High Plains Drifter (MMMF,MF,MM,oral,cons,rape,snuff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

He was a young sheriff of the town of Largo, it was a booming gold town,
till the gold ran out.

Three men working for the gold co., they wanted what was left, so they went
to the sheriff's office. One stood in the street calling him out. Soon a he
was in view he heard a crack. Then another.

With two bull whips around his neck, they pulled him into the street. The
third had his out lashing at him, cutting his clothes to bits. Bloody welts
appeared, his eyes were shut, deep cuts along his face. He crawled begging
for help, btu the towns people just stood by. He soon laid dead in the

They went got his wife. She was raped, forced to suck each ones cock. The
whip around her neck she was led to each cock, like some dog. One took the
handle and put it up her ass. She screamed as the leather tore her asshole.
She was then fucked in her pussy and her breasts was chewed on. One nipple
was bleeding.

Laying in the floor she begged them to kill her. They laughed and fucked her
again in every hole.

As they laid naked passed out, she was dead, too, with one bullet to the

The town's people bound them and they went to prison vowing to return.

* * *

Out of the desert like a phantom he appears. A tall stranger riding a horse.
Dusty he stops for a drink. He gave his horse a much needed drink.

In the bar four men was drinking. They look at the stranger. One asked,"
Wonder if he is fast with that gun?"

They offered him a drink, but he didn't answer. They took it as insult.

One stood back ready to draw his gun. Within a flash he was dead along with
the other three.

The bar keeper ran to tell the sheriff what happen.

The stranger told his story.

The pot bellied sheriff said, "Looks like self defense."

They took the bodies to the mortican.

* * *

He was walking his horse to the stable and a lady of the town bumped into
him. She look ed up on him, "Call yourself a man." She spat on him.

He took her to the stable and threw her down in the hay. His strong hands
ripped her petticoat off. Her bloomers went next. His rough face rubbed her
inner thighs as his tongue danced around her clit dipping into her wet pussy.
Her own husband never made her feel this good. Here a total stranger was
making her cum, again and again.

He held her hair as she began to suck his long cock and balls. They smelled
of piss and sweat her tongue and she bathed them. He held her head as he
fucked her mouth. Gagging at times his cock went down her throat. In and out.

Stripped of her clothes she was on all fours. He held her hair fucking her
hard. All s could do was mumble. He soon fucked her ass cumming in it. She
laid in the hay he dressed taking care of his horse.

The lady left walking not so proud as before. Her pussy, ass were very sore,
but she did feel something strange. She made her way to the hotel.

Her wimpy husband looked at her. "YES! HE FUCKED ME!" she went to her room.

* * *

The stranger was eating while the men of the town discussed thier situation
for the three that swore to come back were getting out of prison.

A fairer lady served him some pie and coffee. He ate till he was full before
he reached into get some money.

"No need for that," a voice said. "Its on the town. We have a proposition for
you. Three men are to arrive here in a few days. They vowed to kill us all
cause we sent them to prison."

The stranger asked, "What's it to do with me?"

The sheriff spoke up, "Those men you killed, they were hired to do the job."

The stranger says, "That's too bad."

Another man said, "We'll give you anything you want."

"In that case," he said.

They went through the town and had the best stuff given to him.

"Oh, by the way send that bitch to my room. I need my cock sucked."

* * *

After a bath and shave he laid in bed naked. He could hear that woman say,

She soon found herself in his room. She could see his long cock twitch. She
was soon naked, too.

He caressed her breast kissing her softly, but this is not how she wanted it.
Down inside she wanted to be taken like before. Loud sounds came from the
room of her begging him to fuck her harder and even fuck her ass. Once again
she left well fucked.

In the days to come when not getting the town ready, he had his choice of
women from the town. Each one letting out sounds of true pleasure. They even
had sex with each other while he watched.

The day came. The three were out of prison. One had been fucked so many times
he forgot what pussy was. He had turned queer. He even raped a young boy and
turned him into a slave.

All they thought of was getting back to Largo and to deal with the town.
They killed three men for their clothes and horses. They made thier way to

Soon the day was there. They arrived to see the whole town painted red with
the word HELL painted over Largo.

The three men ran through the town tearing up everything. They raped their
women and now the men, too, would feel their wraith.

The wimpy hotel man was on his knees begging as the queer one had his cock
out, slapping him in the face. Holding his head he fucking his mouth all the
way down his throat to pull out to cum all over his face.

As the night drew on, they ate and drank until one felt a whip around his
neck. Being pulled outside, slashes tore at his skin until he was dead. The
other two felt his anger as the town was burning.

In the morning he left the town with only one knowing who he really was.



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