In the episode 'The Front Porch' (episode 17 of season four) Lily reveals that she worked to break up Ted and Robin. Now Ted and Robin get their revenge.

Rating: I think most people would consider that you should be an adult to read this.

Pairing: Lily/Robin/Ted. Mention of others, M&F.

Warnings: Spanking. Anal. MF, FF, MFF

Notes: Ted's children haven't been named on the show, so I've decided to call them after the actors that portray them: Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie.

The Empire State building episode referred to is 'First Time in New York' from season two.

At the time of writing, we don't know the name of 'the mother'.

As far as one can tell, Alyson Hannigan has a very nice, spankable backside, but certainly not up to the standard of Lily Aldrin's, as described in this story. What can I say? It's fantasy!

Obviously nobody here belongs to me, sadly. I have no rights in them whatsoever.

How I met Your Mother: How I met Aunt Lily's Kink
by IMTCWay

Chapter 1

"Well Kids, in the spring of 2009 ..."

"Look Dad" Lyndsy broke in, exasperation showing on her pretty face, "this story seems to be going on for ever, and we still haven't got to the bit where you meet mom."

"Yeah" agreed her brother David, "and we would like a little bit more of the good stuff. You know, unsanitised."

I was not at all sure I liked this development. I guess I just sat there looking uncomfortable, while Lyndsy continued "So Dad, what I'd really like to know is why Aunt Lily and Aunt Robin are so friendly."

Oh dear, I felt my face redden at this. The only way I could think to respond was to feign innocence. "What do you mean? They've been friends for many years, what's so strange about that?"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, you know that's not what I mean. Like at Aunt Lily's birthday party last month. Aunt Robin could hardy keep her hands off her and twice I went into a room to find them kissing."

"Yeah, it was wicked." David now dropped his voice, and looked guilty, as if he was about to divulge a great secret. "And then, when we were getting ready to go, I went upstairs to find my coat. I heard a noise and pushed open the door to the main bedroom ... and there was Aunt Lily, stark naked, lying face down on the bed. Aunt Robin, with her back to me, was straddling her and squeezing her butt." He looked at me triumphantly, as if daring me to call him a liar.

"And then you spent 10 minutes looking round the room for that coat, without ever leaving the doorway" mocked his sister.

David grinned. He hadn't exactly quietly shut the door and left the ladies to their privacy, the way he should have. They were much too wrapped up in themselves to notice him, and Aunt Lily was just so hot, especially given her age, and Aunt Robin wasn't so bad either. He'd never dreamt of getting such a great opportunity, and his sister was so jealous.

"Anyway" Lyndsy took up the questioning now "your story has never mentioned a lesbian relationship between your best two female friends (excluding mom, of course). What happened?"

I swallowed hard. They were right of course. Chronologically this was the time in the account to describe the start of all that, but I hadn't been planning on including it. I could just refuse to answer them - but they were over eighteen - Lyndsy was nearly twenty, and if they were particularly keen to hearing it then why not. As they had described, the girls were not exactly trying very hard to keep it a secret - I was a little annoyed that they had let David see a sight like that, and a little annoyed that I had not seen it as well!.

"OK. I'll start with my discovery of it all and then we'll work back, how does that sound?"

"Sounds great" they both echoed, a look of excitement appearing on their faces, replacing the look of (mostly) polite resignation that had been there for the majority of my story. They settled down in their chairs.

It all started for me the day after Aunt Robin and I discovered that Aunt Lily had been responsible for breaking us up. I had by no means forgiven her, and was surprised that Robin wasn't more cross. That was when she told me that Lily was coming round to 'apologise'. Something about the way she spoke that last word seemed strange, but I didn't have time to think further as the door bell rang and Robin let in our disgraced friend. She was very downcast and would not look either of us in the eye. Robin whispered something to her that I did not catch, and she replied, also too softly for me to catch. Then Robin resumed her seat, leaving the miscreant to stand in front of us.

"Have you brought it?" Robin asked.

Lily nodded her head reluctantly.

"I said 'Have you brought it'?" Robin repeated, much more sharply, causing me to look at her in surprise.

"Yes Robin" Lily admitted, as meekly as I'd ever heard her speak.

"Show." Again, I was surprised by the sharpness of this single word.

From her bag Lily produced a green bikini, which she held up for inspection. I'd seen her wearing it several times - including several times around the house. It was perfectly fashionable, but rather too substantial for my tastes. Then again, when it came to Lily, I regarded anything less than total nudity as being overdressed.

As you remember, Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall met at the very start of their time at college in 1996 and started a relationship immediately. I had also fallen in love with her in our very first week together, but had been too slow to make a move. Thereafter I longed for the breakup. I knew very few college romances lasted long, so I bided my time, ready to pounce when Lily was free. Of course it would have been awkward, dating my friend's ex, but I was prepared for it - even being willing to lose Marshall as a friend if it had come to it. But of course, they never broke up, or at least not until I was already dating Robin.

Before I met Robin, 90% of all my erotic fantasies involved Lily. (Afterwards, I estimate it was 20% Lily, 20% Robin, 20% Lily and Robin in Girl on Girl action and 40% Lily, Robin, Ted threesome. Before I met your mother of course.) In the fantasies, if she was wearing anything at all, it was much less substantial than this bikini. None the less, Lily in a bikini of any kind was one of the very greatest sights in the whole world, so I found myself licking my lips at the prospect, although I had not the slightest idea what was going on.

