This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

High School Musical 3: The Rich And The Powerful Part 1
(ff, mf, cons, rape, first, snuff, tort, decap, cannibalism)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Six months pregnant and strapped to a wheelchair Gabriella looked at Ryan with as much anger and disdain as she could muster, but the events of the previous year had helped keep her mouth shut and kept her in an almost constant state of fear. Almost all of Gabriella's friends were dead and the only thing keeping her from begging for death herself was the baby she was carrying, but even the unborn child was beginning to lose it's sway over her.

"What time is it Gabriella?" Ryan asked as he sat on the couch in the basement of the Evans' house channel surfing.

"I don't know sir."

"What did I tell about that?"

"I'm sorry. Sharpay told me-"

"I know what Sharpay told you to do," Ryan interrupted, "but do what I tell you to okay?"

"Yes Mr. Evans."

"Gabby don't make me get up. You damn well know I hate it when you address me like that," Ryan said looking back over the couch.

"I'm sorry Ryan," Gabriella murmured looking at the floor.

"That's better," Ryan said as he came across a commercial promoting the Oprah Winfrey special on the East High School Massacre that would be starting in a few minutes. He took his cell phone from his pants pocket and quickly dialed his sister. "Get down here. The show's about to start," Ryan told her before hanging up and returning his phone to his pocket. As he got up to wheel Gabriella next to the couch she stopped him.

"I'd rather not watch the show Ryan," she muttered almost in a whisper still looking down at the floor.

"Why not? This is why we let you out of your cage today."

"I can't take it anymore," Gabriella mumbled as she began to sob. "Please kill me. I don't want to be here anymore..."

"Calm down Gabby," Ryan consoled her wiping a tear from her eye with his thumb. "Why would you say a thing like that? I don't want you dead and I know for a fact Sharpay doesn't either. But even if we wanted you dead we'd still need you alive for a few more months so you can give birth to your baby."

"All of my friends are dead and everyone thinks I killed them including my parents. What's left for me to live for?"

"What about your baby? Troy's going to grow up to be a stunner just like his mother."

"This baby isn't mine!" Gabriella suddenly barked at Ryan, but just as quickly she returned to her passive weak state. "It's a freak of nature."

"That baby is going to be just fine, but he's going to need both parents to raise him properly."

"Then you help raise it," Gabriella snarled.

"Huh, is that attitude I hear in your voice? You better settle down before Sharpay gets down here. She's a lot less forgiving than I am you know."

"I don't care anymore. Just take this thing out of me and kill me," she begged.

"Is that what you really want?" Sharpay asked from the bottom of the basement stairs. "Since Gabby has chosen now to get all melodramatic turn the Tivo on."

"Believe it or not," Ryan said kissing Gabriella on the forehead, "neither of us wants to see you dead."

As Ryan got up and walked back over to the couch Sharpay opened a nearby cabinet and removed a razor sharp machete and walked to Gabriella. She squatted down to be eye level with her and pressed the tip of the blade to her throat.

"Ryan is right. Neither of us wants us to see any harm come to you," Sharpay said with her most charming smile, "but these 'woe is me' fits you've been having lately is starting to get on my nerves."

"What do you want from me?" Gabriella sniffled as tears began forming in her eyes again.

"Why do you keep asking that question? All we ever wanted from you is for you to be a good girl and bring the baby to term."

"You're just going to kill me once the baby is born! I've been beaten, raped, and humiliated and you two didn't give a damn! You're never going to let me leave here alive!"

"Clearly Ryan and I misjudged your strength of character," Sharpay sighed as she moved the machete around and pressed the blade to Gabriella's neck. "If you truly want to die now just say so and I'll end it for you." Gabriella looked at her bulging belly for a few minutes without answering. "Well? What's it going to be Gabby?"

* * *

One Year Earlier

Sharpay and Ryan stood on the spacious balcony connected to Sharpay's room that overlooked the pool area.

"Why do you always have to do things your way?" Ryan asked. "Sometimes it's just better to play it safe than to take unnecessary risks just to scratch the proverbial itch. We should go to Europe like mom and dad. After what happened last year they were adamant in making sure we knew they wouldn't bail us out of trouble again. They grounded us remember? How many of our friends have ever been grounded?"

