Honey I Shrunk the Kids: Sex Ed 101 (Mbf,inc,voy)
by ShadowWalker

Friday morning at the Szalinskis house would have been just another school
and work day, but this Friday the school board had a meeting with the
teachers union; Diane Szalinski (The beautiful and still youthful looking
wife of Wayne was deep in argument as she represented the new Pharmaceutical
Lab that has just been built locally; the animal rights were up in arms over
their experiments that they claimed were cruel. She would be busy for the
next week and she would be working for another eight hours and it was ten am

Nick, the ten year old son and science genius of Diane and Wayne; little
known to them was that he was a pervert that was created by his raging
hormones; he has been secretly video taping Amy and his mother as they would
take their showers, he would then sell them over his web site. Nick is busy
adjust his camera as he watches his beautiful fourteen year old sister as she
worked out in the Szalinski gym; she was wearing her tub top that formed
around her growing breasts, and a white sweat pant with an orange thong on
the outside of the pants, it made her buns stand out as her muscles flexed
when she moved.

Amy was drenched with sweat, his top and pants were soaked as she lay on the
bench, lifting her sixty pound weights, she resets the weights and sits up,
"Hue! This is hot work." Amy looks around, stares at the air conditioner,
"It's working but not good enough." Looking around she hears her father
working in his lab, she calls out and the intercom activates, "Daddy! The
air conditioner isn't working very good."

"I know honey, I'm working on it, the experiment I have running is using most
of the power, it'll take about an hour before I have the power back up; open
a window honey.

Amy looks around, blows a breath up to clear her hair from off her face,
"Great! well, ... Oh hell!"

Nick looks up as he heard Amy swear, "Gee Amy, you're a sailo-oor" he almost
completes his sentence when he sees Amy lifting her top up and off as she
then tosses it onto the nearby chair, then she stands up, gripping the sides
of her sweat pants and outer orange thong, bends over as she pushes her pants
down and then steps out of them.

Nick is stunned as he stares at his sister's ass and pussy as she bends over,
then his mouth drops open as she turns and he inspects her maturing breasts;
he only can ogle as he stares at Amy's white body that is set aflame by her
red hair on her head and pussy.

As Nick's slobbers start to dribble from his mouth, Nick mumbles, "Crap!
Start the tape idiot, NO! the DVD recorder, this is the best!"

Amy stands up on her tippy toes and dances around in a circle as she
stretches her arms up over her head, moaning in a release of ecstasy as the
cooler air in the gym embraces her body, enjoying it as if they were cold
fingers embracing her. "Oh Wow! being naked and sweaty is great, if only that
new PE couch in Gym class were here."

Amy steps onto the treadmill and begins a twenty minute burn. As Amy jogs on
the treadmill, Nick watches his sister, noticing her firm ass and how solid
her body really is, not flabby as he had believed. Nick was really enjoying
watching his sister naked and jogging at a full run, her breasts were firm
and solid, not flabby or soft as he had thought they appeared to be; and the
best thing of all, it was on a DVD and he can get twenty dollars for each DVD
that he would sell as the ‘Amy Szalinski Video-burn those calories while you
lust' DVD. Nick knew he had a seller.

* * *

Wayne is busy working on his latest project, the Szalinski Anti-Virus Nanite
Modifier, or as Wayne liked to call it, the ‘Szalinski Bug Zapper.' Wayne
studies the nanites as they surround the virus, then a nanite needle extends
from it as it stabs the virus and a microwave bolt fires into the virus, the
virus shimmers then shrinks.

Wayne looks up from his work, satisfied that it was a success and now he was
ready for stage two; his facial expression changes as he notices that two
hours have passed, "Jumpen sweaty balls, Amy must be dying from heat stroke."

Wayne rushes out the lab and heading for the basement gym.

* * *

Nick has his digital camera with his special key-hole adapter as he is busy
taking pictures, then he panics as he hears footsteps, he runs over to a
nearby closet and hides inside. Quietly he watches as Wayne passes, stops at
the gym door, then opens it, stepping inside. "Oh is this going to be great!"
Nick says to himself as he rushes over to the closed door to see Amy get
caught naked and scolded for being nude in the house.

