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Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Honey, I Can't Help Myself (f/f,inc,solo)
by Frodo Baggins

Amy was home alone, having just got done with school. She was a natural-born
redhead, with shoulder-length wavy hair and a body to die for. Firm tits
burst off of a toned body, with only traveled down to an excellent set of
fleshed-out thighs and a rounded ass. Bored as any teenager after a day of
trying to understand teachers who didn't care whether their students learned
or not, she was also assaulted with a pesky case of the munchies.

"Uh, there's nothing to eat!" Amy scrounged through the fridge, looking for
whatever it was she was craving. Slamming the refrigerator door, she gave up
her hunt. Besides being bored and hungry, now she was frustrated as well.
This was turning into a pretty bad day.

Moving to the living room, she flipped on the TV. A rerun of Saved by the
Bell was on. Looked like Screech was causing some wacky antics for Zack
and the gang. It was a typical episode, and she had seen it before, so she
decided to spice it up a little bit. Amy flipped on the Szalinksi
Plot-O-Matic. Guaranteed to make any episode different than you remembered
it, the machine was still in testing.

Kelly as always entered the cheerleader's locker room and began to change.
She seemed to be quite excited from the practice that day. Then strangely
enough Jessie came in, dressed in a cheerleader's outfit as well. The two
of them chatted about the day's events; they began to undress for a shower.
This time though, the camera didn't cut to afterwards, but continued to stay
on the two young women. And then things began to get VERY different than
what Amy had ever seen on the show.

Kelly stepped into the shower, the water bouncing off of her nubile bod.
Jessie then stepped behind her and reached around to grab one of Kelly's
breasts with one hand and the other went south to Kelly's crotch.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good after today. Please don't stop."

"Don't worry sweetie, you're going to feel even better when I get done with
you." With that, Jessie turned Kelly around and plunged her tongue down
Kelly's throat. Both of Jessie's hands were busy manipulating Kelly's
breasts, tweaking her nipples, stroking her ass. Amy felt a little flushed,
but couldn't make herself turn the program off. Instead, she found own hand
trailing down towards the waistband of her jeans and feeling the mounds
beneath her t-shirt.

As the two actresses explored the others' body, Amy found herself getting
more and more turned on. Jessie's head was making a trail of butterfly
kisses down Kelly's body, from her breasts, to her belly button, to the
outside of her thighs. In a rush of action, she flipped her head upward and
speared Kelly's cunt with her tongue. Amy's hand and fingers followed the
path of Jessie's tongue, and found two of her fingers buried in her burning
snatch. Amy tweaked her nipples, playing with the hard nubbins until she
could take the torture anymore. Both her hands met between her legs as she
rubbed and fingered her way closer to explosion. Both Kelly and Amy were
beginning to feel the approach of their orgasms.

"Ohh...Jessie, don't stop. Please don't stop. I'm so close. Yes, yes,

"Mmm, cummingggg" Amy's fingers pumped in and out, in and out, juices
running down her legs and soaking her jeans piled at her knees. Amy kept
playing with herself, feeling every orgasm grow as the previous faded away.
Finally, her body shaking uncontrollably, her hands and arms couldn't take
any more and she finished with a howl that would have put Quark (the family
dog) to shame.


As she felt the glow leave her, she realized that she wasn't satisfied. She
needed actual human contact. Then she remembered her dad's Szalinkski
Intimacy-Initiator. She ran upstairs to the lab where Wayne kept all of his

The Intimacy-Initiator was a spray bottle that was designed to release a
certain pheremone calibrated to one person's DNA. The only problem was that
in order for the spray to work, the subject had to be sampled and entered and
the correct pheremone produced.