"God Ryan," Sharpay said briefly looking over her shoulder as she leaned on the balcony rail. "You can be such a bitch sometimes. Going to Europe is so impersonal and boring as hell. We may as well just find some homeless people here and not waste the money. Oh, and need I remind you the only reason we almost got caught was because your guy decided to go to the casino instead of doing as he was told."

"Yes I remember that and I also remember having a talk with our friend and taking care of that particular situation," Ryan sniped back.

"Just calm down. What happened last time wasn't just your fault and it wasn't just mine. We both get part of the blame."

"I know," Ryan sighed sitting down on Sharpay's tanning chair, "and I'm sorry for getting snippy with you."

"Don't worry about it," Sharpay smiled as she straddled Ryan's lap facing him, "but I need to know something. If you're scared or have reservations about doing this then let me know and I'll figure out a way to do this on my own. I'd rather you be there with me though." Sharpay said as she leaned forward gently kissing her brother on the lips. There was a smile on his face when their lips parted.

"You certainly have a way of making me feel both like the luckiest guy in the world and the biggest douche at the same time. You know I'd do anything for you."

"I'd rather you do it with me," Sharpay grinned before kissing Ryan once again slowly working her tongue into his mouth. There was a string of saliva between their lips as the kiss broke.

"You have a plan I assume?"

"Of course, but with a few personal modifications for you and me."

"Great, sounds delightfully insane."

"There is a distinct possibility one or more people won't end up in the same state of mind they begin with. Tell me, is there any of our classmates that you have any kind of fondness for?"

"The only girl at East High that means anything to me is you."

"You can be such a sweetie sometimes Ryan," Sharpay said with a content look on her face and a high level of anticipation coursing through her body as she nudged her brother over a bit and laid down on the tanning chair nuzzling her head into his chest. "The fun will get started real soon."

* * *

Martha sat at her computer working on calculations to figure out how much she'd need to work and save to have enough money to get a car by the end of her senior year. Even with the small sum her parents were able to give her she would still have to work most of the school year to be able to afford even the worst of clunkers.

She got up from the computer and was about to call Kelsi to ask about some baby sitting jobs she had mentioned a few days earlier when her cell phone rang. Martha looked at the display and seeing it was an unidentified number she let it ring to voicemail. The phone rang a second time with an incoming call from the same number. Once again she let it go to voicemail. Martha's cell phone then rang a third displaying the same number. Out of curiosity and just wanting to get the caller to stop she answered the phone.



"Sharpay?" Martha asked very surprised.

"I've been trying to get a hold of you. Where have you been?"

"I was letting my dog outside and left my phone in my room. How'd you get my number?"

"I got it off your job application. I called the first number I saw."

"I don't mean to sound rude, but why are you calling me?"

"You're not being rude. I didn't ever expect to be calling you either, but the reason I am was to offer you a new job."

"What do you mean?"

"You know Shelby my personal assistant at the country club?"

"The girl who brings you towels and drinks and does stuff like that?"

"She does more than just that, but that's not the point right now. There's been some kind of family emergency so she had to quit for the rest of the summer. I was wondering if you wanted the job? You would make the same salary as if you were still in the kitchen, but there will be a very nice bonus added to your paycheck."

"Just out of curiosity why did you think to ask me first?"

"Look Martha I really don't have time to play twenty questions with you. I really need to find a replacement a.s.a.p. Do you want the job or not?"

Martha thought about the offer for a moment. Sharpay didn't say how much of a bonus would be added to her check, but regardless of whatever it was every little bit helped get her closer to a car so Martha decided being Sharpay's errand girl for a summer wasn't too bad.

"Ok I accept."

"Great! You have no idea how much you're helping me right now. We won't be going straight to the resort tomorrow so let me give you directions and have you meet me at my house in the morning." After giving Martha directions Sharpay hung up and grinned.

"She took the job I assume?" Ryan asked seeing the jubilation on his sister's face.

"Of course. No one can say no to me. Just be sure to get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day."

* * *

Everyone at East High knew the Evans had money, but Martha just didn't realize how much until her mother dropped her off in front of the mansion. There was a man standing outside whose sole job it was apparently to open the double doors to let guests in. Once inside Martha was greeted by a butler who led her through a number of hallways and doorways before reaching a staircase that lead to the second floor. As the two of them reached the top of the staircase they were met by Ryan.

