Home Improvement: The Vacation (MF,F-mast,inter,exhib,voy)
by Swedeguy

After a year of working more than they wanted and not spending enough time
with each other, Tim and Jill Taylor decided it was time for a vacation. A
month on vacation was what we needed. However, they would settle for a week
in Antigua, an island located in the West Indies. Tim had just finished a
major "Tool Time" project they were able to find the time to rent a bungalow
on a private section of beach.

The hot morning sun found the Taylor's on a deserted beach under clear blue
skies. Tim had just finished a dip in the crystal blue water and reached for
a towel.

"Well, hello, good looking," Jill smiled, turning her face and holding out
her hand. "Good swim?"

"Great. The water's so warm and clear," said Tim as he dried his hair with
the towel. When he finished he sat next to his wife on the deck chair. Jill
reached her hand to his crotch and said, "What to fool around?"

Even though they had made love earlier after waking up, the sun and ocean air
was giving their libido a boost.

"Horny again?"

"For you, tool man, always," she laughed.

Tim returned the laughed and said, "We're out of beer. I'll just run into St.
John's and get some."

"Not dressed like that, you won't."

"What? Oh, yeah. I'll put something on."

"You'd better. And I want you buttoned to the neck. Don't want you giving any
of those island girls ideas."

Tim chuckled. "I'm all yours, Jill, all yours. Worry not."

"Don't be long."

"Can't help it. That's how God made me."

She laughed. "Oh, shut up, you idiot!"

Tim grinned. "Should be back in 45 minutes" He said with a wink, "Maybe we'll
do it right here on the beach."

Jill cocked her head and said, "You know that might be fun, the idea that
somebody could see us is kind of a turn on."

He grinned and bent to kiss her, squeezing her breast gently. She fondled his
dick through his swimming trunks. Tim jogged up the path to the bungalow. A
few minutes later he came out and jumped into the rental car, gunned the
engine, and roared out of the drive. Silence descended again.

A coconut vendor wandered the beaches with a heavy basket of fruit on his
head. In the heat of the West Indies, customers for the cool, refreshing milk
of his coconuts were usually plentiful. This day, for some reason, he hadn't
sold a thing. He kept moving north, from one beach to the next and each was
more deserted than the last. He plodded down the tarmac road that ran by the
shore. The July sun was fierce, and soon he was dripping with sweat. The road
was deserted with large bungalows set well back, fronting the sea.

He noticed a narrow lane that led off the main road towards the sea. An
unlocked gate swung open across the driveway that swept around a house on
the beach. He stepped through the gate and walked down the drive. Evidently,
the house was a rental. It was a two bedroom structure, with white adobe
walls. A lush garden swept from the house down to the beach, which was
enclosed on one side by a natural outcrop of rock and on the other by a high
masonry wall. The garden was deserted and the house was quiet. He was about
to walk across the lawn to the beach, when he saw a figure emerging from the
waves. He squinted through the shimmering haze.

It was a woman. The man sucked in his breath sharply when he saw her. He
slid back behind some fronds and tucked his basket load behind the thick
bushes. He snuggled into the shrubbery and peered onto the beach.

She was sensational. She was dressed in a skimpy two piece swim-suit. The
brassiere was minuscule, thin threads over her shoulders and across her back.
In front, they swept over the swell of her superb breasts and flared into
Band-Aid sized strips over her nipples. Her bikini panties were outrageous,
little more than a G-string. Twin strings circled her hips and supported a
narrow strip that dipped between her thighs. She wore it very low, well below
her navel, just above her pubis. It barely covered her crotch. It was a suit
that Jill purchased especially for their holiday. She would never have had
the courage to wear at home.

She waded out of the water and crossed the beach towards a large, brightly
colored beach umbrella. The sun glittered on her wet body. There was a table
and a long deck chair with an adjustable back. She picked up a towel and
mopped her face and body. She turned around and he saw that her bikini
panties had no back, the strip of cloth became a thin strand that ran between
her naked buttocks. Her ass was fantastic. The full cheeks sat high and stood
out proud beneath the two dimples of her lower back. As he watched, the women
shook her head, her dark brown hair coming to rest just above her shoulders.