Robin gestured towards her bedroom and Lily disappeared inside - looking very miserable. I had the feeling that something very exciting was going to happen, and I was dying to discover what.

"Robin, What's going on?"

Robin sighed, tightened her mouth and looked at the ceiling as if deciding what to say. "You remember when we all discovered that Lily was a shop-a-holic, and the disastrous effect that had on their finances?"

"Of course." I was hardly likely to forget that. I had always thought that she was smartly dressed but had never stopped to think how a teacher of infants could afford so many smart things. I was such a fool.

"Didn't you think Marshall reacted very coolly - wouldn't you have expected him to blow his top?"

"Well yes, but perhaps he did in private."

"He did more than that in private. Perhaps I'll tell you more of the background I discovered later, but for now let's just say that Marshall asked me to help him with Lily's punishment."

"Punishment? How do you mean?" There was astonishment in my voice, but also a degree of excitement.

"It seems that when Lily misbehaves in their relationship, Marshall spanks her. What you've just seen is her Punishment Bikini - its what she wears for her spanking. If the offence doesn't quite warrant the spanking, she just has to wear the bikini, to remind her of what could have happened. Anyway, the credit card problem was off the scale when it came to crimes, and rather than wallop her continuously from now until Christmas they agreed that they would ask a second person to take part - the humiliation this would bring would be the extra punishment. Well, Marshall told her she could choose who it would be and Lily chose me."

I closed my eyes, trying to absorb all this astounding information, and wishing Lily had chosen me.

"Anyway, I'll tell you all about it later, but what you need to know now is that Marshall and I gave her such a good thrashing that she lay face down on top of the bed crying for three hours afterwards. It was really intense."

"I can imagine." I tried to sound matter of fact, but there was a bulge in the front of my trousers that felt as if it was the size of the Empire State Building.

"Yesterday, I was really upset about what Lily had done - she's supposed to be my best friend - and Marshall saw that and asked if I'd like to thrash her again as punishment. I said of course I would. Marshall thought you ought to be the one to help me." She paused to let the words take effect. I don't know if she was surprised that I didn't react, but the truth is I was struck totally dumb. "If you don't want to, I'll take her in the bedroom and spank her in private, but I think it would be more of a lesson to her if we both did it. What do you think?"

What I really thought was "Wow, that's the most fantastic idea I've ever heard. Let's get started straight away." "What I really said was "Hm. I think you're right, it would be a better lesson for her... Ok I agree."

From the smile Robin gave me I gathered that she actually heard what I actually thought not what I actually said! Before anymore could be said the bedroom door opened and the girl in question re-entered the room, this time minimally clad in the green bikini. My eyes bore into her. I'd seen Lily Aldrin naked many times - she and Marshall often slept in the nude and were not shy about walking to the bathroom in the same state, but I never grew tired of looking at her body - and there was currently quite a bit on display. Robin stood and addressed her, for all the world sounding as if she was the school teacher. "Lily, for Ted's benefit I'll repeat the rules. You will only speak to answer a direct question, and you will address us as Master Ted and Mistress Robin. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress Robin." I could barely believe that this timid, quivering girl was the self confident Lily Aldrin I'd known for so long.

"You, we will address as Slut Aldrin, understood?"

"Yes Mistress Robin."

"Now Slut Aldrin, before we start, what do you have to say?"

"Mistress Robin, Master Ted, this slut is very sorry for what she did. It was very wrong of her and she hopes you will teach her the error of her ways by spanking her bottom as hard as you can."

This was spoken in such a timorous, slight voice that I struggled to hear, although what I did get was better than the sweetest music ever written.

"Louder Slut Aldrin, We both have to hear."

The poor girl repeated her earlier apology in a louder voice. "Mistress Robin, Master Ted, this slut is very sorry for what she did. It was very wrong of her and she hopes you will teach her the error of her ways by spanking her bottom as hard as you can."

"Well Slut Aldrin, what you hope is of no concern to us, but it may please you know that in this case, our pleasure and your hope coincide with one another. We will be giving you a very prolonged spanking indeed.

I looked on in confusion and awe as this strange conversation took place. Master, mistress, slut? What was all this about?

"Now Slut Aldrin, you are to receive an hour of spanking, 30 minutes from me and 30 minutes from Master Ted. Each session will last for a quarter hour, alternating between the two of us. If at any time a break is required, to allow our hands to recover, the clock will be stopped" - she produced a stopwatch from her pocket - "and you will be sent to the corner where you will stand with your hands on your head until we are ready for you again. At the end of the hour, you will spend a further hour in the corner without moving. At no stage may you attempt to protect your bottom using either your hands or your legs - each attempt to do this, or any other breach of the rules, will earn five strokes with this after the final corner time." With a flourish she produced an evil looking paddle that must have been on the seat next to her - I hadn't noticed it before. "Do you understand, Slut Aldrin?"

"Yes Mistress Robin."

"Now Ted, I think you are new to this, so you might want to let me go first, but if you want first go...?"

I could hardly bear the thought of delay, but her words made sense, so I agreed. It was difficult to believe that I was considering spending 15 minutes watching Robin Scherbatsky spanking Lily Aldrin's bikini clad bottom to be a second class option. If you'd asked me yesterday I'd have said that I'd walk a thousand miles barefoot to see that.

