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Home Improvement: Tool Time
by CanisLupus

Jill was getting ready for a nice long bath when the door bell rang. Sighing,
she turned off the water and grabbed her bathrobe, without bothering to put
on any underwear. Whoever was at the door would just be sent away, so she
could get back to her bath. When she opened the door she saw Heidi, the 'Tool
Time Girl'. The young heavy-chested brunette looked a little embarrassed when
she saw Jill in her bathrobe.

"Oh, ehm, I'm sorry" she said. "Tim asked me to look you up, when he told me
about his fishing trip with Al and the boys. He seemed afraid that you might
get lonely. But I don't want to disturb you. I would have called you, but I
was in the neighborhood and thought I'd just drop by. I can come back another
time though, if you want..."

Jill was very tempted to ask Heidi to do just that. But then she thought that
it might be rude to just send her away after she took the time to check up on

"No, no, it's all right. I was about to take a bath, but that was more for
passing the time than anything else. Please, come in."

Jill closed the door and followed Heidi into the living room.

"Care for a drink?"

"Sure. Do you have beer? Or did Tim take it all with him?"

"No," Jill laughed, "I was able to save a few bottles." She took two bottles
out of the fridge and sat down in the armchair, while Heidi sat on the couch.
They both took a deep sip from their respective bottles and started talking.
For about an hour they talked about their children, their husbands and
marriage in general. Then Jill told the story about how Tim had managed to
blow up the dishwasher, which started a whole new topic that occupied them
for another hour. When she set down, after getting them the third round of
beers, Jill noticed a somewhat strange look on Heidi's face, but decided
just to ignore it.Another half hour later Heidi excused herself to use the
bathroom. Jill suddenly caught herself leaning back in the chair and checking
out Heidi's ass. *Damn*, she thought, *if I where into women I would be after
her for sure. I'd just love to sink my teeth into that firm buttflesh.* Here
eyes grew wide with shock. *What am I thinking? I am neither a lesbian nor
into biting. Maybe I should cut back on the beer.*

* * *

When Heidi came back, she took off her shoes and asked Jill if she would mind
if she got a little more comfortable, pulling her left leg up and sitting on
it while she asked. That position forced her knees rather far apart and her
short skirt started to slide up. But the busty brunette either didn't mind or
didn't notice. While she continued the conversation, her skirt kept sliding
so far up that Jill could not help but notice that the other woman was
wearing no panties. She also noticed that her bush was neatly trimmed into a
small landing strip. The otherwise cleanly shaved pussy glistened and Jill
realized that Heidi was at least a little turned on right now. She must have
been staring because Heidi had suddenly stopped talking and kept saying her
name until she finally snapped out of it.

"Is everything all right?" Heidi asked when Jill looked up.

"What? Oh, ehm,... yes, yes Heidi. I'm fine", Jill stuttered and cleared her
throat. "It's just that... well... you're, ehm, you're somewhat flashing me
right now..."

Heidi just smiled and didn't do anything to cover herself. "I know" she said
"so are you actually."

"What?" Jill yelled and looked down. Only now she realized that her robe
had parted beneath the girdle and that everything south of her navel was
showing - including her hairy pussy. Some of that hair was quite obviously
wet. The sight of Heidi's twat must have - at least subconsciously - aroused
her.Jill hastily closed the bathrobe, while her head suddenly turned bright

"Oh my god" she stammered. "Heidi... I am so, so sorry... God, this is so

"Why?" asked Heidi. "I was actually enjoying it. You have a wonderful body,
especially for a mother of..."

Heidi interrupted herself when she noticed Jill's stare, who was too
astonished to say anything. After a few seconds Jill cleared her throat and
asked (sounding almost hysterically) "Are you serious?"

"Yes, Jill. I am" Heidi answered. "That's why I decided in the bathroom to
take off my panties. I wanted to return the favor."

"You thought I was doing this on purpose? Heidi - I am happily married..."

