Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Abide With Me (MFF,MF,FF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The world knows about Hercules. He is a legendary hero, the son of Zeus and
Alcmene. A man born with the strength of the divine. Hercules traveled the
world, performing many great deeds in the name of humanity. He fought
monsters as well as dangerous men and women who opposed his righteous path.
He also challenged the seemingly all-powerful gods and once, Death itself.
There is a side of Hercules that the world does not know. These are tales
exploring the most intimate details of a legendary hero's existence. These
tales also explore the private lives of other heroes and mythical figures,
among them Xena, the legendary Warrior Princess. These are the tales of love
among creatures both mortal and divine. From the legendary hero Hercules to
the beautiful Warrior Princess to the mighty Iolaus to the affairs of the
gods in the very walls of Mount Olympus itself.

The Sex Life Of Hercules

A night in Hercules's house, somewhere in Thebes...

Hercules had been traveling on the road to Corinth. He learned that a
dangerous band of thugs had taken over his city of Thebes. He went there.
On the road, he encountered old friends like Gabrielle and Xena. The warrior
women joined forces with the strongman to rid the city of the miscreants.
With such opposition, the thugs soon left Thebes. Hercules took his friends
to celebrate and celebrate they did. This is what happened after they all got
more than a few drinks in them.

Hercules smiled. He looked at the two beautiful women who stood before him.

The two women started disrobing. He admired Xena and Gabrielle as they
undressed. Xena was the taller of the two and looked absolutely lovely, with
her athletic build and long black hair framing a wild, beautiful face. She
looked lovely and feminine, in spite of the fact that she was wild and
fearsome most of the time. Gabrielle was equally lovely, with her tomboyish
yet killer body and short blonde hair framing a slightly angular, beautiful

"Like what you see?" Xena asked.

Hercules nodded.

"I bet you do." said Gabrielle.

"Come here, ladies." Hercules said, his arms stretched open.

Xena smiled seductively and walked toward him deliberately slow. Gabrielle
followed suit. Hercules watched the hot, sexy women as they came to him. Xena
got to him first. She looked at him boldly in the eye and put her arms around
him, sitting on his lap. She kissed him on the lips. Xena was very aggressive
and started undressing Hercules as soon as she got her hands on him. She
practically ripped off his clothes. Her skilled hands caressed his face and
neck and went to his hairy chest. She unzipped his pants and took out his
erect cock. She gasped when she saw it. Hercules had physical attributes
worthy of a god. His cock was huge. At least eleven inches long and so damn
thick that her hand had trouble holding onto its girth. She started pumping
her hand up and down on it. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Hercules were engaged
in a make-out session. Xena licked the head of Hercules's cock and tried
taking as much as she could inside her mouth. Hercules held Gabrielle's tits
in his hands and started fondling them and sucking on them.

Hercules looked at the two beautiful women as they sucked his cock. He felt
Xena's warm mouth licking his cock and Gabrielle started sucking at his
balls. He grunted in pleasure. Xena seemed intent on sucking the life out of
him. He resisted but she succeeded in drawing out his seed for he came in a
flood of white-hot cum that splattered all over her face. Hercules's cum fell
into Xena's waiting mouth and she gobbled it down greedily. "Drink it,
bitch!" Hercules said.

Xena lapped up the cum and cleaned up his cock. Hercules then ordered her to
get on her hands and knees. Xena complied and he looked at her. The woman
had a really nice ass. He positioned himself behind her and held his cock in
hand. Gabrielle came and lay on the floor before Xena, so that her spread
legs were directly underneath Xena's face. It was pretty obvious what she

Hercules put his hands on Xena's hips and held her firmly into place. He
smacked her hot butt and she whimpered. He rubbed the head of his cock
against her hot-looking ass. He was gonna have his plate of hot female ass.
He parted her cheeks and she stiffened when she felt his rough thumb against
her pink little asshole. Hercules spat and rubbed the spit on her ass. Xena
was almost quivering with fear and anticipation. All that made her pussy
very wet. Gabrielle reached underneath Xena and dipped her hand in Xena's
wet pussy. She rubbed some of Xena's cum on Hercules's cock and rubbed some
more on Xena's puckered assshole. Hercules began to slide his manhood into
Xena's ass. Xena grunted when she felt Hercules's cock push past her tight
anal walls. She felt something on her pussy. Looking down, she saw that
Gabrielle was lapping at her pussy energetically. Hercules liked the feeling
of a tight ass around his cock and began to thrust his cock deep into her
ass. It was so damn tight. Gabrielle grunted as Hercules's throbbing cock
fucked her asshole. Gabrielle licked Xena's pussy and slid her finger inside.
She tasted some of Xena's hot cum. Xena felt an awkward sensation when
Gabrielle fingered her. Something inside her responded and she wanted to
return the favor.