* * *

Amy is at a full burn run, her eyes closed as she sings aloud to herself, "OH
taunting her brother as she was aware that he was watching her as he always
does; and she knew the horny little goat would do anything for a 'HOT'
Video.) Amy turned and jumped off the treadmill, sweat covered as she
continued to sing while she grabbed her crotch with her right hand and began
gyrating her hips as she also was jerking herself off while she flung her
left hand high over her head. Then Amy heard her father.

"Looks more like your riding a bull at the bar Honey."

Amy's eyes burst open, her fingers still buried up her cunt with her hips
thrust forward, her left hand waving about; her hair blew forward over her
head from the fan as it came on, her sweat pores down her face and over her
breasts, her nipples are hard and erect as she has worked herself up into a
horny frenzy. "Daddy!"

"I fixed your fan honey, and I love your dance." proclaims Wayne as he
studies his daughter's naked form. The room was filled with the strong oder
of body sweat, hot snatch, and pussy juice from her hand as Amy gave a couple
more strokes to herself, then her body shuddered as she experienced an
orgasmic rush.

"Woo, I've seen your mom have an orgasm, but that is one orgasm."

Amy covered her beasts with her arms as she yelled at Wayne, "Daddy!, I'm

"Yeah, I can see that, and I love your orgasmic dance; but as a scientist,
why do girls, when they are caught naked, like you, that they cover their
breasts with both hands, and leave their pussy completely visible to the
guy. Have you ever though of using one hand to cover your breasts and the
other to cover your snatch?" stated Wayne as he studied Amy's reaction.

"Daddy! Please, I'm naked."

"Well it's not my fault Amy'kins, that was your choice; I simply came down by
your own request to get the fan to work." replied Wayne as he looked at his
gorgeous daughter, "And I might add Amy, you are beautiful."

Amy straightened up, more relaxed as she looked at her father, hearing the
kind words he said, dropping her hands as she explained, "Well, Daddy, the
shock is such it's easier to cover my breasts because I know that's what
guys want to see, and pussies are not top priority to the girl; now if we
had cocks we might grab them. ..." Amy's thoughts stammered as she realized
she was tricked. "Daddy! get out ..." Amy stopped as she saw a bulge in her
father's pants, then she saw Nick in the open door (he had opened it to get
a better picture.). "Nick! Dam little pervert!"

Wayne turned to see his son, "Nick! come here young man." he commanded.

"It's not me that was cumming Dad, Amy was really humping it." grinned Nick
as he entered the gym, gaping at her as he walked, Amy was more relaxed as
she stood full frontal and naked to him, he began to feel a great pressure
in his pants.

"Well, isn't this a great pleasure, ..." complained Amy as she watched Nick
get bigger and bigger in his pants as a tent became a missile. "... Gee Nick,
flying somewhere in your new airplane?"

"Hue?" Nick looked down at his bulge, "Well it's your fault, your naked and
jerking around having illegal self sex; you'll go blind Amy."

"What! you little sick perverted dwarf." yelled Amy in defense of her nudity.

"Now kids, this is all wrong." yells Wayne as he attempts to stop the brewing

"Daddy! he always spies on me, he always tapes me naked." complains Amy as
she rushed over to Wayne, then she rubs her body against him in order to gain
his appeal.

"Stop that! Dad, Amy's trying to hump your leg so that I'll be the one in
trouble." screams Nick as he rushes over to push Amy back away from Wayne,
instead he grabs her tit.

Wayne separates the two, "Wait a minute you two." Wayne studies his two
siblings, "I don't know what the schools have been teaching you about sex,
but it certainly isn't doing the job."

"Daddy, we get the best instruction." stated Amy quickly.

"Oh, tell me of one of the rules on dating." asks Wayne of his daughter.

"Well, that there are no rules, everyone does as the need arises and the
needs be; we practice with condemns and cucumbers." adds Nick.

"Well, that's nice if you're going to date a cucumber." Wayne looks at Nick
then back at naked Amy. "Alright, Amy, what if the guy wants sex?"

Amy grins, "Daddy, guys always want sex."

"What do guys do on the first date?" asks Wayne in his scientific attempt at
getting the facts to formulate an accurate approach.

"Well, you know a guy is serious if he pulls your panties off during lunch."

"What! Amy, have you had your panties yanked off during lunch?" retorts Wayne
who is furious that a boy would do his daughter in such a way.

"No Daddy." replies Amy.

