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Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: A Change In Lifestyle (MFF,MF,inter)
by The Fan

Hercules was restless.

He was a tired man.

Tired of the fighting. Tired of the endless battles. Oh, sure, he was the Son
of Zeus, the king of the Gods of Mount Olympus. That alone made him special.
But he wasn't a god. He was a half god and half human creature. As such, he
was different. He was strong enough to lift objects thousands of times his
weight and move them around with ease. He was the strongest being in the
universe. No god had his strength. No Titan or Giant or Demon did either. No,
he was unique.

Since he was young he used his powers to help people. He fought gods and
demons and monsters and giants all to protect his fellow man. What had it
got him? He had lost Deineira, his wife and their children to the wrath of
the goddess Hera. He had lost Iolaus, his best friend as well. Heck, he lost
Serena. Now here was a special tale.

Serena was once the Golden Hind, a half woman, half deer creature that was
immortal. Hercules had fallen in love with the Hind and sacrificed everything
for her. He had given up his colossal strength, a power no one else could
have, for her. He became a normal man. She gave up immortality to be a normal
woman and have him. They loved each other but their passion was short-lived.

Ares, the god of war never ceased to plot against Hercules. He had some
godling of his kill Serena and frame Hercules for the murder. In came Iolaus
and Xena and Gabrielle, Hercules's best friends. They helped him clear his
name. Hercules fought Ares's chosen champion, the sniveling god Stentor. Zeus
stepped in and gave Hercules his strength back and the Son of Zeus easily
won. After that Hercules was bitter and angry but he eventually became a hero

That is the Hercules of this Universe. A decent man and superhuman hero.
What about other worlds?

What if Hercules hadn't grown up so well-disposed toward his fellow human?
What if the Strongman were less concerned with helping humans and more
selfish, given to power hunger, lust and hate? Not such a paragon of virtue
after all?

We are leaving Earth as we know it with Hercules as a hero and enter the

We see Hercules in the A.R. He is still the same with a very big difference.
He is a fierce warrior who has used his godly strength to get fame and gather
followers. He is called the Sovereign. His armies have conquered Sparta,
Corinth, Tyrinth, Memnos and Naxos. Also Thessaly and Thebes. And Athens as
well. All the major power cities of Greece. The Sovereign has done more to
the world than imagined.

He has killed the Golden Hind and used her immortal poisoning blood to
kill Zeus, the king of the Gods. And Hera as well. He has established
himself as the supreme one and trapped the remaining gods in Tartarus,
the dark underworld. He is still not a god but he has used Ambrosia to
become immortal, one step below a god. He is still seeking the Nectar,
which combined with Ambrosia should transform him into a full god...
with powers.

What is the two Hercules were switched?

Hercules goes into the Alternity Realm. The Sovereign goes to Earth.

LET the story begin.

He was traveling in Greece when it took him. A maelstrom of blue energy.
Hercules was caught in it and flew around and around in the sky, cursing
whoever was doing this to him.

When the turbulence ended. He found himself falling... the ground rushing up
at him for he was 1000 feet above it.

"Gods," he said. "I am really going to die."

He woke up slowly and painfully. He walked around. He knew where he was.
Somewhere in the Athenian territories. He was surprised but also pleased. The
good king Theodorus IV was a friend of his. Years ago Hercules saved him from
being eaten by a lion. That lion was Nemeus, Ares's immortal pet. He walked
the 2 miles to Athens. The place was different. Silent. The roads were
changed and fortified.

When he got there, he was really surprised.

The People looked at him with respect and surprise and something else....

"The Sovereign," everyone was saying. "Make way for the almighty sovereign."
Hercules was presented by many warriors in flashy black armor and they bowed
respectfully before him before offering him a chariot of gold and steel drawn
by four tall, strong horses. The chariot driver was a well dressed man in his
forties. They went to the palace. Hercules was shocked by the whole thing. He
demanded to see King Theodorus about what was happening. They looked at him
with doubt and question then bowed their heads. He was led to his own

Later he would figure it out...

The Sovereign went to Earth.

He was very shocked as to the way things were. At first he thought he was
hallucinating then he came to realize this was not his world. This was a
trick, perhaps one of the gods... no, they were dead, those who weren't were
the lesser gods. All the alphas like Zeus and Hera and Ares and Discord and
Apollo and Aphrodite and Hades had been destroyed. No lesser god could do a
trans dimensional travel trick. No, this was something else...

