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Journeys. I own nothing. This is written for fun. If you like it, cool.
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About the story: It involves Hercules and how it would be like if he went
bad. He still has the same enemies but not the same allies. He sees the world
differently. He is the pawn of certain gods and some are allied with him even
though he doesn't know it. It may take Cupid's intervention and help from a
feisty slave girl to set the dark Hercules on the side of the angels...if
they don't destroy him first.

Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Darkness Falls Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The place is ancient Greece. Most specifically, Thebes.

The House of Amphitryon has been visited by a god in disguise. The lecherous
Zeus, ruler of the gods of Olympus. He has seduced the beautiful Alcmene,
wife of the Theban general Amphitryon. He left her with child. Alcmene
conceives and later gives birth to Hercules.

Hercules, son of Zeus, king of the Gods and the human woman Alcmene is a very
special being. Half human and half god. Since he was born, the power of a god
flowed through his body. An inexhaustible force resided deep within him. The
force manifested itself in the form of super strength. Mere months after
Hercules was born, the angry goddess Hera, wife of Zeus sent two serpents to
kill him. Hercules is still a young babe but still strong enough to strangle
two serpents. Those two snakes were not ordinary beasts but monsters
created by Hera specifically to kill Hercules. This was the first time he
demonstrated his super powers. The snakes had been trying to swallow him and
indeed they did bite him but so great was the divine power inside his human
body that serpentine fangs could not pierce his body. His mother Alcmene was
terrified when she saw this, for she knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that
Hercules was the son of a god. The news of this spread all over the city of

Hercules grew up as would an ordinary lad. But he wasn't. His strength was
simply amazing. He could bend steel. He could uproot large trees with raw
strength alone. His body, although it looked practically ordinary was
exceptionally resilient. It took a hell of a lot to even scratch him. He
would grow into a fine young man. At the time that Hercules had reached
adulthood, a lot was going on in the world. There were lots of monsters,
demons and strange creatures wandering around in the wilderness. There were
also the Giants, enemies of the Gods of Olympus. They were a direct threat
to the rule of the Olympians yet Zeus and his ilk ignored them. In the world
of the Humans, there were wars between different kingdoms and other events
that made the life of everyday humanity unpleasant.

Hercules set out to find answers to questions that plagued him. He wanted to
know who he was and his purpose in the world. He would travel many places. He
would meet his best friend Iolaus. He would meet the beautiful, fierce Xena,
the Warrior Princess and her friend Gabrielle. He would meet the beautiful,
feisty Deinera, the woman who would become his wife. They would have
children. In between those events, Hercules would fight monsters such as
Anteus the Giant and Echidna, Mother of all Monsters. He would face petty
gods such as Ares, god of War and Apollo, the Sun god. He would brave the
fury of Hera, queen of the gods and fight to protect humanity from the gods.
He would become a legend, and an inspiration to all mankind.......

What if Hercules hadn't turned out so well?

Let's change things a little bit.....

Hercules is born in Thebes. He is gifted with super strength and treated
like a freak by the people around him, who fear and hate him because he is
different. Hercules grows up hating humanity. He rejects his human half and
starts hanging out with merchants, thieves and gangsters who live in the
underworld of Man. He performs some superhuman deeds and draws the attention
of Ares, god of War. The god of war sees the destructive son of Zeus as a
great potential ally. So he enlists him.

Hercules goes and fights Darchus, leader of the Lapithes, a group of savage
thieves and killers. He kills Darchus and takes over his band, then some
fifty strong. Many outlaws join his gang, young men eager to fight and make
a fortune. Pretty soon, Hercules has an army. Rumors of his fantastic
strength reach far and wide and many men are joining his army. Hercules and
his army, which he labels the Legion of Blood stalk the lands of Greece.
They take over the kingdom of Colchis, the land of Sparta and the republic
of Athens. He takes over Cadmia and his homeland of Thebes. The Thebans hail
Hercules as a conqueror.

