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How I Met Your Mother: Robin's Scoop (Fb+, anal)
by Nee Nah

"Have you heard of a shota party?" Lily Eriksen asked her friend Robin Scherbatsky. The two of them were alone in their favourite bar, McClaren's, having a quick drink whilst Barney was out womanising, Ted was out moping and, Lily's husband, Marshall was still at work trying to save the whales.

"No, should I have," replied Robin. She was working as a news journalist for a prestigious New York show and her journalist's ears pricked up at the thought of a scoop. She had heard of 'shota' a Japanese term for young boys having sex with older women. It sounded fun as Robin was always up to try a new set of sexual experiences, but it was also illegal and, if they existed, busting them open would be a major feather in her cap.

"I think lots of teachers have heard whispers of them, but always thought they were urban legends. A woman or a group of women go to a apartment or house and get gang-banged by a group of ten, eleven and twelve year old boys. Anyway a last week I heard one of kids in my class saying his eleven year old brother was going to one over the weekend. I didn't think anything of it, as I said it's an urban legend and its not like big brothers don't lie and brag to their younger ones. But then over the weekend I saw the big brother and a group of his friends coming from a house and they all looked very happy. And then there's this." Lily put a crumpled sheet of paper on the table, it was blank apart from a telephone number and the word Shota Party on it. Lily carried on, "One of the boys screwed it up and threw it in a trash can. I waited until they were gone and then fished it out. Suspicious?"

"Very," said Robin, "If I could break a story on this being true, not just a legend it'd be huge, first item on the news." She had visions of Sandy Rivers saying 'And tonight an exclusive from Robin Scherbatsky on the illegal shota party scene in New York'. It would be followed by interviews on all the major anchors and news shows in the US and Canada, even possibly in Europe. Pay rises, her own show - fame and fortune followed. Robin tried not to get too excited, "It could be nothing, just a prank by some kids. But thanks, I'll look into it and see if there is a story."

* * *

"Hi," it was a woman's voice at the end of the line, "Can I help?"

"I'm calling about the shota parties," said Robin.

There was a pause before the woman replied, "How did you get this number?" she didn't deny the parties or say it was a wrong number, which was promising.

"A friend of mine teaches at..." she gave the name of the school the older boys all attended, "one of her pupils gave her the number and she gave it me as she thought I might be interested."

"When would you want to attend?" the woman asked.

"This weekend?" Robin asked, she had nothing planned and why waste time.

"I think that could be arranged. What's your name?"

"Robin," said Robin.

"Okay Robin. What I want you to do is send me a text to this number with your e-mail address and a phone number where you can be reached, both should be private not work," said the woman, "I'll contact you with some more details."

"Okay," said Robin. She'd set up an e-mail account and she'd was already using buy a cheap 'pay as you go' phone rather than her normal phone, "I'll expect your call."

The other phone went dead.

* * *

Shortly after she had texted the details, Robin received an e-mail, 'One on one - $100, full party $ - 1000'. Despite the difference in price Robin replied for the full party, it seemed like the bigger story. Moments later another e-mail pinged into her box, 'Ok. We've got an opening next weekend. If you want to attend reply to this e-mail. Bring cash.' Robin replied confirming she was available and waited.

A few minutes later a third e-mail came in. It had a time and an address, as well as a set of directions. Robin saved it to her hard drive for evidence and then printed out so she could slip the directions in her purse, she didn't want to get lost on the way. By the time she'd done that a fourth e-mail had come in. It was titled a 'A guide for newcomers'.

Robin clicked it open and read it.

'Hi Robin,' it said, 'as this is your first time at the shota party you'll want to read the following. First, underwear is optional. For a dress you'll want to wear something elegant, but not too expensive. They'll be stains. Secondly, all the boys have been selected for their skill, stamina and size, as well as experience. Nothing will shock them, so feel free to experiment - you've never had a proper double-penetration until you've had a shota dp. Thirdly, they'll be plenty of boys there, so don't be too greedy, even if you're not quick enough to snag that cute ten year old who was your first choice his twelve year old brother will still be around. Fourthly, unless you're aiming to get pregnant (and if you do don't expect alimony from a twelve year old) make sure you're on the pill. Fifth, have fun. The Shota Party Crew.'

Robin had just the dress, she decided.