Well I didn't need to walk anywhere; just stand as Robin pointed to her lap and 'Slut Aldrin' reluctantly lowered herself over it.

The spanking didn't start immediately - not by a long way. Robin's hand roamed freely for quite some time over that lovely butt so temptingly displayed. She lifted the edge of the fabric to slip her fingers just a small way in between, causing Lily (and me) to gasp. I hadn't expected anything so sexual. I was glad she had gone first, I would just have spanked away not realising that this ... touching... was permitted. I was also surprised at Robin; I'd never seen any Lesbian tendencies from her before - not that I could wonder at anyone wanting Lily's ass, I was always amazed that this was not a universal obsession. But after all, Robin was a girl (as I had good cause to know!)

At last (and I was even becoming a little impatient myself) she looked at me and said, "Ted, start the watch." Not waiting for my reaction she raised her hand and brought it down with a satisfying crash on the green covered orbs in front of her, bringing a surprised and anguished grunt from their owner. SMACK.

I looked round for the stopwatch and picked it up. SMACK, SMACK. Now how did it work? SMACK. SMACK. OWWWW. Lily reacted more loudly this time. I pressed some more buttons and eventually worked out what to do. SMACK. SMACK. I pressed the buttons to set 15 minutes and started the countdown. SMACK. SMACK. I smiled to myself, wondering if Robin had intentionally not given me the watch and explained its workings - she had got at least an extra minute out of my confusion. SMACK. With a jolt I realised what I was missing. Lily Aldrin, the girl of my fantasies for well over a decade, was half naked, her backside being spanked in front of my eyes and I was not paying attention.

SPANK. Robin was certainly not holding back, and I could see that several of her blows had landed on bare flesh - on the girl's upper thighs - and these were now distinctly red. SPANK. I got up to have a closer look. Wow, Lily did have a nice ass! I wondered what it would look like now under that green cloth, and I licked my lips. My erection, of course, had been in place since Robin first outlined the program, and I didn't expect it was going away anytime soon. It crossed my mind that Robin might lend me the use of her mouth to relieve myself when this was all over! We did have a very peculiar relationship at that time, as I've explained.

SMACK. OWWW. The cry from Lily took my thoughts back to her and I moved round to look at her face. She seemed to be biting her lip, her face rigid in anticipation. SMACK. At the blow, her face screwed and her mouth opened slightly, but just a gasp emerged. God she was so cute! I don't think I ever saw a cuter face than Lily Aldrin's. SMACK. SMACK. I returned to looking at her backside, wishing it was my turn. I had no thoughts for the 'crime' she had committed, no thoughts of teaching her a lesson. I just wanted to get my hands on her ass.

Eventually the alarm sounded, and Robin reluctantly stopped her assault, at least as far as the spanks were concerned. Her hands returned to massaging, this time pushing the lower edges of the bikini up to expose more and more of the reddened buttocks. Lily moaned then sniffed and was quiet.

At last Robin pulled on the strap of the bikini top to signal that the girl was to rise, and it was my turn. I took my seat and without ceremony, Lily lowered herself back into position. WOW. I thought it had been nice watching, this was just so much better. The feel of that beautiful girl on top of me was overpowering. Her bikini bottoms were still pushed up, where Robin had left them, and I took advantage of the fact to feel bare Lily flesh - well spanked bare Lily flesh. I closed my eyes, this was getting too much. "Start the watch" I gasped. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. EEEEEEEH.

You could tell from the sound of hand hitting Lily that my spanks were harder than Robin's had been. Clearly Lily had other ways of knowing this, for her initial reaction was much more pronounced, although she quickly got herself under control. WOW. That was so intense. I had never spanked anyone before in my life (well maybe a single swat it someone was bending over right in front of me!) but this was great. This was wonderful. The 15 minutes went in a blur of hand activity. SMACK. SMACK. AAAAAAH. Sometimes Lily could not stop herself from reacting, and I was beginning to learn what affected her most, but mostly she gritted her teeth and kept pretty quiet. I was very impressed. Finally the alarm went and, taking a leaf from Robin's book, I stopped the spanking and started the massage. Again Lily moaned, which made it all the more exciting.

At last, thinking Robin would be anxious for her turn, I gave the girl a little slap on her right buttock and said "Ok, Up" which she obeyed, stretching and groaning but refraining from rubbing her ass which I knew was forbidden. But I was wrong in thinking Robin was waiting to resume. "Slut Aldrin, Corner Now, Hands on head girl"

Lily's hands shot to her head but she moved only slowly to the corner of the room, her faced grimaced in pain. When she got there Robin continued with a barked command "Stand up straight, facing the wall." The girl obeyed with alacrity.

"So, how did you like spanking the little whore?" I was a little surprised at the terms she was using to describe her best girlfriend, but I had to admit to her that I had enjoyed the spanking very much. "You might like the next leg even more" she replied enigmatically.

Taking a sealed envelope from her bag she went over to the corner and gave it to Lily. "Slut Aldrin read this."

Lily did as she was told, taking the envelope and opening it. Inside was a letter which she unfolded and read. Even with her back to us it was obvious that she was shocked by what she found. "Oh No. No. That can't be."

