"Hey dork."

"Hi." Mark had long since learned that his 'dork' was his brothers'
favorite synonym for his name, and knew that Randy's greeting was as
polite as he could expect. Besides, he was watching a cartoon, and
wasn't really paying enough attention for his feelings to be hurt.

As Randy started upstairs to their room, Mark did remember that he had
a message for his brother.

"Brad says we should stay out of the room because he's studying."

"So?" Randy responded without thinking, automatically naysaying any-
thing that his little brother told him. He briefly regretted his show
of bravado, not wanting to cross Brad anymore than was absolutely

His fear was quickly overcome with curiosity, as he realized that
there was no possible way that his brother was studying at three
o'clock in the afternoon.

He continued quietly up the stairs, wondering what his brother was up
to. Probably talking to Jennifer Sadarsky on the phone. Randy figured
he'd eavesdrop for a few minutes, and then come in when they were
talking about something embarrassing. Of course, it might be a long
wait. It's not like they ever DID anything. He'd seen them kiss, once,
and Brad claimed that they did it all the time. But even if they did,
Randy was sure they didn't use tongues. His brother wasn't THAT far
ahead of him.

He crept from the top of the stairs to the door of the room the three
boys shared. But he didn't hear the conversation he expected. At first
he thought Brad might be whispering, but after a moment of straining
to hear, Randy was sure that his brother wasn't talking to anyone. He
really didn't hear anything, except the occasional grunt. Such out-
bursts were common among the males of the Taylor household (and even
Jill indulged occasionally), so Randy didn't think much of it. Still,
Brad had claimed to be studying without any parents around, so some-
thing must be up.

The door to the room was open just a crack. Randy couldn't really see
into the room, but he thought that since he didn't have to fool with a
doorknob, he might be able to open it quietly enough for Brad not to

As Randy eased the door open, the first thing he saw was his brother's
ankles. Brad was lying on Randy's bed, the lower of the two bunks, at
an angle such that his legs just draped over the edge. As Randy's eyes
tracked up Brad's body, he discovered that his brother's blue jeans
stopped at his knees.

Brad was naked from the middle of his thighs to the middle of his
stomach. His hand bounced up and down above his crotch, apparently
along the shaft of his penis. Randy immediately began to get an
erection from the excitement of finding his brother in such a com-
promising position. One swipe at his overalls was enough for Randy to
give his organ the space that it needed.

He quickly glanced up at Brad's face, expecting to see a mask of em-
barrassment, followed by anger. But his brother's head was thrown back
and his eyes were closed. Brad was obviously concentrating harder than
he ever had in his life.

Randy had heard of 'jacking off,' but was dumbfounded to find his bro-
ther doing it. Sure, it felt pretty good to squeeze your dick if it
got hard in the shower or while you were watching TV, but going out of
your way to do it? Jacking off was something that teenagers did when
they couldn't get a girl to have sex with them. But Brad was thirteen.
And he did have a girl. Neither fact was news, but for the first time,
they seemed to make a difference.

Even if he hadn't been a little bitter, Randy could hardly turn down
such a chance to embarrass his brother. He eased into the room, his
eyes alternating between Brad's face and his crotch. The face remained
impassive, and the genitals were difficult to see because of the
rapidly moving hand. He could see that the helmet-head of Brad's dick
that protruded from the top of his fist and the sack that held his
nuts were both a deep pink, and didn't match the rest of his skin like
Randy's did.

Randy stopped just at the corner of the other bed, close enough to be
able to look down on Brad, but not so close as to make his presence
known. Then he paused, searching for the prefect insult for a brother
caught with his pants down.

"Hey Brad, pull it a little harder and Mom can have the daughter she's
always wanted."

Brad started up, dropping the hand with which he'd been masturbating
to his side and bumping his head on the upper bunk as he did. His
feelings alternated from embarrassment to anger. Dazed by both the
bump on the head and the interrupted sexual crescendo, he tried to
settle on the emotion that would best segue into beating Randy up.

Randy, meanwhile, got his first good look at his brother's penis. It
was still quite hard, sticking up so that it bisected the angle be-
tween Brad's torso and his legs. Right above where it attached to his
body, there were a few tufts of light brown hair, twisted into loose
coils. It was hard to judge it's length because he was looking at it
almost head on. He was much more struck with it's thickness; it was as
big around as a roll of quarters, maybe a little bigger. Randy's dick
was barely thicker than nickels. The shaft of Brad's dick was quite
pink as well, though not so much as the head. Denied the shelter of
Brad's hand, the penis began to droop its head in shame.

"If you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you." Tyranny was the soul
of Brad's wit.

Randy couldn't resist. "Dad'll be proud to find out how much you like
to work with your hands."

"Randy, shut up." Some testosterone, on it's way to Brad's fists, took
a wrong turn and found itself in his penis. Inspired, the organ began
to reverse it's descent.

"Maybe you should give Jennifer her picture back and just carry around
a picture of your hand." Randy knew he was cruising for a bruising,
but he was on a roll.

Brad stood up, his pants still around his legs. His plan had been to
grab Randy, put him in a headlock, and pummel him until he felt vin-
dicated. But even though this was in many ways no different from any
of the boys' many altercations, Brad was in fact half naked. Both boys
glanced down at his erection, by now standing straight out from his
body. Brad also noticed anew that he was a full head taller than

These two observations gave Brad something he rarely had: an idea. He
knew how to restore himself to his rightful position of brotherly

"You're just jealous because my dick's bigger than yours." Brad played
the trump card that males had, in a multitude of different ways, been
playing against each other for all time.

Randy responded the only way he could. "Yeah, right."

Brad wasn't quite sure where to go from here. "I've seen it. You don't
even have any hair."

That was almost true. Randy had had one hair, but he'd toyed with it
so much he finally pulled it out. He was pretty sure it wasn't there
anymore, but he said, "So? My dick's still at least as big as yours."

Brad didn't even pause before saying "Prove it."

Randy was, for once, for a moment, speechless. "How?" he eventually
demanded, not wanting to know, but trying to stall.

Brad had to think a second. "We could measure them." Under other cir-
cumstances, Randy would have responded "Duh," but right now he wanted
his brother to think that this problem was as hard as possible. "With

"We could use Dad's tape measure."

"Yeah, and who's gonna tell the Tool Man what we were using it for?"
Randy was sure that this was the game winner.

Brad seemed stumped. But he had to get back at Randy, and proving he
had the bigger dick would do it. If he could just come up with a good
way to tell, Randy would have to do it. He was starting to lose his
erection again, and as he idly reached to stroke it, he had an un-
precedented second idea.

"We can hold them up against each other?"

"What?" Randy had a sinking feeling he knew what his brother meant.

"We can just hold our dicks together and see which one is longer."

"Don't be a dork, Brad."

"You just know mine's bigger."

"It is not."

"Then pull yours out and prove it."

Randy looked at Brad's dick. In response to Brad's brief touch and to
his excitement over his impending victory, it had risen yet again.
Randy knew it was definitely thicker than his. But it didn't seem that
much longer. Maybe a little bit. But Randy was pretty sure he could
convince Brad they were the same size if they were even close. He
sighed. "Gee Brad, if it's that important to you."

