This story is fictional it is in no way an interpretation of the characters
as they are on TV. This is pure fantasy, and due to its content it shouldn't
be read by anyone under 18.

RECAP: Amy Szalinski and Morgan Hudson were teammates on their high school
basketball team, they also realized recently that they deep down liked other
girls as well as boys. Amy had accidentally used one of her dad's secret
invention's that caused Amy to grow a cock. Morgan went to seduce Amy in the
girl's shower and was pleasantly surprised to find she had a cock. The two
made love that day in the shower and they had been secret lovers ever since.
They had managed to keep their lesbian affair a secret not wanting to be
teased by everyone and being known all over the school as dykes. It wasn't
too hard for a few people to catch on though, they would see Amy and Morgan
unthinkingly give each other sexy glares in the girls locker room. Plus
anyone seeing them studying so close together could tell there was something
about them that went further than just a close friendship.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids/The Jersey Part 2: Morgan, Amy And Amy's Mom
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected]) (F/ff,F/F,f-solo,voy,inc,morph)

For now only a handful of people suspected something going on between the
two girls. One girl named Danielle found out the truth one afternoon, when
Amy and Morgan thought they were alone. The two looked around then gave each
other a kiss on the mouth!

Danielle thought it to be gross and disgusting seeing two girls do that.
Instead of telling everyone, do to the fear of getting blamed for a rumor
that the two would deny. She came up with an idea, grabbing a pen she wrote,
"Morgan + Amy = carpet-munching dykes" on a stall wall in the ladies room
where her Amy's mom worked at the courthouse as a judge. Danielle giggled to
herself knowing that Amy's Mom was a lawyer and would hear about it or see
it on the wall. She could just imagine the look on Amy's mom's face to read
that her good little daughter was a cunt-licker.

On this day Amy had asked Morgan to say overnight at her house which she
gladly accepts knowing that she and Amy will have fun in Amy's bed. Morgan
is excited about actually sharing a bed with her new girlfriend, she even
dropped by Fredrick's of Hollywood to get some lingerie. She was eager to
surprise the sexy redhead with some sexy nightwear. Morgan couldn't even be
discreet a little bit as they undressed for basketball practice, she gave
Amy sexy looks and even winks at her. Morgan started doing her normal teases
bending over to take off her shoes with her ass pointed straight at Amy.

Amy held back with all she could to not slap Morgan pink panty-covered cute
ass. Amy is excited about Morgan staying over but felt real uneasy about
Morgan openly flirting with her. Amy tries to ignore her not wanting it to
become obvious to everyone. When practice finally ended the two went to Amy's
house. Before walking in Amy slapped Morgan on her ass causing her to jump.

"OW! what was that for?"

"For teasing me in the locker room with that cute ass of yours you bitch!"

Morgan giggled "I guess I deserve that!"

The two gave each other a kiss then walked inside the house.

Diane Szalinski was in the kitchen drinking coffee and getting ready to leave
for court when the two girls walked in. Morgan stood in awe at the blonde
bombshell that was Amy's mom in front of her. Diane was in a black business
suit which consisted of a black jacket a black skirt that went above her
knees. She wore a white blouse and black stockings with black high heels.
Amy introduced Morgan to her mom, the two said their hello's as Morgan's
eyes traveled all around Diane's body. Morgan was amazed at Diane's beauty,
she didn't even look old enough to be Amy's mom. She could pass for late
20's easily, she didn't look like a 30 something mother of two teenagers.
Morgan noticed that Diane had incredibly sexy legs like her daughter Amy.
The main difference between the two (besides their age of course) was their
hair color. While Amy had wavy red hair while Diane had short blonde hair,
the typical conservative look of a professional woman. The two had the same
round firm breasts the same sexy ass, which Morgan noticed as she eyed Diane
like a fresh piece of meat. Morgan knew she was bad, here she was looking
at her new girlfriend's Mom and imagining her with her skirt hiked up and
panties off with her legs spread wide and with Morgan snacking between her

Morgan came back to reality as Amy said, "Hello, earth to Morgan?"