She dropped the towel on the circular table by the umbrella and turned
around again. The coconut vendor gaped. She was absolutely stunning. Of
medium height, with a fair, completely flawless complexion, she had a
high-cheekboned, oval face with an exquisite jaw and a fine, straight
nose. Her brown eyes sparkled in the bright sun. Her mouth was sexy and
she had perfect, even teeth. Her neck was long and elegant, and led
smoothly to full, firm, high breasts that formed an inviting cleavage.
Her belly was flat and firm, the legs lovely and shapely with no
saddlebags or lovehandles. Her hips flared, and her waist was narrow,
the arms and legs smoothly turned, the ankles and wrists slim, the feet
and hands long and elegant. The coconut vendor smiled lustily. Even
though she was in her late thirties to early forties he guessed, she was
one of the loveliest tourists he had ever seen. His cock swelled in his

A large tote bag lay by the chair under the umbrella. She bent to unzip it
and her breasts swung forward. She pulled out a hairbrush and ran it through
her hair. As she lifted her arms, her breasts rose in her brassiere. She
paused and looked to the right and then to the left. Satisfied she reached
behind her and undid the clasp exposing her breasts. While not large they
sat high on her chest and had long nipples. She massaged them absentmindedly,
then pulled down her panties. The man gawked at the shaved lips of her cunt.

She bent and rummaged in the bag again and her lovely breasts swung free. She
straightened with a bottle of lotion in her hand. She flipped up the spout of
the bottle and poured out lotion into her hand and began to smear her body
with it. He watched her rub cream into her breasts, squeezing and fondling
them sensuously. She took more cream and massaged into her belly and buttocks
and legs, even the insides of her thighs.

Her body glistening, she lay down on the chair and put on a pair of dark
shades. From where he stood, the young coconut vendor had an unobstructed
view. His excitement was mounting. The woman was unattended, easy prey. He
grinned and watched closely.

Beneath the umbrella, Jill closed her eyes and slipped into an erotic
daydream. She was enjoying the quiet vacation on the beach. The time together
had made her and Tim feel like teenager's again. They had been all over each
other since arriving. Just this morning Tim had fucked on the kitchen table

The memory of that event stirred her. Her nipples stiffened as a breeze from
the sea plucked at them. A river of sweat trickled sexily through the valley
between her breasts. Jill's lips parted. Slowly, she drew her hands up over
her thighs and firm belly to her breasts. She fondled them, and they swelled
and grew turgid. Her pulse began to quicken. God, she was horny!

She squeezed the fleshy mounds together, rubbing and rolling the hard nipples
under her palms. Her elegant fingers pinched her nipples, kneading and
tweaking and plucking at them, and she bit her lower lip as a sudden jolt of
electric lust flickered through her loins and breasts. Her legs split apart
and she felt the first, delicious dewdrop of cunt-juice ooze between her
thighs. The coconut vendor stared with mouth open.

Jill slid a finger down her crack, parting her cunt-lips gently with one
hand, the other still on her nipples. Her finger curved into her cunt. She
arched her back slowly, in exquisite delight, and slid her finger in deeper,
to the knuckle, feeling the moist heat of her cunt and the hard tongue of
her clitoris. She began to masturbate slowly.

Behind her, the coconut vendor, too, was masturbating. His eyes were riveted
on her body. His thick, black cock glistened with precum gunk as he stroked
its 11-inch length. He groaned softly. His penis was rock-hard and hot,
throbbing and pulsating excitedly in his pumping fist.

On the deck chair, Jill's hips lurched at her wrist. Her shoulders were
hunched, her head flung back, her lips parted in a wide 'O'. She mauled her
breasts with mounting excitement, pumping the other hand between her legs.
Her hips jerked up and down. Without pausing in her masturbation, she groped
in her tote with her other hand and pulled out something. The coconut vendor
squinted, trying to make out what it was. She pulled it free of the bag and
he could see it was a dildo. It was ten inches in length, with a two-inch
diameter shaft. It was black in color. If it was a black dick she wanted she
could have his he thought.

Jill looped the strap over one wrist and flicked the switch. It hummed softly
and shook in her hand, growing hot and hard, like a real cock. The coconut
vendor looked at her curiously, wondering what she was up to. Moaning to
herself, Jill kissed the cock-head, and licked and caressed its shaft. She
caressed her face with the dildo, rubbing it sensuously across her lips and
cheeks, sucking and nibbling the cock-head. She slid the dildo over her
breasts, rubbing it over her nipples, shivering in delight. Then she dragged
it lower yet, down her belly, caressing the insides of her thighs and her

She paused with it between her thighs. Her legs split apart and hooked
over the arms of the chair and she slouched in the chair with her
shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed together, both hands holding the
shaft. Slowly, she forced the cock-head into her cunt, and gasped loudly
as the big cock-head stretched her cunt-lips open and bit into her flesh.
Her back arched, her breath hissed between clenched teeth and her body
tensed. She forced it deeper still, jerking it slowly from side to side,
moaning and gasping, her head arching back. She licked her parched lips,
murmuring in pleasure.

