Home Improvement Part 3 (MMM/F,inc,slash)
by Ted Kokotajlo ([email protected])

There they lay naked on the bed, Jill Taylor and her youngest son Mark,
holding each other in a passionate embrace, spent from a long night of fiery
wanton incestuous lust! It was now 8:00am in the Taylor household and neither
Jill or Mark had heard Tim Taylor return from his camping trip. Slowly Tim
opened the door to the master bedroom, his jaw dropped.

There before Tim the scene played out like something out of one of those
romance novels Jill was always reading. Tim's wife lying there dressed in a
sexy white lace corset and matching stockings, the perfect picture of a
Victorian lover, long silky legs, perfect pear shaped ass, full sexy hips,
narrow waist, soft full heaving breasts pressed up by the binding corset,
shoulder length hair slightly matted and slick from a night of passion.

Jill's lover was lying with her, young, slim, with just the right hint of
muscle tone, firm ass, enormous cock laying dormant between his legs, still
glistening as it was coated in the combined juices that came from the fruits
of the lovers labor.

The bedroom air hung heavy with the unmistakable odor of sex. Tim saw that
cum was still leaking from his wife's filled pussy, God she looked hot! His
wife and youngest son had spent the night actually fucking in his bed, while
he was away on a camping trip with his middle son Randy. Tim thought to
himself, boy this is a hell of a homecoming!

Tim strode into the room and spoke loudly, "Well , well , well! What have we

Jill and Mark awoke with a start, both trying to hide their nakedness like
Adam and Eve in the garden, they both tasted the forbidden fruit and now it
was time to pay! Jill shrieked, "OH SHIT! What are you doing home, you
weren't due back until tommorrow!"

Tim answered, "Yeah well how was I supposed to know that nitrous oxide and
coleman fuel doesn't mix! All I wanted to do was get more heat in the tent,
then BOOM, that baby launched higher than a patroit missle in Dessert Storm!"

Tim stood there for a moment grinning with that glassy eyed look he gets when
he is watching something that has to do with tools or power. Tim snapped out
of his power induced trance and demanded, "Hey, Hey! Don't try to change the
subject Jill! I want to know just what the hell is going on around here! Why
are you and Mark doing the piston stoke in our bed?"

Mark stammered, "Dad, uh, it's not what you think! Ummm, mom was just
comforting me because, uh, I had a bad dream last night and I was scared! So
I uh, just came in here to sleep and feel safe!"

Tim wasn't buying it, "Oh right Mark! Bad dream huh? It looks like you came
in here, in fact judging by the looks of the carpet down in the living room,
it looks like you came just about everywhere! Now what do you have to say for
yourself young man?"

Mark was on the verge of tears and Jill was beside herself with panic when
she heard another voice ring out from behind Tim. It was Randy who spoke,
"Come on dad ease up! Can't you see they're terrified enough?"

Jill screamed, "My God, Randy! Get out of here, you shouldn't see this! Tim
make him leave now!"

Tim and Randy just stood their they looked at each other and started

Jill was confused, "How can you two laugh at a time like this? My Gosh Tim
our family is having a major crisis!"

Tim wise cracked, "Yeah Jill looks like your typical Octopus Complex!"

Jill was perplexed, "Tim what are you babbling about?"

Tim answered, "You know when a boy lusts after his mother, duh! Didn't you
study the works of Dr. Sigmund and the sea monsters in you college courses
Jill! Come on get with it!"

Jill shook her head as she always does when Tim gives one of his famous
mis-quotes, Jill noticed that Tim didn't seemed as shocked as he should be.

Tim calmed down and said, "Jill, honey let me explain. You aren't the first
one to commit incest in this house!"

That sentence shocked Jill, her jaw dropped and her eyes became as wide as
saucer plates as the implication of what her husband just said sunk in. Jill
tried to make sense of it, "Tim what are you trying to say?"

Randy spoke up, "Let me handle this dad. Mom what dad is trying to say is
that he's been banging me for years and he's been fucking Brad to! Yes sir
me, Brad and dad are just one big happy homo family! Oh but don't worry mom
dad didn't force it on us, you see Brad and me started experimenting quite
a few years back and we decided to let dad in on our little club during on
of our camping trips." Randy winked at his dad.

Tim added, "Yeah honey, did you really think when you went out all day that
me and the two boys were working on the hot rod, heh heh heh" Tim switched to
his caveman voice, "Yeah working on the hot rod, eh, eh, eh."

