Author's Note: To visualize Amy Szalinski, you must envision a beautiful girl
with the reddest of hair, large breasts for her age; although in the late
seasons of the series she died her hair to blond, she is a knockout at any
color. For this story, she has red hair.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids: Amy's Sixteenth Birthday (b/f,M/f,inc,alien,preg)
by Shadow Walker

Amy Szalinski, was anxious, it's five A.M. and she couldn't sleep as she slid
from her bed and walked over to look out the window at the Peter's house,
they were the new family in the block and the father worked in the new lab
down from her father, and he had a very cute son of about seventeen.

As Amy watched the house of her sexual desires, she could feel the
stimulating cool air move about her body, her thin pajama bottoms rubbed
against her pubic hair that was so new to her that any stimulation of her
fuzz made her horny.

Amy had her eyes locked on the new neighbors house so intently that she
didn't see her brother 'Nick' sneak into her room on a scheme for revenge for
her disrupting his latest experiment. Nick is so quiet in his stealth, he was
wearing his father's 'stealth sandals', and was able to attach a small clamp
to Amy's pajama bottoms, and then another hook to the rug; carefully he
backed up to the door, took out his camera and held it ready when he said,
"Amy! Say cheese!"

Amy turned around to see Nick with his camera as she asked, "What are you up
to you little dweeb."

"Waiting to see your smile sis." replied Nick as he was nervous with

"You'll never get me to smile!" said Amy as she stepped towards him, "Now get
out of my room you little..."

Amy felt a tug at her waist as she then felt her pants fall down, then a
flash as Nick smiled and told her, "Now that's the smile I wanted."

Amy looked down to see her pajama bottoms on the floor around her feet, and
her pantiless red hair covered pussy. "Damn you, you little pervert." Amy ran
after Nick, steeping out of her pants as she chased him back to his room,
just as he locked the door with Amy at the door pounding it as she leaned
against the fortified Nick-fortress of solitude.

Wayne got out of bed to see what Nick had done now, and as he came out of his
bedroom he saw Amy leaning against Nick's door, as was usual at times, only
wearing her pajama top that appeared more like a short shirt, and he also saw
her perky butt as the shirt rose over it, he then saw the whole rump that was
solid and round, a nice sight for any man, but wrong for a father who could
easily get the wrong idea, and horny, from looking at.

"Honey, don't let Nick get to you, he'll always get even."

Amy turned to face her father as she complained, "Daddy, Nick took a picture
of me!"

"That's nice, he loves you so much that he takes a picture of you to keep
close to his heart." assures her Dad.

"Daddy! He didn't take a picture of me per say, he took it of my pussy." Amy
held her shirt open to show her father.

"Wow! Amy, close your shirt, I shouldn't see your snatch! ... your pussy ...
I mean your privates." he said as he held his hand up to avert his eyes.

"What's wrong with me daddy? You don't like to see me any more." asked Amy as
she closed her shirt.

"Certainly not baby. It's just that you are growing up, and you'll be growing
hair in some places and breasts in others."

"Like these?" asked Amy as she opened her shirt again to reveal small breasts
with little hard nipples. And then she put her hand on her pelvis and pulled
her skin back, "I've got some hair on my pussy now, you mean I'll get more?"

Wayne closed her shirt, his hand brushing her pubic hair that was so new, so
light and so red and sensitive that it sent a strong sensation through her
clitoris that she really, really, really liked it as she looked at her
father's eyes.

"Honey, I'll have your mother explain why I can't see your parts any more."
said Wayne as he reached back.

Amy's eyes grew wider as she saw a large bulge popping through his pajama
slit, it was her father's large, really large and hard cock that was dark red
and had a very nice odor to it that was very strong and sensuous.

Wayne turned Amy around and directed her back to her room as she resisted,
pushing back a little as he pushed her towards her room, their bodies closed
as his hard, hot male organ slammed into her butt cheeks. "Go get some sleep
honey, it's only five thirty, we'll talk at nine this morning and I'll also
get that picture from your brother."

Amy felt Wayne's hard flesh press into the crack of her butt, and almost
slide along its crease, "Thanks Daddy, I love you." said Amy as she looked
back over her shoulder at Wayne as he then popped her on her bare ass, and
Amy really liked the sensation.

Wayne knocked on Nick's door, waited a minute, looked around to see if Amy
was around, then with the assurance that Amy wasn't with him, Wayne knocked
on the door gain; the door opened as Wayne asked Nick, "You have a picture of
Amy showing her 'smile?'"

Nick lowered his head and handed the picture to Wayne.

Wayne looked at his daughter who made a great picture, even with her pants
down, "Well, she does have a nice smile, but I never noticed her red hair

"I was going to sell her picture to the guys at school." added Nick.

"Your not making Amy into a porn peek queen Nick, she's your sister. Now go
to bed." scolded Wayne as Nick turned and walked to his bed, saying "Yes

Wayne closed the door behind him and walked back to his bedroom, and before
entering it he looked once more at Amy's picture, "Amy does have a nice pussy
and body, too bad Nick didn't get her in the shower." Wayne cackles his laugh
as he enjoys his comment, then he reaches down and pulls on his boner before
resetting it in his pajama bottoms, 'Little Wayne’s still lively, ... Ha,

Wayne tucked the picture in his pocket as he entered the bedroom, "Kid's are
back in bed honey, they're just up to their Saturday battles."

* * *

Nick laid on his bed, listened for a moment, then reached down beside his bed
and pulled out a cigar box with several pictures of Amy, some were duplicates
of the one he took this morning, others were of Amy in the shower, and they
were really clear as she was totally nude, her red hair glistening, her small
breast shined from the shower, her pubic hair just visible, just as was her
tight little ass as she was also photographed bending over getting soap. Nick
then aimed his remote at his television and turned it on, it was monitoring a
tape that he was copying, a tape of Amy taking a shower and then as she
strutted around naked in her room, looking in a mirror at her self as she
would spread her snatch, then play with her tits as she would lift the little
things as though to make them bigger; then finally as she lay naked on the
bed with a pillow between her legs and with her hand between her legs as she
masturbated herself, and after cuming, she rolled over with her ass towards
the camera.

Amy was, however, was currently standing naked, standing beside her bed at
the window, her pajama tops were now on the bed post as were her bottoms, she
stood quietly naked as she looked out at the new neighbors house.

Unseen by her was a set of binoculars that were centered on her, the
seventeen year old boy was looking at Amy, he could only see her from the
waist up, but it was enough as he used his free hand to jerk himself off as
he ogled the new girl.

