Home Improvement: The Tattoo (MF)
by Swedeguy

It was Saturday morning at the Taylor house. Jill and Tim were having

Taking a sip of coffee Jill said, "Brad wants to get a tattoo,"

Tim lowered the newspaper and said, "Tattoo! The only tattoo he's likely to
get is the one I give him with my fist."

"Well, he told me it's the latest rage," Jill said. "I guess all the guys and
even the girls are doing it."

"What did you tell him," Tim asked.

"I told him that it was an important decision and he had better be sure," she
said. "Besides, I told him he had to speak to you."

"Oh yeah, make me be the bad guy," Tim complained. "No son of mine, at least
while he's living under this roof, is going to get a tattoo and look like
some kind of sailor on a 48-hour pass."

"Well, you know, he's 18 and we really can't stop him. Besides, I don't see
much harm in a small hidden tattoo."

"Gezz, Jill," said Tim. "We let him get a tattoo and next he'll want to have
his nose pierced."

"That's silly," said Jill.

"Well, silly or not, I think if he gets a tattoo he'll only regret it 10
years from now," Tim said.

Tim took another sip of coffee and said, "Bet you didn't know I've wanted a
tattoo since college."

"You want a tattoo?" asked Tim.

"Yeah, I had a girl friend who had several. One on her ankle, one on her
shoulder and one on her breast."

"Her breast! That must have hurt."

"She said a little, but that's part of the attraction-to accept the pain,"
explained Jill.

"Your pretty good at that," said Tim. "Especially when I'm 'in charge'."

Jill blushed and rose and sat in her husband lap. She placed her arms around
his neck and wiggled her butt into his crotch. The delightful pressure of
Jill's behind had an immediate effect on Tim.

Jill felt the growth and murmured , "I thought I'd get a small tattoo on my
behind," she wiggled her hips again, "so that when your 'in charge' you'll
have something to look at."

Tim kissed his sexy wife of 20 years. Jill opened her mouth and sucked Tim's
tongue between her teeth. When the passionate kiss ended, Tim said, "If you
want a tattoo, get a tattoo! Who knows, maybe you'll start a trend."

After breakfast Jill thought about her conversation with Tim. Tattoo, hmmm.
The idea intrigued her. Wonder how much it hurts? Jill entered the Jade
Dragon Tattoos and Body Piercing tattoo parlor. She located it using the
telephone book. She was amazed at the number of them listed. The shop was
only a short drive from the house. The yellow page ad said the establishmnet
used only disposable needles and the latest equipment that guaranteed
hospital sterilization. The storefront looked respectable and when she
entered she relieved it was clean and brightly lit. However, she almost left
after spying the biker type with long hair in a pony tail standing behind
the counter reading an outlaw motorcycle magazine.

The man looked up as Jill entered the store. He guessed that she was probably
lost and needed directions. Maybe she was trying to find where her snot-nosed
kid had his tattoo done.

"Good morning," he said. "May I help you?"

Jill turned to look at him and said somewhat shyly, "Oh, I'm just looking."

"No problem. Take your time," he said. "Are you looking for yourself or
someone else."

"For myself," Jill replied. "A present for my husband. But I have to admit
I'm a little nervous.

"That's natural," he said.

"Does it hurt?" asked Jill.

"Yes, a little," he said. "But you would be surprised a the number of women
I tattoo."

Even though he was a little on the ratty side, he was attractive enough
thought Jill. Early twenties, six feet tall, nice teeth and striking blue
eyes. He was well buffed, with big, well-muscled arms.

The man couldn't get used to having middle-aged men and women coming in for
his services. Most of his clientele were teenagers. But, what the fuck, he
said to himself, the more business the better.

"Have you thought about where did you want to be tattooed?" he asked.

Jill hesitated, blushing slightly.

"Ankle, shoulder, . . .breast?"

Jill shifted uncomfortably, staring the tiled floor. "Well, Jill, going
to chicken out?" she asked herself. "No," she answered. "Oh, what the
hell . . ."

Taking a deep breath, she raised her head and looking straight into his eyes
said in a confident tone, "No. I was thinking about on my behind."

"Believe or not dear lady, the DERRIERE," he emphasized the word using a
goofy British accent, "is one of the most popular places," he said smiling.
"I've drawn quite a few tattoos on that part of the female anatomy," he

Jill laughed.