Randy joined in, "Yeah hot rod eh, eh, eh."

Mark spoke up, "Dad, Brad and Randy, eww that's gross! You guys are sick!"

Randy shot back, "Look who's talking momma's boy!"

Tim stopped the fight before it began, "Hey boys, boys! Knock it off! Can't
you see your poor mom's shaken up enough? Come on guys think about it, we
could use this opportunity for some real family bonding! What do you say?"

Jill was shocked, "Tim are you nuts! Do you know what you are suggesting? I
mean I admit passion got the best of me last night but I was alone and
worried and tired, my head was foggy because of those darn porno channels on
the TV. But now that I can think straight I mean well I mean. Oh I don't
know what I mean! Darnit I'm so confused! Boy you learn about this stuff in
psychology but to actually experience it is like a whole new ball game! What
would my professor say?"

Tim tried to comfort his wife, "Jill come on honey. Don't beat yourself up.
Look you're over analyzing this whole situation. All we are is a happy loving
family who expresses that love in the most intimate way."

Jill looked into he husband's eyes and thought, how could this man who acts
like such a buffoon be so in touch with his emotions. It seemed Tim had a
gift for breaking situations down to their simplest level and coming up with
a perfectly rational explaination, this from a man who quotes Sigmund and the
sea monsters! The thought caused Jill to smile.

Tim continued, "Honey you know we talked about your fantasy about having two
men at once, well now you can have three! Who better than our own sons can
give you greater pleasure?"

The thought sent a hot flash through Jill's body that set off her pussy like
one of Tim's special atomic Fourth of July rockets! Jill waveringly spoke,
"Ah Tim I don't know. Mark honey how do you feel about all this?"

Mark answered, "Well, gee, I guess if you want to mom then I guess it's o.k.
but well I mean uh I won't turn homo or anything will I?"

Randy tried to calm his brothers fears, "Look bro, me and Brad have been at
it for years and you see what studs we are with the lady's. Just think you
can try out new stuff at home and then you can drive your girl friends wild
with it! Dad's a great teacher when it comes to sexual tricks and I bet mom
knows a thing or two herself! So don't worry twirp you'll be o.k."

Tim decided enough talk, "Alright then we're all in agreement, now let's get
down to business, or should I say pleasure!"

With that Tim and Randy began to strip, Jill's head was flooded with impure
thoughts of what was about to take place , she moved to the center of the bed
and got ready for the time of her life. She watched her husband Tim as he
undressed, stocky and powerful build like one of those muscle cars he was
always working on. Tim's prick wasn't quite the size of Mark's but it was
more than enough to do the job, about 10 inches long and perfectly shaped
with a slight curve set at just the right angle to reach that magic spot
inside every woman. Tim's chest was muscular and hairy his strong waist and
legs could piston his cock into a woman like a 1969 GTO! His ass looked like
it was chiseled from stone, round and firm just right for a woman to grab and
hold onto during the throes of passion.

Jill began to play with her tits and pussy as she turned her attention to her
son Randy. Randy's body was very muscular with barely a trace of hair on it,
his arms were flexing as he undressed, Jill was reminded of the body builders
she watched on TV. Randy's ass was tight, no wonder Tim liked fucking his son
so much, an ass like that must feel like heaven to a guy's cock. Randy's
puckered lips and narrow eyes gave him an elf like appearance that Jill found
extremely sexy, it was no wonder the girls flocked to him like moths to a
flame. Randy's cock was magnificent indeed, slightly larger than his dad's
about 11 inches but it was thicker around than even Mark's mighty love sword.

The thought of these three huge cocks invading her hot subtle body made Jill
shudder, her fingers flew in and out of her dripping snatch with an increased
frenzy! Jill lustfully said, "Ohhh ,guys if you don't get over here soon I'm
going to explode!"

Jill pushed Mark down between her legs and shivered as her youngest son
began to lick and suck out all his cum from the nights passionate love
making. Tim climbed on the bed next to Jill's head and fed his semi hard
cock down his wife's beckoning throat. Tim's cock started to swell in Jill's
talented velvet throat causing the lust filled wife to breath hard through
her nostrils. Randy got on the bed and straddled his mom's torso and slid
his cock between her ample 36-D tits, Jill grabbed one tit in each hand and
mashed them together on Randy's thrusting cock. The valley of Jill's tits was
slick with sweat as Randy's cock moved in and out with increasing fury. Tim
was thrusting his prick down Jill's throat faster and faster, face fucking
his wife for all he was worth.