"Oh hey, Martha, how're you doing?" he asked.

"Okay I guess. I'm here to see Sharpay."

"You are? Oh right. She needed to find a replacement for Shelby. Did my sister say what she was going to pay you?"

"Nothing specific. All she said was I would get paid my regular salary for working the kitchen and a very nice bonus."

"Don't tell Sharpay I told you this or else she'll get very upset with me, but if your bonus is anything less than five thousand dollars let me know and I'll take care of the rest."

"Five- thousand?" Martha asked shocked.

"My guess is if it wasn't you Sharpay would've hired somebody else from school and try to shortchange them by not paying them what they deserved for being her personal assistant."

"I'll remember that, thanks."

"I have no idea what she's got planned for today so I'll see you two whenever. To get to her room keep walking down this hall and take the third door on your left. Make another left and about halfway down the hall is the staff elevator. Take it up one more floor then when you get out make a right and it's the second door on the left."

After spending ten minutes carefully following Ryan's directions Martha found the door that lead to Sharpay's bedroom and knocked on it.

"Who is it?" A voice rang out from the other side.

"It's me Martha."

"Great! You're right on time. Come on in."

Martha entered Sharpay's room, but stopped just a few feet in when she found Sharpay standing before several mirrors in her underwear holding up several outfits trying to figure out which one to wear.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," She began to apologize.

"No, it's my fault. I should have warned you. What do you think of this outfit?" Sharpay asked holding one up.

"I... I think it'd look great on you. I don't think I've ever seen you in something you didn't look good in," Martha quickly replied not sure what Sharpay wanted to hear.

"Maybe it's my underwear. Maybe I should be like Paris and go commando. What do you think Martha?"

"That wouldn't be most people's first choice I think, but if you've got it flaunt it right?" Martha stammered. "Oh god! I haven't been here ten minutes and she's going to fire me already!" The brunette thought to herself.

"Are you okay Martha? You seem nervous."

"No- no I'm fine."

"Good then, because I have another question for you and if it's too forward let me know."

"Okay," she replied nervously.

"Have you ever thought about having sex with another female?"

"Not... not really."

"Why did you agree to be my assistant?"

"I need the money."

"For what if you don't mind me asking?"

"I'm trying to save up to buy a car before the end of our senior year."

"Well I think I can help you out."

"How?" Martha asked nervously.

"If you don't want to it's okay, but I was thinking of making a trade with you," Sharpay replied stripping off her bra and panties. "I'll give you any car you want and all you have to do is pay for gas, insurance, those sorts of things in exchange for sex once a week for the rest of the summer." Martha just stood there in shock with her mouth open. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah... Of course, it's just that even coming from you your offer kind of caught me off guard."

"Well, just to prove I'm serious I want you to have something," Sharpay said walking toward her dresser drawers.

"Damn some people have all the luck," Martha thought catching a glimpse of Sharpay's backside and having to admit the girl had a gorgeous body.

"Take this," the blonde said taking a wad of money from her chester drawers and giving it to Martha.

"What is this?"

"A thousand dollars. Consider it a good will gesture. It's yours to keep whether or not you choose to sleep with me."

"I... I can't take this or the car."

"Why not?"

"People are going to ask questions. My parents are going to want to know where I got the money and car from. They'll probably insist I give everything back to you and say that it's too generous and that I can't accept it or something along those lines."

"Is that all you're worried about? You wouldn't have a problem sleeping with me?"

"I guess so... I don't know..."

"Here's what I'll do for you. I'll have the payroll company add the thousand dollars to your paycheck along with the extra money you'll be making for being my assistant. I can stop by your house to talk to your parents about what a job well done you did and that I insist on you keeping the car as it's a little bonus I give to all of my summer assistants. What do you think?"

"If anyone could talk my parents into letting me keep the car it would be you I suppose."

"That's good to hear," Sharpay grinned. "Now come here."

Sharpay grabbed Martha by her shirt and pulled her towards her. There was a look of nervousness on Martha's face as Sharpay looked into her eyes, but that slowly disappeared as the blonde locked lips with her. When the kiss broke and Sharpay pulled her face back Martha had a mildly bewildered look on her face and a faint smile.

