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How I Met Your Mother: Footloose (FF,feet,ws)
by Sunnydale Jim ([email protected])

Lily and Robin were having a girl's day to themselves while the men in their
circle were off on their own somewhere. After shopping and a few drinks they
came back to Robin's place. Now, Lily couldn't do any actual buying because
of her massive credit card debt and history as a shopoholic. So, she was
living vicariously through Robin's purchases and she was nearly as happy as
Robin with her new boots.

"They need some more breaking in, I need to pry them off". said Robin. "Let
me help", said Lily. Robin sat on the couch and Lily sat on the floor and
unzipped one boot, as she slipped it off, she inhaled, "MMMM , love that new
boot smell!"

"Really," said Robin, "You're not going all foot freaky on me are you?"

"No! ... Well, don't tell anyone, especially Ted or Barney, but I do have a
little bit of an unfulfilled thing about girl's feet. I hope that doesn't
creep you out".

"No, cause, well, I kind of know what you mean," admitted Robin.

"What do you mean?"

"Okay, this is super secret girl talk. This is something I wouldn't talk
about if you weren't the best female friend I've ever had... but, well, in
college and once since, I've had little flings with women."

"Whoa! Get the fuck out of Dodge!"

"You're not creeped out are you, Lily?"

"No. Surprised, a little. Maybe a little envious. And, kind of excited just
hearing you talk about it. I never really got the chance to experiment in
college. With anyone. But Marshall. Since we're dishing secrets, I'll admit
to wondering, fantasizing, about what it would be know, with a
girl. So, you like feet?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I'm not a stalker, it's not really anything like a
fetish. I don't have a closet full of shoes I stole from somebody else. But,
I like having my feet touched and licked and I really like running my face
and mouth over a pretty girl's foot."

"Ohhh. Damn, I wish I could try that."

Robin lifted her one bootless foot toward Lily's face and said, "Nobody has
to know but us."

Lily is the world champion of rationalization. She has a history of putting
off guilt until well after she's gotten what she wants. And, being weak,
impulsive and a little tipsy, she took Robin's foot in her hands and slipped
off the sock. She looked Robin in the eye and put her nose against bottom of
her toes and inhaled. "MM...mmm, God, your feet smell sexy!"

Robin knew Lily was a pushover when it came to impulsive selfish decisions
and she was getting really turned on, "Try a lick...Please."

Lily did what she usually did when faced with temptation. She caved. She
closed her eyes and licked the sole of Robin's foot slowly. She ran her
tongue along the bottoms of her toes. Then she sucked the three middle
toes into her mouth and savored them. As she closed her mouth over Robin's
big toe and started sucking it like a little cock, she opened her eyes to
see that Robin had reached under her skirt and was touching herself,
rubbing the crotch of her panties. Lily reached down with her left hand
and unbuttoned her jeans.. She and Robin locked eyes as she kept rubbing
her face and tongue all over Robin's foot. They rubbed themselves and got
wetter and more excited.

Lily pushed all thoughts of guilt out of her mind and focused on the taste
and smell of Robin's foot. Every time she opened her eyes and saw Robin she
was amazed, because brunette, tanned Robin was drop dead gorgeous. She had
a body like an athlete and large, well shaped breasts.

"Let's get a little more comfortable," said Robin.

"I've got to get your other boot off."

"Oh Yeah! My other foot is already jealous. But, please. would it be okay if
we were both..."

"Naked?" said Lily. "Are you okay with this?" asked Robin.

"As long as there's no penetration and no attachments, just a little foot fun
and masturbating, I don't think that's cheating. If Marshal wanted to jerk
off with Ted or Barney, I don't think I'd feel too threatened or betrayed by

"By all means," said Robin, "Let them wank their brains out!"

"No," said Lily as she whipped off her top and bra in one motion, "Let's wank
OUR brains out!"

Robin couldn't restrain herself. "Right there with you, girlfriend!" She
whipped off her top and her buxom breasts bounced and jiggled as she jumped
on top of Lily, pushing her large breasts against Lily's smaller, cuter ones
kissing her deeply. Lily opened her mouth and kissed back while running her
hands over Robin's naked back. Robin had long been fascinated by Lily's pale,
freckled Irish cream complexion and fiery red hair. She giggled as she
realized she was really looking forward to seeing if Lily had red pubes.

