Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: A Love Of My Own Part 1 (MF,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules stood atop the hill, gazing down at the small town below. The town
of Thebes lay before him. This was the place where he was born. Eighteen
years ago, Zeus, the God of Thunder visited a young woman named Alcmene. They
shared a night of passion and the young woman found herself pregnant. She
would give birth to Hercules, the legendary demigod. Hercules would grow up
to be the strongest man in the world. He was half human and half god. There
had never been anything like him before.

Hercules had grown into a handsome youth. He stood six feet two inches tall,
broad-shouldered, with a lean, muscular body. His hair was light brown, his
eyes a steely blue. He didn't look like an ordinary youngster. Even as a
youth, women and girls flocked to him. Hercules had been raised to be modest,
and so he didn't quite know how to react to such attention. His best friend
Iolaus certainly didn't mind having lots of women interested in him.

Even though they were the best of friends, they certainly couldn't be more
different. While Hercules was shy and modest, Iolaus was irreverent, and
lacked a sense of responsibility. He loved to seduce women, steal money and
have as much fun as he could. Iolaus's talents as a thief were only matched
by those of Autolycus, the King of Thieves. Autolycus was another demigod.
He was the son of a mortal woman who had a relationship with Hermes, the god
of Travel, Commerce, Mischief and Trickery.

Today, Hercules was trying to enjoy a quiet day at home. Unfortunately, he
had a visitor. She simply appeared out of nowhere. Before him stood a tall,
beautiful young woman. Hercules gasped when he saw her. The girl was so...
exquisite-looking. She stood around six-foot-one, with long black hair,
light bronze skin and pale green eyes. She wore a red and gold tunic.
Hercules stared at her.

"Hello," he said. "Who are you?"

The young woman looked at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I am
Hathor," she said.

Hercules blinked. The name sounded so familiar! Suddenly, he remembered a
conversation he had with his brother, Hephaestus, the Smith god. Hephaestus
told him of the Egyptian gods, and their ruler, the mighty Sun god Ra.
Hephaestus mentioned the beautiful, dangerous and unpredictable goddess,
Hathor. "Not someone you want to mess with," Hephaestus had said.

Hercules looked at the young woman. She must be a goddess, to be that
beautiful. "So, what can I do for you?" he asked.

Hathor looked him up and down. "I am new in town, and I was wondering if you
could show me around."

Hercules looked at the smiling young woman. He felt something in him stir.
"Sure, why not."

Hathor smiled.


Ra, King of the Egyptian Gods sat on his golden throne. Gathered around him
were the most powerful gods and goddesses of Egypt.

Osiris, Lord of the Dead stood in the shadows, his dark eyes seeing
everything. Next to him sat Isis, his wife. Their son, the young god Horus
stood apart, glowing. He was the most powerful of the living gods, right
underneath Ra, in matters of power. Also present were the gods Sobek, Khons,
and Sekhmet. The god Anubis sat on his dark chair, as did the goddesses Maat
and Nephtys.

"Where is Hathor?" Ra asked.

Only one god spoke. One of the wisest of all Egyptian deities. Lord Thoth.

"I fear she has left Egypt, my lord. I think she has gone to lands far from

Lord Ra looked at Thoth. "Do you where she is, lord Thoth?"

Lord Thoth looked pensive. "Well, sir. Lady Hathor is after all, a lady and
ladies are often, shall we say, unpredictable?"

The goddess Isis smiled. The goddess Nepthtys laughed. The god Horus shook
his head. The god Osiris winked. The goddess Maat rolled her eyes.

"I know where Hathor went," said Isis.

That got the attention of all the gods and goddesses in the assembly.


"Hathor has gone to Greece," Isis said. "The girl needed a vacation."

Ra stroked his chin. He had been the ruler of the Ennead, as the most
powerful Egyptian gods were collectively called, for many eons. Still, in
all of his years, he had never met a goddess as powerful or as dangerous
as Hathor.

Hathor had always been rebellious, and dangerous. She had fought Wepwawet,
the god of War, to a draw once. There were many gods who didn't like her
one bit. Shu, the god of the Air hadn't spoken to her in eons. Indeed, Shu
seldom attended any Ennead social functions. Neither did Selket, the
Scorpion goddess. Selket and Hathor were enemies, had been enemies for a
long time.

When Hathor left for her "little vacations", most of the Ennead breathed
in relief. Usually, Ra would agree with them but this latest vacation of
Hathor had come at a bad time. The Ennead would soon face the Asgardian
gods in war.

