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High School Musical: High School Musical Stories - The Blackmail Of Sharpay (FFF,anal,oral,inter,fist,viol,rape)
by Werty15

"That will do for today!" Miss Darbus' voice sounded the end of rehearsal for the musical and the students began leaving the theatre. Troy Bolton, captain of the champion winning basketball team the East High Wildcats, was waiting by the door for his girlfriend Gabriella Montez, winner of the schools scholastic decathlon competition.

Troy: Sorry, but I cant get lunch with you today, I promised Chad that I would do some basketball training to keep fit for next season.

Gabriella: Don't worry. Taylor wants to see me about our Chemistry Project but I'll ring you tonight. C'ya later.

Troy left Gabriella with a hug and made his way to the gym and Gabriella left in the opposite direction to the science rooms.

"Gabriella, Wait!!" Gabriella turned around at the sound of a familiar voice. It was Sharpay Evans, East High's sexy, blond drama queen.

Sharpay: Hey great performance today you're a really good singer.

Sharpay was a great liar but her words were important to butter up Gabriella. She secretly hated Gabriella and envied her because of the fact Troy and Gabriella had beaten her and her brother Ryan Evans in the School's Musical Auditions for the main roles.

Gabriella: Why, thank you, Sharpay. Is there something you need?

Gabriella also hated Sharpay. She knew that Sharpay liked Troy and that her and her brother wanted the roles so badly they would do anything to try and get them.

Sharpay: Yes!! Its about the main part in the play!

Gabriella: You want my part right!?!?

Sharpay: Soooo bad!! Seriously I'll do anything!! Money!! I'll pay you, buy the part off you! Or I can, Ill give you my car!! Anything!

Gabriella: Hmm, anything I want right? This could take a while. How about I meet you after school. I'll leave you a note in your locker so you can find me! C'ya later!

Sharpay: Excellent!! I'll see you later then.

Sharpay was overwhelmed that she was on the verge of getting the role in the musical and hurried to the canteen to get her lunch and tell her friends.

She really said Absolutely anything!!??

Gabriella had just finished telling her best friend Taylor about her chat with Sharpay which Taylor seemed really enthusiastic about.

Gabriella: Yes anything!! She said like a car or money or something. Great right?? What should I get??

Taylor: Oh my god!! This is our chance!!

An idea had just hit Taylor.

Gabriella: Yes I know!! Come on what you thinking then??

Taylor: Revenge!!

Gabriella: What?!? Revenge like what?? She's offering me Money!! I gotta take it!!

Taylor: No seriously!! Think of all the times she's bitched about us, our friends too!! We can get her back!! We have the chance to see how far she'll go for this role! We can humiliate her!!

Taylor wasn't the dirty type and she was taking it very slow with her boyfriend Chad but this was an opportunity that could not be wasted.

Gabriella: So what you thinking??

Taylor: I say we get her naked or summit!!

Gabriella: What?? Just get her to stand in front of us naked??

Taylor: No, no, no!! Think more dirty!! We can take pictures and put them up around school!! Then everyone will know that she is a real slut!

Gabriella: Ok, I'll try but I don't know if she'll do it if were taking pictures!

Taylor: Your right! Ok, tell her to meet you in a classroom with a supply closet. I'll set up a camera and take pictures without her knowing.

Gabriella: Ok, if your sure about this, we could get money remember!!

Taylor: Gabriella this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! We can't miss this!! Plus with the pictures we can still blackmail her if we want!!

Gabriella agreed but felt that the plan may be slightly over the top. She also had a feeling of arousal, just thinking of Sharpay naked and having full control over her. Gabriella and Troy had only been dating for a couple of weeks now and they had decided to save themselves for the summer where they would have sex for the first time. However Gabriella was beginning to get increasingly sexually frustrated and needed an output so saw the opportunity to get Sharpay naked as a good way to get some relief.

Throughout lunch time Sharpay discussed her deal with Gabriella with her brother, Ryan.

Ryan: What!!!!!! How am I supposed to get my part?? You only ever think about yourself don't you!!