Lily was lost in kissing her drop dead gorgeous brunette friend, her first
time kissing another woman. She had occasionally looked at women and allowed
herself a little erotic daydreaming. This was the dream come true. Robin was
so gorgeous she was on TV in New York City and had briefly been a Canadian
teen pop star. "Robin, get back up on the couch." "Yes, Mistress Lily."

"Oooh! I could get used to hearin' that. Let me get that other boot for you,
sweetie. "

Lily unzipped and then worked the boot down Robin's tanned and shapely leg.
She slipped off the sock and then breathed deeply again, taking in the
clammy, girl foot smell and getting even more turned on.

"Don't move!" she told Robin as she popped up and skinned her jeans down her
legs and kicked them across the room. She now stood naked in front of her
friend. She felt free, showing her slender, pale, freckled nude body to
Robin. The excitement of doing something she shouldn't, something forbidden
was coursing through her. She was especially excited at the sight of Robin
on the couch, her feet spread on the floor, her large, firm breasts heaving
and her short skirt pulled up to the tops of her shapely thighs.

She bent down and took Robin's right foot and planted it between her pale
thin legs while licking and sucking at her left foot and toes. She humped
her vulva against the one foot and slobbered all over the toes of the other.
Meanwhile, Robin stared at Lily's adorable, freckled face slurping over her
toes. She got hornier and hornier and pulled her skirt up and had both hands
moving around in her black panties. One hand rubbed and tweaked her clitoris
and the other slid in and out of her pussy lips. The sight of her best friend
Lily, her adorable, crooked little mouth fulfilling one of her juiciest
fantasies was driving her wild. She took her panties in her hand and ripped
them apart.

Lily was shocked at the sound of the panties shredding. Robin looked at her
with such need as she went back to finger fucking herself, staring at Lily
pumping up and down on her smooth, sexy foot.

Lily was in heaven. Watching her friend masturbate was making her wetter,
faster. She closed her eyes, licking the ball of Robin's foot while her nose
inhaled the sweat between her toes. When she opened her eyes the sight of her
dark haired, beautiful best girl friend masturbating drove her horniness up
another notch. She jumped up, "Don't stop!" she squealed when Robin started
to pause in reaction to her sudden move. Lily grabbed Robin's skirt,
unhooking it and yanking it down Robin's well proportioned, sexy legs. Robin
was now completely naked, like Lily. "Keep finger banging, Robin. Tell me if
you like this." Lily squatted over Robin's left foot and used her hand to
spread her labia, she used her other hand to guide Robin's big toe into her
pussy. "Wow! You really like feet!" said Robin, impressed and amazed and
hornier than ever.

"Are you still okay with this, Robin?"

"Oh, Jesus youbetcha, Lily!! Do it! Fuck my foot!"

Robin couldn't believe how fast everything was happening. Her best friend was
naked and she really did have the sexiest patch of red pubic hair. As Robin
watched Lily swallow her big toe with her cunt and slide up and down slowly
they stared at each other. Robin's mouth hung open as she rubbed and pushed
her clit around. Lily couldn't believe how fantastic Robin looked spread out
on the couch, her large breasts heaving and her legs spread. Lily rubbed her
own clit while bobbing up and down on Robin's foot. "Lily! Come on my foot!
I love the way that feels, my toes inside you, you're so wet!" Lily was wet,
wet enough to work most of Robin's toes into her twat and she was fucking
herself hard and fast while watching Robin fuck herself with four fingers at
a time.

"Oh, Robin you are SOOO fucking gorgeous! I can't believe I get to be with a
woman and she's soooo drop dead fucking HOT! After I come on your foot, can I
lick you?"

"You are not uh...uh ohhh.. I just came. Oh god, Lily. You can't leave...
with...withowww, ooh, without licking my pussy!" Robin scrunched and wriggled
three toes inside of Lily.