Randy waited to see if his attempt at reverse psychology would work.
It didn't. He'd have to go through with it. He slowly unfastened the
straps of his overalls, willing the semi-hard lump in his pants to
grow to it's full size (and bigger, if possible). The thrill of doing
something so private helped, and by the time he had lowered his over-
alls, his dick had formed a well-defined ridge in his white cotton
briefs. Brad was relieved to see that that ridge hadn't had a major
growth spurt since he'd seen it last. Randy took one last look at
Brad, hoping he'd change his mind, then lowered his underpants.
As soon as his waistband had passed low enough, Randy's penis sprung

Like Brad, he was circumcised, and likewise was fully hard. Randy's
dick, however, was nearly as pale as the rest of his body. It was also
a little smoother, the skin
stretched a little tighter. His balls were clenched close to his
body in a tight little scrotum that was almost perfectly round.
His shaft was of course thinner than Brad's, and was in fact
significantly shorter than his big brother's. Randy hadn't
really expected the length difference because it was mostly in
proportion to the difference in thickness. Still, it wasn't so
much that Randy was willing to give up. He could still fake it.

"Now what?" Randy was kind of enjoying this game, but he
wanted to make sure Brad initiated everything. He hadn't been
this close to his brother naked since they were five and six
years old and took baths together, and they hadn't even changed
into their bathing suits in the same room for nearly a year. It
was kind of nice to be sharing something this intimate with Brad,
even if it was weird.

Brad was having second thoughts, not really because he was
worried about Randy's dick being bigger (it sure looked smaller),
but because he realized that they would have to press their dicks
together. It was kind of exciting, being naked with someone
else, touching them, even if it was his own brother. It wasn't
really queer, since he was just showing the little creep who the
big brother was. He grabbed his own dick and stroked it a time
or two, then held it so it was vertical. "Now put yours up
against it."

Randy took his penis and tried to stroke it like Brad had.
He hadn't practiced though, and wasn't nearly as coordinated. He
stood in front his brother, their toes almost touching, and
brought his dick up next to Brad's. He shifted his hand so that
be was holding the side of the organ closest to his body, and
thrust his pelvis forward just until the underside of his dick
touched Brad's. The contact was infinitesimal, the boys' nearly
cylindrical penises tangent to each other. As the boys peered
down to judge the results, Randy felt Brad's hot breath
playing through his unmoussed bangs.

"Move your hand, Brad." said Randy. Brad's hand was
covering the head of his dick, making it impossible to really
tell which organ was longer.

"Hold still." Brad gingerly released his penis, pushing his
hips forward just a little to press it more tightly against
Randy's. Unsupported, the balance was precarious, and Brad
steadied himself by gently grasping Randy's bare hip with his
left hand. Randy also pulled his hand away, pushing forward a
little to mask the fact that he had lifted himself onto his

"They look about the same size to me." Randy was hoping to
pull the wool over Brad's eyes quickly.

"Wait." Brand responded, reaching down to pull on his

"No fair, you can't stretch yours." Randy's dick slipped
off to the side and poked into Brad's right groin.
"I'm just making sure I'm all the way hard." Brad stroked
himself gently, trying to coax every last millimeter from the
straining organ.

Randy figured he might as well do the same. The boys were
still quite close together, and as he reached down to grasp
himself, his fingers brushed over Brad's scrotum. He noticed
that his brother's sack hung more loosely than his, and he could
clearly feel both balls dangling separately, one hanging a little
lower than the other. Randy was curious, but didn't let his
fingers linger long. He pinched his dick, feeling its sponginess
give slightly beneath his fingers. He watched Brad closely,
wrapped his fingers around it, and gave a couple of quick tugs.
He could just barely feel it firm up in his hand, the skin
becoming absolutely tight and smooth.

Brad seemed satisfied, and said "Come here - hurry up."

Randy again pressed in and placed his dick against his brother's.
This time Brad held both organs in his hand. His brother's hand
on his dick felt completely different from his own, and Randy
felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through him as Brad squeezed it
tightly. When Brad had steadied both dicks in his hand, it was
apparent that Brad's extended nearly an inch higher than Randy's.

"See. I told you. Mine's bigger." Brad was sure he had
the victory locked.

"Dummy. You're taller than me. You've got to bend your
knees or something." Randy could tell that they had really
already compensated for height because of the way they were
standing (especially since Randy was on tiptoes), but he was
determined not to let Brad get the best of him.

Brad wasn't completely sure he bought it, but he knew Randy
would never give in if he didn't at least pretend to bend his
knees. He released both dicks and separated his legs slightly to
give himself the leverage to raise and lower his body. As he
made these adjustments, his dick found it's place in his hand
once again. As he rubbed it he demanded "How am I supposed to
know how much to bend them?"

"Just wait." Randy had taken his dick in his hand and,
after giving it a few good strokes, marked the bottom of it with
his little finger. "Hold your dick like this." Brad did. Now
just go down until our little fingers touch."
Easier said than done. Brad would squat enough to satisfy
Randy, but as they would try to push their dicks together for an
'official' measurement, he'd involuntarily thrust forward which,
in the boys current orientation, was up. Or he'd lose his
balance and have to grab Randy to keep from falling. Or he'd
notice that Randy seemed to get taller just as soon as he'd reach
the right height. Finally, Brad got frustrated and was ready to
declare himself the winner by default.

"Give it up, Randy. You know mine's bigger."

Randy's mind raced. He needed to think of some way to make
he and Brad the same height, some way so that they could both
hold still. Preferably some way he could cheat. "Wait a
second." Randy was pretty sure he had it. "Lie down on the


"If you lie down, I can get on top of you so that the bottom
of our dicks are together, and we can see who's bigger."

"You know mine is."

"Prove it."

Brad hated the way Randy always seem to call the shots, even
when he was supposed to be losing. Still, if this is what it
took. Brad lay down on his back on his own bed. As Randy
scrambled to get on top of him, he jacked himself a few time just
be to make sure. As he did, he realized how long he'd been hard,
and how much he was ready to get off.

Randy had slipped off his overalls and underwear (which had
been around his ankles), and was straddling Brad on all threes
(his other hand had found it's now familiar spot on his dick).

Brad stopped rubbing himself and dropped his hands to his sides.

Randy lowered himself chest first, hoping to adjust himself to an
advantageous position before the final judging. Then he lowered
his hips until the knuckles of the hand encircling his penis just
touched Brad's stomach. He wiggled his way down the bed, until
he felt his hand brush up against Brad's penis. He released his
own and let it fall on top of his brother's, then took them both
in his hand. He used his thumb to feel the spongy heads of both
organs, and then slid his hips across his brother's until he was
sure that both penis reached the same distance up Brad's body.

Brad was distracted by the feelings of Randy touching his
dick and couldn't really see what was going on, but he felt sure
his brother was cheating. When Randy finally stopped moving,
Brad felt the softness of balls at the bottom of his dick, not the
firmness of another dick. But every time he'd move to push Randy
down to what he thought was the right place, Randy would slide up
just a little. Finally, in frustration, he said "Randy, hold
still." punctuating his command by grabbing his brother's small,
soft buttocks in both hands.

