Home Improvement: Jill's Dilemma 2 (M/F,inter,ncon)
by Wilcox

Jill Taylor was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. Looking out towards
the den, she watched as her loving husband Tim and her three sons watched
television. She sighed at the sight, worried that someday they might learn
the truth about her and Tim's black boss, Bud Harper. So much had happened
over the past year and Jill felt totally trapped and ashamed of how she
repeatedly gave herself to men other than her husband.

It was almost a year ago that Bud Harper had first taken her. He'd satisfied
his lust for her body the night of the big party at the Country Club and ever
since that night Jill had no choice but to allow Tim's muscular black boss to
have her whenever the mood struck him.

It had been a shock when Bud arranged to barter her to one of his clients in
exchange for his account. Jill came to learn that the promotional tour that
Bud had sent Tim off on was really a ruse to leave her home alone to act as
hostess for a dinner at her house for one of Binford's clients. Bud's
blackmailing threats to send those terrible photos he'd taken of her that
first night to her husband and parents forced her to give in to his demands.

Bud had her send the kids over to her sister's house for the night and the
evening had ended with the client fucking her on the bed that she shared with
her loving husband. While Tim was off on his trip to promote Tool Time, she
was in the process of entertaining Bud's client on her marital bed. She
shivered as she recalled the helpless feeling of the man's hands upon her

Trapped firmly in place on the bed that she shared with her husband, she was
held on all fours as the fat bastard crawled up upon the bed and mounted her
like an animal. Jill had second thoughts and tried in despair to get away
from him, to buck him off of her back, but it was too late for that. He took
her like a dog after a bitch in heat while Bud captured it all on videotape.

Jill didn't know how she survived the ordeal, wishing she would die rather
than be forced to suffer the humiliation and degradation of this fat pig
satisfying his lust upon her body. She could only sob in her disgrace as he
had grunted out his horny lust into her body. After he had satisfied himself
in her, Jill then learned just what was in store for her. The client had
smiled and departed after assuring Bud that the account was his.

Half an hour later she'd collapsed face first onto the bed that she shared
with Tim. It was her husband's huge black boss who held her firm white buns
tight against his pumping black loins. It was her husband's huge black boss
whose hands were locked onto her flaring hips; his massive black horsecock
deeply embedded in her as only a husband and wife should be.

All Jill could do was to sob in shame at having again lost control of her
body as Bud pounded her pussy into submission. Finally she felt him easing
back from her body, shuddered when she felt his long thick cock plop out
from her ravaged slit. But as she tried to crawl away, she again felt his
strong hands upon her hips, only this time those hands pulled her over on
the bed till she was lying on her back. Then she groaned as her husband's
huge boss covered her with his glistening black body.

With the sweaty body of her husband's big boss sliding upon her, she groaned
as her kneed her legs wide apart as his mouth captured a sensitive nipple.
One after the other, her pink nipples were suckled and chewed upon. She tried
to push the muscular body from her, wanting so desperately to crawl out from
under him. In response, her husband's boss thrust himself down onto her,
grunting with pleasure as his massive cock sank deep into her ravaged slit.

Jill made an attempt to block everything out of her mind while her husband's
boss vented his lust for her. She began sobbing uncontrollably as he
continued thrusting into her and she again responded by rolling her hips and
began humping away to match his insistent thrusts. Finally, it was all over
as his body convulsed and he grunted as he spewed out his potent seed into
her, his muscular body collapsing and pinning her body to the bed.

When Tim's boss had finally pulled himself off her ravaged body, Jill prayed
that he had satisfied his lust for her but Jill would discover that she was
essentially to be his sexual plaything over the next six weeks while her
husband was kept away on various promotional trips. She was not prepared for
all for the unspeakable indignities that she would suffer at the hands of her
husband's devious boss. Besides being forced to submit to him in the manner
in which he had already repeatedly taken her, she would soon discover the
depths of his depravity.

