Home Improvement: Jill's Dilemma Part 1 (M/F,inter,ncon,bmail)
by Wilcox

Bud Harper was a 6'-4" black man, a very powerful looking individual who
was very successful and liked to get his way. He had a thing for white
women and he loved to use his position to manipulate them to his sexual
will, especially women married to men in his employ.

After he'd aquired Binford Tools, he salivated when he'd first spotted the
Tool Time girl Heidi on the set of his cable show. He sent word that she was
to come to his office to discuss her contract. He made a few pleasantries and
then told her that the only way she would stay on as the Tool Girl was to
take care of his tool as well.

Heidi was shocked when he pulled her to her feet and sat her down on his
desk. Bud pulled down his zipper and out sprang the largest blackest penis
she'd ever seen. She'd always thought that she would like to try a black
cock, but this one seemed impossible. Staring at it, Heidi realized what
she had to do to keep her job and with conflicting emotions she reached out
for it.

Her fingers didn't even meet as they wrapped around the thick shaft. She
began stroking Bud's massive black horsecock slowly as she felt her cunt
begin to get all warm and squishy. Bud reached down to kiss her and Heidi
pushed him away and said "NO, wait ... this is happening too fast."

Bud just smiled and said, "You're going to have to perform here honey, and
there is nothing you can say or do about it ... if you want to keep your
job, that is. You do want to be the Tool Girl, don't you?"

"Yes," She replied meekly, though in her conflict she shook her head from
side to side as her hand kept moving steadily on his huge cock. Bud grabbed
the front of Heidi's blouse and pulled it open roughly, nearly ripping it in
two. He then reached deftly between her big breasts and released the clasp
of her red silk bra. Her melon breasts sprang free and Heidi gasped at once
with surprise and pleasure as Bud began to tweak her swollen nipples. Heidi's
eyes closed savoring the feeling as the need growing between her legs washed
through her.

She knew that she had no choice as she reached down and pushed her tight
shorts and panties down in one motion. "Oh, Mr. Harper ...!" Heidi moaned as
she saw Bud's head dip down to her neatly trimmed mound. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... !"
she groaned loudly as his thick hot lips clamped down on her most private
part. "Ohhh ... ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she panted as the teasing
tongue delved into her slick hole. "Oh, Goddddddddd ... ohhhhhhhhhh ... I'm
cumminggg!" she screamed several minutes later, arching up into his leering
black face, as Bud's teeth captured her sensitive clit and the massaging wet
tongue drove her over the brink.

A few minutes later, Heidi opened her eyes and shuddered at the sight of the
massive black horsecock bobbing ominously before her. Bud stood her up, spun
her around, bent her over his desk and placed his massive black horsecock at
the entrance of her moist pussy. He nuzzled it into her cunt and moved the
big head around to get it nice and wet. "Here I come baby," he groaned as he
drove his big black prick up Heidi's spasming slit and began to power fuck
her hard and deep.

Heidi gasped as she rotated her ass in little circles and pushed it back into
his powerful thrusts. Bud ran his hands down her lush body to squeeze her
breasts as he fucked his beautiful Tool Girl hard and deep, just like all of
the show's male viewers dreamed of doing. Bud's cock ground in and out of her
juicy pussy, glistening and gleaming with their juices as he put the boots to

She went off in a string of intense orgasms as Bud pumped her for a good
twenty minutes, then pulled out and slid his huge cockhead between her firm
meaty buttocks up against her tightly puckered rosebud. Heidi whimpered as
Bud's' cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.

"Heidi, you've got the sweetest little ass I've ever seen," he told her. "You
know that I have to fuck you up the ass baby. I just have too. At Binford, we
say that there's a tool for every job and I've got just the tool for this job
right here." Her sphincter seemed to stretch wide around the big knob as he
caved her tiny anus inward. It felt like it was spliting her in two, but Bud
was uncharacteristicly patient, taking it slow, letting her grow used to it
before pushing more in. He planned on using her often and he wanted her to
enjoy being sodomized by his big cock, so he fed it to her inch by inch until
he'd buried it to the hilt.