Between her legs Jill felt the cum and pussy juice being drawn out of her by
Mark's talented mouth, the sensation was overwhelming. Jill lay there shaking
as her first orgasm ripped thru her body. Her husbands cock imbedded in her
throat, one son feverishly fucking her big tits and another son lapping his
own cum from the fire box that her pussy had become. Jill was cumming hard
and so moaned around her husband's cock, "Mmmmmmm...Uhhhhhhhh...Gawwwwwww...

When Jill's orgasm subsided Tim took command, "Alright guys looks like this
baby's engines all warmed up! Let's put her through her paces and see if we
can get her to blow a gasket!" Jill knew that her pleasure was just beginning
as Tim continued, "Mark you look ready for the quarter mile!" Tim looked at
his son's fully erect 13 inch cock, "Boy do you look ready! I want you to
mount your mom while old dad gives you a solid chrome rim job!"

Mark was puzzled, "Rim job, what's that dad?"

Tim answered, "Never mind son just trust me. Now Randy you can take over
where I left off, but don't cum in mom's mouth save it for your brother's
sweet ass!"

Mark didn't like the sound of that, "Uh dad?" he asked worriedly.

Tim sternly replied, "Now Mark what did dad say, trust me!"

Randy climbed up Jill's chest and sat on her bouncing titties, then he
inserted his cock into a wide eyed Jill's mouth. Inch by long inch Randy's
dick disappeared down his mom's throat as she moaned for more. Jill closed
her eyes as her son's cock sank deeper into her tight grasping throat, when
she reopened her eyes she was staring at the sparse pubic hair of her son's
crotch, Randy was all the way in! He be began a slow loving in and out
rocking motion with his cock that tickled Jill's throat and brought her to
new heights of lust!

Mark watched the perverse scene for a moment then did what his father
instructed him to do. He climbed up between his mothers legs and placed the
head of his massive prick at the entrance to her love box, then he pressed
forward entering his quivering mother slowly. When Mark had eased all 13
inches into his mom Tim moved into position behind his youngest son and began
caressing the boys firm ass cheeks. Mark moaned in obvious pleasure as his
dad's talented hands spread his butt wide open, then Mark inhaled sharply as
his dad plunged his face between his ass cheeks and speared his fatherly
tongue deep into Mark's puckered butt hole! Mark feeling the intense pleasure
that was swelling up in his young body began to slowly piston in and out of
his mother's tight cunt. Tim gently fucked his son's tight ass with his long
tongue, causing the boy to moan and breath rapidly with every long plunging

Mark panted, "Ohhh, dad...wwhaat are you doooing tooo meee...ohhh yeah... feels sooooo goooddd!"

Tim kept it up for a good five minutes before he stopped and left the bed to
get the KY jelly that was in the night stand.

Mark complained, "Nooo dad , please don't stop! It felt sooo good!"

Tim replied, "Don't worry son I just need something to help get you ready for
Randy's cock, trust dad you're gonna love this."

Randy was still stroking his cock in and out of his mom's throat,
occasionally pulling completely out of her mouth so that he could gently
smack his mom in the face with his hard love stick. Randy was getting great
pleasure listening to his mom beg for him to put his cock back into her
waiting soft mouth, "Randeeeee son oh please don't tease your mom come on
son give mommy your sweet cock.. Please put mommy's boy's hot dick back down
my throat...uh... come on son don't tease poor mommy...pleeeeease!" Randy
would comply and slide his hard love muscle back into his mom's warm love
sheath. Tim had returned to his position in back of Mark's hard pumping ass
and was coating his fingers with the KY jelly.

Tim slowly inserted a finger into his son's puckered anus.

Mark moaned as he fuck his hot mother, "Ohhh that's it dad that feels great!
Don't tease me though, mom got three fingers in there before. I bet I could
take four at least! Ohhhhhh!"

Tim was happy to comply as he began to slowly push two then three fingers
into his youngest son's wanting asshole. Tim moved his fingers in and out of
Mark's ass keeping perfect rhythm with Mark's thrusting into his mother's
cunt. Tim slowly began to work a fourth finger into his son's beckoning ass!
With a loud pop Tim's fourth finger slid in as Mark cried out with pure
bliss, " feeeeels sooooo gooooood...mmmmmm...more
dad more!"