"Oh, Oh, yeah... I want that. I... I.. mmm, oo oo aaahhhhh!" Lily screamed
as her cum slid down Robin's foot. She slid off Robin's foot onto her side
on the floor. Robin grabbed her ankle with both hands and raised it to her
mouth, "MMmmm" She licked at her foot and sucked the cream off her toes. Lily
was mesmerized and started finger fucking herself on the floor, laying on her
side "Oh, yes, watching you lick my cum off your foot is the most incredibly
sexy thing EVER!" Robin kept lapping at her foot until she felt she had
gotten all the cum, "I want more of that. Hop up here!"

Lily lay on the couch and Robin lay on top of her and they kissed long and
hard while they squirmed their naked bodies together. Robin broke the kiss
and slid down until she could take one of Lily's pale, freckled breasts in
her mouth. She sucked and teased the nipple with her tongue until it was
long and hard, then she put her face between Lily's breasts and held them
together, rubbing her face up and down and then looked at Lily from between
them. "Oh god, Robin you are so beautiful."

"So are you Lily, I love your tits and all your freckles." She took a nip at
the other breast and made Lily yelp, "But, I have been fantasizing about your
red pussy hair ever since you kissed my foot. I've got to eat you."

"Please. Please, yes! Lick me." Robin slid down Lily's flat belly without
ever breaking eye contact. Her big tits dangled, dragging along Lily's soft
skin and they both sighed. When she arrived between Lily's legs she paused
and stared at Lily's red hair and very pale pelvis. "Oh, oh Lily this is

"You think my pubes are beautiful?"

"Yes. But, the whole package, red hair, pale soft skin, freckles and wet, wet
lips!" And she plunged in with her tongue, pushing Lily's lips apart with her
thumbs and lapping up as much wetness as she could. Moving her tongue around
inside Lily while pushing the backs of her thighs up and spreading her legs
more. She pushed her tongue down the back of Lily's slick cunt and worked it
as deep as possible before dragging it forward and then up the front until
she could caress her friend's clit with her teeth and chase the little nub
around with her tongue. Lily had both her hands in Robin's black hair and
gripped her skull, working it around, feeling it as it fucked her senseless.

Robin was so turned on by this surprise afternoon delight that her juices
were leaking down both her thighs. But she didn't touch herself. She
concentrated on the delicious pussy in front of her, the delicious redhead
under her mouth.

"Ah, ah. ooooh, Look at me! Look at me!" moaned Lily. Robin looked up, but
kept her mouth glues to Lily's slit. "Oh YEAH! I wanna look at you. I
wa-ah-ahnna see your eyes ..when... when.....AAAAaaaiooooo..oh yeah! oh."
Lily came hard, gushing cum all over Robin's mouth and face. As Lily calmed
down, Robin pulled away. "Oh, Robin, that was..oh WOW!"

"Yeah. It's Oh WOW! for me, too."

"mmmm, not so fast. Sit up here on the couch," and Lily slid, more like
melted, onto the floor. "This is part of my fantasy, too. Pleasing a woman
and tasting her.

"Please, Lily. Taste me."

Lily started by licking up some of the wetness off of Robin's thighs. Then
she ran her hands under Robin's world class ass and pulled her toward her as
she lowered her face into the cauldron of girl juice between Robin's legs.
She sucked at the outer lips and pulled at them with her lips and teeth. Lily
plunged her tongue deep into her friend and when Robin started to squeal and
mewl, Lily was merciless. Her fingers tightened and her licking became more
frantic. She stopped licking long enough to suck, slurping loudly like a
hungry bum with a bowl of soup, drinking the cum into her mouth. Robin's
wriggling and screaming didn't deter her. She kept it up, faster and faster,
until Robin screamed and shook and fell off the couch trying to stop the
pleasure before it drove her insane.

Lily dove on top of her and hugged her and kissed her. Kissing her cheeks,
slipping her tongue in her mouth and then running her tongue along her neck
and sternum. "Oh, thank you Robin. This...this is literally a dream come

"MMMMmm, and a dream come HARD!" They both giggled and snuggled.

"This was SOOO amazing!" said Lily.

"Aaawwww! Please don't use past tense yet. I've still got another idea or two
I'd like to try. Are you too tired?"

