Hercules The Legendary Journeys: Bisexual Hustler (Mm,mF,mm,inter,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Iolaus and Hercules lay in a clearing, sleeping.

Iolaus wasn't sleeping. He was a lean fellow, not quite tall but not short
either. He had brown hair, blue eyes and a rugged, handsome but continuously
animated face. He was in his mid-thirties. He was the best friend of the most
famous hero in the world: Hercules.

Iolaus often traveled at Hercules's side on their quest to help people. They
were best friends. Iolaus had seen Hercules fight many times. He watched his
best friend fight demons, kings, gods and centaurs. He saw Hercules fight
Apollo, the nasty, narcissistic Sun god and Hera, the all-powerful Queen of
the gods and Zeus's jealous and wicked spouse. Just last week, Iolaus had
seen Hercules take on a group of Asclepiades. The Asclepiades were orginally
human beings that had been changed by the god Asclepius. Asclepius gave these
humans unnatural strength and speed plus a thirst for human blood. He also
gave them a fear of the sun. They were nocturnal beings.

The Asclepiades fell upon a city and were preying on the humans there.
Hercules came and led the city's human population in an all-out battle
against the monsters. The Asclepiades lost. Hercules even threw their evil
master into Tartarus, the bottomless pit that served as prison for the gods,
monsters and Titans that Zeus, king of the gods deemed too dangerous to live
in the world of above. Iolaus had been Hercules's friend since they were
teens. He had known Hercules when the son of Zeus was only a kid trying to
understand his powers. Hercules had amazing powers. He had the strength of
perhaps fifty men if not more. His body was tougher and more resilient than
that of ordinary humans. Hercules had braved the fires of the Underworld,
had been crushed by Giants and hit by energy blasts from various gods and
even a lightning bolt from Zeus himself. Yet he lived.

Iolaus had grown to care deeply for his friend. He had seen Hercules fall in
love with Deianera, a feisty, courageous young woman. They got married and
had kids. Three kids. Hyllos, Heraclitus and Clytemnestra. Hercules had given
up the life of high adventure and settled down in the city of Thebes with his
family. Hercules lost all that when Hera, the evil Queen of the Gods of
Olympus killed his wife and children. Hercules was very sad and angry and
started on the wrong path, ignoring all humanity and going on dangerous
situations just so he could get killed and end his suffering. It would not
be easy to kill Hercules but a suicidal half god was as vulnerable as a full
blooded human being. Iolaus set Hercules on the right path and they were
friends again.

Hercules was always traveling and Iolaus was his faithful buddy. Iolaus
loved this. But Hercules was always getting involved with women. Megara, a
princess in Corinth. Xena, the Warrior Princess. Nemesis, the goddess of
Vengeance. Nasika, the Queen of Atlantis. Hermione, the daughter of Manaus,
king of Argos. Hercules had a very busy sex life. Iolaus seldom got
involved with women. He never really felt attracted to a girl. Iolaus had
known he was different since he was a child but hadn't understood until he
was sixteen years old. He had a girlfriend named Chryseis. She was a
beautiful, red-haired, blue-eyed girl with porcelain skin. He remembered
that time sadly.

They had been seeing each other for a long time. Best friends, of course.
Iolaus liked Chryseis. She was in love with him. He'd take her riding on his
horse or swimming in the sea. He bought her flowers and took her to eat at
the best tavern he could afford. He treated her with dignity and respect. He
admired her for being a young girl who spoke her mind. She was fascinated by
Iolaus. He was not like other boys.

One day, they went to her father's barn and started kissing. They kissed and
soon she was undressing herself. He watched her. Then he undressed himself.
They were naked and rolling around each other. Then she was lying pressed
against him. Iolaus felt both excited and scared. Excitement won out and he
was hard. He kissed her breasts and caressed her body, pleasing her more
sensitive spots. He knew women liked to be pleased like this. Then, he took
his hard cock and fucked her. He fucked her long and hard and they were
writhing in the hay of the barn floor, moaning and panting in passion.
Iolaus soon came in her and they were lying there, happy in each other's

He was pleased to see that he could have sex with a girl. He wasn't a sissy
like his friends used to tease him at school. That same summer, he met a
man named Barnabus. Barnabus was tall, lean and muscular. He was a rough
character. He taught Iolaus how to hustle and be tough and make money.
Iolaus was the son of a wealthy farmer. After the war that opposed Iolaus's
home city of Thebes to the nearby kingdom of Caricas, Iolaus's father lost
everything. Barnabus taught Iolaus how to survive. It wasn't all he taught

One hot summer night, he came onto Iolaus. Iolaus found himself attracted to
Barnabus. He kissed him and they were passionately embracing in Barnabus's
hideout in the woods. Barnabus made love to Iolaus and Iolaus loved him back.
They were fucking each other all night. Finally tired as dawn neared, Iolaus
fell asleep in Barnabus's arms. Iolaus became terrified after what he had
done. He had sex with another man. He fled. He avoided Barnabus. He also
avoided Chryseis. He saw himself as tainted and unpure. He had done the

Fleeing both Chryseis and Barnabus, he went to Sparta. He met a woman named
Clarissa there. She was a tall, broad and strong woman with some meat on her
bones. She was pretty, with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her butt was
nice and round, her body muscular as well as fleshy but sturdy and strong.
She was a woman from the North.

Clarissa was thirty six years old. She had a son named Kyros. Kyros was
sixteen, a blond, blue-eyed pretty boy. Clarissa took pity on Iolaus and let
him work in her farm. He later found out she was attracted to him. He was
mildly attracted to her.

