This story is fictional, not to be taken seriously. This story is not to be
read by anyone under 18.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids/The Jersey: Morgan And Amy Part 1
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected]) (M/F,f/f,f-solo,size,morph)

Amy Szalinski was a pretty 16 year old red haired girl with a great body,
nice sized breasts and a sexy ass. Her father was Wayne Szalinski a scientist
and inventor who became famous with his shrinking ray. He was always coming
up with new inventions some of which he tried out around the house. Amy on
this morning was using her dad's auto-clothes-Chooser machine. She decided on
a black skirt and a white silk blouse along with black thigh high stockings
and black slip-on shoes. Amy combed back her beautiful red hair and put on
her gold hoop earrings.

Amy was hoping to catch the eye of Mike, the star of the football team. Amy
drove to school that morning, her outfit got her looks from a lot of the
guys. Unfortunately though Mike, who had a girlfriend hardly noticed her at
all. Amy was frustrated, it seemed impossible to get Mike to notice her. Amy
went to basketball practice after school. This was something she usually
looked forward to, but after spending all day trying to seduce Mike she was
eager for this day to be over. Entering the locker room the coach had an
announcement. "Ladies, we have a new player this is Morgan Hudson a transfer

Practice started and it was apparent that the team had a new star basketball
player in Morgan Hudson. Amy was impressed with Morgan, but not just for her
basketball game. Morgan had the classic look of a girl-jock, not big-chested,
very slender, she had dark auburn almost black hair tied back, her ass was
fit and very sexy. You see Amy had been having lesbian thoughts for quite a
while, and seeing this attractive new girl had these feelings coming to the
surface. Little did Amy know it but Morgan was also a closet lesbian.

After practice Amy couldn't help but still a glance over at Morgan as Morgan
undressed. Morgan slid off her practice T-shirt to reveal a black sports bra,
when her shorts came off Amy was pleased to see that Morgan wearing lacey
black panties. Amy watched as Morgan pulled off her sports bra and slid her
lacey underwear down past her slender legs, exposing a trimmed dark bush. Amy
was so tempted to touch herself under her white cotton panties right there at
her locker, seeing the amazing body of this beautiful girl. Amy got undressed
herself and grabbed a towel and made her way to the shower.

She stole a glance at a naked Morgan again, but when Morgan looked her way
Amy turned her head. Morgan saw what was going on though it was apparent that
this attractive redhead was checking her out. Morgan eyed Amy's body she had
the hottest ass she had ever seen. It was quite apparent that Amy was a
natural red head by the red mound between her white legs. What Morgan liked
best though was Amy's firm breasts and erect pink nipples as the cold water
hit them. Morgan wasn't sure how to go about this, she hardly knew this girl
and what if she wasn't into sex with others girls?

After they showered all the girls got dressed, Morgan couldn't help but stare
at Amy's heavy breasts as they became trapped in her lacey white bra as she
dressed. After Morgan was dressed she walked by Amy and casually said,"See
you tomorrow Amy."

Amy was glad to see Morgan knew her name already and that she talked to her,
"Bye, Morgan" she responded. Amy caught another look at Morgan's cute butt
in tight tan pants as she walked out. Amy knew she would have to let her
feelings known soon but as much as she didn't want to, she was gonna be

Later that night, Wayne Szalinski was working on a new invention, this one
was for personal use. It was him and his wife Diane's anniversary. This was
to be a huge surprise for her as he made a potion to make his cock bigger.
He was already a modest 6 inches but as he sprayed the formula on himself he
doubled in size to an impressive 12 inches.

Unknown to him though there was a leak in the bottle, he left a puddle of the
potion on the floor out in the hallway.

He smiled proudly as he walked to his bedroom in his robe. In there was his
gorgeous wife Diane. He was such a lucky man to have a sexy woman who
seemingly hadn't aged since he married her when she was twenty years old. Her
body was still very fit, she had short blonde hair a great tan sexy longs
legs that went up to a sexy ass. Her breasts were not big but they were the
perfect shape. Ready for a night of lovemaking with her husband Diane was
dressed sexy!