"Just let me cuddle a little bit while I get my second wind. Hey, I haven't
had either of your breasts in my mouth yet."

"Well, feel free. I've been told they are quite the snack."

"Oh no, they are more than a snack, they're -"

"Enough yakking," Robin pushed Lily's head down to her chest, "Start
snacking!" and Lily opened wide and put as much of Robin's tit in her mouth
as would fit. She sucked a big mouthful in and then let it slide out and then
kept doing it. She put her hand under Robin's tit to steady it as she played
with the bullet hard nipple with her teeth and tongue. Her red hair was tied
up behind her head, so Robin had an unobstructed view of Lily's cute little
face inhaling her tit. "Let's see if I can do to your nipple what you did to
my clitty." And Lily tried to copy Robin's sexy moves that had gotten her off
so hard. Robin had her arm around Lily and lowered it so that she could
squeeze and pet Lily's pale white ass. Lily slipped her hand down to Robin's
lap and her two longest fingers slid right into her. Robin started playing
footsie with Lily as they made love. "MMmmm, yeah, we haven't forgot our foot
fancies, have we?" asked Lily.

"No way! Besides, I haven't gotten to have any of your cute little toes in my
mouth, yet."

"Mmmm, I'd like that. Can we do each other?"

"You mean like a foot 69?"

"Yeah. A foot 69, and then the other kind."

"Oooooh! Yeah! I want it!", said Robin, "Here, let's move around a little
bit." They stayed on the floor and faced each other. Lily put her leg out and
Robin took her small, white foot and pulled it toward her face while sticking
out her own foot to Lily. As each sucked on a foot, they both slid their
other feet into each other's laps. Robin did have a foot fetish and she'd
never had a chance to build up such a lust as she had this day. After
watching what Lily had done to her she was dying to taste Lily's feet AND
every time she opened her eyes there was Lily, her cute, adorable best friend
Lily, sucking on her toes. As Robin ran her nose along the underside of
Lily's toes, she toyed with Lily's pussy lips with her foot. And Lily rubbed
the ball of her foot up and down on the top of Robin's slit, pressuring her
clit and wriggling her toes in Robin's neatly barbered pubic hair. They were
both so into it that they went on for minutes, soaking their toes until Robin
cried, "Switch!" and grabbed Lily's ankle in her lap and brought it to her
mouth while pushing Lily's saliva soaked other foot down to where the cum
was. Lily did the same and they stared each other in the eyes as they licked
their own cum off each other's feet.

Robin put Lily's foot on her face and let it rest there where she could kiss
and lick the sole while she used both hands to guide Lily's other foot. She
pressed it into her pussy and pushed more of it inside as she worked her hips
back and forth. Lily did the same and they were both humping back and forth,
their slick wet pussies filled with toes, their faces rubbing feet, their
tongues slathering saliva all over their feet. They moved and breathed faster
and started moaning and gasping, "Fuck me! Oh, please Lily fuck me!" Robin
whispered into Lily's foot. "Oh, Robin, I'm getting so fucking horny! I'm
cumming all over -"


And as fast as lightning they changed feet and started tasted their own come
again. The taste of her own cum, its thickness, the ... dirtiness.. of what
she was doing started to overpower Lily. As she lost control and started
screaming, she accidentally thrust all five of her toes and a good part of
her dainty foot into Robin's pussy. Robin ignored the foot in her face and
grabbed Lily's ankle with both hands and used it like a dildo, fucking
herself fast, hard and deep, her one foot pushing against Lily's pubic bone
and the other planted on the carpet and pushing so that she could hump up
and down fucking herself feverishly. The sight set Lily off even more and
she grabbed one of the cushion's off the couch next to her and bit into it.
She sprayed come onto Robin's foot and screamed into the cushion, biting a
hole into it.

Robin was also having one of the largest, longest orgasms in her life and she
held onto Lily's ankle for dear life. Finally, they both fell on their sides,
each nursing a cum covered foot in her mouth like a baby with a pacifier.
Each mewling softly, weakly, eyes closed. The smell of sex was thick and
sweat made their bodies shiny.