"Oh, um... yeah, what was that you said Amy?"

Amy laughed at her spacing out then replied, "I said lets go up to my room!"

The two said good-bye to Amy's mom and went to Amy's room. Amy started to
undress sliding out of her skirt and blouse and tossing her panties and bra
aside. Morgan gave her a big kiss which Amy returned graciously. Morgan's
hands went to Amy's breasts and Amy stopped her, "Sorry, my mom's home, we
gotta wait a while until she leaves, I'm gonna go take a shower." Morgan was
disappointed but decided to get changed for her shower after Amy's.

Diane was making her way to Amy's room to tell her daughter she was leaving
for the courthouse. Before she entered though she saw through the crack of
the open door that Morgan was undressing. Diane stopped. Something inside her
made her want to watch. Diane always had a fantasy for other girls going back
to her days in college. She just never acted on those feelings. Now seeing
this young girl undressing reminded her of the days of her youth. Morgan
pulled off her football t-shirt top revealing her lacey pink bra, then came
the blue shorts revealing the pink panties. Diane bit on her fingernail
eyeing this 15-year-old's cute ass as she stood in front of the mirror. She
went nuts seeing Morgan bend over as she went to get a hairbrush she dropped.

Diane was so turned on at this sight that she slid a hand under her dress and
began rubbing her pussy outside her black silky panties. Morgan was gonna lay
on the bed and wait for Amy, but in the corner of her eye she saw Diane
touching herself standing up with her eyes closed. Morgan unhooked her bra
dropping it on the floor, exciting Diane as Morgan's pointed dark nipples
stood out. Morgan smiled it was a turn on that Amy's sexy mom was watching
her change, maybe seducing Diane wasn't gonna be as hard as she thought.
Morgan looked in the mirror and started to slid a hand down her panties, she
slid a finger inside her tight little box. "Oh, mmmmmm, ahhh, oh, Mrs.
Szalinski thats it touch me!"

Diane's eyes grew wide, Morgan was fantasizing about her!! Morgan held back a
devious smile knowing that Diane was getting hot by this. Diane slid her hand
under her panties and started fingering her moist cunt. She couldn't believe
that this young girl was fantasizing about her. She wondered if her daughter
Amy knew that Morgan liked girls.

"Oh that's it ohhh eat my pussy Mrs. Szalinski," moaned Morgan as her fingers
rammed in and out of her pussy at rapid speed.

Diane could stand no more she felt her body convulsing. She closed her eyes
and she imagined Morgan between her legs with Diane pulling on her dark
auburn pigtails and that young cute face smiling back at her from her cunt.
Diane then orgasmed all over her hand biting her finger trying to hold back
from screaming in pleasure out loud.

"Ahhh, ohhhh, yeah, uhhhhhhh, mmmmm, Mrs. Szalinski!!"

Diane heard Morgan cum, she sound so hot she wished she was between this
teenage hottie's legs making her cum. Diane checked her watch, "Oh shit! I'm
running late," she thought. Diane ran out the door wiping herself off with a
handkerchief from her purse.

Morgan smiled knowing that she pulled one over on Amy's mom. Just then out
of the shower came Amy in a towel, Morgan held up her hand to Amy, "Wanna

Amy smiled and licked her fingers clean. Giving Morgan a sexy look she said,

Morgan told Amy about her mom being a voyeur to Morgan's little masturbation
show, this shocked her, she never knew her Mom liked girls.

Morgan told Amy, "I have an idea, lets play a game, the object is to make the
other person cum whoever cums first loses."

"The loser has to do whatever the winner says."

* * *

Back at the courthouse Diane had just got chewed out by the judge for being
late, she unfortunately couldn't say the real reason why. She had lost her
case and she went to the ladies room to collect her thoughts. She splashed
water on her face and looked herself over in the mirror. Her thoughts kept
going back to Morgan, she had to admit her daughter had a sexy good friend.
Diane went to the stall and sat down to pee. Her mind drifted to her college
days. She had an initiation to get into a female fraternity house. She had
to spend a night being a slave to one of the girls in the fraternity and do
whatever she asked without question. Some of her friends had to do things
like run down the street naked. Or walk around a public place with their bra
on the outside of their shirts. Or even dressed up as a French maid and
service all the other fraternity girls.