* * *

The house was a normal suburban dwelling. It was set a little back from its neighbours and enclosed by trees. Robin knocked on the door, pushing up her breasts so the cleavage was more exposed. After a few moments the door was opened by an attractive women in her early thirties, "Hi," she said, her voice sounding like the one that had been on the other end of the telephone a few days before.

"I'm Robin," said Robin. She reached into her purse and brought out the bundle of money.

The woman took it, "I'm Monica. Come in," she beckoned Robin in. There were three other women in the main room, drinking wine and eating nibbles. Monica quickly introduced them, "Gabby, Susan and Bree." She gestured at a table with bottles of wine and some tasty looking cheeses and biscuits. "Help yourself to drinks. My partner, Rachel, is just upstairs making sure the boys are ready. They'll be down in a minute. In fact now you're here, I'll just go and see if they'll be down soon."

It looked good, but Robin knew she couldn't just make her excuses and leave. She had to stay long enough to make sure there was a shota party and then get away without arousing suspicion, so that next time she would be invited to return and that time she'd be coming with a camera crew. Robin picked up a glass of wine, the redhead who Monica had introduced as Bree came over, like all the other women she was wearing a low-cut dress which just about kept her breasts in place and her nipples stood out against the material as hard little rocks. "Is it your first time?" she asked.

"Yes," said Robin, "Have you been here before?"

"Quiet a few times. I'm a regular. There's nothing like young prick in my Mom pussy to revitalise me. I can tell you, you'll enjoy it as well as the boys may be young, but they are like wild stallions," said Bree.

Before Robin could reply a blonde woman the same age as Monica entered the main room. She nodded at Gabby and Susan before coming over to Bree and Robin. She held out a beautifully manicured hand and shook Robins, "Hello, you must be our new member. I'm Rachel, I run these parties with my friend Monica."

"Pleased to meet you, " responded Robin, "When are the boys coming down?" Robin found herself quiet excited, especially after what Bree had said.

"In a minute or two, Monica's just making sure they all presentable, you know how messy boys can get if there is no-one to supervise them. As it's your first time I thought I'd introduce myself, and let you know some ground rules. You can go anywhere in the house, bedrooms, bathrooms, the main room. I know a lot of the women enjoy having sex in public, so feel free to do that, but if you're shy or want some privacy all the bedrooms have bolts you can slide into place. We do ask you don't go outside to bang, we try and keep our sex houses as discreet as possible and its hard to keep secret if you're screwing away in the back yard. Apart from that the only rule is to have fun."

As she spoke the door to the main room opened and in came twelve boys aged from between ten and thirteen. They were all wearing smart slacks and a jacket with a shirt and tie. Their hair and had been brushed back and their faces washed so clean they were gleaming. But that wasn't what drew Robin's attention, but the large lumps in their pants. Rachel saw what she was looking at and said, "We only choose the biggest, no-one below eight inches and most make it to at least ten."

"They're bulging," said Robin.

Rachel smiled, "You're not the only ones here to have fun, all the boys get to have lots of sex, what's not to enjoy." The other party guests were already starting forward to mingle with the boys, the more experienced Bree, Gabby and Susan moving towards already known favourites. Robin stayed there for a moment, it was too early to make her excuses, she needed to stay here long enough to make sure there was an orgy or else she'd looked a chump if she arrived in a couple of weeks with cameras to find nothing more hardcore than games of pass the parcel and chaste kisses on cheeks. Also the boys, with their huge cocks tenting in their pants, were making her horny. It was best she stayed at the party for a bit and saw how things developed. Rachel seemed to take her pause for shyness at her first shota party. The blonde took her through the arm and led her over to two of the boys, a ten year old blonde hair kid and a red haired twelve year old, "Jimmy, Chris, I'd like you to meet a new attendee, Robin."

"Pleased to meet you," said red haired Chris politely, immediately echoed by his ten year old friend, Jimmy. They were both good looking and boyishly cute, slim like beanpoles, but beanpoles with huge schlongs. Chris smiled, charmingly, "Would you like to dance? Jimmy can hold your drink."