In just a few years, all of Greece is under the dominion of Hercules, Son
of Zeus. He has established Thebes as his capital. No one dares to oppose
him. Not only because he is a powerful conqueror with a mighty army, but
because he is also more than human. Hercules has displayed his fantastic
strength and near-invulnerability many times. The People of Greece hail him
as their Sovereign.

The gods watch anxiously as Hercules conquers the world. Ares, the god of
War is pleased. He is also worried. Hercules is not just another one of his
minions. He is more than a warlord. He is half human and half god, born with
enough raw power to shake the heavens....and he wants world domination. Many
men had dreamed of ruling the world. Hercules actually had the means of doing

Ares watches the world from Olympus.....his godly eyes scanning the mortal
world below. He looks into Thebes.....sees Hercules.....and past him sees
the land of Tyrins.

Tyrins is little more than a vast wilderness. It is also the land of the
Amazons. The Amazons were a race of fierce warrior women. Originally, like
a thousand years ago, the Amazon movement was founded by a woman named
Amazonia. She was the daughter of Ares, god of War and a human female. Like
Hercules, she had been a demigod. All demigods were mortal. Like ordinary
humans, they eventually died. But while they lived, they had amazing

Amazonia had been a woman of great beauty and gifted with amazing strength
and speed, though nowhere near Hercules's level. She saw the way most men
treated women. Oh, there were a few nice guys around, guys who treated their
women well....when they had them......but too many jerks. So Amazonia
inspired a group of women to leave their families and train as fighters.
They would live on their own, in a kingdom they would build. They would
recruit other women to join their movement. And they did. Many women joined
the Amazons. They founded a city called Tal Kyrte, "city of the free people."
They also built Thermyscira, the fabulous city of the Amazons.

The Amazons became a feared fighting force. They kept their land. They
recruited other women to join them. They lived freely. Ares had been proud
of his daughter. She was a fierce fighter. He was amazed at what she
accomplished. In a single lifetime, she had changed the world. He wondered
what Hercules could do.....the bastard ruled Greece, all its kingdoms and
the many people who lived there. He ruled it with an iron fist. And he
wasn't even close to thirty years of was...alarming.

Hercules had met Moctod, the Queen of the Amazons. They had a...relationship.
He agreed to leave her kingdom untouched. Amazons would not fight the Legion
of Blood, and Hercules sternly ordered the hundreds of thousands of men under
his command to behave.

Hercules sat in his Throne Room. He was in the vast court of his Palace. A
truly beautiful place. The place was full of people. Gorgeous women and the
men who were loyal to him. He was the Sovereign, supreme ruler of Greece. At
the time, he was quite bored. Conquering Greece had been fun but ruling it
was....boring. He was bored out of his mind. At twenty five, the son of Zeus
stood six feet two inches tall, lean and muscular, with light brown hair and
blue eyes.

He could do so much......

It was child's play for him to lift rocks that weighed ten tons and toss
them around like pebbles. He could crush steel like wet clay. His body,
handsome but by no means spectacular was very special. The same force
emanating from deep within seemed to negate all outside harm. Hercules'
body couldn't be pierced, burnt or crushed. He also couldn't poisoned. In
all, he was utterly invincible, hence the boredom. The kings and queens
of many lands bowed to him. They paid him tribute in the form of treasure
and lots of loot. He was tired of it all.

In all his years, the only god he had ever seen was Ares, the god of War.
Hercules sometimes thought of himself as a god but he took one look at Ares
and knew that this was the real deal. Hercules could feel a power coming off
of Ares. A power like his own....only a hundred times greater. Hercules had
compared his own abilities to those of the god of War. Oh, he was strong and
almost invulnerable. Ares was just as strong, and could do all sorts of magic
that Hercules could only dream of. Sometimes, he wondered about the other
gods and what they were like. One god he wondered about in particular was
Zeus, the King of the Gods, the head honcho himself. Ares had promised him
that someday he would meet Zeus and get the answers he so desperately wanted.
Until that day, Hercules was doing his "Father's Work" as Ares called it,
bringing order in a world of chaos.

