Home Improvement: Jill Visits the Gynecologist (MF,oral,anal,medic)
by Swedeguy

Jill Taylor stepped from the shower and grabbed a bath towel. As she dried
herself she gazed at her naked body in the full-length mirror. "Not too bad
for a woman who was soon going to be 50," she thought.

Jill kept herself in good shape, working out regularly and eating right. Her
breasts weren't quite as high on her chest as they were 20 years ago, but
they still measured a respectable 35 inches. Her stomach was flat, thanks to
hundreds of situps and her thighs were firm without any trace of saddle bags.

She turned and viewed her butt in the mirror. It was still her best feature.
Her husband Tim, had fallen in lust with it after first sight over 35 years
ago. The two firm cheeks of flesh stood proud on her hips. Jill could wear a
short skirt or tight slacks with women over half her age. She worked hard in
the weight room to keep her sexy derriere in shape by doing dozens of
repetitions on gym leg machines and hundreds of lunges holding dumbbells.

She knew the workouts were necessary if she wanted to continue to draw
prurient stares. All this attention to her tush was just fine with Jill. You
see, since high school Jill was a closet "butt-slut." Mrs. Taylor, mother of
three boys, graduate student, loved the feeling of a hard cock plowing into
her rectum. Of course, she loved getting screwed in her pussy or taking a
prick deep into her throat too, but her anal orgasms were the most intense,
the most satisfying. Generally, it was Tim's dick that pleasured her tight
backdoor, but lately she had expanded her circle of her anal lovers - with
her husband's blessing. Tim did his best but he just couldn't keep her
satisfied. "You're such a horny bitch," she said aloud while flashing a sexy
smile to the image in the mirror.

"I don't know what to do with you," she said aloud. "Jill Taylor you're such
a naughty, naughty girl."

Jill was readying herself for a visit to the gynecologist. She was looking
forward to the exam. For some of her friends, these trips are a source of
anxiety and fear. Donning a paper dress and being poked and prodded with
various instruments can be a real bummer - unless the man doing the poking
and prodding is absolutely gorgeous. Jill was lucky enough to have such a

His name was Dr. Vincent Gulotta. He was tall, dark and handsome. He had
thick black hair, deep brown eyes, and athletic body. From her first visit,
she found herself unable to stop thinking about what it would be like for
him to handle parts of her with the delicacy with which he held his
stethoscope against her chest. He asked Jill questions while reviewing her
charts, while listening patiently, his eyes locking with Jill's for so long
it made her pussy wet.

Jill was reading a magazine in the waiting room when Dr. Gulotta entered and
said, "Good morning, Mrs. Taylor. Good to see you again." Jill rose smiling
and after shaking his hand she heard him say, "That's a lovely dress." She
shrugged off the compliment with some deprecating remark ("This old thing?"),
even though she'd spent all weekend searching the malls for the perfect
outfit for seduction. The blue dress was a clingy affair, high-cut in the
front and low in the back; so low in fact that she didn't wear a bra. The
skirt was short, ending at about mid-thigh. She wore panty hose and high-heel
black pumps. She noticed her breasts wobbled seductively under the material
that rubbed against her nipples. Though Jill knew he'd notice (he was always
quick and generous with the compliments), she didn't expect his eyes to slide
down her the way they did. As she turned to take a seat on the examination
table, she could see his reflection in the mirror over the sink as he stared
lustily at her tits and legs. Jill flushed, and could feel herself
moistening. Just that one look from him would have been enough to satisfy
her. Then he handed Jill the paper gown and said, "Cathy [his nurse] had to
leave early on personal business. If you like, we can postpone the

"Oh, no. That's okay - I took time off to be here, and I'd rather get it all
over with." Jill laughed, then smiled teasingly. He smiled shyly; now it was
his turn to blush as he left the exam room.

Jill stripped and donned the gown. He returned to the room armed with a tray
of swabs and vials and looking unbearably sexy in his white coat. Her pulse
quickened when his hands slid beneath the paper gown and found first one
breast, then the other. It was the best breast exam a doctor has ever given
her; he cupped them, then squeezed gently yet firmly, pulling lightly at her
hard nipples. Jill suppressed a moan.

Asking her to lay down, he lifted the gown over her stomach and rubbed her
torso in search of abnormalities. "Nothing wrong here", he said huskily. Then
he sat at the end of the table and took first the left then Jill's right foot
in his hands, caressing each gently, then softly placing it into a stirrup.
She was so aroused she thought she would faint. Jill felt him place a finger
in her pussy. "Does this hurt?" he inquired, a teasing quality to his voice.
With the gown over her knees, Jill couldn't see his face and had no idea of
what he had planned.

"Oh, not at all doctor," she answered with just enough flirtation in her
voice to keep him guessing.

"How about this?" he asked, pulling his finger out halfway and slipping
another in alongside it. Jill emitted a "H-m-m-m-m-m."