She parted Gabrielle's legs and dove her face into the other woman's pussy.
She breathed in the smell of Gabrielle's sex and licked her pussy. It tasted
different than her own. She started fingering it and saw how Gabrielle's body
responded. She fingered Gabrielle some more and, parting her delicate pussy
lips began to give the blonde woman's pussy a thorough licking. Gabrielle
felt Xena's tongue and fingers on her pussy and moaned in ecstacy. She
intensified the licking and fingering that she was giving to Xena and sure
enough, a few moments later, the Warrior Princess screamed in pleasure. At
the same time that Xena started screaming, Hercules felt a rush in his loins
and came, unleashing a flood of cum deep inside Xena's bowels. The warrior
woman screamed as hot cum filled her ass. Gabrielle jammed as many fingers
as she could inside Xena's pussy. Xena's eyes widened. She felt like she was
gonna die of sheer pleasure as she was serviced at both ends. Gabrielle and
Hercules combined their talents to fill her up until she screamed at the top
of her lungs and when she couldn't take it anymore, she fell into their
waiting embrace.

"How d'you like that?" Hercules asked.

Gabrielle winked mischievously at Hercules. "I think we rocked her world."

Xena looked at them through tear-filled eyes. "You guys are both such pains."
she said.

"We love you too." Hercules said mockingly.

"Yeah." said Gabrielle. She kissed Xena. Xena kissed her back. They went to
sleep soon after.

Iolaus's Tales

Iolaus walked down the road to Arcadia. He had been to Arcadia before, but
never on his own. He always traveled with Hercules. Hercules and Iolaus had
a fall-out recently. Iolaus was growing sick and tired of the life of high
adventure. He wanted to settle down.

That's one of the reasons why he was in Arcadia. He had come there to meet
with the woman he considered to be the love of his life. Nautica. He smiled
when he thought of her. Nautica was the tall, blue-eyed, blond-haired
daughter of Triton, one of the gods of the Sea. Nautica was one of the
immortal Merpeople. She was a Mermaid. She and Iolaus met and fell in love.
Triton granted his daughter her wish and made her mortal so that she could
be with the man she loved.

Iolaus hurried on his way. He really wanted to see her.

The long-time friend of Hercules was unaware that he was being watched. He
was being watched by none other than Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.
Aphrodite watched the man walking. She watched from Mount Olympus. Aphrodite
was a tall woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She was physically
perfect in every way.

She looked at the man who was determined to find the love of his life.
She scanned the world with her divine vision and saw the object of his
affection, the beautiful Nautica. Nautica and Iolaus were fated to be
together. Aphrodite liked watching lovers find each other. She readied
her power and prepared herself to intervene in Iolaus's favor. She
would magically transport him to the woman he loved. He would be very

At the same time that she was doing this, Aphrodite was unaware that she was
being watched. She was being stalked by Discord. Discord, the goddess of
Vengeance and Destruction. One of the least friendly Olympians. She watched
Aphrodite. The Love goddess was about to intervene in the lives of mortals
again. Discord hated what Aphrodite did. She was such a bubble-head. The
Bimbo of Olympus. At the same time that Aphrodite unleashed a ball of
mystical energy, Discord struck her with a blast of cosmic force. Enough to
make the goddess of Love fall down and become unconscious.


Iolaus was just walking around when a ball of mystical energy enveloped
him...he struggled against it, but to no avail. He screamed the whole way.
When he came to, he was...elsewhere. He looked around. He was in the middle
of a Grecian city. Yep. This city looked familiar. Arcadia. He was in
Arcadia! How? He looked around. He didn't care. He just wanted to be with
Nautica, his love.

He turned around and...there she was. Standing there, looking gorgeous.

"Iolaus." Nautica said. She screamed, her beautiful face filled with joy.
She ran toward him.

He went to her and they embraced. Iolaus held her in his arms and wouldn't
let go. "Nautica, my love." he said.

Nautica kissed him.

"Iolaus, I'm so glad to see you." she said.

"And I you." Iolaus said.

He looked at her. She still looked as beautiful as the day he first saw her.
She whispered something into his ear. "Now?" he asked, incredulous.