Amy searched for a bit, and found the device. She checked the bottle, and
sure enough, her mom Diane was entered into the device. Diane Szalinski was
a woman who not only had aged gracefully, it almost seemed like she hadn't
aged at all since her late twenties. She resembled Amy in body type, same
breasts, legs, and ass, but the only real difference between the two lay in
her short blond hair. Amy intended to see if the carpet matched the

She quickly timed out how things would work. Nick (her little brother) was
late after school with the Little Inventor's Club, and her dad was pulling
late nights at work trying to keep up with his boss. That left the house to
her and her mom for at least two hours.

When Amy heard the door slam and the usual "I'm home" resound from the front
door, she quickly grabbed the bottle and got ready to give her mother a
greeting she'd never forget.

As Diane got near the kitchen, she saw and smelt the aroma of burning dinner.
She entered the kitchen to see a frying pan billowing black smoke and Amy
pushing it into the sink and coughing. Both Diane and Amy tried to wave the
smoke out the windows and keep the sprinkler system from going off, but the
smell still lingered of fried somethinggonewrong. Diane saw Amy spray
something that was probably air freshner around the kitchen.

"Sorry mom, guess that my attempt at making dinner didn't work out as well
as it could have. It was really going to be spicy.guess it'll be TV dinners
tonight." Amy then bent down to search through the freezer. With her back
turned, Diane didn't see the smirk on her face.

Diane saw the denim-clad posterior of her daughter presented to her, and
found herself thinking "wow, that looks good enough to eat. No! That's
your baby there...but she DOES seems to have grown up quite nicely."

"So mom, what'll it be? Chicken or beef?" Then Amy felt two hands squeezing
her ass, and felt a finger trace the space between her legs.

"How about we make our own dinner. This time I'll cook and it'll be extra
hot!" Hearing those words, Amy stood up and turned around into the
passionate embrace of the blond bomb that was her mom.

Diane was a bit shocked when Amy turned around so quickly into her embrace,
but she was so horny she really didn't care why. Amy's lips met Diane's,
their mouths open and their tongues winding around each other. Both were
already breathing heavily and both felt themselves getting damp.

"Oh god Mom, I need you so bad right now. I'm so horny that I feel like I'm
going to come right now."

"Well then, let me make sure that you don't have all the fun right away".

Diane's hands slithered up under Amy's tight shirt and groped her daughter's
full breasts through her bra. Amy was beginning to moan at the sensations
that her mother's hands were causing, and found herself replying to the
ministrations by stroking Diane's ass and almost lifted her off the ground.

Diane grabbed the clasp on the front of her daughter's bra, and felt the
globes break free. Amy's shirt was quickly removed and Diane's mouth covered
one of rose-red nipples while one hand tweaked the other and the other hand
traced Amy's belly button. "Moooommmmm, please, don't, stop! Hurry, I feel
like I'm going... to... burst!"

Diane's reply was to unbutton Amy's jeans and quickly pull them down to her
knees. Amy's moans were becoming mixed with panting as Diane trailed her
tongue down her daughter's nubile body. When she reached the light blue of
her panties, she couldn't resist the urgings of her body anymore, and torn
the fabric away to reveal the lightly covered reddish hair of Amy's cunt.

Diane plunged her face in between her daughter's legs and was greeted by the
musky aroma and sweet taste of her daughter's secretions. Diane's tongue
pressed between the outer folds of Amy's vagina, and penetrated into the pink
pleasure center of her being. Amy's reply was to grab the back of Diane's
head and push it forward while humping her hips forward, trying to get her
mom's tongue into her further.

Diane's assault was becoming more aggressive as she twirled her tongue around
inside her daughter moved upwards to her clit. She bit down gently on the
bud, causing her daughter to squeal. Amy's cries were becoming so loud that
she was wondering if the entire neighborhood was hearing her, but she really
didn't care. She went beyond any rational thinking, and reverted to a primal
being intent on only one thing, release.

"Please mom, let me cum, let me cum let me, let me, let me... ooooohhhh
goooooodddddd!!!" Diane was treated to a river of nectar flowing from the
well of her daughter's cunt, and she wasn't going to miss a drop. As Amy's
breath returned, she told Diane "OK, now let me try to return the favor."