"I know. But it is hard to believe that you could be sitting there like this
for almost an hour without noticing." The last part made Jill blush again.
Why hadn't she noticed? "Anyway", Heidi continued, "I wasn't all that sure if
it really was on purpose. That's why I decided to just show off instead of
saying something."

Heidi realized that Jill wasn't even looking at her anymore. Instead she was
just staring at the floor. Heidi jumped up and pulled down her skirt. "I've
embarrassed you, Jill. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to..." Now it was Heidi's
turn to clear her throat. "Now I have ruined our relationship." She said and
headed for the door. "I should just go and hope that you can somehow forget
this ever happened..."

"Heidi wait," Jill said softly. The Tool Girl stopped two steps from the door
but didn't dare to turn around.

"Did you mean it?" Jill asked with a low voice.

"Mean what?"

"That you enjoyed it. That I have a wonderful body..."

"Yes," Heidi answered, still looking at the door. "Every word of it."

She heard a soft sigh from Jill. "Then stay. Maybe I'll regret this, but I
want you to stay. We can still be friends."

Now Heidi turned around, just to freeze again when she saw the other woman
standing at the counter, completely naked, her bathrobe lying on the floor
behind her. "Enjoy", Jill said with a shy smile. And indeed, Heidi did enjoy
the sight of her long time casual friend exposed like this. For a mother of
three children Jill had an incredibly hot body. Her breasts, although not
as big as Heidi's, where quite large and sagging only slightly. Her pink
nipples, that where surrounded by pale areolas where still pointing mostly
forward. Her figure was still sportive, despite some small deposits of fat
on her hips and thigh, which by the way seemed to be just as smooth as a 20
year old's. The dark bush between Jill's legs contrasted her rather fair

"You do have a very beautiful body," Heidi said, while she looked Jill
straight in the eyes. "Do you want me to get naked as well?"

"Well," Jill answered slowly, "it would be only fair."

With slow steps Heidi returned to the living area, stopping right at the
bottom of the small stair. Crossing her arms in front of her, she grabbed
her shirt with both hands and pulled it over her head.Throwing it to the
side, she quickly undid her bra und let it slide of. Soon her skirt fell
around her ankles and as she took a step towards the older woman, she was
now completely naked as well. Jill couldn't help but stare at Heidi's
perfect body. There where no tan lines around those ample breasts or that
oh so cleanly trimmed pussy. Her gaze seemed fixed on the Tool Girl's large
areolas and the proudly erect nipples in their centers. Heidi, who so far
had shamelessly been checking out Jill's body herself, broke the tension
when she went to the sofa and sat down while grabbing her half emptied

"So, Jill", she asked, "have you ever done this before?"

Jill, who - after losing the line of sight in Heidi's nipples - had admired
the curves of Heidi's firm ass until she sat down, finally found herself able
to speak again.

"You mean stripping naked in front of another woman?" she asked while she
returned to the armchair.

"Well, yes, outside of doctor's offices or gym showers that is."

"Not since I shared a room with another girl in college. But this is the
first time I have done so without any good reason."

"So me admiring your body doesn't count as a good reason?"

"No, sorry," Jill said with a small smile, "but that can hardly be a good
reason. At least not to a straight and faithfully married woman."

"Straight, huh? So I guess I am misinterpreting the fact that your pussy is
practically dripping after you have been checking out my tits and ass..."

When Jill began to blush again, Heidi almost giggled. "Come on Jill, we're
both adults here. So the sight of my naked body turns you on - big deal.
That's nothing to be ashamed of. It's not like I wasn't turned on myself,

With the last words she spread her legs and Jill could see that Heidi's
juices where making a stain on the sofa.Jill covered her face with her hands
and let out an embarrassed groan. "All right", she jelled, "I admit it."
Letting her hands drop again she looked Heidi straight in the eyes. "I admit
it", she repeated softer, "I am turned on like crazy right now. I don't want
you to leave, because you are so damned hot", she almost jelled again, "but
I really really don't want to cheat on Tim."

