TranceTV: Home Improvement
by Tranceman

Usual crap about how you shouldn't read this if you're not supposed to.
Hope you like.

Mark hated being the youngest boy in the Taylor family. For one thing,
he always got the hand me-down clothes, always got treated as the kid, no
matter that he was in his late teens by now. And with his brothers moving
out, he was stuck with the chores around the house.

Of course, it also didn't help that his father was often seen on
television as a chauvinistic moron who kept wrecking things and himself while
showing off tools. What made it worse was that Mark knew it wasn't an act,
his father really was that clumsy, which didn't exactly win him over with the

Which was the worst part of all: the fact that Mark was now in the age
for sexual activity and was still treated by his parents like he was ten.
With the pressures of home and the inability to connect with girls at school,
Mark was stuck with a great sexual yearning and nowhere to unleash it.

So, Mark pretty much grabbed what he could, via the Internet and other
sources. Sure, he knew the mechanics of sex and everything but had no partner
to share it all with. And it didn't look like he was going to be able to find
anyone soon.

Mark was home alone that Saturday afternoon. His dad was at some big
convention thing and his mom had gone with, partly for the break and partly
so she could supply the insurance when Tim inevitably put himself in the
hospital. With his brothers out with friends, Mark had the house to himself.
Even Wilson was out at some philosophy meeting so no one was around.

Mark sighed, absently flipping through the channels on the TV. He
supposed he could work a bit more on his thing for the upcoming school talent
show but he just couldn't get his mind on it right now. All he could think
about were all the great looking girls at school and how he couldn't get at

A knock on the door got Mark's attention and he walked over to answer
it. He opened the door to see a gorgeous woman standing there. She was in her
twenties, incredibly beautiful, wearing jean shorts and a shirt that somewhat
pushed up her ample chest, long brown hair flowing down to her tits. "Oh,
hey, Heidi," Mark said. "Dad said you'd be dropping by. Come on in."

The "Tool Time Girl" followed Mark into the home. Mark had a hard time
not staring at her, one thing he shared with his older brothers. After all,
the woman was incredibly beautiful which was why she was such a popular item
on her dad's show. "Just came to get those scripts Tim wanted me to check,"
she explained as she came in.

"Here you go," Mark said, passing the folders to Heidi. He couldn't help
but look at her chest a bit as she looked down at the papers. If he could
have chosen just one woman to lose his virginity to, it would probably be
her. He knew it couldn't happen of course but Mark did dream.

"So," Heidi asked, trying to make some small talk. "Any luck finding
something for the talent show?"

It was funny the way things worked. Just as Heidi asked the question,
Mark was glancing to a pile of his mother's psychology textbooks. He
remembered how, just for fun, he'd been looking through them all, especially
the ones on hypnosis. And the instant Heidi asked the question, it all
clicked together and Mark knew this was the chance he'd been waiting for.

"Um, actually, I have," he said, the plan coming together even as he
spoke. "Give me a minute and I'll show it to you, okay? Just have a seat."

As Heidi sat down on the couch, Mark ran to his room, rummaging through
his drawers until he came to the item he wanted. He quickly hurried back to
where Heidi was, pulling up a stool nearby so he could face her.

"Okay, Heidi, here's the deal." Mark said, holding up the small crystal
attached to a chain. "This is part of my magic act, okay? Now, this is the
important part to start out with. Just look at the crystal, Heidi, look right
at the crystal, watch it spin, Heidi, watch the crystal spin around and
around. Watch how it catches and reflects the light, Heidi, watch how it
catches and reflects the light into your eyes, Heidi, watch how it reflects
the light right into your eyes, Heidi, it reflects the light right into your
eyes. Watch it spin, Heidi, watch it spin around and around, around and
around, watch the crystal spin, Heidi, watch it spin around and around,
reflecting the light into your eyes, Heidi, watch it reflect the light right
into your eyes, right into your eyes, Heidi, watch it reflect the light right
into your eyes."

Heidi's eyes were watching the crystal spin around, the light shining
off it and into her eyes, flashing around and about, the light playing into
her eyes, combining with Mark's voice to start lulling her into a trance, her
eyes already looking somewhat blank.

"Just keep looking at the spinning crystal, Heidi, let the lights play
into your eyes, the lights are going into your eyes, Heidi, faster and faster
into your eyes. The light is making you sleepy, Heidi, the light is making
you very sleepy. As you watch the lights play off the crystal and into your
eyes, you feel more and more sleepy, Heidi, more and more sleepy as you keep
looking" at the crystal and it keeps throwing light into your eyes, very
sleep, Heidi, very sleepy, just so very sleepy, Heidi. You just feel more and
more sleepy and you have to go to sleep, Heidi, you have to go to sleep, you
have to close your eyes and go to sleep, Heidi, you have to close your eyes
and go to sleep. Go to sleep, Heidi, go to sleep."