Amy stared at the house, playing with herself, dreaming about her father's
cock that she felt push at her butt and his fingers touching her pussy.
"God,..." she thought to herself, "I wish he would come in and touch me
again, but with that big cock." Amy turned around and got on her bed,
laying on her back as she continued to think of her father and masturbating
herself to sleep.

A small TV camera lens was concealed in Amy's wall, and had a night vision
enhancement to it with a color correction for the night vision conversion,
and Nick's eyes widened as he watched Amy jerk herself off as he recorded the
image and began to jerk himself off to the same image as he swooned "Ah,

* * *

Morning came as Amy woke to sunlight warming up her room and the smell of
eggs and toast. She crawled from the bed and put a robe about herself as she
went to the bathroom to shower. As she entered the bathroom she saw someone
in the shower, she thought a moment, ran back to her room and then back to
the bathroom with her digital camera, crept up to the shower door and slid
it open just enough to see Nick inside. Amy took two pictures that showed
everything, and the camera being digital was hushed even more by the spray
of the water.

Amy slid the door open all the way as she then took even more pictures as
Nick continued to shower himself, turned around as if he was posing. Amy got
some great shots of his butt, his penis and balls, and his whole preteen

Amy finished taking her pictures as she got an idea as she reached in and
poked Nick with her finger, and as he saw her, grabbing his crotch with his
hands as he yelled, "AMY!"

Amy replied, "Turn about brother dear, don't you wish you had this to play
with." Amy then opened her robe, showing Nick her totally naked body as she
twisted her hips and tits as she reminded him, "Better use rubber gloves
Nick, don't want to catch anything, and remember, I have photos."

"Amy, don't you dare!"

Amy put her camera in her pocket and then slid the robe off and hang it up
as Nick watched her move around the bathroom in the nude as Amy locked the
bathroom door, then walked back to the shower and climbed in with her little
brother, who had a big hard-on for a ten year old, and began lathering
herself with the soap, then handed Nick the soap and ordered, "Soap my back,
dweeb, and then scrub me clean my little man."

Nick began soaping and scrubbing Amy, washing her bare back and then her
belly as she turned; Amy's small breast and nipples became hard and erect
from Nick touching her, then as she turned again, she felt Nick's hands
moving down her back and scrubbing her butt along the cleavage of her ass.

"Deeper Nicky, between my legs servant." ordered Amy as she wriggled her
waiting butt.

Nick suds and scrubbed his sister as she ordered, then deep between her legs
as he now felt her warm snatch as she squeezed her legs about his hand. Amy
then turned as Nick continued to scrub her belly and then down to her thighs,
gently he washed the fold of her clitoris as Amy responded by closing her
eyes, leaning back against the shower as Nick continued to wash her pussy and
back between her legs as Amy began to moan.

Nick looked up and saw Amy's nipples rise to a new hardness, and he smelled a
sweat smell that made his cock really hard, swelling to the point that his
balls ached. He stood up and looked into Amy's eyes as she swayed her body as
she ordered, "Scrub me boy!, I want some action."

Nick pushed his body against Amy's hot body, and with his hard cock standing
ready to blow, he pushed it in between her legs as his cock came into contact
with Amy's clitoris, and then he felt the need to pump his pelvis against
her and he began pushing his hardon in and out beneath and along her pussy
between her legs.

Amy was now enjoyed a new sensation as Nick put his arms about her and pushed
harder, and to his surprise, as well as Amy's shock as Nick's hard cock
slipped into Amy's snatch as he pushed it all the way, and with his smaller
diameter cock, he slipped past Amy's Hyman as Nick continued to stroke it
inside Amy's hot hole.

Amy held onto Nick as he fucked her against the shower wall until she felt
the little booger shoot off his load.

"Wow, now that felt good." admitted Nick as he pulled his cock out, played
with it a minute as it stiffened up, he then turned and inserted it into Amy
again as he continued fucking her.

Amy warned him, "Can't tell Daddy, this kind of screwing isn't acceptable in
our society."

"That's because they have not tried it. Besides, it isn't logical, a brother
and sister would have sex organs that would match perfectly, it would give
the highest sensuous effect." noted Nick as he held onto Amy's hips as he
poked and ground her pussy lips and kissed her tities as this was the tallest
he was.

Amy warned, "If you use any pictures of me outside or just for yourself, I'll
show everyone yours, then I'll kill you."

"Agreed, but that goes both ways." offered Nick as he then held onto Amy
tightly, his body shook, then he thrust deep and pressed hard as he shot off
another load.

"Agreed." acknowledges Amy as she assisted Nick in pulling his cock out and
began washing him and he also washed her in turn.

Nick helped dry Amy who in turn dried Nick, when she rubbed her body up
against his butt, she reached around and took hold of his cock and jerked it
to an erection. "Now that is nice." she said as she got her robe and closed
it, unlocked the door and went back to her room to dress.

Nick had a hard-on and he had to walk back to his room with it, so he put his
robe on and carried a towel in front of his bulge with his camera in hand.
Once back in his room he pulled the fourth copy of his video tape titled,
"Amy's Nude Escapade." "Will get me some money, some revenge, and some

* * *

At school, Amy was doing her gymnastics and noticed the new boy was watching
as he had stopped to look at the girls on his way to shower. Amy stared at
him as their eyes met, then to her surprise and to his delight, two girls
pulled her gym pants down, revealing Amy's pussy, her well trimmed red pubic
hair and then her ass as she bent over to get her pants. She looked around
to see the boy gone, then at the girls who were laughing, "Not funny!"

The girls yelled back, "Red snatch, red ass Amy."

Amy dressed after showering and was walking home when she found herself
walking with the new boy as he greeted her with his hand out, "Hi! I'm
Jeffery Callins, and I believe your Amy Szalinski."

Amy blushed as she greeted him, "Yeah, you're right. How was your first day
at school."

"Not as bad as your's, I got to see you on the raw side, but have no fear,
my parents are nudist and I see girls of all ages, totally naked, and I don't
let things bother me about being naked." He smiled as he added, "I liked what
I saw and what I see."

"Thanks, I think." said Amy in an awkward way.

Jeffery reached down with his hand, put his fingers inside the elastic
portion od Amy's skirt and pulled it out to gaze at her red pubic hair,
commenting, "No, thank you Amy Szalinski. Maybe we can play doctor and
patient some time."

"More like lab rat, but that's okay as well." replied Amy as she had her
dreamy eyes locked onto his blue eyes.

Jeffery walked Amy to her house and watched her go inside and then walked
over to his house.

Amy walked into the kitchen where Diane was seated, she sit down at the table
with a dream vision of Jeffery in her mind.

"Alright Amy, who is he and what's his name." asked her mother.