She had on a short red nightie that showed off her long legs. It was cut low
in front displaying her cleavage, underneath the nightie she was wearing a
red G-string and red high heels. Seeing this perfect beauty in front of him,
Wayne dropped his robe displaying his huge cock. Diane couldn't believe her
eyes at size of the cock in front of her.

"Happy Anniversary baby," smiled Wayne.

Diane smiled back as she sat on the bed and responded, "Why don't you bring
my present over here honey?"

Wayne walked over to Diane, Diane took his schlong in her hand and stuck
out her tongue to lick the head of his cock. Wayne moaned as her tongue
flickering got him to maximum hardness. Diane's tongue went up and down his
foot long rod, up and down faster and faster. She started sucking his balls
as her hand stroked his shaft up and down. Wayne reached down to squeeze
wife's firm breasts through her sexy red nightie. Diane then opened her mouth
and slid his cock past her red lips. Wayne felt his shaft slid down her
velvet smooth throat.

Her mouth was warm and it was a heavenly feeling as Diane tried to deep
throat him. She took inch by inch inside her mouth, she regulated her
breathing and took a full 10 inches in her mouth. Diane reached down to her
G-string and slid a hand down it, her fingers slid inside her blonde snatch.
She began finger-fucking herself while swallowing her husband's monster size
dick. Wayne slid her red straps down exposing her perky breasts. He fondled
them strongly as he pinched her hard nipples. Diane finally took the rest of
him inside her mouth, she was deep throating all 12 inches! The incredible
feeling was indescribable for Wayne, he didn't wanna cum yet. Even though
seeing Diane's sexy face covered in his cum was a hot though, he didn't wanna
shoot his wad yet.

Wayne pulled his wife to a standing position as he dropped to his knees, he
pulled down her nightgown leaving her in a G-string and high heels. Then her
G-String was pulled down and he buried his face in her blonde cunt. Diane
wrapped a leg around his shoulder as her husband spread her pussy lips and
tongued her clit. Diane got hot as he started biting on it then sucking and
tonguing it. She dug her high heels into his back as his tongue made her
squirm. Diane moaned in pleasure as he grabbed her perfect ass and ate her
pussy out.

Diane found it hard to stand as his tongue lashing made her week in the
knees. Diane wanted his cock in the worst way, she pushed him off and ordered
him, "fuck me honey fuck me now!" Wayne didn't need to be asked twice. He
laid on the bed and his wife crawled on top of him she aimed his cock at her
moist cunt.

His cock entered inside her, as her pussy was stretched to accommodate his
huge cock. She started to ride him up and down trying to get more and more
of his foot long meat inside her. "Oh Diane yes, oh ride it baby, faster,
faster, oh your so fucking hot." Wayne grabs her firm ass and forces more of
his cock inside her as she's given the ride of her life. Her pussy was filled
with his giant rod as she rode him hard till her pussy had every inch inside
of her and she was jumping up and down on his big boner. Wayne grabbed her
tits and sucked on them as her ass slapped against his balls as she rode him
up and down. Wayne felt his balls building up, he was about to spill his load
soon. Diane beat him to it though she was unable to hold back and she came
all over his cock. "Ohhh Wayne honey, ohhh fuck yes, yeeeeesssssssssssss!"
Her body released, her cunt muscles tightened and her sweet pussy juices
dripped down her husbands balls.

Her muscles squeezing his cock was to much for him and he came, and came a
lot inside his wife. He came deep inside her screaming, "Yeah, baby! Oh, yes,
I'M cumming!!"

The two kissed deeply and lay in bed together. "Happy Anniversary, darling,"
said Wayne. Diane smiled sweetly and rested her head on his chest, it was the
best sex they had, they held each other close and went to sleep.

Amy was in her room, she had a lot on her mind so she was finding it hard to
sleep. These concerns were besides the normal concerns of school, and what
crazy invention her dad had made that she had to watch out for. She had to
face the facts she was into girls, more specifically Morgan Hudson the new
girl at school. She had no idea how to approach her, should she try and
seduce her like she does guys? Amy went to the kitchen, she had the munchies.
Walking around in just a white T-shirt and white cotton panties, Amy was on
her way back to her room after grabbing some cheese puffs.