Sharpay: Come on Ryan I can't look after you all the time! It's time for you to grow a pair! Go make a deal with Troy or something! I'm sure he'll take a bribe. Anyway what do you think that math geek is gonna ask for anyway?? I hope she doesn't ask for too much money, I'm gonna need to buy some new outfits for my lead role.

By this time Ryan had left the canteen table leaving Sharpay to day dream about what outfits she would buy after school.

BZZZZZZZ!! The final bell had rung and the students were leaving there classes.

Taylor: Right, so you left the note telling her to meet you in room 3B with the large closet of art supplies and I've got the camera from the library, our plan is set to go, LETS MOVE!

Taylor had been thinking about this moment all day and was starting to get a little over excited.

Gabriella: Taylor, calm down! Just remember, don't let her see you!

Taylor: Okay, Okay lets GO!!!

Gabriella and Taylor entered the empty art room. Taylor opened the closet cleared some space and left and small gap in the doors in which she could take the pictures. Gabriella moved around some tables so there was a clear space for Sharpay to strip in full view of the camera.

Gabriella: Right, it's all set! Get ready she'll be here soon!

Just as the words were said the door swung open and Sharpay entered the room. She slammed down her car keys and her check book on a nearby table.

Sharpay: So what will it be?? Car, Money or have you got another demand??

Sharpays confident entrance had put off shy Gabriella but she remained controlled by thinking about what was about to happen.

Gabriella: Erm... I have another demand!

Sharpay: Well what is it??!! I haven't got all day I've got outfits for the musical to buy!

Gabriella: We... I meant I... I want you to strip!!

Sharpay: What!?!? You having a joke, right!?

Gabriella: No... Im not joking!! If you strip I'll go find Miss Darbus tomorrow and tell her to give you the role!

Sharpay's earlier confidence had gone and she was now on the back foot.

Sharpay: You can't be serious! Strip! What are you a lesbian?? Wouldn't you rather have the money??

Gabriella now the aggressor became more determined to achieve her goal.

Gabriella: Do you want the part or not?? Strip and its yours!

Sharpay: Fine, I'll do it!

Sharpay in disgust unzipped her white and pink leather jacket and threw it on the floor. Gabriella sat on a chair and began to smile as Taylor started to take the pictures. Sharpay then removed her pink cowboy boots and pink socks.

Sharpay: I hope your enjoying this!

Sharpay didn't hide the sarcasm which enraged Gabriella more.

Gabriella: I don't believe I gave your permission to talk.

Sharpay gave her an evil stare and began unbuttoning her white shirt. She took it off and let it fall to the floor. Sharpay's breasts where perfectly shaped and pushed together by her red bra. Sharpay now very embarrassed by Gabriella staring at her slowly unzipped the back zip on her pink leather mini-skirt. With one last glance at the smiling Gabriella she pull the skirt down and stepped out of it. The blushing Sharpay was left stood in her matching red bra and panties in front of Gabriella. Taylor's camera was snapping pictures of the whole thing.

Gabriella: Nice Wildcat!

Sharpay: Shut Up!! Can I go now??

Gabriella: What?? You're not finished yet!!

Sharpay: OMG!! You lezbo bitch!! You...

Gabriella: Shut it!!!! You want the part, DO IT!!

Sharpay couldn't think of any other way out of this. She wanted the part so bad and was already half naked. What harm could it do?

Sharpay didn't look at Gabriella as she started undoing her bra. She threw it to one side and revealed her nice round breasts. Her pink nipples hardened slightly in the cold room. She then took a deep breath and pulled down her red panties. Gabriella leaned forward slightly at the sight of Sharpay's pussy and the narrow strip of blond hair. Taylor got some of the final pics in before Sharpay tried to cover up.

Sharpay: Happy now?!?!

Gabriella: No!! Bend Over!!

Sharpay: Your kidding right!! Just let me go now!!

Gabriella: Do this and your free!

Sharpay turned around and bent over. Taylor had the perfect view from the cupboard and got a nice set of photos. Sharpay in the bent over position looked up in a mirror on the floor leant up against the wall. From the mirror Sharpay could see movement in the cupboard. She quickly covered up and shouted over.

Sharpay: WTF!!! Whose in there!!

Gabriella: What! Where??

She couldn't cover it up and Taylor emerged from the cupboard holding the camera.

