Hagar, Lucky Eddie, and Honi owned by Dik Browne estate. Used without permission in a spoof/parody. Others are original's created by me. Honi is 16 in the story, what she supposedly is in the strip.

Rated NC-17 for F/F/f sex, bdsm, semi-cons, feet, ws

Honi stows away on her father's ship and gets more than she bargained

Hagar The Horrible: Honi's African Adventure Part 1
by Tara a.k.a. Shelly ([email protected])

Hagar sighed as for the fourth time since her 16th birthday just a month ago his daughter Honi was on his 'longship' armed and ready. Not that Honi couldn't fight, in fact there wasn't a viking in ten villages save for Hagar himself who could defeat his beautiful but tomboyish daughter in any kind of fight. She was the best with long bow, crossbow, sword, axe, mace, and hand to hand around. But women didn't go on viking raids. For obvious reasons.

"Honi, come here," Hagar ordered.

"Yes father," Honi smiled, lithely leaping from the gangway, doing a front flip and landing in front of her father.

"Honi, we've been over this," Hagar sighed, "You know why women can't be reaver's. And it's not the looting and pillaging."

"But father, I want to rape other girls," Honi protested, "I'm a warrior, same as any man on your crew. There's no 3 of them I can't beat. Why can't I rape girls and make them my lesbian sex slaves?"

"Honi," Hagar said, "I don't allow my men to rape. They do, but not when I'm watching. Also, call me old fashioned, we don't kill unless it's self defense."

Despite his girth, which many wrongly thought was fat, but was muscle like a sumo, Hagar was a powerful warrior. Not as bloodthirsty as many of his kind his personal kills still numbered well in triple digits. He had great strength in his arms and legs as well.

Honi was truly a beauty even though she was a lot more muscular than most women. It was feminine muscle as she had washboard abs, angular arm muscles from long hours of weapons practice, gymnastic leg muscles from still more hours of acrobatic training. Tall for that age at 5' 5", she had beautiful deep blue eyes and long blonde hair she wore in twin braids. A natural blonde she had almost no pubic hair and shaved what little she had to prevent chafing and heat. Her 36D breasts were full, high, and ripe topped with cute pink nipples.

Despite Hagar's best efforts his tomboy daughter always seemed to find people willing to teach her weapon skills. Hagar's family seemed strange. Her younger brother Hamlet was a great disappointment as he seemed uninterested in learning anything about fighting while Honi thought of nothing else. Until recently.

A woman claiming to be from the future had given Honi a stack of art books from another woman named Rebecca. Twenty books filled with realistic drawings of women and girls fucking, sucking, even whipping and raping other women or girls. Many pics had older women with girls who looked about Honi's age. Every since then Honi was having dream after dream, fantasy after fantasy of having girls and women at her mercy. And often she was the victim.

And here she was again in the custom armor she'd had made for herself, sword sheathed on her back, shield on one arm, dagger strapped to her thigh, throwing axe on her belt. She had a longbow and a quiver of arrows on the ship.

"But father," Honi continued to protest, "Hamlet is useless, I'm a true viking! And there have been many famous warrior women, valkyries, and shield maidens!"

"Honi," Hagar said placing a loving hand on her shoulder, "No one could be more proud to have a daughter like you, but I fear I failed you as a father. I raised you too much like a boy. As a result you have a man's skills and a man's appetites. What you are feeling is unusual though there have been other cases of it. I wear, we will try to find help for you, a good man maybe rather than the weakling fops that hang around you."

"I don't want a man," Honi fumed, "I want women. Lots of women. Girls and more girls and more girls. That's who I am father. That's what I am."

"Go home!" Hagar ordered angrily, "Now!"

He was tired of her defiance and back talk. Especially since she was defying him right in front of his men. Many of whom were snickering. That stopped as he gave them 'The Look'. 'The Look' usually meant he was about to kill someone. Hagar had cultivated it and it was enough to scare many hardened vikings. While he had lost a couple of ships and had a more humane code than most of his kind, Hagar had made many daring profitable raids earning some measure of respect and even fame.

But Honi did not go home. Honi knew that Lucky Eddie was on guard that night. Lucky Eddie was a strange name for the most unlucky man in the world. That had not always been the case. At one time his luck has been almost supernaturally good. Back then no arrow could touch him, swords would mysteriously break before striking him. Any ship he was on would have fair weather and would glide faster than seemed normal. A physical weakling he was nonetheless a good archer and had some skill with a blade. He was Hagar's best friend still, even though all his luck seemed bad.