Then she slipped and fell on a wet spot on the floor, it soaked through her
panties, it looked like water but it had a nice smell to it. Besides that it
gave her crotch a tingling sensation. She went back to her room and ate her
puffs. She lied back and closed her eyes, she thought of Morgan and went
under her panties to feel her pussy. She smiled as she imagined Morgan in the
shower that day, Morgan's body all lathered up with soap. Her orgasm came
very quickly as her panties became even wetter, she softly spoke, "Oh,
Morgan." As her orgasm finally calmed down.

The next day Amy was on her way to school, this day she chose a red mini
skirt and a red sleeveless top along with her red sandals. She was starting
to feel a strange burning sensation between her legs. She dismissed it as
nothing and went to class.

She was looking over her class notes when in walked Morgan. Morgan was
wearing a black top that showed off what cleavage she had. She was also
wearing a thin red skirt that went just past her knees. Her hair was down
for a change and was looking beautiful, along with that was her favorite
silver dangling earrings. Morgan finished off her outfit with black high
heeled sandals. Amy eyed her crush Morgan, as she sat down and crossed her
legs in her desk. Morgan's eyes met Amy's and the two girls shared a smile
then Amy looked away. Morgan liked Amy's sexy glares "I bet you'd really
smile if I was between your legs Amy, you sexy bitch" Morgan thought to

The teacher handed out the test papers to the class. Amy was working on her
test, but still stole glances at the sexy-dressed Morgan. Suddenly Amy felt
a strange sensation between her legs. Not the usual excitement she felt
before, this was like........a growing sensation! Amy found it difficult to
cross her legs with this new growing bulge in her panties. Amy was uneasy
to say the least, what was happening to her? Class finally ended, Amy didn't
know what was going on, but something was trying to poke out of the front of
her mini skirt. Amy was in a hurry to get to the ladies room before someone
noticed. She went into the ladies room and into a stall. She hiked up her
skirt and pulled her panties down to reveal that just above her pussy
was........could it be..... a COCK!!!!!!! It was in fact a 6 inch cock
sticking straight up, it was hard with her staring at Morgan all through

How could this have happened? Amy wondered. Then it made sense, it had to be
one of her dad's inventions girl's don't just grow a cock overnight. Now the
big question was, what should she do? If she was wearing jeans it would be
easy to hide, but she was in a mini skirt, this meant she had to be careful,
especially around Morgan, the way that Morgan excited her.

Amy was able to keep her bulge under control without arousing suspicion.
When her cock was soft she could even cross her legs. She had a couple close
calls off guys trying to look up her skirt, but she was able to keep everyone
from noticing. Then, after her last class was over she was happy to end this
day. She was walking to the parking lot when Morgan caught up with her, "Hey,
Amy, you didn't forget about basketball practice did ya?"

"Oh um no Morgan I.......... just had to run out to my car for just a sec."

"Ok Amy I'll see ya there." Morgan turned to run off and her left breast
accidentally brushed up against Amy's arm.

Amy started feeling the bulge building up in her white silky panties again.
She knew she should skip practice, but looking at Morgan hurrying to the gym
Amy knew she couldn't. "I can do this I just have to be careful" she told

Amy got dressed in her practice shorts and shirt quickly. Then she looked
over Morgan's way. Morgan was dressed except for her bottom half. Amy saw
that Morgan was wearing a black thong, Amy eyed her sexy ass before it
disappeared under the green school shorts.