Once the thickest part of his shaft had entered her, the pain faded and her
ass just felt stuffed. When Bud began sliding his cock in and out, it
stimulated her anal nerve endings and Heidi began thrusting back as she got
into it. "That's it, fuck my ass with your big black dick. OOHH YESSS,
Harder, fuck me harder," she moaned. "Give it to me you big black stud."

He smiled and really hammered his Tool Girl, fucking her up the ass so hard,
her arms collapsed and her face fell onto his desk, leaving her ass held high
for his pleasure. Heidi brought her hand back between her legs and diddled
her clit until an orgasm exploded from her womb. Her own orgasm coincided
with his. Bud's cock bucked in her ass as he stood still and held her wildly
wriggling butt tightly against himself. He threw his head back and groaned
loudly as he got his rocks off, his mouth wide open.

He held her tight for a few more minutes, then Bud pulled out of her glove
tight little asshole and looked down at her quivering body. The cheeks of her
ass showed his handprints on them, her asshole was gaping wide open and his
thick gooey cum was slowly oozing out to join the trickle from her equally
gaping pussy running down her legs.

He gave her sexy little buns a slap and said, "OK sweetcheeks. You get to
keep your job. Now get out of here. I've got work to do. Just remember that
I expect you up here whenever I call you from now on."

* * *

The party for Tim Taylor's cable show, Tool Time, was a big bash held at
the exclusive country club where Tim's boss, Bud Harper was a prominent
member. A membership that he'd managed to obtain due to the success he
achieved through the emergence of Binford Tools as one of the top tool
companies in the mid-west.

Bud made certain he was the first at the club to greet all his employees and
their guests. When Bud greeted the lovely Mrs. Jill Taylor, he was surprised
that she had come alone. He was surprised at her husband Tim not accompanying
her. When he inquired about Tim, Jill became flushed and gave a rather lame
excuse why Tim wasn't with her. After Jill moved on to mingle with her
friends, Bud became determined to find out exactly why Tim couldn't make it.
Maybe, just maybe he could get to Tim's troubled and very beautiful wife and
add her to the list of other men's wives that he'd taken.

Jill Taylor, a pretty brunette, was happily married to the show's star, Tim
Taylor. Or so she had thought until a couple of days ago when they'd had a
huge argument. She had not spoken to Tim since and had decided to attend the
party alone when he took the kids and left in a huff.

Throughout the evening, Bud kept an eye on Tim's wife and noticed that she
was drinking a bit more than he would have expected. Being a member of the
country club, Bud maintained his status by tipping the waiters very well and
of course, all the waiters knew who he was. Calling a waiter aside, he told
him to be certain that the lovely Mrs. Taylor's glass was never empty.

Already a bit tipsy when the dancing started, Jill shuddered when Bud asked
her to dance with him. Though she didn't want to dance with Tim's physically
imposing black boss, she knew she didn't dare offend him by refusing. Jill
always felt uncomfortable at the way Bud looked at her when he thought no one
was looking, undressing her with his leering eyes. She half expected him to
make a play for her or to try and feel her up. She was surprised that Bud was
a good dancer, and he remained a perfect gentleman.

A few times during the evening, Bud came over to ask her to dance with him.
As her husband's boss remained a gentleman throughout each dance with her,
plus the added drinks that she'd consumed, Jill let slip to him what had
transpired between her and her husband and how Tim took the kid's to visit
his parents. Jill did not notice the sly smile and gleam in Bud's eyes when
he heard the news and was not aware of just what kind of danger she was in
for with her husband's devious boss.

Towards the end of the evening, Bud joined the table where Jill was sitting
with Al Borland and his date. Bud told Jill not to worry about drinking and
that he would personally see her home. The others at the table upon hearing
that Bud would be personally seeing Jill home all agreed that she was in good
hands. Little did they know his lustful plans for her.