Early the next morning, after being fucked throughout the night, Jill got
her first taste of the extent of Bud Harper's depravity. She literally got a
taste of it, on her knees before him as he sat on the edge of the bed on the
side where Tim slept. With the top of her head up against the six-pack of his
muscular body, his powerful hands on top of her head, she was forced to seek
out his manhood with her mouth.

As she was in this subservient position to her husband horny boss, Jill could
not believe the gall of this man as he picked up his cell phone to make a
phone call as she was on her knees blowing him. Then a chill of horror shot
through her body as she heard him say, "Good morning, Tim! How was your
trip?" Realizing his intent, Jill tried to pull away from the pulsing member
but felt Bud's grip on her hair tighten, holding her tight up against his
hard belly with his long thick black horsecock deeply imbedded in her mouth.

Jill felt nauseous as she was forced to suck upon Bud's massive cock, all the
while suffering the further indignity of knowing that he was talking to her
husband on the other end of the line. As the conversation was coming to an
end, she felt him begin to hump faster and faster into her face, obviously
intent on spewing his load into her face while keeping Tim on the line. Then
she heard him sigh a bit as he began to spew out his thick load into her
sucking mouth, telling Tim, "Oh, you're such a lucky fellow, Tim! A beautiful
and faithful wife like yours is so hard to come by these days!"

With his fingers entwined tightly in her hair, Jill could not shake her head
loose to dislodge the oozing cock in her quickly filled mouth. Her body
shuddered in disgust at the depraved act that she was forced to perform for
her husband's evil boss while he spoke to her husband on the phone. She
shivered as her cheeks began to bloat out from the huge load Bud was pumping
out. She had to swallow it all down or choke as the twitching cock continued
to ooze more and more of its seed into her mouth.

For the next six weeks, Jill had been essentially a sex slave while her
husband was sent away every weekend on a continuous stream of promotional
tours for his show. Tim's boss had been quite proficient in having prepared
for all the little details in advance. Baby sitters, housekeepers - all were
there to handle the needs of the Taylor's' household. Jill Taylor's only
role during this period was to please the seemingly endless lusting desires
of her husband's horny boss, Bud Harper.

Jill dreaded whenever the phone rang. With the hold that Tim's boss held
over her, she knew what it meant when the phone rang shortly after her
husband left the house. She'd had to meet Bud in a variety of places.
Sometimes a motel, sometimes at his apartment and often in his office
where he loved to fuck her from behind as she lay sprawled forward over
his desk. She desperately wanted not to answer but knew better than to
risk the wrath of the demented Bud Harper and in spite of herself she
knew that she needed his big cock to satisfy her as Tim's smaller cock
could not.

Bud Harper was delighted in having succeeded in achieving his goal of
subjugating the sexy little wife of his cable show's star. With Jill now a
slave to his will, he put his devious plans to work. Besides enjoying the
pleasures of defiling a pretty little beauty himself, he found it quite
exciting to set up a woman in degrading herself with the likes of a man
that she would not normally give a second glance to. Especially when it
came to closing a business deal. He would often use Heidi but a number of
his clients had a thing for taking a beautiful married woman.

One such client was John Johnson. Bud Harper had been treated him to lunch
several times, along with a recent round of golf at the plush country club
the other week. After a lot of drinks at the 19th hole, the conversation
got looser and turned to women and sex. That topic of conversation was
John's favorite and he began to take a liking to Bud Harper.

With Bud bringing up the topic, obviously in search of his interests, John
let it be known that he was indeed interested by throwing out a bone to the
man. "Well, Harper, we might just be in need of taking on a new line of
tools! Of course, I'd have to convince the board as to the reasons why your
particular brand of tools would best for the company!" he advised.