And the people of this world...

Wherever he went people called him Hercules, the name his mother gave him,
something he never used. He was the Sovereign after all. They offered him
bread and water and comfort. All things he TOOK on his world but on this
one they were GIVEN to him. He was not FEARED but rather viewed as some
kind of hero.

He went to Athens to see Theodorus. He was shocked. He personally had the
fool beheaded when he became the Sovereign Ruler of all Greece. And yet here
the man was, embracing him like a long lost brother and offering him all the
comforts of home. The Sovereign smiled.

"What is bothering you, old friend?" said Theodorus.

"Nothing," said the Sovereign.

He paused to look at a startling creature. A woman. Tall, lithe, with long
blond hair and blue eyes. He recognized her. Melanie. The King's daughter.
She was accompanied by another gal. This one was slender, a bit short, with
dark brown skin and long black hair. A black woman. Her name was Silva, the
Royal daughter's handmaiden. He knew them in his world... intimately. He
smiled. The King said he was going to organize a fiesta in honor of Hercules,
the hero. The Sovereign said he looked forward to that, never taking his eyes
off the two women who kept staring at him nervously.

This was going to be a good world....

On the Alternate realm....

Hercules entered the chamber. Immediately he was greeted by a pair of very
familiar women. One was tall and physically impressive with pale white skin,
dark eyes and long black hair. The other was a petite blonde with blue eyes.
Xena the warrior princess and Gabrielle the Bard. "Gabby, Xena?" he said.

"Yes, Mr. Sovereign?" the women said in purry voices.

Hercules stared. There was something wrong here. These two were fiercely
independent women and proud fighters. This had to be a joke? Right? He tried
to talk to them but they wouldn't stop.

They came onto him, moving as one in a very different kind of battle. They
had him down on the bed. A vast bed. They came to him. Xena was the most
aggressive... taking her clothes off while giving him a bold stare. Xena
was nude. Gabrielle began to kiss her and lick her body. Hercules watched,
aroused despite himself. Xena undressed Gabrielle and Hercules admired her
sexy body. Gabrielle, he realized was a hot chick.

"Still don't want to play, Mr. Sovereign?" they said as one.

Hercules's mouth said no but his rock hard dick was showing in his pants. The
girls noticed and smiled. They came to him. Xena pulled his pants off and
immediately held his cock in her hands. She looked at it admiringly, they did
not call him the Strongman for nothing. Xena began to pump his hard dick in
her hands and worked her hand up and down on it. Hercules was loving it. He
loved it more when Xena put it in her mouth and surprised him by giving him a
blowjob of epic proportions. She was like an animal, taking in as much as she

Meanwhile, Gabrielle was caressing Xena's big breasts with one hand and
probing her pussy with the other. Xena's cock sucking brought him off soon
enough and he came in her mouth. At the sight of cum, both girls brightened
and came to suck on him. He came long and hard over the both of them. Then,
to get him hard again they worked each other. They did a 69 position and used
their mouths and hands to probe and lick and tease each other until they both
reached a shuddering orgasm. The sight of these gorgeous girls going the
lesbo way got Hercules super hard.

He joined them. He took Xena first. She lay on her back, legs spread while he
began to lick her and probe her, getting her nice and wet for him. Then he
went in. His long prick entered her love tunnel with a small popping sound.
Xena gasped and Hercules began to pick up speed. He went in long and hard and
she arched her back and spread herself more, welcoming more of his meat into
her. Gabrielle watched the whole thing with interest, her hand on her pussy.

The blonde girl was really aroused when Hercules put her best friend on her
hands and knees. From the look on Xena's face she could guess where Hercules
had put his thing...oohh... what a dirty thing to do but they were in Greece
after all....Xena was screaming. Hercules held her by the waist and began to
really give it to her. "Ahhhh."

Then Hercules turned her on her back and put her legs on his shoulders and he
entered her like that. Gabrielle came clsoer to see the fuck. The sight of
this studly man driving his cock deep into her friend's tight little asshole
really turned her on. Then Hercules held Xena harder and the dark woman
actually gasped. Gabrielle felt rather than saw the cum rush through
Hercules's dick and shoot into Xena's puckered asshole. They both screamed

Gabrielle watched on as Xena took a cock straight out of her ass into her
mouth. She joined her friend. Not to be selfish, Xena offered her Hercules'
cock. Gabrielle wasn't usually hot and heavy into men but there was something
about demigods that made them different...