Her cunt flamed with lust. Her thighs trembled with tension. Slowly, they
yielded and relaxed and spread further apart and she pressed the vibrator
deeper into her cunt. It felt good, big and hard and thick, filling her cunt
to the brim, the spikes and hard knobs scraping and pressing on her gorged
clitoris as she slid it in deeper. Inch by inch, the dildo disappeared inside
her till at last it was fully embedded in her cunt. Jill moaned loudly.
Behind the bushes, the young man grinned, his eyes fascinated at the sight.

Jill began to fuck herself. Her hands pumped back and forth, driving the big
dildo in and out of her cunt. Now her hips jerked and heaved with rising
urgency. Her head arched and she gasped loudly with pleasure. The thick shaft
glistened with her cunt-juices. Faster and faster she went, her hand moving
the vibrator-dildo feverishly back and forth.. Jill went wild, her hips
heaving, her voice rising loud and clear.

"OHHHHHh .... uhhh .... OHHhhhhh .... uhhh ... OHHHHHH!" she cried.

She orgasmed, shuddering and moaning, gasping and tensing, arching steeply,
jerking the vibrator furiously and twisting this way and that in her cunt.
Gasping, she slid the vibrator slowly out of her cunt and tossed it on the
table. She lay back, panting and sweating, her loins tingling with lust. She
caressed her cunt and breasts dreamily, her chest heaving.

The man couldn't stand it any more. Grabbing his basket of coconuts, his cock
tucked back into his shorts, he walked rapidly down the beach towards her.
The soft sand and the crash of the waves muffled his footsteps and she didn't
hear him till he was standing beside her. Her eyes were closed and she was
still breathing hard, her naked body glistening with sweat. Her nipples were
still nut-hard. Her hands were over her breasts, gently caressing them. For a
minute, the man stood there, looking at her greedily.

She sensed someone by her and, thinking it to be Tim, smiled sexily. She
squeezed her breasts in provocation and ran her tongue lasciviously across
her upper lip.

"C'mon Tim, come and fuck me right here on the beach," she muttered.

Without opening her eyes, she turned her head and reached lazily for where
she thought she would find her lover's penis. Her fingers fell on the bulge
under the shorts and she gasped, her eyes snapping open.

"Who ... what?" she gasped in shock.

"Good mornin' mon, you look like you could a cold drink," he said with a
grin. "Coconut vendor. Want some?"

Her hand was still on his cock. She flipped her sunglasses onto her forehead
and looked at him steadily. She was trapped.

"Oh my God!" Jill thought. "What if he was watching while I masturbated?
Did anyone else see me? I thought this beach was deserted. How EMBRASSING!.

She quickly removed her hand from his cock and reached for a towel to cover
her nakedness.

Looking him up and down, she decided that she liked what she saw. He was
chocolate brown. He was tall, probably six feet and his body was good. His
shirt was open low and she saw that his chest was nicely curved and cleaved,
solid, the belly hard and flat. He wore a black thread and an amulet around
his neck. Below his shorts she saw his thighs and she noticed that his legs,
like his arms, were strong and thick. He had a rounded face, with a thin
mustache, good teeth, a thick nose and fleshy lips. His hair was short and
curly, cropped close, the eyes small and piercing, glittering lustily. His
hips were small, the buttocks taut and firm, well rounded. His cock protruded
above the waistband. It occurred to Jill that she had never fucked a black
man, not even in her escapades in college.

She smiled and reached out for his dick again. It felt good and hard and big.
She squeezed it gently.

"Yes," she murmured as she replaced the sunglasses. "Yes. I'll have some."

The towel fell to the sand.

The man bent and lowered his basket of fruit beside her, acutely aware of the
proximity of her breasts. She shifted slightly, moving her legs wider apart.
For a moment, he froze, his eyes locked on the sight of the neat little
triangle of silken dark pubic hair, the wink of her cunt-lips. Embolden, Jill
slid one hand up the back of his thigh and reached under his shorts to grasp
a naked buttock. He tensed.