Drinking at the clubhouse that night, the two men began swap sex stories,
telling each other of their exciting conquests. Bud Harper had bragged of his
exciting conquest nailing the beautiful wife of one of his employees. "Best
of all, her stupid husband has no fucking idea that I'm banging her on a
regular basis! Fuck, she's a fucking beauty and even after having three kids
her pussy's still as sweet and tight as a virgin's!" Bud bragged.

John laughed upon hearing the story and then told Bud, "Yeah, fucking a
beautiful married white bitch is a hell of a thrill! Done that a few times
myself! But the one fuck that blew my fucking mind was when I nailed this
beautiful white bitch who was fucking married! It's was a thrill fucking
her doggie style while I could see her husband talking to his friends in
the distance! That was ten fucking years ago! Wish I good get another fuck
like that - fucking mind blowing!"

Bud laughed and applauded the story that John had just relayed, telling him,
"You're coming to a party next week! Your wish is gonna come true! If you
don't think this little bitch is beautiful, I'm setting up an eye appointment
for you! And best of all, she'll fuck you anywhere you want and I can
guarantee that you'll be able to watch her clueless husband while you fuck
her. I've been banging her for a while now and her shithead of a husband has
no fucking clue that I'm doing her!"

The next day Bud called Tim and asked him to to host a party at his home for
some of Binford's biggest clients. Bud told Tim that he'd arrange for the
caterers and everything else. All he and Jill had to do was act as host and
hostess because the clients wanted to meet them both. Tim knew that he
couldn't refuse and he told Bud that it was no problem.

For the guests entering the Taylor home the night of the party, it was quite
obvious that nothing was spared in regards to the cost of the party. Jill
swallowed deeply as Tim's evil boss greeted them with open arms as he came in
and she had to endure his hug. She winced as he embraced her with, "So nice
to see you again, Mrs. Taylor! You look radiant tonight!" She shuddered as
she felt his hand slide down her back to fondle her ass through her dress
when Tim turned to shake hands with a client. Then again as she heard his
whisper in her ear, "Got a little surprise in store for you tonight,

As a cocktail hostess brought them glasses of champagne, Jill gulped at her
drink nervously, knowing that the 'little surprise' that her husband's boss
had in store for her would be something she would certainly come to dread.
Then Bud waved to a tall muscular black man, appearing to be in his
mid-forties, who had just arrived. She and Tim were then introduced to Mr.
John Johnson, who was in charge of sales for a national hardware chain. It
became quite apparent that Tim's boss was wining and dining this man whose
say could swing their account over to Binford Tools.

Tim had heard of this important man from his boss earlier and knew that Bud
was trying to get the account from this man's company. When Mr. Johnson
complimented him on having such a beautiful wife, Tim responded "Why, thank
you, Mr. Johnson!"

Tim conversation with Mr. Johnson allowed Bud Harper to step closer to his
employee's lovely wife. It gave him great joy to be feeling her up right
under the nose of her unsuspecting and loving husband. Even more enjoyable
to see Jill shuddered from his caressing of her tight little ass, blinking
back tears of shame. Leaning over to whisper he told her, "You take Mr.
Johnson for a walk out in the backyard tonight, sweetie! He's got a thing
for fucking sexy white married women! He even told me that the best thrill
he's ever had was when he nailed a little married slut while he could see
her unsuspecting husband! Think you can give him another thrill like that,
Mrs. Taylor?"

Jill nearly broke out crying right then after learning just what her
husband's demented boss was demanding of her. Bringing the glass of
champagne up to her lips, she downed the remainder in the glass,
wanting to get intoxicated and numb herself from what was to take
place. She couldn't believe that the devious man was going to separate
her from Tim at the party. Bud was pairing her up with this big black
stranger and her husband's boss was expecting her to land this new
account by putting out for this man.