Randy thrust his hips forward in response, pressing his dick
tightly against Brad's, sending a shudder of pleasure through
both boys. Brad instinctively answered with a thrust of his own,
and Randy send it right back. Neither boy thought anything other
than that they didn't want the pleasure to stop. Soon their
rhythm quickened, and they found themselves thrusting at the same
time, furiously pumping themselves against each other. Randy's
buttocks would occasionally clench, either of it's own accord or
in Brad's response to a sudden tightening of Brad's grip, marking
an especially decisive thrust. Their paced increased steadily,
then spiked as both approached the brink. Randy missed a breath
as his first orgasm hit his unprepared frame. Brad gasped as he
enjoyed the release he had sought ever since he first took his
dick in hand that afternoon.

The boy's thrusting didn't stop immediately, but quickly
tapered off as they realized what they had done. Randy sat up,
noticing the sticky spot on the lower part of his belly, just
where the head of Brad's dick had been. He looked at his brother
and saw the rest of his semen in a little glistening dollop
pointed to by his rapidly shrinking penis. The boys exchanged a
look, silently agreeing that they would discuss this later, after
they had time to think things over. Brad stood up, holding his
shirt up so that it would not fall into the liquid on his belly.
He looked around the room for a second, then pulled the pillow
down from Mark's top bunk, and wiped himself with that.

Wordlessly, he handed it to Randy, and began to pull his pants
up. Randy cleaned himself up, using the same corner of the
pillow Brad had. He threw the pillow back on the bed and groped
around on the floor to retrieve his clothes. Brad finished
dressing just as Randy had started to refasten the straps on his
overalls, and immediately started out the door. "I'm gonna go
downstairs and watch TV. I think the Tigers are playing."

Randy said "I think dork's already watching something."

Brad shouted back "So?"

Randy grinned, realizing that if he wanted to, he could kick
Mark off the couch all by himself. With Brad's help it was just
more fun. He left his other strap unfastened and started down
the stairs, chuckling to himself, "Yeah, so?"
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"Boys will be boys"

Brad Taylor arrived home from soccer practice one
afternoon to find the following note stuck to the refrigerator:


Your father's running late on his show and I'll be
in class until 5. Start dinner yourselves, okay?

Love, Mom

Great, Brad thought, pulling the note off the fridge and
tossing it in the garbage. He didn't know the first thing about

He decided he and Randy and Mark, his younger brothers,
would order a pizza or something.

Brad headed upstairs, still dressed in his soccer uniform,
which was sticking like crazy to his body. He was *still* sweating
from the game, and he hadn't showered afterward because he didn't
like being naked around his teammates. Lugging his heavy tote bag
behind him, Brad dragged himself wearily to the room he shared
with Randy and flopped down on the bed. The house was dead
quiet. Since Dad was gone, nothing was exploding and nobody was

"I guess I might as well start my homework," Brad said
loudly into the empty room, as though saying it would be more
motivational. Sighing, he dug his textbooks out and carried them
over to his desk.

Just then the front door slammed from downstairs, making
Brad jump about a foot. "Jesus," he muttered quietly, and then he
heard Randy begin calling out.

"Mom! Dad! Anybody home?"

Randy's home, Brad thought excitedly, putting his books
away and sitting expectantly on the edge of his bed. He pushed his
long sweaty blond hair off his forehead and propped himself up
with hands behind himself. His heart began pounding a little faster,
and he was sort of surprised to find a fresh sweat had broken out all
over his body--under his arms, down his legs, even on his face.
He felt himself flushing...could *see* it in the full-length mirror
at the far end of the room.

"Hey, anybody home?" Randy was still yelling, but now
he was climbing the steps. Brad gulped as he felt his cock stir
within his shorts. He hadn't realized how much he wanted this.
Impulsively, almost without realizing he was doing it, Brad reached
one hand down the front of his shorts, closing his eyes as his
fingers traced through the wisps of pubic hair growing around the
root of his cock, parting his lips as he took gentle hold of him-
self. His semi-erection immediately grew firmer in his grasp, and
he began to pump his hand slowly, much as his shorts
would allow him. He used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the
plump head, gasping as he quickly got a full erection. He cupped
his balls, hanging at full stretch from the base of his cock, and
brought one fingertip daintily back up and along the length of his
erection. He sighed.

"Randy," he whispered under his breath. "Come on..."

"Hey, is *anybody* here at all?" Randy had reached the
second floor landing and was coming down the hall. Fast. Brad
quickly regained his composure and pulled his hand--reluctantly--
from down his shorts and sat back on the bed like nothing was
happening...about two seconds before his brother burst into the

"Boy, where is ev--" Randy Taylor broke off as he saw his
older brother sitting there. Randy cast a couple of looks up and
down the blond boy's body--flushed face, wide eyes, lusty
expression--and immediately understood. "You the only one here?"
he asked softly.

"Yeah," Brad whispered. "They won't be back till five."
He was staring right back at Randy. His brother was wearing a
striped T-shirt and extremely baggy jeans held up with an ordinary
black belt. His sneakers were considerably beat-up. His wavy hair
was ruffled and his own face was flushed. Brad knew Randy had
P.E. sixth period and, like Brad, didn't like showering around the
other boys. It was a hot day, and here on the second story it
seemed hotter still. Even with the screen in their window, the boys
were getting very little in the way of a draft to cool them off.

Randy cocked an eyebrow and stared at his brother. Brad
watched the way the boy's shoulders rose and fell--more quickly
now--in time with his heavy breathing. "It's been awhile," Randy
said at last.

"Almost a week," Brad agreed, very quietly. He could
only stare as his brother shut the door to their bedroom, then
walked slowly over to the window and closed the blinds. The room
was left pleasantly dim, giving the illusion of cool.

"Have you..." Randy finished the thought by curving his
fingers and thumb into a fist and rocking it suggestively back and
forth in mid-air.

Brad shook his head. "You?"

"No," Randy breathed. "I've been...waiting." He grinned.
"Saving it."

"Me too," Brad answered. "Just like we agreed."

"Good." Randy walked so that he stood very close to Brad,
the older boy still sitting and watching from the bed. The younger
boy tossed his head back, pushed his hands through his tangled
sweaty hair, and slowly lifted his T-shirt up and off his body.
Randy thought he heard Brad give off a soft moan as his narrow
chest was revealed, his pale nipples cast in shadow...and then it
was Randy himself who shut his eyes and gasped quietly as he felt
his brother's fingers working eagerly at his belt buckle.

"Mmm," Brad said quietly, the sound a silky whisper in the
dim bedroom. His hands came forward, delicately tracing the
curve of Randy's slight torso, fingers moving in between his pecs,
Randy's breath catching and his shoulders hitching as Brad teased
the boy's nipples, feeling them harden beneath his sweaty fingers.

"Ah jeez..." Randy found himself whispering, head bent
back and lips parted slightly. Brad barely saw the boy's tongue
dart out of his mouth briefly, just briefly, to moisten his lips.
His eyes were half-shut. "God, Brad..."