Amy grabbed onto her mom's blouse and ripped it open, buttons flying around
the room. Diane's bra was next to go, followed quickly by her skirt. In a
matter of seconds Amy's frenzied movements had reduced her mother to her
birthday suit. And then she was on her back, staring at her daughter's mass
of blond hair between her legs.

Amy kissed the inside of her mother's left thigh, then her right. She slowly
trailed her tongue over the trimmed line of her mother's blond pubic hair,
and then followed the skin to the bottom of her beautiful ass. Then she
pulled her tongue up along the full length of her mother's slit, reveling
in the taste that was already flowing. When she saw the tiny mound of her
clit, she placed her lips over it and applied a small bit of suction. Diane
shrieked, "Oh, baby, keep going! That feels better than anything I've ever
felt! Ugghhhh!"

Amy continued to suck the bud, and while doing so moved one finger into
Diane's passage. First one, then two, and finally three were pistoning in
and out of the burning channel. For every pump, Amy would squeeze down on
Diane with her teeth, causing electricity to shoot through her body and Diane
to convulse in ecstacy.

"Uh, uh, uh, UH, OHHH, FUUUUCCKKK MEEEE!!!" Diane's limbs were
uncontrollable. Amy felt hands on the back of her head pushing her in, but
she couldn't have pulled out if she had wanted to because Diane's firm thighs
were clamped around her head and holding her tightly in place. Diane was
riding orgasm after orgasm, all building up to a resounding crash that left
her breathless.

Amy moved up to Diane's face and both exchanged deep kisses, tasting each
others' juices on the others' tongue. Both women stroked the other slowly,
enjoying the afterglow. But neither was satisfied yet. Diane looked into
Amy's eye with a wicked gleam, and slid down her body and turned herself

Amy was confused what was going to happen, but Diane just grinned at her.
Diane scisorred her long legs between Amy's, and scooted her sex closer to
Amy's. Amy began to wonder what was about to happen, and her heart began to
beat faster and her juices started to flow again.

The two women moved closer, and then contact was felt. Amy couldn't believe
how sensitive her pussy felt! She could feel her mom's clit buzzing against
hers, and every movement she made she could hear Diane's encouragement.

"Yes, that's it Amy. Oh, now slide opposite me.yes, like OH YES, just like
that! Ohhh, that feels sooo goooood!" The heat coming from each woman's
crotch only added to the eroticism of the moment. Diane reached out for
Amy's hand, and pulled her tighter against her own steaming cunt.

As red and yellow hair mixed to form an orange that only mirrored the heat
coming from between the two women, Diane reached one hand up to twist Amy's
nipple, and used the other to pull Amy in for a deep kiss. Amy's hands
mimiced the actions of her mother, but both hands were behind Diane's head
and pulling her closer. Both were lost in the frenzy of grinding pussy and
probing tongues.

Amy couldn't believe the feeling that was coming out of her cunt. It was so
slick from her juices, but she could feel the friction created as Diane's
hair rubbed against clit. Both mother and daughter were closing in on one
final orgasm.

"Oh yes, please mom, in meeee!!! AAAAUUUGHHH!!" Amy's
hips gyrated back and forth across her mom's slit, and she sucked on one of
the nipples that she had originally nursed on.

"OHHH Ammmyyyy!!!! I love you!!! Just don't stop! Don't, stop, don't,
stop, I can feel you coming, YESSSS!!!!" Both women exploded into the
other's crack, their juices mixing together and pouring onto the floor
between the two.

Both lay on the floor, exhausted. Diane didn't know what had come over her,
but she knew that her relationship between herself and her daughter would
never be the same again. She lay on top of Amy and kissed her softly. Amy
could only smile. She'd have to remember if her Dad had any more toys that
she could use later.


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