Tim began to slam his fingers in and out of his son's ass harder and harder.
Tim now started to use his other hand to spread KY jelly into his wife ass
crack illicting a loud moan of approval from Jill, "MMMMMMM...UH HUH....UH

Tim felt like the master of his universe! He had worked three fingers into
his wife's pear shaped ass and was moving them in unison with the four he had
stuck up his son's ass. Tim had his hands full! Mark, Jill and Randy were all
moaning together creating a house filling symphony of lust! Tim was thrusting
his fingers in and out in and out of both his wife and son's assholes, while
Mark continued to pound his mother's hot pussy crack!

Randy continued to slowly slide his cock deep into his loving mother's
throat, as Jill played with her swollen breasts as Randy bounced on them.
Tim pulled hia busy fingers out of his son's anus and his wife's ass, much
to their dismay, "Ok people now here's where the real fun starts!" Tim

Tim began barking instructions, "Mark pull out of your mother and Jill let me
slip under you, Randy get your cock out of mom's mouth and get ready!"

Everyone did what they were told and Jill sat on her husbands crotch as Tim
positioned his prick against his wife's tight ass hole. Jill began to grind
her ass down on her husband's cock like she had done so many times in the

Jill was panting as Tim's cock entered her forbidden chute, "ah ahh ahhhh
ooooohhhh yeah tool man! Oh Tim your cock is tearing my ass up, oh I can feel
it stretch baby...oh yeah stretch it baby...stretch it...fill me up with that
hot power tool...ahhhhhhhhh!"

Jill continued to grind down on Tim's cock as Tim grunted like a horny ape.
When Jill has screwed her plump hot ass all the way down on her husband's
cock, Tim instructed Jill to lean back against him.

Tim whispered hungrily in his horny wife's ear, "Get ready baby because your
fantasy about both your hot holes being filled at once is about to come

Tim motioned for Mark to mount his waiting mother and the teenager complied
with an awkwardly horny haste. Mark wasted no time sinking his 13 inch dick
back into his mom's tight wet pussy. The sensation made Jill black out
momentarily as her body vibrated involuntarily with another powerful orgasm.

Jill came to moaning incoherently, "Ohhhh...mmmmnnnn...baba...yessssssss...

Jill Taylor had become the perfect sex toy a high powered fuck machine if
you will. An object whose sole purpose was to give and receive intense sexual
pleasure! Here was Jill Taylor mother of three and devoted wife not to
mention a highly respected, educated and upstanding member of the community,
yes Jill Taylor impaled on both her son's and her husband's cock's. Jill was
loving every single incestous second of it!

Tim winked at Randy, who was kneeling behind his brother Mark. Randy knew
just what to do, he smeared a generous glob of KY jelly on his hard prick and
climbed up to assume the doggy style position in back of Mark. Randy eased
his brother forward on top of his mother and placed the head of his cock at
the entrance to Mark's tight ass hole. Randy pressed forward and the first
inch sank into his younger brothers ass with a pop.

Mark was shocked, "Whoa hold on Randy! I can't do this your too big take it
out. Come on get that thing out of my ass!"

Randy just snickered, "Too big? Hey bro weren't you the one who was bragging
about how many fingers you could take up you ass? Relax dude. I didn't think
dad's would fit in my behind but it did and now I can't get enough of it.
Trust me bro you'll love it once you get used to it. It won't hurt after
awhile, then you'll beg for it!"

With that Randy began to slowly sink more of his young cock into his
brother's ass! Inch by inch Randy's cock sunk deeper and deeper into Mark's
firm tight teenage ass as Randy grunted, "Uhhh...Uhhhh...Uhhhh...yeah that's
it bro' take it all in while you fuck mom's hot pussy...boy if you're girl
friend could see you now...Uhhhhh...uhhhh...that's it take it all inside your
guts boy!"

Mark's eyes glazed over as his older brothers cock sank deep inside him and
he moaned as the pleasure took over his body, "Ohhhhhh yeah Randy
yeeeeaaahhhh...give it to me...ohhhh give it all to meeeeeee...uhhhhhhh...
ohhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhhh...I can't take it all...sink that big bone all the way
inside my tight teen ass...tear me up brother...ohhhh tear me up...ahhhhhh!"