"Yeah," the older boy said huskily, his voice breaking
between whisper and normal, suddenly seeming very loud in the
bedroom. Neither boy noticed or cared. "Yeah..."

"Wanna cum..." Randy was whispering, more to himself
than to his brother...and Brad barely made it out until Randy had
said it several times, almost like a chant. "Wanna cum, Brad...
it's been too long...too long..."

"Five days," Brad breathed. He carefully, slowly unlaced
his brother's sneakers and helped him step out of them.

"Too long..."

"Yeah." Brad undid Randy's button fly, one button at a
time. Slowly. The jeans sagged to the boy's knees after the third
one was unclasped, and Randy, as though on auto-pilot, kicked his
legs out of them and stood before his brother in only his socks and
BVD's. Brad could see Randy was already semi-hard in his briefs,
his cock curling upward and outward away from his body; his nuts
formed a bulge lower down between his legs. Brad's hands had
moved down from his brother's pecs and nipples, down to his
navel, down beneath the elastic of his underwear. Randy caught his
breath noticeably when Brad first brushed the tips of his fingers
through the fringes of his pubic hair.

"Oh..." Randy wheezed. "Oh, Brad..."

Brad shushed his younger brother in a soothing tone.
Without speaking, he moved his fingers back up from within
Randy's shorts and instead began pulling them down his legs.
Randy gasped again, spreading his legs to make Brad's job easier,
and Brad dropped Randy's briefs to the floor, helping the boy out
of his socks as quickly as possible at the same time. The simple
motion of Randy's leg and foot kicking the underpants away got Brad
incredibly excited...he didn't know why. His cock throbbed
in the confines of his own briefs.

Now completely naked, Randy stood staring down at his
brother with heavy-lidded eyes. Brad stared unabashedly at
Randy's half-erection, his small patch of pubic hair. We look a
lot alike, Brad suddenly thought.

"Brad," Randy was whispering, and his hands now came to
his brother's shoulders, pulling eagerly--almost savagely--at the
jersey the boy was still wearing. "Suck me...I want you to suck

"Yeah, Randy," Brad said back, letting Randy pull off his
jersey. The younger boy's hands became frantic on his chest once
it was bared--his breathing was audible, wheezing little gasps.
Randy's hands plunged through Brad's hair and now the older boy
suddenly found himself with his mouth planted on Randy's chest,
the younger boy moaning and pulling Brad closer to him, as Brad
kissed and licked around the boy's nipples, his chest, his navel.
One of his hands went to Randy's cock, at first just gripping it
lightly at the root...then moving. Slowly. When Brad's fist
reached the tip of Randy's cock, the younger boy moaned and
pulled Brad's head more tightly against his chest. When Brad
double-timed his motions, his fist flogging Randy's now three-
fourths hard cock, Randy's hips began moving in perfect sync.

"Oh, God," Randy said now, teeth clenched and head
tipped back on his neck. Brad felt him hardening in his grasp with
every stroke. When his hand became sticky with Randy's first
drops, he slowed his fist, lightened his grip. The younger boy

"Suck me, Brad," he said huskily, his tone determined and
leaving no room for argument. "Suck me...make me cum..."

"Mmm, yeah..." Brad answered quietly. He got off the bed
and onto his knees in front of his brother even before Randy knew
it was happening...and then suddenly it *was* happening, Brad had
three-quarters of Randy's five-inch cock down his throat, and
Randy was thrusting his hips and squeezing his ass for all he was
worth, trying to get Brad's lips and tongue deeper down on his
cock, moaning his brother's name...but Brad worked him steadily,
refusing to let him finish too soon. The older boy wrapped both
hands around Randy's smooth hairless ass, fingers digging in
between the cheeks, holding him steady, as Brad slowly sucked and
pulled his mouth up the length of his brother's cock with enough
force to make Randy go completely nuts, whimpering and trying
desperately to thrust his hips but held back by Brad's firm hands.
Brad reached the tip and tickled the slit teasingly with his tongue,
tasting the few drops there and making Randy whisper savagely.

"Suck me, Brad...oh *God* please suck me..."

"Yeah..." Randy's dick twitched and jumped every time
Brad touched it with his tongue. He dove down unexpectedly,
grabbing on tight to Randy's ass once again as he licked and
sucked, staying in a moderate rhythm, up and back along the top
two inches or so of Randy's erection, making sure to linger at the
tip. Faster and faster Brad moved, and the louder and heavier grew
Randy's breathing. Finally, when he knew Randy was at the
plateau, near the verge, Brad dug his right forefinger up between
the younger boy's buttocks, slipping neatly into his tight asshole,
pausing with his mouth as he moved in, up to the first
knuckle...and Randy moaned and called to Brad once again.

"God," he whispered, "I'm gonna...gonna..."

"Mmm," Brad whispered, continuing to move his mouth
slowly around the top half of Randy's erection, tasting more and
more drops at the tip now, letting his lips and tongue linger on the
salty flesh instead of moving as frantically...and finally when he
felt he'd kept Randy lingering there long enough, he suddenly
began diving and bobbing frantically with his head, bringing his
mouth up and back, up and back against Randy's cock until the boy
let out a long series of moans, his knees finally buckling at the end,
Brad supporting him with his hands at his ass. Randy finally
hollered as his climax hit him, Brad feeling the boy's asshole
repeatedly constrict and loosen as Brad swallowed every drop of the
boy's solid six or seven streams of cum, not even leaving after the
last drop, making sure to wait until the younger boy was absolutely
spent and his cock shrunk back to half-erect...and then Brad sighed
contentedly and lifted his mouth from Randy's cock, letting his
tongue make a leisurely slow circle around his lips to make sure he
hadn't missed any remaining drops. He hadn't.

Bare-chested, Brad then stood slowly from his kneeling
position and met his brother's eyes. Neither one spoke. It was
Randy who leaned in first, touching Brad at the shoulders, and then
they kissed briefly...then long and deep, Randy gasping as his
tongue touched Brad's, eyes closing as he tasted the residue of
saltiness from his cum still lingering in Brad's mouth.

"Oh, God, Brad...that was the best," Randy gushed when
they broke. "The best. You always were the best at making me

"Yeah," Brad panted back, leaning in to kiss Randy again,
his breathing suddenly accelerating and his heart pounding with the
thrill of realizing how *horny* he was, how much he wanted it. He
met the younger boy's lips again, Randy groaning as their tongues
touched, Brad feeling the boy's hands slipping jerkily across his
bare, sweaty back, tracing his shoulder blades, then down the
elastic of his shorts and underpants to stroke Brad's tight ass.
Brad caught his breath and intensified the kiss, pulling Randy's
head toward his own, running his fingers through the boy's wavy
hair, panting as they met in an open-mouth-closed-mouth rhythm
that got Brad's already hard cock throbbing in his briefs.