Heidi's eyes shut, her head slumping forward as she fell into a trance.
Mark let out a huge breath, not believing this had actually worked. He
lowered the crystal and licked his lips as he tried to think of what he was
going to do now, remembering what he had read about hypnosis.

"Heidi, listen carefully. You are asleep but you can hear everything I
say. Now, Heidi, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah," Heidi nodded.

"Have you had sex with him?"

"Yeah....A lot......"

"How does he like to have sex, Heidi?"

"He likes it when I suck his cock......And then he has me ride him......
And then he'll run his cock all over my tits and come on them......"

Mark couldn't take it anymore, he had to have her. "Okay, Heidi, listen
to me carefully. When I count to three, you'll open your eyes. You'll see
your boyfriend in front of you, Heidi. Your boyfriend will be in front of you
and you'll want to have sex with him right now. You'll want to have sex with
your boyfriend right now, Heidi. One, two, three."

Heidi's eyes blinked open as she stared at Mark, a sexy look coming over
her face. "Hey, baby," she said huskily. "Let's have some fun."

With that, she grabbed Mark and pulled him into a long and hard kiss,
Mark a bit stunned to reply at first but soon answered, hugging her as he
kissed her back. Heidi pushed him back on the couch and moved her hands to
Mark's pants, unbuttoning them as she pulled out his cock. It only took
seconds in her hands before it got hard.

Mark looked down as Heidi took his rod in her hands and started sucking
on it, licking the shaft long and hard as she pinched the balls, running his
shaft in and out of her mouth as she bobbed up and down on him, Mark moaning
all the while. "Ooooh God, oh, God," he grunted as he felt Heidi lick and
suck away at him. "Oh, GOOOOOD!!" he yelled as he came for the first time,
his semen licked away and swallowed by Heidi.

Mark was still recovering when Heidi stood up and lifted away her shirt.
She was wearing only a white bra, which was quickly thrown into a pile and
Mark could only stare at her awesome breasts, the tight nipple highlighting
the large tits. Heidi dropped her shorts and underwear and then mounted
Mark's cock, starting to ride him long And hard.

"Yeah, baby," Heidi grunted as she bounced on top of him, her breasts
bouncing with every thrust forward. "Yeah, baby, harder, harder!" Mark tried
to do his best, his hands reaching up to grab her tits, squeezing them hard
as he drove his cock further into her, Heidi bouncing back And forth as she
rode him without mercy.

Mark just stared up at her with amazement, his hands still running over
And squeezing her incredible breasts, pushing them together as he drove his
cock into her, Heidi's gyrations making sure she got all of his young meat
in. "Ugh! Ugh! UGHHH!" he grunted as he felt himself begin to come. "Yeah,
baby, yeah! Yeah! YEAHHHH!" Heidi let loose as Mark shot himself into her,
the two shaking together as Mark hit his first orgasm.

Heidi moaned as she fell forward, her breasts sticking in Mark's face.
He took a few minutes to lick And suckle them a bit before Heidi sat back on
the couch, pulling herself out of him. "Come on, baby. Tit-fuck me. You know
how much I like that."

With so much incentive, Mark moved forward, straddling himself over
Heidi's chest, moving his hard cock into the passage between her breasts. He
ran it back And forth, feeling himself build up yet again as he pressed
Heidi's breasts around her cock, the tip leaving streaks of cum over her

"Oh, yeah, baby, do it like that," Heidi moaned again as she felt Mark's
cock slide over her tits. Mark pushed it all around her breasts, circling
each nipple with the penis, kneading Heidi's breasts together as he continued
to go at her. "Here it comes," Mark hissed as he shot his load onto her
chest, spreading it around her breasts And even managing to get a few drops
into her mouth as he did so.

It took a while for Mark to get some towels to clean Heidi off And have
her redress. He knew he had to clean the sofa later but it was worth it.
"Heidi, listen to me carefully." Heidi was back on the sofa, eyes closed,
back in the trance. "When I touch your forehead, you'll wake up. You won't
remember being asleep or anything that's happened, nothing at all. Should you
ever hear me say the words 'sleep, Tool Time Girl,' you'll fall back asleep
but remember nothing else."

Mark touched Heidi's forehead, watching her wake up. "So, say hi to your
dad for me," Heidi said, standing up And shaking Mark's hand. "I'll see him
on Monday."

"Sure thing," Mark smiled, watching her leave. He turned to grab some
cleaner quick for the sofa, his mind racing to the ways he could use this
talent in the future. It looked like his love life was going to see some
definite improvement.


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