Robin looked triumphant. "Speaking out of turn - that's 5 with the paddle. Now come here, and read the letter aloud."

Lily turned and came reluctantly towards us, the letter in her hand, her lip quivering.

Robin pointed to a spot right in front of us, and Lily took up that position.

"Please Mistress..."

"Another 5. Now read it."

Even more reluctantly, the girl raised the letter and read in a halting voice.

"My Darling Lilypad. As you know I love you more than anything else in the world (except maybe Nessie. No, even more than Nessie!) but you must learn to stop meddling in other people's affairs. The spankings are supposed to be a deterrent, but I think you like them too much, and you know I don't like them at all - I can't bear to see you in pain. That's why we brought in Robin. But even that has not worked - you're still meddling. So Robin and I have agreed that it must be taken to a new level. You must strip completely..." here Lily nearly choked on the word, and had to pause to regain her composure, before going on very slowly "naked ... for your current spanking. Yes, even in front of Ted, if he doesn't mind (and I don't think he will).
One Final thing.
I know Robin and Ted will want to have fun with you afterwards, and that's ok, but just remember what counts and what doesn't.
Your loving Marshmallow."

Chapter 2

The girl's quivering voice had barely fallen silent before Robin snapped out "So, you read what your husband has written, what are you waiting for. Get stripping!" Seemingly resigned now to her fate, my lovely friend dropped her eyes towards the floor, but even this was not to be permitted by her pitiless tormentor.

"Keep your head up. Look into Ted's eyes while you're taking your clothes off." I wondered where Robin had picked up such a cruel streak - this was not normally like her. Not that I felt like complaining. Reluctantly the girl's face rose and she looked straight at me, a picture of misery, but was there a little excitement there as well? Slowly she reached round behind her back and unhooked the bikini top, then with a sigh of resignation pulled it away, dropping it to the floor, revealing her lovely little tits. As I've mentioned, I've seen Lily's tits many times, but normally from quite a distance. The sight of them just 6 inches away was breathtaking.

Obviously not seeing any point in drawing this out further, though for my part I was finding the striptease very exciting, Lily dropped her hands to her hips and lowered the bikini shorts, lifting one leg then the other to remove them completely and drop them on a heap next to the top. Lily was naked!

"Hands back on your head, and stand up straight." This was barked out even before the nude girl had a chance to try to cover any of the best bits, and she obeyed with alacrity, giving Robin and myself an unrestricted view to enjoy. And enjoy it we did. Lily was hairless below the waist - no surprise to me as she had been so every time I'd seen her nude, and that's not something I'm likely to forget. In fact, even now, 21 years later, the sight of Lily Aldrin standing there naked, with her hands on her head, is etched on my mind. I can recall it in every detail, possibly because I've had so many occasions to bring it to mind it over the years. And Kids, it might be best if you didn't mention that to your mother! Not that she doesn't like naked Lily as well!

For several minutes the three of us were completely immobile, Lily forbidden to move while I just sat there, mouth open, drooling. Finally Robin broke the spell. "Ted, do you want to go first, this time." I did! I certainly did!

I had thought it wonderful when the bikini clad Lily had lowered herself over me before, now when the fully nude Lily did the same it was beyond wonderful.

Immediately my hands went to her butt. As she had been standing facing me, I had not yet had a chance to examine this newly bared treasure, but now I made up for it. It was a beautiful red, not uniformly so, of course, but there were no white patches that would have indicated a dereliction of duty on our part. But wait... not quite true. The lovely valley between the reddened orbs was newly visible territory, and that was considerably paler. Excitedly I drew them apart to look at the pale skin - and there, in all its crinkled glory, was Lily's asshole. I licked my lips again. I liked anal, and my Lily fantasises often included me fucking her there, and now here it was, right in front of me! I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't resist touching it; not entering, just gently moving my fingertip round the rim. Lily moaned loudly and suddenly I realised that my trouser leg was extremely wet. Readjusting Lily's body, I looked in surprise at the damp patch exposed. "Robin, look at that." Robin just laughed. "Ted, Lily is as kinky as hell. She loves being spanked. It turns her on. She's probably an exhibitionist as well - I wouldn't be surprised if being naked in front of the two of us hasn't brought her to the edge. We can explore that later, but right now that bare ass is still a very naughty ass that needs a heavy spanking. Don't forget that."

I didn't need a second reminder. Lifting my hand high, I brought it down with all my strength. SPANK. YOW. To my mind, the sound of hand striking bare Lily was much sweeter than the sound of hand striking green bikini shorts. Lily seemed to feel the difference too. Wow. The slight disappointment for me was that the only visible effect was a slight paling of the red skin where I struck, which vanished in seconds. If only she'd been naked from the start - it would have been great to see her lovely pale ass gain the impression of each hand that struck it. Talk about greedy, but why not? There's no charge for dreams.

