
Tim's cock, deepthroating it hungrily. Inserting her little finger in her
pussy for lubrication, she the probed Tim's anus. As she felt the muscle
relax Jill shoved the finger up Tim's ass. This was like pushing Tim's
launch button and a gusher of cum shot into Jill's mouth. She drank every
drop and both fell asleep on the bed. Later they would make love, each
gratefull for what they had.


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