Odin, King of the Asgardian gods of Scandinavia had declared war upon the
Ennead after the evil god Seth had conspired with the Asgardian Trickster
god Loki to steal the Frost-Blaster. The Frost-Blaster was a very powerful
magical weapon that the Asgardian gods used against their traditional
enemies, the Giants of Jotunheim. Odin was the leader of some rather
powerful gods. Thor, the god of Thunder, Tyr the god of War and the goddess
Freya were his champions. He and his wife ruled a vast realm. And they
defended it at all costs.

Ra was the ruler of the Egyptian gods and he too ruled a vast realm but he
didn't want to go to war without his favorite warrior, the goddess Hathor.
Someone would have to bring her back, and quick.

"I need a volunteer to bring her back," Ra said.

The Ennead members looked at each other. No one wanted to be around Hathor,
especially when she was in her happy moods. Hathor's version of happiness
included death and destruction sometimes. She was a really psychotic goddess.
Even the most powerful Ennead god or goddess wouldn't want to be around her.

"I will bring her back," said Thoth.

Ra smiled. Thoth had always been an honest guy with a strong sense of duty.

"So be it, Lord Thoth. Bring back our champion, and let's win this war."


Hercules and Hathor flew in the skies above the landscape of Greece. The
young Greek demigod and the Egyptian goddess soared high above hills and

"Wow, I didn't know flying could be this much fun!" said Hercules.

"What did I tell you?" laughed Hathor.

Hercules couldn't believe how much fun he was having. Since they'd left
Cadmia, Hathor had taken him on a grand tour! They had flown above the land
for hours and seen so many wonders. Hercules was used to experiencing things
that the average human couldn't. He was half god, after all. He had the
strength of a hundred men. He could run faster than the best human athlete.
He wasn't invulnerable per se, but his body healed ten times faster than the
average human. His senses of sight, smell and hearing were three times
sharper than that of an ordinary human being. He was a super Human. Yet he
had to admit that his natural abilities paled beside Hathor's.

Hathor could fly in the skies like a bird. She could also transform herself
into almost anything she wished. She could throw fireballs out of her
fingertips and even manipulate the weather. She was a goddess after all.
Hercules had encountered gods and goddesses before. Ares, the god of War
always had a scheme involving Hercules' demise. Luckily, Hercules had
managed to stay far. Hephaestus, the god of the Forge was the
friendliest of the Olympian gods. Poseidon, the god of the Sea was a madman.
There was no other way to describe the aquatic tyrant's character or
behavior. Athena, the goddess of Wisdom and War was smart, but sometimes
outright sociopathic. Aphrodite, the goddess of Love was way too slutty.
Apollo, the god of the Sun was a mercurial guy with violent mood swings.
Dionysus, the god of Wine and Mirth was a hard-drinking, hard-partying
bisexual polyamorist whose lovers, both male and female, numbered in the
tens of thousands. His conquests were only rivaled by those of Zeus himself.

Hercules realized that he had never met a deity like Hathor. She was fun,
fantastic-looking and very interesting. They spent the week together.
Hercules discovered that she was different from the other deities he had
met. All of the Olympians had tried to manipulate or harm him in one way
or another. He remembered the time when his supposed friend, the god
Orpheus, tricked him into breaking into the fortress of the Giant Anteus,
to steal a special potion to save a floundering mortal woman whom both
Hercules and Orpheus were fond of. Orpheus stole the special vial, which,
as it turned out was actually a means of detecting and destroying lesser
Giants. Orpheus stole it and left young Hercules alone, facing the wrath
of a very angry Anteus. Hercules caused an avalanche and trapped Anteus
inside his mountainside fortress. He barely walked out with his life.

Hercules felt so comfortable with Hathor that he told her about his life.
His adventures all over the land of Greece, his battles with Giants and
monsters. He told her about the time when he fought Eros, the god of Lust
because Eros had fallen in love with a beautiful mortal woman named Psyche.
Psyche hadn't returned Eros' affections and the angry god wanted to bring
her to Olympus by force. Hercules stood in Eros' way. The strongest demigod
in the universe fought the god of Lust. The fight went on until the goddess
Aphrodite interfered. The goddess of Love allowed Psyche to make her own
choice, as to whom she wanted to be with. Psyche had fallen in love with a
mortal woman, the lovely Ishtar.