"I know", Heidi said reassuringly, "We don't have to do anything you don't
want to."

"Thanks" Jill replied relieved, "it means a lot to me, hearing you say that.
But," she continued, wringing her hands, "don't you feel the desperate need
to... you know..."

"To what?" Heidi asked teasingly.

"Come on" Jill answered clenching her teeth, "You know what I mean..."

"Say it anyway"

"The need to cum", Jill burst out. "There, I said it... Don't you feel the
desperate need to cum, Heidi? Because I do." Now Jill seemed to be talking
herself into a rush. "I feel that, if I don't get off very soon, it will
tear me apart. I want you Heidi, I wanna hear you moan, to see you body
spasm in climax. But I just can't..."

"Then let's masturbate", Heidi interrupted cheerily.

"Masturbate?" Jill seemed to be shocked once more.

"Look!" Heidi said, "It's quite simple. Yes, I'm just as horny as you are
right now. I also want to see you cum and I would love to taste it, to lick
up every single drop of it. But you don't want us to have sex and I respect
that. So, besides me leaving, there is really only one other option. We get
ourselves off while watching each other at the same time. We'd both get off
and it wouldn't be any more cheating than Tim watching porn or going to a
strip club."

"Well", Jill said thoughtfully, "if you put it that way..."Then she was
silent for a little while, obviously thinking the situation over. Suddenly
she stood up and walked toward the stairs. "Come", she said, waving Heidi to
follow. She led her to the bedroom where she told her to wait outside. "I
want to show you something, but I want it to be a surprise."

Several minutes Heidi heard Jill move around in the bedroom. It sounded like
she was moving around some of the furniture or heavy boxes. With a sigh Heidi
leaned back at the wall. The anticipation was adding to her arousal she
already felt and the lubricant from her cunt began running down her legs. Of
course she could have fingered herself to ease the tension. But she didn't
want to start without Jill, so she fought to keep her hands under control.
Just when she felt that she was losing the battle, Jill finally called her

"Tadaa," Jill said, when Heidi stepped through the door. On the floor in
front of Jill stood a device that Heidi couldn't quite figure out. At first
sight it looked like a small saddle, only that it was massive, so it was
hardly meant for riding any animal. The thing had two holes, one in front
and the other on top. A thin horizontal rod came out of the front and a
similar vertical one out of the top. The latter would make it impossible to
actually sit on that 'saddle', so the whole device made absolutely no sense
to her.

"What on Earth is this?" asked the Tool Girl.

"That," Jill replied with a grin, "is something Tim built for me years ago.
I haven't used it in a long time. I would have thrown it out, but you know
Tim and his machines. It would have killed him. Besides, I do have some fond
memories of this thing, so..."

"Tim built this?"


"And it actually works? Without hurting anyone?"

"Oh yes," Jill laughed, "it works. If you ask me, this may actually be his
best work."

"Then why haven't you used it?"

"Well, I didn't really need it. I had Tim."

Spreading her arms in defeat, Heidi said, "I don't get it, Jill. What is this
thing? And why show it to me now...?"

"OK, listen. Tim built this back when he was still a salesman and out of the
house a lot. He knew perfectly well, that I needed regular - ehm - 'service',
if you catch my drift. But he didn't want me to get it elsewhere when he was
away. So he came up with this - he calls it the 'no-cheator'..."

"Yeah," Heidi giggled, "that does sound like him. So this thing is supposed
to keep you 'serviced'? How on Earth could it possibly do that? Does it
vibrate or something? And what are the rods for then?"

"No," Jill said, "it doesn't vibrate. If I needed that, I would just sit on
the washing machine." Suddenly Jill grinned, "which I actually did once or

Heidi grinned back, "Yeah, that's fun, I know. But if it doesn't vibrate,
what does this 'no-cheator' do?"

