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Hercules - The Legendary Journeys/Justice League:
The Return Of Hercules Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The planet Earth has become a strange place in the twenty first century.
America dominates the world. It is the land of the free and the home of the
brave. The United States Government has hired the Justice League of America
to deal with the greatest threats to national and even global security. The
Justice League is a gathering of the world's greatest heroes. It is
spearheaded by Superman. Superman is the Last Son of Krypton. His name is
Kal-El. The son of Kryptonian scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara. Superman
was sent to Earth on a small spaceship when he was an infant. A cataclysm
had recently destroyed his homeworld of Krypton. Superman was found by
Jonathan and Martha Kent, a couple of farmers in Smallville, Kansas. They
named him Clark Kent and raised him as their own. Clark Kent became aware of
his amazing powers. He could fly. He had super strength. He was invulnerable.
He was almost like a god. Clark Kent went to college and became a journalist.
He also began using his powers to help people.

He put on a blue and red costume and Superman was born. Superman fought
against the most dangerous men and women of the world. He also took on
super-powered criminals. He faced natural disasters and ancient wonders.
Superman became a symbol of heroism and decency to the entire world. He
inspired many other super-powered people to become heroes. He met many
of them as well. There was Bart Allen, a young man with the ability to
run at the speed of light. He became the Flash. There was also Diana
Prince, also known as Wonder Woman. Diana Prince was a princess on the
island of Thermyscira, a separatist secret society of female warriors
that has existed since ancient times. Diana Prince had amazing powers.
She had super strength and she could also fly. There was also Jonn, also
known as the Martian Manhunter. Jonn Jonnz was the last survivor of a
humanoid species that ruled the planet Mars. He had super strength and
the power of flight. Superman convinced him to join the Justice League.
The last member of the League was Bruce Wayne, also known as the Batman.
The Batman was a brutal yet effective crime-fighter from the city of
Gotham. The Justice League of America was born. They faced many opponents
but their toughest enemy was Darkseid.

Who is Darkseid? Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips. Darkseid is
an immortal being with super powers. He is known throughout the universe as
the Dark God. He has super strength, invulnerability and the ability to
manipulate matter and energy as well as time and space. Apokolips is a planet
inhabited by feral humanoids collectively known as the Parademons. The
Parademons were Darkseid's army. They conquered world after world and were
feared throughout the galaxy. Nothing could stand in their way. The
Parademons were equipped with truly advanced technology. They could travel
anywhere in the galaxy through inter-dimensional portals known as Boom Tubes.
The only power that could stand in the way is his son, Orion. A society of
super-powered humanoids known as the New Gods established itself on the
planet Genesis. Darkseid tried to conquer them. The New Gods had achieved a
high level of civilization through bio-engineering and scientific
advancement. The New Gods were men and women seemingly identical to the Homo
Sapiens of the planet Earth in outward appearance but very different indeed.
They had super strength, invulnerability and the power of flight. Their
technology was unmatched by that of any civilization in the galaxy.

Darkseid saw them as a threat to his rule. He sent hordes of Parademons to
destroy Genesis. Highfather, the leader of the New Gods stood against the
Parademons and destroyed them. Darkseid and his scientists cloned the dead
Parademons and in the process developed the means to have an invincible
army. For every Parademon that was struck down, the biological manufacturers
of Apokolips had a thousand replacements. The New Gods were outnumbered. The
war raged for a long time. Finally, the New Gods sought peace with Darkseid.
Darkseid gave them his son Orion to be raised in the House of Highfather.
Highfather gave Darkseid his son Scott Free to be raised in the House of
Darkseid. Scott Free would eventually reject the ways of Apokolips and return
to New Genesis. He became Mister Miracle, the sworn enemy of the forces of
evil. Orion also rejected the ways of evil. He became the most powerful enemy
of Darkseid. He called himself the Dog of War. When Darkseid and his myriad
armies came to Earth, the Justice League opposed them. Not even the might of
Superman could stand against Darkseid. Superman was a mortal being with super
powers. He was still a mortal. Darkseid was immortal and had super powers. He
defeated Superman and the Justice League and would have destroyed the planet
Earth if the Dog of War hadn't opposed him. Darkseid had not laid eyes upon
his son Orion in ages. Out of respect for his son, Darkseid spared the planet
Earth and ordered his armies back to the planet Apokolips.

