Chapter 1 of new Home Improvement series

Jills Weekend Home Alone

Chapter 1

Jill had just stepped out of the shower when she heard the doorbellringing. She should
have known Al would be early but she was accustomed to a life with Tim who was always
late. Tim had taken the boys camping for the weekend and Jill saw this as the perfect
opportunity to have Al come over and do some repairs around the house without Tim
knowing. She wrapped a towel around her body and quickly went downstairs to let Al in.

"Goodmorning Al, excuse my appearance, I just jumped out of the shower."

"Jill, you look wonderfull as always. The towel is very becoming on you and I love the
way your hair looks all wet. " For years Al had admired his coworkers wife, and had
spent many a night masturbating to thoughts of Jill and himself engaged in every sex act
imaginable. Resentment towards Tim again swelled up inside Al. Tims a complete bozo,
yet he gets everything. The fame, the money and this beautifull woman. I do all the work
and get nothing. Its just not fair, thought Al, its just not fair....

"Al you got to teach Tim some of them compliments, all he admires is his Hot Rod.
There's coffee in the kitchen along with the list of jobs to be done. I'm going upstairs and
put some clothes on, if you need anything give me a yell."

"Will do Jill, will do. Don't worry I'll have everything done in no time at all." Al made his
way into the kitchen and and fixed a cup of coffee for himself. He found the list Jill had
left and sat down to examine it. He tried to concentrate on the items that needed repair
but all he could think of was Jill covered only by that bath towel. He felt the familier
stiring in his loins and soon was sporting a raging hard on. Again his resentment and
jealousy towards Tim started dominating his thoughts. This time he did nothing to fight
it. He thought of the time Tim had been teasing him about being a wimp, "sometimes
you just have to go out and take what you want and not let anything stop you " Tim had
said. OK Tim, today I'm going to follow your advice thought Al. I've always wanted Jill
and today I'm going to have her. She deserves better than you and today
I'll show her how she deserves to be treated.

Jill pulled the bedroom door closed behind her. She laid out the clothes she was going to
wear then sat down at her vanity to dry her hair. She still wore only the towel she had
thrown on to answer the door. What a sweet guy Al is she thought. No matter how awful
she looked Al always had a compliment for her. Why can't Tim be more like Al. Since
Tim began working on his new hot Rod he had little time for Jill. Their sex life had
diminshed to a once a month quickie. Tim didn't have the time to see to it that Jills needs
were satisfied. He'd barely have is prick out of Jills pussy and he'd back in the garage
working on the car. Jill was badly in need of sexual relief, yet she was also a devoted and
loving wife to Tim and the thought of going elsewhere never crossed her mind. Her
sexual satisfaction now came through her fantasies and the practiced use of her right hand.
She could not even use the vibrator she had purchased as Tim ruined it trying to give it
more power.

Jills thoughts returned to Al, big and strong yet kind and gentle. She imagined he would
be a wonderful lover. Patient and gentle, attending to all her needs. She felt the moistness
coming between her legs and slowly she moved her hand down between her thighs,
searching once again for that relief.....


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