"By the way, my name is Mike," he said.

"Oh, hi. I'm Jill." They shook hands briefly.

"Nice to meet you Jill. Take a look at the samples. When you find something
you like, just give me a holler." he said and went back to reading his

Really nice smile, Jill thought.

There were hundreds of tattoos. They ranged from small, one-color designs to
large, elaborate multi-hued ones.

As Jill perused the numerous examples of tattoos displayed on the walls, Mike
gave her the once over. Nice looking broad even though she was a little old,
he thought. He figured maybe late thirties, early forties. She was wearing a
tight pair of blue jeans with black high-heeled shoes that showed off trim
thighs and a very nice butt.

"Yeah, puttin' a tattoo on that ass would be fun," he thought.

Just then Jill bent over to take a closer look at an example. Her behind
called to him like a doughnut to a cop. "Here a possibility," she called.

The tattoo in question depicted a naked, leggy woman in high heels, legs
straight and bending over at the waist. Her hands were placed on each butt
cheek. She looked over her shoulder at the viewer. The caption said: "Hey,
Pigskin Fan . . . I've got Your Tight End!" The tattoo was some four inches
tall in purple ink.

Mike glanced at Jill's bent over ass and thought, "Yeah, you sure do."

He said aloud, "Yeah, that one costs $50. It takes about an hour to do and
you can have it in any color ink you want."

"Can you change some of the words," she asked.

"Sure. No problem."

"Any additional cost?"


"Can you do it now or do I have to have an appointment," asked Jill.

"I can take care of you right now."

"OK, let's do it now before I chicken out," Jill said with a giggle.

Mike directed Jill to the back of the shop where the tattoo machines were
located and asked her to have a seat. He walked behind her and watched the
way her ass moved from side to side inside her tight jeans. The thought that
he would soon see it naked made his dick stir. "Man, I love my work," he
said to himself.

Jill was scared and excited at the same time. It was a combination that she
found sexually stimulating. Would it hurt too much? He was talking but she
didn't hear the words. Her body was alive and her mind was spinning. She
noticed the bugle in his pants. His voice came back to her, "OK, then are
you ready?"

"Yes, I guess," she said.

"Come over her." Mike said. "Climb up on this and get as comfortable as you
can while I wash up.

Jill turned to look at the contraption. It was a bench with three
leather-padded parts. The first was a platform on which to kneel, a second
was a round bolster that supported the waist and a third on which one leaned
forward to rest the upper body. The overall result was to put the customer's
behind at a working height for the tattooist, while the shoulders and head
rested comfortably on the third pad.

Jill climbed aboard as Mike finished washing. He put on latex gloves and
walked over to Jill and sat down on a swivel chair, her jean-clad butt within
working distance. He switched on the tattoo machine and became making the
necessary preparations.

"Jill, would you please pull down your jeans and panties."

Jill hesitated. Could she go through with this?

"I'm sorry Jill, but I can't give you a tattoo with your jeans on," Mike

"No, of course not," Jill answered.

"If it would make you more comfortable you could have a friend present," Mike
explained. "Is there someone you could call?"

"No, it's OK, I'm just being silly," said Jill.

Composing herself, she undid her belt and pulled down her jeans and panties
to the middle of her thighs. The air-conditioned breeze in the room was cold
on her naked butt. The compromising position caused her asshole twitch

Mike looked lustily at Jill's perfect bottom. His prick was uncomfortable in
his pants. He noticed her neatly trimmed pussy was moist. "Was the old broad
as turned on as much as he was," he thought.

Jill felt dizzy. Her head had a strange buzz. To her embarrassment, her pussy
was wet. Her nipples were hard in her bra. She licked her lips. Here she was
with a perfect stranger, bent over, her naked butt inches from his face. She
didn't know what was going on with her body. It seemed the older she got the
more sex she needed. Even more than Tim could give her. And he gave her a
lot. But, she wondered, was it the sex or was it the excitement she craved.
Was she losing control? Was she turning into some kind of nympho? Shit, she
was horny. Oh, my god! The realization hit her: "I'm going to do! I can't
help myself! Jill you can be so NASTY at times!"

"OK, Jill," Mike said. "Want do you want your tattoo to say?"