"Just met him Mom. He's the new boy across the street, Jeffery Collins."

"Oh, that's the Collin's boy, his father works with Daddy on that new shuttle
drive engine." noted Diane as she began preparing dinner, and explaining,
"We're having them over for dinner this weekend; you'll get to know him

"Can I go to a movie with him mom?"

"Not until you're older. You can have him over here for your social
gatherings, but no dating until you are sixteen."

Amy helped her mother with dinner, then as they were eating, she kept seeing
Nick peeking at her, she felt like he could see through her clothes. Then she
realized that she was also looking at him and the bulge in his pants.

Amy helped in cleaning the dishes, then sit in the living room doing her home
work. Nick was doing his home work, then Nick walked over, pulled Amy's hair,
then he went up stairs to his room.

"Mom, this little dwarf pulled my hair!"

"Nick! Stop that!"

"I'm going to my room anyhow." said Nick.

"Okay dear."

"I'm going to bed also Mom, I have that field trip tomorrow." explained Amy
as she picked her books up and carried them up to her room.

Once there Amy walked to the window, looked out her window at 'Jeffery's
home; and as she looked at his house she prepared for bed as she unbuttoned
her pants and stepped out of them, then unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it
off, revealing herself as she was now totally naked from head to foot. Amy
had decided to sleep in the raw tonight.

Unseen by her, Jeffery who had a pair of twenty power binoculars that clearly
shows Amy's naked upper half; he could see her breast and even her rock hard

Amy laid on top of her bed, nude once again and enjoying the cool air, and
dreaming about Jeffery and what his hand would be like down her pants.

And again as before it was Nick who had his camera and recorders running as
he observed every inch of Amy's movement.

Amy soon rolled over on her belly, grabbed her pillow in her arms as she
buried her head in its cold surface was soon asleep.

Nick watched Amy as she raised and lowered her hips, her butt puckering and
tightening as she seemed to be riding and pumping something in her sleep.
Nick got a brilliant idea for his Amy porno tapes, and a sacrifice that he
was willing to give.

Amy's dream was one she wished was real as she saw herself on her science
trip to the geological rock formations just outside of town; she rode with
Jeffery in the school bus. Amy wore her skirt as the day was too hot for
blue jeans, and she liked the cool air. Jeffery sits beside her, often
looking out the side window only to get a peek down Amy's shirt that was
open at the two top buttons, and he saw that she wore nothing. On one such
observation he saw her small breast and it's perky pointy nipple as the
shirt folded outward.

Jeffery got a hard on and Amy did notice as she looked at him and grinned,
then looking back straight ahead as she felt his hand on her leg.

Amy placed her hand on his hand as he moved his hand along her leg, and
partially as she was guiding his hand with hers on top, as his hand caressed
her inner thigh, making its way to her pelvis, then she knew he felt her
pubic hair as he would now know that she didn't have any panties on.

Jeffery's cock rammed hard to break out of his pants.

Amy knew that the trip would be an hour long by the time they picked up all
the students as she laid her jacket over his lap as she told him, "Hold this
for me Jeffery."

"Sure." he assured her as he felt Amy's hand unzip his pants, and then her
fingers working his meat out of its tight confines. Then he felt her hand
and fingers surrounding its girth and began jerking him off.

Jeffery's hand returned the favor as his hand played with her clitoris and
then he pushed his finger into her snatch and began finger fucking her.

For the next ten minutes they jerked each other as Jeffery shot off his load
several times. Now, on the fourth round of jerking each other off, Amy lifted
her coat off of Jeffery's lap, his penis stiff and hard stood straight up out
of his pants, and Jeffery was worried that Amy was about to leave and expose
him to the other students, then to his surprise, Amy lifted her short skirt
as she sit atop his lap, her pussy hole was aligned just right as his cock
slid into her pussy, and to Jeffery's surprise, she was tight as she settled
down to rest her ass on his balls and lap.

Amy bounced atop Jeffery's cock as they rode the buss, and in five minutes,
Amy felt his dick squirt off a load of jizm, it splattered her insides like
a shower of hard water. Amy found her self experiencing an orgasm as her
body quivered atop his hot cock inside her.

Amy then found her self being lifted up and pushed over the front seat as
Jeffery pushed her skirt up to expose her bare ass and pussy to the other
students in the back, and then he reached around her with his hands, pulled
hard and ripped her shirt from her body, stripping her naked as she lay
bent over the front seat. Then he yanked he skirt down and off. Amy was now
totally naked in the school bus as she felt Jeffery sticking his cock into
her snatch and began fucking her in front of the other students who watched
as Jeffery slid his hard-on in and out as he fucked her, grabbing her hair
from the back as she screamed in pleasure. The kids in the bus screamed and
clapped as Amy had her orgasm and as Jeffery pulled his huge cock out,
jerked on it a couple times more and then shot off a large amount of sperm
that splattered Amy on her ass and up her back, including striking her in
the back of her head. "Marked my territory!"

Suddenly, Amy and Jeffery found themselves surrounded by six guys of the
football team, as they pulled Jeffery from behind Amy as the largest football
player stepped in behind her, forced her legs wider and then pushed his big
cock into Amy's pussy as two of the players held Amy in place and a fourth
one shoved his cock into Amy's mouth for her to suck.

Three cheer leaders stripped naked, pulled Jeffery down as they sucked him,
kissed him, and then straddled and mounted him.

Amy woke up, her body covered in sweat, her hair wet with a sweet smell, and
sperm was splattered on her face, arms and back as she reached back and
sampled the liquid in her mouth as she tasted it, and then commented,

Amy then 'felt' a weight on her back and a pressure in her pussy that felt
like a cock. Amy looked back to see, "NICK!"

Nick was too busy to hear Amy yell his name, so he kept on thrusting his cock
into his sister's pussy. He already had cum about six times in her; the sperm
was flowing out of her snatch, almost as quickly as he was spurting off the
next load.

Amy bucked and balled as Nick rode her like a bronco rider, slamming his cock
each time into her love hole. Amy wasn't a virgin any more as Nick had busted
her hymen membrane on the second penetration. Nick bent over and grabbed
Amy's shoulders and hang on as his cock was locked in an upward position that
was deep inside her. Nick was locked into his sister as she jumped, bucked,
jerked, and rolled; but Nick was still there when Amy quit as she was
exhausted, and Nick continued to fuck her again.

Nick pulled his dick from his sister, looking at her sperm covered ass and as
he swat her on the butt, he commented, "Great fuck sis; come over any time,
my dick is always ready."