The rest of that spanking session was a bit of a blur, but I remember the sounds Lily made getting more and more pained. "She's crying, the slut has tears in her eyes" Robin shouted in triumph. She had taken up station by the girl's face, so she could see her reactions to each blow. It was this statement, so full of cruelty, that broke my lovely Lily, and suddenly she was sobbing wildly, the tears streaming down her face. As I next struck her buttocks the control was gone and she shrieked in agony. But this was Lily. Whatever fantasises I had about her she was my next best friend in all the world after Marshall. Normally, if I had heard her crying, even gently, I would have done anything to help, to make her happy, to bring back that lovely smiling face. That feeling was still there - it was at war with the lust, the exultation. It was strange because I do not get off on pain - never have. It was Lily, not the pain, that was the main factor, and sounds and feel of the spanking. The crack of hand against lovely bare flesh, the quivering of the lovely bare flesh, the tears, the groans, the moans, these were what was pushing me on not some love of hurting people and certainly not some idea of domination over the girl - I don't think anyone could dominate Lily Aldrin except when she consented to be dominated. Now Robin was different matter - I think she does have a deep streak of sadism inside her.

Lust and exultation won - it was no contest really; bare Lily buttocks made sure of that. I spanked on harder and harder. As the girl squirmed more and more her body seemed to rise up my upper leg, towards my crotch. I had to keep re-adjusting her. At this stage, Lily rubbing against my cock could have only one result - deep embarrassment for me.

By the time the alarm went I was in agony. I was sure I was about to come in my trousers. Looking over to Robin I saw the understanding I was hoping for, but her reaction was a surprise.

"Slut Aldrin, Relieve Master Ted immediately."

"But Mistress Robin..."

"That's another 5 - 15 in total. Now do it!"

Lily was pulled to her feet - then, after I struggled up, Robin undid my belt and lowered my pants, then repeated "NOW!"

I looked on in amazed lust as Lily, on her knees, slowly lowered my underpants. It was clear to everyone that the crisis was at hand so there was no point in subtlety. I watched the tear stained face intently as she opened her mouth wide and enclosed the tip of my newly exposed cock. As her lips and tongue touched the skin it was like the breaking of a dam and I exploded inside her, screaming her name in rapture "LilyYYYYYYYYYYYYYY."

As I came back down, I realised her mouth was still round my shrinking cock and I withdrew it, leaving her to swallow.

"Right, back to the corner, little whore." Lily had collapsed face down on the carpet, panting and sobbing in turn. A barrage of slaps to her sore butt soon persuaded her to move, and a moment later the corner of my front room contained that vision of lust personified - naked, well spanked Lily Aldrin, her hands returned to her head, and her legs forced straight and still by further slaps to any offending areas.

For several minutes no-one spoke; there was no sound except for the sobs from the corner. Before resuming my seat I had stepped out of the lower garments that were about my feet, leaving me naked below the waist. Robin looked appreciative, but there was nothing there she wasn't very familiar with. Eventually she stood, and without a word, started to strip. She folded each item and placed it in a pile, but otherwise wasted no time, and was soon as naked as Lily. Giving me a smile, she sat back down, the question in her eyes seemed to suggest that I might follow her example. There only remained a t-shirt, so it was no great effort to pull it over my head. I sat back down and looked enquiringly at Robin. "What did Marshall mean about what counted and what did not?"

Robin sighed and smiled. I got the impression that I had asked the right question.

"You remember when my sister came to town, and we all went to the Empire State Building?" I nodded, remembering the day well. "You remember that it came out that although Lily claimed to be a virgin when she met Marshall, she had sexually experimented with a guy in high school."

"Yeah. Some guy called Scooter wasn't it? "

"I think that's right. Anyway, it seems when they discussed it later Marshall discovered that Lily only counts vaginal intercourse as 'real sex'. As she and Scooter had only done Oral, that didn't count."

"What did Marshall think about that?"

"Not much to start with, but as you know, Lily can be very persuasive, and she converted him to her own way of thinking. It does leave him free to get blow jobs himself of course, although I don't know if he has ever taken advantage of that, except as I'm about to tell you."

Having a sudden thought, I asked "what about anal?"

"Well of course that wouldn't count either. I say 'wouldn't' because at that point Lily had never done anal. As I said, with Scooter it was oral only, and Marshall has no interest in backsides, either spanking them for pleasure or fucking them."

"It seems a great waste that he should be married to a girl with such a very fine ass."

"Yes, doesn't it" she giggled. "Anyway, after Marshall and I had spanked his wife, one thing led to another and we started to play with her. I've had a little experience of lez, and I was hardly going to let a good thing that that go to waste" - she looked knowingly at the girl in the corner, who must have been mortified at all this discussion of her sexuality as if she wasn't present. "Anyway, I made a beeline for her pussy, and after giving it a good going over with my tongue I brought my hand up to insert a finger. That was when Marshall stopped me and explained the rules. Lily only cheats on him if she allows entrance to her pussy. Tongue is allowed and finger tips, but nothing else. I was a little disappointed but then I asked the same question as you, "What about anal?" He was a little surprised - as I said he doesn't even consider it - but had to admit that it didn't count either. Well, as this was still punishment mode Lily, I didn't have to ask her permission, so I just turned her over, lubricated my index finger from my own pussy juice and thrust it straight up her ass. How she squealed! I later confirmed it was the first thing that had ever been up there. Isn't that strange for a mega-kinky girl like Lily?"

I agreed but in my mind Robin's words had opened up limitless possibilities, and I was mostly concentrating on what this could mean for me."

"Anyway, Marshall needed his own reward, he wasn't interested in my ass - and my pussy was out of bounds - so clearly it was blow job time and I set to work, but all the time I had one finger up his wife's ass and the other hand was exploring her well spanked cheeks."

