Home Improvement Part 1 (M/F,oral,inc)
by Ted Kokotajlo ([email protected])

It was around 11:00pm in the Taylor household and all was quiet, all except
for Jill Taylor that is. Jill was pacing nervously in the kitchen, she had
let Mark, her youngest son go out on a date. Mark promised to be home by
10:00pm and now Jill was beside herself with worry. Tim was out on a camping
trip with Randy and Brad was away at college, so Jill was alone in the house.

By the time 11:45pm rolled around Jill began to get sleepy so she sat on the
plush sofa and switched on the TV. Tim had hot wired the TV to get all the
satellite channels so Jill switched on one of the adult sex channels to pass
the time until Mark finally showed up. Jill couldn't get Mark out of her mind
she was very worried and angry with Mark. As she watched the hot TV show she
saw a younger man with an older woman and they were really going at it!

Jill's hand involuntarily slipped beneath her robe and she began rubbing her
crotch through her satin panties. Jill still had Mark on her mind and she
found herself fantasizing that Mark was the young stud on TV and she was the
older woman that was getting pounded! Her other had reached up and began to
squeeze her ample 36D breasts, she pulled harder and harder as her other hand
slipped beneath the waistband of her wet panties. She inserted a finger into
her moist cunt and began to moan softly. She knew what she was thinking about
was wrong but, sex with her youngest son aroused her like no other fantasy
she had thought of before! Jill began to moan her son's name as her fingering
reached a fever pitch. "Mark oh yeah baby boy that's it, fuck mommy's tight
pussy, ohhhhh"

Jill was startled when a voice came from behind the couch "mom?" Oh God it
was Mark, she didn't hear him come in! "Mark!" Jill screamed as she jumped up
off the couch trying desperately to switch off the fuck fest that was on TV.
"My God, Mark how long were you standing there?" Jill asked hysterically.

Mark replied "Uh mom you might want to close up your robe, see it's kind of
hard for a guy to talk to his mom with her, uh you know, who who's hanging

Jill was in frenzy "What? My who who's?" Just then Jill realized that she
had jumped up with her red silk robe wide open giving her youngest son the
biggest peep show of his young life! Her big tits were swaying in the open
like two great big melons jiggling on the back of a farmers truck as he
drives the to the market! Jill's hot red panties were also exposed and Mark
could see the big wet spot outline his mom's trimmed bush. Jill quickly
covered herself up with her robe but obviously the damage had been done,
Mark had seen it all! Jill tried to sound authoritative "Mark it's almost
midnight now tell your mother where you've been and why you're so late!"

Mark tried to stammer out a reply "WWWell wwwe were on the way home when
Keri's car got a flat sssso I uh well I." Mark stopped when he realized that
his mom was in just as much trouble as he was, judging by that scene he had
just witnessed, so Mark decided to switch gears on his mom. "Say mom can I
ask you a question?" Mark asked.

Jill answered "Just a minute young man don't you try to change the subject."

Mark interrupted his mother in mid sentence "Gee mom it's just that I heard
you call out a name while you were doing what you were doing and gosh you
know it sounded like my name! Now mother just what were you thinking about?"

Jill was shocked by the statement and she knew her son had her dead to
rights. Jill tried to explain "Well son, uh you see I was worried about you
and I was very tired and uh so you see with the adult show I was watching
naturally with you on my mind I uh well no that's wrong, oh honey I don't
know what to say!" Jill noticed that a cruel smile had played upon Mark's
face as she tried to collect her thoughts. Jill also noticed that a huge
bulge was starting to make itself known in the outline of her son's tight

Mark told his mom "It's o.k. mom I know about sex and fantasies to be honest
with you I think about you a lot when I well you know."

Masturbate, Jill thought, her little boy was growing up and now he was
masturbating. Not only masturbating but thinking about his own mother! Jill
thought, why not? After all she was in pretty good shape, her full breasts
and perfect pear shaped ass would give any teenager a hard on. Mark had seen
her nude growing up and she knew he was going to be big down there because
she bathed him as he was growing up. Jill broke the uneasy silence "Well son
what are we going to do about this situation?"

Mark replied "I have a solution if you are willing and able to keep a

Jill was confused "Go on Mark."

Mark continued "Well mom seeing as how we're both in trouble and we're both
alone here in this house, not to mention we both obviously have certain needs
that one way or another we will both take care of. I propose we combine our
efforts and satisfy each other's needs in total secrecy. What do you say

Jill was staggered by the suggestion her son had made. Could Mark be talking
about incest? Her sweet ,little, innocent boy! Still the thoughts that were
racing through her mind sent a gush of hot juice racing to her already
sopping wet pussy! She didn't know what to say so she followed her instincts.
Jill broke the fist barrier and reach out to touch the growing bulge in her
son's crotch.

Mark moaned and drew his mother close to him. "Oh mom I've wanted this for a
long time," Mark whispered.

Jill was breathless as she felt her son's huge cock pressed between them.
"Mark I never dreamed you would grow so huge!", Jill said.

Mark replied "It's all for you mom," as he pressed his young teen lips
against the soft subtle full lips of his middle aged mother.

Jill just about melted in her son's arms as their tongues intertwined in a
moist hot dance of passion. Mark reached down and squeezed his mother's firm
ass in his young strong hands. Jill moaned into her son's sucking mouth as
she reached between them and unbuttoned his jeans. Mark began humping on his
mother's hands as she lowered his jeans and briefs, to unleash Mark's monsterdick.