Diane on the other hand ended up with a beautiful overweight blonde girl
named Erika, and Diane found out quickly that Erika was a lesbian. Erika
told Diane to undress and put on a dog collar. Erika would lead Diane around
the house on a leash, she would bark in front of the others when asked to.
It was all so humiliating as the other girls would laugh at her as she went
around on all fours. She was embarrassed by being naked and being treated in
such a demeaning manner. Diane was almost sopping with tears when Erika
took her upstairs. It was apparent that Erika enjoyed doing this knowing the
new recruits would do anything to join their fraternity.

That's when Erika undressed and spread her legs then ordered Diane to come
eat her pussy until she said stop. Erika would talk down to Diane saying,
"Lick that clit you freshman dyke!", "ohh suck my cunt you worthless little
whore!!", "Come on you fucking whore do it, you gotta do it better than that
or I'll throw your sorry blonde Barbie-wanna-be ass out of the house without
your clothes!"

Diane remember how degrading it was but at the same time it was a turn on
and it encouraged her to do the best job she could on Erika's fat lovehole.
Then when she finally came she ordered Diane to lick it all up, "Ohh that's
it don't spill a fucking drop or I'll take my little bitch-dog out for a
walk outside!" Naturally Diane didn't wanna be seen like that and ruin her
college reputation that had just begun. So she licked up and swallowed all
of Erika's pussy juices. When she was done Erika became the nice girl Diane
knew before, "That's was great you can get dressed and leave if you like
Diane, you passed the test your a fraternity sister now."

Diane didn't leave though she ended up sleeping with Erika that night
indulging in all aspects of lesbian pleasure. Her and Erika made love a few
more times that school year. Unfortunately Erika transferred colleges and
the two didn't see each other again. They kept in touch for a while but
after Diane got married and moved she decided that part of her life should
remain in the closet. Diane saw that she unconsciously was fingering herself
remembering Erika.

She stopped realizing she was in a public restroom. Then looking over at the
side of the stall there was something written on the wall, "Amy + Morgan =
carpet-muching dykes!!!" Diane was shocked could that be my Amy and Morgan?
Morgan wasn't a popular name and the town they lived in was small. If there
was another Morgan that lived in town what were the odds that she was into
girls which Morgan was. She knew this because Morgan called out Diane's name
as Diane watched her finger herself behind the door. Could it be true that
her daughter Amy and Morgan had both given in to the pleasures of lesbianism?
"My God, I'm going by what I read on a bathroom stall?" Diane thought to
herself. "It's obviously made up."

Diane went back to work, even though she didn't take what she read that
seriously it was in her mind the rest of the day. Thoughts of cute little
Morgan and her darling daughter in bed together kissing each other. Naked
and giving each other oral pleasure that they could only come from another

* * *

Back at home Morgan came out of the bathroom in her outfit she got at
Fredrick's. Amy's eye became fixated on the sexy young woman in front of her.
Morgan was wearing a sexy black bra and sexy black lace panties. She also had
on a garter belt that held up her black stockings. On her feet she had on
black stiletto high heels. Her hair was down for once and flowed to the
middle of her back, she wore silver dangling earrings as usual. To say she
looked dressed to kill would be putting it mildly!

Amy wiped her mouth almost certain she had drooled seeing Morgan like this
responded, "You are one sexy fucking bitch Morgan, but your not the only one
who went shopping ya know!"

Amy stood up in her red robe and undid it, underneath the red head had the
absolute skimpiest teddy Morgan had ever seen. Amy's breasts were covered by
two red straps that were only 5 inches wide exposing a lot of her breasts.
Her pussy was covered in the front by the thin material, as Amy seductively
turned around Morgan saw that the teddy had a thong back to it. Amy with a
smile on her face looked back at Morgan. Morgan looked straight at her young
lover and licked her lips as if to say, "That's the hottest ass I've ever
laid my eyes on!"