Even when his luck had been good Honi was so skilled she could slip by him unnoticed. As he was now she could walk right past him. Honi knew her father's ship inside and out and knew he had a secret compartment to store loot in his quarters. It was easy for him as he stayed sober while his men got drunk. It was big enough to hide in for many days. Honi gathered a huge bag of food. Water was going to be a problem. She added 5 gourds worth. Her father had a personal barrel, she was hoping to use it when he was on deck. Once they arrived at the place they were gong to raid she could reveal herself. Her father would be pissed, but there wouldn't be anything he could do at that point except scream at her.

The first part was easy. Lucky Eddie fell asleep on duty. After all, they were at home port, why bother he'd thought. Honi was quickly past him and into the hidey hole. With all her gear and supplies it was a bit cramped. Toilet was also going to be a problem she realized., and so was fresh air. She went back out, stole a brand new chamber pot, then, once back in she discovered a few of the outside boards were loose. Once out to sea she could make a window, solving the air and waste disposal problem. As a rare person who bathed daily in this time she was still not going to be as fresh as she liked. Honi then fell asleep.

When she woke up she could hear the seagulls and feel the gentle rocking of the waves. Her first act was to make her window. From where she was she couldn't see land. She could hear her father barking orders above deck. A cold breakfast of bread and cheese and some water as she settled down to wait.

Five days passed. They had gotten a favorable wind and were far south judging from the much warmer weather. Honi was out of food, cramped, dirtier than she liked. She had kept her water supply up as the only good thing. She had learned they were heading for southern Spain, currently under the control of the Moors.

While fierce horsemen the Moor's were crappy seamen. Viking's laughed at them at sea. Their slow ponderous ships were no match for the swift 'dragonships'. A longship could pick them apart. On an open field it would be the vikings who would end up shredded. They never made it.

The storm was the worst that any of them had ever seen. In her hiding place Honi was glad her stomach was empty by this time as she would have lost it all. For hours and hours the ship was swiftly blown south and piece by piece was slowly ripped apart. At dawn the mast finally fell with a loud crash. Honi's small window was now twice it's size. The storm was still raging as day broke and Honi screamed as she saw her father and Lucky Eddie go overboard clinging to the figurehead. Neither one heard her above the roar of the sea.

Honi tried to get out of her hiding place in an effort to aid her father, but it was jammed, 500 pounds of debris. That was not going to stop a viking born like Honi. Since all her supplies were gone she had more room. Taking her axe she chopped her way out. It took nearly an hour before she was free. Standing on half a ship she was alone.

What was left of the longship continued to be swifly pulled to the south. Honi found 3 of the crew dead, she fell to her knees and cried as she knew there was nothing she could do to help he father. There was no way to go back for him, or search for him. the wind was finally dying, the rain slowed. During the next few hours Honi combed what was left of the dying ship. Some food and fresh water survived, there was canvas for a makeshift sail, some gold coins if she landed anywhere civilized, and of course she was well armed so her situaion could have been much worse.

Using a tree axe to spare the edge of hers Honi began making a makeshift raft as the wrecked longship was slowly sinking. It took most of the rest of the day as she lashed everything that could float together. She piled on rope, spare tools, extra weapons and all the food and water she could find. Most women could not have done it. Honi was exhausted, but she was safe as what was left of the ship sank beneath the waves. She raised the small sail, the wind continued to push her south. Honi slept, but it was an uneasy sleep as the image of her father haunted her.

Honi awoke the next morning. Her makeshift ratf was surrounded by sharks. They were too big for her to pick one off with a spear to stretch out her food supply, but fortunately too small to swamp her. By noon they grew bored, or smelled blood somewhere else and left. The sun was beating down, hotter than any she had ever known, even in summer. Honi noticed her skin already turning red, the disadvantage of being so fair skinned. She still had her armor but that would be way too hot. So she covered up naked under spare cloth. The raft continued south.

Honi tried to fish by moonlight, but the moon was only a sliver and she was unsuccessful. It had been 2 days and she was again out of food and water with no sight of land. But she was viking and would never surrender even as she prayed to Thor and to Sif her patron goddess. Perhap she was answered as she spotted land the next morning. Honi had to row hard to reach the shore, but by noon beached the raft. The strange dense vegetation of a jungle stretched endlessly in both direction. There was no way to carry everything she still had. She figured the bow would be the best weapon for this strange land.

