Hogan Knows Best (MF,inc,ncon)
by David Geller ([email protected])

Brooke Hogan was busy working out in her dad's private gym. She was wearing
a pair of short shorts and a sports bra. She was stretching in front of a
mirror with her legs spread moving her body from side to side. She didn't
see her father standing off to the side silently watching her. She definately
didn't see the huge erection he was rocking. Brooke had always known that her
dad hated the fact that guys had recently started looking at her sexually.
What she didn't realize is that the reason Terry "The Hulk" Hogan got so mad
is it validated his own feelings. He knew his daughter was a hot piece off
ass with her long legs, bright green eyes, and her big perky breasts. He knew
these feelings were wrong so he lashed out whenever he felt them, but lately
his bimbo wife had stopped giving into him physically. And the months of
built up agression was beginning to become to much.

Brooke had started lifting weights at this point and Terry noticed a problem
with her technique. She was over extending. He crept up and chewed her out
for not displaying proper gym ettiquite. She started to pout and so he
offered to help. He stood behind her and used his arms to guide hers. As he
did he crotch started to press into her toned ass. He could feel the snake
in his pants stir but he didn't back off. He knew he should step away but
instead he pressed his cock against his daughter's ass. At first she started
to grind against it and then she stopped.

"Ewwww, Dad do you have a boner. God your such a pervert."

He didn't know why but that got him angry. Here was his cock tease of a
daughter always showing her body off to the rest of the world and she
couldn't even have a little sympathy for her father that's given her so
much. Right then his arms went from guiding her to binding her as he
pulled her heads above her head with one arm. With his other hand he
started pulling down her shorts.

"Dad! Stop! This is totally creepy!"

But the Hulk didn't stop, he wipped out his cock and started sliding it up
her ass crack.

"Please you know I'm still a virgin. You can't do this. This isn't you, you
wouldn't hurt your only daughter."

But Hulk couldn't hear her. He could only feel the heat coming from her cunt
as he slid his cock in. God it felt so good to be in a hot young tight twat
again. But he wanted more. He threw he down on the floor pinning her wrists
above her head so her jiggling tits pointed straight up. Brooke was crying
frantically at this point, soft tears of defeat and disbelief. But as her
father kept fucking her virgin cunt, as the blood slowly spilled out her
slit, her crying took on a panting nature. She felt a tingling sensation
she'd never known and as her body betrayed her she began to quake with her
first ograsm.

Just then her father pulled out and stood up. Still rock hard he started
jerking off his cock. Brooke lay there transfixed on the man meat when it
all of a sudden exploded all over he bronzed tan tits, bleached blonde hair,
and sexy flat face.

Her dad just stared at her and said. "Go sell that picture to Maxim you
slut." And he stormed off.

Brooke lay there in a daze. Had her father really just raped and degraded
her... and had she gotten off to her... god what was wrong with her... was
this her fault or her dads. So many thoughts raced through the young teens
mind and she didn't know what to do so she just lay there covered in cum
for hours. And the sight of this cum covered blonde teen was the first
thing that greeted Nick and his friends when they entered the gym later
that night.

To Be Continued...


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