Well, he was tired of it all!

He suddenly brought his fist down on the armrest of the steel-and-gold
throne. It was a gift from Ares, who had it made by Hephaestus, the god
of the Forge. The magical seat absorbed Hercules's raw strength and sent
it into the floor, all throughout the palace. The whole place started
shaking like there was an earthquake. Across the vast hall, people
screamed. Men ran. Women ran. All these wealthy and powerful people who
sought to gain favor by sucking up to his lordship, the Majestic Sovereign
known as Hercules. The young man watched them scurry like rats. He smiled.
They ran off in all directions.

"Out of my sight!" he said in a booming voice worthy of a god. The shaking
that shook the whole palace stopped and when the young Sovereign looked
around, all was deserted.

"Cowards," he said. He slouched back in his throne, and went back to
twirling around a curved dagger in his hands. He amused himself by
stabbing his hand, and watching the sharp metal unable to penetrate his
flesh, blocked by the Force that resided inside his body. He kept
pricking it and stabbing his hand. He laughed like a madman in the
deserted hall.

Hercules wasn't aware that he was being watched....

Behind a corner, someone crouched. That person was Lorin. She was a slender
girl. Standing barely five foot three, with short brown hair and sparkling
brown eyes. Her full name was Lorinhilda, daughter of Janus, former advisor
to Antiochos, king of Mysia. Her homeland had been conquered by the Legion
of Blood. Her city was burnt to the ground. The Sovereign had spared her
life, and that of her family. He brought them to Thebes. They would be
attached to the Imperial Palace. Lorin's father became the magister, the
man who organized parties and events for the Sovereign. They still had some
standing in this new society even though they were foreigners. Also, they
had plush apartments in the Palace. She couldn't complain.

One of her duties as the Magister's assistant was to stay current on whatever
went on in the Palace. So when she had been trying to steal glances at the
hunky man on the Throne, she was actually "working". He just sat there. There
was no one else. She had been watching the Sovereign closely for quite some
time. Like three years. He traveled without guards. He needed none. Heck,
she'd seen him enter a private arena where a full grown male lion was kept.
The Sovereign waited as the beast came at him, and then tore the animal apart
with his bare hands. From then on, she had ceased to question the fact that
he was the Son of Zeus, king of the Gods.

No ordinary mortal man could have killed a lion in this manner. When she and
her family had first been brought to Thebes, she heard tales of the Sovereign
being more than human and thought it was nothing more than a warrior's boast.
The bastard had killed many of her friends and destroyed the beautiful city
in which she grew up. He was an evil man. She swore she would kill him. There
had been attempts on his life. A treacherous palace guard came at him with a
sword. The man struck the Sovereign, and the blade broke when it hit
Hercules's body. The whole court gasped. Hercules took the man and broke his
hand. Then he devised a special punishment for him. The would-be killer was
thrown into a pit full of starving rats. The Sovereign made his Court watch
as the man was almost devoured by the hungry animals. He had the man pulled
before he could die, and let him live in such a pitiful state as a reminder
of what happened to those who opposed the Sovereign. He laughed his head off.
That day she saw how cruel the Sovereign could be. He was one nasty son of a
bitch and there seemed to be simply no way to get rid of him. She swore to
try and succeed. If he died, his Empire would crumble. The kingdoms of Greece
would join forces against the Legion of Blood and defeat them once and for

She quickly lost all hope of that when she saw Hercules in conversation with
Ares, the god of war. The Olympian was unmistakable. He did not look like an
ordinary man. His power was....palpable. She could sense that the Olympian's
power was not unlike that of Hercules, only greater. Hercules really was in
league with the Gods of Olympus. She feared for the fate of all the people
she knew. The Gods were against them. Lorin was thinking all that when she
saw a tall female figure enter the vast hall.