Honi made a travois from part of the raft, she took what she could, drug the rest slightly into the vegetation and buried it, marking the spot. Honi decided it was best to push the remains of the raft back out so anyone hostile might think she'd gone back out to sea. She would leave footprints bur the waves would take care of those. She had no way of knowing where she was, but righty guessed Africa.

At this point Honi wanted only one thing, to go home. Dragging her travois she headed north, hungry and thirsty. She would stop every couple of miles to mark a tree with her dagger both to show the way to her discarded gear and so she wouldn't end up walking in circles. It was early evening, still a couple of hours of light left when she saw it. The land rose up to a small mountain. The vegetation was much less and both a waterfall and a cave were clearly visible.

Needing water and a safe place to stay for the encrouching night Honi headed for it. The water was pure and clean as Honi drank her fill. The cave was high above, it would be a half day climb for most people. But in this Honi did have the advantage. Her homeland was rolling and mountainous, she was as surefooted as the wild rams that hid in them. Had she had time to explore she would have found a path that led right to it. As it was she was still up with daylight to spar. Using ropes and pegs she had took with her, she swung back down, secured the travois and returning to the entrance managed to muscle it up.

"Damn! I left the block and tackle with the other stuff," Honi gasped aloud.

She drug everyhing inside and immediatly went for her sword. There was a long flat smooth stone table with new retrainst pounded at ankle and wrist level for someone about her heigt sretched out sexually. There was no sign of blood, a good sign, and the cuffs themselves had soft lining. There was an open chest with the same books by Rebecca that Honi owned between 2 wicker type chairs. The remans of a campfire with some extra spare wood was over to the left, not qute under a hole that led to the sky. Honi cautiously explored the cave, she found another box, this one filled with whips of various size and more restarinsts.

"Oh shit, someone comes here," Honi said, "Fire's cold. I should stay here tonight, it's getting dark and who knows what's out there. But in the morning I need to get the fuck out of here."

Their was still time to take a much needed shower. Honi was unaware that 2 pairs of eyes were watching her shower. She kept her weapons close. Clean and somewhat refreshed, she decided the table was better than the floor. Dagger strapped to thigh, axe in hand, sword nearby she laid down and was out.

A normally light sleeper all the hardship she had been through since she stowed away on her father's ship, combined with lack of food caught up with her. The 2 figures glided noiselessly into the room towards the still nude young girl. In a flash they were on her, sword and axe knocked away!

Woken with a start Honi was easily overpowered. The dark skin of her assailants made them all but invisible in the dark cave. Her wrists were cuffed as she still struggled.

"No! No! Let me go!" Honi scremed scared shitless for the first time in her life.

"Quiet, you'll be enjoying this soon," a female voice ordered.

"Little wiggle worm," the other voice was also female.

With no hope and somehow knowing she was in no danger Honi relaxed and allowed herself to be stretched, her ankles cuffed, her dagger unstrapped. Now helpless they left her alone, but she could hear the unmistakable sound of a fire being started. Still pretty dark Honi could make out 2 female forms. Even in the dim, but growing light she could tell they were young and had great bodes. Many candles were lit and placed by the 2 women. Honi now had a good look at them.

They were dark skinned, though not as much as the few other African's Honi had seen. More mocha colored. Their features and hair showed them to have white and Arab blood. One had short styled hair, the other long hair in a ponytail. They were nude except for tiny leopard loincloths and teeth and claw bracelets and anklets. The shorthaired woman also had a gold 'lion' choker. They looked 18-21 and were beautifl. Honi started juicing up, her nipples becoming rock hard.

"Looks like Vicki was right," the shorthaired one smiled.

"Vicki?" Honi gasped, "She was the one who gave me books just like your's. But how, do we speak the same language?"

"We're not," the longhaired girl grinned, "She said her magic would allow us to understand each other. She told us that we might meet you someday. My name's Shara."

"And I'm Mari," the shorthaired woman said.

"I'm Honi," Honi smiled, "Would you let me loose?".

"No," Mari said, "And I doubt you really want to be free. We're lesbians and we can tell you are too."