"That's what I thought," Sharpay said smiling as she walked to her bed and sat down, "now get undressed and get over here."

Sharpay blew kisses and said sweet nothings to Martha as she undressed. When she was finally nude Martha awkwardly made her way to the bed unconsciously trying to cover her private parts even though only she and Sharpay were in the room.

"Are you nervous?" Sharpay asked as she fondled Martha's breasts and gave them soft squeezes.

"A little."

"Me too," Sharpay said nudging Martha towards the back of the bed, "I've never had sex with another girl either." Once Martha was on her back Sharpay straddled her and began to fondle the brunette's breasts again. She rolled the large fleshy globes around in her hands occasionally pinching the large nipples.

Martha couldn't help but moan in delight when Sharpay began flicking her tongue across her left nipple only stopping to nibble on the tip before switching to her right side. The brunette laid on her back moaning with pleasure with her body starting to writhe with excitement as the blonde began making her way down her body covering it with soft kisses.

"Oh god!" Martha groaned nearly coming the first time she felt Sharpay's tongue slide up and down her slit. "I really like that!"

"I know you do," Sharpay grinned continuing to flick her tongue up and down Martha's labia.

Then much to Martha's delight Sharpay began to finger her clitoral hood in an effort to get the nub to emerge. Like the virgin she knew Martha to be Sharpay was delighted when the brunette's clit exposed itself.

Martha squealed almost instantly as Sharpay began to tongue her clit and slipped a finger into her pussy. Martha's entire body was beginning to burn up as Sharpay slowly worked her finger in and out of her opening while still licking her sensitive nub. Martha reached up taking hold of her breasts and began kneading her nipples between her thumb and finger. She then gasped loudly when Sharpay thrust a second finger into her pussy.

"You like this Martha?" Sharpay teased pinching her clit with her free hand. "Do you?"

"Fuck yeah!" She cried out as her body continue to burn up with excitement with it's intensity continuing to grow. "God it feels good!"

Martha was having a hard time controlling herself. She was squeezing her breasts and pulling on the nipples as Sharpay wildly thrust two fingers into her pussy seemingly pushing harder and deeper each time. Martha's opening was also becoming increasingly wet and sticky and Sharpay took notice.

Still wiggling her fingers in and out of Martha Sharpay's attention returned to her pussy. She eagerly began licking up and down Martha's moist slit lapping up the fluids and swallowing them.

The wetness of Sharpay's tongue on her pussy and the thrill the blonde's fingers penetrating her brought Martha became too much for her. She cried out in ecstasy as her body was rocked with it's first orgasm. Martha's cum came gushing from her opening and splashed all over the blonde's face as she ate it up. When the brunette calmed down and her orgasm ended Sharpay crawled up the bed and laid down next to her.

"That was great," Martha giggled before Sharpay could say anything.

"Yes it was," Sharpay replied with a smile kissing Martha on the lips "You ready for another round?"

"Please," Martha moaned as she felt Sharpay's fingers reach down between her legs and began to rub her clit again causing her body to beg for more satisfaction.

Sharpay climbed onto Martha getting into a sixty-nine position with her and began dipping her tongue into the brunette's pussy. As Sharpay began to slide her tongue in and out of her pussy Martha stared for a moment at the neatly shaven blonde cunt in front of her. Having never thought about having sex with a girl for her first time Martha found herself extremely turned on as Sharpay's tongue slipped in and out of her pussy.

The blonde moaned the first time she felt Martha's tongue eagerly began to lick up and down her slit. "Oh fuck Martha! Eat my pussy!" Sharpay groaned.

Martha anxiously took to Sharpay's pleads and spread her pussy apart to really allow her tongue to dig deep inside. She nearly came again when she felt the first drop of Sharpay's juices drip onto her tongue, but held her own. Martha then did as the blonde had done to her earlier and began to finger Sharpay's clit.

"Oh god this feels too good!" Sharpay groaned as she began to grind her pussy into Martha's mouth and nose.

Though obviously a beginner at eating pussy Martha enthusiastically pressed her tongue in and out of Sharpay's opening licking up ever bit of her juices she could. All the while she continued to finger Sharpay's exposed clit.