Jill began to slowly lower herself down to her knees so she was staring her
son's massive prick right in the head. Jill gasped "It's bigger than I ever
imagined, much bigger than your father's, I don't know if I can take all of
it honey."

It was true, while Mark for the most part, had girlish features his prick was
out of place on his thin teenage body. Mark's penis had to be 13 inches long
or more and almost three inches around, by Jill's estimation! Mark seemed
nervous as he said, "Mmom I hhave something to tell you but I um don't know
how to say it."

Jill instinctively knew what was troubling her young son. Although Mark had
masturbated frequently, he probably had never been with a woman before; Jill
Taylor's baby boy was a virgin! How sweet, Jill thought, this was going to be
one of the best nights of her life. She was going to take the virginity from
her own son! The thought drove Jill mad with lust. Jill looked up into the
puppy dog eyes of her youngest son and in her kindest gentlest voice said,
"Aww sweetie, it's o.k. I know. Don't you worry about a thing honey, I'm your
mommy and I'm going to take care of everything. Now just relax and let mommy
love you."

Mark seemed soothed by his mother's kind words and he sat down on the couch
to remove his jeans while Jill got into position between her son's legs. Jill
contemplated what she was about to do, I mean sucking her own son's cock was
not something she did everyday. Jill strict upbringing made every fiber of
her being tingle with the feeling that this was wrong, this was the worst
taboo one could commit! Jill thought back to her military father and the
shame he would feel, but dammit she wanted to do it, no she had to do it,
desire was controlling her now. Jill took Mark's cock in both her hands and
began to softly stroke and caress it, Mark let out a moan and smiled down at
his beautiful mother, his legs opened wider and his hand stroked her soft

Jill slowly lowered her mouth over Mark's throbbing member, her son's eyes
glazed over as he began to softly hump his mother's face. Jill opened her
mouth wide as wide as she had ever had to in her life, her jaw was stretching
to the breaking point as Mark's long thick cock tickled her tonsils and kept
on sliding in deeper. Jill opened her velvety throat as her son's cock slid
in, she momentarily gagged at the intrusion but, she was determined to take
it all down her throat!

Mark took command as he gently but forcefully put his hand on the back of his
mother's head and forced her head down on inch after inch of throbbing cock.
Jill's eyes widened with disbelief as she watched her young son's torso inch
closer to her face, the sensation in her throat was to much as her senses
overloaded. She reached down under her robe and panties and once again began
to finger herself, only this time it was in front of her beloved son and she
showed no shame!

Mark watched his mother and moaned, "Oh yeah baby, that's it mom play with
your hot wet pussy while you suck you son's big dick, oh yeah. Can you take
it all the way down your throat mommy?"

Jill blacked out momentarily as her nose rested in the pubic hairs of her
son's crotch, a strong orgasm made her cry out in a muffled scream as she
came all over the two fingers she was jamming in her cunt. She had done it,
God only knows how but she took her son's 13-inch monster all the way deep
down her throat. Her throat burned like it was on fire as Jill backed up her
son's cock only to plunge half way down it once the tip touched her tonsils.

She began a gentle up and down motion taking up to half of Mark's cock at a
ime down her throat. She sucked like a woman possessed on her son's cock. She
sucked as if Mark's seed was the liquid from the fountain of youth and she
had to taste it. Mark was bucking his hips off the couch and moaning loudly,
he reached down with both hands and grabbed the back of his mom's head and
brutally forced his cock all the way down her throat. Jill was powerless to
stop he young stud son, her arms flailed as he rammed her head down on his
titan cock again and again. Jill's nose struck her sons pelvic area with such
force that she thought her nose would break. How would she explain two black
eyes to her husband Tim?

Mark cried out, "Oh mom here I come!!!" as he rammed his prick down the
velvety channel of his mom's throat and held her head against his crotch with
the force of ten horny barbarians.

She could feel her son's huge dick tremble and contract as his life fluid
rose up his wonder shaft. Gently Mark could feel his mother cup his huge
balls and begin to squeeze. Jill rhythmically squeezed her son's balls faster
and tighter as he built to his inevitable climax, Jill knew how to work and
pleasure a man. She was amazed as Mark yelled "Ohhhh squeeze my balls tighter
mom, don't be afraid to hurt me, I love it rough! Yeah that's it mom tighter

The tighter she squeezed the more Mark begged her to squeeze, how much pain
could this teenager take, it's incredible! Then it happened Her son was
coming in his own mother's mouth there was no turning back now! Jill's face
was impaled on this magnificent stallion's cock and she loved it, orgasm
after orgasm flooded her body as her son pumped, what seemed like, gallon
after gallon of warm, sweet, sticky, teenage cum down his mother's beckoning
throat. Jill felt her belly being filled with the warm, silky, white lava.
She felt as though she was attached to some wondrous life spewing cannon, a
queen bee being force fed her fill of the finest royal jelly.

Finally after what seemed like minutes Jill's belly could take no more and
she gagged as her son tore his massive life spewing tube from her satiated
throat canal. Jill shuddered as the last orgasm left her in a trembling heap
at her son's feet, the carpet in front of the couch was soaked with the juice
that flowed from Jill's quivering well fingered pussy and her sons warm cum
dribbled from her sensuous mouth. Mark' s cock spurted one last time and a
stream of hot cum splattered on Jill's face, covering her eyes and nose. It
was a weird scene Jill Taylor wife and mother of three lying their on the
living room floor in a heap, face covered with cum, cum dripping from her
lips, sexy silk undergarments and robe stuck in places to her hot body with
sweat and cum, picture of a perfect mother!


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