Sharpay: You dirty perverts!! You set this up!!! I'm gonna get you both expelled!!

Gabriella: No, Sharpay, wait!! We'll get rid of the pictures!!

The plan had failed and Gabriella was now pleading with Sharpay!!

Taylor: No let her go if she wants! By the time you get to the headmasters office well both be gone and he'll never believe that we did this!! And tomorrow morning you'll come into school to see your naked body on posters in all the corridors!

Sharpay knew now she was screwed and had one last attempt!!

Sharpay: No!! wait!! I'll buy them of you!! She can keep the part and I'll never mention this ever!!!

Gabriella: Come on lets just drop this, Taylor. It's over, lets just go!

Taylor: No way!! She's ours now!! I wanna fuck her!!

Taylor's dirty side had taken over and she wanted to punish Sharpay for what she had done over the years. Taylor began to approach Sharpay.

Gabriella: What, Taylor, no!! This is going too far!!

Sharpay: Yes, I agree! Get away, you crazy bitch!!

Taylor grabbed Sharpay and swung her into a table smashing her stomach into the edge.

Winded Sharpay was completely defenceless and just where Taylor wanted her.

Taylor: This might hurt a little.

Taylor had forced Sharpay to bend over the table, pushing her back down and lifting her ass in the air, and was beginning to insert her fist into Sharpay's pussy.

Sharpay: Unnngh! NO, please, wait!!!

Taylor kept her right arm firmly pushing down Sharpay's back while slowly forcing her left arm into her pussy.

Sharpay: Nnngh Arghh!!

Sharpay's tight pussy began to loosen as Taylor's fist was fully inside. Taylor began pumping her fist in and out with increasing pace.

Sharpay: Arrrhh Arrrh Stop..... Nnngh!!

Taylor was now fisting Sharpay as fast as she could. Sharpay's face told the story. Her eyes tight shut with tears rolling down her cheeks, her teeth grit together fighting back the pain.

Taylor: Come on Gabby!! Get in on this!!

Gabriella couldn't resist her horny inner teen had taken over and she unzipped her jeans and slid them and her panties to her knees. She climbed onto the table on which Sharpay was bent over and knelt down with her bushy pussy in front of Sharpay's face!

Gabriella: Lick it!!

Sharpay with her grimaced face shook her head and looked away from the latina's pussy.

Taylor: You lick her out or I'll enter through the back door!! You understand!!!!

Sharpay was once again in no position to bargain and stook out her tongue and licked Gabriella's pussy.

Gabriella: Mmmm !!

Taylor continuing her assault grabbed a nearby paintbrush. The handle was about an inch wide and with no hesitation or consideration for Sharpay, Taylor mercilessly jabbed the handle into Sharpay's virgin ass hole and began pumping as she had done with her fist!

Sharpay: ARGHHHH no not there, please, nohmf fhhmm!!!

Her last words were muffled as Gabriella had shoved her pussy into Sharpay's face.

The double penetration was taking its toll on Sharpay and suddenly her legs began to shake and she climaxed. It was too much for Sharpay who collapsed on the table her head resting against Gabriella's pussy.

Taylor: Come on lets go!!!

Gabriella disappointed that she didn't get to orgasm had snapped back to her sensible frame of mind.

Gabriella: Oh God!! Are we just gonna leave her like this??!!

Taylor: There's no time lets just get out of here! She won't say anything we've still got those pictures remember lets go!

Taylor and Gabriella quickly grabbed their things and headed for the door.

Taylor: No wait!! Her clothes!! Lets take them!

Gabriella: Arr no, Taylor, lets just go! We've done enough.

It was too late Taylor had shoved Sharpay's clothes into her bag with the camera and was out of the door followed by the guilty feeling Gabriella.

5 minutes later Sharpay's eyes opened and she sat up. She looked up and saw the male cleaner eyeing her up with a grin on his face.

Sharpay: Oh shit!! Stop looking you pervert!

She made an attempt to cover up and look for her clothes.

Sharpay: ARGH!!! Those bitches took my stuff!!!!!

Sharpay in her rage ran out of the room and towards the school car park where her pink mustang was parked. As she left the janitor's laughter was ringing in her ears and the thought of revenge running through her head.


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