She watched as a tall woman in her sixties approached the Throne without
reservation. Lorin gasped, thinking she was about to witness the older
woman's demise at the hands of the Sovereign.

"Hercules, what are you doing?" said the older woman with authority.

"Mother, I can explain," said Hercules.

The woman did not stop. She simply marched on, and the young man backed down,
and she slapped his face loudly.

"Mom, I am sorry," he said.

"You are so soft, my son," said the woman. "You give into anger so easily. I
want to see you more stern on these fools."

Hercules looked at his mother, hesitated.

"Yes, my son, you heard me. You make me so proud sometimes." She smiled.
"But do me a favor and stop lounging about. You belong in the field of
battle, not a plush palace."

Hercules rose. "Yes, mother," he said.

Hercules's mother held his face in her hands and smiled. "Good boy." then
she walked out of there.

Lorin's eyes followed her. She quietly moved from where she was so she could
better see the woman as she left. She looked every bit like the portraits the
Sovereign had made of his mother. But Lorin could sense something was off.
Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw Hercules' mother suddenly
transform herself from a kindly, beautiful older woman to something else. A
thin, blond man clad in black leather.

The blond man cackled with glee. "Poor Hercules," he said to himself. "If he
only knew that his mother is dead and that I, Stentor have been pretending to
be her all those years....he'd have a fit." He kept laughing, then vanished

Lorin gasped. She knew beyond a doubt that she had just seen a god. Stentor,
the god of Lies. Traditionally, an associate of Ares, the god of War. If
Hercules was in league with Ares, why was Stentor using duplicity with

She went to her apartment, deep in the Palace. She didn't sleep that night.
She kept thinking about Hercules and his "mother". Clearly, he wasn't aware
that he was being deceived. He had seemed so...different when he talked to
the person he thought was his mother. He sounded more like a school-boy and
less like the supreme ruler of Greece. She tried to make sense of all she
had seen. The Sovereign. His "mother". The gods Ares and Stentor. They were
using Hercules, deceiving him somehow.....but why? They were gods, they had
to be more powerful than he why the duplicity? Too many questions.
No answers. She told herself she would try to figure it out in the morning,
then she drifted off to sleep.

The Next Day......

When Lorin went to the Palace, she saw that there were lots of military types
there. The generals who worked for the Sovereign. The Sovereign sat in his
War Room, surrounded by over a dozen generals. He had decided to go to war...
again. Lorin managed to sneak into the ducts and vents system of the Palace
and was directly over the War Room, gazing down at the assembled generals.

The Sovereign was talking about increasing his Empire. There were lots of
disagreements. He already ruled all of Greece. What more was there? Hercules
mentioned the Kingdom of Persia, which had always been an enemy of Greece.
Most Greeks would gladly go to war against the Persians. They were quite
powerful. The Persian Empire was vast. Hercules viewed its current ruler,
Emperor Darius IV as a worthy adversary. A general named Claudius told
Hercules he would win him the support of the Scythians, a band of fierce
warriors. Hercules welcomed the addition to his army. The Scythians lived
right outside of Greece. They had a reputation as formidable warriors and
he relished the day when he would fight them. Having them as allies was
pleasant thought....he admired their bravery. There was a catch and even as
she was listening in, Lorin knew it. Claudius said that Hercules' new allies,
the Scythians hated the Amazons. They hated the warrior women with a passion.

Lorin actually saw the Sovereign hesitate. He had a relationship with Moctod,
the Queen of the Amazons. Lorin suspected it was more than just sex.

"I have a deal with the Amazons," said Hercules. "I do not fight them."

The generals were not happy. They told the Son of Zeus how important it was
to gain the help of the Scythians in the conquest of the Persian Empire.
Hercules said he would need time to think about it and declared the meeting
over. He walked out.

Lorin listened to this with excitement. She had always admired the Amazons.
She once dreamed of going to Tal Kyrte, the City of the Free People. The
thought that they would be conquered by the Legion of Blood was intolerable.
She hurried out of there, upset. She just had to figure out a way to stop
the Sovereign, somehow....