"yes." she said. She took his hand and led him to a house.

Iolaus was led into a room by the very eager Nautica. Once there, she made
him sit on a bed and wait a few moments. Iolaus waited impatiently. When she
came back, he didn't mind the fact that she had made him wait. She came back,
in all her naked glory. Iolaus's jaw was flapping in the breeze. She was
so beautiful. He found himself admiring her tall, athletic yet slender body.
Her long blonde hair cascading on those shoulders, those big and full breasts
of hers. She had narrow waist, nice hips and a well-rounded, perfectly shaped

"Like what you see?" Nautica asked.

Iolaus looked at her, a happy grin on his rugged face. "Oh yeah". he said.

Nautica smiled coyly and walked toward him. Iolaus took her into his arms and
drew her in for a deep kiss. He kissed her face, her neck, her breasts. She
started to undress him almost immediately. They went to the bed. They beheld
each other's naked bodies and Nautica found herself turned on by Iolaus's
naked male body. She started to touch it. She touched his rugged, hard and
muscular form. He smiled as her hands explored his body. Her hand went
between his legs and grasped his cock. She looked at it for a moment and
looked Iolaus in the eye. He nodded and she went down on him. She took his
cock into her mouth and started sucking it. Iolaus closed his eyes, trying
to enjoy what his beloved was doing to him. Nautica sucked his cock like a
friggin milking machine, wanting to know his taste. She didn't have long to
wait. Iolaus could not resist her. He came soon enough, his cum splattering
across her beautiful face. She licked off his cum, drinking it up without
spilling a single drop. Iolaus pushed her back onto the bed and spread her
gorgeous legs.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked her.

"Yes." Nautica said meekly.

Iolaus rubbed the head of his long, thick cock against her glistening wet
pussy lips. He slowly went inside her. Nautica grunted when she felt Iolaus's
cock entering her pussy. He held her by the hips and thrust his cock into
her. He went in slowly, making it last. He thrust hard and quick into her.
Her pussy was so damn tight. He soon came, sending his hot cum deep inside
her pussy. Nautica screamed in ecstacy as Iolaus's jet of cum filled her

The two lovers remained interlocked. Iolaus rested his head on Nautica's
chest. She caressed his hair and kissed his forehead.

"I love you, Iolaus." she said quietly.

"And I love you back." he said.

They remained in bed for the remainder of the day, talking about the
remainder of their lives and all the things that they would do together. The
house they would build, the children they would have and of course, before
all that, their stellar wedding ceremony.

The Trials Of Aphrodite

Aphrodite woke up slowly and painfully. One thing about the gods and
goddesses of the world: they can feel pain. Gods can feel pain. Their bodies
recover quickly. Also, their awesome powers shield them from harm. There's
also the fact that they are immortal. But in the entire universe, there isn't
one being who is invulnerable. And certainly not on Olympus.

The goddess of Love did not know where she was. She was lying on a stone
table. She was bound. Aphrodite had never been a fighter. She had divine
powers but nothing that she could fight with. She struggled in her bonds
but these chains were something else. "Where am I?" she cried out.

The last thing she remembered was that she was about to save somebody. She
was in a dungeon, somewhere... but who could be powerful enough to abduct a
goddess from Olympus? The answer had to be another Olympian. But who?

Aphrodite saw a figure in the dark. When the person came near, she found
herself staring at Discord. Discord, goddess of Vengeance, Chaos and
Destruction. The evil bitch of Ares, the god of War.

"Discord, I should have known." said Aphrodite. "What do you want with me?"

Discord smiled naughtily. "To make you pay for all the times you humiliated
me." she said nastily.

"You can carry a grudge for a long time, can you?" Aphrodite said.

"Yep." Discord snapped.

She was holding something in her hand. Aphrodite gasped. To anyone looking,
it would have looked like Discord was holding ordinary bones in her hand.
Aphrodite knew better.

"Yes." said Discord. "These are the Bones of Kronos."

Aphrodite felt very afraid. Kronos was the ancient god who ruled the world
long before her time. Kronos and his wife Rhea were the parents of Zeus,
Poseidon, Hades, Hera and Demeter. Zeus defeated Kronos in combat and killed
him many thousands of years ago. The Bones of Kronos were indestructible.
They were the only thing in the universe that could kill a god.

"Surely you don't mean to kill me?" Aphrodite said, looking at Discord.
"Please don't kill me, Dis. I'll do anything."