Robin looked at Rachel for advice, but the blonde had moved away and was chatting to one of the boys beside the wine table. The journalist looked round the room to see that Gabby was being leading two of the boys from the room, whilst Bree was sitting on the couch, her hands massaging the large mound of one boy, whilst one of his friends was sitting on the other side in anticipation. Monica was by the door of the main room, giving instructions to a smartly dressed thirteen year old. But Susan was dancing, holding her "boyfriend's" hands as they danced together, jigging to the music. 'What was the harm', Robin thought, 'she would dance for a little bit with the boyishly good looking cutesicle in front of her, before leaving. It might stop the warm itch she was getting between her legs, or at least dampen it enough for her to get back home and jack herself off with a dildo'. She handed her glass to Jimmy and held out her hands to Chris, "I'd love to."

She stepped out in the middle of the room and held out her hands. Chris took them and she could feel his small fingers caressing the back of her hands as they started to dance. At first they danced at arms length, but soon the boy got closer until Robin found him dancing next to her, his arms round her back and his head nestled just below her tits. It certainly didn't quell the heat in her cunt, not the way his she could feel his hair brush at the bottom of her bosoms and his hands move over her ass. She guessed that most of the customers enjoyed the slow, close dance with the sexy boys and she didn't want to blow her cover, so she carried on dancing, feeling the tingle in her pussy become stronger. Robin blew out a thin stream of air over her face to try and cool herself down. It didn't work, especially as when she turned to one side she could see that Susan had stopped dancing, but was on her knees unbuttoning her boy's pants. Robin felt herself getting warmer. She disengaged Chris's hands from her butt, "Let me just sit down for a minute," she smiled, not adding to 'calm myself down so I can work out how to get out of here before I explode with horniness.'

Robin walked over to the spare couch, as on the other Bree was lying, her dress half way down to her waist as a young boy lay on top of her, his tongue in her mouth as they both wriggled together in passion, with her spare hand she was playing with another boys large dick, his pants round his ankles as he stayed standing still for the redheaded Mom to masturbate him. Robin sat down, immediately joined on one side by Chris and on the other by Jimmy. The ten year old gave her back her glass of wine and she quickly drained it. "Would you like another?" he asked.

Robin shook her head, she was feeling aroused and horny, and this was already starting to cloud her thoughts, making the excuses to leave sound lame and unconvincing. The last thing she wanted to do was to drink more and clog her brain even more, "Maybe later," she said, "I just want to sit back and relax for a few moments."

"Let us help," said Jimmy. He stood up on the couch, beside her and his hands moved to her shoulders. His small, supple, fingers began to work at the knots of tension, rubbing away stress Robin hadn't realised she had.

"That's why we're here, " agreed Chris. He stood in front of her and his hands moved inside her dress and began to massage over her bosom. Robin groaned, her mind unable to find any excuse to leave. She leaned back and decided that she'd probably be best saying; she didn't want to cause suspicion by leaving and staying would also give her a full idea of what went on at the shota parties; it might also allow her to get rid of the warm tingle in her sex. As Chris's small hands continued to slide over her round mounds she felt her nipples stiffen and go hard, a sure sign of her increasing arousal. Robin looked down at his pants, the bulge was massive, 'the prick must be python sized', she thought. She couldn't help her own hand reaching out and rubbing at the crotch. The massive member stirred beneath his pants, seemingly moving of its own accord. Chris didn't say anything, he just smiled as Robin continued to rub and massage his covered cock.

"How's this?" asked Jimmy as he rubbed at her shoulder, pushing his thin fingers into her muscles and treating the tension like he was a professional massage therapist.

"It's good," moaned Robin. Her head turned towards Jimmy, standing beside her. His schlong was also straining at his pants, pushing the material out like a mini-mountain of man-meat. Robin looked at it for a moment, the horny itch in her cunnie getting harder to ignore. She removed her hand from Chris's cock and placed it over her own slit, touching down through her dress. Monica and Rachel were sipping some wines as they talked, a couple of boys had their arms round their waists, caressing the friends as they gossiped. That was at the tame end of the room. On the floor in front of her Susan was sucking one toy boy dick, whilst she worked two others with her hands. On the couch Bree was gasping as her boy slammed his cock into her pussy. And Robin had no idea what Gabby was doing with her multiple boyfriend's up the stairs. Robin now knew what they saw about this place and her self-control vanished. She looked at Jimmy, "It's very good," she said with a smile.