Jill shivered when Bud asked, "Oh, Mrs. Taylor, would you be so kind as to
entertain Mr. Johnson for a bit? I need to greet some of the incoming guests
and want to introduce your husband to them!" A chill went through her body
as she watched her husband being led away, leaving her all alone with this
tall muscular black man who was stripping her clothing off with his leering

With darkness having set in outside, Jill bit her lip as the firm hand of
John Johnson grasped her at her elbow, leading her to the sliding glass door.
Heart pounding in her chest, totally speechless as this strange black man led
her outside, Jill knew that looking at the flowers and shrubbery were the
farthest thing from his mind. There was only one reason that this man was
leading her outside, to fuck her, and she closed her eyes, wishing that she
could rush back inside to her husband and safety.

Blinking back tears, Jill sniffled once the door closed behind them as the
hand released her elbow and was now caressing her asscheeks through her black
evening dress. Then he turned and pulled her toward him, planting his lips
upon hers and holding her tightly to him. She desperately wanted to struggle
and get away from this stranger but remembered Bud's order to 'entertain'
this man.

A short time later, having been led to the corner of the yard, Jill was led
around a small rock wall Tim had recently built for her to plant flowers in
front of. Pushed forward, she reached out to brace herself against the waist
high wall. She could see inside the house through the large picture window.
There were a few couples engaged in conversation and she saw her husband
standing next to his devious boss. Mr. Johnson could see Tim as well and
whispered in her ear, "This is perfect sweetcheeks."

Knowing what was expected of her, Jill had eliminated wearing the pair of
smoky hose that she normally wore with the black dress. With her flawless
legs always having men's heads turning as she passed, she had felt that it
would not hurt to do away with the garment this one night to make things go

Bent over, panting in fear of being discovered, Jill looked ahead at the
people milling about and prayed that none would come out and take a stroll
in her direction. "Please ... oh, God, please ... please, Mr. Johnson!
Someone ... someone could come by! Please ... please ... not here! It ...
it's too dangerous!" she panted, feeling his strong hands now fumbling at
the waistband of her lacy black panties.

Shuddering as the skimpy wisp of clothing began slithering down her thighs
to fall at her heels, Jill was in a panic as she heard a zipper being undone
behind her. "Spread'em, bitch!" she heard the lewd command from the man that
she had only recently met. Feeling the man's knees up against her thighs,
she moved her legs but felt them being constricted by the panties around her
ankles. Panting nervously, Jill stepped out of her panties and kicked them

Legs wide spread, Jill shivered and moaned as she felt the thick blunt
prodding between the back of her thighs. "Please ... oh, please, Mr.
Johnson ... ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh, Godddddd! Oh, God ... you ... you're
too bigggggg! Please ... please be gentle!" she panted.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss ... ohhhhhhh!" Jill moaned as the
thick cockhead parted her slick cuntlips. Then she heard the gruff voice
from behind say, "You want it, don't you, Mrs. Taylor? You're nothing but
a two-bit whore, aren't you? Tell me what kind of slut you are, Mrs.

"Please ... please ... oh, please ... don't make me beg ... don't humiliate
me!" she pleaded. Then feeling the thick cockhead being withdrawn till only
the tip remained capture in her stretched slit, Jill pushed back to impale
herself on the pleasure giving instrument, only to find the strong hands on
her hips preventing her from achieving her goal. "Please ... oh, please ...
please fuck me! Fuck me ... fuck me like the slut I really am! I ... I'm
nothing but a cheap little whore ... I want you to fuck me with your big
black cock!"

"Oh, yessss ... stroke it ... stroke it ... slide your cock up my pussy!
Yessssssss ... ohhhhhh, yessss ... fuck me like a bitch in heat ... ohhhhhh!
Oh, God ... soooo good ... so gooddddd!" Jill chanted as she looked ahead in
a complete daze.

Had Jill been concentrating on the people milling about inside, she would
have noticed her next door neighbor Wilson slip out of her house and head
back to his house. Wilson had come to the party as a courtesy, but he felt
a bit uncomfortable with the people inside. Returning home to get away for
awhile, his ears perked up upon hearing a woman's moans as he walked towards
his back door.