"Hold me... please," they said nearly in unison as they both opened their
eyes. As they kissed and cuddled for awhile, Robin asked, "Now are you worn

"Yes! I am almost completely fucked out!"

"So, we're done?"

"Hey, ya gotta catch a train or something, I said, 'almost'. Why? Are you
ready to stop?"

"Under most ordinary circumstances, I'd say yes. But, I don't know if I'll
ever get this chance again. This has been just about the most amazing sex
ever! I not only get to have one of my rare, you're only my fourth, girl girl
sexfest. But, I get to indulge my dirty little foot fantasy AND I get to make
love to the woman I like more than any other woman I ever met. So, it's been
a win-win-win for me. How 'bout you? How are you feeling?"

"Wonderful! It's a FIRST for me, the girl girl action and it was great,
it's also the first time I got to have the kind of kinky foot sex that I've
thought about for, well, for fucking YEARS! And I got to do it with MY
favorite female AND the hottest, sexiest woman I know. Yeah. A great, great

"So, again, is our day over?"

"No fucking way! We are going to rest a little more, drink a quart of water
because I am really thirsty. Have a tinkle. Then, we are going to suck each
other off one last, glorious time.... oh, and we could maybe find time for
some more toe sucking."

"Good plan! You get some water while I use the bathroom."

"Um, uh, Robin, as long as, well..."

"Lily! You're blushing! I just fucked the shit out of you and now you get
embarassed? C'mon, What's up?"

"Can I watch?"

"Watch? Watch wha- What? Watch me.. pee?"

"Is that too weird?"

"Not today it isn't. C'mon..." And Robin took Lily's hand and helped her up
and led her into the bathroom.

"This is really breaking new ground for me", said Lily, "I've never even
watched Marshall pee."

"I've never watched or been watched peeing. I'm up for this," Robin said as
she straddled the toilet with her long, sexy legs, putting the seat up and
not sitting down. Lily knelt and sat on her haunches in front of the toilet.
Robin put her hands on her knees and a stream of golden piss shot out and
started splashing into the bowl. Lily was mesmerized and put one hand into
her crotch, lightly rubbing her sopping wet slit. Robin was turned on by her
own exhibitionism.

"Pee on my tits!" said Lily.


"Please. Hurry." And Robin jutted out her hips and waddled forward to direct
her steaming stream onto Lily's tits. Lily closed her eyes and had the latest
of several dozen large, orgasms of the day. She shook with dirty, guilty
pleasure. And Robin was enthralled. She flicked her pelvis and pissed on
Lily's face and Lily instinctively opened her mouth. When the piss hit her
tongue Robin started stroking her clit, shaking the stream all over Lily's
face. As the stream petered out, Lily leaned forward and put her face against
Robin's still dripping pussy. She shuddered and looked up at Robin, shame and
lust and want all over her face. And piss, dripping from her chin.

Robin dropped a towel on the floor and told Lily to get it the shower. Lily
was so stunned she obeyed like zombie. She reached for the water faucet.
"No," said Robin and she laid down at Lily's feet in the shower and told her,
"Now me."

Relief washed over Lily's face as she realized that once again, Robin was
right there with her. She straddled Robin's head and pushed. A jet of stinky,
yellow piss splashed onto Robin's face. Robin masturbated like wild as she
closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She swallowed, she filled her mouth and
gargled. She took her hands out of her pussy and rubbed the urine into her
big, wet tits. When Lily was done, Robin stood up and looked her in the eye
and slowly moved toward her. She gave Lily a chance to pull away, but Lily
didn't take it. She leaned in and they kissed, piss dripping from their

"The tinkle didn't go as originally planned. But, I liked it." said Lily.

"Oh god, we are such freaks. And, I've already come more today than I did in
all of the last two months."

"I think now we need to add a shower to our plan."

Robin reached for the faucet and turned on the water. She started soaping
Lily's thinner, more petite body as Lily grabbed a handful of shampoo and ran
her fingers through Robin's thick, black hair. They took their time and each
soaped and fondled the other's breasts, feet, even assholes. Then dried each
other thoroughly before sliding into Robin's bed for more cuddling.