Using her spare hand she undid his pants and pulled down the zip. The wiener that sprang out was weapon-like, a rocket of mass destruction, so large it could have been used as a battering ram. The tingle in Robin's pussy went into overtime. She opened her mouth and moved it over the twelve inches of prick, the width stretching at her lips. Jimmy's hands gripped her shoulders tighter, his slender fingers digging into her as the TV news journalist's head moved up and down his super-schlong. It was so good. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Chris's bulge wriggling beneath his pants. She pulled her mouth off Jimmy and turned back to face the ginger beanpole, "Let me help you with that," she said and undid his pants.

His prick sprang free. It wasn't quiet as big as his friend's, but at nine inches it couldn't be called a tiddler either. She began to stroke it with one hand as she continued to play with Jimmy's schlong and a half with the other, her hand moving over the skin covered with her saliva. Both boys gave inane grins as she masturbated them slowly, feeling the massive muscles quivering and throbbing in her hand. As she slowly worked the pricks both boys kicked off their shoes and let their pants fall, so that their shirttails were down over their cocks and resting on Robin's hands. The tingle in Robin's cunt was getting out of control and she needed to tame it, she needed to be fucked, to be fucked by the massive boy dicks. She let go off their members and stood up, she wanted to be screwed hard, but she wasn't yet ready, unlike Bree and Susan, to do it in the main room. She reached out and took hold off Jimmy and Chris's hands, they seemed very small compared to hers and her grip threatened to drown their tiny palms. She turned her head between the two of them, "Let's go up to one of the bedrooms."

The three of them headed up the stairs, meeting Gabby on the way down. The other woman was naked, with cum matting her hair and drying on her bosom. She gave a wink as she passed, "Have fun and once you've finished send them my way." She gave Jimmy's ass a squeeze and the young boy gave a yelp and a giggle.

"If I haven't used them up," agreed Robin.

The nearest room's bed was still crumpled from Gabby's fun-time so Robin took her two boy paramours to one next to it. She closed the door, but didn't bolt it - there would be enough privacy with it shut without making it seem like she was making the room a cell for the two boys. She turned to them, "Shall we...?" she didn't need to complete the sentence. Both boys were already shedding their jackets and undoing their ties. Robin kicked off her high heels and slid out of her own dress; her panties followed seconds later as the boys unbuttoned their shirts. Robin stood admiring them, their bodies were smooth and soft looking, but their cocks were erect and hard. Her own nipples were copying them, like little party hats on an oversized head. She reached down and touched her pussy, a small fuzz of hair on top of an otherwise bald beaver. Her slit was wet and ready.

She moved onto the bed, "Come on boys," she said, realising as she said it there was no way she could ever tell anyone about her scoop now. But watching Jimmy's humongous schlong quivering as he got onto the bed, she didn't want to; all she wanted was the cock. She groaned as Jimmy's massive member was pushed into her waiting cunt, the dong stretching her hole and make all her G-spot tingle with excitement. She grabbed the bed, "Fuck me baby, fuck me," she ordered.

Jimmy's little body began to move rapidly up and down, thrusting his prick into her cunt and banging against her clit. He moved faster and faster, pounding hard into her. Robin reached up and grabbed her bosom, fondling her lovely, firm breasts as Jimmy banged away. Despite his youth and slender body he was big where it counted and skilled, slamming at her clit in a way that made her gasp again and again and again. She moaned as the foot-long schlong slammed in, she had never had anything so big or so good, not Ted or Barney or any of her other adult lovers, they all were insignificant besides Jimmy's panting thrusts.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," Robin gasped and groaned, every fibre of her body enjoying the dick hammering her clit. Her body bounced under Jimmy's hammering, twisting and bending as the iron hard rod rammed in like a rocket. And then like a rocket it blasted off, Jimmy uttering a groan of pleasure as he blasted his boy cum into her cunt. Robin felt a small surge of disappointment as Jimmy dropped off her and her slit emptied of dong. It only lasted a second before Chris moved in to replace him, sliding his schlong into the recently vacated hole. He moved in easily, her hole was oiled with Jimmy's cum and her own juice and Chris was just that little bit smaller, not that at nine inches Chris's meaty muscle could be described as a twinkie. As if to make up for his comparative size Chris started hard and fast, pounding into Robin like a he was on steroids. Robin squeezed her tits and pushed herself up to meet the descending boy-toy. "Oh, oh, oh, oh..." she continued to gasp as his massive wiener rammed at her G-spot.