"Red is definitely your color Amy," grinned Morgan.

The two wrapped their arms around each other and softly kissed. Their
tongues intertwined as the two started caressing each others scantily clad
bodies. Morgan caressed Amy's breasts as Amy caressed her ass cover by the
silky black underwear. Their tongues kept dueling in each others mouths as
the two sexy teen girls hands found their way under the sexy lingerie. Amy's
straps were pulled aside and Morgan started caressing her bare breasts,
squeezing gently on Amy's sensitive pink nipples while their kissing seemed
endless. Morgan felt Amy's hands slide down under the lace of her black
panties. Amy's hands squeezed Morgan's ass cheeks, Amy even dug her
fingernails into her ass. Morgan pressed in closer to her lover until only
thin lingerie separated their pussies from grinding together.

Amy finally took the initiative and grabbed Morgan's panties and yanked them
down. Morgan looked so good with her pussy exposed and in her black garter
belt and stockings. Morgan went to Amy's breasts and started sucking her
nipples. She would suck one nipple while she pinched the other. The two took
it to the bed and Amy just kept on caressing Morgan's ass as her breasts were
licked, sucked, caressed and even nibbled on by Morgan.

Amy moaned softly as Morgan rubbed her pussy against Amy's leg. Morgan
grabbed the bottom of Amy's thong teddy and pulled it up making it part Amy's
cunt lips. She pulled it up and down making Amy tremble as the fabric of her
own thong teddy stimulated her excited clit.

"Ahh Morgannnn... yeah oh yah that feels sooo good oh baby yesssssssssssss!!"

Then Amy remembered their bet, at this rate she would come quickly meaning
she would lose and do whatever Morgan told her to do. Not that she would mind
that, but she wasn't about to lose this easily.

"Ok Morgan time for you to get some attention too!"

Amy unhooked Morgan's bra and her firm breasts bounced free in Amy's face.
Amy went to work on Morgan pointed dark red nipples sucking roughly on each
one, that was the way she knew Morgan liked it! Morgan kept her hands on
Amy's creamy white globes feeling her pink nipples between her fingers.
Morgan helped Amy out of her teddy exposing her red bush, as Morgan kicked
off her high heels, leaving her in just her garter belt and stockings.

Amy roughly pinched and pulled on Morgan's hard nipples as the two girls
grinded their pussies on each others thigh. Morgan tongued Amy's nipples as
they stood at attention. Morgan then got up and sat on Amy's face, Morgan
spread Amy's legs and the two engaged in a hot lesbian 69. Morgan being on
top couldn't help but grind her pussy into her red haired lovers face. Amy
sucked hard on Morgan's clit trying to bring her off quickly, as she slid a
finger in Morgan tight ass.

Morgan not wanting to be outdone gave Amy's pussy a finger fucking forcing
two fingers in her tight box as her tongue stimulated her aroused clit. The
two worked over each other as best as they could both aware of the award.
Not just the other's sweet juices, but having the other at they're sexual
mercy, do to the contest they were having.

Then it happened Morgan slid a third finger inside Amy and she couldn't hold
back any longer. Her tight pussy was stretched by Morgan's fingers. Amy
orgasmed all over Morgan's face and Morgan licked up every drop of her sweet
essence. Amy had lost the bet, however the release of her orgasm didn't make
her feel like a loser. Amy slid a finger in Morgan's tight anal passage as
her mouth sucked on Morgan's clit. She was still determined to get her lover
off, she slapped Morgan's firm ass as she fingered her asshole and her tongue
work on her clit increased. Morgan gave a lustful smile a victory smile, as
she rode Amy's face faster and faster. Amy licked and suck on Morgan's love
bud as she started pumping fingers in and out of her pussy and her anal
passage. This pleasure got Morgan so hot she thought she was gonna pass out
in pleasure. She remained conscious though and felt an orgasm bigger than any
of her previous ones coming on.

"Oh Amy yes oh dear God that's it baby, ohhh, I'm cumming all over your
fucking face, ohhh, here it comes you hot bitch!!!!!" Then it did and Amy's
face became a mess of Morgan's love cream.