When Darkseid left, he was still determined to conquer the planet Earth or
destroy it. He needed a new weapon. Darkseid had once tried to turn Superman
to the dark side. He captured Superman and used mind-altering technology to
brainwash him into becoming an agent of evil. Superman became the Destroyer,
Darkseid's ultimate weapon of destruction. The Destroyer led the Parademons
against the planet Earth. The Justice League captured the Destroyer and
restored his mind to its true state. Superman lived once more and realized
that Darkseid caused him to betray the people he loved. He went raging
against the Dark God. He traveled back to Apokolips and fought against
Darkseid. Darkseid fought against Superman and was defeated. Superman
unleashed all of his wrath against the wounded god. Still, Superman could not
kill Darkseid because Darkseid could not die. He was immortal. Just like his
son Orion was immortal. That was the difference between the gods and the
super powered men and women of the world. Superman returned to Earth and
began working on earning back the trust of the people of Earth. Many people
no longer trusted the Man of Steel.

It took Darkseid a long time to recover from the damage done to him by
Superman. The Lord of Apokolips was determined to conquer the planet Earth
and would let no one stand in his way. He decided that he needed a new ally.
Darkseid went to the Source, the ancient repository of all knowledge in the
universe. The Source told him that the ally best suited to aid him would be
found on Earth. Darkseid sent some of his agents on Earth, where they
observed various super-powered people. They hoped to find the one best suited
to become the ally of Darkseid. They explored the history of the planet. They
discovered that in ancient times, the world was ruled by the Olympian gods.
The Olympians had ceased to exist long before modern times. In ancient times,
the world was very different. Zeus was the ruler of the gods. The Thunderer
in the heavens. He ruled the world from Mount Olympus. The King of the Gods
had many relations with goddesses and mortal women. He fathered many beings,
both mortal and divine. His most famous son was Hercules. Hercules was the
son of Zeus and Alcmene, a princess of Thebes whom the Thunderer seduced.

Hercules grew up in the city of Thebes. He would one day realize that he
was different from the ordinary mortals around him. Hercules had superhuman
strength. He would later become a hero and fight to protect humans from the
wrath of the most powerful forces in the universe. Hercules fought against
Giants. He also battled the monsters that plagued mankind. He would side with
the Olympian gods against the Titans when they escaped from Tartarus and
tried to bring down the divine powers. Hercules even took on the Amazons, a
culture of female warriors that few in the ancient world could stand against.
Hercules was celebrated throughout the world as the greatest of all heroes.
He was seen as the protector of mankind. Long after Hercules died, he would
be remembered. But what if Hercules didn't die ? The death of Hercules is
known throughout history. He had led the Thebans against the Trojans and
brought back a Trojan princess named Iole as his captive. His wife Deineira
feared that he no longer wanted her, so she thought of a way to earn back his
love. She remembered words of advice from a centaur named Nessus. Nessus had
been killed by Hercules when he tried to kidnap Deineira. The dying centaur
told the woman that his blood could be used as a charm that could win back
the heart of a man who had strayed. Deineira had believed him then. She sent
Hercules a costume dipped in the blood of the centaur. When Hercules received
it, he put it on and soon was filled with pain. The blood of the centaurravaged his body. The wounded hero asked his son Hyllos to end his misery.
Hyllos bound his father's body over a pyre and Hercules died in this manner.
Thus ended the life of the world's greatest hero.

Hercules was dead to the world. History got something wrong. The body of
Hercules had not been burned. The hero suffered until he died, then his son
Hyllos was guided by the goddess Athena toward the Sepulchre. The Sepulchre
was a vast tomb made by the gods themselves as the final resting place of
the world's greatest heroes. The gods had placed many heroes there. Hercules
was placed there. There were others like him in that vast tomb. The body of
Achilles rested there. Achilles was a man born of a goddess named Tethys and
a mortal man named Peleus. He was invulnerable and grew up to be the heroic
king of the Myrmidons. He fought on the side of Greece in the Trojan War and
died, slain by a poisonous arrow guided by the hand of Apollo, god of the
Sun. Achilles had earned himself a rest in the Sepulchre of Heroes. There
was also Proteus. Proteus was the son of Poseidon, god of the Sea. He had
the ability to shapeshift at will. Another of those heroes was Atalanta, a
woman with the ability to run at amazing speeds. There was also Theseus, the
heroic young man who killed the Minotaur. There were a few other heroes
there. The agents of Darkseid discovered the Sarcophagus of Hercules. They
found the body of the hero wonderfully preserved by Olympian magic. Indeed,
the body was in such great condition that it seemed as though it could have
died the same day it was discovered. They took the body and transported it
to Apokolips by means of a Boom Tube.