'It felt so good', she thought, 'like she was in a heaven of huge dicks'. Each thrust was making her body shudder with ecstasy, making her moan blissfully and clutch at herself as her body went out of control. Harder and faster pounded down Chris, panting with exhaustion as he gave her his all. Robin rose to meet him, arching her back and lifting her cunt, so that she slapping her naked body against his small, skinny frame. Beside them Jimmy was lying watching, one of his hands on her tit, cradling and caressing the mound. Robin groaned, "Oh, oh, oh, oooohhh!" as the orgasms became more powerful. Her moans became louder, "Ohhh, ooohhh, oooooohhhhh!" until she was screaming in pleasure.

"Uurrrrgghh," strained Chris. His entire body seemed to quiver as he bent his back and thrust in one last time to release his cum into the wet cunt.

"Ooooooohhhh," groaned Robin in satisfaction as the wet spunk shot into her hole. It was warm and like liquid velvet as it slid down the hole and warmed her cunt walls, "oooooohhh..."

She lay there sated as the two boys got up. Jimmy said, "We're just going to get some cheese sticks. We're hungry."

"Won't be long," said Chris.

"Yes, good, okay," said Robin, her mind still blasted from the orgasmic bliss she had just got.

The two boys padded from the room and Robin lay naked on the bed, her eyes closed as she relaxed. She was only alone for a few moments before there was a little voice, "You want us to join you?"

She opened her eyes. Standing there were the cutest eleven year old boys she had ever seen, one was black with ten inches of dong, which if she hadn't already seen a footer on a white boy would have confirmed the rumour about well-hung black men. The other was a skinny blonde, sporting eight inches of cock. Both were naked and Robin vaguely thought they were the two boys who had gone upstairs with Gabby earlier. She wondered if the other woman had kidnapped her Chris and Jimmy, now they had gone downstairs. It didn't matter if she had as Robin felt the familiar horniness rising. She sat up on the edge of the bed and pumped the covers next to her, inviting the boys to sit next to her, "What's your names?" she said.

"Franklin," said the black boy. "Petie," said his skinny friend.

"I'm Robin," said Robin. She reached out to the boys on either side of herself and began to stroke the boy's huge dicks with the outside of a finger. Quickly they rose to attention. She took hold of the two schlongs in a tight grip and began to slowly work them up and down, "It's good to meet you both."

The boys just grinned. Robin smiled back and slid her hands up and down the two huge chunks of man-meat. She squeezed and felt the blood pumping up and down the muscle, pulsing and throbbing against her palm and fingers. She licked her lips, the feel of the pricks in her fist made her hot and horny for them to go somewhere else. She let go off the boys and moved further back onto the bed, one hand moving to her pussy, the other to fondle a tit, "I want you to take me," she purred, "together."

Robin had done lots of things sexually, anal, deep-throating, even some girl on girl experimentation, but never had she done a three-some. But then before tonight she had never been to a shota party, so it was a night for trying new things. Anyway, the schlongs of the boys looked so appealing she wanted them both. They both nodded, their large dicks seeming to waggle in excitement at the same time, "Yes, Robin."

"Come here, Petie," instructed Robin, "Lie on your back."

The young boy did so and Robin moved over him. Her fingers took hold off the lips of her well soaked pussy and opened the hole. It stretched easily, still elastic from the two schlongs of Chris and Jimmy. Slowly Robin moved herself down Petie's large member, bending over so that her ass was up and her tits were dangling over the boy's mouth. He reached and began to kiss and lick them as they dangled. Robin moaned in pleasure as she made sure she was all the way down and cock was cramming her cunt. She then turned her head to Franklin. From somewhere the kid had found a jar of anal lube and was slapping it on his schlong. His flashed a smile at Robin, "I was guessing you wanted me in your ass."

"You guessed right," said Robin, "Now come stick that prick in my butthole."