Amy was able to keep herself under control at practice, trying to keep her
eyes off Morgan. Morgan on the other hand was trying suttle ways to get Amy's
attention. Whether it be tying her shoes bent over in front of Amy, or
lifting her shirt exposing her bra to wipe sweat from her forehead. Amy
really had to restrain herself seeing these inviting situations with Morgan.
When practice ended the coach asked Amy if she could see her. Amy was worried
had the coach noticed something was wrong? Had practice been a bad idea? The
coach told Amy, "You really need to stay after practice and work on your jump

Amy breathed a sigh of relief, this would also make it easier to shower with
her being the last one to leave. She worked hard on her jump shot, til the
coach was satisfied then she made her way to the locker room. Amy got
undressed, she took a look around to be sure she was alone and slid off her
panties, covering her cock quickly with a towel. She went into the shower.
Amy was soaping her body up and was shampooing her hair when someone entered
the shower.

It was Morgan, and Morgan was enjoying the backside view of Amy's ass as she
stood there watching Amy shower. Morgan was fully dressed as she eyed this
sexy redhead. Amy turned around and Morgan saw her beautiful breasts. Then to
Morgan's shocked she saw that Amy had a COCK!!!! How could this be? She had
seen Amy naked before so she knew Amy wasn't a hermaphrodite? Amy didn't move
she was shocked to see Morgan standing there, she thought she was alone.
Worst off all, seeing Morgan, her cock got hard again.

Morgan looked down and smiled at Amy's hard-on, it seemed apparent that
regardless of how Amy had a cock that she was excited to see Morgan. Morgan
saw this as an opportunity (on this day at least) to have the best of both
worlds! Morgan walked up to Amy and softly kissed her on the cheek. Then
kissed her on the mouth. Seeing that Amy wasn't resisting she put her arms
around Amy and kissed her deeply.

The two girls stopped holding back and got into some passionate french
kissing. The two looked deep in each others eyes as the long kiss was finally
broken. Amy spoke, "I'm not sure how this happened Morgan," (looking down
towards her cock), "but I think it has to do with one of my dad's

Morgan smiled, "I'm sure there's a logical explanation Amy, believe me I have
your great body memorized, I would have remembered a cock before!"

Amy was shocked, "Really you find my body sexy?"

"Since the first day we met," smiled Morgan. "Since you do have a cock
though........I might as well make the most of it."

Morgan went to her knees, and took Amy's cock in her mouth. Her black shirt
was getting soaked in the shower water as she gave Amy head, and stuck two
fingers in Amy's fiery red cunt. Morgan sucked off Amy's 6 inch rod, Amy
looked down at Morgan, her hair soaked as her mouth slid up and down Amy's
hard shaft.

Amy was in awe with the double pleasure of having her new cock sucked as
Morgan fingered her pussy. She saw down Morgan's shirt and decided she wanted
it off. So she pulled off Morgan's soaked black shirt revealing a lacey black
bra showing plenty of cleavage. Amy then felt another wave of pleasure as
Morgan's free hand rubbed on, then penetrated Amy's tight ass. Amy was
moaning loudly now and she didn't care who heard her, her biggest fantasy
with her fantasy girl was coming true. "Ohhhh Morgan ohh yesss baby oh God
that feels so fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Morgan looked down to see Morgan
unhook her bra exposing to Amy her breasts, the nipples were dark red and

Amy was unable to stand this pleasure there would be no holding back Amy's
felt herself cumming, it was her pussy that exploded all over Morgan's
fingers. Amy looked down to see Morgan looking up at her with a sexy smile.
Morgan was licking Amy's cum off her fingers, she looked straight at Amy as
she licked the last bit off her finger and told her,"yummy!" Amy brought
Morgan back up and they engaged in another hot kiss, this time the two girls
were topless and they felt their naked breasts and hard nipples pressed
against each other. They both closed their eyes as they loved the erotic
feeling of their nipples against each other.

Amy broke the kiss then went to Morgan's chest, she took a breast in her
mouth practically swallowing the whole tit as her tongue work excited
Morgan's nipple. "Ohhh Amy that feels good, ohh that feels so good" moaned
Morgan as she stroked the redhead's hair. Amy then attacked the other round
breast licking the nipple first this time as her hand unzipped the back of
Morgan's red skirt. Morgan's skirt dropped to the floor leaving her in her
heels and a black thong. Morgan loved the feeling of Amy's mouth all over her
breast, she was in lesbian heaven.

