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H&R Block: Bitchy Tax Preparation Wife Gets Hers
by Dr. Bone Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below

"Are you being straight with me? She held the box up to you and made you say
'hello' to it. Just because you had a problem with your taxes? I'm sorry man
but your wife is such a grade A+ bitch." One of Joe's co-workers said about
his bitchy red headed wife. What Joe did not tell him was how hard her
nipples were, or how he just wanted to throw her on the table and fuck her
until she passed out when she acted like that.

"Look man, I think I know the lady who can take care of your tax problems and
your old lady at the same time." he said handing her a card for a Linda Pang,
of the Geek Squad, those computer trouble shooters who come out to your house
and fix what is wrong while dressed in white shirts and black ties, like a
cross between "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Men in Black." Of course you have
to keep this off the books, meaning don't call the store."

Larry called Linda who came down. She was Asian and hot in a nerdy girl sort
of way. A little overweight in all the right places. She worked at his
computer and then gave a content sigh and said "Gotcha. The reason your taxes
would not file was a virus hidden in one of the web sites your wife visited.
Lets see what this was. Oh! My!" It was an S&M porn site. "Hmm! Just a hunch
but..." she had him turn off the lights and took out of her tool kit a hand
held light. When she ran it over the computer chair, the one she liked to sit
on, it glowed purple where her crotch might have been.

"She was obviously pleasuring herself right there." the geek girl said. "Man,
you have problems and you seem like a nice guy, but if you don't control she
is going to walk all over you and out the door. Most likely taking all your
money with her. And your pride also. You need to take charge, and I can help,
for about a quarter of that nice fat tax refund." She said dropping to her

She undid his pants, he tried to stop her, and she looked up with a bit of
scorn. "Do you want to regain your manhood or not?" She said taking his cock
into her mouth. When he came she swallowed every drop as she looked up at
him. How could he tell her no?

They made their plans.

"Still can't get it can you? Even the geek-girl over there cannot get it.
Here talk to the box again. Maybe it can help you." the red headed wife bitch
said pressing the box against his face. This time though she was surprised
when the husband got up pushing her away.

"No, why don't you talk to the box first? Or better yet lets look inside the
box." He said opening the lid of the re-taped box. He took out some papers
and shoved them in her face.

"What do those say?" She said trying to buy herself some time to recover
after her husband's outburst.

"Oh, these show why your husband could not file, it was not due to the tax
program it was due to a virus and a cookie downloaded to your computer when
you visited whip-em-all brutally blah blah dot com. Don't deny it we have the
web logs!" said Linda.

"Who is this bitch to tell me what to do." said the red head trying to throw
blame away from her.

"No! Let's see how would you like this if I mailed this to your boss, as I
recall he is quite conservative. Or to your sister? Or better yet maybe I
ought to hold onto them until we get the divorce attorney."

"Now honey! Let's calm down here. Maybe we can work something out."

"Sure, lets see what else is in the box. What's this? Handcuffs. Okay,
officer, do your duty." he said passing the cuffs to the geek girl, who
yanked the wife's arms behind her back closing the cuffs none to lightly.

"You are under arrest for violation of the first rule of internet porn usage:
Cover your tracks! Not to mention you being a general bitch!"

"Hmmm! What else is in here? Oh my, a vibrator." he took out the vibrator.
"Why don't you talk to it and say 'I've been a bitch and will take my
punishment'. Come on."

The wife looked like she had swallowed something sour as she repeated his
words talking to the vibrator as if it was a person.

He dragged her to the couch and put her over his knees, as the geek girl
helped him pull down her pants. "Oh my! Some pervert put a paddle in the
box also." she said as she handed the husband the paddle.

Smack! The paddle came down on the wife's all too white butt cheeks. Smack!
Harder this time making her breath catch! He got into a steady rhythm of
spanking her ass. The geek girl twisted the vibrator on and shoved it into
the wife's pussy.

As tears came to the wife's eyes the geek girl cut a hole in the box. The
wife was put onto her knees in front of the husband as he stuck his cock
through the hole in the box; Linda grabbed her hair. "You like talking to
boxes? Huh! Well talk to this box. Go on! Say you are sorry for being such a

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch." the wife said. Then she took her
husband's cock into her mouth and sucked on it.

Linda, the geek-girl pulled up the wife's shirt in front and undid her bra.
She reached around and pinched the wife's nipples hard with one hand as she
pushed her head forward with the other. All the time the vibrator, wedged
up the wife's pussy buzzed away.

When the husband came Linda held his wife's head, so she caught every drop.
She was warned to swallow it all.

The now humiliated wife was stripped naked and forced to walk on all fours
to the bedroom, the vibrator, wet with her juices, was carried in her mouth
like a dog carries a paper.

The geek girl took off her all her clothes except for her white shirt, tie,
pocket protector and glasses. She laid on their bed, her thin legs spread
wide open with the tax software box over her pussy.

"The box is telling you to lick my pussy now." she said as her husband got
out a video camera. "Oh! Your husband is going to tape everything. He bought
it on sale, and he took the three year warrantee, so if anything goes wrong
with it, and it is a piece of shit, I will be back, now aren't you happy."
the geek girl asked as the husband cuffed his wife's hands behind her back

The wife nodded and began to lap her pussy through the hole in the box. Until
the geek girl was satisfied.

The wife was made to sit in the corner with the vibrator inside of her as she
watched her husband pound the Asian geek girl's lithe body, for what seemed

After he was done she was put up on the bed and her husband slammed her
doggie style while she ate the geek girl out.

"No, that could not have come out of that box." gasped the wife as the geek
girl strapped on a dildo that looked better used for servicing horses than
human beings. With pillows stuffed under her stomach the wife heard the
farting noise of the tube of lubrication as the husband told her to tell the
box that it hurt her more than him.

As her pussy was stretched beyond belief by the invading monster dildo she
had to suck off her husband, who told her now she had as big of a cunt as
she acted like. When he came he told her to hold it in her mouth. The geek
girl came over and told her to spit it into her mouth; the wife did so, the
geek girl added her own spit and bent the head of the dildo up and spat the
mixture onto it. The wife, mouth stretched airtight around the rubber cock,
was made to clean it off as her husband spanked her ass raw.

Things changed once the geek girl left, the once bitchy wife was now her
husband's willing and eager slave. And the camera did break down a lot,
especially with the wife dropping it all the time then awaiting the
geek-girl's arrival. One other thing, the wife, knowing she got off easy
now brought he taxes to a professional to get them done, but she still
bought the new software box every year.


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