Discord smiled. She loved watching Aphrodite squirm. She wanted to make the
bitch suffer. Nah, killing her would be fine. Discord didn't like the way
most gods did their business. She wanted the power for herself. She wanted
to rule Olympus. If she had the Bones of Kronos, no god or goddess would
dare oppose her. She could just snuff the life out of them as easily as a
cat killed a mouse.

She readied the Bone to stab through Aphrodite's chest. Aphrodite screamed.
She threw everything she had at the evil Discord. All of her divine energy.
Discord grunted as Aphrodite's blasts of godly force struck her. She felt...
weird. She froze.

Aphrodite looked at Discord. The black-haired goddess was just standing
there. She had a blank expression on her face. Aphrodite turned to walk away
but Discord was suddenly on her path. She grabbed Aphrodite by the shoulders
and threw her against the walls. Aphrodite grimaced. She was in pain. Discord
was very strong.

"What do you want from me ?" Aphrodite asked as Discord held her by the

Discord was looking at Aphrodite in a very strange way. A lot of things were
going through Discord's mind right now. She knew she hated Aphrodite and
should kill her but...why did her enemy have to be so damned pretty? She
leaned closer to the terrified Aphrodite and did the one thing the other
goddess never expected...she kissed her.

Discord kissed Aphrodite. The shocked Aphrodite froze. When Discord broke
their kiss, Aphrodite looked at her, terrified.

"What are you doing to me ?" she asked.

"What I want." said Discord.

With that, she pushed Aphrodite against the floor. Aphrodite fell. Discord
climbed on top of her and looked at her terrified victim with eyes filled
with...lust. Aphrodite knew of such things. On Earth, there were women who
had sexual relations with other women. There were men who slept with other
men. Some men slept with both men and women. Many women did the same,
sleeping with members of both sexes. Homosexuality and bisexuality. Aphrodite
always thought it was a human thing. Now, it appeared that she had been

"Get off me, you friggin dyke!" Aphrodite screamed.

Discord struck her so hard that if she had been a lesser deity, she would
have been knocked out. Aphrodite landed on her back. "Don't call me names."
said Discord. She glared angrily at Aphrodite and, when she saw that she had
hurt her, an expression of regret filled her face. "I am so sorry." said
Discord. "I don't know why I feel this way."

She sat with her back against the wall. "I don't know why I have these
feelings." said Discord. "Most of the time, I like men. Some days, I see a
woman and I...feel things." she confided. "I didn't want to be a weirdo. I
didn't want anyone to know how I felt. I repressed my feelings. I used to
be so good at hiding them but everytime I see you....I feel attracted to

Aphrodite looked at the dark goddess as she sat, and confessed with downcast
eyes. Discord looked at Aphrodite. "Even if you felt like I do, why would you
want me? You are the most beautiful female being in the universe and I am
just some angry bitch."

Aphrodite just stared at the dark goddess. She could feel the pain emanating
from her. In spite of her better judgement, she went to Discord. She slowly,
gently put her arms around Discord. "There is nothing wrong with love." said
Aphrodite. "Any kind of love. Love between a man and a woman is okay. Love
between two men is okay. Love between two women is okay too."

Discord looked up at her with tear-filled eyes. "Does that mean you feel the
same way I do ?" she asked.

Aphrodite hesitated. Wasn't she the goddess of love? In charge of bringing
happiness to the world? She held Discord in her arms and gently kissed her
forehead. "Nothing wrong with love." said Aphrodite.

Discord smiled. Aphrodite smiled back. She gasped when she felt Discord's
hands cup her face. Suddenly, Discord's face was close to hers. Discord came
dangerously close to her and Aphrodite felt her terror return. "Just let me
kiss you." Discord begged. "Just trust me."

She leaned closer and locked lips with Aphrodite. Aphrodite felt Discord's
lips on her own. She felt Discord's slender yet titanically-strong hands
around her. She felt...odd. What surprised her was that she was returning
Discord's kiss. Discord started undressing her. Aphrodite's hands gently
stroked Discord's back.

Aphrodite lay on the floor and looked into the face of the goddess on top
of her. She felt...strange. Her eyes were still filled with doubt and fear.
Discord smiled. Her hand slid between Aphrodite's legs and Aphrodite gasped.
She looked at Discord with panic in her eyes.

"Just relax." said Discord. "I'll take care of you."