Chapter 3

I said the next words very slowly and deliberately. "Are you saying that I could fuck Lily's ass, right now, and neither she nor Marshall would object."

"That's about the size of it Bro"

I stood up "Could you fetch the Vaseline from the bathroom for me?"

"You do remember I've still got 15 minutes of Lily spanking to go?"

"There will be plenty of time for that later. I've been dreaming about fucking that ass for 13 years and I'm not going to wait a moment longer."

As Robin disappeared I noticed that corner girl, who was supposed to be facing the wall, was now looking straight at me, over her shoulder, a look of apprehension in her eyes. "That'll be another 5, Lily darling - with that paddle." She grimaced and looked away. It was interesting that Robin took the licence granted by the situation to call her friend Slut and Whore whereas I preferred to use endearments like Darling that I could never use normally.

Robin re-appeared and striding to the corner, took charge of the situation. Forcing Lily to step a few feet back, she pressed on the girl's neck to get her to bend over, presenting her very red ass in a very appealing manner. With her finger dipped in the Vaseline she parted the buttocks and proceeded to coat the walls of Lily's hidden channel with the greasy substance. My prick was obviously standing to attention again, and Robin rubbed more grease along its length, causing me to tingle at her touch. I kept my attention firmly on the red butt - I'd fucked Robin dozens of times, today's experience was going to be unique.

"By the way Ted, don't kiss her lips."

"Why not?" I was anxious to press on, but could not resist asking the reason for this curious restriction. But Robin only said "I'll tell you later" and in the circumstances I had more pressing concerns.

My prick was a lot thicker than Robin's finger, which was the only visitor that Lily's anus had ever entertained up to now, so I knew I'd better take it easy. I grabbed her by the hips and forced the tip of my cock past her resisting muscles. She gasped and cried in alarm. I could feel how tense her body was. "Try to relax sweetie" I said, and gave her bottom a playful smack. "Oww." I had to smile.

Now Robin lent a hand, forcing her friend back, impaling her deeper and deeper. We took it slowly, giving her time to get used to my presence inside her, but eventually I was there, fully enclosed. I moved out about an inch and then returned; she felt so tight, so delicious. I pulled out about three quarters of the way. Robin was busy kissing Lily all over her body (except her lips?). I watched her mouth enclose the girl's tits then saw her teeth. She was biting Lily's nipples - hard! Lily screamed. At that moment I slammed myself back fully into Lily's bowels, intensifying the scream and both of us came together, Lily with the piercing, Banshee wail that I knew so well from the other side of my bedroom wall. That was intense! As my semen pulsed into the girl's rear passage I felt pure elation. I'd buggered Lily Aldrin. No-one could ever take that away from me.

All three of us were lying on the floor. By now, Robin was busy exploring, licking and fondling, Lily and myself, each if us receiving approximately equal attention. I was ready to return the favour and presented my mouth at Robin's cunt only to find another tongue had got there first - Lily was busy lapping at her friend. I joined in, and soon Robin had her own orgasm.

When she had recovered, she quickly became businesslike.

"Well that was nice. But there's a naughty bottom that still has some punishment to go."


Robin's hand came down hard on Lily's bottom, but the cry the girl raised was distinctly muffled. This was not surprising. Its hard to scream when you've got a prick stuck between your lips. Mine of course.


You'd think that getting your ass tanned at the same time would make it difficult to concentrate on technique, but that certainly didn't apply to Lily. Marshall always used to tell me what wonderful blow jobs his then girl friend gave, and now I was learning just how accurate that was. I'd thought Robin was good, but this girl blew my mind, literally. As she sucked the cum down her throat I wished this day could go on for ever,

And now it was the final corner time. The victim was again arrayed face to the angle, this time for a whole hour. Robin and I sat there enjoying the view.

"She really does have a very nice ass, you know" Robin confided, as if I might not have noticed.

"I know, I've been admiring it for thirteen years."

"Not like this you haven't."

I had to admit she had a point. Watching naked, well spanked Lily ass was definitely a whole lot better than just walking behind her when she was wearing tight jeans.

"Why can't I kiss her on the mouth, by the way?"

"That's the signal that her period of submission is over. When we're finished, we both kiss her on the lips, and we're back to normal."

The thought of 'back to normal' was so depressing. Lily Aldrin, fully clothed, not being spanked ... should not be allowed!

"Don't forget we've still got the paddle. I know Lily hasn't forgotten, though she may hope I have. Wrong. Now, the hour's up. Come here, little whore."

The miserable girl removed her hands from her head, where they had been placed for the last hour, stretched, and plodded resignedly over to where we were seated. While she did this Robin had picked up the vicious paddle she had produced earlier, and was tapping her hand with the 'business' end of it.

"Now Slut Aldrin, how many are you to receive."

"Twenty, mistress Robin."

"Wrong, its 20 from each of us, that's 40."

Lily flinched, but managed to refrain from reacting further. Dragging the girl by the arm, Robin moved her to the centre of the room.

"Now, feet about 2 foot apart. Bend over, place one hand on each knee. Straighten your legs, locking them at the knee. Good."

She did look fetching like that. It was all I could do not to take her all over again.

"Now, each time you take a hand from its knee, or bend a leg, that's an extra stroke. And that's each knee and each leg, so the count could go up by 4 each time."