On the drive to her home, Jill apologized to her husband's boss for her
condition. But Bud reassured her that it was not a problem and that he
understood what she was going through, especially with Tim being so stubborn
and hard headed.

As the car pulled into the Taylor's driveway, Bud got out and assisted Jill
from the car and up the walkway. It was only then that Bud took the first
indecent liberty, as his steadying hand on waist slipped down slowly to
fondle Jill's tight little ass. Jill was stunned, not knowing what to say,
reaching back and down to grasp the fondling black hand to bring it up again
to her waist and a more proper position.

Getting to the front door, Jill managed to get the key from her purse but her
unsteady condition forced her to allow Bud to open the door for her. Jill
grasped the front door and turned to thank him, not wanting him to enter,
fearful of being alone with this man who had just felt her up. But when Bud
told he would appreciate a cup of coffee to keep him awake for his trip home,
Jill could not refuse the request.

Jill shuddered at being alone in her own home with this huge black man, even
though he was her husband's boss. Bud had her sit while he went into her
kitchen to brew a cup of coffee. Seeing the light on her answering machine
blinking, she hit the `play' button to hear her messages.

The volume on the answering machine was set up high enough for Bud to hear
that it was Tim on the answering machine. Bud listened intently and heard a
very apologetic man, telling Jill that he was sorry and that it was all his

Tim said that he'd thought long and hard about what she'd said. He apologized
for not accompanying her to the party. He said that he was going to leave the
kid's with his parents and that he'd be home in the morning to make it up to
her. Hearing this news only served to make Bud that much more determined to
nail Jill right here and now.

Hearing the news, Jill jumped up in happiness. Going to the kitchen, she gave
Bud a hug, "Did you hear that! Oh, I'm so happy!" Bud smiled, she'd come
right into his lecherous arms, his strong hands drifting down to grip her
tight asscheeks. Feeling Bud's hands groping at her ass, reality set back
into Jill's alcohol clouded mind. She began to struggle to get away from the
groping hands, putting her's onto Bud's chest she pushed but to no avail.

"Please ... Bud! Don't ... please, I'm married ... please, I'm a happily
married woman," Jill pleaded. She struggled but she was no match for Tim's
muscular black boss, who was gripping her tightly and pulling her up against
him. "Oh, please ... pl ... pl ... !" she stammered, her pleas cut off as
Bud's mouth covered her pink lips and a thick tongue began to explore her

Jill shuddered as the big incredibly strong black man tongued her, not
releasing her even as she struck him at the shoulders. Bud loved the fight
Tim's sexy wife put up as he lifted her body easily in the air, intent on
taking her up to her bedroom. "No ... no ... put me down," Jill sobbed,
still striking at her husband's boss as he carried her up to her bedroom.
Entering the bedroom, she was flung down upon her bed. Jill futilely sobbed,
pushing with all her might in her attempt to push her husband's devious boss
off her.

She gasped as Bud's huge hand grasped the V of her blouse and yanked it hard,
tearing off the buttons and her bra in the process. Jill sobbed as his strong
black hand began to caress her exposed breasts and tweak her budding nipples.
"Oh ... pleaseeee!" Jill gasped, as Bud began to feast at the tender breast,
something only her husband Tim had previously been allowed the pleasure of.

Lifting up a bit, Bud smiled down at the helpless wife of his show's star.
"So your husband is coming crawling back on his knees to you in the morning?
Well, sweetcheeks, we've got the rest of the night for you to learn how much
you'll love fucking a big black cock! I'm going fuck you good honey and show
you what a real tool man is like!"

Her mind clouded from the alcohol and now this unwanted stimulation made her
body tingle. She felt the groping hand move down to her skirt, then felt it
tear from the brutal yank. Her hands now imprisoned above her head in one to
Bud's strong hands, she felt him lift up as his other hand moved to pull at
her thin panties, then felt them tear from her hips.