"Randy," Brad wheezed when the broke, his face and even
his chest totally flushed from the making out. "Suck me..." He
could barely control himself. Randy wore a sexy half-grin, his
hands wandering down Brad's sticky chest, poking his fingers
gingerly into his navel. Brad moaned as the boy's fingers looped
into his shorts and underpants, feeling almost dizzy as he watched
them slide down his firm, sweaty legs, hairless except for some
stubble around the shins. Brad closed his eyes as he felt his
brother work deftly at the laces of his sneakers, feeling them
removed gently, with all the expertise of a shoe salesman. His
socks were gone in a single breath. Then Brad, now barefoot,
stepped out of his shorts, never taking his eyes off Randy who
was meeting his gaze with a lusty, pouty expression of his own.
The younger boy's cock by this time was almost completely back
to soft.

Brad kicked the last of his clothes away and stepped
backward, climbing onto the bed and lying on his back. Randy
joined him in an instant to lay at his side. "God, Randy, suck
me..." Brad barely realized he was speaking.

"Mmm," Randy whispered in approval, brushing his lips all
across his brother's torso, nipples, hips. He paused to flick his
tongue against the very tips of Brad's pale nipples, brushing his
fingertips against the boy's erection as he did so. Brad moaned
and his hips bucked off the bed once, very quickly.

"God...make me cum, Randy...make me cum..."

"I want to taste you," Randy whispered, pausing to lift
his lips from Brad's navel, still fingering the tip of his
brother's five-and-a-half-inch erection. "I'll swallow you whole,
Brad...I want to taste your cum..."

"Yeah...oh, please, Randy..."

"Yeah," Randy whispered, and now his lips moved
downward from Brad's navel, at the same time stroking downward
with the fist already on the older boy's cock, causing Brad to
gasp as Randy slowly jacked him tip to base, tip to base. Randy
felt the cock twitch in his hand with every motion across the
glans. Brad's hips began to pump in gentle rhythm with the
younger boy's hand...and then finally his hips strained upward,
pounding, when Randy gently took just the glans into the circle
of his lips.

"God," Brad moaned plaintively. "Suck my cock, Randy,
yeah...oh fuck..."

Randy didn't answer, only brought his lips and tongue
slowly downward until he'd brought Brad's cock completely into
his mouth, the glans poking all the way down the back of his throat.
He twitched his head ever so slightly up and back, caressing the tip
of the blond boy's cock with the back of his mouth and Brad's
breathing went double time, his hips thrashing around on the bed
and his legs actually convulsing. Randy had to steady him with
soothing hands at his hips as he brought his mouth back up, tickling
every inch of the length of Brad's erection as he returned to only
the glans, then dipped back down, not so far this time. Brad
moaned, said something unintelligible. Randy sucked expertly up
and back, bobbing and dipping with his head along the top third of
Brad's erection, speeding up until he was at two full strokes a
second. Brad was wheezing, panting, his head back in the
pillows...totally gone. Randy groaned without removing his
mouth, shut his eyes a little, and slipped one finger down between
Brad's legs and pressed carefully at his asshole. He got about half
an inch in before Brad really lost it.

"Oh, Jesus...oh Randy...fuck...fuckin suck me, man...oh
it, so was the tip of his cock. Randy was surprised to find himself
getting hard already...Brad's moaning and groaning were turning
him on to no end. He wished he could jack himself off as he
sucked Brad, but he needed both hands. He pulled his lips off the
boy's cock only once, to tongue all around Brad's glans, and then
he dipped slowly down with his whole mouth when he sensed
Brad's frustration was overcoming his excitement. When Randy
dove upward to pull and suck eagerly at the tip once again, he could
taste Brad's pre-cum for the first time.

"Uh...uh, Randy...oh my God..." Brad's eyes were wide
in almost comical disbelief. He could feel the gentle twitchings and
pullings of Randy's tongue on his cock...the occasional brush of his
inner cheeks when Randy used suction. The boy's finger up in his
asshole slowly began to slide in an out, fucking him in the ass faster
and faster as his orgasm approached. Brad knew Randy knew all
his signs just as he knew Randy's. Faster and faster Randy's mouth
worked, and Brad pushed his hips upward with all the force he
could muster as he started feeling his cum building, the finger in his
asshole sending an indescribable bolt of pleasure up between his
legs with every savage in-thrust. He held back as long as possible,
suddenly falling as still as he could to try and let it build instead of
having it all at once...but when Randy's lips ever so gently tongue-
kissed his glans, the tip of his tongue collecting all the dribbles that
had formed there, Brad went over completely. He gasped, moaned,
gnashed his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as his ass went taut
and his hips thrust upward harder than he ever had in his
life...until finally he had a deep, rich climax that was five days in
the making, shooting seven or eight times and grunting and
thrusting each time, feeling Randy expertly kissing and tonguing
right at the tip to help increase the pressure, poking his finger hard
and fast in and out of Brad's ass in rhythm with his
spurts...swallowing every drop.

And at the end Brad collapsed. Relaxed. He was almost
half-asleep by the time the last few drops came.

"Man," Randy whispered, after he'd withdrawn his mouth
and moved up the bed to lay side-by-side next to his brother. "You
sure got into that."

"Like I said, it's been awhile," Brad said sleepily. He felt
remarkably calm and peaceful. He slung an arm around his
brother's shoulders and then they kissed briefly. "Nobody's ever
made me cum like that."

"Not even on your own?" Randy said, feeling his chest
swell with pride.

"Nuh-uh." Brad shook his head. "God, I think I pulled
something." Both boys laughed.

"Well," Randy said, after a long pause. "I'm gonna take a
shower." He got up from the bed and got a towel from the closet,
which he wrapped around his waist. "You got homework?"

"Yeah," Brad said dejectedly. Randy just laughed and left
the room. About a minute later Brad heard the bathroom door close
and water running. Sighing, he got up, put his soccer jersey back
on, and retrieved his Algebra book.
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"Brad discovers girls"

Five minutes later, Brad was still trying to figure out what
the hell "completing the square" was when there was a knock at the
front door.

"Shit," the boy muttered, and hopped down the stairs two at
a time to answer. When he opened the door and saw who was
there, he was suddenly reminded that *he* hadn't yet showered.

"Hello, Bradley," said Ashley, standing there looking very
beautiful wearing a short purple summer dress and shiny black
shoes. She carried her bookbag gracefully in her right hand.
"Figured I'd drop over and see if you wanted to..." Ashley paused,
smiled and cleared her throat. "*Study*," she finished pointedly.

"Sure," Brad stammered. "I mean, come on in."

His girlfriend entered slowly, the dress billowing up and
around her body as she walked by, and Brad was struck yet again at
how beautiful she was--dark brown hair, catlike blue-green eyes,
sizable breasts for her age (Brad took every opportunity he could to
take them in). Her legs were long, womanly, not knock-kneed like
a lot of the girls at school. When she smiled at him her pouty lips
became almost too sexy to bear.

"Are we alone?" she asked quietly. She looked nowhere
but at him.

"Randy's in the shower," Brad whispered. The words
came out in one breath.

Ashley pursed her lips in disappointment--it was even
sexier than the smile. "Would he mind if we used his room
for...oh, say half an hour?"

Brad's heart seemed to stop. "You mean..."

"You know what I mean, Bradley." The look she gave him
right then said it more than the words did.

Oh, Jesus, Brad thought excitedly. "Randy won't mind at
all," he said aloud, although it came out as a little peep.
"Uh...come on."