"That's fine," she answered. She heard him chuckle - the arousal in her voice
must have been pretty obvious. He continued to finger Jill's well lubricated
cunt, and then she felt something exquisite on her clit. It took me a second
to realize it was his tongue! Then she could hold it in no longer and moaned
and arched her back as he finger-fucked her and licked at the same time. His
wet tongue moved down the lips of her pussy, down, down until it made a wet
circle around her puckered rosette. Jill gasped and thrust out her bottom.
Taking the queue, the good doctor speared her twitching sphincter with his
stiff tongue.

"Oh-h-h-h, my god-d-d-d-d!!!" Jill hissed while humping to work as much
tongue into her rectum. The doctor, encouraged by this attractive women who
obviously enjoyed anal stimulation, redoubled his efforts and stuck his
tongue as deeply into Jill's rectum as it would reach.

Jill exploded in a mind-shattering orgasm.

"Yes-s-s-s, doctor, yes-s-s-s-s!!!" she moaned loudly.

As her head cleared from the fireworks exploding in her mind, Jill barely
noticed when Dr. Gulotta stood up (without ceasing the motion of his
fingers), lifted her gown over her neck, and fondled Jill's breasts and
stomach with his other hand.

"You have beautiful breasts Mrs. Taylor," he sighed, squeezing each tit
lustfully. He bent down and sucked one nipple, then the other. He looked
into Jill's eyes and said, "Mrs. Taylor, from the first time we met I was
attracted to you. You have a very shapely figure (especially your ass he
thought). My examination suggests that you seem to have a very sensitive

"Yes doctor Gulotta, it's been sensitive since I was a teenager," Jill said
while trying to regain her composure.

"Very interesting," he replied. "It is my experience the most women do not
enjoy anal stimulation. Certainly my wife doesn't."

"Really?" Jill said. "Well, Dr. Gulotta, my anus likes, no needs, lot's of
stimulation, deep stimulation, if you know what I mean. Do you think you
could provide some, uh, professional stimulation?" Jill said while batting
her big brown eyes.

"Yes, I think I can Mrs. Taylor," Gulotta said as he unfastened his belt and
unzipped his pants and pulled down his briefs. They gathered at his ankles.

Jill knew what he wanted, and she spread her knees even wider to let him know
he could have it. He pulled his fingers out of her sopping pussy and rubbed
the tip of his cock over her slick, wet lips. Every molecule in her body
wanted him inside her; she moaned and stared into his eyes, willing him to do
it. He obliged, sliding his big dick into her cunt so quickly and with such
force that they both gasped. Jill's feet curled in the stirrups. His hands
found her breasts and squeezed them hard while he pounded with everything he
had. Suddenly, Jill came for the second time.

"Oh, yeah! Shit! Dr. Gulotta, I'm cu-m-m-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g-g!!!"

Jill regrettably felt the dick leave his pussy and she heard the words she
was waiting for: "Now, Mrs. Taylor. . . I think I need to give your anus some
professional stimulation. What do you think?"

"Only if you think it's necessary," Jill said with her best sexy smile.

As the doctor torn open a condom and pulled in over his thick, nine-inch long
prick he said lustily, "Yes, Jill . . . It's necessary, very necessary."

Jill licked her lips and pushed both feet into the stirrups, raising and
thrusting out her delectable butt. She said, "Doctor, I really prefer that
you don't use a condom."

"I'm sorry Jill, but we must practice safe sex. After all I am a doctor."

"Yes, of course," Jill said sweetly.

She reached down with both hands and pulled open her ass in anticipation of
what was to come.

"You seem to be ready," the doc said as he lined up his throbbing cock with
Jill's rosette.

Over anxious and losing patience, Jill said, "Come doc, quit wasting time and
shove that big cock up my tight ass and fuck the shit of me!"

The obscene words coming from his attractive patient echoed in his ears. Dr.
Gulotta placed the purpled colored head of his cock on Jill's sphincter and

He groaned with the exquisite tightness as he slowly drove his dick up Jill's
hershey highway. "Oh-h-h-h, Jill" he hissed. "I dreamed of doing this from
the first time I saw your unbelievable ass!"

When his cock was buried to the balls in Jill's rectum, he leaned over and
sucked Jill's tongue into his mouth. He then began to work his hips in
earnest, pulling his prick almost out of Jill's ass only to thrust it in
again. With each inward push, Jill groaned in ecstasy and rotated her bottom

Pulling her mouth free she screamed, "Yes, f---ing bastard! Do it! Do it!
Harder! Oh-h-h-h, y-e-s-s-s-s! Harder . . . you f---in' cocksucker! Harder!
Drill my as-s-s-s-s!"