"Well, Heidi, what do you think? It's supposed to fuck you of course.
Look..." Jill took something that looked like a remote from the nightstand.
It had four buttons and two modulators on it. When she pushed the first
button, the horizontal rod began moving back and forth.

"Fuck you?" Heidi asked. "With what? These thin rods? So they move back and
forth but I can't imagine they could do anymore than hurt you - and badly as
that. Of course, that does sound like Tim, all right..."

Jill couldn't help but laugh at that remark. "You got a point there. But
despite being married to Tim, I am not am woman who is turned on by pain. Of
course it's not just those rods. First we have to attach some of these..."
Saying that, Jill pulled the bedspread away with her free hand. Once more
Jill had to laugh when she saw Heidi staring open mouthed at the eight dildos
she had just revealed. She took Heidi by the hand and gently pulled her
closer to the bed. "You choose first" she whispered into Heidi's ear.

"Wow," Heidi finally managed to say with a hoarse voice. "This, I didn't
expect." She gazed at the dildos in front of her. "Tough choice. I don't
know which one to pick."

"Why don't you pick them up and feel them. The choice will come to you,
you'll see."

Picking up the first of the dildos, Heidi could feel her pussy getting moist
again, after it had dried up a little during the last few minutes. The first
half of the devices where penis replica with slight differences in form and
ranged from six inches to proudly ten. The fifth was conical with lots of
knobs of different sizes. Then came a big red one that felt like a thin layer
filled with little beads. The seventh was more phallic again but with a
stylized hummingbird attached to it, for to additionally stimulate the clit.
And finally the eighth was a double dildo, apparently designed to penetrate
two holes at once. One of the pair was a little longer than the other but the
other was wider. The very second, Heidi picked that last one up, she knew
that Jill had been right. She had made her choice. "I take this one," she
said with a dreamy look on her face. "I haven't been sandwiched since

"Good choice," Jill said with a wide grin. "I'll take this one." She grabbed
the ten inch dildo and turned to the machine. "You wanna sit or lie down?"

"I'll sit," Heidi replied.

"All right," Jill said with a happy voice. She knelt down and installed her
choice on the tip of the horizontal rod. She asked Heidi for the double dildo
and with a few quick movements it was attached to the other one. Then she
took the remote and with the push of a button both rods retreated back to the
starting position. Jill looked up at the other woman and smiled. "Are you
ready for the ride of your lifetime?"

Heidi reacted with a libidinous grin. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. I
had some pretty wild rides in my past."

"Trust me", Jill said.

"Okay." Heidi stepped beside Jill. "Just one question..."

Jill raised her eyebrows without saying anything.

"Who gets the remote?"

Jill laughed. "Oh, Heidi, I think it's much safer if I kept it. Pushing the
buttons in the wrong order might have unfortunate consequences. As you said -
Tim built it..."

"Good point! In that case, I hope you haven't lost your touch."

Still laughing Jill brought herself into position. She lay down on her back
and spread her legs. Then she slowly moved towards the machine until her
pussy touched the tip of the dildo. Wet as she was, she had no trouble moving
over it and with one more move the first inch of the toy disappeared within
her love channel. "Mmmh", she moaned, "hurry up. I want to get started."