"You know we can't do this again?" asked Lily, her head parked on one of
Robin's pillowy breasts.

"Oh, I was pretty much sure of that. That's why I've been trying to make this
last, " answered Robin as she absently stroked Lily's hair and brought one of
her hands to her lips. She pressed her lips to Lily's palm and then placed
that palm against her cheek.

"But, you're okay with my whole 'This has been great but we must never speak
of it again' theory?"

"Yeah. A little sad, but completely understanding. We ARE best friends and I
want what's best for you. I don't want this to hurt our friendship or your
great marriage. And, making sure your marriage keeps working is what's best.
You and Marshal are the BEST!!! And, I think you've noticed I'm not exactly
the clingy type."

"No, you're more the 'ohmigod she's so fucking hot and her cum tastes so
good' type" teased Lily as she hugged her a little harder.

"Well, yes, I DO have that reputation. But, it's nice to find out that my
best friend is the 'I can't believe a girl can be so cute and also be such a
filthy, dirty, horny' kind of hottie."

"Mmm, still waters run deep," said Lily as she reached up and kissed Robin
again, a long, slow 'lost in the moment' eyes closed kiss.

Robin slowly and reluctantly pulled away, "Still have enough energy left for
that 69?"

"Mmmm, kind of sleepy. I may need some coaxing."

Robin slid down a little and rested her chin on Lily's tit, "I guess that
makes me a dirty, little coax-sucker," and took Lilly's nipple in her mouth.
Lily smiled as Robin made slow, gentle love to her breasts, she rubbed
Robin's shoulders with her hands and straddled her from beneath. She ran her
feet up and down, massaging Robin's back and ass with her soles and wiggling
her toes against the soft, warm skin.

"Lay back and enjoy," whispered Robin as she crept down Lily's body to her
feet. "I like them better when they're a little sweaty," she purred as she
rubbed her face against Lily's soles. "Touch yourself," she said as she
licked and sucked each of Lily's toes, occasionally stopping to rub her face
against them some more.

Lily stared at her friend's beautiful face. She smiled as she slowly stroked
and rubbed at her carrot topped pussy. "Let me have another turn at your feet
before we have that 69 you promised."

"Aw, O- Kay!" Robin said with mock petulance as she shimmied up the linen and
rested her head next to Lily's. Lily gave her a short kiss and resettled at
Robin's feet. "Robin, are you any good at dirty talk?"

"Oh, I don't know you hot fucking slut, why don't you put my long toes into
your sexy, wet little mouth and we'll find out."

"Ooh, yeah, but, not so much the slut stuff."

Robin pinched and pulled at her own nipples, "Mmm, no, you're not a slut, you
just know how to make me cum like a fountain. Lick my feet, please, I love
the way you love my feet and it gets me so horny. I want to be all wet and
horny when I put my tongue in your juicy cunt. You are going to cum in my
mouth again. I want to taste more of your girl cum. Oh, yeah, Lily! Lick my
feet, I'm already getting wet for you. You like the taste of my cum, too,
don't you Lily? You like having your adorable little face all up in my nasty
wet lady bidness!"

Lily laughed, but she didn't take her mouth off of Robin's foot, which she
was deep throating like a Vegas whore. She was trying to get as much of
Robin's big toe and foot into her mouth as she could without retching. She
stroked the soft top of Robin's foot and nodded her head when Robin asked
her, "You want to come in my mouth again, don't ya Lily? You want to squirt
all over my face like you did before. I love the taste of your pussy, Lily!
I need you to come in my mouth again!" By this time, Robin was finger
fucking herself hard. The sight of Lily slobbering over her feet, smiling
at her, licking her, had gotten her worked back up into the horny frenzy
she had experienced before their bathroom adventure. "Yeah! Yeah! Touch
yourself, Lily. You know you need something in that delicious little cunt.
You can't wait for my tongue, you need it now. If you're half as fucking
horny as I am, you need it! Yeah, that's it! Listen to my wet cunt, Lily!
Listen to that squishing sound. Oh, oh, shit, Lily, you're, you're...
aaaaahhhhhh, I...I'm cum ....cumming again!"