Nick left the door partially open as he returned to his room, leaving Amy
naked and exhausted on her bed, her legs spread wide, her ass and pussy
inviting as she breathed out a comment, "Dam! That little bastard can fuck".
Amy was so exhausted she lay quiet with her leg hanging off the bed, her
whole body relaxed.

Diane had already gone to bed hours ago and was sound asleep, and Wayne got
up and was now returning from the restroom. Wayne saw Amy's door ajar and
looked inside, he saw Amy in the shadows atop her bed, he could only see her
leg hanging down and he decided to go in and tuck her in.

As Wayne approached his favorite daughter, he saw his little sweetheart nude,
her perky little ass pointing up and inviting as he lifted her leg back onto
her bed, then he studied her body more closely. A bulge pressed his pants as
he looked at Amy, so Wayne dropped his pajamas bottom, then removed his top
and crawled on top of the bed, lowering himself on top of Amy, then he
inserted his cock into Amy's butt.

Wayne butt fucked Amy as he pressed her shoulders down, then, leaning down he
kissed Amy on her ear as he twisted his cock inside her butt, swinging and
twisting his cock into his daughter's ass as she moaned loudly.

Amy looked back and saw her father grinding his cock, a really big cock, than
Amy as realized that her father had a huge cock as she felt his long piece of
hot flesh travel deep inside her; she felt it slide up inside her and as he
continued to stroke her insides, she felt him expand and get hotter and then
as he stopped thrusting and pushed it as far as he could and then she felt a
hot liquid spurt inside her and strike her insides like a hot spray, then she
felt her body began to shake as her pussy muscles clamped down on her daddy's
hot cock as he pulled against her muscular grip and then pushed into it and
then pushed and pulled with her snatch grabbing his cock. Soon he gripped her
in a bear hug as she grabbed his arms and held onto him as both their body's
shook, his legs and cock raising her butt high as he shot his load into her.

Wayne pulled his dick out, took hold of Amy's leg and turned her over to see
Amy holding her arms out for him, her eyes were filled with tears as her
breasts were hard and her nipples were erect as he inserted his cock again
and as he slid it into her again, his body laid atop hers, her tits pressed
by his chest as he kissed her, pressing his tongue inside her mouth as her
eyes widen with surprise as his tongue licker her insides all the way down
her throat as he French kissed her.

Another hour passed as father and daughter continued to screw, Amy giggling
as Wayne pumped his daughter's pussy. Wayne kissed his daughter good night
as his cock slipped from her snatch and he got off the bed; dressed in his
pajamas quickly and then left her alone in her room.

Amy woke as the alarm clock went off at five A.M. her bed was sperm soaked,
and she had thick sperm all over her pussy, ass and back, she was totally
covered in the jelly like slime. After washing herself off, she dressed in
a plaid skirt and blouse as she prepared for school.

Quark ran into her room and snooped around, smelling the wet spot on her
bed, then running out and heading for Nick's room.

Quark snooted the door open and strutted over to watch Nick, still in his
Pajamas as he worked on a video recording from the nights monitoring of Amy's
room, then in a shocked state, watched his father get naked and mount his
laughter Amy on top of the bed, in full view and detail of the camera as the
'old man' slam popped Amy. "Go daddy! Well, I won't have any problems with
getting my allowance increased."

Quark barked his presence as Nick turned and pat him on the head. "Hi Quark,
discovered anything?"

Nick turned his attention back to his tape that he finalized editing and
stored in his growing library.

Wayne was up early, and fucking Diane with her legs up in the air, her
panties hanging on one foot and waving like a flag as he had pushed her
nightie up over her head and her breasts were busy being licked by his

Amy walked down the hall and stopped at Nick's door and peeked inside to see
Nick placing his tape inside a box and then she noticed that his penis was
standing erect as he straightened up and turned around to face her.

Amy walked in and asked him, "Watching your porno tapes again Nick? Better
be careful, mom and dad might pick one to watch and think it a Sci-fi with
that phoney label you put on them."

"I didn't watch any porno movie, I was just rearranging my tapes."

"Oh really," said Amy sarcastically as she slipped her hand down to Nick's
erection, grabbed it and stroked it as she grinned and commented, "Ooo, a big

Nick shot off a load into Amy's hand as it sprayed though his pants. "Now you
did it!" he said as he dropped his pants to get dressed, "Now you can leave
and let me dress." complain Nick as he saw Amy licking the sperm from her

"You are a sweet little brother," commented Amy as she knelt down, taking
Nick's wet cock into her mouth and licked his pole as Nick closed his eyes,
not able to resist his sister's tongue.

Quark sit quietly and watched as Amy took Nick's cock all the way into her
mouth, then in strokes as she sucked and licked his cock until he shot off
another fresh load of sweet sperm that trickled from her mouth and lips as
she stood up, leaned over and kissed Nick on his lips, slipping her tongue
inside with her sperm laden lips.

"That's! Urg!! Amy!!!" complained Nick as he wiped his mouth of the sperm.

"O' I see, it's good enough for me to suck your cock and drink your sperm,
but if you get a kiss that gives you a shared taste, excuse me." said Amy
as she turned to see her mother standing in the door, "Mom!" said Amy, not
knowing if she saw her blowing Nick off.

"Amy, your father and I are going to be in court all day today and maybe
tonight, we have that Legal matter with Sci-Tech and their patient." then
as she looked at the two, she noticed Nick's pajama's on the floor as she
concluded, "Nick, get dressed, we're leaving in five minutes, so move it
you two."

Amy walked over and stood in the door as Wayne came by with his coat half
on, he saw Amy, then looked around to see Diane open the front door to go
start the car, then he looked to Amy, leaned over and kissed her, sticking
his tongue inside as she returned the favor.

Amy felt her daddy's pants and the bulge inside growing as she warned him,
"Careful daddy, mom's going to wonder why you're getting so horny lately."

"Right Amy Szalinski, we'll be late tonight, so keep that pussy warm, I'll
come in to poke it at mid morning." he said as he quickly lifted her skirt,
rubbed her clitoris with his hand, then added, "Amy! You should wear panties
under a skirt this short."

"Daddy!, I like teasing my teachers."

"Maybe I better go teach some more classes like last year. I saw your pussy
then on the days you wore skirts." Wayne then heard the car running as he
instructed Amy, Hurry, mom's in a hurry for the court meeting, and we have
to drop you kids off."

"O' go ahead Daddy, Nick and I can walk, he hasn't had breakfast yet, and we
have time to walk after we eat."

"Okay, I'll see you two tonight." acknowledged Wayne as he rushed down and
got in the car and drove off."

"Come on Nick. We'll grab something to eat." said Amy as she felt her skirt
lift up in the back.

Nick held her skirt up and looked at her bare ass as he commented, "You're
going to school wearing a short skirt like this and no panties?"