He took her hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom,
where he and Randy had been not ten minutes ago. When they
entered, it was she who shut and locked the door behind them.

"Well, here we are," she said softly.

"Yeah," he wheezed back. Brad could barely speak, let
alone breathe. "Here we are."

She sniffed the air for a second. "Smells like you've been
sweating a bit." She eyed him. "Smells like you've been playing

"Yeah. Earlier today." God, what a *doofus* you are,

Ashley exhaled and clasped her hands in front of her. "I
love watching you play...the way your body moves, Bradley." She
stared at him seductively, gave him another of those grins. And
Brad felt the familiar stirring of his cock, growing to life.

"The way your hips move when you run..." Ashley was
continuing, dropping her voice to a whisper. "It makes me so hot,
Bradley. So *wet*. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Brad answered. The room seemed to have gotten
about twenty degrees warmer.

Suddenly Ashley was walking over to him, and now their
faces were just inches apart. Her eyes bored into his, as though
trying to figure out who was going to make the first move...and
then it was she who leaned in to kiss him, just a peck on his lips at
first, and then her mouth was suddenly folded wide across his, and
Brad's eyes closed and his tongue slipped into her mouth seconds
before she gasped desperately and did the same. Her arms went
around him, fingernails scratching their way up his back beneath
his soccer jersey. Her mouth became frantic on his, gasping and
sucking and licking all around his lips, and Brad did his best to
keep up. He put his hands hesitantly on her back, rubbing up and
down...the way she'd always told him she liked it.

She broke the kiss, nuzzling her lips into his neck and his
bare shoulder through the collar of his shirt. "When I get home
from watching you play," she was whispering, hands at the same
time moving quickly to the base of his shirt, lifting it up his body,
"it's all I can do to keep my hands off myself until I'm
my room..."

Brad could only sigh, a fluttery whisper that he barely

"And then..." she continued, pulling his jersey off and
throwing it hard onto the floor, "I have to slip one, two, sometimes
three fingers up into myself, Bradley, finger myself...imagining
that's your cock in there..."

"Oh God," Brad could only pant, as her lips kissed his
nipples and her hands pushed roughly at his shorts. Some part of
his mind was grateful he was till barefoot, but most of it was
focused on the fact that he now stood naked, swollen cock sticking
out straight from his honey-colored patch of pubic hair, kissing
Ashley as best he could as her lips roamed all across his body.
Cool fingers wrapped snugly around the mid-section of his penis
and began flogging him at first gently, then hard. Roughly. She
began centering on the tip and Brad groaned, pulled her to him.
His hands went to her breasts, cupping them through the annoying
material of her dress, but Ashley gasped, pulled his hands away,
making Brad think he'd moved too fast...but then she placed them
on her legs, one hand on each, and guided them upward, far enough
up her dress to make Brad catch his breath at the realization that she
was wearing no panties. His fingers explored newfound territory--
the swell of her buttocks, the firmness of her bare hips, while his
cock throbbed between her stroking fingers. He moved hesitantly
around to the front, not wanting to risk her protest, but her moan of
pleasure when he drifted through her pubic hair was all he needed.
Plunging downward, he felt the silky lips, the moist hole down
beneath and in between...and Ashley's free hand gripped him
savagely around the back of his head and pulled him in for a frantic
French kiss.

"Oh...oh, Bradley, that's it...yeah..." Ashley was panting
through gritted teeth, head bent back as she flogged him even more
viciously, Brad just trying to keep from going over the edge as she
got a vice clamp grip on the tip of his cock, pulling and stroking.
"Get in there...oh, yes get your fingers *in* me..." She spread her
legs and Brad felt the hole magically open, felt his own face about
to catch fire. He got two, three fingers up in there to the second
knuckle and just about lost it when he felt the slick, moist heat
around them, groaned involuntarily at the thought of what his cock
would feel like in there.... He thrust back and forth with his
fingers and Ashley began moaning, almost *screaming*, and her
hips bucked and convulsed in a sexy, dance-like rhythm. Brad
gasped and finger-fucked her for about ten more seconds, not even
kissing her, just staring in amazement at this display. Her original
moisture had been nothing compared to the way she dripped wet
around his fingers now.

He couldn't wait any longer. Roughly he pushed her over
toward the bed, and she sat down with a pleasurable grunt. His
hands yanked at the straps securing the dress on her shoulders, and
the top part flopped down easily, revealing her considerable
breasts, the pale aureoles, the erect purple-red nipples that stood
plumply out from her body. She stood briefly to let the rest of her
dress fall away, and when she moved back to lie naked on the bed,
Brad could only stare at her small patch of fine pubic hair, a darker
brown than the hair on her head, and at the way the slit between her
legs seemed to open at one point, exposing the secret place within.
Her ass curved beautifully, separating hips and legs.

She said his name once, very softly: "Bradley..."

He joined her immediately, pushing himself awkwardly on
top of her and becoming almost dizzy at feeling her move her legs
and pelvis skillfully beneath his, accommodating him, until
suddenly his crotch was cupped perfectly into hers and Brad felt the
warmth, the heat of her against the sensitive skin of his cock and he
exhaled audibly, desperately. His moist lips met her own once
again, eyes closing and tongues circling frantically as Ashley's
hands slipped down his back to grasp his smooth ass, the girl
gasping as their kiss became more urgent, faster, harder. He felt
her crotch shifting...then rolling beneath his--Brad felt the mind-
boggling sensation of having her wet pussy lips teasing the length
of his cock, smoothly, silkily, up and back, until he couldn't stand
it anymore and he shifted himself around on her, Ashley
understanding and reaching down to gently point him outward and
downward, helping him to find the right angle, and then Ashley
thrust her hips upward at the same time she guided Brad
downward...the boy suddenly feeling the maddening sensation of
having just the head of his cock inside her, the smooth liquid heat
beckoning him in further. He grunted loudly, spread his legs, and
drove *in*. Ashley cried out as Brad penetrated her to the hilt,
grabbing him hard around the lower back and ass and Brad, who
felt like his head was about to explode, began moving to some
rhythm he heard only in the dim recesses of his mind.

"Oh Ashley," he heard himself say, and his voice was
huskier and deeper than he'd ever heard it before. "Oh my God..."
Her snatch was a pool of fire that had enveloped him, spreading
pleasure outward from this center between their two bodies, and he
was dimly aware as he moved, she had begun to thrust with him,
shallow motions of her hips that seemed to make her hole come
alive around him, caressing him, holding him sometimes tight and
sometimes loose. When he was in to the hilt, it was like he wanted
to hold himself there forever, lose himself.

"Bradley..." the girl moaned, and her voice was desperate,
vulnerable...nothing like the girl who'd smiled at him earlier.
"Fuck me, Bradley..."

Brad grunted and pounded at her harder, centering most of
his motion in his hips and causing the bed to start squeaking and
clacking as they moved.

"Oh..." Ashley howled, seething as she threw her head
back and slapped the palms of her hands against the boy's ass as it
pumped up and down. "Oh...fuck me...fuck *harder*...make me
cum, Bradley..."