Edging his way behind their shared fence, he peered into the darkness as his
eyes grew accustomed to the dim lighting of the area. He couldn't believe
what he was witnessing as his eyes made out the always prim and proper Mrs.
Jill Taylor being fucked royally just a mere fifteen feet from where he

Putting his arms around the sexy beauty, John Johnson slid his hands down her
body to free and squeeze her full jiggling breasts as he thrust up into her
tightly gripping cunt. "Oh, you sexy little whore! A beautiful little bitch
like you letting your husband's boss fuck you! Oh, baby ... take that ...
ahhh, Goddd ... look ... look up and you can see your asshole of a husband
standing next to the man who's been fucking you behind his back!"

Eyes wide open in disbelief, Wilson witnessed the wild fucking taking place
and the mutual climax reached by the two strangers. He couldn't believe he
was seeing his neighbor's wife being fucked out of her mind. "Oh, God ...
ohhhhhhh ... I ... I'm cummmingggg!" he heard the sexy beauty groan through
her clenched teeth. With the muscular stranger burying his long thick black
cock into the shuddering woman, Wilson heard him groan, "Ahhhhhh, bitch ...
gonna flood your little belly with my hot cum ... uhhhhhhh!"

Wilson had always considered Jill Taylor to be real classy, a prim and proper
beauty. But how wrong he was ... she was no lady, not the way she was moaning
and humping her sexy white butt back as this big black stranger. 'Oh, God ...
I'd sure like to get me a piece of that sexy little bitch!' he thought.

Moments later as the heavy panting ceased, Wilson could see the lovely beauty
bending down and searching about the grass covered ground. Then he observed
the man next to her reach down to pick up something and tossing it over the
nearby fence, right in his direction. His cock gave a twitch when he heard
Jill gasp, "Nooo ... what ... what did you do? What did you do with my
panties? Where did it go? I ... I must find it!"

Then he heard the gruff male voice say, "A slut like you don't need any
panties! C'mon, bitch, let's go back inside and be sociable with the other
guests!" Then Wilson watched the man pull the reluctant and struggling wife
along the path towards the house. Finally able to breathe again, he knelt
down on the grass and felt about the ground with his hands. A wide grin broke
out on his face as his fingers made contact with a soft silky item. His cock
gave a twitch in his pants as he fingered the lacy wisp of clothing. Holding
it up to his face, he took a deep breath to inhale the sweet fragrance.

Back in the house, Jill swallowed deeply as John Johnson held her elbow and
guided her to where her husband and his boss were standing. She felt so
depraved, so ashamed to be standing next to her loving husband with another
man's cum drooling down her thighs at that very instant. She shivered and
blushed with shame when Bud asked, "Oh, did you take Mr. Johnson for a nice
stroll in the garden?"

A few moments later, Jill smiled as she greeted her next door neighbor
Wilson. Shortly, her husband waved at one of his customers nearby and excused
himself while Bud and John Johnson drifted off to meet some other guests,
leaving Jill alone with Wilson. She breathed a sigh of relief and was just
glad to relax, getting to chat with her worldly neighbor who had always been
friendly, helpful and treated her with the utmost respect.

With drinks flowing freely, Jill and Wilson wandered about the crowd towards
the far end of the large room where it was not as busy as the entrance area.
Trying to get over what took place earlier in the back yard, Jill downed
another glass of champagne. Nearing the bathroom, she excused herself for a
moment as she was in need desperate need of wiping up the cum that was oozing
out of her well stretched cuntlips and beginning to run down her thighs.

Feeling the effects of the champagne, drinking far more than she normally
did, Jill enjoyed Wilson's company. Then she heard him say, "You've got to
see this really marvelous artifact that I found earlier! Come with me over
to my house for a minute so I can show it to you Jill!" Walking out the
back door, Jill followed Wilson around the fence that separated their yards.
She wondered just what he had to show her, but also relieved at being able
to escape from the party for a little while.