Morgan pulled away from Amy, then being a little bit of a tease she turned
around and shook her cute ass in the thong. Then seeing the lust in Amy's
eyes she pulled her thong down revealing her bare ass to her new friend. Amy
gave a smile of approval, then walked over to kiss Morgan, sliding down to
her neck. Slowly she went down Morgan's body kissing between her breasts as
her hands squeezed her hard nipples. Amy went lower, past Morgan's belly to
her dark pubic hair covered pussy.

This was the moment Morgan had been waiting for, Amy pushed her down to the
hard shower floor. Morgan spread her legs wide as Amy went down on her. She
opened Morgan's pussy and started licking her slit up and down on the inside
of her pussy. Amy stuck her tounge deep inside Morgan's cunt trying to fuck
this sexy girl-jock with her tongue. Morgan pulled on Amy's wet red hair
pulling her more into her pussy. Amy had Morgan so hot she was sure an orgasm
was cumming soon. As the sexy girl gave Morgan's pussy a lick and suck job
that she couldn't take much more of.

Just when she though she was gonna cum Amy pulled back. Morgan's heart sank
in disappointment, had she changed her mind about this? Was Amy gonna let
the whole school know that she (Morgan Hudson) was a dyke? Amy wasn't going
anywhere though, she stood up and started stroking her cock, she gave Morgan
a devilish smile as she told her, "Turn around and get on your knees bitch!"
Morgan got on all fours with her ass in the air. Amy got behind Morgan and
slid her cock inside Morgan. Morgan loved this she was having lesbian sex
with Amy, plus Amy was giving her a hard cock on her knees.

Amy slid her hard tool inside Morgan's tight little box. It was a tight fit
considering the fact that Morgan was a virgin, but Morgan couldn't think of a
better way to lose it than with Amy! Amy got a nice view of what it would
look like to a guy fucking a girl. Morgan's ass looked so good! Especially
with a cock ramming in and out of her pussy from behind. Amy pumped her new
girlfriend hard and whispered in her ear, "That feel good Morgan, you like
that cock?"

"Oh yes Amy ohh please don't stop oh please it feels so good!"

The two girls went at this for a long time Amy sliding her cock in and out of
Morgan while she whispered dirty thoughts in her ears. Morgan loved the feel
of Amy's tits pressed against her back, "There's a bonus that I wouldn't get
from a guy" Morgan thought. Amy reach around and felt up and pinched on
Morgan's nipples. Morgan felt her hymen burst as Amy's dick pounding took her

Amy turned Morgan on her back and started thrusting into Morgan on the hard
floor. Morgan didn't mind the pain her back, she loved the pleasure going
through her body with Amy's cock. Morgan kissed Amy their tongues alive in
each others mouth's as Amy drove her cock deeper inside her lover. She
wrapped her legs around Amy's ass as Amy fucked Morgan's brains out on the
floor of the girl's shower.

Suddenly Amy felt a new sensation this time it was her cock about to come.
"Oh, Morgan my cock is cumming baby!"

Morgan had Amy pull out, then she got on her knees and stuck out her tongue.
"Cum on my face Amy give me your load all over my face!!"

Seeing Morgan's pretty face and hearing her beg for it was more than Amy
could take. She shot her load all Morgan's tongue and cheek and on her chin.
Morgan looked so good with Amy's sperm all over face. Amy went down and gave
Morgan another kiss. The two girls loved kissing each other.

When they finally stopped Amy helped Morgan dry her clothes with the hand
dryer in the locker room. After a long time they were finally decently dry.
The two girls walked out holding hand, no one else was around but they would
not have cared if they were. They got to Amy's house and kissed good-bye,
"See ya tomorrow."

Amy found out a few hours later that the potion only worked for 24 hours, and
the cock got smaller til it all together disappeared. "Oh well I guess me
and Morgan will just have to have fun without it, but that shouldn't be to
difficult," smiled Amy. Amy went to sleep, and dreamed about her lesbian
girlfriend the most beautiful girl she ever knew Morgan Hudson.



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