She circled the bending woman, like a predator, waiting for the moment to strike. Then suddenly without warning she uncoiled herself, brought the paddle behind her head, and launched it at Lily's butt. I think she was hoping to catch the girl unprepared, hoping she would rise up and dance around, with her arms waving, earning her 4 extra. Lily was made of sterner stuff. She screamed in pain, very loudly in fact, but did not move. Slightly disappointed, Robin handed the paddle to me. "Your turn."

As I mentioned, it was not really the pain that appealed to me, so this was much less appealing than putting Lily over my knee. I looked at her ass closely, aware that it would soon return to being closed territory. I smiled at the sight of my dried up semen running down her leg, where it had seeped from her asshole. "Here goes" and I launched the paddle Lilywards with all my might. Again there was a great scream, but again she held in place.

"One" Robin announced "Nineteen each to go."

"Robin, I want to give Lily an offer. Can we get her up please, just for a minute?"

Lily stood up straight and I looked her in the eye.

"Lily dear, you've got 19 paddles still to go from me. If you like, you can trade them for another ass fuck. Your choice. You may answer."

The tearstained, beautiful face creased for a moment in thought, then smiled faintly. "I'll take the ass fuck. Thank you Master Ted."

We both knew that I could just have taken her like last time, but this way she had chosen it herself. In the years to come I could think, 'Lily asked me for an ass fuck'.

As she resumed her position for Robin's remaining 19 I watched with pleasure, but was mainly thinking that soon I'd be sliding up that wonderfully tight, smooth channel again. Also, I thought - what a pity I can't have her cunt. Is that not sheer greed?


That should have been the last, but Robin had ruled that on one of the strokes, the right hand had come off the knee. It was marginal in my view, but Lily knew better than to argue.


The girl remained in place and her shoulders sagged in relief. That was the end of her thrashing. And what a mess her beautiful backside was in!

Now it was my turn again. I'd lubed up my prick in anticipation, and Lily's anus was still somewhat greased from last time, so I grabbed her and rammed it in without ceremony. It hurt me, I don't know about her, but I was in her again. Lily had screamed on my entry and now yelled each time I forced her tortured cheeks to crash back against my body. I'd cum a lot that day, and my endurance was severely reduced, so in moments I was spurting inside her. As I withdrew, I watched the milky liquid ooze out of her gaping, crinkled opening, run down the crack of her buttocks and onto her legs. I was satisfied. And so was Robin, amazingly.

She went straight to her friend and kissed her hard on the lips. "My beautiful, infuriatingly wonderful Lily. Welcome back."

"I'm going to make a slight break with tradition. I'm going to welcome you back with a kiss elsewhere."

Saying that, I parted her red cheeks and planted a big kiss on her asshole, still gaping much wider that usual. "Welcome back, Lily Darling"

Lily smiled, but made no move to get up. She rolled onto her tummy, which I expect was the most comfortable place to be, and lay there.

"Wow, that was brilliant. Thanks so much for that guys."

I goggled at her. Thanks? She was thanking us for the ordeal we had put her through? Had I misunderstood, was she still in forced submission?

Robin laughed at the expression of my face. "You ass, I told you she liked being spanked. Did you really think Marshall would make her go through all this if she didn't want to?"

"So Lil, what did you think of having a cock up your ass? A bit bigger than my finger!"

"It was great, I loved it. Marshall will have to try it and you'll have to buy a dildo just that size to fuck me next time."

"Fuck You? Next Time? What is this?"

Lily twisted her head back to look at me. "Poor Ted. What you don't know is that Robin and I have started a sort of Wednesday afternoon girls club - although its just the two of us. We meet at my place and the only rule is that we both have to be naked throughout. We fuck a lot, although it's a shame about the 'no pussy penetration' rule, but there we are, that's totally unbreakable. Without it I'd be cheating on Marshall and I'd never do that. Robin spanks me a lot, nothing makes me hotter than being spanked - funny that, I wonder why it is. I've even spanked Robin, but its not her thing at all - pity, she has a very spankable butt."

The girl in question now appeared with an open jar of white cream. Coating her fingers, she proceeded to rub it into her friend's bruised flesh. Lily moaned in pleasure, after the initial shock of the contact. In a minute or so Robin passed the jar to me and indicated that I should help her. I needed no second invitation, and after it became clear that Lily had no objections, I gave Lily a full, gentle body massage. I started with the butt, of course, but when Robin wandered off target, so did I. I'd not thought I'd be able to get it up again, but it seems naked Lily is better than any Viagra. By this time Robin had two fingers in Lily's ass so clearly it was my turn for her mouth. Both girls were working their magic on each other's pussies (within the limit of the rules, of course) and this time all three of us came together, before collapsing in a heap.

The action seemed to be over, (and I was sure mine was!) so I got up and took a shower. The water was hardly flowing before the door opened and the girls joined me. Now I've had a girl in the shower and I've had Boy, Girl, Girl threesomes (well, once in fact) but never in a shower. That was fun. However, not even naked Robin and Lily combined can work miracles, and little Ted remained sleeping.

We dried each other off and Robin and I got dressed. Lily however, remained naked. Anything over her ass would be just too painful, and I was also beginning to suspect that she liked being naked in front of us.

We watched TV, and she lay on her tummy in front of the set all night. I know I didn't see much of what was on the screen, I suspect Robin didn't either.