As she entered his house and looked at the nice furnishings, Jill was unaware
that her neighbor had locked the door behind him. "What did you find and
want to show me, Wilson?" she asked as she turned to face her extraordinary
neighbor. Her mouth dropped wide open with a gasp and her heart nearly
stopped as she saw his grinning face. He was twirling a lacy black pair of
panties on his index finger. It was her panties twirling about on her
neighbor's finger.

Totally speechless and frozen to the spot, Jill watched as Wilson stopped
twirling her panties. Watched as he drew the silky black garment up to his
face. She watched as he inhaled deeply with his nose buried in the crotch
of her panties, watched as her silky panties were being rubbed all over
Wilson's face.

Staring at the leering man, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I
saw you out in the garden, Jill! I saw how you entertained that big black
Mr. Johnson! I heard how you been putting out for Tim's boss Bud as well."

Tears welled in her eyes and began to roll down her cheeks as she pleaded,
"Please ... please, Wilson ... don't tell Tim! He ... he doesn't know that
I've been unfaithful! I ... I'll do anything ... but please don't tell Tim!"

Wilson smiled widely, telling the distraught wife and mother, "You're so
beautiful, Jill! I certainly wouldn't want to upset Tim with such news! I
guess I could be convinced not to say anything! Maybe a kiss for starters
might just convince me, Jill!" As the lovely chestnut haired beauty nervously
licked her lips and took a step towards him, he added, "I often dreamt of
getting a kiss from you, Jill! Getting a kiss from you while you're on your
knees and looking up at me!"

Tears flowing down her face, a shudder of horror coursing throughout her
body, Jill took another step forward then slowly dropped to her knees on the
plush carpet. Knowing what was expected of her, Jill reached up to undo her
neighbor's belt and unbuttoned his pants. Slowly pulling down the zipper,
her eyes were focused on the huge throbbing bulge lying beneath his shorts.

"Ohhhhhh, Jill! Ohhhhh, just like in my dreams! Dressed so elegantly in your
black dress and heels, kneeling before me with my cock in your hot sucking
mouth! Oh, baby ... yessssssss! Ahhhhh, you suck like a pro ... oh, Jill ...
eat me ... ahhhhhhhhhh!" Wilson moaned. Wrapping his fingers in her long
light brown hair, he began face fucking the woman of his dreams. "Oh,
baby ... look up at me! Ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh ... I want to see the look in
your eyes when I cum in your hot sucking mouth! Oh, God ... yes ...
yeesssss ... eat it ... eat it all Jill honey!"

Tears flowing from her eyes, Jill swallowed time and time again as her
lecherous neighbor's cock, buried deep in her mouth continued to twitch and
spurt its gooey seed. It was such a huge load that some escaped out of the
corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

When the cock of her next door neighbor was pulled from her mouth, the hands
entwined in her hair pulled her up from the carpet of his study. Then she was
suddenly spun around and pushed forward toward the back of his couch. Jill
felt Wilson caressing her body, and then he pushed her over the couch and
threw her dress up over her back. She felt so ashamed as she heard from
behind, "I was never much for sloppy seconds, Jill! Ohhhhh, I wish I'd know
how much you loved cock before tonight! Godddd, I'd have had you in here a
long time ago!"

He heard all the incredible, watery sounds of the cuntlips spreading open for
his thick cock to enter. He could feel her hot, wet flesh pressing against
his cockhead, sliding along it, gripping it with a kind of slow, liquid but
hot and velvet grip.

"Ohhhhh fuck me... ahhhhh," she cried to him as the whore inside her again

Wilson started sliding his long thick cock inside her pussy, inch by inch. As
her next door neighbor's cock slid into her, Jill's body shivered as pleasure
coursed throughout her body. Closing her eyes, she unconsciously began to
fuck back onto Wilson's sturdy cock, moaning "Oh, Wilson ... ohhhhhhh ... oh,
God ... fuck me ... fuck me! Treat me like the whore I really am!"