She fingered Aphrodite and the goddess of Love closed her eyes. Discord
found herself admiring Aphrodite's beautiful face and perfect body. She
caressed Aphrodite's face and neck and some of the tension went out of
her. She cupped Aphrodite's breasts and sucked them into her mouth. She
licked them and sucked them. Parting Aphrodite's legs, she breathed in
the smell of Aphrodite's sex. She licked Aphrodite's pussy and fingered
her. Soon the other goddess began to moan in ecstacy. Discord licked
and sucked and fucked Aphrodite. She slid her finger into her own pussy
before sticking it inside Aphrodite's mouth. Aphrodite tasted the juices
of Discord's pussy and was amazed. She had never tasted anything like
it. Discord made her taste her own pussy. Discord lubed up a slender
finger and popped it inside Aphrodite's perfect ass. Aphrodite gasped
when she felt Discord's finger inside her tight ass. Discord kept
licking her pussy and stuck two fingers inside it. She fingered both of
Aphrodite's holes, servicing the goddess of Love at both ends. This
treatment of her body by the expert hands of Discord soon brought
Aphrodite to a shuddering orgasm. Aphrodite screamed at the top of her
lungs. Never before had she experienced such a thing. Discord unleashed
the energies that she usually used for nefarious purposes and used them
to maximize the sensations that Aphrodite was feeling. Every touch.
Every sensation. Every feeling. Those overwhelming sensations sent
Aphrodite into sexual overload. After screaming like a banshee, she
passed out.

A little while later, Aphrodite lay asleep. Discord looked at her. She
admired the goddess's awesome beauty. Such perfection. Gently, she kissed
Aphrodite's lips. The goddess of Love was coming back to consciousness. She
looked at Discord with wild eyes. "You don't hate me, do you?" Discord asked.

Aphrodite looked at her for a long moment. "No, I don't hate you." she said.

Discord smiled. It seemed that Aphrodite was about to say more when came a
noise. Discord knew what it meant. Aphrodite's male lover, the god Hephaestus
had returned.

"Where are you, honey?" he asked.

"I must go." said Aphrodite.

She went to Olympus and embraced Hephaestus. He was a tall, rugged and
handsome man, or rather, god. Tall and muscular, with black hair and blue
eyes. She liked the look of him. She was almost surprised but nevertheless
reassured to find that she was still attracted to him. He took her to his
Forge, for a lovemaking session. Aphrodite wanted to put what happened with
Discord out of her mind.

Discord watched Aphrodite go. She watched Aphrodite's graceful, eerily
beautiful female figure and knew right then and there that she had fallen
in love. She would never be able to have the one she loved. Aphrodite loved
men. Discord was physically attracted to men and women. But the only person
she loved was Aphrodite. The one she couldn't have. She had been lying when
she said the Bones of Kronos could kill a god. They couldn't do squat.
Discord sat down and thought. She was facing an eternity without the
possibility of finding love with the one she wanted. The possibility was
unthinkable. She didn't even want to think about it. With tear-filled eyes,
she left Olympus. She was going to the one place where even the gods could

Aphrodite and Hephaestus kissed. They embraced and made love. As usual, it
was passionate and fulfilling. The experience left both of them breathless.
Aphrodite found herself thinking about Discord. She confessed their liaison
to Hephaestus. Hephaestus was not surprised or shocked. He had many lovers
during his lifetime, which was very, very long. He had taken thousands of
men and women to his bed and experience the act of love in a myriad of ways.
Aphrodite was surprised to hear that other gods like Zeus and Apollo also
slept with men and women. Even the goddess Athena slept with her share of
handsome men and beautiful women.

"You don't find it strange for me to sleep with Discord?" Aphrodite asked.

Hephaestus laughed. "Of course not, my dear." he said.

Aphrodite suddenly felt so happy. She embraced him and left hurriedly. She
had to find Discord...find her and tell her...tell her what? That she was in
love? The goddess of Love was in love! In love with the goddess of Chaos,
Destruction and Vengeance. What a match!!!

Discord left Olympus. She went to Mount Etna, where Zeus had first defeated
Kronos. The Bones of Kronos lay buried there. She had attempted to scare
Aphrodite with a facsimile. What she now held in her hands were the true
Bones of Kronos. The remnants of the elder god. The only substance capable
of killing a god. Discord stood there, looking into the deep hole where the
ancient god had been buried by his all-powerful offspring. She held the Bone
in her hand. She thought about her life. Although she looked young and
beautiful, she was countless thousands of years old. She had spent many
millennia coming up with ways to make humanity suffer. She had fought gods,
goddesses, monsters and sometimes, ancient forces that were unnameable. She
had never found love, until the day she met Aphrodite. The one she could
never have. To spend eternity without love in your life was simply awful
and Discord didn't want to live through that...