"Yeah Dad, Amy doesn't wear panties, so all they ever get is her red pubic
hair." explained Nick with a grin on his face.

"Amy!, you want to explain this?" asked Wayne.

"Well, times have changed daddy, ever since President Clinton explained that
a blow job isn't sex, it's considered a part of a date to blow your date off;
we start a date in a bathroom, or a deserted hallway, or some times the back
seat of the car."

"Okay, times have changed, but we must be-aware of certain things; for
example, there is nothing wrong with nudity in the home around family
members; after-all, I have changed your diapers, I shot the sperm into you
mother that impregnated the egg that made you two, so I have see you in all
your naked stages."

Amy hugs Wayne, "I know Daddy, and I love you for all that you have done, and
I'm not embarrassed about you seeing me naked, you can see me naked any time
you want; so if I'm not needed I'll get dressed now." Amy said as she bowed
out, backing off to leave the gym.

"Now wait a minute young lady, I'm concerned that you and Nick are not
properly trained in SEX ED; so now I will teach you and Nick a course in
Szalinski Sex Ed 101."

Amy stops, places her top and hot pants on the bench, then she turns to face

Wayne then directed Nick, "Okay Nick, take your clothes off and go stand
beside your sister; actually, I want you two facing each other."

Nick removes his clothing as his father had directed him, then he walks over
to stand in front of his sister.

Amy looks down at Nick's penis, it has shrunk to a much smaller size, a boy
size that barely hang out from his body. "What's the matter Nick, you have
low pressure?" Amy bends over and cradles his penis in her hand and speaks to
it, "What's the matter little Nick, did somebody embarrass you."

Nicks little snake reacts to Amy's touch as it leaps up, expanding quickly to
eight inches and stands up hard in Amy's face, the smell of male hormones
waft quickly into Amy's nostrils as she feels her body turn on, desiring to
suck her bother off.

Amy quickly straightens up as she hears her father begin his instruction.

"Now, Nick, Amy, I want you to stand back two feet from each other, continue
facing each other and beginning at each others feet, slowly look up each
others bodies and study what is different about each others body parts."

As Nick's eyes wonder up Amy's body, Wayne notices his eyes widen when he
would look at her red pubic hair, his penis seemed to stiffen even more with
some pre-cum oozing out, his eyes widen, his penis now reaches hard erect
cock size as he now smells Amy's female pheromones whack him in his face;
then he continues studying her body, her navel (an inie) Amy's breathing as
her small belly moved in and out, then his eyes caught her breasts as they
swelled with each breath, then his eye's glued on her nipples as he watched
her nipples begin to stand up erect. Nick looked up to see Amy staring at
his crotch; he looked down to see his huge hard on, wet with pre-cum.

"Well, you seem to be okay with seeing each other naked, that's good; now I
want you to be even more familiar; since a blow job is acceptable as a hand
shake; Amy." explains Wayne as Amy continues to stare at her brother's

Amy looks at her father, "Yes sir?"

"Amy, the Szalinki's stay ahead of the norm, if a Blow Job is the accepted
norm, then family members must be even more personal, bend over and shake
your bother's penis."


"NO, not EWW! He's your brother and he should be closer than a date with a
stranger." said Wayne as he waited for Amy to respond.

Nick grins as Amy looks him in the eye, she mutters in a low tone, "I should
bite it off."

Nick warns her, "You wouldn't dare, Dad is my witness."

Amy takes Nick's penis in her hand and squeezes, Nick's eyes show slight
pain as Amy reminds him, "He might be a witness, but you would be the boy
without the cock." Amy licks the pre-cum from Nick's penis as it responds
by hardening and getting hot, she runs her tongue along his shaft several
times, then stops at the tip, tickles his penis tip with her tongue.

Nick moans in pleasure as he feels his sister wrap her lips around his cock
head, then the sensation as his cock as it slips into her hot wet mouth; he
begins to feel a need to thrust his hips back and forth as Amy takes his cock
down her throat.

Amy feels Nick begin to pump his cock as it slithers down her throat, then
she starts to remove his cock when he begins to pump out of control, Nick
pumps quickly into his sister's mouth as he begins to fuck her face; he
forgets this is sex ed as he quickly picks up his pace, thrusting into and
down Amy's face; grabbing her head he holds Amy's face as she struggles to
get her breath, then Amy feel's Nick thrust hard and hold as what seems like
a cup of sperm flood into her mouth and down her throat; Amy chokes as she
struggles to swallow the salty brine.