He maintained the slow penetration, until he was as deep as possible. Then he
started pounding her with total passion and abandon. Every now and then, he
felt her cunt tremble and tighten up a bit, then loosen, then tight again ...
she was climaxing continously now. "Oh yes yes yes ahhhh," she moaned in
total abandon.

Wilson couldn't hold himself back any longer. He pounded her with all his
might. His cock was reaming her deeply. His heavy balls pounding her ass as
his cock rammed her cunt to the hilt. He felt his head swell, ready for the
cumming of a lifetime.

They both came as he filled her cunt with spurt after spurt after spurt of
hot sperm. He felt her tremble like an earthquake, so deep, violent and
truthful. She felt his big cock swell, become even more massive. She couldn't
help it ... she orgasmed with an intense climax. She almost died of lust
feeling her neighbor's swollen prick ramming her, pumping his sperm in her
hot cunt.

She let out a gasp and fainted.

He withdrew his cock out of her cunt and started playing the gooey head over
her tiny anus. She didn't move at all. Soon his prick was erect again. Her
ass muscles were completely loose in her unconscious state and he started
pushing his wide cockhead inside her anus, slowly and carefully caving it
inward. She almost woke up, but she only mumbled a bit.

"I'm going to fuck Jill's tight little asshole!!" he thought, and the thought
of him ass-fucking his neighbor's hot little wife gave his prick an extra
inch in width.

She started waking up, and felt the pain from her anus. "My God, he was
fucking her up the ass!" flashed through her brain.

"Noo ... please not there... I don't want that ... God it hurts sooo
much... it' so huge... oh God," She whispered with pain and growing lust.
"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... noooooooooooooooo ... God, ooooooooooo ...
aaaaaargggggggggg," came the shrieking screams as Wilson slammed forward
with all his might. He buried his big cock into the bowels of his beautiful
neighbor to the hilt and began a deep powerful thrusting rhythm.

After several minutes of taking Wilson's big cock up her ass Jill whimpered,
writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. He gasped, running his hands
down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized Tim's sexy wife slowly,
deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of her anus, glistening and
gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering softly in a way that only seemed to inflame Wilson's passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands sliding onto her hips, pulling her
glove tight anus up and down the length of his thick cock.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhyeh Oh yeh c'mon take it take it Jill, take it!" he

She started loving his big cock ramming her tight little asshole. "Yes uhhh
yes ... fuck me! Fuck my ass, give it to me lover... Fuck me!" she moaned as
he fucked her up the ass hard and deep.

The following day when he got home from the show, Tim couldn't find his wife
in the house. He knew the boys all had activities after school. "Jill should
have been home," he thought, "well maybe she's running a little late." He
looked out the rear window and saw the top of his neighbor Wilson's head over
their common fence. He opened the door and called out, "Hey, Wilson! Jill
should be here any minute now. I've got to drop a hand drill off at the
Hardware Store. If you see Jill come in, can you tell her I'll be back in
about ten minutes to take her out for dinner, OK!"

"Well, Hideho neighbor. I sure will, no problem at all Tim! In fact I'll be
happy to entertain your lovely wife till you get back!" came the reply from
over the back fence.

With Tim gone, Wilson looked down on his side of the fence at Tim Taylor's
beautiful wife on her knees before him. He moaned, "Hear that, Jill? Ten
more minutes before your hot liquid meal is served! Ohhhhh, yes ... use
that wonderful tongue on me ... ahhhhhhhh! Hope you'll still be hungry
when Tim takes you out to dinner!" Rocking back and forth on his feet,
Wilson watched his throbbing cock sliding between Jill Taylor's sweet
succulent lips. Then he added "Oh, baby ... after you and Tim get back, I
expect you to slip over here so I can fuck your tight little asshole again!"


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