The body of Hercules was brought before the throne of Darkseid. Darkseid was
not impressed. He beheld the body of a dead man that had obviously suffered
before dying. The Dark Lord considered all of this. He looked at the dead
body and could see what ordinary beings could not. A spark of divinity still
dwelled inside the body. Indeed, it was the only thing that prevented it from
decaying, even all those years in the Sepulchre. Magic only worked so much.
Thankfully, the arcane technologies of the scientists of Apokolips had the
ability to do something about that. Darkseid saw the potential for a new
weapon. The scientists took genetic material from the body of Hercules. They
were thus able to genetically engineer a living duplicate of the original.
Hercules had been in his late fifties when he died. He was something rather
unusual. Half human and half god. Although he was a demigod, his power was
beginning to dwindle as he grew older. The scientists made sure that the
clone of Hercules did not have the imperfections of the original. The
original Hercules had the strength of perhaps a hundred human men. He had
sharp eyesight and hearing but his stamina levels were no greater than
average. His body was quite resilient and healed faster than an ordinary
man's but he was far from invulnerable. Hercules was very strong but he could
be hurt, even killed. In ancient times, he had been killed. The scientists
removed all those imperfections from the clone of Hercules. The clone's
strength was ten times that of the original. Also, they gave his body the
ability to regenerate. His senses were sharpened to superhuman accuracy. All
five of them. After months of work, the scientists were ready with Darkseid's
latest weapon.

Darkseid named his faithful new weapon the Death Dealer. The Death Dealer
was trained by the military experts of Apokolips. The Death Dealer led the
Parademons against the New Gods of Genesis. The New Gods faced the Parademons
and although they were outnumbered, they managed to defeat them. The New Gods
faced a powerful new enemy, the Death Dealer. In the first attack, one
hundred thousand Parademons attacked New Genesis. A force of three thousand
New Gods defeated them. It was part of a ruse. The Death Dealer was fitted
with a special suit of armor for this mission. While the New Gods busied
themselves fighting his Parademons, he flew toward the Source. The Source
only responded to divine beings. The Death Dealer was semi-divine. He easily
dispatched the five guards assigned to watch over the Source. The Death
Dealer unleashed Darkseid's secret weapon against the Source. The Source
lashed out with cosmic energies. The Death Dealer transported himself back
to Apokolips on a Boom Tube. The energies of the Source turned the planet
Genesis into a scorched ruin. At the time of the attack, there were nine
hundred thousand New Gods on Genesis. Forty six percent of them perished
when the Source unleashed its energies. The energies of the Source were
arcane and lethal even to immortal beings such as the New Gods themselves.
The Destruction of Genesis cost many Parademons their lives but Darkseid was
satisfied. He had succeeded in destroying many of his strongest foes and did
this with minimal cost to himself. Darkseid had seriously weakened the New
Gods. No longer could they afford to oppose his nonstop conquest of the
galaxy. At long last, Darkseid set his sights on the planet Earth...

The Death Dealer's newest assignment was to infiltrate the Justice League of
America. It was a very hard mission. Darkseid expected results. He expected
his new apprentice to bring the heroes of the earth down once and for all.
The Death Dealer had his work cut out for him.

He arrived on the planet Earth by means of a Boom Tube. He landed near the
city of Los Angeles. The Death Dealer soon created an identity for himself.
He became Kyle Heralds. Kyle Heralds was a student at UCLA. He was a
remarkable young man. A brilliant student and gifted athlete at the age of
nineteen. He stood six feet two inches tall, muscular, with black hair and
blue eyes. Kyle Heralds was fascinated by the world he discovered around
him. He befriended a young man named Bart Allen. Bart encouraged Kyle to
try out for the football team. Kyle became the quarterback in no time. He
graduated from UCLA with degrees in Law and Business Management. He was
drafted into the NFL. Kyle Heralds played for various teams on the NFL and
became MVP after his team won the national championship. He was world-famous.
Kyle ran into his buddy Bart Allen. While they were hanging out, there was
a shoot-out between two gangs. Bart Allen transformed himself into the Flash
and tried to stop the thieves. Kyle Heralds revealed his super powers by
defeating the armed thieves almost single-handedly. Bart Allen was stunned.
It seemed that his old college buddy was a super guy! Kyle had to think
fast. Under no circumstances could he allow anyone to know that he was really
the Death Dealer, the deadly agent of Darkseid. He invented a story. He told
Bart Allen that he was a mutant and had been hiding his powers for a long
time. He feared being discovered. Bart Allen was surprisingly understanding.
He told Kyle that he was really the Flash, a member of the Justice League,
Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