"Hurry up," she murmured. "I'm very thirsty."

He selected a coconut and straightened, her fingers cool and gentle on his
buttock. He tried not to squirm as he rapped the fruit it expertly with his
knuckle, tossing it round and round in his palm. Satisfied, he picked up his
long machete and, deftly sliced the skin off the coconut head, then hammered
it open. It was brimming with cool, sweet liquid. He dunked a plastic straw
into it and handed it to her.

Jill flipped the straw out. She held the fruit in one hand and tilted it to
her lips. The juice was cool and sweet and refreshing. It dribbled over her
chin down her neck. The man watched as it flowed between her breasts. She
drained it and gave it back to him.

"M-m-m-m, that was delicious. Scoop some of the meat out for me," she cooed.

He plunged his knife into the soft flesh and with a few rapid circular
strokes scraped out the milky white coconut meat and handed it back to her.
She dipped her fingers into it and plucked out a long, slimy, slippery strand
of the meat. Tilting her face back, she parted her lips wide, holding the
coconut meat aloft. Her tongue slipped out and flicked at the dangling tail
of the coconut, coiled around it, slowly drew it in, sucking and finally
chewing on it. It was an incredibly erotic performance. She plucked at
another piece and quite deliberately let it fall on her breast. There was no
more in the coconut and she tossed it back into his basket. The man remained
where he was, watching her. She took the strand of coconut flesh on her chest
in two fingers and drew it in a wet, slippery line over one breast till it
covered her nipple. She squeezed his buttock gently and slid a finger into
the cleft. The man's hips twitched. She slid a hand lower, between his legs
and her fingers found his naked cock beneath his shorts. The man gasped

"Now I want to eat a banana," she murmured.

He turned around and dropped his shorts. He wore no underwear. Jill smiled.
His penis was dark and big. Not yet fully erect, it was seven inches long and
nearly two inches thick and growing rapidly in her fist. She looked at it
hungrily. The man shuffled closer and she turned her face to his crotch. She
began to masturbate him. Soon, his cock was rock-hard, throbbing in her
fingers. His balls were big and heavy. She cupped them gently, teasing and
tickling them. His pubic hair was thick and springy. He heard her moan softly
and he chuckled and quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Naked,
he was even better looking, his dark body glistening with sweat, superbly

Smiling down at her, he shuffled closer, his cock thrusting out at her face.
He stretched an arm and cupped her breast in his hand. She shivered, her
lips fluttering open, and he felt her breast grow heavier in his palm as he
fondled it gently. Her nipple stiffened at his touch and he flicked it with
his thumb. He dragged the coconut meat in a slippery trail across her nipple
and she shivered in delight. Dragging it down into her cleavage, he drew it
over her other breast and began to rub her nipple with it. She gasped softly,
her rigid nipple quivering at his touch. She released his cock and lifted her
breasts, squeezing them tightly together. Grinning with excitement, the man
bent over and made her gasp by clamping his lips firmly around her free
nipple, sucking on it with a steadily increasing pressure, nibbling gently.
He moved to the other breast, and began to gnaw the coconut meat, sucking it
half into his mouth and moving it round and round her nipple. His tongue and
teeth and lips were all over her breast and nipple. She gasped softly and
arched, her fingers entwining in his hair, her back bending to feed more of
his breast into his hot mouth. His tongue was wonderful, rough and thick and
wet and hot, flicking her nipple this way and that. He grunted suddenly as
she craned her head and he felt her hot lips clamp on his nipple, her teeth
delicately biting and gnawing while her free hand returned to his cock.

"I want to such your cock," she mummered, swirling her tongue over his

As aroused by the boldness of her words as he was by her body, the coconut
vendor straightened and thrust his cock at her mouth again. With one hand on
her head, he pulled it forward to his loins, his other hand still kneading
her hard breast. Holding his cock, she parted her lips and slipped her tongue
out and swirled it gently round his cock-head, savouring the musky tang of
his cock-meat. His breath hissed between his teeth and his belly sucked in
sharply. He bent his head, watching her, transfixed by the sight of her
pointed, pink tongue flickering like a serpent's on his cock-head. Her tongue
moved with increasing rapidity and he felt the heat build in his loins. At
last, she opened her mouth wide and slipped her lips around his cock-head.
The man gasped, his head snapping back. Her mouth was incredible, hot and
wet, her tongue electrifying.