"On the top I want it to say, 'Hey, Tool Man!' and on the bottom it should
read, 'My backdoor is always open for you!'"

Jill glanced back at Mike, wiggled her hips, and smiled sexily. She noticed
he had a glassy stare, a stare she had seen before in men's eyes when they
gazed at her naked ass. She asked, "There's plenty of room to write that on
my big butt, isn't there?" Jill asked. She reached back and grabbed a handful
of ass flesh and asked, "Do you think my butt's too big, Mike?"

"Christ," thought Mike. "This bitch is really hot!" His cock was leaking
pre-cum fluid. It ached for release.

"Yes, I mean no," he stammered. "I mean, the words will fit and no, your
butt's not too big." Steeling himself he placed his hand on the other cheek
and pulled it aside exposing Jill's tight ring of ass muscle that winked at
him invitingly. His touch caused Jill to jump. He added, "I think it's just
the right size-for my dick!"

"Oh, Mike," Jill said feigning indignation. "How dare you! I'm here for a
tattoo, not to be propositioned."

"Cut the crap, lady!" Mike hissed. "You know you want it. You know you want
me to fuck your gorgeous ass!"

Jill heard herself say, "Oh, you naughty boy! How impertinent you are. What
makes you think you can have my behind. Besides, a young, inexperienced man
like you might not be able to handle it. I think you need to prove yourself
by first serving my vagina."

Mike froze at her words. Indecision washed over him.

"Well," Jill said flashing her best slut smile.

For all his former bluster, Mike almost shot a load in his jeans. Never had
he experienced such a sexy woman. Up to now all his screws were with, well,
girls! Here was a woman! A woman who wanted his cock! He stood and unbuttoned
and lowered his jeans. He didn't wear underwear. His prick stood straight out
from his body.

"Oh ! You've got a nice fat cock!" Jill cooed. Not much longer than Tim's,
but thicker. She was absentmindedly fingering her cunt. "OK, big boy, let's
see what you got!" cooed Jill.

Mike stepped between Jill's legs and rubbed his fat cock head up and down the
pink furrow. He pushed his dick into her cunt. He started fucking.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good!" Jill moaned.

She tugged off her T-shirt and pulled down her skimpy bra to cup her tits.
"Oh, yeah you nasty boy. Give Jill that nice big cock!"

Mike gripped her hips as he rapidly stroked his dick in and out of her
slopping cunt. She knew he wasn't going to last long. He was breathing hard
and his cock was a blur between her legs. She felt him spasm and then he
drove himself all the way into her, his cock exploding a gush of cum into
her cunt.

After a few jerky thrusts, he pulled out. His cock already shrinking. She
could feel his jizz dribbling down between her thighs. Still cupping her tits
she turned to Mike and said, "Oh that was much too quick. You know its only
being polite to have your partner orgasm too. I guess we'll just have to try

Then Jill was on her knees licking his cum-soaked cock. After a while she
stopped and looking up at him, asked, "You want to fuck me in the ass, you
bad boy? I love fat cocks in my ass." She could feel his cock jump in her
hand and went back to sucking him.

"Gezz, Jill," she said to herself. "Aren't you the SLUT!"

He got hard fast and soon Jill was back on the bench, her ass swaying
invitingly, level with his cock.

"Come on, nasty boy!" Jill teased. "Think you can handle my ass?

Mike swallowed hard and said, "Damn right I can."

"OK, but first get my asshole nice and wet with your tongue."

Mike dropped to his knees and began sucking mouthfuls of Jill's ass cheeks
into his mouth. He kissed one side and then the other. He stuck out his stiff
tongue and ran it up and down between her cheeks. Each time he neared her
butt hole his tongue would swerve away.

"Come on you nasty boy," Jill shouted. "Quite teasing me and stick that
tongue in my ass!" To emphasize her demand she reached back with both hands
and pulled her cheeks wide apart.

Now it was time for Mike to hesitate. Although the thought of using his mouth
on a woman's ass was disgusting, the sight of this middle-age slut, with her
ass thrust in his face, overcame all his revulsion.

Mike closed his eyes, stiffened his tongue into a spear and pushed it into
Jill's rectum.

"Oh-h-h-h yeah, baby!" Jill groaned. "That's it. fuck my big ass with your
nasty tongue."