Randy's pubic hair brushed Mark's ass as the last inch of his cock was
accepted into his younger brother's hard tight ass. Mark was red faced from
the mix of pleasure and strain. Tim , seeing his two son's properly mounted,
began slow strokes in and out of Jill's ass. Mark could feel his father's
cock slid against his own through the thin wall that separates a woman's ass
canal from her cunt! The sensation was overwhelming and Mark began to thrust
his own cock in and out of his mother's tight pussy.

Randy grabbed his brother's hips and began to keep time with his own thrusts
into his teenage brothers ass. Each time Mark rammed forward into Jill's
pussy Randy would slam forward into Mark's ass causing a jack hammer effect
to ripple through Jill's body. Tim could feel it to as he pumped his wife's
ass. Two pairs of hands worked over the upper part of Jill's body sometimes
pulling and kneading her full swollen tits, sometimes grasping her luxurious
throat and inserting fingers between her full red lips to be sucked.

The two cocks in Jill's body worked in uneven tempo, sometimes Tim would
thrust as Mark withdrew creating a pistoning effect, other times the two
cocks entered her at one time stealing her breath away. Either way Jill
Taylor felt like a complete whore, a cheap fuck doll and she was loving it!

The cocks went in and out faster and faster deeper and deeper. Randy slammed
into his brother's ass with reckless abandon, reaching around his brother's
chest to grab and tug at his brothers's hard nipples!

Mark was surprised how much this turned him on as he shouted, "Ohhhh yeah
Rand pull my nipples baby...ohhhh that's it rip `em right off me brother...
eeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh pull `em harder...harder...HARDER...AAAAAAHHHHHH!"

The bedroom filled with the unbridled sounds of pure lust unleashed, perverse
sucking sounds permeated every corner of the room as three magnificent cock's
pounded three tight wet holes again and again. Tim's cock was a blur as he
pumped his wife's ass like a high speed hammer drill, Mark matched his dad
stroke for stroke. Jill thought her lower body would start smoking from all
the heat her boys were generating in her twat and tight ass hole! Mark could
barely remain conscious form the intense joy he was receiving from having his
older brother's cock buried deep in his bowels. The cocks pounded and pounded
in and out in and out they pounded!

It was too much for Jill and as her husband and his son's cocks came together
in her hot middle aged body once more she cried out , "AAAAIIIIIIEEEEE...
began scratching at Mark's bare teenage chest as the most powerful orgasm she
had ever experienced rocked her body, "CUMMING!!!..MOMMY'S CUMMMMMINGGGG...

That was all it took as Randy began to shoot load after load into his
brother's hot teen ass, "Ohhhh yeah here I CUM bro uuuhhh uuuuhhh uuuuuhhh
uhhhhhh yeah take my hot spunk little bro take my cum in your hot ass...
uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhh...ahhhhhhhh yeah!!!"

Mark felt his brother's dick swell up then begin to pump tons of hot sperm
into his young ass, the feeling was indescribable! Mark came hard into his
mothers pussy, "Ohhhhhh..yeah...MOMMY...I'M CUMMING..OHHHHH...UHHHH...

Tim felt his the cum shoot out of his wife's over filled pussy and land on
his own up thrusting balls. The hot scum sent a shudder wave of pleasure
through Tim as he could hold back no longer and he began to spew his sticky
load into his wife's hot ass. "OHHHHH..OH.OH.OH...OH..THAT'S IT BOYS..FILL.

Stream after stream erupted from Tim's experienced cock as Jill trembled from
the sensation and felt her whole body quake from the force of Tim's orgasm.
The tool man nearly threw everyone from the bed in his throes of passion. He
came for what seemed like minutes, completely overflowing his wife's hot
tight ass and actually creating a pool of cum on the bed beneath his balls!

Mark and Randy were amazed! It took about half an hour before this pile of
love stopped trembling. Randy rolled off his brother and landed on the floor
then passed out. Mark pulled his spent cock from Jill's clinging cunt and
rolled over into a blissful sleep. Jill had completely passed out and lie
like a limp rag doll on top of her husband.

Tim carefully eased himself out from under his wife, then covered Jill and
Mark as they lay soundly sleeping in bed. He kissed each on the forehead then
went and helped Randy off the floor and into his own bed, he gently placed
covers on his son and kissed him on the forehead. Tim put on a robe and made
his way to the kitchen and opened a cold beer. The tool man was running
through what had just happened in his mind. A wicked grin crossed Tim's lips
as he thought, boy just wait till Brad comes home from college...



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