Nick hangs on a moment longer as his second load explodes, he thrusts and
blows his load into Amy; sperm pours from her lips.

Amy sits down quickly as she sputters what sperm she can't swallow as it
spills over his tits. "Dam it sick-O, you're suppose to control, it better."

"What do you know anyhow, a guy shoves it in and rams until he blows his
load." brags Nick as he plays with his slimy whacker.

"Now Nick, your sister is correct, a guy must control his thrust and the
timing when he shoots off his load; usually when the female is also ready to
have her orgasm," explains Wayne as he walks over to check Amy, "Are you
alright honey?"

"Yes Daddy, nothing that a little breathing won't heal." answers Amy as she
takes her father's hand and stands up, brushing her tits against his arm,
then straddling his leg she rubs her pussy against his leg, squeezing her
legs around his leg as she pumps her pussy on her father.

Wayne feels Amy's pussy humping his leg as he responds by placing his hand
about her shoulder, cupping and squeezing her right breast, flicking her
right nipple as he explained to Nick, "I guess the best way is to show by
example; for Nick I'll show you how a male makes love to a female; and for
you young lady, I'll show you what to expect from a guy that really loves
you and not a cunt hunting-pussy counter."

As Wayne undresses, Amy turns her back to Nick as she bends over to collect
and fold her clothing and place it on the bench; He quickly grabs his clothes
and puts them on a chair, then he turns the video recorder setting on and
points it towards Amy, then he quick stands back behind her as she is just
finishing off positioning her top. Nick watches her snatch between her legs
and her nice firm ass, then he pokes his finger into Amy's cunt hole.

Amy's head snaps up, her eyes turn into narrow slits as she comments, "Is
that a pencil or your little penis Nick?"

Nick pushes his finger deep into his sisters pussy, feeling her hot walls,
twitching his finger inside her as he begins to slide his finger in and out
until Amy's cunt muscles clamped down hard on his digit and held it like a
vice. "Let go Amy!"

Wayne watched as Nick pumped his finger back and forth as Amy, remained bent
over as she squeezed he cunt tighter and grins to herself that she appeared
to be enjoying the game. "That's it, you two can enjoy sex games together,
that will make you even closer; feel free to invent games, that can be fun."

Amy stood up, releasing Nick's finger as he grips it, rubbing his hurting
digit. All that Amy could do was to stare at her father's nakedness, he is in
nice shape for an old man, and he had an even bigger penis then she had ever
seen before, "Wow Daddy, that's the biggest penis I've ever seen .." Amy
caught herself and went silent.

"How many penis' have you seen Amy?" asked Wayne as he walked over to his
children. Both of them watched his semi erect penis swing side to side as he
walked, then he stopped and instructed, "Watch this kids." Wayne crossed his
arms, stared intently at Amy, studying her young form, then noticed their
eyes widen, and Amy got a broad grin and they observed his penis expand and
rise almost vertical to stand a full twelve inches and two inches across, it
was deep red and Amy could feel the heat as she knelt over and studied the
meatloaf closely.

Nick examine the size and asked, "Will I get that big?"

"Your my son Nick, you should be as big, maybe even bigger."

"Bigger!" noted Amy as she grins evilly to herself.

"Wow, I could hit home runs with a bat that big." Nicks glasses fogged up.

"You get a wang that big Nick and you can fuck me till it falls off." bragged
Amy, then she felt Wayne's hands take hold of her arms and position her with
her back to him. Amy felt his hard cock drag along her buttocks, popping into
her crack as it slid up her crack. "What do you want Dad---..." Amy feels his
arms wrap around her body, and as she turns her head she meets his lips as he
kissed her, then his tongue slid into her mouth, she automatically responded
as she began playing with his, then she felt his hand began playing with her
pussy, slipping back under between her legs as he began to thrust his hand in
and out. Amy was so hot she couldn't stand it, she closed her eyes,
forgetting who it was that held her as she begged, "Fuck me, fuck me now,
take me and hurt me!"

Amy felt the arms push her forward until she had to brace herself with her
hands as she was now in a doggie style position and her father's hard cock
push against her pussy hole, then as it thrust past her restricting muscles
and slams deep into her for three inches, then slide back an inch, then
thrusts forward another four inches as she hasped in shock.