"What's the matter Nick, never go without your shorts, the feeling of air
fresh between your legs." asked Amy as Nick was still holding up her skirt
as he studied his butt.

"You know Amy, if you do this, how are you going to pick up anything that
you drop?"

Amy bent over, exposing her pussy to Nick as she touched her toes explaining,
"Just like this Nick, why?"

Amy felt Nick's hard cock slam into her pussy lips and thrust deep into her
as she gulped, "Oh god!"

"Any guy on campus would do this if they saw your snatch, or they might just
fuck your ass; if they don't pull your skirt down and gang bang you in the

Amy straightened up with Nick's dick still inside her as he continued
pumping, "Not likely penis head, I've been pantiless for over a year and no
one has lost control yet."

Nick grabbed her, forcing her back down as he kept slamming and grinding his
sister's tight snatch, her hot pussy gripped him tightly but her forced
himself to fuck harder, shoving into her as deeply as he could go until he
felt himself blow like he never had before, she shot what seemed like a cup
full into her hot interior, then finally pulled back from Amy, pulling his
cock out as it shot off another load onto her butt; breathing a happy sigh
he tucked hammer tool away in his pants.

Amy wiped the sperm from her ass with a peering eye of disgust at her
brother, "Why do you guys always think that pissing your sperm on a girl's
ass that she loves it?"

"Who ever said that we cared if you girls loved it, it's just marking our
territory." said Nick proudly as he then quickly ducked as Amy swing a slap
that whacked his side of the head. "What was that for?" complained Nick as
he rubs his head.

"Girls like to be held, loved! cuddled Chem breath." complained Amy as she
tossed the rag she was using into the dirty clothes hamper as she felt Nick
grab her beneath her skirt and rubbing her between her legs.

"Yeah, I know how you like to be held, and most guys aren't fucking their
sister." said Nick as he pushed himself up to Amy's butt, pressing his pelvis
and the bulge in his pants up against Amy's bare butt.

Amy turns around, her hand raised as Nick ducks, then he feels Amy unzips his
pants, takes his bulging penis out and engulfs it as she begins stroking his
cock down her throat, as he hears her moaning and mumbling slurpy sounds as
he gets harder, bigger, hotter and he feels like he's entering heaven. Amy
curls her tongue around his hot cock, tightening it as she strokes back and
forth, then she takes it down deep; in five minutes she feels his ball
tighten, his groin smell is driving her nuts as she gets hornier than she had
at the start; Amy throws Nick onto his back as his hard-on is released from
Amy's skilled mouth, then she quickly straddles the little pecker's
contradictory penis as it stood erect in it's full 12 inches of moist glory,
she impales herself on his rod, sliding down nonstop until she felt the head
of his cock come to a screaming halt, she twists her buttocks on her little
brother's balls, then she bounces, thrust and squirms atop his cock as she
begins to hump him in a sliding gyration until she felt his cock spewed its
reward into her, Amy felt the hot fluid slam her inside that droved her body
into a frenzy as she felt a quiver begin then explode in her own orgasm as
she flung herself forward, jerk her snatch hard onto his cock one more time,
then she arched back and froze as she spewed her own fluid and screamed at
the top of her voice, so loudly that Quark ran and hid in the house.

Ten minutes later, after cleaning herself again, she walked with Nick into
the kitchen; Amy's skirt flipping and dancing as she twisted her ass as she
was satisfied and happy as she walked.

The day preceded normally, the classes boring and the boys cute, she kept
eyeing the bulges for size comparisons. Amy even pulled her temptations to
some as they got turned when Amy would drop a pen and then bend over and pick
it up, allowing them to see her butt as the skirt would lift up; of course
her red pubic hair had nothing to do with their reactions (like a red flag
and a bull).

Gym was her last class of the day, she had been working out hard on the
racket ball court and was sweat covered and needed the shower; she is
washing down the soil out of her hair when she heard a familiar voice, "Amy
Szalinski, you've grown upper extensions."

Amy turned to see the strange alien looking at her, "Get out of her! I'm
naked and you're a male."

"It's me, your friend, Ar'Nox, I need you for a mission of great importance."
he explained as he watched Amy moving around like a caged animal, looking for
an exit, but she is naked and helpless.

"Would you leave, I have to get dressed." bagged Amy as she hid her tits, but
allowed him full view of her red snatch.

"Oh! I never knew this before, but you humans have hair that matches your
heads down between your legs; is that so that when you walk on your hands
that they will recognize you." asked Ar'Nox.

"No! it's so I won't get sunburned, now get out!" screamed Amy as she placed
one hand over her snatch.

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside this structure; will you be wearing a hat
over your hairs or..."

"Go!" screamed Amy as she pointed toward the exit from the shower.

"Yes, I am going Amy Szalinski, I shall see you in a minute." acknowledged
Ar'Nox as he exited the shower, mumbling to himself, "Strange people the
Szalinski species, I wonder if Diane had blond hair?"

Amy left the gym and joined up with the Ar'Nox, the alien friend of her
father, and Nick as they walked home; he noticed Amy's skirt flitting up
and her butt shining bare as he acknowledged, "Amy Szalinski, you have no
exterior skin on your ass, are you planning to have dinner?" (Series note:
This alien species eats their meats by setting the food; the rest is up to
your imagination.)

"Would you behave yourself, we eat with out mouths." Said Amy as she walked
ahead to her house, still embarrassed from the shower encounter.

Ar'Nox asked Nick, "Then what do you do with you're..."

Nick then explained, "The posterior is used to excrete body waste and for
the males to impregnate the females eggs."

"Since Amy is not wearing any exterior skins, does this mean she is about to

"No. She's trying to breed with some of the males at school, and I've poked
her a few times myself, but my screwing was just for fun." explained Nick as
he walked with the alien.

"Oh, Amy is looking for fun." Noted Ar'Nox.

* * *

At the Szalinski Home

Nick is showing Ar'Nox Wayne's new transporter when Amy walked in to see what
they were doing, "Nick!, you know daddy isn't ready for a test with that,
Ar'Nox will have to wait until daddy gets home."

"When will Wayne get home Amy Szalinski?" asked Ar'Nox.