Lily couldn't take it anymore. She let go of Robin's foot and took her hand
out of her sopping wet snatch. She crawled up to Robin and put her wet hand
in Robin's mouth. "MMMM, I love the taste of Lily juice! Here, try this."
And they each sucked the other's fingers while trying to hump each other
with their thighs. "Eat me! Make me cum really, really hard. I never want
to forget how good this is." sobbed Lily, her voice breaking with the

Robin flipped around and planted her face in Lily's crotch. She threw a leg
over Lily and straddled her face. Lily spread Robin's asscheeks with her
hands and shoved her nose against her friend's wrinkled little asshole as
she pushed her tongue into her pussy as far as she could.

Robin lifted her head to say, "Oh, yeah, Lily! Stick your cute little button
nose into my shithole!'

"It can't be that shitty, this is why I soaped up my finger and shoved it in
your ass in the shower."

"MMMMM, well it feels really sexy."

"Oh, good. If you like my nose..." and Lily put a finger into Robin's anus
and tried to make room for her searching, needy tongue.

"Oh, yeah! Lick my asshole! Tongue fuck my asshole!' Robin liked it so much
she sat up and ground her ass into Lily's mouth while rubbing her own clit.
Her big tits swayed as she worked her clit. Lily had a finger in Robin's
pussy, but she couldn't get much of her tongue into Robin's tight ass hole.

"Lily, lift your legs!", and as Lily did, Robin seized her ankles and started
sucking her toes and licking her feet.

"MMMMMM... mug mmffy!!"

"What?", said Robin as she raised up slightly. Lily took her tongue out of
her friend's shit hole and said, "Get back on my pussy! I want to come in
your mouth."

"You're right, I was getting a little greedy." Robin wiggled her ass,
grinding it into Lily's face and bent over. She grabbed Lily's legs and put
them under her arms and spread them wide. It was like she was trying to fit
her whole face into Lily's hole. She worked two fingers of one hand into
Lily, getting those fingers good and wet. Then, as she started working
Lily's clit, she took the two wet fingers and started fucking Lily's pale
ass. Lily squealed and humped her hips off the bed, fucking Robin's face
and squeezing her sphincter around the searching, fucking fingers.

Lily copied Robin, getting her fingers wet and then fucking Robin's ass. She
kept her face in Robin's wet pussy and reamed her friend. Then she craned her
neck until she could get her tongue back into Robin's ass. Robin was now wet
and stretched enough for Lily to get her whole tongue inside and lick around
the inside of Robin's shit hole.

"AAAAgggh! Oh, oooh, Lily, Jesus, Lily you fuck monster! Shit! Fuck! Yes!
AAAaaaa-uh-uh-ugghhh! Oh, fuck. I can't ... I ca-... can't AAAaaghh!"
Robin's huge spasm of an orgasm shook her and pushed Lily over the edge.
Lily squealed right into Robin's asshole. She bit down on Robin's ass
cheek, causing Robin to shriek. They huffed and moaned and cursed and
finally, finally started panting slower and slower until they just lay
there, soaked in sweat again, each resting her cheek on the other's soft
thigh. They each were soaking wet, their faces inches from the wide open,
sopping gashes they had just had their faces in. Each was soaked, cum in
their hair and shining on their faces.

"Whew! Well, now I really, really think... I don't think I have another
teaspoon worth of cum left in me, Lily."

"Mmmmmm, sleepy. Do we have time for a nap before we take another shower?"

"You go head and snooze. I'm going to catch my breath and shower alone. I
don't want to get all worked up again. We have time."

"Good plan. Before I doze off: Thank you. Thank you for letting me live
out some really juicy fantasies.. and for making me cum more times, and cum
harder, than I thought possible for a human. Are there animals that can have
this many orgasms?"

"And live? Maybe rabbits. I don't know, but, thank you, too, Lily. I may
never get another chance to, "experiment" again. This, this is something I'll
remember the rest of my life... and I'll probably get really wet every time I
think about it. We're going to stay friends, just like before, but, I have to
say it, I lo-....."

"Skxxxxx!" Too late. Lily was fast asleep with a crooked little smile on her
freckled face. And she looked beautiful.


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