As she found herself becoming more turned on by Martha than she ever imagined she would Sharpay couldn't help but reach back with her left hand and begin to slide a finger up and down the center of her ass. She gasped at the pleasure that coursed through her body when her finger penetrated her ass. With Martha's tongue and finger eagerly working on her pussy and clit, Sharpay slowly began to increase the thrusting of her middle finger into her backside.

"Fuck this is great!" Sharpay moaned grinding her crotch into Martha's face with more and more excitement. Martha's tongue darting in and out of her pussy while she pinched her clit with her fingers began to become too much for Sharpay. "Oh fuck me!" The blonde orgasmically moaned thrusting her finger deeper and harder into her asshole with each swift push.

Sharpay's fluids began to flow more freely covering Martha's mouth and nose. Sharpay gasped pumping her finger inside her backside with one final hard thrust before coming. The blonde opened up gushing her cum all over Martha's face as she erupted in orgasm. Several loud screams leapt from Sharpay's mouth as her body shook from the pleasure that coursed through her body. When she felt herself calm down Sharpay rolled off of Martha and turned to face her. The brunette still had a smile on her face and giggled as her new boss began licking the cream from her face.

After several minutes of eating her own cum Sharpay spoke with a smile. "This was better than I could have hoped."

"This definitely wasn't what I was expecting to happen on my first day, but I think I'll really enjoy the rest of the summer."

"I'm so glad to hear that," Sharpay said kissing Martha on the lips, "but we need to get cleaned up and get to the resort. There's an announcement I need to make for this year's talent show. Use my bathroom in here and I'll use one in one of the guestrooms down the hall. Be ready to go in twenty minutes."

"Sure thing, Ms. Evans," Martha replied getting off the bed.

"Please call me Sharpay, even at the club. That's what my other assistants did."

"Okay, Sharpay it is then."

"That's a good girl," Sharpay said kissing Martha one last time. "Be ready in twenty."

Martha went into the bathroom to quickly wash her face and freshen up before redressing. Once everything was in order she left the bathroom with about five minutes to spare just as Ryan was entering Sharpay's bedroom.

"Hey Martha do you know where Sharpay is?"

"I'm not sure where she went. I was only in the bathroom for a few minutes and she didn't say anything when she left," Martha lied not sure what to say if anything of her session with his sister.

"I'm already late getting to the resort so can you give my sister a message when you see her?"

"Su-," Martha began as a wet cloth came from behind her and was placed over her nose and mouth quickly rendering her unconscious.

"I must admit I'm impressed," Ryan said as Martha's body fell to the floor and Sharpay put the wet cloth into a bag and sealed it.

"With what?" Sharpay asked half-surprised by her brother's compliment.

"I really didn't think you'd have sex with her considering it wasn't necessary at all."

"I didn't want her to die a virgin. The humanitarian in me almost feels sorry for her."

"I'm not sure how much humanitarian goodness is inside of you and she won't technically lose her virginity until after I'm done with her you know."

"I know, but with me she got to have normal sex that she could enjoy. Even I have to admit that your taste in females is a bit strange."

"Does that include you?"

"Of course not. I'm irresistible to everyone; including you baby brother."

"Except of course Troy," Ryan teased.

Sharpay grabbed Ryan by the collar and yanked him towards her. "You are so lucky I'm over Troy and my priorities lie elsewhere."

"And you are so sexy when you're naked... and try to act tough... and try to threaten me."

"And you're so cute when you try to act like a guy," Sharpay retorted. "You're a bigger girl than I am."

"You want to fuck me don't you?"

"About as much as you want to fuck me," Sharpay grinned pulling Ryan's body against hers and kissing him. "But not right now. We have things to do." Sharpay let go off Ryan and headed towards her bathroom to clean up.

"God," Ryan moaned with a throbbing hard-on in his pants. "You are the worst kind of tease, but I understand. You need time to recover from all the fun you had with Martha."

"Now you're definitely not getting into my panties any time soon," Sharpay replied before slamming the door.

"Ah well, I'll have to make use of you tomorrow won't I?" Ryan asked standing over an unconscious Martha. He then leaned over her body and place her arms and legs in a spread eagle position. Ryan stood up and raised his hands to block Martha's appendages from his sight. "It's been too long," He said to himself.

"I see you've already found a replacement for me," Sharpay whispered in Ryan's ear hugging him from behind.

"You know better than that."

Sharpay came around his side and placed her arm around his back and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Are you as excited about this as I am?"