Hathor listened to Hercules while he talked. The young goddess watched him.
He was so smart and interesting. She felt like she could listen to him
forever. She had many lovers, both male and female, in her time. Every man
and woman whom she took to her bed had come there with ulterior motives.
They always wanted something from her. The gods were no different. Hathor
hated the other gods. All of them. Ra, her father, the King of the Egyptian
gods was an arrogant and pompous fool. Isis, one of the most powerful
goddesses was also an arrogant bitch. Horus, the "Lord of Light" was far
too proud and too cocky for her taste. The only deity she'd never met who
was halfway decent was Thor, of the Asgardian gods of Scandinavia. Thor had
been a decent guy, but his heart was bound to the lovely goddess Sif. Sif
and Thor had an on-again, off-again relationship. Neither seemed to be able
to do without the other. Thor and Hathor had spent one night of passion
together, then Thor had returned to Asgard. Hathor had originally been sent
to Scandinavia to bring back the nefarious Egyptian god Seth. Seth had met
with Loki, a rather treacherous and malevolent Asgardian god and the two
plotted to bring down both the Egyptian and Asgardian divine houses. All
they succeeded in doing was cause war.

Hathor didn't want to fight in a war. That's all the Ennead thought she was
good for. She was the psychotic super bitch who tore to pieces anything and
anyone who got in her way. They sometimes forgot that she was also a woman,
with needs, wants and desires. Hercules wasn't like them. In fact, she had
never met anyone like him. Oh, it wasn't because of his powers. Hathor knew
that many gods and goddesses had affairs with mortals. Those affairs
sometimes resulted in the birth of half-breed children. Children who were
half human and half god. Demigods. They were mortal, but often had
supernatural powers. No, it wasn't the fact that Hercules was a demigod
which made him special. He was just a really nice, decent guy. Hathor had
been observing him for some time. The Strongman, as they called him, went
around the lands of Greece, using his powers to help people. She'd seen him
rush into burning buildings, into battles and all sorts of dangerous
situations, to help his fellow human beings. The most remarkable thing about
him is the fact that he was mortal, or rather, half mortal.

The Egyptian lady was finding herself quite fond of the Greek gentleman. She
set out to seduce him.

Over the next few days, Hathor and Hercules went around Greece. Hercules
surprised her by introducing her to his family and friends. Hathor didn't
quite know how to react. She rarely interacted with mortals. Still, she
was glad that he introduced her. It meant that she mattered to him. Hathor
met Alcmene, Hercules's mother. She also met Iolaus, his best friend and
Jason, the young King of Colchis. Jason and Hercules had recently gone on
a journey to get the Golden Fleece in order to restore to Jason his father
Ason's throne. Ason was King of Colchis before his treacherous younger
brother Pelias turned against him, killed him and stole his throne. Jason
and his friends, a group of young adventurers calling themselves the
Argonnauts ( for they traveled on a ship called the Argo) had gotten the
Fleece. All was good once more in Colchis. Pelias had been deposed. Hathor
was fascinated by Hercules's life. He had friends. Hathor had been alive
for eons, eternally young and beautiful. She'd had thousands of lovers,
both male and female, but she had never had a true Friend. Hercules had
many loyal friends. He was there for them in their time of need and they
were there for him. It fascinated her, and made him seem all the more
valuable in her eyes.

One night, they lay together on the beach in the island of Cythera. Hercules
looked at Hathor, who lay next to him on a blanket. He smiled at her and she
at him. Hathor's heart was beating like thunder in her chest. Never before
had she met anyone like Hercules, or felt this way about anyone. She smiled
at him, and leaned closer, gently kissing him. He kissed her back, and the
two of them gently rolled around on the soft blanket. Hathor found herself
on top of Hercules. She looked into the eyes of the young man who had stolen
her heart.

"I love you, Hercules. I don't think I've ever loved anyone before."

Hercules looked at Hathor, and smiled, amazed by what he had just heard.

"I love you too Hathor."

Hathor smiled, and embraced Hercules. Rapidly, they undressed each other.
Hathor admired the young demigod's chiseled, perfect physique. He looked
so beautiful. Hercules almost gasped when he saw Hathor's nude body. She
smiled, knowing he liked what he saw. They kissed and rolled around on
the soft sand, and their hot bodies merged together. Hathor wrapped her
arms around Hercules, and pressed him against her. She felt his hard
manhood press against her, and welcomed him inside her. With a firm thrust,
he was inside her. They were one. She felt his hard cock inside her,
thrusting and she moaned, loving the feel of him inside her, wishing the
moment would never end. Hercules cried out her name as they made love,
many times upon the sand. Hours later, they lay in each other's arms,

Little did they know that they were being watched. Watched by none other
than Seth, the Egyptian god of Malice and his Scandinavian counterpart Loki,
the Asgardian god of Chaos and Trickery. The two evil gods smiled. They had
succeeded in driving a wedge between Asgard and the Ennead. Soon, there would
be open war between the gods. And vengeance would be theirs.

To be continued...


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