Despite her own desire to begin, Heidi took a few seconds to enjoy the sight
in front of her. Spread eagled as she was, her knees slightly elevated,
leaning back on her elbows and with that large dildo partially in her pussy,
Jill presented one of the most erotic sights Heidi had ever seen. While she
savored the sight, she reached between her legs, right under Jill's not less
intense gaze, and let her hands wander between her pussy lips to pick up as
much of her own juice as she could. Slowly she bent over and with her tits
dangling freely back and forth, she started to spread the liquid over the
part of her toy that was intended for the one entrance of her body, that
wouldn't get lubricated all by it's own. Jill's mouth watered as she watched
Heidi touching her pussy a second time, this time to reach back and spread
the natural lubricant between her ass cheeks and all over her anus. Finally
the Tool Girl squatted over the 'saddle' and lowered herself onto the
artificial cocks. She relaxed her muscles as much as she could, while
spreading her ass cheeks with both hands. Her anus was the first hole to
make contact, quickly followed by her cunt. When both tips had entered her
holes, she slowly relaxed her leg muscles and allowed her own weight to push
the dildos inside her body. The young woman immediately felt in heaven. Only
now, that her ass was stuffed for the first time in years - she had never
understood why Scott was so against anal sex, all the guys she had fucked
before him had begged her for letting them do it - she realized how much she
had actually missed it. "Gnnnoooooohhh" with a deep ongoing moan she enjoyed
every second she slid inevitably down. When her body at last came to a rest,
she closed her eyes and held her breath. She grabbed her tits with both
hands, slowly massaging them until both nipples where fully erect. When she
opened her eyes again, her gaze met that of Jill, who was patiently waiting
for her to give the signal.

"Let's roll", Heidi said with a hoarse voice.

Without a word Jill took the remote, moved both modulators to the far left
and pressed the start buttons. Still looking into Jill's eyes, Heidi felt the
dildos slowly retreat from her holes until maybe half an inch was left. Then
they came back and Heidi's eyes grew wide when she felt the sheer force of
the machine pushing tem back into her body. Again and again the dildos
stuffed her holes, each movement taking several seconds. Heidi couldn't
believe how good it felt to be fucked by a machine and she could see in
Jill's eyes that the other woman was feeling every bit as hot as herself.

Jill felt the slow powerful thrusts of the large dildo in her pussy, the
walls of her love channel being stretched to the limit. She began to take
deeper breaths, waiting for the right moment. Then Heidi closed her eyes,
taking one long deep breath. Jill felt her arousal spike when she saw how
that deep breath lifted Heidi's chest, pushing those marvelous globes far
out. With a horny grin she took the remote in both hands an started turning
both modulators up. Heidi yelped in surprise, when she suddenly felt the
dildos being shoved into her holes with severely increased speed. "Hmmnnng,
yeeeaaaaah," Heidi moaned and leaned backwards, increasing the pressure on
the dildo hammering up her ass. Waves after waves of heat emanated from her
crotch, spreading throughout her body and the young woman, now massaging her
breasts again, finally felt the orgasm coming she had been craving for what
seemed like half a lifetime.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh my gawd, yehehehessss," Jill, who had by now lifted her
hips und started to hump back at the relentless machine, heard Heidi cum with
passion. Her eyes where fixed on the younger woman's snatch. Thanks to
Heidi's leaned back posture, Jill could clearly see the 'no-cheator' pumping
the dildo in and out of Heidi's cunt. That sight and the other's ecstatic
sounds caused Jill's own pussy to squirt with force. Gushes of cum swept over
the big dildo and onto the carpet as Jill herself came with a long, loud,
wordless moan.

Jill took the remote again and reduced the speed a bit to give them both some
time to regain their breath. She watched Heidi for a short while, who had
begun to work her right breast with a vengeance, while holding her other up,
so she could take the dark nipple into her mouth. From the movement of her
chin and jaw, Jill could see that Heidi was sucking and chewing on that
nipple with equal passion. The low moaning sounds where proof enough that,
even if the passion behind it had lessened a bit, Heidi was still cumming.

But Jill was not quite done yet. She tuned the device further down, until it
moved with only a slow, almost lazy pace. She waited patiently for Heidi to
open her eyes, meanwhile enjoying the feeling of the big dildo moving slow
but untiring in and out of her pussy. When she finally had Heidi's attention
again, she asked, "So, do you want to switch to another dildo for round two?
Or do you want to keep the one you have?"

Jill almost laughed when she saw the astonished look on Heidi's face. "Round
two?" Heidi asked.