Jill was forced over onto her stomach and felt her torn blouse stripped from
her. She was now totally naked on her marital bad, having lost her heels
while trying to fend off her husband's boss, who's huge well-muscled body had
her pinned down. She felt his hand on her ass, then his thick finger pressing
into her. Her cunt began to moisten from the unwanted stimulation and became
sopping wet as he fingered her. She gasped as he lifted and she was pulled up
into a kneeling position in front of him.

How he'd been wanting to bend her over in front of him like this and lay
his lengthy black dick between those firm meaty cheeks of hers. He saw his
big black balls touching her bright pink slit as the long thick black shaft
nestled in between her fabulous white buns, the head peaking out over her
back. What a sight the sweet innocent Mrs. Tim Taylor made as he slowly
sawed his massive black dick through her butt crack!

He savored the moment, then pushed his meaty pole down between Jill's crack
and slid the head of it across her tight pink lips. He used his big black
fingers to pull Jill's pink pussy open and laid his bloated cockhead between
her parted lips. The head of his cock was nearly the size of a plumb and
looked much larger than the white wife could handle, still he fit the head
of it between her open lips and began pushing forward.

"Oh, please, please ... no, please don't!" she muttered, feeling a thick
fleshy instrument probing her slit. She shook in fright, realizing that Tim's
evil boss was about to fuck her, fuck her like a bitch in heat.

"Ohhhhhh ... pleaseeeeee ... noooooooo!" Jill desperately pleaded, feeling
the thick probe rubbing at her entrance to her precious jewel. Her alcohol
induced mind cleared quickly with the adrenaline of fear hitting her. `Oh,
God, what will Tim think of me if he finds out I was fucked by his big black
boss. Oh, God, he'll leave me.' "Oh, please, please don't do it. I'm a
married woman. Please," she pleaded.

"As of right now, your husband's show is canceled," Bud told her. "I've
decided to invest my money in the cooking show that follows Tool Time.
Cooking shows are big right now. You're the only one who can change my mind
sweetcakes. You control the future of Tool Time. At the moment the show is
floundering, the ratings are down and I have no reason not to cancel it.
However, I also feel that if enough money was invested and the show was
syndicated it might have a chance to take off nationally. What I need from
you is a reason to invest that money into Tool Time, so if you know what's
good for your family, you keep this our little secret. You'll be a good girl
and put out whenever I want a piece of ass."

"Sweetie, I'm going give you something Tim will never be able to give you,
a good deep fucking that's going make you beg me for more. You want to tell
your sweet Tim, or anyone about this? Go ahead, and then see how fast his
show is cancelled. Do you really think Tim's going to want to stay married
to you Jill?" taunted a laughing Bud. "From now on when your husband is
carving the holiday turkey and asks you if you want dark or white meat,
you're gonna smile sweetly at him and say, I prefer dark meat to white meat

Tears poured down Jill's lovely face, realizing that her husband's devil of
a boss spoke the truth. He would cancel her husband's show and ruin their
lives and if she reported it, her children would be devastated and all her
friends would treat her differently, recalling how she and her other friends
had whispered about a girl who had been `ruined' by a black man.

She knew Tim wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole, much less his own cock,
if he learned of this. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... awwwwwww ... !" she groaned, as she
felt the huge cockhead push into her pussy lips. "Oh, please! Please take it
out! Please ... oh, pleaseeeeeeee ...!" she sobbed loudly.

Bud just laughed, all the while tormenting Tim's wife by purposely twitching
his giant cockhead at the entrance to her precious pussy, causing Jill to
sob uncontrollably. "Please ... oh, pleaseeeeeeee ... please, no, no ...
noooooooooooooooooo ... arrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned.