Soon, as Nick watched as he began stroking his penis to a hard cock, Wayne
was now slamming full hard thrusts all the way into Amy's snatch, his thighs
slapped her butt cheeks as he increased the rate of thrusts.

Amy is now grunting and screaming as Wayne slammed her cunt hard, her juices
were dripping from around her pussy, it lubricated her as it now aided in a
faster pace of fucking. Amy started screaming, "Ahhhhhhhhhh ....
fffuuucccckkkk mmmeeeee hhhaaarrrdddd!!!"

Wayne grabbed her hips and picked her up, flipping her body around and onto
her back on the nearby bench, his cock popped out as he then went down on top
of her, driving his ever growing cock into her wet pussy, his balls slammed
into her crack as he continued to rapidly slam his cock in and out non stop.

Amy held onto her father's neck as he slammed her whole body; then Amy locked
her legs about his waist as they rolled off the bench; Nick couldn't take
being a spectator as he immediately stepped in behind his sister's ass as it
pointed skyward, humping up and down on her father's cock as she now fucked
her father.

As Amy concentrated on fucking that masterful cock, she felt another big
penis enter her ass, she screamed as she felt the hot hard cock pass her
sphincter muscle, then the smaller balls that slammed into her ass cheeks
as Nick pounded her ass as she slammed her father's cock. A strange feeling
as she felt a massively large cock embed deep inside her cunt as she worked
it up and down and at the same time the other cock was deep in her ass,
pounding her butt at the same time.

Amy felt the surge as she arched her back, her entire stomach twitched and
turned with a tingling sensation; she felt Wayne arch up, driving his cock up
into his daughter, and at the same time she felt Nick shove his cock shaft as
far as it would go.

They all screamed as they cam, cum spued, spunk flowed, muscles gripped and
clamped down hard as cocks were held and strangled then milked as Amy's cunt
spasm'd then they all three collapsed. The gym smelled of sex and was wet
with ejaculate fluids.

* * *

Diane Szalinski stepped through the front door just as the sound of the sex
orgy in the gym blasts out the primordial cry of victory.

"Amy! Nick! Wayne!, ..." Diane's eyes drifted around the room until she
spotted Quark sitting on the back of the couch, "Quark! that must have been
you making all that noise." Diane sit her carrying case down in the kitchen,
then walks over to Quark, she bends over to kiss the dog on he head when she
notices Amy and Wayne sitting on the couch. "Hey, didn't you guys go out
today, it so nice out side you could of had fun instead of being inside this
stinky house, haven‘t you guys sprayed it smells like Quark.".

Diane kissed Amy on her forehead, commenting, "Your a little hot and sweaty
dear, are you coming down with something?'

"Yeah mom, I've been cumming all afternoon. ..." Amy stops a moment when her
father pops her on the leg and gives her a warning look, "... ah, coming and
going mom, all afternoon with Daddy and Nick."

"Oh, a family project dear?" asked Diane as she walked around the couch,
noticed a blanket over their laps, "Is it cold in here Honey?"

"We're eating popcorn and watching movies; see the popcorn stains." explained
Wayne as he offered Diane popcorn, then allowed her to hold the bowl as he
put his right hand around her and kissed her.

"Well, you two sure look relaxed, where's Nick?" Diane asked as she
controlled the popcorn and fed Wayne popcorn, then kissed him, settling into
watching the movie with them, asking Amy, "Want some popcorn Amy?"

"No thanks mom, I'm stuffed, had my hands full all day." explained Amy as she
felt Wayne's hand between her legs, her short skirt was up around her waists
and she wasn't wearing panties, but she had her father's fingers playing with
her wet pussy. Her hand was wrapped around her father's hard cock, it had
already wet the blanker, but it wasn't showing much as they explained any
stains as 'popcorn butter.'

Upstairs Nick was busy editing his video recording of Amy's fuck fest in
the gym, he had turned the volume down the moment he saw his mother enter
the kitchen by one of his sex cams. Nick leans back, watching his several
exercise videos of Amy‘s nude sexercise productions and now the gym orgy,
commenting to himself on his next plan, "Now to get mom for the older
customers and I'll be rich before I turn fifteen; I'll purchase Microsoft
and create a world common computer operating system called Szalinski."

The End


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