"Of course", Jill answered grinning. "This is not a guy we're dealing with
here. Machines usually don't roll over and sleep", she said with a wink. "Or
do you already have enough?"

Heidi had to laugh at that. The laughter in combination with the double
dildo still pumping her pussy and ass brought her a sudden unexpected orgasm.
"Ooooooohhh, yeeaaaahh", Heidi moaned, "I am definitely in for a second

"I guess you want to stick with the one you have", Jill said grinning.

"Actually, no" Heidi said, a little out of breath. "You know, this thing has
my ass warmed up perfectly. I would love to have that beautiful huge monster
in your snatch to pound my ass. Can you adjust the height of this thing, so
I can take it doggy style?"

The thought of that proposal now pushed Jill into her second climax.
"Yessss," she groaned, "just... wait... and... seeeeeeeeeeeeee."

With a sigh Jill pushed herself off the dildo and pushed another button on
the remote. Heidi let out a sound of surprise when the 'no-cheator' began to
lift her up, while the double dildo slid back to it's starting point. When
she looked down, she saw four solid metal legs coming out from under the
saddle, holding it at the perfect height, when Jill let go of the button at

"Okay then", Jill said, "let's switch places."

Slowly Heidi stood up, almost reluctantly letting the dildos slide out of her
holes. Then she hunkered down behind the device. Looking up at Jill she said,
"I want to see it enter up close."

Jill smiled, but said nothing. She stepped over the machine, getting herself
into position. Looking up right between Jill's spread legs, Heidi almost
unconsciously started stroking her own pussy. Her mouth watered at the sight
of the other's wet, still slightly opened pussy lips. Ever so slowly Jill
lowered her hips, spreading those lips ever further apart, until the tips of
the double dildo touched her front and back openings at last. With wide eyes
the Tool Girl watched fascinated as her Boss's wife kept lowering herself
towards the saddle, forcing the dildos slowly into the depth of her body
openings. She heard Jill moan under her breath as her holes got stuffed
with the very same instrument that not a minute earlier head been oh so
wonderfully deep within Heidi herself. Heidi didn't even blink, just as if
she wouldn't dare to miss even a split second of that gorgeous ass being
impaled on that dildo. The thought of Jill's pussy and ass being filled with
the dildos that where still covered with her own juices almost brought Heidi
to another climax. She desperately wanted to touch her, to grab that ass and
those tits, to lick up her juices - front and back. But she didn't dare act
against Jill's expressed wishes. So, before she would lose control of
herself, she stood up and got in front of Jill. On an impulse she stopped
when she came back into Jill's sight she just stood there for a second, with
her back to the other woman. She grabbed her ass, pulling her cheeks as far
apart as she could. Then she bent over as deep as possible and gave Jill a
good close look on her own asshole.

She smiled when she heard a loud gulp from her. Satisfied she went the rest
of the way and got into position. She got down on her knees and touched the
big dildo that so shortly before had been pumping so deep into Jill's pussy.
It was still dripping with the other woman's juices. Suddenly, on yet another
impulse, she lowered her head and licked once over the whole length of the
phallic shape. She sat back, closing her eyes and kept Jill's cum in her
mouth, as if she was savoring a precious wine. "Mmmh", she moaned after she
finally had swallowed, "You taste wonderful, Jill." Without looking back at
Jill, she got down on her elbows, bringing herself into the right position.
Now she looked back and over the hot curves of her ass she could see Jill's
eyes transfixed on her asshole and the big dildo waiting to push into it.

"Hit it", she said.