A mighty lunge by her husband's devious boss had forced the thick instrument
of her submission through her juicy groove. "Ohhhhhhhhhh ... pleaseeeeeee ...
ohhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh!" Jill sobbed. All to Bud's delight. Hearing Tim's
beautiful white wife moaning, as he fucked her, was pure music to his ears.

"Oh, please ... please ... please ... !" Jill moaned repeatedly, as Bud began
to fuck her slowly with the first six inches of his thick black cock. He
wanted to make her feel it, make her want it and he taunted her as he forced
his cock further and further into depths never reached before.

"Ahhhhh, baby, you're so fucking tight! Your Tim's little pecker's going to
drown in your fucking hole after I stretch it out! Tell your precious Tim
that my big black dick reamed a highway for his pencil dick!" Bud taunted.
His strong hands locked onto her flaring hips and he began to pull her back,
forcing her glove tight little pussy over his oversized black battering ram
of a dick as he slammed himself forward into her quivering upraised buns.

The bed creaked madly, under the brutal shagging, threatening to collapse
from this violent use. Still, an additional three inches of thick cock had
not been put to use as yet. The moaning of this beautiful married white woman
had Bud on the verge of cumming. To Bud, there was nothing better than having
his long black dick in a sexy little bitch like this. He wished her loving
husband could see her now on her hands and knees in the middle of their
marital bed. He'd see his precious little wife with his boss's big black cock
stuffed up her tight little white cunt.

Bud began to slow his strokes, taking out eight solid inches till only his
cockhead remained and then feeding that eight inches back into the now slick
tunnel. Any faster and he'd have popped his load. He certainly did not want
that, not until he gotten his 12" fully imbedded into the beautiful Mrs. Jill

This slow pumping action brought about an unwanted effect on Jill's violated
body. Jill felt her body suddenly betray her. Bud could feel Jill's pussy
spasming around his thick shaft, clenching and releasing, clenching and
releasing. Bud laughed aloud as he felt Tim's wife's body shudder, quivering
in an obvious orgasm. He held his deeply embedded black horsecock still,
feeling Jill's cunt muscles clench and unclench in spasms.

He smiled as Jill began moaning even louder as she climaxed with his big
black cock fucking her. "Gonna tell Timmy boy how you came on my black dick,
Jill?" taunted Bud, which brought about a louder sob of humiliation.

As Jill's body came back down to earth from the powerful climax, Bud's
grip tightened on her flaring hips. Rearing back slowly, priming his mighty
cannon, the long cock was withdrawn till only the cockhead remained.
Remaining in that position, Bud savored the moment of truth, as he panted
in anticipation. With a mighty heave, Bud slammed forward with all his might,
burying his black cock fully, all twelve long thick inches into the precious
body of his show's star's wife.

"Arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhhhhhh!" Jill moaned from the
force of the powerful lunge, feeling as if she was being split in two.
"Ohhhh, Goddddddddddd ... !" she moaned as she felt the Bud's big cock
hammer against her cervex and explode deep in her womb, feeling the searing
hot liquid flood her spasming pussy. She sobbed hearing her husband's
lustful boss grunt out his semen. "Ahhhhhhhh, here it is honey! Ahhhhhhhh,
here's your husband's fucking Christmas bonus, Jill girl! You can collect
it for him!"

Moments later, Bud lifted himself up and off of Jill, his cock finally
withdrawing with a loud obscene `pop'. Going to the pocket of his coat, he
got his tiny digital camera out. He smiled as he snapped a couple shots of
Tim Taylor's beautiful wife on her bed with his boss's cum oozing out of
her well-stretched hole. These photos would come in handy very shortly. He'd
have this beautiful bitch servicing his perverted lusts whenever he wanted.

It was over three hours later before Bud had sated his lust. He had rested
up till his massive cock had built up another full load in his heavy black
balls. Then he turned Jill over onto her back. Crawling between the trim
ivory legs, he lifted her by the ankles and placed one on each of his broad
shoulders. Having bent Jill in two, he could feel his long thick black
horsecock buried even deeper than before as he rode her hard and deep, his
cockhead pounding against her cervex.