Mike began to jab his tongue in and out of her ass. Jill matched his
movements, pushing back as his tongue re-entered her humid hole.

Jill's hips thrust and rotated on the invading lingua. Mike had trouble
keeping his face plastered between her cheeks. He held her hips to steady
himself. So vigorous were Jill's movements he had all he could do just
keeping his tongue as deep as he could in her rectum. He noticed the taste
wasn't all that unpleasant.

Eyes screwed shut, Jill shouted obscenities: "That's it nasty boy! Eat my
ass! Yeah! Oh, fuck! Do it! Shit!"

Holding on tightly to Jill's squirming hips, Mike heard her scream, "Oh-h-h
fuck-k-k! I'm going to cum-m-m! Her orgasm racked her body. Her ass cheeks
squeezed his face, her rectum twitched uncontrollably around his tongue. Her
cunt oozed fluid down her thighs to mix with his semen.

Moments later as her orgasm left her, Mike stood his prick again throbbing.
He had never felt it so hard and look so big. Damn, this old bitch was
something else, he thought. She even got him to eat her asshole! That was a
first for him. And now for another first: he was going to butt fuck her to
within an inch of her life.

The recovered Jill, as if reading his mind and said, "Alright, nasty boy.
Shove your big prick up my ass and fuck the shit of me." Pulling open her
buttocks in eager anticipation. "Do it," she groaned. "I want it! Come on!
Do it!"

Mike pressed his cock-head to her anus. It met no resistance. He flexed his
buttocks and pressed forward. His cock-head popped into her winked hole. Jill
moaned in pleasure, writhing frantically on the bench. He sawed his ccock in
and out of her ass. God! She had a tight butt. The twin cheeks of firm flesh
jiggled as he buried himself in her. Jill's anus felt like a hand grasping
his cock, milking the cum from his balls.

"More!" she gasped. "Shove it all in nasty boy! Come on! Fuck my ass! Fuck it

Mike's cock throbbed and burned. Man, he thought, this old babe sure likes it
in the ass. His balls clamored for release. He dug his fingers into her hips
and squeezed his cock into her tight rear channel. Jill groaned in ecstasy.
Her hands flew up and clawed at her breasts. She squeezed her nipples
frantically in her hands. In and out Mike fucked, impressed by her ability to
take his entire cock into her rectum.

"Oh man," Mike thought. "This is unbelievable, she fucks better than any of
his girlfriends." Besides, none of them would even consider letting him fuck
them in the ass.

Jill's breath came in heaving, sobs. Her face was twisted in an agony of
lust, her mouth hung open exposing her beautiful pearly teeth, her eyes shut
tight. Her back twisted and writhed under him, her buttocks squirming against
his crotch, her rectum sucked greedily on his throbbing penis. He flexed his
hips into her ass cheeks and, flinging his head back, groaned loudly, wincing
in pleasure as her clutching ring of muscle contracted ferociously on his

"Oh yeah, uhh oh ma," Jill moaned, her voice sexily ragged and hoarse. "Yes
uhh oh yes -- oh god yes -- do it! Oh ma -- c'mon -- please!"

Even though he had cum minutes before, his balls buzzed for release. He kept
thrusting and thrusting. The end came when Jill she reached down to cup his
balls. He exploded again. Hands on her hips, spreading her ass apart, he
watched as his considerable spunk shot from his cock, into the gaping hole
of her rectum. Jill feeling the liquid heat flooding her bowels. She squeezed
her ass cheeks together, clamping down on the invading cock. She paused
briefly, her back hunched. Then suddenly, she relaxed her ass, arched her
back and lunged back rotating her hips, and came in a electrifying orgasm.

She screamed, "Yes-s-s-s-s-s! fuck-k-k-k-k-k!"

He slid out of her anus, his cock still spurting jizz and dribbled it on her
buttocks and in the cleft between them. He watched in fascination as Jill's
sphincter twitched every few seconds, forcing glob after glob of thick sticky
cum from her bowels. Mike collapsed on the floor. Jill rested heavily on the
bench. Both were breathing hard. After several long minutes, Mike rose and
said, "Well, what about the tattoo?"

Jill looked back at him and said, "You know, I think I got what I really came
for. I'll get back to you about the tattoo."


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