Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Part 3 (Ff-best,voy,anal)
by Garry Walker ([email protected])

It was a quiet day in the Szalinski household and Amy was in her room master
baiting when quark walked in and immediately went to work on eating her out.
This turned Amy on so much that she started to shove Quark's face into her
incredibly wet pussy his tongue by now had worked its way into her about 3
inches deep.

It was just a few minutes later when Diane came through the door quite
unexpectedly as she was supposed to be in court for the rest of the day
but there was a problem with some evidence and the court case had gotten
postponed it was a short time later when Amy was in the throws of a major
orgasm from Quark's tongue lashing. Amy could not restrain her vocal cords
much longer nor did she believe that she had any reason to because she was
still unaware of the fact that her mother had come home early.

It was when Amy was screaming at the top of her voice that Diane went rushing
to her daughter's aid when Diane had reached the door to Amy's room she
noticed that it was ajar and Amy screams turned into pleasure moans so Diane
was curious about what Amy was doing was she with a boy or worst still with
a girl because Diane really didn't want Amy to turn out gay. So Diane slowly
peeked her head round the door and saw that it was none other than Quark
between her legs giving her a magnificent orgasm this had taken Diane back
so much she couldn't think straight or even say a word not that she would
embarrass her daughter especially in a position like this, so she slowly
backed away so Amy could not possibly see her.

Then Diane did something she never thought she would do and started to
masturbate over her daughter Diane had actually found herself checking Amy
out and was now staring at her daughter's ample rack which must have been
in the c cup range, by now Diane had her hand in her panties and was giving
herself the best pussy frigg she could manage. Diane was now nearing her own
orgasm so she slowly backed away from the door as it would not be an easy
thing to explain that she was spying on her own daughter.

Diane made her way back to her room and awaited for Amy to leave which she
did around 15 minutes later, as soon as Diane was sure Amy was gone she
stated to strip off her clothes however she left her stockings and suspenders
on as it was one of her many fetishes she then started to remove her shoes
and she didn't hear Quark enter the room as he often does to explore the
rooms and keep the home safe from intruders. He then saw Diane in a very
familiar position especially one that Amy and nick had presented him with
so he immediately shoved his snout into Diane's pussy which taken her
completely by surprise, but fighting her initial instincts to push Quark
away she remembered how good Amy was feeling when he had done this to her,
so she just spread her legs a little wider for Quark to do his thing then
without realising it she had slowly manoeuvred herself to the bed and had
gotten onto all fours.

Quark continued with the muff munching a little while longer he then slipped
his tongue out of her pussy and straight into her arse ,which made her jump
slightly mainly from the fact that it was totally unexpected, however Diane
loved to give and receive rim jobs but Wayne (her husband) had no real taste
for that particular bedroom activity, it was about 10minutes into one of the
best rim jobs of her life when Quark decided that she was ready for his doggy
cock and within seconds he mounted her and plunged his huge cock into her.

Diane thought to herself why not let him have a fuck he as all ready given me
the best rim job possible and its not as if he could get me pregnant so why
not it was at that moment she felt quark slip out of her pussy and into her
anus which took her completely by surprise but with the tongue fucking he had
given her arse earlier coupled with the fact his cock was smeared in pussy
juices and also his cock his pointed for easy entrance it made Diane feel
incredible after about 2 minutes quarks knot started to approach Diane's
rectum and surprisingly went in with out much interference, they were now
tied together while quark was still ramming her arse a thought kept running
through Diane's mind she just kept hoping nobody would come home to early as
it was time for nick and Wayne to arrive home as they had both been at lab
all day working on one of wanes newest inventions. It was in Diane's favour
as they didn't arrive home for several hours.

Meanwhile back to Diane and Quark. Quark was tied to Diane and still going
strong ramming his full length into her over worked arse it was at this point
that a massive orgasm washed over her and she passed out with Quark still
tied to her. It was not long before Quark deposited his load in her awaiting
anus and then just lay on top of her until his knot subsided he then pulled
out went to a corner and started to lick himself clean.

It was around this time that Diane started to regain consciousness and
realised that Quark had left her she tried to get off the bed but her legs
were like jelly when she was walking and she started to stumble all the way
to the bathroom because there was no way she was letting any of her family
see her in such a state, so she showered totally giving extra care to her
arse as it was still leaking doggy spunk so she showered until it was all
out she then got herself dressed and made a start on dinner.

To be continued


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