The young black boy moved behind her and his small hands took hold of her buttocks, pulling them apart. He pushed his huge stick of man-meat slowly into her anal chasm, forcing it down deep and far and stretching her anal walls. Robin moaned and began to rock forward under the pressure, impaling herself even deeper on Petie. The smaller boys cock pushed up, pressing hard on her clit. Robin moaned passionately as she was crammed between the boys slender bodies and their oversized dongs, "Ok, oh, oh. Bang my ass, Franklin, pound my pussy, Petie." The two boys rammed up and down, thrusting into her holes. Robin screamed again, "Ohhhhh, oohhhhh, I want your pricks. I want them hard. I want them deep."

Her body doubled over as Franklin gripped her sides and pounded her pooper. His large dark dick hammered into her, making her scream with pleasure as it complemented Petie's rams against her G-zone. She bounced and shook as orgasm after orgasm flooded into her. She was so bent over Petie's head was between her breasts, twisting from side to side as he licked and kissed cleavage and side boob, whilst his slim waist pumped up slamming his cock at her clit. Franklin was moving faster, ramming his schlong down her shitter so fast that, even with lube covering his pumping member, Robin could feel the warmth of the friction. The two boy studs sent Robin into another round of orgasmic bliss and she screamed and gasped in pleasure, "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh."

"Urh," Franklin gave a small grunt as he shot waves of cum into her ass.

Robin felt disappointment as the hard cock was pull out of her anal hole, she had been enjoying the double stuffing so much she had been hoping it would never end. However, she was in luck, it was a shota party where the boys existed to make sure the women got fucked as hard and often as they wanted. "Hi," said a new voice "shall I replace Franklin?"

"Yes," squealed Robin, it was both an answer to the question and squeak of approval as Petie's schlong again whammed against her clit. Within moments she was enjoying the dual pleasures of small hands on her sides and a huge dick being shoved into her shithole. She screamed again as it rammed so deep that it almost connected with Petie's. The newcomer began to ram harder, his smooth balls slapping against her skin as he went all the way in.

"You want me to go faster?" grunted the newcomer.

"Yes, yes," shrieked Robin. She bucked and twisted as the boy rammed at her anal chasm, his large rod ramming down. He moved fast, speeding up and down her hole so fast she could almost smell burning. She loved it, the feeling of two cocks cramming and crashing within her, crowding her front and back holes so tightly it was like being a teenage virgin all over again.

Petie grunted and came, shooting his semen into her wet cunt. The newcomer paused long enough for Robin to lift herself up onto her hands and knees so Petie could slip out from under her, his cum dripping from her cunt, then he resumed slamming her shitter. Robin shrieked in pleasure as the cock rammed into her. She could see Franklin standing by the bed watching, his huge hammer of prick, so recently in her ass was hard again as he watched her be taken by one of his friends. Robin grinned lasciviously, "Come here, Franklin, get in front of me."

The young boy did as he was told, his ear to ear smile showing that he knew why was he was being required. He stood in front of her, his tasty cock seeming to quiver in front of her, though that was an optical illusion - it was Robin and the bed bouncing as she was still rammed from behind by her mysterious benefactor. The journalist open her mouth and took Franklin's large cock between her lips, sucking at the meaty piece of flesh. It seemed to make the newcomer redouble his efforts and he continued to pooper pound. Robin sucked hard at the cock, looking up at Franklin's skinny body as she did. He was shuddering hard now, there was no doubt and she moved her head and mouth quicker.

"I'm cumming," he squeaked. His cock exploded into her mouth and Robin took the salty semen into her mouth, before dribbling it out as he withdrew his cock.

Behind her the newcomer was grunting excitedly and Robin knew he soon would be blasting away. She pushed her ass back, swinging to meet his thrust and take as much of the schlong as fast as she could. The boy grunted and her anal chasm was awash with his cum. Robin moaned and fell forward, exhausted and satisfied, cum leaking from her ass and from her mouth.

The next few hours past in a blur. A few more boys came in and fucked her in various holes, each of them pounding away skilfully until they came. She had so many orgasms she lost count, her body ached with them, a soreness aggravated by the size of the schlongs she had taken in her holes, sometimes singly, sometimes together. But it was worth it she thought, as she lay there dozing, covered in cum and drenched in sweat, more sperm pooled and stained on the bedding around her.

As she drifted towards sleep she had two thoughts; that she'd have to come to another Shota party and that she'd have to tell Lily they were just an urban myth.


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