She sucked his penis greedily, taking him deep in her mouth. Jill's cheeks
hollowed as she sucked harder, and her tongue did magical things to his
cock-head. The man gasped and grunted and began to moan with pleasure as he
fucked her face, moving her head and rocking his hips back and forth. He
mauled and kneaded her breasts feverishly, relishing the feel of the heavy
mounds, grown turgid with excitement, the rigid nipples quivering and
rasping across his callused palms.

Soon, his cock and her fist and lips grew slippery with his pre-cum gunk.
It left slimy trails on her fingers and chin. She paused, gasping, deeply
aroused, and caressed her face with his cock. He jerked her head back to
his crotch and she sucked his cock again. Her mouth was incredible. His
cock throbbed and pulsated in her mouth. He flung his head back as he
fucked her mouth, his hips jerking back and forth, his buttocks flexing
and unflexing.

"Yes .... uhhhhh ... yes ... suck ... suck it! Suck harder .. yes ... yes ...
suck it harder ... uuhhhhhh oh god .... Suck harder, white lady .... uhhhhh
Ohhhhh uhhhh OHHH!" he called hoarsely, his penis sliding in and out of her

He made her get out of the chair and kneel before him, so that he could fuck
her mouth deeper and harder. Her lust was uncontainable now, and she eagerly
obeyed, kneeling before her anonymous lover and taking his penis deep in her
mouth, holding it in one hand while sucking feverishly. Jill's head rocked
rapidly back and forth between his legs. His hips pumped and writhed, and he
flung his head back and gasped and grunted his joy. Somehow, he resisted the
urge to explode and come in her mouth. He had to take her now, thrust his
cock into her cunt and possess her. He could not be denied any longer. He
broke away from her, panting and gasping. She, too, wanted to be taken like
slut, fucked like a bitch in heat.

But Jill knew they had to hurry. She didn't want Tim to find her with this
black stranger, fucking her like some whore in public. What would he say she
wondered? Would he be angry? Turned on, maybe?

She climbed back on to the deck chair, with knees in the sand and her
forearms on the cushsion. She spread her thighs wide and thrust her buttocks
back at him in obscene invitation.

She said, "Hurry before my husband returns." Before he could act, Jill thrust
a hand between her legs and struck three fingers into her oozing cunt. She
removed her juiced fingers and smeared the slick, copious fluid around her
asshole, finally plunging two fingers into her tight rectum. "By the way I
want your big, black cock in my ass!"

"Come on ... fuck me ... fuck me hard in my big white ass!" Jill moaned
thickly as she removed her fingers.

The vision of her stunning body made him dizzy with excitement. He dropped to
his knees behind her, his cock in his hand. It was hard and dark, throbbing
greedily, and thick veins pulsed angrily along its length. The coconut vendor
moaned at the sight of her fingers clawing her buttocks wide. He shuffled
forward and pressing his penis to her brown hole. It was too small he

"C'mon ... c'mon, you motherfucker ... hurry ... fuck me, baby ... fuck my
ass ... fuck me hard ... c'mon, you sonofabitch! Do it!"

Jill gasped, frantic for his cock. "C'mon ... c'mon you fucking black
stud ... fuck me! fuck my butt, motherfucker! fuck me hard!"

The obscenities from the pretty white tourist spurred him. Holding her
slender waist, he slammed his hips forward with a loud moan, his head
snapping back, his eyes hooding and his mouth jerking open. Her ass was
hot and steaming, tight as a vice, and it swallowed his cock in its
entirety, clamping fiercely on it, spasming uncontrollably, greedily.

"OHHHHHHHhh .... uhhh .... OHHHHh uhhh yes!" he moaned.

His cock was fiery hot, burning and throbbing fiercely inside her bowels.
Jill's head jerked up, and her mouth tore open in a wide 'O' of hot joy as
she felt his monstrous pole sizzle and ream into her ass. Her breasts were
gorged and hot, her long nipples rigid with excitement. His cock was
fantastic, hot and big and hard and thick, filling her. She squeezed her
asscheeks on it greedily, dizzy with lust.