"This past year of going to East High and doing the drama team really fucked with me and almost made me forget it mean to be an Evans. I can't thank you enough for this."

"You can thank me later."

"I plan on it. Now let's call Dr. Abrams and get this bitch prepped for tomorrow night."

* * *

Martha woke with a splitting headache and her body ached with a pain that felt like her insides were on fire. She wheezed and coughed several times drooling on herself in the process before trying to get up. Martha began to panic when her body began refused to move and she couldn't control her arms or legs.

"Good, I see you're finally awake," she heard a faint but familiar voice say.

"What's going on?" Martha asked trying to look around as best she could. "What did you do to me!" The brunette screamed hysterically when she realize the reason she couldn't control her arms or legs was because she no longer had them.

"You've been asleep for several days. The drugs knocked you on your ass worse than we thought they would."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Martha cried her voice trembling when she caught sight of Ryan in the corner of her eye.

"You didn't think the Ryan you knew at school was the real me did you? It was just a little show I had to put on to let some things blow over that happened at out last school. It's nothing personal Martha. If it wasn't you it would be someone else."

"It's not personal?!? You butchered me!" Martha screamed hysterically. "Why would you do this???"

"You call it butchering," Ryan began, "but I see it differently. In it's original form the female body is a thing of exquisite beauty, but with a few minor alterations it can be made into a vision of complete undeniable perfection. Your arms and legs were only making you ugly so I had our family doctor remove them for me. He really did do an excellent job."

Martha cried shamefully the first time Ryan's tongue pressed up against her slit. She felt embarrassed and humiliated as he began eating her pussy flicking his tongue up and down her opening. He thrust his tongue in and out of Martha's pussy eliciting uncontrollable moans of pleasures from the terrified girl. For several minutes Ryan slowly and methodically slid his tongue up and down Martha's cunt, before spreading her pussy lips with this fingers thrusting his tongue inside. When the table Martha was on and her opening became large sloppy messes Ryan climbed onto the table in front of her. He had to lean over Martha to get the tip of his cock to penetrate her before grabbing hold of her hips and sitting up.

The back of Martha's head and neck were the only things left touching the table as Ryan began to inch his cock into her pussy little by little. It was only a few seconds before the tip of his shaft pressed against Martha's hymen.

"Please don't!" Martha begged as her virginity nearly reached it's breaking point several times. She screamed when Ryan engorged his cock deep inside her violently breaking the tiny membrane in the process.

Ryan looked upon the terrified girl as he wildly thrust his dick deep and hard into her cunt. Though Martha didn't look anything like the only other "perfect" girl he had fucked Ryan couldn't help but feel the sexual excitement build up inside him. Martha's cries for Ryan to stop only fell on deaf ears as he continued pump his shaft into her body

Watching Martha's plump torso and large breasts heave back and forth started to become too much for him. He laid her back down on the table and leaned over her grabbing the edges of the table. Ryan's balls slapped against her ass as he rode Martha's cunt hard. Suddenly Ryan heard something he hadn't expected to hear.

"Oh god!" Martha moaned as she began to orgasm.

Ryan felt her body shake and his dick get lathered in her fluids as she came. His shaft began to ache for release as Martha's orgasm ended and her body returned to it's normal state. Ryan gave his cock two hard deep thrusts into her pussy before holding it in place coming himself.

The blonde grunted as his seed spewed forth in Martha's womb and he was overwhelmed with a sense of ecstasy and contentment. Ryan pulled himself out of Martha and the last bits of cum dripped from his penis onto the table.

"So how was it?" Sharpay asked appearing at the bottom of the basement stairs as Ryan sat on his knees composing himself

"Considering it involved someone other than you, it was fucking great," Ryan grinned climbing off the table.

"How's East High's favorite fatty doing tonight?" Sharpay asked with a devilish grin suddenly appearing in Martha's line of sight.

"Why..." Martha said barely audible. Ryan had to be insane and if Sharpay's personality was worse than it was at school Martha knew she was probably dead soon.

"Why what?" Sharpay asked with an air of arrogance

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because we can Martha. This isn't the movies, this isn't tv. The good guys don't always win especially when going up against something as rich and powerful as our family. Like I'm sure Ryan told you, this isn't personal. It's just for fun."