So overheated from the hard pounding Bud was giving her, an orgasm washed
over Jill within five minutes. "Aruggggggggggggg ......" she moaned cumming
on the thick pole that lanced her precious body. Twice more, the beautiful
white housewife and faithful mother reached mind-shattering orgasms as she
was fucked on her marital bed by the huge black devil.

Just after her third climax, Bud withdrew till only his giant cockhead
remained in the snug tunnel. He then released her legs from his shoulders
so that Jill lay flat on her back, her trim white legs splayed open, laying
limply on either side of her black lover.

With the next forceful thrust of his loins, Bud buried himself deeply into
her slick moist cavern. He smiled, feeling Tim's wife's immediate response,
as Jill's legs wrapped themselves around his butt locking themselves at the
ankles. He began to shag away at his latest white conquest as she arched up
to meet his powerful thrusts. He rode her through two more mind shattering
orgasms as he deep fucked her on her marital bed before flooding her pussy
with another heavy lode of jism.

Bud pulled out and smiled down at the sexy white woman, curled in a fetal
position on her hubby's bed, cum oozing out of her newly stretched cunthole.
He rested beside her running his big black hands all over her gorgeous white
body, his hungry mouth feasting on her full thrusting tits as he waited for
his balls and cock to reload for another round of serious fucking. After
twenty minutes he felt the strength returning to his loins and lifted up.

Dragging Jill to the center of her bed, Bud got her on her knees again. He
leaned over her body and slid his rockhard cockhead over the entrance to
her ass. Realizing what was happening, Jill pleaded "No, don't Bud, please
no .... I've never had it back there before!"

He pushed his cockhead between her gorgeous buns and nuzzled it in against
her tiny anus as Jill whimpered. He then slid his cock down her crack and
into her cunt quickly, making her groan at the sudden massive invasion. He
pumped her for a minute, then pulled out and pushed his gooey cockhead back
between her lucious buttocks to her tight puckered sphincter.

Jill whimpered again as Bud's' cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus. It
yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips
forward. His massive black cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep
up her virgin asshole.

Bud loved how she tried to buck him off. But it only served to delight him
more as he slammed his ramrod more and more forcefully into her tight virgin
ass. Bud could tell that Jill had a virgin asshole just by her high pitched
screams, as his 12" horsecock forced its way in.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Bud gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her firm buns, his head flung back as he flexed
his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Jill's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt so good in her anus,
hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper it went, and Bud
groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in her anus, his
hips pressing to her buttocks.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Bud gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized Jill
slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of her anus,
glistening and gleaming with their juices. She moaned and shuddered, rocking
to and fro under him like a bitch in deep rut. Her body rocked and jerked
under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing wildly in his

His hands slid back up her lush body and locked on her hips, pulling her anus
up and down the length of his cock. "Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh
ohyes oh yes do it, baby ... fuck me! Fuck my ass you big black stud ... fuck
my ass ... give it to me Bud ... fuck my ass ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big
black stud! Fuck me!"

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Bud ram
fucked her tight little asshole furiously, hammering his hips at her
buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her impossible stretched anal canal.
Bud drilled her anus like a man possessed, skewering it heavily, going in
deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. Jill exploded, her fingers tightly
clenching the bed sheets. She whimpered and cried out in joy. He finally
lost control. He gasped, jerking out of her sweet asshole.

"Suck my cock, Jill!" he cried. "Suck it! Wanna cream in your face!" Jill
moaned and spun around on her knees before him and took his cock deep in her
mouth, sucking it rapidly, her head rocking back and forth before his thighs.
She could taste her cunt and ass and his jizz on his cock.

She squeezed her breasts eagerly. Bud gasped, his hips lurching to and fro,
his head flung back, wincing in pleasure. It was too much to bear. He groaned
in relief. Jill sensed his orgasm and opened her mouth wide, jerking his cock
in her fingers, her tongue whipping his cockhead.

