Honey, I Shrunk THe Kids: Part 2 (bf-best)
by Garry Walker ([email protected])

The next day Amy and Nick where sitting around in the living room playing
video games and amy was thinking non stop about last night which was making
her panties incredibley wet. Wayne and Diane called to their children to
tell them they where going shopping and they would be gone for a couple of
hours and with that they stepped out the door into the car and they where
off. Amy took this oppurtunity to bring Quark in from the backyard where he
was playing with some of the other neighbourhood dogs. She took him by the
collar and led him back to the house and into the living room almost
immediatly Quark put his head straight into Nick's lap and started sniffing.
Nick got an almost immediate errection but he was still sore from the night

Meanwhile Amy lifted her skirt around her waist and quickly removed her
soaked panties and held them to Quark's nose immediatly he was sniffing and
licking the soiled panties then he moved his into amys crotch and started
lapping away at her cunt lips. With each lick Quark's tongue slipped into
Amy's pussy a liitle more which was driving her insane with lust. While
Quark was munching on Amy's pussy Amy was paying with her nipples and
squeezing her breasts. It was after her first orgasm that she noticed that
Quark had a huge hardon, so she pushed his head away and slowly took the
head of his cock into her mouth and went to work on trying to desperatly to
deep-throat Quark's cock.

Nick now had a major hard on and could not control it any longer so he wipped
out his dick and started to jerk off now not caring how much his dick was
hurting Quark noticed this and started to lick at Nick's dick again which was
only turning Nick on more. The more that Amy sucked at Quark's huge dick the
more friskey he became and started trying to mount Amy. However Amy had no
intention of trying to stop Quark from ramming his huge doggy cock right up
her awaiting pussy so she took Quark's big pink cock with her finger tips and
guided it home. Then quark went to work fucking her pussy at a phenominal
speed. Approximatley 5 minutes into Amy's pussy bashing Quark's cock slipped
out on is atempt to re-enter he slipped straight passed Amy's well lubed up
pussy and straight into her dry arsehole.

Amy found that she had a real new found love of anal sex which got to be more
thilling with every passing second. Nick suddenley got a glimpse of Quark's
arsehole as his tale was wagging so he thought 'why not' and he got behind
quark lifted his tale and placed his precum soaked cock right at Quark's
awaiting entrance and within 2 thrusts he was in Quark balls deep which only
seemed to speed up Quark's thrusting.

By this time Quark's knot was starting to swell up in Amy's arse. It carried
on for several more minutes. Nick was first to deposit his load and shot it
straight into Quark's bowels. Nick then withdrew and collapsed back onto the
sofa feeling and looking very drained.

Then Quark started to shoot his load into the depths of Amy's anal passage,
which forced Amy into yet another orgasm. Amy collapsed onto the floor with
Quark's dick still attached to her arse by Quark's knot. It took around 30
minutes this time for Quark's huge knot to subside. Then with a loud plop
sound he withdrew his doggie cock and started on licking up his own cum that
was dripping in huge ammounts from amys anus.with all the excitement they
had just gone through. They where both totally drained of energy so they
decided to take a shower and have a midday nap.

to be continued in part 3 (coming soon)


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