"Mom just phoned, and she said it would probably be nine before they get
home." explained Amy as she went over and started shooing Ar'Nox and Nick,
"Now shoo, you guys might trip a switch." Ar'Nox turned around and started
for the door when his arm tripped a switch as Amy, Nick and Ar'Nox stopped
and looked at each other. The room filled with light, then a sucking sound
and then the light faded. Nick, Amy and Ar'Nox looked at each other to see
what had happened as they pat down their bodies, then they realized, they
were all naked, Amy's nipples were erect and as hard as steel, Nick penis
was erect and pointing upward it was so hard and hot, and Ar'Nox, his sexual
organs were all standing erect, straight up, shining with a green goo
dripping from their heads, his eyes were glowing red as he grabbed Amy, who
was screaming as he wrestled her into his arms, he turned her around, held
her up in the air, eyed her pussy and ass holes, then aligned his
multi-tasking penis' and drove two each into each hole; Amy continued to
scream until she passed out as Ar'Nox fucked her with his four erections as
he stuck his double tongue down her throat.

Nick attempted to pull Amy off of the multiple cocks, but Ar'Nox simply swat
him out of the way as he continued fucking Amy mercilessly as her body
bounced and jiggle on his appendages.

Amy started coming around to consciousness as she twisted in mid air, feeling
each of the many erections sliding in and out of her many orifices, two rough
erection devices slid and crawled in and out of her pussy as three more
squirmed inside her ass, the final probe was deep in her mouth, tickling and
shooting out a slimy alien sperm that tasted like an acidic limon aide, but
warm and slimy as Amy swallowed the stuff.

Ar'Nox lay motionless and quiet a moment atop Amy's naked, a wonderfully warm
and slimed body, then he pulled his appendages from her holes.

Amy sit up, wiping her body with her hand and flinging the green slime from
off her, "Ooo, why are you so slimy? I could live with the many poke and
strokes, but this slime."

"Amy, that's not slime, that's a mating season's sperm." explained Ar'Nox as
his body returned to it's human form, he studied Amy's body as she cleaned
herself with a rag, "Our women wear their slime with pride, it proves they
have been impregnated."

Amy's eyes grew wide as she looked up at Ar'Nox, "Impregnated! I can't be

"Sorry Amy, but when we mate, the females do get impregnated." said Ar'Nox.

Amy stomped from the room and headed for the shower, stammering, "I can't be
pregnant, we just fucked; although he did fuck my brains out, bathing my
whole body in his alien sperm, but I can not be pregnant!" Amy stopped at
Nick's door and opened it, yelling to him, "Nick! That dam alien fucked me
and spermed me all over, help me clean up and then to be on the safe side,
fuck me until your little pecker falls off." Amy turned and walked to the
shower, followed by Nick.

"Amy!, if he got you pregnant, then there's nothing I can do, unless my sperm
could out race his to your egg, but then you would still be pregnant, this
time by me; now if I could use dad's time machine, we could go back in time
and kidnap you in the past, encase your eggs with a alien sperm shield, then
you couldn't get pregnant."

"Then let's do it" said Amy as she turned to face her brother, who pushed her
to the chair where Amy sit down as Nick spread her legs, stepped in between
them as he dropped his pants, pulled his stiff cock from his pants and
inserted it into Amy's snatch, pushing it all the way in and then fucking her
until he shot off his load into his sister.

"Now, I've place my sperm specimens inside to impregnate you, now let's wash
you off, then I'll fuck you again before we travel back into time, just to be
safe." said Nick as he pulled his cock out, stroked it and shot some sperm
onto Amy. "Oops! Well, that was a little extra."

"Bull shit! you just wanted to fuck me." Said Amy as she eyed her little
lying demon of a brother.

Nick and Amy stepped into the shower, turned the water on full as Nick washed
and scrubbed Amy down, probing her snatch with his finger and a small hose as
he washer her out. Then Nick played with Amy's butt and pussy, then he turned
her as he mounted her, pushing her against the shower wall and fucked her two
more times.

Freshly screwed by Nick, Amy took her little brother to their father's lab
and warmed up the Szalinski time machine.

Amy put on a short skirt, blouse and her boots; then she was about to step in
when she cramped and fell to the floor, she felt a pressure below her belly
as her womb expanded, and to Nick's amazement, he watched Amy go from a
minute of pregnancy to the full nine month period as she spread her legs,
straining as she lifted her ass off the floor with her legs, and then pushing
with her stomach muscles as she strained to push the 'baby' out.

Nick watched as Ar'Nox came in to see what was causing all the screams then
bent down to help Amy give birth to their baby.

Amy felt the head come first, then the whole body with a bubble of slime as
it spilled to the floor as one, then two babies came out; one was alien with
Amy's hair, the other was a human female that had to be a product of her and
Nicks screwing.

"Oh! My babies," cried Amy as she wanted to hold them.

Ar'Nox handed Amy her little human girl so that she could cradle her as
Ar'Nox kept the half Alien baby which looked human, but with a green tint to
her skin.

"Okay Ar'Nox. Let me hold her too." said Amy as she cradled the little girl
in her left hand.

Ar'Nox handed the baby to Amy as she held and loved them both, then looking
at Nick, said, "Look Nick you're a daddy."

"Yeah, I'm eleven years old and a father by fucking my sister. Tell me sis,
is that my daughter or my sister?" asked Nick.

"Your daughter of course." said Amy as she enjoyed her babies and then asked,
"Shouldn't we go to the hospital."

"No Amy! How would we register their births, born of Amy and an Alien, or
Baby of Amy and Nick Szalinski."

Ar'Nox pondered a moment then decided as he ordered, "Nick, we have to
activate your father's time machine and go back in time and give Amy a birth
control injection.

"What! I want my babies, I don't want to change their existence." protested

Szalinski looked at Amy, one baby in one arm, the other sucking on her tit;
"Okay Amy Szalinski, Nick and I shall travel to Zblatt and register your
babies there, so you stay here Amy Szalinski, we shall be back in a minute."

Ar'Nox and Nick enter the attic as Ar'Nox got into the transporter; Nick
adjusted the dials to the coordinates to the planet Zblatt. Ar'Nox's image
wavered as the power surged then flashed as he disappeared.

Ar'Nox appeared, not on a planet, but in time, he was on Earth, but twenty
four hours in the yesterday.

Ar'Nox was standing outside the Szalinski residence and saw the lights going
out; he waited an hour then used his device on his belt to enter the home,
by-passing the security alarms. He pat Quark on the head, then sneaked up the
stairs, stopping just out of sight in the shadows as he watched Nick leaving
Amy's room, then he heard a noise as Amy's father opened his bedroom door and
walked over to Amy's room. Ar'Nox listened at the door as he heard spring
sounds, grunts and popping sounds coming from within, Wayne is fucking Amy,
Amy groans and screaming in orgasm as Wayne thrusts into her one final time
and spews his load into her, then standing up, putting his bottoms on as he
leaves Amy naked and exhausted atop the bed.