She greedily took Hercules into her mouth, using all her skill to bring the
semi flaccid dick back to life. Xena watched on and on as the night rolled
by. Gabrielle lying on her back, legs spread, her pussy torn by Hercules'
man meat. Gabrielle on her hands and knees, for more pussy pounding action.
And finally, the fuck as Hercules lay down and held his cock stiff and erect.
Gabrielle lowered herself down onto him. The weird thing was that she was
lowering her ass onto the dick, not her pussy. She screamed as it went in.

Xena came to help. She used some oil to ease in the penetration and Gabrielle
was grateful. She relaxed and enjoyed as Hercules began to really tear up her
asshole. Xena found herself so turned on she began to lick Gabrielle's pussy.
She teamed uo with Hercules to work the blonde girl over. Pretty soon they
had her. The feeling of Xena's tongue and fingers in her pussy... Hercules'
strong yet knowing hands on her breasts, so gentle like no man couuld be, or
so she thought... his hard dick up her tight ass... all those sensations
overwhelmed her. She felt like she was going to explode. Both of her lovers
quickened the pace... and she exploded. Hercules came in her ass at the
precise moment when Xena brought Gabby's pussy to climax.


Gabrielle felt so good she passed out.

When she woke up she was still in bed, between a handsome man and a hot, dark
woman. Hercules and Xena. Her lovers. She realized what they had both done
for her. She kissed them both. They embraced and spent the night together.

Hercules was up all night. There were two incredibly hot women next to him
and they demanded satisfaction. Tomorrow, he would figure out his role on
this world. But he was liking being the Sovereign already....

The Sovereign was liking being Hercules.....

The fiesta had been great. Really great. But it was the after fiesta that
amazed him. He had been angry when Melanie left with some guy named Perseus.
He wanted to kill the bastard for stealing his bitch. But all was not lost.
He had Silva. Silva...

The black girl had led him to a secluded room. There, they had met for real.
They kissed and undressed each other then she went on to take him into her
mouth. She was good... then he surprised her by showing her how good he knew
the woman body. He pleased her with some major licking and probing then
brought her to orgasm using nothing but his hands and mouth. Then he
lubricated one finger and went on fingering her asshole. The girl protested.
She said she had never done this before. He reassured her he would be gentle.
And he was... for awhile.

Then he was on her. First he plowed into her pussy, both forceful and knowing
at the same time. The feeling of this tight pussy was great around his cock.
She was aroaring like a beast under him. In his world, Silva was a bisexual.
In this one she was straight and from what he had found out, had done it only
once before him. What a difference!

Then came the time for the fuck. He had to reassure her and tell he would be
gentle and sweet and all that jazz. He experimented with her asshole by some
probing of first one then two fingers, all accompanied by some oil. Then he
went in. He was slow at first and she was surprised it didn't hurt. He told
her it was only his cockhead. He began to slide in more and more of his dick
in this black girl's tight asshole. The warmth radiating around his tool and
the sheer tightness was wonderful...

He went in more and more and she gasped and told him to stop. He barely
slowed down but kept pushing until he felt her ass stretch a bit. He pulled
out and used more oil to go in and began to really fuck her ass. She screamed
and said it hurt. He stopped and felt her clench. She wanted more. He fucked
her nice and long until he felt her give up and slapped her ass... hard. She
jumped up in surprise and his cock moved in her asshole. She gasped in pain.
It was excruciating but she soon found it replaced by another sensation. The
pain was still there but there was pleasure as well. So much pleasure. She
used her hands to please two cruelly abandoned parts of her body. Her breasts
and her pussy. She caressed and finger-fucked herself and found out she liked
it. The hard, hot dick in her rectum filled her up. Then she tightened her
ass, squeezing him and he came in her asshole. She gasped as cum flooded her
most private part. It felt nice, if painful.


The Sovereign never went after Melanie. He was too pleased with Silva. The
girl was wonderful. So hot yet so innocent. Nothing like the perverted and
treacherous woman he left on his world. He liked this place. The do-gooder
life did not suck as much as he thought it would.


The Watchers of the Universe watched what they had set in motion. The good
Hercules entered the world of his sinister and darker doppelganger. The evil
doppelganger in thrall to the world of the good Hercules. It was a strange
exercise, one that involved tampering with time and space and the life and
death of gods and humans. But Hercules was their greatest experiment and they
would use him...

Much more....

The End

For R. Poyau.


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