"Especially if you met Vicki," Shara added, "She claims we're all but immortal now and that we will form an army of lesbians."

"She told me that too, but I didn't really believe her," Honi said, "You are both very beautiful."

"Thank you," Mari said, "You're very beautiful too. We've never seen a white girl. Would you like to be taken by black women?"

"By Odin!" Honi nodded yes, "That would be sooooo sexy! Just the contrast of our skin color is a turn on!"

"Hmmmm, I wonder what a whip would do to your white skin," Shara ran her fingers across Honi's tits causing the teen to gasp in pleasure.

"Well, I have no use for an unwhipped slave," Mari winked.

"How would you like the whip?" Shara asked.

"Oh, I love it," Honi panted.

The 2 black beauties selected whips from the box. Choosing multi tailed floggers they teased Honi by dangling them in front of her. The sight of the whips alone was turning Honi on. Being the sub didn't bother her one bit. Shara started whipping her tits, Mari whipped her pussy. Honi loved it! The whips lashed her faster and faster.

"Aaaaaaaa!" Honi cried, "Whip me! Aaaaaaa! Whip me, whip me, whip me! Whip me! Whip me! Ooooooo! Whip me! I'm cumming! Aaaaaaaa!"

Honi wriggled in rapture as she came. Mari kissed Honi hotly, their tongues toyed with each other. Shari cupped Honi's bare cunt. She ran a finger up and down, but not inside.

"It's okay," Honi said, "I lost my cherry doing gymnastics."

"Well, we should be naked too," Mari said as she and Shara stripped off their loincloths, "We both lost ours in excercise too."

Both of them were shaved as well Honi noticed. Mari fed Honi one of her pretty black titties while Shari finger fucked her pussy. Shari first started with 1, then 2, then 3 fingers into Honi's vise like virgin pussy. Honi loved the taste of tit as she licked and sucked on first one, then the other of Mari's tits. Honi came quickly from the finger fuck.

"Taste yourself slave," Shara ordered.

Honi greedily licked her own tasty pussy juice from Shara's fingers.

"I think she should suck some black pussy then we whip her again," Mari lustfully smiled.

"Mmmmmm. I love black pussy," Honi licked her lips.

Mari straddled Honi's pretty face. Shara resumed finger fucking her, now adding 2 finges into the white slave girl's asshole along with 3 in her pussy. Though inexperienced Honi more than made up for it in enthusiasm as she licked up and down Mari's slit, tongue fucked her, sucked on her clit, then dove tongue first into Mari's pussy.

"Oh Isis!," Mari cried roughly kneading and clawing her own tits, "Where did you learn to eat pussy so well? Oooooo! That's so good! Aaaaaaa! Suck me! Suck me! Aaaaiiiiiiiieeee!"

Mari orgasmed followed scant seconds later by Honi cumming again. Mari licked Honi's pussy juice off Shara's fingers while Honi savored the taste of her own ass from the finger's of Shara's other hand.

The duo switched places, Honi now sucking Shara's pussy, Mari licking Honi from clit to tangy anus. Honi was in Valhalla! This was 100, nay, 1000 times better than her wildest fantasies.

"Ohhh, your pussy and ass taste sooo good," Mari moaned, first rimming her, then sucking pussy.

"Yes! Yes!" Shara cried, "Eat my pussy! Suck it slave, suck it! Aaaaaaaa! Yes! Suck me! Oooooo! I'm gonna cum! Aaaaaaaeeeeee!"

Shara writhed, Honi spasmed as both orgsmed again. Three way tongue kissing ensued as the women recovered. Shara and Mari roughly kneaded and clawed Honi's pale tits, slapping them.

"She still needs to be punished," Mari giggled as they again grabbed whips.

This time Mari flogged Honi's tits with Shara whipping her pretty pink pussy. Honi was soaring with the pleasure/pain.

"Whip me!" Honi implored, "Whip me! Yes! Oooooooooo! Whip me, whip me, whip me! Aaaahhhhhhh! Cumming!"

Honi again exploded in pleasure. Panting she didn't notice she was being freed. Mari had cuffed Shara's wrists together and attached them to overhead chains Honi hadn't noticed before. Shara was pulled up until she was on her tiptoes. Her legs were then spread very wide and fastened to a spreader bar. Mari offered Honi some lotus wine which she eagerly downed. Honi smiled. The party was just starting.

End of Part 1:


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