The two laid there kissing softly naked (except for Morgan's black stockings)
in each others arms. Morgan gave Amy a seductive look that said "You know
that your doing as I say now." Morgan leaned in and whispered something to
Amy. Amy had a look of disbelief on her face, she wanted to protest but knew
she had no choice but to do as she said, after all a bets a bet. "Your mom
sure is in for a surprise when she gets home," grinned Morgan.

* * *

Diane Szalinski made her way home. It was a long day and she had a lot on her
mind. Contemplating whether or not to confront her daughter about what she
read on the bathroom stall, that said her daughter was having sex with
Morgan. Even though she knew she couldn't give her too much of a hard time
knowing that she herself was into other women, too. Also she wouldn't blame
Amy, considering Morgan really got Diane hot as well.

Diane made her way into the house but what she saw made her drop her
briefcase and stare. There was her daughter Amy wearing only a red teddy and
red heels looking sexier than Diane had ever seen her. Next to Amy was
Morgan, in a black bra, panties, stockings, and high heels looking like the
sexiest hooker Diane could ever hope to see.

"Welcome home Mrs. Szalinski. We know your husband is out of town until
tomorrow so we thought we could help you out with your SEXUAL NEEDS."

Diane was puzzled, "What did they mean?" she thought.

Morgan looked at Amy and nodded, Amy with an unsure look on her face took
Morgan's cue and Morgan pulled down her panties and Amy unsnapped the bottom
of her teddy. Diane went from puzzled to shocked as she saw that Amy and
Morgan had apparently used the "cock spray" her husband had invented. Both
girls had 8 inch cocks standing erect above their pussies. Diane stood there
frozen not knowing what to say or how to react.

Morgan walked over to Diane and started to kiss her first on the cheek then
the forehead, then she kissed the older woman on the lips. Diane was already
horny imagining Morgan's body all during work now here she was kissing her!
Diane then reached out to Morgan and start kissing the teenage girl back.
Their tongues met as Diane wrapped her arms around the 15 year old beauty.
Amy got behind her mom pressing her cock against Diane's skirt, Diane moans
feeling her daughters cock against her ass. Diane went behind Morgan
unhooking her bra and quickly latching on to one of Morgan's dark nipples.

"Oh, Mrs. Szalinski, oh that feels so good, oh, yeah suck on it, ohh that's
it mmmmm." Morgan wanted to see Diane's chest, so she quickly unbuttoned
Diane's blouse exposing her lacey white bra-covered breasts.

Diane felt hands under her skirt and then felt her panties' waistband being
slid down, she looked back at her beautiful daughter pulling her panties off
past her shoes. Morgan unhooked Diane's bra in the front exposing her breasts
with a sexy bikini tanline. Morgan liked that they were similar to Amy's and
started sucking on her pink nips. Diane just tilted her head back and closed
her eyes in pleasure as the two girls had their way with her.

Diane felt her skirt being unzipped and dropping to the floor. "Sorry mom, it
was in the way," said Amy. Diane looked back at her sexy daughter and the two
engaged in a mother daughter French kiss.

"Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this, have I become so perverse that I'm hot
at the thought of lesbian sex with my precious daughter." Diane thought.

Amy slid out of the rest of her teddy as she kissed her mom eroticly. She
felt the girls pushing her down to the floor as she continued her incest
kiss. When the kiss finally broke Diane looked forward to see Morgan's cock
in front of her.

"Why don't you wrap your mouth around my big cock Mrs. Szalinski?" Morgan

Diane looked up at Morgan her face showed pure lust as she bent down and
started sucking on the 8 inch prick in her face. Morgan (never had a cock
before of course) really liked this sensation and started getting into it.

"Oh that's it suck my dick you little blonde bitch yeah that's it!"

Morgan felt up Diane's hard nipples pinching them as she enjoys her first
blowjob. She thrusts her cock into Diane's mouth as Diane again feels
something from behind her. Amy had her cock pressed at the entrance of her
mother's pussy.