"Yeah," Brad grunted, letting the tight friction of her hole
bring him up fast but at the same time desperately trying to hold off
as long as he could. He hugged her to him, her breasts pressing
maddeningly against his chest. When they kissed there was a
hunger to it that Brad had never known with her before.

"God, yes," Ashley moaned. "Oh...oh,
Bradley...I'm...I'm..." She sucked in a quick breath and dug into
the flesh of his upper thighs and ass with her fingernails, Brad
barely noticing, as he thrust in and out shallowly, bringing only the
mid-section of his erection in and out of her. He paused once,
about two minutes after beginning, to try to let his growing
excitement fade so that he could draw it out, and she gazed up from
the pillows into his sweaty face and wide eyes and kissed him

"No!" she said, pulling him downward to her once again.
"Don't stop now...God..."

"O...Okay," Brad wheezed back, starting to move once
again, thrusting daintily within her, not daring to exaggerate his
motions beyond dragging just the very root of his cock in and out
of her for fear of blowing his wad right then. His ass pumped up
and down above her, keeping his motions very steady. Her
breathing was extremely shallow, her eyes half-closed...when Brad
let his hand wander across her breasts he found her nipples had
become like little pebbles. He thrust faster, harder...up to two full
strokes a second, but staying shallow with his motions, his cock
still deep in her. Ashley gnashed her teeth and began moaning
softly under her breath, sometimes saying his name, thrusting with
him, harder and harder until suddenly her eyes flew open and her
lips parted in one long gasp...and Brad barely noticed her
expression until suddenly she had pulled him to her while she
moaned long and loud, and Brad heard himself holler as the
sensation of her pussy seeming to *constrict* on him, tugging on
him, was all he needed to finally hit the edge...and he pounded at
her blindly, almost forgetting she was even there, until he went past
the point of no return, barely feeling her legs slip up and around
his, barely hearing the bed start shrieking as though in pain at their
savage motions...and then he was finished, spurting with a long,
satisfied grunt with his cock buried into the girl all the way to the
root, thrusting his hips hard and slow with each new burst, until he
was completely spent. And then he just lay there on top of her,
catching his breath and letting his heartrate return to normal, loving
the feeling of her beneath him and the sticky feeling of remaining
inside her as he shrunk.

"Mmm," Ashley whispered, after they had calmed down
and Brad had rolled away to lay naked at her side. "Bradley..."

He leaned over and kissed her slowly and easily. Nothing
like before.
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"Randy has some fun"

Unbeknownst to Brad and Ashley, Randy had emerged
from the bathroom, towel around his waist, not ten seconds after
his older brother and his girlfriend had disappeared into the
bedroom. Noticing the closed door, Randy walked down the hall
and raised his hand, preparing to knock. That was when he heard
the soft moans, the occasional muffled sucking sounds of kisses,
and sometimes a whisper.

Is that Brad and Ashley? he wondered. It had to be! He
dropped his arm, no longer caring that he wouldn't be able to get
to his clothes for awhile, and instead sat quietly down on the hall
carpet to listen through the door.

He could hear everything! He could even tell when they
moved to the bed by the telltale squeak of the box springs as they
sat down on it. Randy's heart caught in his throat and almost
without realizing he was doing it, he slipped one hand beneath his
towel and began jacking himself, fingertips at first simply brushing
around his balls and the tip of his cock, until he was hard enough to
use the whole fist on himself, stroking the top half of his dick in a
quick, eager rhythm. "Yeah," he whispered to himself, not daring
to be any louder in case his brother or Ashley heard him. "Oh,
yeah..." He heard the faint moans, the way Ashley was getting
louder every minute. Then Brad cried out and, a few seconds later,
the bed began squeaking much too rhythmically for anything else to
be going on except...

Randy almost cried out with pleasure right there. "Oh,
yeah, her...fuck her until she comes," he started
whispering, slowing down his stroking fist for fear he would end it
too soon. He tickled around his glans, teasing himself, until he
couldn't take it anymore and started back in for real. "Uh..."
Randy shut his eyes, leaned his head softly back against the wall,
and whacked himself as hard as he dared, now pumping his hips as
he spread his legs to give himself more room to maneuver. His
pleasure tripled. "Oh, yeah..." He heard the bed squeaking faster,
more insistently...the way Ashley was caring less and less how
much he might be hearing. Her moaning turned Randy on to no
end until suddenly the end came into full view, Randy making the
split-second to just go with it, jacking himself harder and harder,
his thigh muscles tightening in preparation for orgasm...

There was a knock at the front door. The first thing Randy
did was jerk his hand reflexively away from his cock, as though he
might be caught, and then he stood, cursing himself for being so
stupid. His orgasm began to fade immediately. The next thing he
realized was that he was going to have to answer the door wearing
only a towel.

"Shit," he whispered to himself...except that wasn't half as
embarrassing as the raging hard-on he now had, which was totally
obvious under the towel, and he prayed for it to go down as he
descended the stairs. He waited by the front door, cursing the
thing, until finally it had subsided and he could answer the door
before whoever it was had to knock again.

Randy about fell over backward when he saw who was

"Hi, Randy," Beth said, slowly entering and all the while
staring at Randy. Randy was blushing horribly--of all the damn
people who had to be at the door! "I like your outfit."

"Thanks," Randy said sheepishly, until he realized she
hadn't said it sarcastically. He looked up at her slowly. She had
dark blond hair, almost honey-colored, and her deep green eyes
bored into him suggestively.

"Looks like you were thinking what I was thinking as I was
coming over here," Beth said quietly.

"I was just in the shower," Randy said lamely. "I mean..."

Beth placed two fingers against his lips, and that touch
caused a small fire to spread from his head to his toes in about two
seconds. His half-erection started stirring beneath his towel. She'd
worn a pale blue shirt, white shorts and sandals, and Randy found
himself staring at her legs--how long they were, how tan they they would feel cupped into his hands.

"Let's go upstairs," Beth said, before Randy could say
anymore. He nodded briskly and let her lead the way, taking the
first right (which was actually his younger brother Mark's
room...although Randy wasn't about to say anything) and shutting
the door behind them. In here Randy was glad in a way that they
couldn't hear Brad and Ashley any longer.

"Are you naked under there?" Beth was whispering now,
walking slowly toward Randy and forcing him to walk backward
toward the bed. "Are you naked under that towel?"

"Yeah," the boy breathed.

"Mmm," Beth said lustily, reaching up to finger her
budding breasts through her shirt and shutting her eyes as she
traced her taut nipples. "I bet your cock's all hard...all fucking

"Yeah," was all Randy could say, even though it wasn't
true...although it was about to *be* true.

"I want you in me, inside me," Beth went on, opening her
eyes halfway and starting to leisurely remove her shirt. She wore
no bra, and Randy stared at her breasts--not huge, but nothing to
scoff at either. "I want to fuck you, Randy..."

Randy could only stare as she continued with her clothes,
kicking off her sandals and then wiggling her hips as she pushed
her shorts down and off, leaving her in only her panties. She stood
back up, pushed her hair back and parted her lips, touched her
tongue to them with a few flicks. That little act made Randy catch
his breath as his erection grew steadily. It was now visible through
the towel.