She readied the Bone, ready to impale herself with it. The Bones of Kronos
could kill a god. Even a fatally wounded god could heal himself but the site
of the Death of Kronos had magical properties that negated the awesome powers
of the gods. Closing her eyes, Discord began to press the sharp Bone into her

Aphrodite searched everywhere for Discord. She could not find her. She used
her empathic ability to locate the goddess. Her heart beat faster in her
chest when she realized where Discord was. She transported herself there and
hoped that she was not too late...

Aphrodite came to the Grave of Kronos. She saw Discord standing there. There
was something in her hand. Aphrodite realized what Discord had in mind.
"Nooooooooooo!!!" she screamed.

Aphrodite rushed to Discord but was only in time to see the dark goddess
impale herself with the Bone of Kronos. Discord fell, blood leaking from her
wound. Aphrodite rushed to her side. Discord looked at her with strange eyes.
"Aphrodite ?" she said incredulously.

"Yes, my love." said Aphrodite. She took Discord's hand in hers. "What have
you done to yourself?" Aphrodite asked.

"I thought you didn't want me." Discord said. "I had no reason to live. In
an eternity, you're the only person I've ever loved."

Aphrodite saw that Discord was weakening. She had to do something. The Bones
of Kronos could kill...the dead elder god was that powerful. If his Bones
could kill, then maybe he would be able to heal...

Aphrodite looked at her dying lover and attempted something desperate. She
looked into the Grave of Kronos. The Bones of the elder god were there. She
magically arranged the entire skeleton. She unleashed her power. The arcane
powers that were her birthright flooded the Grave and filled the elder god's
skeleton. Something magical happened. Flesh and blood grew over the Bones.
Meat and tissue. Skin and hair. Muscles. Everything. In the space of a few
minutes, the body of the elder god was made whole again. The energies that
she had unleashed deplete Aphrodite. She found herself staring at a figure
that emerged from the Grave.

A tall and muscular male with bronze skin, long black hair and pale blue
eyes. She had no doubt of who she was looking at it. Kronos. The First Son
of Ouranos and Gaia, the Primordial Gods. The First of the Titans. The
Ancient King of the Earth. Father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera and Demeter.
Kronos had been defeated by one of his sons. The Titans had been defeated and
imprisoned by Zeus countless thousands of years ago. Long before the birth of


Aphrodite: The one that I love was killed by your Bones. I was hoping you
could heal her.


Aphrodite: Please. I love her. I don't want her to die.


Aphrodite: Please, save the one that I love.


With that, Kronos reached down and took Discord's body into his hands.
Awesome energies poured forth from his hands and healed the goddess. He
then turned his gaze upon Aphrodite and struck her with an energy blast.
Aphrodite felt a shock, then she lay still. When she came to, she was
lying in Discord's arms.

"Discord, you're alive." said Aphrodite. She embraced her. Discord kissed her
and Aphrodite kissed her back. " Don't ever leave me again." Aphrodite said.

"I love you, Aphrodite." Discord confessed.

Aphrodite held her in a tight embrace. "I love you too, honey."

Aphrodite tried to transport them both away but for some reason, her powers
were not working. Discord tried to teleport as well but she too had no

"He stripped us of our powers." Aphrodite said.

"So, we're human forever?" Discord asked.

"Yes." said Aphrodite.

She turned a scared face at Discord. Discord just smiled and shrugged. "At
least I get to have you." she said.

The two of them embraced each other. Aphrodite didn't want to think about
what she had done. She had resurrected Kronos. The oldest of the ancient
gods. The only being in the world more powerful than Zeus. There was no
telling what Kronos was going to do to the Olympians for sending his fellow
Titans into the underworld of Tartarus and for killing him. Thankfully,
Aphrodite and Discord were human now. They were mortal. The worries of the
gods and Titans of the world were no longer their own.

"Where are we going to live?" asked Aphrodite.

Discord grinned. "I was thinking, the island of Lesbos. Plenty of women like
us down there. We should fit right in."

Aphrodite held Discord's hand. "If I ever catch you looking at any of them,
you're done." she said.

Discord laughed. "No chance of that happening." she said. She put her arms
around Aphrodite and kissed her.

They were going to be together for the rest of their lives.

The End


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