When the Flash revealed himself, Kyle saw his chance. He started to hang out
with Bart Allen more and more. Bart encouraged him to use his super powers
for good. Kyle feared being discovered. Bart helped him design a costume.
Kyle Heralds put on a red and black leather outfit with matching boots and a
cape....and the DarkHunter was born. The DarkHunter and the Flash fought
crime in Los Angeles. Bart Allen showed Kyle Heralds the world. They went to
Africa, Europe and Asia, fighting crime and having a blast. Kyle was earning
Bart Allen's trust. One day, Bart told Kyle that he wanted him to meet the
Justice League. This was what Kyle had been waiting for since he stepped off
the Boom Tube that took him to the planet Earth. He tried not to appear too
eager. This was going exactly the way he would have wanted. No, better than
he could have anticipated. The sheep were opening the gates of the farm to
the cunning wolf. Hmm. Kyle Heralds, also known as DarkHunter but better
known as the Death Dealer smiled a predator's smile. Soon he would infiltrate
the Justice League of America, destroy the heroes and leave the planet Earth
defenseless against the sheer might of the countless Parademon warriors who
served Lord Darkseid. The Dark Lord would be pleased. The Death Dealer fully
trusted his master and was completely devoted to him. He would never
disappoint him. To him, Darkseid was father and mother. Parent and teacher.
He existed only to serve his master and would gladly die in his service.
There was no other reason for the Death Dealer to exist...

Sometimes, the Death Dealer had dreams. Dreams of another time and place.
He dreamed that he was living in a distant land, and his life was quite
different then. He saw himself battling fearsome foes and emerging
victorious, just as he seemed to always be today but those
dreams and the timeline they took place in, he was driven by something else.
A purpose very different from that which drove him but just as important.
The Death Dealer remembered a woman who loved him and unwittingly caused his
death. The Death Dealer felt the same anger that he knew he once felt. He
was betrayed by the one who loved him. He felt anger and bitterness as he
died. It didn't matter that the woman was sorry and did not mean to cause
his death. It also didn't matter that she killed herself once she realized
what she had done. He despised her. She only wanted his love and he forever
denied it to her, even in death. The Death Dealer remembered the feelings of
an awesome hero brought low by one far less than he. Women were never to be
trusted. Treachery and deceit seemed to be their way. Many men have learned
this lesson over the eons. Even the greatest hero could fall prey to their
tricks. A man's guard always had to be up. The most dangerous thing in all
creation was woman. Man should always watch out. This a powerful hero learned
on his death bed. The Death Dealer found these dreams disturbing. He could
see faces and places but could never remember names. He was very disturbed by
all that. Also, he felt fear. Fear was an alien sensation for the Death

The Death Dealer had been trained by Darkseid's most trusted warriors. He
had hunted down the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. He hunted human
men, women and children for sport on lesser worlds. He was completely without
mercy. He felt no remorse. The only thing he felt was absolute loyalty to his
master and complete confidence in his mission. He was the Chosen One of Lord
Darkseid. The Dark Lord had Chosen Ones before. There was talk of a
particularly powerful foe of Darkseid who succeeded in bringing the Lord of
Apokolips to his knees, even for an instant. Darkseid could never die. He was
immortal. One of the gods that dwelled in deep space. Unlike most other gods,
he decided to take an active role in the grand scheme of things. Darkseid
wanted to conquer other worlds and become the master of the universe. There
weren't that many opponents powerful enough to challenge him. The humanoids
of Krypton, once exposed to a yellow sun could become an invincible force but
the whole species was extinct before they fully realized the power that
resided inside them. Superman was its only remnant. He had been strong enough
to challenge Darkseid. Darkseid had come close to killing him but the rage of
Superman had brought the Lord of Apokolips to his knees. The Dark Lord had
gone to considerable lengths to create a weapon powerful enough to oppose his
enemies. The Death Dealer had proven his worth by being an eager participant
in the destruction of many New Gods on the planet Genesis. The New Gods were
immortal beings but the cosmic power of the Source could destroy them easily.
Only Darkseid could withstand its power. Darkseid was darkness and evil
personnified. The Source was the repository of all knowledge and ancient
power. He wanted to master the Source but it was elusive. The Source
contained the Anti-Life Equation. The Anti-Life Equation could cause the
destruction of the universe. Darkseid wanted such power but the Source never
showed up at the same place twice. It was once on Genesis, now it was gone.
No one knew where or when it might appear again. The Source could remain lost
for another million years or simply reappear at a remote location tomorrow.
It was....unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the Death Dealer patiently waited on Earth. He was in the mansion
he had recently purchased. In his basement was a portable Boom Tube. He could
travel back to Apokolips anytime he wanted but his master wouldn't be
forgiving if he came home without results. The Death Dealer was earning a
little more of the trust of Bart Allen each day. Soon he would meet the
Justice League and humbly ask to join them. The Justice League was always
recruiting new members. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the
Martian Manhunter were the original members. There were plenty of others out
there. The Death Dealer would be patient. He would defeat Earth's Mightiest
Heroes and then go home. He would come back and lead a horde of Parademons
to conquer the insolant people of Earth and bring them to their knees. Maybe
Darkseid would appoint him as the ruler of the planet, or at the very least
allow him to destroy it.

To be continued...


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