"Mmm..." Beth grinned sexily as she stared at it. "Mmm,
yeah..." She walked forward, placed one hand on his bare chest,
and kissed him daintily. Randy, suddenly possessed by something
he didn't understand, put both hands firmly around her back and
pulled her to him, opening his mouth wide and shutting his eyes as
he met her wet lips, moaning as Beth slid her tongue in and placed
her own hands at his lower back, down to his hips. The kiss went
on and on, Beth whimpering through her nose as Randy's hands
moved down the back of her panties, the boy scared that she would
stop him, thrilled when she didn't. His fingers explored areas he
never believed he ever would with Beth--the firmness of her ass,
the tightness of the hole he found up and beneath her. His
breathing became ragged. He moved one hand down her front,
sliding his fingers across her warm, slick lips, gasping as he felt
Beth suddenly shiver and thrust her hips forward as he touched her.
He wiggled one fingertip up and into her hole, finding her tight
beyond belief, and she kissed him harder, breaking to nuzzle her
lips into his collarbone. Her hands slipped up his thighs, up under
his towel, Randy practically dizzy with feeling her fingers tickling
him up around his balls, finally coming to rest on his cock. She
jacked him slowly, easily, never speeding up despite his quickened
breathing or thrusting hips. She knelt now, kissing his chest,
placing her other hand on his tight ass, moving outward once to
knock the towel from his waist. Randy barely noticed. He cocked
his head backward on his neck, shut his eyes and blanked out on a
lot of the world--his universe of sensation was centered on Beth's
hands, one on his ass, the other on his cock, jacking him more and
more quickly as she sensed his excitement increasing...and then
suddenly her lips and tongue had replaced her hand and Randy
moaned, feeling his knees trembling, almost wanting to give way.

She held him steady. Randy tensed every muscle of his
body, feeling a groan escape his lips, as Beth suddenly began
applying more suction to his cock than he ever thought possible, his
head whirling with the sensation of having every drop of blood in
the mid-section of his body being sucked into the tip of his
cock...and when she paused on the out-motion, her lips circling his
glans and *still* continuing to suck, she flicked her tongue gently
three times against it and Randy gasped out loud. He could barely
stop himself. He rocked his hips forward as her mouth slid down
once again, hearing her moan seductively and feeling that vibration
all along the length of his penis.

"Oh, God...oh my God, Beth..." Randy hissed through his
teeth and cried out as he felt his climax creeping up, easily within
reach. "Oh God...gonna cum..." His hands went to her head,
actually trying to push her lower down on him, to suck him deeper
and harder. But suddenly she stopped, pulling her mouth up and
off him with a long slow suck that actually gave him goosebumps
all along his back. His cock stood out stiffly, harder than he'd ever
had it before. It almost hurt.

"Don't come, Randy," Beth whispered plaintively, her
fingers deftly stroking his balls but staying away from his dick for
fear of making him shoot. "Not yet..."

"No," Randy assured her, somewhat coming back to
reality. "No..." She stood back up and then kissed him again, now
pulling him over to the bed. She sat down first, pausing to slip out
of her panties like it was no big deal. She sighed softly, tilting her
head back and spreading her legs to show him everything--her patch
of dark pubic hair, the tiny pink slit within. Randy felt his cock
actually start aching with desire.

"Come fuck me," Beth whispered now, her hands moving
between her breasts, across her erect nipples, moving downward to
the silky triangle between her legs. Randy watched, fascinated, as
her fingers began making some magical little curlicues around the
top of her pussy, occasionally moving into the hole itself. "Come

Randy moved forward, toward her. She drew him close
with hands wrapped comfortingly around his hips and ass. She
kissed his chest, he standing and she sitting. Then Randy leaned
down and she leaned up to kiss for real, their lips and tongues
entwining faster and faster until finally Randy got carried away and
pushed himself downward, on top of her, forcing her backward on
the bed with their legs still hanging out over the edge. He grunted
as he got himself in position through some primitive instinct, their
arms and legs all in a tangle, until Beth gasped as the tip of Randy's
erection somehow brushed the slick lips of her snatch.

"In me..." Beth said desperately. "God, now..."

Randy pushed forward with his hips, penetrating her so fast
that the transition nearly made him hit sensory overload. He cried
out twice, the first time as he slid into the hilt, holding onto her
fiercely as they struggled together to get to the center of the bed,
rolling and thrusting awkwardly...and the second time when Beth
somehow tightened herself on him, Randy arching his back and
squeezing his eyes shut and simply leaving himself buried up in
her, hearing Beth sigh contentedly as she continued working him
with that amazing talent, pulling and sucking on him from within.
He began thrusting his hips slowly, unsure of himself at first, then
harder and more bravely as his excitement got the better of him,
feeling himself break out in a new sweat as he fucked her harder
and harder. He shut his eyes and panted through parted lips,
occasionally feeling Beth lean up to meet him in a hungry kiss, but
mostly he tried not to overheat too fast, which was difficult beyond
imagining--the friction was a hundred times what he could have
managed with his own hand, and the heat and moisture were
indescribable. She was like liquid fire in there. He kissed her,
leaning down to do so, and Beth met him eagerly, herself now
panting a little and exciting Randy with her expression of
vulnerability and lust. As he fell into a confident rhythm she
matched him, pushing herself upward as he pushed down, their hips
mashing together and then coming apart twice a second. Mark's
bed was sturdier, and so they were surprisingly quiet--Randy
sometimes grunted in more than a whisper, and Beth at one point
began breathing more deeply, more huskily, her eyes fluttering shut
and her hips moving more and more convulsively beneath Randy's,
her mouth opening wide. Randy moaned as he felt her heating up
and dampening, pushing his hands down her back to cup her
thrusting ass, pulling himself in deeper and harder with each thrust.

"God, Randy...oohhh..." Beth began moaning, kissing his
face, his neck, his upper chest as her hands roamed his back and
ass. She cupped his smooth, hairless buttocks, grabbing on tight.
"Fuck me...oh, God..."

"Yeah...oh, yeah," the boy whispered back. "I'm gonna
cum, Beth. I'm...I'm gonna..." Randy shut his eyes as he felt his
climax, delayed twice before, growing from his asshole, to his
balls, to the root of his cock...and suddenly Beth was with him,
crying out and slapping her palms flat against his buttocks as Randy
thrust harder and harder, moving shallowly with just his glans
poking in and out of the girl's dripping pussy, feeling Beth meet
every thrust and barely believing it was happening, barely even
caring as Beth's head flew back into the pillows as her hips
pounded upward and her fingers turned to claws on the boy's
back...right as Randy himself spurted hard and deep into her,
pounding at her over and over until he had finished completely,
then sagging on top of her, almost lifeless. She curled her legs
over and on top of his butt, keeping him in her--the way she wanted
it. His cum was a distant warmth deep within her.

"You came?" Randy asked her many minutes later, after
withdrawing to lay at her side, and Beth gave a slow, sleepy nod,
her eyes half-closed and her smile dreamy.
"Yes," she said, and the "s" rolled off her tongue like a
drop of honey. "And so did you, I think."
Randy just grinned and they fooled around for awhile.

By Gulliver


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