Lorin hurried out of the palace. She ran out of there. There was no way she
was going to allow the mighty Hercules, sovereign as he may be to conquer
the Amazons. She went to the local medicine woman and asked for a weapon
powerful enough to kill a son of Zeus. For some reason, the medicine woman
just happened to have one handy. She gave Lorin a sharp blade. Lorin took

She was resolved to killing the Sovereign. His evil had to be stopped. He
was in league with the gods. He was preying on ordinary humanity. He was a
threat to the Amazons, women she had admired and respected ever since she
was a child. Yes, he had to be stopped. The medicine woman and her assistant,
a chubby man, watched her go. As soon as she was out of sight, they burst out
and laughing and began to glow. They resumed their true forms. The medicine
woman turned into a tall, skinny blond man in brown leather. His assistant
went from chubby to tall, lean, muscular, dark and handsome. The Olympian
Gods Ares and Stentor.

"Hercules will be stopped," said Stentor.

"Oh, yeah, man," said Ares. "He is so dead. Killed by a woman. Hmm. There
should be a play."

They both continued to laugh. Then, in a flash, the two gods vanished and
went back to Olympus. They never knew they were being watched. They were
being watched by a tall, skinny boy. He sat on a rooftop, clad in short
white pants. On his back, in a golden pouch was a quiver of arrows. He
held a large golden bow in his right hand. His name was Eros, also known
as Cupid. He was the God of Lust, Love and also Trickery.

Eros appeared to the world as a very handsome youth whom no one could resist.
He was a very devious and powerful being who enjoyed messing up the lives of
men and women, men and men, women and women and sometimes all three groups at
once. He was the reason love stinks, basically. He had been listening to what
his fellow Olympians were doing. He knew that Hercules, Son of Zeus had a
greater destiny than being the ruler of an Empire. He was supposed to be a
Hero. Eros felt no compunction to put things right. He simply wanted to make
things interesting. For fun, he started to shoot his arrows around.

The first two hit the house of Menelais. Menelais was a hard working man. The
arrows hit Myra, his 40-year old wife and their daughter, Sabrina, 15 years
old. Eros laughed his head off when he saw the mother and daughter look at
each other with love and most importantly lust. Nothing like a little
intergenerational-lesbian-incest thing to get his juices flowing in the

He went to the house of Mishkal. Mishkal was a drunk. He shot Mishkal with
his arrows and also hit Sonia. Sonia was the gorgeous ice queen next door.
He made her fall head over heels for Mishkal, the grumpy pathetic slob. It
was disgusting. Eros shot his arrows with his eyes closed...after all, wasn't
love blind? he he he. He laughed to himself.

He shot Brenda, a proper housewife and made her lust after Lylus, the stepson
she hated. He made the stepson lust after the slutty Phaedra, and the slutty
Phaedra fall for Antinous, a man who had an unhealthy fixation for young
boys. It was days like this that made Eros the God love his work. He could
mess up anyone. At any time. He loved the trouble he caused.

Oh, wait, he said to himself. Mustn't forget. He went to the Palace, fully
intending to mess up people. At the same time, he noticed the lovely 19-year
old Lorin enter the Palace. He shot two Arrows. The first one hit Lorin. He
grinned. The second one flew, shot right through a milk man, then a servant
girl and zigzagged its way through lots of people before hitting....Hercules.

Eros gasped. He hadn't intended for this to happen.....but the accident was
a better result than he could have hoped for. "Damn, I'm good!" He said. He
smiled. He was still congratulating himself when he heard a booming voice
from Olympus....a voice that made him need a change of short white pants....
he vanished. There was no way he was going to stick around with the gods of
Olympus pissed off at him for messing up their plans for Hercules.....

Lorin walked into the Palace. She walked right in. She was going to go in
there and stab the bastard and save her Amazon sisters...

To be continued...


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