Ar'Nox had moves back to the shadows as Wayne goes back to his room. Ar'Nox
thought to himself, "Woo, Wayne pops the daughter, they must really like
having fun; Nick pops the daughter; hell, I pop the daughter; but this time
I have to spurt a load of birth control anti-sperm cells into Amy's vagina."

Ar'Nox opens the door and sees Amy naked on the bed, belly down and ass up.
Ar'Nox drops his pants, allowing his three erect penis' to stand forth, then
he jerks on all three, bringing them to almost spurting their loads; quickly
he moves up onto the bed as he spreads Amy's legs and thrust one cock into
Amy's ass, and then shoves the two others into her pussy; bracing himself he
thrusts, twists and pushes his cock's all the way, deep into Amy Szalinski,
and with three quick thrusts he deposits his load into her, the load was so
much that it spilled out of her ass and snatch; and as he withdrew his cocks
he squirts his second load onto Amy's back, bathing her in anti-sperm.
"There! marked my territory."

Ar'Nox's body flickers as he disappeared back into his present, Amy's future.

Ar'Nox felt a surge of energy come over his body as he realized he had
returned to himself from a time phase.

Nick was showing Ar'Nox Wayne's new transporter when Amy walked in to see
what they were doing, "Nick!, you know daddy isn't ready for a test with
that, Ar'Nox will have to wait until daddy gets home."

"When will Wayne get home Amy Szalinski?" asked Ar'Nox.

"Mom just phoned, and she said it would probably be nine before they get
home." explains Amy as she went over and starts shooing Ar'Nox and Nick, "Now
shoo, you guys might trip a switch."

Ar'Nox turns around and starts for the door when his arm trips a switch as
Amy, Nick and Ar'Nox stop and looks at each other. The room fills with light,
then a sucking sound, then the light fades. Nick, Amy and Ar'Nox look at
each other to see what has happened as they pat down their bodies, then they
realize, they are all naked, Amy's nipples were erect and as hard as steel
(again), Nick's penis goes erect and points upward as it is so hard and hot;
Ar'Nox, his sexual organs are all erect and sticking straight up and very
large, long, green and dripping liquid, his eyes are glowing red as he grabs
Amy, who is screaming as he wrestles her in his arms, he turns her around,
holds her up in the air, eyes her pussy and ass holes, then aligned his
multi-tasking penis' and drives two each into each of her holes; Amy
continues to scream as she feels the large multi appendages slide into her
until she passed out, Ar'Nox fucks her with his four erections, he rams his
double tongue down her throat as he kissed and licked her insides.

Nick attempts to pull Ar'Nox off Amy, but Ar'Nox simply swat him out of the
way as he continues to fuck Amy mercilessly.

Amy began to come around as she twists her body onto the alien penetrations,
she felt the many erections sliding in and out of her many orifices, two
rough erection devices slid and crawled in and out of her pussy as three more
squirmed inside her ass as the final probe was deep in her mouth, tickling
and shooting out a slimy alien sperm that tasted like an acidic lemon aide,
but warm and slimy as Amy swallowed the stuff.

Ar'Nox lay quietly a moment, atop Amy's naked and wonderfully warm slimy
body, then he pulls his appendages from her many holes.

Amy sit up, wiping her body with her hand and flinging the green slime from
off her, "Ooo, why are you so slimy? I could live with the many poke and
strokes, but this slime."

"Wow, that was fun; Oh, Amy, that's not slime, that's a mating season's
sperm." explains Ar'Nox as his body returns to it's human form, he studies
Amy's body as she cleans herself with a rag, "Our women wear their slime
with pride, it proves they have been impregnated."

Amy's eyes grew wide as she looks up at Ar'Nox, "Impregnated! I can't be

"Sorry Amy, but when we mate, the females do get impregnated." said Ar'Nox.

Amy stomped from the room and headed for the shower, stammering, "I can't be
pregnant, we just fucked; although he did fuck my brains out, bathing my
whole body in his alien sperm, but I can not be pregnant!" Amy stopped at
Nick's door and opened it, yelling to him, "Nick! That dam alien fucked me
and spermed me all over, help me clean up and then to be on the safe side,
fuck me until your little pecker falls off." Amy turned and walked to the
shower, followed by Nick.

"Amy!, if he got you pregnant, then there's nothing I can do, unless my sperm
could out race his to your egg, but then you would still be pregnant, this
time by me; now if I could use dad's time machine, we could go back in time
and kidnap you in the past, encase your eggs with an alien sperm shield, then
you couldn't get pregnant."

"Then let's do it" said Amy as she turned to face her brother, who
immediately pushed her to the chair where Amy sit down as Nick spread her
legs, stepped in between them as he dropped his pants, pulled his stiff cock
from his pants and inserted it into Amy's snatch, pushing it all the way in
and then fucking her until he shot off his load into his sister.

"Now, I've place my sperm specimens inside to impregnate you, now let's wash
you off, then I'll fuck you again before we travel back into time." said Nick
as he pulls his cock out, stroked it and shot another load of sperm onto Amy.
"Oops! Well, that was a little extra."

"I know, marking your territory." added Amy as she looks at her little dweeb
of a brother.

Nick and Amy step into the shower, turned the water on full as Nick washes
and scrubs Amy down, probing her snatch with his finger and a small hose as
he washes her out. Then Nick played with Amy's butt and pussy; he got horny
and turns her as he then forces to bend over and mounts her, pushes her
against the shower wall and fucks her hard, her ass is being pounded by the
shower as Nick slams his balls and thighs against Amy's butt cheeks, making
a slapping sound that reverberates in the shower stall, his cock sliding in
and out her hot canyon of hot flesh until her feels his balls about to break
as he strains hard against Amy's buttocks, his cock slammed as far as it
will reach inside her until he feels his cock launch his seed into her.

Amy claws at the shower wall as she feels her brother's sperm spray her
insides as she senses her own orgasm being released by her body, she strains
and jerks as her body reacts to Nicks fucking.

Freshly screwed by Nick, Amy took her little brother to their father's lab
and warmed up the Szalinski time machine.

Ar'Nox walked in, looked at Amy and commented in a shocked exclamation, "Amy
Szalinski, you're not pregnant?"

Amy turned to Ar'Nox, asking, "What do you mean not pregnant? You were so

"Yes, If I screwed you and deposited sperm inside you, you should be
delivering by now."

"Woo, wait a minute, even I know that humans gestate and carry a baby for
nine months." said Amy as she gestured with her hands up.

Ar'Nox then assured her, "It doesn't matter Amy, my sperm would have
increased the rate to less than an hour, unless."

"Unless what?" asked Amy as she stared at Ar'Nox.

