New Home Improvement Series
M/F, B&D

Jills Weekend Alone

Chapter 3

Wilson was out raking his leaves when he heard a call of distress from his neighbors house. He
knew Tim was out of town with the boys So he started over to the Taylors to investigate. Wilson
saw Als truck in the driveway and thought Al must have startled Jill. He chuckled to himself and
returned to his work. He knew Jill was in good hands with Al.

Jill trembled as she lay helpless on the bed, waiting for Als next move. Al admired his captives
body as a work of art. She looked just as he had imagined her in his dreams. He didn't know
where to begin. Al did not want to frighten jill anymore, he wanted to her to become a willing
partner. He gently massaged Jills breast in slow circular motion with his fingertips. Jill was
amazed at the softness of Als touch and at the smoothness of his fingers. She imagined they
would be rough and calloused from working with his hands all the time. Despite her fears she
felt herself start to respond. Tim never paid much attention to her breasts, just a few rough
grabs and he'd go right to the main course. He was a meat and potato's man and 1/2 the time
he'd skip the potatos. He'd give her pussy a few quick rubs to get the juices flowing then jump
right in pounding his meat and grunting until he climaxed. All this could usually be completed
during the span of a commercial break. As Al continued his gentle massage Jills nipples
hardened under his touch. Encouraged by her response Al allowed his other hand to wander to
Jills thighs and gently massaged them . He would Go up one thigh and down the other and let his
fingers gently trickle through her pussy hairs. Jill made everyeffort to fight her arousal but she
soon felt the familiar moistness begin to trickle out of her pussy. She knew she was being taken
against her will and should not be enjoying this but in the back of her mind she longed for this
attention and was helpless to stop her response.

When Al had tied Jills legs he had spread them as far apart as possible. This spread Jills Pussy
Lips open and Al could see the moistness as Jills pussy stared to sparKe in the light. Al inserted
his fingertip in the opening of Jills cunt, barely making penetration. Applying firm but gentle
pressure Al Massaged the opening in a circular motion, rimming Jills cunt with his finger. This
really started the juices flowing. He next lubricated his finger with her pussy juices and gently
massaged the lips of her pussy. He made circular motions around her clit, being carefull not to
touch it.

Jills breathing was becoming faster. Despite her best efforts she could not stop the arousal she
was feeling. She struggled against her bonds, aching for the release of her pleasure. No man
had ever given her so much attention. Part of her wished the police would charge into the room
and rescue her, the other part wanted it to go on forever. She closed her eyes , determined to
fight the pleasure she was feeling.

Al watched as Jill struggled against her bonds. He knew she was aroused and wanted to release
her but was afraid she would fight him again. He could not untie her until he had had her in
every way.


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