The heat surged from his cock and spurted out, jetting down into her open,
hungry mouth, spattering her face and breasts with it. Jill groaned,
swallowing his musky seed, crushing her breasts together, smearing the black
devil's gunk on her nipples and in her cleavage. After he'd emptied himself
in her mouth and on her body. He staggered back, groaning.

Jill stayed on her knees; her head flung back, her eyes closed, sensuously
caressing her breasts and face, licking his jizz off her fingertips. Bud
moved back behind her and fit his dick against her ravaged asshole. His
cockhead throbbed at her anus as he pressed forward. It easily yielded under
the pressure and Jill pushed back against it as he flexed his buttocks and
slid his hips forward. His cockhead popped deep into her rear channel and
her head jerked up as he began to sodomize her again.

Jill became numb in her body as her black lover fucked her up the ass for
another half-hour non-stop before he deposited his heavy load of potent spunk
deep up her tight little asshole. Then they fell to the bed and cuddled as
they fell asleep.

Before leaving in the morning, Bud gave Jill another belly full of his potent
semen. He just loved seeing Tim's loving wife suck on his big black cock,
especially when she tried to scramble away from his thick horsecock as he
forced it all the way down her throat. He just laughed and said, "taste a
real man sweetcakes."

He loved the way her blue eyes bulged when she couldn't get enough air to
breathe. How she choked and was forced to swallow the copious load that his
black balls generated. He took a couple of photos of Jill with his black
cockhead between her sweet pink lips. He told her that she'd better not
think of telling anyone, because he'd cancel Tool Time and see to it that
her husband Tim, along with her parents, got a set of the photos of her
fucking a black man.

After Bud left Jill staggered into the bathroom to clean up. She let the
shower wash away the sweat and caked on cum from her body, then realized that
Tim would be arriving soon. She began to pant in desperation, not wanting him
to find her in this condition. That she had been fucked by his huge black
boss. `God, I've got to strip the bedspread of all the evidence before Tim
comes home' she thought.

Drying herself, Jill slipped into a robe. Then she saw the time and panicked,
knowing Tim would be coming in just moments. She saw the sheets and the
blotches of white stains that soiled them. Stripping off the evidence of her
adulterous night, she threw her clothing into the sheets and rolled them up
to stuff in the hamper.

Just as she completed remaking the bed, she heard Tim calling out to her and
heard footsteps approaching the bedroom. She gulped, realizing she had to put
on a good front and act as if last night had never taken place. "Hi honey! I
got your message. I just got out of the shower" she responded, turning to see
Tim with a bouquet of roses for her.

Tim put the flowers on the bed and took Jill in his arms, kissing her madly
and again apologizing. As Tim began trying to ease the robe off her
shoulders, Jill was trying to discourage him by telling him they had should
have breakfast first. But the way in which Tim was kissing and fondling her,
Jill realized he would not take `no' for an answer. "Oh, Tim, please ...
please ... Tim, please!" she pleaded to no avail, as he pulled her down onto
the bed.

Later that day, leaning against her husband, Jill wondered just what was in
store for her. What would she have to do for Tim's perverted boss to prevent
the pictures from being sent to Tim? What she'd have to do to keep Bud from
canceling Tool Time and devastating Tim and her family. She thought of how
she'd become a willing participant, writhing and milking Bud's big black dick
with her pussy and asshole, of how she'd sucked him off and swallowed all of
his thick gooey jism.

She shivered at the thought of letting Tim's boss put his huge black hands on
her again. But she knew better, knew it was more than his black hands that
she would have to worry about, there was the matter of his twelve inch black
horsecock and the incredible pleasure it had given her in spite of her best
efforts. MMMMM she thought as her fingers slid into her slit, it's so fucking
big. I wonder when he'll call me again?


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