Home Improvement: What Cums Around (mmbF,MFF,Mmmb,inter,drugs)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Tim Taylor sat in his room on the bed. Tim knew what Bud Harper had done
with his wife Jill. So he thought how could he get even. Just then his three
boys walked by to their room. A smile came on Tim's face. Tim called his boys
into his room. Tim told them what happened.

Randy said, "NO WAY!!!"

Brad and Mark said, "What are you going to do?"

Tim smiled, "We will take care of this and be rid of that black bastard."

Tim laid out his plan.

* * *

Mary Harper was at home when Tim and his boys arrived at her house. Mark the
youngest knocked on the door while Brad and Randy went in through a window
Tim had opened. Tim set up the camera. Mark had put the pill into Mary`s
drink as Brad made a call on a cell phone.

They sat and Mary drank her drink, She was feeling strange she was getting
hot. Mark was sitting with her on the couch, he took his hand put it on her
leg. Pushing her dress up farther umtil Mark seen her red panties. He called
his brothers in, Mark was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Mark seen
the wet spot form. Mary was laid out on the couch.

Mark started licking her pussy, Brad was sucking on one of her dark nipples
while playing with the other. Randy had his cock in her mouth while Tim
flimed it all. Mary was moaning with pleasure. "YES, give it to me! I want
all your cocks," she said.

That's what Tim got on flim too, Mary fucking three minors. They all took
turns with her. Each fucking her pussy and ass. Mary laid on her bed covered
in cum.

* * *

Tim arrived home with the boys, which he let drink some beer. In the weeks
to come they were fucking Mary often and making movies with other young boys.

Tim set up a dinner party at his home. Bud Harper arrived he said, "Mary
wasn`t feeling to well." So the dinner went on, Bud wasn`t feeling good for
they had spiked his drinks.

"Stay awake buddy boy," Tim said he put on the tapes of his wife with the
minors. "Listen to her beg for more," Tim said.

Bud watched with dismay as his wife was in bed with four white teens, getting
fucked in her pussy, ass, mouth.

"NOW your turn," Tim said.

Jill came out with Heidi the Tool Time Girl. Both were dressed in black lace.
Jill ran her hand down his body to the bulge that was forming. Jill pulled
his big cock out. "I am going to miss this," then she said, "Naaaa!"

Jill was sucking it as Heidi had her pussy in Bud's mouht. "Go on eat my
pussy," she said.

They soon were naked in the living room. Heidi was getting her pussy eaten
by Bud. What he didn't know was Jill had put on a big dildo. Heidi held Bud's
head into her pussy. All the while smiling at Jill, who was now behind Bud.
She reached for his cock to make it look like she was going to suck it. Bud
felt a pain that went right through him as Jill pushed that dildo into his

"Take it!" she screamed at him. "You made me beg!" she pushed harder. "Now
it's your turn." Jill fucked his ass while Heidi made him eat her pussy all
the while Tim was fliming.

Then the boys came down. Bud was sucking each one off they filled his mouth
with cum. Heidi had her turn with Bud, too. Putting a cock ring on his cock
Heidi rode his cock, but Bud couldn't cum. Heidi squeezed his big balls. "Cum
for me you bastard!"

Heidi was riding his cock hard. Then she made him cum in a glass, which he
had to drink, too.

Tim had Bud sign a new contract making Tim head of all Bendford Tools. The
next few days were different for Wilson, too. Jill had told Heidi and they
set their eyes on him, "WHAT GOES AROUND, CUMS AROUND."



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