"You want my big cock inside of you mom, would you like that?" Amy asked.

"Oh yes, Amy, please fuck your mother please I need a cock inside me, give me
that cock, Amy, please your mommy, Amy, oh please!"

Amy slid her cock in her mom's wet snatch. Amy wasted no time at going right
to work ramming Diane hard as she tried not to suffocate deep-throating
Morgan. Amy's mom's kissing had got her hot and now she wanted to please her
mother as best she could with her dad not there to get her mom off. It was a
picture to behold as Diane Szalinski was getting a cock from both ends. Her
daughter fucking her pussy and the sexy Morgan fucking her mouth.

Diane slid her mouth back and forth on Morgan's cock, then her hand found
Morgan's clit. She started arousing Morgan's clit with her red painted nails
rubbing her pink little nub. This was too much for Morgan to handle the
pleasure of her cock and her clit sent her to orgasm she blew a load in
Diane's mouth which she gladly swallowed. Now Diane had her mouth and
fingers to work on Morgan's clit which soon was more than Morgan could stand
and Morgan's vagina orgasmed all over Diane's hand. Morgan laid back a second
momentarily exhausted.

Amy pushed her mother on her back and stuck her cock deep inside her again.
Diane spread her legs wide for her daughter as Amy started really pounding
her mother's excited cunt. Morgan watched as mother and daughter engaged in
a hot and heavy fuckfest. Morgan wasn't sure who looked hotter Amy burying
her cock in her mom. Or sexy Diane with her legs spread begging her daughter
for more. The mother and daughter shared another wet kiss, Amy was now
convinced that one thing she got from her mom was being a good kisser. Mother
and daughter's breasts were pressed together as Amy gave her mom a cock
pounding that would be difficult for her dad to ever top.

Morgan had stroked her cock back to hardness and didn't wanna be left out
any longer. She walked back over and told Amy, "Let your mom get on top of

Amy rolled her mom over and Diane happily started riding her daughter's cock.
"MMMM that feel good mommy, mommy like that big cock?" Amy asked in her
sexiest voice.

"Oh Amy ohhh yess I love it fuck me fuck your mommy good ohhh yessssss!"

Morgan decided to make her move she started licking Diane's asshole as Amy
fucked her. Then she started sliding a finger in and out of Diane's ass.
When she thought she was wet enough she gave Amy a smile, Amy knew what it
meant, all along Morgan wanted to fuck Amy's sexy mom up the ass. Now that
Amy was in her mom's pussy Diane was gonna get the double penetration
treatment. Amy held her Mom down on her cock as Morgan got behind Diane. It
didn't take long for Diane to figure out what this meant. Morgan spread
Diane's ass cheeks as she slowly slid her cock up Diane's tight ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" Diane moaned softly as Morgan's cock slowly filled Diane's
ass up.

Then the two started a rhythm up and down both seesawing out of the beautiful
Diane's body. Diane moaned louder than ever as she was impaled on the two big

"Ohh Mrs. Szalinski your ass is so tight!!! Does it feel good to have a cock
in your ass you little blonde slut? You like taking it up the ass bitch? Are
you a anal slut is that what you are? Diane Szalinski loving mother bimbo who
French kisses her daughter and is a super ass slut!!"

Morgan's dirty talk really got all three of them hot.

"Oh mom I'm gonna cum, ohh, mommy, here it comes ahhhhhh!"

Amy shoots her load inside her mom causing her mom to clamp down on her cock.
Morgan couldn't take the tightness of Diane's ass anymore and soon Morgan was
filling Diane's bowels with her thick cock cum. Diane felt her ass muscles
tighten until Morgan finally withdrew and cum started leaking out of Diane's
violated ass.

The three laid there spent on the floor right in front of the front door.
They finally all three got up and shared a kiss together. Diane knew that
after this her and Amy would definitely be doing more mother/daughter things
together. Plus with sexy Morgan she would have fun getting better acquainted
with this sexy teenager.

"Maybe I should put my name on the stall wall with Amy and Morgan's" thought
Diane smiling to herself.


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