Jill's filthy litany pushed Dr. Gulotta over the edge. His cock erupted,
firing shot after shot of white-hot cum into the condom. Even though she was
denied the warm, exquisite sensation of thick sperm filling her gut, Jill too
exploded in joy, her sphincter muscle grasping the plowing cock in a vise

As his dick deflated and his breathing return to normal, Dr. Gulotta
staggered back to rest against the sink. Jill raised into a sitting position
and said while brushing back a strand of brunette hair, "My, my doctor. That
was certainly was STIMULATING!" Jill said cheerfully.

Between gasping breaths, the good doctor could only mutter, "Yes, very."

Then to his astonishment, Jill stood and removed the cum-bloated condom from
his dick. She looked directly into his eyes she licked her lips sexily,
opened her mouth and poured the thick jizz onto her tongue. She squeezed the
condom to push out all of it contents and when it was empty she swallowed the
mouthful in one gulp. "Delicious," she said with a wink.

The Dr. Gulotta watched Jill smack her lips and knee in front of his already
hardening cock. Jill grasped the man tube and gave it a light kiss on the
rapidly growing head.

"Gees," he said to himself. "Who would have thought she would be such an
incredibly sexy slut!"

Jill pulled the doctor closer, and opened her mouth wide. He looked down and
saw her lips red with lipstick pull back over her perfect, white teeth. He
leaned forward, and watched the first three inches of his cock disappear into
her mouth. Jill gurgled, adjusted her jaws, and forced her head farther and
farther down the slick shaft of the cock. Gradually, her lips moved closer
and closer to the kinky black hair at its base. Her lips moved over the cock
shaft, pulling the organ inexorably deeper and deeper into her mouth. She
felt the bulbous head slide over her well lubricated tongue, then stop
momentarily at the top of her throat. She craned her head to look up at Dr.
Gulotta. She saw his mouth open in amazement, his dark eyes wide with lust.
She paused.

"Holy shit, Jill. All the way down. I know you can do it. I want to feel your
tonsils at the tip," he said hoarsely, his voice dripping with passion.

Jill snorted in a breath of air through her nose, and pushed. The head rammed
the back of her throat, then slipped down past the base of her tongue into
the very top of her esophagus. Still she could feel an inch or two of cock
exposed to air. Gulping down the saliva built up in her mouth, Jill forced
her head forward. She felt the prick slide down her throat, until her neck
bulged with the outline of hard cock.

"Mrs Taylor! You're unbelievable!" he gasped, amazed at the oral hunger of
the woman. The doctor watched her lips move down, finally to come to rest at
the base of his cock, nuzzling the dark curly pubic hairs.

Jill stopped, impaled on his cock. She swallowed several times, feeling the
cock pulse and her blood pound. Then she slowly slurped back up the cock.
Inch after inch retreated from her face, until just the tip was held behind
her loving lips. She reached up and placed the man's hands on her head, and
allowed him to roughly fuck her face with the outer half of his dick. A few
times, he slowly fed the entire length down into her throat as Jill looked
up at him. Finally he shuddered and moaned.

"Oh Jill . . . Oh shit-t-t-t-t! I'm going to cum!" the doctor groaned.

Jill felt the tip of the cock, some three inches down her gullet, expand,
then pulse with the first ejaculation of sperm. It rocketed straight down her
throat. She quickly pulled back, as the cock continued to spasm. One spurt
let loose as the head backed up out of her throat, bathing her tonsils with a
white layer of semen. As the tip moved back across her tongue, another jet
escaped, sliming her mouth and back teeth. Finally she had the tip at her
lips. She spit it out, leaned back, and moaned.

"Come on doc, shoot it on my face!" Jill requested with a sly smile.

"Oh yeah baby!" Gulotta groaned. "All over your face."

He aimed his spurting prick at her nose, and shot a line of white sperm
along the bridge between her eyes, the end disappearing into her hair. He
moved left, leaving a line across her cheekbone. He aimed the head up a bit,
decorating her forehead with sperm. He moved down, splattering her lips with
streams of hot wet goo. The explosions of jizz went on for several seconds,
streaming over Jill's lovely features and decorating her face until there
was barely any dry skin left on it. As the juice dwindled down, Jill opened
her mouth, and the man directed the last few dribbles into it. Shaking his
cock, the drips and drops flew into the dark cavern below it. Finally he was

Doctor Gulotta had never cum such a quantity, in such short a time. But the
sheer sexual prowess of Jill Taylor had excited as no woman had ever done.
"Shit, what fuckin' sex machine!" he said to himself.

Jill quickly cleaned up. Dr. Gulotta sat exhausted in a chair. His wearied
cock hanging limply between his legs.

"As terrific as this was," he said. "We can't do this again. After all, we
are both married and I have the Hippocratic Oath to live up to."

"Yes, I understand Dr. Gulotta," Jill answered brightly. As she was leaving
the exam room she said, "Bye and thanks. I'll be back for my next exam in a
year." She was almost out the door when she paused and stuck her head back
into the room and said, "Will there be a charge for your exam?"

A tired smile appeared in the good doctor's face. He said, "No charge, Mrs.
Taylor, no charge."


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