Ar'Nox lifted Amy's skirt and stuck his finger up her snatch, thrust it deep
inside her and twisted it arounds as Amy squirmed at the intrusion. Amy's
eyes rolled back as she had a hoe hum attitude as Ar'Nox continued to finger
fuck her until she finally came, her body jerked and then shot body fluid all
over Ar'Nox's hand as he pulled his finger up, sniffed it, licked it, then
commented, "Ah shit, you were pregnant, but I must have traveled back in time
and filled your pussy with anti-sperm." Ar'Nox looked at Amy, who was so
horny from his fingers fucking her, she had Nick's cock and stroking it until
it was hard, then inserted it as she rode the pole, humping and grinding her
pussy atop her brother's cock.

Ar'Nox noted she was enjoying it so much, he released his cocks and mounted
Amy, knowing that she would be safe from getting pregnant for the next six
months as he bumped and thrust his cock into her butt, he told her, "Happy
birthday Amy Szalinski."

Nick also said, "Yeah Sis, happy fucking day." Nick grabbed Amy's tits with
his hands and gripped in as Amy ground her pussy into Nick.

Gritting her teeth, Amy ground her pussy on top of Nick's cock as Ar'Nox
fucked her in the ass, and as his other cocks had no room in Amy's pussy,
Amy grabbed one in each hand and stroked them as Ar'Nox shoved his last one
in front of her mouth as Amy stared at the Alien cock saying, "Oh yeah! Fuck
me guys, hard, deep, thrust it bad dam-it."

"Oh shut up human bitch!" said Ar'Nox as he shoved his last cock into her
mouth and down her throat.

Amy now rode Nick's hard cock as Ar'Nox two cocks were shoved deep into her
ass and pumping vigorously as two of his other cocks were being jerked off by
Amy's talented hands while he drove his fifth cock down Amy's throat as he
face fucked her.

Two hours later, all three had their orgasms. Ar'Nox sprayed his sperm into
Amy, and all over her hands as Nick blew his load into her pussy; there was
so much sperm being sprayed at one time, sperm ejected through Amy's nose,
mouth and every other overflow point. The three, now naked and dripping of
human and alien jizm, Amy walked back to her bed, mumbled, "I could of had
babies, ... who knows, maybe in a parallel universe I have my babies."

Amy lay naked atop the bed and in a few minutes she was deeply sound asleep.

Nick had collapsed from exhaustion and lay naked on his bed, face up with his
cock limp across his belly.

Ar'Nox staggered down the street on his way to his space ship, his organs
dried of fluid and sperm, limp and hanging, Amy had dried him up and he had
to return home to recharge.

Quark watched the strange Alien leave and immediately ran up stairs to Amy's
room, sniffed around and found her on her bed naked, he sniffed between her
legs, found the sperm covering her legs and began licking until he was
stroking his tongue deep into her snatch. Amy who is deep within her sleep,
feels the rough tongue searching her inner vagina as she becomes aroused to
her pet dog's intrusion. Quart smells Amy's female scent and becomes aroused
as he begins whining, searching butt for the need that he needs so well; it's
no problem with the dog bitches, but Amy was different. Quark pots the hole
his tongue has been working, then he spots the butt hole and now ponders
which is the Amy hole he wants. Quark then decides to try one, his dog cock
is hard and ready, he just needs the sleeve to put it in, so he plunges hard
at the easiest one, and he finds a home as his cock slithers into Amy hair
covered cunt, he then locks his legs on Amy's hips and begins pumping his
cock in and out of her pussy.

Amy feels it working her as she gets hot with a need to reach an orgasm as
her snatch tightens onto her dog's cock. Quark yelps as her cunt muscles grip
his cock as he pounds onward through her tight muscles until his ball pops
inside Amy's cunt, he turns around and faces away with his butt to Amy's
butt, his dog cock is deep inside her as his doggy knot empties his load into
her pussy.

Wayne and Diane pulled up into the driveway late, entered their home as he
activates the home security, he follows his Diane to bed; after an hour of
fucking his wife, Wayne gets up as usual, heads to the restroom, then on his
way back, stops to see Amy, he saw her naked butt, with quark asleep at the
foot of her bed; as he watches her dreaming, her little tight ass rises and
lowers as if she was fucking someone, he got another boner from watching
Amy's butt so he enters her room, drops his pants, steps out of them and
heads for the his sweet daughter's enticing ass.

Spreading Amy's legs, Wayne crawls up onto the bed between her legs and
spreads them wider as he shoves his hard cock into his daughter's pussy,
inserting it all the way in before Amy woke up to feel her father holding
her shoulders down as he continues to fuck her, grinding and twisting his
cock deep inside her pussy as Amy begins to moan in pleasure, gritting her
teeth as Wayne continues to fuck her from behind.

Just before he empties his load into Amy, he pulls out and turns Amy onto
her back as she lifts her legs up and spread them wide again as she waits
for her father to reenter her waiting and inviting snatch. Wayne placed
the head of his penis against her clitoris, then pushes it slowly into her
until his balls press hard against her, he begins to thrust into her again
as Amy locks her legs around her Father's waist.

Amy's butt moves with Wayne's thrusts and body twists as he slams his twelve
inch cock into her snatch, pushing into her hard and fast as he slams the
head of his cock against her womb, then he slowly pulls his cock almost out,
leaving the head just inside her cunt lips, then he thrusts hard again as
her pussy gripped his cock tightly.

Amy grips her father tightly with her legs and arms as Wayne shoves cock hard
into her, feeling it slide past the tight Szalinski grip of her vagina, she
grunts and she tightens up her stomach muscles as Wayne forces himself even
harder into her tight snatch. The two lovers fight each other as they force
themselves together, slamming cock to snatch, butt to pelvis as they fuck
harder and harder until Wayne can stand the delay any longer, he arches his
back as Amy grips and hangs onto her father, her muscles aching as she
strains to hold onto her feelings a little longer and then neither to
restrain as they both felt their orgasms release, their bodies jerk, spew
and spray as they lose their energy in their ecstasy.

Wayne lays naked atop Amy, his cock limp and slipping from her snatch as
they lay quiet. the image fades as Nick turns his camera off, notes aloud to
himself as he releases his DVD disk from the recorder in his computer, "Now
that is pure porno; that will sell for fifty bucks a disk."

Amy lay quiet in her bed with Wayne asleep on top of her naked body, she
leans her head back to look up out her window to see a light travel across
the night sky as she says, "Good night Ar'Nox, have a safe trip; I hope my
children are safe, where ever they are."


The Series ended, but not the plots, I hope you enjoy the memories that could
have been; perhaps they were, somewhere out there in the other dimensions of
time and space.


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