He slid his hands under her lovely body to cup her breasts. He squeezed them
hard. She moaned. Her back was superb, beautifully arched and curved, the
waist small and taut, the hips flared. He held her breasts, moved out and
slammed in hard again with a shuddering moan. She cried out. She began to
jerk and move under him, moaning obscenely, panting and gasping. Her buttocks
swung and writhed ecstatically against his thighs, grinding round and round.
She rocked back and forth with rising urgency, lurching forward on her
forearms, then forcing her butt back hard to his groin, impaling her asshole
on his massive dick. The man gasped, straightening, the heat in his balls
almost unbearable. Her asshole slid up and down the length of his cock. He
gasped loudly, his head bent, watching transfixed as her rectum gobbled his
cock effortlessly.

He couldn't hold back much longer. Clutching her by the waist, he began
to swing his hips in time to hers. He rolled his hips in tight circles,
skewering and reaming her ass from all angles.. His hips swinging and
bobbing, his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his mighty,
weighty balls slapping at her cunt, going faster and faster and faster,
pistoning like a jackhammer, his cock reaming and twisting and squeezing
into her humid channel harder and deeper and faster with each thrust, he
fucked her like a demon. The air split with the sound of their rising

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhhh uhhh ohhhh uhhh yes uhhhh yes uhhhh yes fuck me ...
that's it ... yes ... UHHHHohhhhh uhh OHHhh uhhh yes .... Oh fuck yes OHHHhh
uhhhh OHHHH uhhh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHH!" Jill gasped.

"OUHHH uhh OHH uhh ahhhh uhhh yesuhhhhyes-yes-yes uhhh AHHHH uhh ahhhhh uhhh
AHHHHHH!" he groined in response.

She soared up the curve of a gigantic climax and, hitting the peak, crashed
over into a series of back-to-back orgasms, moaning and shuddering and
gasping, her long neck steeply arched, the breath driven from her throat
as he rammed in deeper, harder, faster. He paused as the ring of muscle
convulsed on his submerged penis, and pushed her down onto her shoulders,
her buttocks thrust up high at him, her face on its side. He shuffled his
legs wide and straddled her hips in a deep squat. Taking a deep breath and
holding her by the hips, he fucked her savagely. Hard and deep and fast
he took her, his cock pistoning furiously in and out of her ass like a
battering ram. His hips hammered violently back and forth, his enormous
penis ramming and reaming into her flesh. He gasped loudly in time to his
thrusts, slamming into her and going ah-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-ah. He bent forward
over her, his arms outstretched on either side of hers and went even faster,
his thick cock glistening and gleaming with juice as he plundered her
frantically convulsing butt. His penis pounded and sawed in and out of her

"OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!" she cried loudly with her eyes
screwed shut in ecstasy, her lovely mouth wide open.

Her body jerked and lurched under his, writhing uncontrollably. Her voice
ululated in ecstasy, and he gasped and panted like a bull, his nostrils
flared, his eyes wide.

"UNNNNNNGH ohhhhhhh uhhhhh YES uhhhhhhh AHHHHHHH uhhh ahh uhhh OH OH OH OH
uhh!" he gasped.

She came again and again and again and he could hold back no more. With a
deep growl he thrust savagely into her several times and finally yielded,
gasping as his searing cum frothed in a copious flood into her greedy

Jill collapsed, sobbing and gasping, her body trembling with excitement. He
had been far better than she had dared hope. The coconut vendor was gasping
too, his head bowed, his hands sliding up her body gently to cup her breasts.
She shivered at his touch. His cock dwindled and slowly, he slid out of
her. He sat with his legs folded under him, his chest heaving, gasping and
panting. Slowly, she turned around on her back and smiled up at him. He began
to rise and she said, "You had better go. Quickly! And thanks."

"No thank YOU, pretty white lady," he said smiling. "Your behind is the best
fuck me ever had." He dressed rapidly, gathered his wares, and left the way
he came.

Jill put on her scandalous swimsuit and laid back in contented sexual bliss.
It wasn't long before she heard the rental car return, the door open and
close and Tim walking down the path.

"Hey, babe!" he called. "I'm back! You still in the mood for a little

"What do you think?" Jill said flashing a sexy smile. She rolled seductively
onto her stomach and traced a finger slowly along the groove between the lush
cheeks of her bottom.

"Come here sexy," she said. "My backdoor is sticking. Think you have a tool
that can loosen it up?"

Tim let out a loud grunt as he knelt beside his wife and kissed the nearest

"I think I have just the tool," said excitedly.

Jill wondered if Tim's "tool" would notice that her greedy derriere was
already plenty loose.


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