Her ass was much less red by the time Marshall came round to pick her up, but it was still definitely darker in colour than usual. "I guess the two of you gave my Lily a good whipping" he said, a broad smile on his face.

"You don't mind?" I was a little worried.

"No, she really deserves a good punishment for all her meddling." I don't think Marshall has ever accepted just how much his wife likes have her bottom smacked.

"Honey", the little minx, still stark naked, got up and kissed her husband, "Ted fucked me in the ass, it was faaaabulous. You've got to do me there too."

"We'll see, Lilypad" he replied, as if she'd asked for a kitten and that was it. Lily still wasn't ready for clothes, so I lent her a robe and they went off happily together.

Chapter 4

"Wow dad, that was some story. Aunt Lily. I mean. So kinky. And she and Aunt Robin have kept it up ever since? Are they still so ...?" David had so many questions.

"And what did you mean about Mom liking Aunt Lily naked as well" added Lyndsy.

"Yes I'd like to know about that as well."

I sighed, knowing that I would have to continue.

"Well, at the start I wasn't invited to the Wednesday club. They'd made it plain that was girls only. But I'd got a taste for spanking girl's bottoms and no way of satisfying the taste. Eventually they took pity on me, and Lily would come round every so often to lie over my lap. If I wasn't going out with anyone at the time, Robin would often come round as well and at the end we would all lose our clothes and ...! I never got to fuck Lily on her own though - somehow she seemed to think that was not on."

"When I met your mother, I knew she was someone special, and our little orgies stopped immediately. I still spanked Lily whenever she'd let me of course. After the wedding I told your mother all about punishing Lily, and the spanking fetish I had developed and the spanking club. She let me spank her a few times. I enjoyed it, but she obviously did not. She asked to spank me. I could hardly refuse, but one go was enough to assure me this was not my thing. So we let it drop. Lily did not come round - I didn't know whether to be pleased or sorry. Spanking Lily was undoubtedly sexual for both of us and I loved my new wife far too much to jeopardise our happiness. But I did miss pounding that fabulous Aldrin butt!"

"It was several months later when it all changed. It was a Wednesday afternoon. Normally I would be at work, but for some reason I had taken the day off. The bell rang and there were Robin and Lily. It never occurred to be that this was club day and I just invited them in. We all sat round in the front room (I remember all three of the girls seemed a little embarrassed) and eventually I asked what was happening. It was Robin that answered. 'You remember I told you about the Wednesday afternoon club. Well, your wife is now a member and suggested we meet here this week. If you don't mind.'"

"My mouth flew open, and I looked in shock at your mother. She nodded. "Ted, don't be cross. All your talk about spanking got me really excited but there was nothing I could do about it. I realised the only solution was go and see Robin and Lily. You'd told me they had this regular meeting on Wednesday afternoon, so that's when I went round. They were very nice about it and Lily let me spank her right there and then. You're quite right, spanking Lily is amazing, I loved it. I was, of course, conscious that I was a married woman, without the rules and exceptions that Marshall and Lily work by, so I was insistent that there could be no sex. They made me an associate member of the club - that means I keep my clothes on (well, bra and panties) and I get to spank Lily, and watch the girls when they're fucking, which is a pretty fine view I might say. I've been going for about 8 weeks now, and I mentioned that you were suffering Lily withdrawal, so they suggested that you might like to be an associate member as well." What a wonderful feeling I had at that moment. I was going to share Lily Aldrin's ass with these two wonderful women."

"And that kids, is pretty well the way things have stayed right up to the present day. Except that your mom and I eventually decided to accept the same rules as Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall and become full member of the club."

"Wow Dad, you mean even now you, mom, Aunt Lily and Aunt Robin have orgies every week?"

"Certainly. I changed my working schedule so I always had Wednesday afternoon off."

"That is amazing."

"So are you happy now, kids? You know everything there is to know."

"Yes I think so. No wait. Did you ever get Aunt Lily's pussy? I know you wanted it." Lyndsy never seemed to be completely satisfied with anything.

"Well" I couldn't help smirking "Do you remember our seventh wedding anniversary? We had a party, everyone came. That's it - you do remember."

"Yes. It's was the... what is it...the copper anniversary. People brought you stuff made of copper, or wrapped in copper coloured paper or some sort."

"That's it. Well When Uncle Marshall and Aunt Lily arrived they said we could have out present later. When everyone else had left, and you kids had gone to bed, Lily announced it was time for our present. She stood up and Marshall unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. We gasped, because she was naked underneath. But what really grabbed us was her pussy. Her whole pubic region was covered in copper paint. Marshall picked up the dress and folded it. 'I'll let myself out. I'll pick her up about 11 tomorrow morning, is that ok?' He stood around for a few minutes to watch and by the time he left we were already Double Penetrating his wife, my prick up her cunt and your mother's strap-on up her ass."

"Of course, we had to return the favour. Marshall and Lily's next anniversary was their 11th - which is steel. We got some silver paint and painted your mom's pussy. There was no party but we invited ourselves round and I dropped her on the doorstep. She'd been pretty well fucked when I picked her up. She was very proud. Your Uncle Marshall had told her she was only the second woman he had fucked - but he'd never have done it if your Aunt Lily had not been there with him."

And there I let the story rest. I've never seen the kids so interested in what I had to say.


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