Martha opened her mouth and began screaming when she saw light reflecting off something in Sharpay's hand. Without a word Sharpay placed the knife between Martha's right eye socket and eyeball and began to pry it out. Martha screamed hysterically as Sharpay lifted the eye bulb out and took hold of it with her hand. Sounds of bloody murder rang throughout the basement when Sharpay cut the optic nerve with her knife. Then without giving it a second thought she tossed Martha's eye into her mouth chewing it several times before swallowing. Sharpay then plunged the knife into Martha's belly and cut out a small square of flesh from her abdomen.

"God!" Ryan began as Sharpay chewed on Martha's flesh like beef jerky before swallowing it. "How can you eat that raw?"

"This coming from the guy who likes sushi? Don't be a bitch and try it," Sharpay replied rolling her eyes as she cut out Martha's left eye and tossed it to her brother. She then cut another small square of flesh from Martha's abdomen and began chewing on it. Blood was pouring from Martha's eye sockets and if the basement wasn't sound proof then anybody within a five block radius would have been able to hear the brunette's agonizing cries. Ryan and Sharpay continued talking oblivious to Martha's suffering

"No thank you," Ryan said handling the eye for a few minutes before tossing it back to Sharpay. "I like my food cooked. Sushi is just an indulgence I give in to every once in a while."

"As is this," Sharpay said tossing the second eye into her mouth and eating it like candy. "You saved one of Martha's arms for me didn't you?"

"Yes, Dr. Abrams set one to the side to be processed for you. It should be getting here any day."

"Good," Sharpay began as she walked over to a cabinet and removed a razor sharp machete replacing it with the bloody knife. "You called to have Martha's body picked up right?" Sharpay asked as she lined up the blade to Martha's neck and took several practice swings.

"Yeah, they'll be here in the morning. You keeping the head?" Ryan asked as Sharpay's first full swing of the machete stopped about two-thirds of the way in Martha's neck. "That was weak. With a blade that sharp you should have been able to cut her head off in one try."

The brunette would have screamed bloody hell hadn't the blade severed her vocal cards and carotid artery.

"Fuck you, I'm not a complete nut job who does this all the time and yes I am keeping the head," Sharpay replied as she swung the blade into Martha's neck a second time tearing the remaining flesh. "I have a plan and I need it."

"You mind filling me in on the plan?"

"Not right now," Sharpay said dropping the machete on the table. "I want it to be a surprise for you."

"I guess we're going to need to get this in storage so it doesn't rot?" Ryan asked picking up Martha's head.

"For a little while. It depends on how fast the rest of my plan falls into place."

"I'll take care of it."

"Hey Ryan," Sharpay began as her brother began to walk up the stairs with the head.


"Have you ever raped anyone?"

"A few times, but not in awhile."

"Why not?"

"I find it boring. When I want to control and humiliate girls there are other more interesting ways for me to do it. Why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking about when I finally get my hands on Gabriella and about guys in general and that it would be easier for you to rape Gabriella or Troy for that matter and get off than it would be for me. You've gotten pretty close to Gabriella haven't you?"

"Yeah I suppose."

"What does she really think about me?"

"She's never said anything to me about you probably because she figures I'd tell you what she said, but from what I can gather from overhearing conversations and listening to rumors she really does not like you. I wouldn't say she hates you only because I've never heard Gabriella say she hates anybody, but if we moved tomorrow she wouldn't miss you one bit. Gabriella's a bit concerned though that one day in your quest to win Troy you'll go completely over the edge and do something... crazy."

"Perhaps I should," Sharpay grinned with a glint of evil in her eyes.

"Just be careful Shar," Ryan warned seeing the look in his sister's eyes. "I've seen that look before and it scares me sometimes to think about what might be on your mind."

"Suppose that I had a cock and raped Gabriella taking her virginity in the process that would be both a complete mindfuck and humiliating at the same time right? I'm talking like a hundred times worse than if she had been raped by some random guy."

"In her eyes anything involving you would be infinitely worse, but if you're thinking what I think you are let me remind you that we have an obligation to fulfill before any radical biological alterations are made to your body."

"I'm aware of our obligation," Sharpay smiled with anticipation overwhelming her body. "I have a plan for that, but first things first. We need to take care of Martha's mom."


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