One night, she came to him. He was sleeping in a room near the barn. He was
sleeping when he felt something on his cock. It was Clarissa, sucking him
off. He was very surprised but also pleased to see the sight of a woman
sucking his cock still aroused him. That meant he wasn't only attracted to
males. Maybe, if he really tried, he could fully enjoy women again and forget
about what he did with Barnabus. He decided to lay back and enjoy what she
was doing to him.

Soon, he was between her breasts, spurting his cum onto those large tits. She
smiled as he came all over her and gobbled up his cum. Then, she was on him.
Her body was larger than his. She was a big, beautiful woman. She lowered her
pussy onto his cock and he was fucking her, hard. He went in her, going as
far as he could. She held onto him, urging him to fuck her harder. He did. He
came in her, sending jets of hot cum deep inside her. She then sucked his

Still not satisfied, she got on all fours and knelt before him, spreading her
plump ass cheeks. He understood what she wanted, after all, Barnabus had done
the same to him. He entered her asshole gently at first then went in harder
and faster. She whimpered as he shoved his hard cock up her ass. Ever the
gentleman, Iolaus said, "Clarissa, want me to stop?"

She said, "No, harder!"

He obliged, this time shoving all eight inches of his cock into her asshole.
She gasped. He grabbed her hair, pulling back her head and planting a kiss on
her lips as he resumed fucking her. He soon came deep in her ass. Satisfied,
Clarissa and Iolaus held each other.

"Was it good for you?" she said.

Iolaus smiled pleasantly. "Oh, yeah. You've got no idea."

For the rest of the summer, Iolaus and Clarissa were lovers. They would meet
in secret locations to fuck. He found it thrilling. They would fuck in the
barn, the loft and her room. They would also do it in the woods. He couldn't
get enough of this woman. Her pussy and ass were insatiable. Iolaus also
developed a relationship with Kyros.

Kyros was a really horny bastard. He was into sex, period. Iolaus fucked him
and they would hang out in town. Kyros was in love with Iolaus. He gave him a
lot of money and treated him very well.

Iolaus met a young woman named Lamika. She was a black woman. Lamika came
from the land of Ethiopia in Africa. She was tall, lean, with a supple
athletic body, big tits and a nice round ass. Lamika became Iolaus's lover.
She came to Sparta with a band of traveling circus performers. He would meet
with her in the little house he rented. She was a passionate woman. He would
watch as she sucked his cock with those thick lips of hers and then fuck
those big titties before fucking her pussy. He bought some oil and lubricated
her anus. Then he slowly entered her asshole with his big cock. He fucked
that tight ass.

In those days, Iolaus enjoyed just about everything. He would meet with
Clarissa early in the morning and fuck her in the barn, then around noon he
would go to Kyros's room, knowing Clarissa would be in town. He would have
sex with Kyros, enjoying the boy's cock and ass. Then he would finally go to
Lamika and enjoy a fine pussy and a tight ass. He loved his life. He was
making money. He was happy. He had it all.

Of course, it ended when Clarissa caught him with Kyros. Iolaus was lying
down, ass up in the air, enjoying the feel of Kyros's ten-inch cock up his
tight butt. Clarissa almost killed them both. Iolaus panicked and slit
Clarissa's throat. Kyros hated his mother but wanted to call the Guards so
Iolaus killed him and set the farm on fire. Then, he left town. He could
not remain there. He had killed two people. Of course, it got blamed as an
accident. No one suspected Iolaus of being such a violent individual. He
was so many things. An arrogant, bitter, woman-hating homophobic bisexual
male with anger issues and a real ease with the blade. And he was only
sixteen years old.

He would travel with the Circus for awhile. He would remain Lamika's lover.
He had given up the life of the ultra-violent, cocky, arrogant bisexual
hustler. The Circus would return to Africa where it came from. Lamika was
nineteen and by her people's laws, soon to be married. She was married to
a young African male named Karlud. She said goodbye to Iolaus.

Iolaus would travel here and there. He was a thief who stole money from rich
men and women. He was also a hired killer. He slept with powerful men for
money. Men who couldn't afford to let the public know of their "special
interests". Iolaus also seduced virgin girls and bored housewives. He had
affairs with Selene, spouse of king Kandrax. He also seduced Antarena,
princess of Mycenes. He was very successful at what he did.

When he turned seventeen, he returned to his homeland of Thebes. There, while
trying to steal an Urn, he would meet Hercules. Hercules was the seventeen
year-old son of Zeus. He was a do-gooder. Iolaus thought he could scam him.
He could not. He fell in love with Hercules. Hercules was a "straight" guy.
He liked only women and never messed with guys. He also had that ability to
bring out the best in people. He changed Iolaus from a bad-ass gangster to a
do-gooder. Iolaus loved him like a brother. He loved Hercules more than he
loved any man or woman he had ever encountered. They became friends and
fought side by side to help people. Without knowing it, Hercules had done to
Iolaus what no man or woman had ever been able to do. He changed him.

Iolaus recalled all of his memories from his days as a ruthless bisexual
hustler and killer. A criminal of the worst kind. He was little-known but
feared by the few who knew him. He was glad that life was behind him. Since
meeting Hercules, he had become a respected hero and a decent person. He
also had a girlfriend, Penthesilea.

Penthesilea was a female warrior once in the service of Ares, god of war.
She became friends with Hercules and fell in love with Iolaus. Hercules was
single right now and happy to be that way. Iolaus for once had someone other
than Hercules in his heart. He never told Hercules of his days as the Scourge
and hoped his best friend would never find out.

He went to sleep.

The End


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