Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Part 1 (MF,f-mast,bf-best,voy)
by Garry Walker ([email protected])

At around 1am at the Szalinski household, Nick was on is way back from using
the bathroom. While passing his parents room he was hearing loud groaning
noises and being a natuarally inquisitive person he decided to investigate
and as luck would have it the door of his parents room was ajar, so he peeked
his head around the corner and saw his mother on all fours while his father
was ramming his cock up her arse while she was begging for more. After about
10 minutes of watching the show his parents where putting on Nick had found
that he had a major hard on so he decided to go to his bedroom to jerkoff.

So Nick got to his room and stripped naked he was just about to grab some
hand lotion when the bottle fell behind the cabinet at high bedside so he
crawled on his bed (on all fours) trying to reach it when in walked Quark
the family dog and he saw Nick in this position and also being very
inquisitive he decided to investigate further so he jumped on to the bed
unbenounced to Nick.

Then Quark started sniffing and then licking Nick's arsehole, Nick was
extremley shocked at what was happening, but also incredibly turned on so
he slowley turned around to see what was going on. He saw Quark and decided
to let him continue with the tongue lashing he been given. Several minutes
later Amy heard some low moans coming from Nick's room and decided to check
out what was going on she walked through Nick's door way and saw Nick on all
fours with Quark eating him out.

This immediatly turned Amy on and she put her hand down the front of her
panties and started masturbating furiously after a few minutes of she decided
to go a little further so she walked up to Quark. First she started to stroke
his back, then his belly and eventually she started to stroke his dick until
finally she was jerking him hard. Meanwhile Nick was starting to wonder why
Quark slackened off with the tongue lashing so he turned his head and to his
suprise ther he saw Amy jacking off Quark and watching the rim job he was
recieving ever so calmly she pulled up her head and said, "Hi."

At that point Quark was finding it incredibly difficult to hold back much
longer so he tried to mount Nick. At first Amy held him back but Quark was
way to horny to give up that easy so he kept leaping forward trying to mount
his master. Eventually, Amy lost her grip on him and Quark found Nick's hole
and rammed his full 7 inch dog cock right into Nick's anal passage. Nick was
begging Amy to get him off but the show they where putting on was incredibly
arousing for her so insted of trying to hold back Quark she held Nick in
place until he was actually begging for Quark to pound his arse even harder
than he already was.

After aproximatley 10 minutes Quark's cock knot was approaching Nick's rectum
and with a single push he found its way totally in. Nick could now feel
Quark's dick twitching and he knew he was about to get a load shot up his
arse. He could now feel the spunk enema that Quark was giving him. It was the
most turned on that he had ever been. He did'nt want the fucking to end but
Quark was unable to manage any more. It took about 15 minutes for the knot to
go down so it would slip out of his arse.

A little while later Nick dick was back to full attention. Amy then made a
suggestion to Nick that he return the favour that had just been done to him.
Nick with a sly grin on his face agreed so he reached down for his lotion he
then squirted a huge ammount onto his hands and used it to lube up his cock
Amy then held Quark in position while Nick got behind Quark and lifted his
tail and then slowly inched his prick into his dog's anal passage. Quark
seemed a little frightened at first, but allowed Nick to continue with the
fucking. Nick continued for around 5 minutes and then he came up Quark's
arse and finally withdrew his prick and collapsed on the bed with Quark and

Amy turned towards Nick and said, "Maybe I'll give Quark's cock a try
tommorow night if you're intrested in getting in on the action," and with
that she kissed Nick on his forehead and said, "Goodnight," and Nick and
Quark fell asleep with each others cum still dripping out of their arses.

(to be continued in part 2)


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