Without ever moving her eyes, Jill took the remote and pushed the first
button blindly. In her mind she still saw the moment when Heidi had liked up
her juices and how she seemed to have relished the taste before swallowing.
She still couldn't believe that the other woman had done that and that seemed
to make it all the more impossible for her to let go of the image. And now
this image was somehow mixing with the incredible sight before her eyes.
There was that perfect, tight, young ass - Jill doubted that she had ever
seen a more beautiful, erotic butt in all her life - that was slowly
penetrated by the big dildo, her very own favorite, still glistening with her
cum. Her mouth filled with saliva as she watched that dildo burying itself
deeper and deeper into Heidi's behind. With both these images filling her
mind, Jill felt her juices beginning to flow again and intense heat building
up in her lower torso. Then, at last, she pressed the next button on the
remote, to set her own toy into motion. She took a deep breath as she felt
both her holes being filled, just as slowly and inevitably as Heidi's ass.
The thought of how this way her own pussy juices where being mixed with
Heidi's deep within her body brought Jill's arousal to new heights and it
took all the willpower she could muster to fend off an early orgasm. She
wanted to build up as much energy as she could first, in hope to get one of
those rare kind of orgasms you never ever forget all your life. So she kept
fighting, trying to build up some mental wall to keep the waves of lust
rushing through her body in check. But when she heard a quiet little moan
escape from Heidi, it was more than Jill could take.

She came with a mind shattering orgasm. Every nerve aflame, every muscle
twitching, she totally lost control of her body. She was no longer moaning,
but screaming loud enough that she was certain that the whole neighborhood
would hear. Bu she didn't care. "Yes... yes... yes... oh FUCK YES... OH

In that very moment of total bliss, Jill completely forgot about the remote
still in her hand. And so she accidentally pressed that one button she had
sworn to herself never ever to push...

As with all machines Tim Taylor laid hands on, he had equipped the
'no-cheator' with what he used to call 'more power'. But Jill, who was
somewhat fond of her health, had decided from the beginning, never to
unleash those demons, since they usually led straight to the emergency
room. But now she had pushed that button and the results hit her without
warning. With a loud noise the engine began to vibrate and the movement
of both rods was accelerated to incredible speed. Her ass and pussy where
slammed so fucking hard and fast that she had to grab the saddle with both
hands to keep from being thrown of. Unfortunately she lost the remote in
the process and she didn't dare to loosen her grip on the saddle for fear
of being sent flying through the whole room. She already saw herself at
the hospital, trying to explain how her pussy and ass got sore enough to
need medical treatment. But not all was bad. The incredible speed of the
machine stimulated both her holes like they never had been before. Within
seconds she climaxed and since the machine kept going, so did she. All she
did was constantly cumming and screaming until her throat was just as sore
as her other holes.

Heidi, however, was in no better position. When the machine had suddenly
increased it's speed, it had taken her completely by surprise. The sheer
force of the pounding had made her loose her balance. She was still on her
knees, but her arms where flailing around helplessly while her face and
tits where pushed hard into the carpet having her nipples constantly
stimulated by the rough fabric. And on top of it all, a ten inch dildo was
fucking her ass with incredible force and with what seemed to her like
light speed. She was forced to a violent orgasm that never seemed to end,
her wordless screams of pure lust adding to those of Jill.

Neither woman was ever able to tell, how long this situation lasted, but to
both of them it seemed like an eternity. But all things must come to an end -
especially when Tim Taylor built them. The 'no-cheator' was no exception.
With a jerk and a loud cracking noise, the ass and pussy slamming suddenly
stopped. It took both women several seconds to actually realize that the
ordeal was over. Finally being able to come down again from the longest, most
intense orgasm of her life, Jill let herself roll off the machine, landing on
her back. Unable to speak or move her limbs she turned her head to look at
Heidi. Had she had the power left for it, Jill would have laughed. Just as
unable to move a muscle as Jill was, the Tool Girl's arms and legs had gone
completely limp. Still, her ass hung in the air, held by nothing more than
that ten inch dildo that of all things had ended it's movement when it was up
to the hilt in Heidi's asshole.

Jill wanted to help her but she still couldn't move. All she could do, was
searching Heidi's eyes with her own.

"Hrrrr?" she asked with the typical Tool Man grunt.

"Hrrr Hrrr Hrrr," was all the answer she got.


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